So, you want to write for Feminspire?

We are constantly looking for new voices and new perspectives, and we would love to hear from you!

Becoming part of our staff means joining a supportive team of young women that spans the globe, working together to produce daily content that is relevant, inspiring, interesting and unique.

As a Feminspire contributor, there is a real commitment to write articles on a weekly basis. Your writing will be seen by a huge audience of women as part of an international publication, and there are limitless opportunities to grow with us!

Or, if you’d prefer to simply submit ideas and articles on a more casual basis, we are open to reader submissions as well.

Right now we are seeking the following:

– News chiefs who obsessively keep with current events and can write about them with QUICK turnaround time. Strong opinions and a personal voice are welcome and encouraged.

– Editorial writers who are eager to discuss topics such as social issues, politics, body image, the media, and general observations about the world around us, especially in the way they relate to and impact women. STRONG, WELL-ARTICULATED OPINIONS are a must!

– General contributors to write about “real life” subjects, especially ones from a personal angle such as memoirs on various experiences from health, relationships, college life, etc.

– Fashion writers who have a strong sense of style and who wish to discuss the latest trends and share fashion inspiration with our readers. The ability to provide original HQ photos and graphics is a huge plus for this position.

– Beauty experts to contribute in-depth product reviews, tutorials, and more. Providing original, HQ photos is a requirement for this position.

– Social media experts to help us manage our online presence.

– Aspiring editors who would like to help manage our content production, format articles for publication, oversee a team of writers, and help shape the direction of Feminspire.

Feel free to contact us about one or several of these opportunities! Or, if you would simply like to submit an article to be considered for publication, send it in an e-mail.

Contact us with some information about who you are and why you want to be part of Feminspire, some ideas for articles you would like to contribute to the site, and at least one writing sample. You do not have to be a professional writer or previously published to apply.

Note that all Feminspire positions are as of now unpaid, but provide invaluable experience, exposure, and much more for qualified applicants.

Contact info (at) feminspire dot com