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Feminspire | April 24, 2014

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Why Reverse Racism Isn’t Real

Why Reverse Racism Isn’t Real

I spend a lot of time on the internet. I write in various places on the internet, I interact in lively and active commenting communities at different websites, and I partake in a multitude of online forums that have an ongoing and pretty continuous stream of communication between the contributors. Ya know what I’ve noticed? Any time a PoC starts to talk about their experiences with racism, a white person chimes in to derail the conversation and talk about their own experiences with ‘reverse racism.’ And yes, I’m going to say ‘any time’ and not ‘sometimes’ because I have never once been in an internet dialogue amongst commenters and observed a PoC bring up their experience with real, actual, systemic or overt racism and not encountered a white person trying to make it all about their experiences with perceived racism. Not once. It happens every time. Ya know what else? That shit is tired, played out, and incorrect. So let’s talk about why reverse racism isn’t real and why white people need to let that one go.

Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs, legislation and widespread media bias that contribute to the oppression of the rights and liberties of a group of people. Racism is systemic, institutional, and far reaching. It is the prevalence of racism within social structures and institutional norms, along with implicit and explicit enforcement by members of a group, that allows racism to run rampant and unchecked. America is a country seeped in white privilege, and our social structure is built on colonization and forced slave labor that then turned into further systemic and ongoing oppression of PoC. We have a culture that presents whiteness as the norm and all else as ‘other’ or different. White is presented as the beauty ideal, the main face in the media (unless we’re talking about criminals, then PoC get unfairly misrepresented), the standard, the regular. It’s a structural problem that affects the perceptions of jurors in criminal cases, admissions to colleges, funding for public schools, welfare and food stamp programs, the redrawing of district lines that affect where we vote, who we see represented on T.V. and how, what schools people have access to, what neighborhoods people live in, an individual’s shopping experience, access to goods and services; it’s extensive and a part of the fabric that let’s whiteness remain dominant in American culture.

When I’m online talking to people and a PoC is sharing their experience with racism, I’m listening and I am learning. This is an experience I will probably never have in my lifetime, simply because of the skin I was born into. I need to know what I can do to be a better ally and to make the world a more equal place one interaction at a time. So I observe, I listen, I join the conversation, and I try to understand. Inevitably, here comes a white person either claiming that they have a similar experience because they grew up in an all black neighborhood and got chased on the way home from school a few times, or because their black friend tried to touch their straight hair one time without permission and OMG THAT IS SO RACIST and it is the exact same thing, or some other such bullshittery, and they expect that ignorance to be suffered in silence and with respect. If you are that kid who got chased after school, that’s horrible, and I feel bad for you. And if you are that person who had another person try to touch you without your permission, that was wrong of them, and I’m sorry that happened to you. But dudes, that shit is not racism.


The situations in which you, fellow white person, were involved were unfortunate and inappropriate, this is true. But to claim that these experiences were ‘reverse racism’ both diminishes and minimalizes the real and actual experiences of PoC who really do encounter racism. There is no system of oppression in America that actively works to oppress and subjugate white people. Sorry to break it to you, but your individual suffering is just that, individual. The individuals acting against you do not have the institutionalized power to actively oppress you in every facet of your life, nor would their racism be upheld and supported by government, media, and legislation if they did. Because you’re white.

Reverse racism isn’t real because we live in a culture that supports and enforces whiteness as the norm and PoC as other. If you experience discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry, it’s valid to be upset about it and want to talk about it. It is not valid to claim that it is reverse racism, and certainly not valid to claim that it is racism on par with anything like the institutionalized racism that PoC will come into contact with. When a white person starts talking about reverse racism, what they’re really doing is derailing a conversation to make it about them. Their white privilege leads them to believe that what they say both matters and needs to be heard and is important and the conversation should stop to focus on their perceived ills. You know what? When somebody is talking about racism they have experienced, that conversation is not all about you, nor should you expect it to be, so stop with the derailing and just listen and learn.

When white people complain about experiencing reverse racism, what they’re really complaining about is losing out on or being denied their already existing privileges. And while it may feel bad to realize your privilege is crumbling and the things you’ve taken for granted can be taken away from you, it is unfair, untrue, and disingenuous to call that experience reverse racism.

What do you think? Do you ever get tired of people trying to make ‘reverse racism’ an active part of  dialogue? Do you feel like people are derailing when a PoC is discussing racism and another person tries to claim they have experienced ‘reverse racism’? Do you think ‘reverse racism’ is real and this whole piece is off point? Meet me in the comments and let’s talk about it.

Written by Sara Luckey
You can tweet with her here, talk beauty with her here, or engage in a conversation about current events as viewed through a sociopolitical, feminist lens here.

LOL Reverse Racism image by Mark Aguhar.

  • Corey Lee Wrenn

    Love it–well said.

  • English Teacher in the South

    I agree that white people talking about reverse racism is pretty irrelevant because there isn’t an overreaching issue with it, BUT it doesn’t mean white people don’t experience racism. And this would be the point when I tell all the stories of white racism I know, but I won’t. What I find even more frightening is the way in which those who have been discriminated against due to their race, in turn discriminate others due to their sexuality. In my classroom, the African-American students are the most likely to use slurs like fag or show disgust about homosexuality. Yes, reverse racism exists, but it’s not important. There are other important issues that you should spend your time on, like minorities hating other minorities.

    • Kaitlyn

      If you’re going to make an “all racism is racism” argument, calling it “reverse racism” isn’t helpful. It still implies the power of the white majority, that discrimination against minorities is “normal” and discrimination against the majority should be considered a special case. I’m sure that’s not what you intended, but word choice is important.

      I do agree that we have a lot of work to do regarding sexual discrimination. Unfortunately, a lot of people still think homosexuality is a choice, so they aren’t as sympathetic to that particular minority group.

    • The Father Teresa

      The homophobia might be from a religion that was forced upon them

      • Geenius_at_Wrok

        More likely it comes from a culture that embraces sharply distinct and unequal sex roles and that exalts a physically strong and violent concept of masculinity. Such cultures are often intensely homophobic, because there’s no way to fit homosexuality into their schema of sex roles.

    • bluevw16

      I think this article topic is very important because it demonstrates a lack of understanding on the part of the majority. White privilege far, far, far outweighs any isolated incidents of discrimination that a white person may have experienced.
      As far as the homophobia, there is this very pervasive idea in African-American culture that a man has to be “hard.” Just listen to hip hop. This in some way stems from the institutionalized racism that Sarah was talking about and the poverty and bad neighborhoods it cultivates. When you grow up in the school of hard knocks you have to develop a thick skin to protect yourself. Being gay does not fit the image of being “hard.” It makes you “weak,” a “bitch” so to speak or so the ideology goes. It’s an unfortunate part of the culture that seriously needs to change. Especially since this idea of being hard often gets young men in prison. The strong influence the Church has on the African-American community helps spread the homophobia as well.

  • Name

    My thought on this in general is just that racism is racism. If an individual of any race has issues with another individual purely based on their race it’s racism. And I do believe that there are individuals of various races that may be racist against Caucasian individuals. The idea that there is a reverse racism though is ridiculous because that in and of itself is racist because it implies that an individual is being racist against a Caucasian person. When someone says reverse racism it is most likely not an individual from a minority race. I, too, think it is important to be careful about assuming any crime or inappropriate action done by one race to another is inherently racist. People commit crimes for a multitude of reasons and one should never assume until they know what happened. And that’s all I’ll say. I am of the opinion that no one should be judged by what they inherently are (race, gender, sexual orientation etc) but by who they are. Sadly, that day may never come.

    • Name

      Oh and also I failed to mention that reverse racism still implies an “other” mentality like that an individual of a minority race can’t be racist they have to be “reverse racist”. It’s like saying only Caucasian people can be racists and is still excluding others. It just seems silly to me.

      • Sara Luckey

        Nobody can be reverse racist. That’s the point and it’s in the title of the article. Reverse racism isn’t real. In America, only white people can be racist. PoC can express bigotry, prejudice and discrimination, but they do not have the systemic, institutional or government support of their bigotry for it to be racism. Do you know what I mean? And there absolutely is an ‘other’ in American culture. I also address that in the article. White is presented as the norm in the majority of all media and government representation and PoC are presented as ‘other’. Similar somewhat to male being presented as the standard and female being presented as ‘other’ in our representation and language usage.

        • Anonymous

          I was agreeing that there is an other mentality in society in general and that the idea of “reverse racism” perpetuates that idea.

        • eccles11

          What has happened here is that ‘Racism’ which can refer to systematic oppression by one race over another and personal racism have been conflated. One generally accepted definition has been thrown away, leaving only the other, which is defined in such a way that only one group can be labelled as such.

          You must remember that in greater society both defintions are accepted. It is possible for a hispanic man, for example to think black people are inferior, genetically, to him. That is an example of racism under the generally accepted definition.

      • JK

        I agree. ‘Racism’ is basing one’s treatment of someone on race and to say that a comment is racist from a white person but not from a PoC is silly (I’d even say racist). ‘Bigotry’ and ‘prejudice’ are broad terms which cover racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia etc. and are unrelated to how much power an individual or group has. That’s not to say all these types of racism are equally harmful or that whites don’t have more power and privilege, just that it’s sadly possible for the oppressed to be racist individually (not ‘reverse racist’, that would imply… being racist about one’s own race?)

        That said, we’re discussing semantics. The important points of this article – that systemic racism still exists, that it is far worse than the cases of individual racism experienced by caucasians (which are probably far fewer than experienced by a member of a minority race) and the we need to shut up and listenso we can learn about this problem to help solve it – are dead on.

    • Josie

      “If an individual of any race has issues with another individual purely based on their race it’s racism”

      I would beg to disagree. What you’ve described is prejudice. *ism requires that the party with prejudice is a member of a group that has power or privilege that the receiver does not have.

      • Grinderrr

        “*ism requires that the party with prejudice is a member of a group that has power or privilege”

        No it doesn’t. I’ve seen this argument floating around that all ‘-isms’ are denoted to institutionalized, governing systems and it’s blatantly wrong. There are plenty of ‘isms’ that have their roots in philosophy, nature, science, individual thinking, etc. The big problem I see here is how some people are trying to redefine certain phrases and ideas to suit their argument. I think looking through the comments section it’s pretty obvious that putting a narrow definition on a wide-spread and complicated problem only causes further divide among people.

    • Sara Luckey

      I don’t understand what you mean. Yes, racism is racism, I agree with that. But for something to be an aspect of racism, the components of prejudice+power must both be present. When they are not both present, you have bigotry or prejudice, which is what (and I mention America a couple of times in this piece because I am speaking about America) white people will encounter. White people will not encounter actual racism because there is not institutional or systemic power behind the bigotry exhibited toward them by PoC. Our social structure is not set up so that PoC are in power and white people aren’t. It’s the opposite of that.

      I agree with you that people should not be judged for merely existing as they are.

  • Cathy Knight

    Thank you for this post and i could not agree more. As a white anti-racist this definition and analysis of racism is critical to how we hear each other and change the systemic institution of racism and white privilege. Thank you! I will share widely.

    • Sara Luckey

      Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

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  • Kaitlyn

    Sara, you are correct. A PoC hating white people is not the same as having to try to overcome systematic discrimination every day of your life. White people, I know we don’t “want” to be more privileged than anyone else, but the fact remains that we are. Claiming “reverse racism” doesn’t make us more relatable: it makes us insensitive assholes.

    • Sara Luckey

      Exactly. It trivializes and demeans the actual racism that PoC encounter on the regular. It’s an example of white privilege to even be able to cater to the concept of ‘reverse racism’ as being real.

      • caleb k

        I am in high school in america, and recently at our black history month assembly after we divided into groups to talk a black student was asked how he has to deal with racism and how it affects him. He said it does not, he has white friends and everyone sees him as equal, and (he is in a program that takes underprivileged kids from the city to our more fortunate school) he said that the other black kids in the program make the choice to sit at the same table, and nobody rejects them based on history or race. That being said, although racism is not so prevalent in my side of america, it definitely exists. First I want to mention we have a black president in america, and arguably nobody is oppressed systematically based on race, I have only in america seen diversity as a positive thing. Racism is just treating someone differently based on race, and if its against whites its not reverse or anything, its just racism. I recently got to experience what its like to have a true lack of diversity, I went to china as a foreign exchange student. There were only native chinese people in my school, and the other guy who came with me and I were the only white people we saw for the two months (outside of beijing and touristy places). The kids were curious as to what it would be like to be in a diverse setting. They asked if we had asians at my school. I told them they made up 10-20% and they were shocked. They asked if there were blacks at my school, and I said they made up a similar percentage. Here is what I did not expect. They asked me if they were the bad kids, they asked if I liked any of the black kids, they were shocked when I said they were no better or worse than anyone else, and that I had friends of all races. I had never directly seen somebody racist, and I still don’t think racism, especially institutionalized racism, exists in america, but I did learn what a lack of diversity can do, and how it impacts your thoughts. I think, if white kids grow up sheltered and racist to blacks, its racism, and if blacks grow up sheltered and racist to whites, its racism, and getting rid of racism of all sorts through diversity should be the goal, not fighting a specific form. I know my views are probably frowned upon as a white male teen, but I feel I have insight that is valuable to the topic at hand.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. Reverse racism doesn’t exist, purely because racism is discriminating against anyone because of their race. Speaking as a white high schooler, I know racism exists, but it is far less prevalent than it has ever been before, and diversity is being seen more and more often as something to be celebrated. I have an adopted cousin who’s black, and whenever I go to visit his family, he and all of his friends make fun of me for being white, and acting white, and dressing white. So, no, “reverse” racism doesn’t exist, but racism against whites definitely does.

          • JasmineLei

            You’re both in high school and haven’t had the opportunity yet to study this topic thoroughly, so I can understand why you don’t seem to grasp the concept, but to both of the above commentators: “racism” against white people is not even close to the same thing as the actual racism that people of color face. This article makes it pretty clear why that is so, and if you don’t understand then I highly recommend you take a sociology class if you go to college.

          • John Henderson

            Are you kidding me? High school and college are both places where I experienced extreme racism and was profiled for being white by other black students in a predominately white school at that! I don’t care what term you use for it ‘racism’ ‘prejudice’ etc. It was wrong an I experienced it mainly in h.s. The worst part is…there was no one to help you because the teachers and staff ignored it and would not address it in any way lest their be discrimination suits! I am a woman by the way(pic next to my name is not mine). Anyway the black girls in our class (& their were only two) made everyone’s life hell! They called us namesthat were racial slurs

          • JasmineLei

            Your personal experiences, while unfortunate, do not equate to the systemic, institutional racism that people of color face. I am not attempting to invalidate any white person’s experiences with prejudice. Prejudice is hurtful to everyone who experiences it. What I’m saying is that you, and the other people posting on here insisting that what white people face is RACISM, are using the wrong language and misunderstanding the concept of racism. Yes, white people sometimes encounter prejudice from PoC. But PoC in the United States live in a society where they are not the dominant group and are denied access to resources based on race ALONE. No one is saying that every white person’s life is perfect and they will never face any kind of prejudice, injustice or hurt feelings whatsoever. What we’re saying is that white people will NEVER face INSTITUTIONAL racism on the level that PoC do. I feel like the real disconnect here is people not understanding that “racism” for PoC does not just mean “someone called me a bad name once,” it also means “I am less likely to be hired for a good-paying job than an equally qualified or less qualified white person,” “I am more likely than the average white person to live in poverty and have limited access to healthcare, education, nutritious food and other resources,” “I am more likely to face physical/sexual violence because of my race” and “I will always be judged by my race in a white-dominated society.” Those statements are simply not true for white people. If you all still really don’t get it, then go do some of your own research. There are plenty of great writers and bloggers out there who can help beat this concept into your mind. You’ll find that the concepts explained in this article are well-accepted truths not only in the social justice community online, but the scholarly academic communities in the fields of sociology, women’s/gender studies, race studies etc.

          • Lifthrasir

            According to the UN definition of racism they do qualify. So stop claiming a word, or an action as being limited to only people of colour. As i learned from a Liberian friend, nowhere is discrimination so bad as between people of the same colour but of different tribes, like in Liberia. remember also Tutsi’s against Hutu’s in Ruanda. You mix up racism and discrimination. Discrimination is across many levels, gender, age, race, education etc etc. With Oprah being one of the best paid people in the USA, your statement is biased. You should have the courage to look within, just like women in dutch society need to, for not landing high paid jobs in the management sector. And i even doubt whether your arguement is correct. With the immigrants from coloured nations, it is a very high number that goes to University, women more then men. And that is translating into politics and other high paid jobs. So show some courage as to why your communities are not working. And sure enough trauma, even bloodline trauma is a valid reason for that. Then get together search out the therapeutic methods that work for you and start healing. Also know that black Nigeria is the most corrupt country on the planet, according to a Nigerian, so wonder why that is. Instead of blaming Whites for all that is wrong in our world.

          • Travis

            I have took sociology, and this article is trying to say that racism against white people does not exist (while calling it reverse racism). Reverse racism is a stereotype by itself, basically saying that white people don’t face racism.

          • Travis

            Not judging, I agree, but it doesnt even have to be discrimination; there only needs to be racial prejudice to be racism.

        • Sara Luckey

          you say you have insight that is valuable to the topic at hand. I’m curious about that. What insight do you have? I’m not seeing anything new here. Why do you think it has value? Do your thoughts automatically have value because they exist and you share them? How are you defining value? Does perpetuating the ongoing and over-arching cultural narrative make something valuable? I don’t mean this sarcastically at all. I am genuinely interested in why it is you think that what you have to say is valuable or different or new or worthwhile. Why?

          • Anonymous2

            Everyone’s thoughts have value and can provide insight in a group discussion. I think the young man is saying the experience has provided him with personal insight and is valuable to his personal outlook on the topic. Just because it’s something we heard before, doesn’t make his point worthless.

          • jakes

            “What insight do you have? I’m not seeing anything new here. Why do you think it has value?”
            I think you must be speaking to yourself

          • Zeroed Out

            This response says to me that you have no business speaking out on this issue or any other. If you can’t identify the fact that all of our thoughts and experiences have value, then trying to educate people against the idea of racism is far above your pay grade. And when people responded to you about this, you ignored them — very professional. Sounds like you have no real life experience and are simply talking out of a specific orifice.

          • Stop

            While I agree that the post you’re responding to is naive, this was an inane way to respond to it. You’re completely backhanded and then try to play it off by saying that you “don’t mean to be sarcastic” and you’re “genuinely interested in why [they] think that what [they] have to say is valuable or different or new or worthwhile”.

            First of all, I could say the same about your article. Thanks for your stunning insight that institutional racism exists in the United States. You’re right that there is no system of institutional racism against white people in the United States. You’re right that the claims of racism by whites are often not of the same magnitude as the struggles that minorities go through everyday. However, you are incorrect to claim that racism against whites is not possible simply because there does not exist an institution of racism. Racism itself is still possible on an individual level against anybody. An Asian-American can say to someone, “I hate you because you are white,” and that is racism. It does not have historical footing and it is not systematic, but it is racism. To say that most claims of racism by whites are unjustified, unsubstantiated and ignorant is correct. However, to say unequivocally that racism in any form cannot exist against whites is completely incorrect.

          • Fremdulo

            So…Your indignant repetition of a newfangled definition of a word that unwittingly supports the divide and conquer strategy of our true enemy has value? It has more value than the Caleb’s personal experience in a country with a long history of xenophobia? It is worth considering that the institutional racism (not just “racism”) that you are talking about exists only because we have a society working towards integration.

            Lastly, not responding to anyone who disagrees with you except for the one who identifies himself as being in highschool still shows serious weakness. You are a real piece of work.

        • garthgirl


          • Anon

            From my own personal experiences with my last job I was jumped in the bathroom and held with a knife to my throat while it was explained to me that whites were not welcome and that I had stolen a job from a black person and that I should quit. So I am sorry but I can understand the big picture racism described in your article but some blacks do hate whites so what would you call that racism, bigotry, what is it when blacks hate whites. I have no problem with race I judge people on thier actions not thier skin color.

        • Ann Garth

          Personal examples aren’t equal to statistics. Here are some articles: www. about the prevalence of racism in America. www. about unconscious racism; even if you don’t support it, you can be racist without knowing it. As a fellow high schooler, I understand the desire to extrapolate. But, as nice as your personal experiences are (hopefully they’ll become more and more common) the don’t negate 1) statistics and 2) the experiences of PoC who may be facing racism that you aren’t aware of.

        • Pat Riarchy

          It’s kind of appalling your school made black students do this. That kid may have said things are fine and there’s no problem, but what other choice did he really have? Saying the truth would be awkward and possibly lead to people shunning him. “Um, yeah, you guys discriminate against me everyday in little ways that hurt me, but I don’t want to say that because i know you MEAN well and don’t intend to do that, so what’s the point in bringing it up?”

      • Aaron Plummer

        Unfortunately your comment is too generalized. You say PoC encounter racism “on the regular.” I would beg to differ. Go to Atlanta, GA for example where you as a white person are a minority and you will see nowadays that people of color live regular lives, with no discrimination and their personal self worth and value have to do with themselves and their education, experience, and successes. There they really don’t feel or experience any oppression at all as they are the majority. They own businesses, run government, hold high class positions, invest, play etc. just like anyone else would in our great and free country. Why keep identifying people of color like there is some sort of separation?

      • Rern Perl

        Pretending it’s not real, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

        Racism is an idea, that races are inherently superior or inferior.

        There are racist black people. Just because you don’t believe they exist doesn’t make it true. In fact, you’re racist for thinking they can’t be racist.

        • Esteban Ramirez

          Sadly some people think that racism has many other meanings… such as not agreeing with the President of the United States. Weird huh?

      • Lifthrasir

        So who are you. What is your own colour, race and nationality. Just to make this debate an honest debate. You are feeding the hatred of oppressed people, yet you look white. And just before writing another article like this which is used as ammonition to attack all Whites by some native woman, inform yourself of the definition of the UN of what racism in this day and age is. And trust me. Living in the most multicultural neighbourhood of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, my white children got a real taste of what that racism of immigrated people into the Netherlands felt like. They were Lucky for having a mother who was determined never to become racist or allow her children to become that. White privilege?? Where are you sleeping, dreaming. Have a check in with reality. See the many homeless, among them children, teenagers. Teenagers selling their bodies for sex. And learn some more about the war in Ruanda, Congo, Idi Amin, or Robert Mugabe. Or f.i. the occupation of Tibet. Racism is most likely inbuilt in the human brain, the primitive part. A defense against invading peoples who wanted to rob your land and resources. It is sadly of all colours, races, nations etc. Not for much longer though. Soon the One World Government mindcontrolling us all will take over all and be in charge. A worldpopulationreduction of 95 % thought up. Unless we can master a Rainbow coloured resistance to them, where we no longer accommodate this thesis antithesis, dividing us attitude but learn to stand united in our defense of this one earth, one planet. And btw i believe Oprah is one of the most privileged persons in this world, Can think of some more black, coloured people btw. So your whole article is in a way racist. Denying PoC the dream that they can be whatever they want, Just keeping them lethargic and stagnant into buying your racial hype that this is forever impossible, because Whites rule the world.

    • Lifthrasir

      Check out the definition of the UN. Spreading hatred is a crime and if you lived in my country i would take all hatemongers in this debate to court. However this is social media where apparently everything goes. Threatening Whites that soon you will be a majority, is like the speaking of Hitler. Making all Whites responsible for all wars, holocausts etc in the world, all nations is not only untrue and ignorant it is also not the way to go forward if we want our future descendants to still have a world. Not only did i take offense as a dutch white woman, but as a person living/surviving with cptsd it triggered me into a fulblown traumastate. I will never understand how hurt people, can make the choice to the hurt others, when thinking they will come into a position of power again.

  •!/indigofiction indigofiction

    I think you were spot on in saying that white people generally bring up this one thing that happened to them once, without understanding that for POC prejudice is this huge, ongoing narrative. I generally read as white and I can only think of one clear instance of being racially judged, and I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have experiences like that on a regular basis. I wish other white people could take it as a window into how hard it can be for non-white people, rather than as “Oh well it happened to me too so I know just what it’s like and my experience is just like yours.”

    • Sara Luckey

      It is weird how somebody can have a singular experience and extrapolate that out as though it is the equivalent of a lifetime of experience. It’s actually really arrogant and narcissistic.

      • wat

        but is it your right to say that all white people are speaking only on singular experiences? certainly white people don’t deal with institutional racism in the way PoC do in our country, but does that mean that there are no white people who are mistreated and/or harassed on a daily basis because of their skin color? wouldn’t it take just one such person for “reverse racism” (not of the institution, but as it applies to an individual) to exist? …I agree that this sort of narrative of an individual event is way too often used to try and relate a white experience to an ongoing PoC experience, but saying that racism can only exist when enforced by institutional and societal norms is a definition of racism that you seem to have adopted in order to prove your (clearly emotionally driven) point.
        a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
        2.a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.3.hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.”

        It seems that you favor #2, but ignore the other two aspects of the definition according to Both 1 and 3 apply here, however. If the man is harrassed daily and explicitly because he is white, is his harasser not someone who has hatred or intolerance for his race? If he is harassed daily because the harasser feels that whites a particular way that necessitates that they ought be harassed, is the harasser not someone who holds a belief or doctrine that there are inherent differences between the races that give someone the privilege or the right to harass or have power over the other?

        None of this is to justify the current system we have. There are many injustices and many white people who do not understand that for PoC, racial conflict is an all-the-time thing, part of the identity. However, it seems to me we ought be a bit more careful about making claims about who can or cannot be racist, what “is” or “is not” definitely racism, and what is or is not real.

        • JenF

          ummm, there is no such thing as “reverse racism”. even if someone is discriminated against for being white, it’s still just plain old racism. reverse racism is a moronic idea that white people came up with so they don’t seem as bad as their racist ancestors. get the f**k over it.

          • wat

            umm… good argument? i think the author here, jen, is not arguing against a differentiation between “reverse racism” and “just plain old racism”. She is arguing against the idea that a white person in our society could be the target of any racist action, regardless of whether she refers to that action as a racist or as a reverse racist action… why would white people who are “as bad as their racist ancestors” feel less bad about being the targets of reverse racism than being the targets of “plain old racism”? It seems your comment stems from a fundamental inability to grasp the real argument that Sara seems to be making here, which is that any claims that white people have experienced racism, reverse or otherwise, are unsubstantiated due to a lack of /institutionalized/ and /societal/ racism or discrimination towards whites… I think i raised valid concerns about the author’s point, which she may or may not have valid responses to, so why the aggression? Why should i get the f**k over the questions I have about this article? Is my opinion on this article less valid than your opinion (which, let me remind you, you stated as being that whites are the subject of plain old racism rather than reverse racism)? You also believe that white people as a group came up with an idea? ;) I think actually they DO hold white people conferences every once in a while so they can come up with ideas as a “race”. I’ve heard about that on the those-things-don’t-happen news before. And they made up reverse racism so that they could have a special type of racism that only applies to them, because regular racism wasn’t enough to say that they were affected by! (those damn whites, always trying to one up us! #f**kem !) No. None of those things are more likely or valid or reasonable than anything I said. Anyyywayyyyyy, always nice to hear from ya JenF. Let’s tone down on the needless aggression though please :D we’re all just trying to have a discussion

          • Sonya Renee Taylor

            she is arguing that “racism” requires institutional power. Anything else is discrimination or bigotry and yes White people do experience discrimination and bigotry but people of color lack the institutional power to employ racism against White people.

          • Shipley

            I disagree.
            Racism only requires the ear of a young child on Christmas Eve and an evil uncle ready to fill it.
            Discrimination requires an institutional advantage. A power over those who seek something from another that is different in some way.
            Discrimination is institutional bigotry. Racism is mano-a-mano.

          • Shipley

            Racism, whether supported or espoused by government or not, is still racism.
            Negro College Fund
            Congressional Black Caucus.
            Black Entertainment Television.
            Numerous other grants, loans and bennies that only blacks need apply for. Take this one to heart. While arranging funds for Georgetown I had to.
            Anyone watched W. Kammau Bell lately?
            Anyone heard “Free, White and 21″ lately?
            You be the judge…

          • Cranky Steph

            Oh, right. BET. We can all go home now. Equality was reached decades ago. What were we thinking

          • Geenius_at_Wrok

            The United Negro College Fund, Congressional Black Caucus, BET, etc., are absurd examples. (I’m surprised you didn’t include Black History Month.)

            Look, suppose I’m administering a low-income loan program. You come into my office looking for a loan. You’re not poor. You’re actually living pretty comfortably.

            “Sorry,” I say, “I’m afraid you don’t qualify for our loans.”

            “What?” you say. “YOU ARE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ME. You should lend money to ANYBODY, regardless of their income. I think you just hate successful people.”

            “Um, excuse me, but there are nine other banks you can go to in this town, and any one of them will give you a loan if you ask nicely,” I say. “What they won’t do is give loans to people with low incomes. I give loans to those people because nobody else is willing to. That is what I’m here for.”

            “IT’S STILL PREJUDICE,” you say.

            “No,” I say, “it’s doing what I can to help people who’ve been injured by others’ prejudice. And it probably isn’t enough to balance the scales, because they’re injured in many other ways in addition to being denied loans.”

            Either you buy my argument, or you don’t. But I hope you at least agree that it would be silly for you, out of pique, to go across the street and open up a high-income lending office. For one thing, the nine other banks in town are already high-income lending officers, whether they call themselves that or not. But more important, high-income borrowers don’t need the help.

          • brownflowers

            So all white people are rich and live well off lives, while black people on the other hand, are stricken with poverty and are the only ones the should allow special grants?

            Again, stop with the white guilt and putting down your race. When you make these claims, you are the one that sounds like a bigot.

          • Shipley

            Wrong, it was coined by a black man in Alabama while trying to stop blacks from ousting whites from government positions based solely on color. AKA “Black Racism”.
            This alone proves that reverse racism does exist, no?

          • Chaveevah Banks Ferguson

            so, ONE Black man in Alabama is now sufficient to speak for the shared experiences of ALL people who want to believe in the myth of ‘black racism’? No, that doesn’t prove the existence of reverse racism…the plethora of evidence, explanations of terms, countless re-statements of the problem, however, DOES prove that some people will go out of their way to re-define [or, as the author said, "derail"] the conversation and dovetail it to THEIR understanding, rather than consider the possibility that –*gasp*–someone else may have it right! READ THE DEFINITION of racism, okay? While you’re at it, read the definitions of prejudice, bigotry, etc., and check out the differences in meaning–even though you’ll still likely yell “reverse racism” if a PoC doesn’t agree with you, at least you won’t have the excuse of ignorance to hide behind.

          • Shipley

            Wow, can’t post as Shipley. Let’s try Guest.
            Yep. OK. From Websters:

            : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”

            And from there we must infer that it is you (and Genius) that redefined racism. Why does one example of “Black Racism” aka “Reverse Racism” not apply again? Because you do not want to accept it maybe? Because it does not fit your agenda?

            Now, please, take that snippy attitude over to someone who will put up with it. You can redefine yourself but not the English language.

            Genius decided that Reverse Racism cannot exist unless those that are considered lesser in some way are in power. Huh? That’s wrong. Racism resides in the individual, reverse or not. It does not exist in classes of people. For instance, there are no occupations that are racist. There are government bodies that are racist like the Congressional Black Caucus though……remember them? They exist SOLELY due to race. It is their purpose for being.

            It, racism, will continue on all sides of the aisle as long as there is Racial Pride. I assume you are fine with W. Kammau Bell and his racist comments? I would argue that pride in White is just as bad and destructive as pride in Black. Both striving oh so hard to be different.

            Difference is there are no White television show entertainers that are blatently and outwardly racist… one….I dare you…..

            I’m pretty tired of hearing how one race deserves or is entitled to anything over another simply based upon race. It does nothing but propagate racism. Aid to those who need it CAN’T be defined by race alone. A recent SCOTUS ruling supports this.

            There was a fiasco over a trailer full of watermelons in a parade in NC last week…..too far maybe? Not far enough? It’s all based upon perspective. As for me, I love watermelons and were happy to see them included though I am from MA.

            I was asked by my daughter in her college project interview last month. “Do you feel it is important to talk with your young child about the differences between White and Black people?” “No” I answered. “Because when you do this you are already making the assumption that the other race is different in some way. And this is wrong as well as harmful to any nation”

            So, yep, if whites or blacks want so desperately to be different than each other it will all continue forever. So be it. Vocal White racism is on the rise in recent years and it will continue to grow as long as vocal Black racism is also on the rise and vice versa.

            You can try your best to discredit me and my examples all you wish. That will only be successful in a closed environment. One like this blog. My only intention is to point out that racism exists in Black AND White hearts….you seem to disagree.

  • nyssa23

    Well said, Sara! Thanks for writing this. <3

  • Nick Hedges

    Awesome post, Luckey!

    • Sara Luckey

      Thanks, Nick! I’m glad you liked it!

  • orijami

    I appreciate that you point out how imbedded racism is in our institutions- & I think the American demographic is changing so that ugh. can’t write now..My phone is boggin’

  • name

    This article has the right message, yet it was said in all the wrong ways. Everyone needs to be treated the same; this just seems to perpetuate the idea that there is an “us/them” culture.

    • Mothr Nght

      There IS an us/them culture! That’s what we need to fight to change.

    • Sara Luckey

      I think pretending that we don’t live in a segregated world and that there isn’t racial and class disparity amongst people that creates divides and social friction (this would be the ‘us/them’ culture you seem to think is imaginary) is akin to claiming that one is ‘color blind’ when it comes to race. It ignores the very real problems of racial and social injustice. We cannot fix the problems of an ‘us/them’ culture without acknowledging it and examining it and then working to change it. Pretending something doesn’t exist, just because we don’t like it, will not make it go away. These issues merit our discussion, introspection, and teamwork to find resolution.

      • Hound

        As much as I disagree with a LOT of points made in the article and comments, this is one I totally agree with! It is an us/them culture, it’s not going to change unfortunately. Sure, like everyone, I really wish it would, but the fact is, while the group might be racially tolerant, the individual is not. Our own prejudices are what is stopping anything necessary to move forward with racial unity. Regardless of what we say or do, we still see them as black, asian, hispanic, etc… as us as ‘normal’. You don’t see a white person walking down the street as white, you just see him as a person. I used to have a lot of other-race friends before i moved… and while I saw them as great mates, I also saw them as black, tongan, asian… my upbringing and social norms would not let me see them as just people. “Asians are taking over the country” “Blacks get special benefits” (always made me laugh… it’s actually true over here, my cousin brags about it [he's full Aboriginal, I'm only about 1/8th or something, so he holds it over me :P ])

        While I try to treat everyone equally, the fact that I see these people as different means that yes, by the proper dictionary term, I’m racist… The fact that I can admit it to myself means that I can at least do something to change it. Look at yourself and decide if you see ‘them’ as different… then do something about it!

  • Privilege Aware

    I’m really curious, how, as a white woman, I can help work against racism. I want to sit and listen and learn and have the opportunity to ask questions and I want to do actions that help, but sometimes I worry about doing any of the above for fear of someone perceiving my efforts as me thinking of myself as a “white person savior.”

    I obviously speak up when I see something blatant, but I need to learn more before I would feel comfortable speaking up when a situation I see has nuance. Whereas I don’t hesitate when I’m working to fight against misogyny.

    And I’m usually afraid to even ask these types of questions because while I know I’m honestly trying to promote human equality, someone on the internet doesn’t know me and my intentions.

    And I just hijacked a wonderful article to talk about myself…

    Let me be the first to say that privilege is hard to overcome. I’m afraid to create an us/them mindset by asking questions, but I can’t look past my privilege (or in some instances, see it at all) unless I do.

    Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.

    • Sheva Bree

      Keep speaking up when you see bigotry in action. Study your history, not just what is in the official history books but learn the names of those who have fought for equal rights not just in the 60s but before that as well. Read, Read,& Read some more. I recommend Tim Wise. His essays and books are all from a white ally speaking up on this subject. Learn how to look at the media through the lens of an educated observer. And don’t forget that racism isn’t just about white vs black but all People of Color.

      • no

        should we just accept it as white people in a colored/hispanic neighborhood to be called “snowflake” and “snowwhite” and harassed?

        • Sheva Bree

          No one has ever said that discrimination is okay and good. It would be nice if no one was ever harassed because of something like the color of their skin or their gender or sexual orientation. But at the same time there is a difference between individual acts of discrimination and systemic racism. There have been plenty of times where I was the only white face in the room. If you feel bad because someone discriminates against you due to the lack of pigment in your skin, imagine how their parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc have felt being treated like 2nd class citizens because of their darker skin.

        • Chelsea

          Wow, really powerful and harsh words they are calling you. Get over it are you kidding me? Snowflake? Wowwww, theres really a bite to that name. No. You can walk back to your white neighborhood and go back to being the privileged white girl you are. But no matter what, those hispanics are always “abnormal” and the “other” no matter what street they are walking on.

          • BlahhDeeBlahhDeeBlahhh

            It’s not the word’s denotation that we should take issue with. It’s the connotation. Do I get offended if I’m called a cracker? No. Does that word carry racial connotations? Damn right. Stop making excuses for racism and realise that everyone can experience it. It’s almost like minorities don’t want anyone to declare that they’ve experienced racism because they want it to be exclusively their problem so they can continue to play the race card in any menial instance that they see fit to do so (whether it applies or not). Those same kids who called her snowflake or anything else wanted her to feel “abnormal,” or experience the same feelings as they would when being called some sort of racial slur. If you believe that’s ok, then you can just walk back to the sanctuary of your minority neighborhood as you suggested she do. Racism is racism, and you seem to be a racist sympathizer in this case.

      • Privilege Aware

        Tim wise is now on my to read list. Thank you for the recommendation!

        • Sheva Bree

          Wise is a good place to start. Once you have a good knowledge base it is of course important to branch out and also read and understand what people of color are saying for themselves. We don’t want to fall into the trap of only accepting the word of other white people like us on social issues. This is something I am working on myself. I need more writers of color on my go to list.

    • Ukumbwa Sauti M.Ed.

      You didn’t create us vs. them….you can observe it’s very clear presence and not feed into its negativity, though. There is a positive conception of it when we say us AND them AND them others, suggesting distinct cultural/political groups that do exist and deserve to be considered in all areas of social change. Thanks for the honest reply and do follow up on some of the suggestions made to you. Your agency, thoughtfulness and reserve is appreciated.

  • Neda

    I like how you were very forward about defining racism. It is not something that most people can agree on. I am a person of color and I do feel like white people always feel the need to share their experience with what they call “reverse racism”. Now, I do agree with you, it’s not reverse racism but it is rather prejudice. I have one issue with this article, it is supporting have prejudices and discriminating against white people just because they’re white and whether you’d like to call it reverse racism or not, it’s still not a good thing and shouldn’t not be implemented. People of color have been fighting for ages just to be seen for who they are rather than their skin color and it isn’t fair for us to judge other people for their skin color whether they are White or not. Call it what you wanna call it, it’s still wrong.

    • Sara Luckey

      I appreciate your feedback. I want to clarify that I am not supporting people having prejudices or discriminating against white people just because they’re white. I am not advocating for anything like that. My point is that when white people complain about ‘reverse racism’, what they really mean is ‘prejudice and discrimination’ and that bringing up perceived ‘reverse racism’ only serves to derail the conversation when PoC are speaking about actual racism. I’m asking for people to be aware of the words they use and their meaning and to not take instances of bigotry and compare to institutionalized racism. Also, i am white, so I’m definitely not going to imply or insinuate that I support prejudice or discrimination against white people. It really just wouldn’t make sense for me to do that, ya know?

      • Travis

        Racism, whether institutionalized or not, happens to white people. Although, it probably is experienced more by minorities, it still happens to white people.

      • Lifthrasir

        Well a native woman is using your article to support her racism against all Whites, all europeans. So again look at the definition of racism by the UN and like in dutch start using separate words like racism and discrimination. Although racism can go with discrimination in the collective society, it is not always the case. As for discrimination look into black mothers who do not want their children marry white people. And no i did not loose my house over this, nor have my income lowered. But living with cptsd, i got my trauma’s triggered. I have no defense against such biased hatred of all Whites, all europeans. But more importantly in my view it does not add to overcoming issues of racism in all of us. Learning to celebrate diversity, differences of all cultures has been in my dutch experience a much better way to overcome discrimination. I have noticed that it is often the victimhood of a community, the feeling of having rights more then acknowledging living in a society has duties that makes progress for certain minorities stagnant.

  • Guest

    I think the term “racism” needs to be redefined. If you look at its definition:

    rac·ism [rey-siz-uhm]

    1.a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right torule others.

    2.a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

    3.hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    We can see here that it makes the term “reverse racism” redundant as technically two out of three definitions don’t claim it has to be systematic and institutionalized to be called racism; or in other words any act of discrimination due to race can be defined as racism.

    I agree that you can’t limit racism to this because there is a huge difference between racism encountered by a minority and racism encountered by the privileged majority. All these people claiming it’s still racism are by definition right, although they shouldn’t be, and these “reverse racism” people you are referring to are milking the hell out of that linguistic failure. But it also causes regular people not wanting to compare their experiences to PoC to be confused, because their experiences are still technically defined as racism although once again they shouldn’t be.

    • Sara Luckey

      ‘ But it also causes regular people not wanting to compare their experiences to PoC to be confused, because their experiences are still technically defined as racism although once again they shouldn’t be.’

      When you say ‘regular people’, who do you mean? Do you mean white people? If so, I would ask that you reconsider your phrasing as this is an example of placing white as the norm and PoC as other and is an example of how racist language can seep into our everyday usage.

      • Guest

        Erm I didn’t mean for “regular” to describe white people although I see how it could be taken like that! I actually intended “regular” to describe people who don’t want to their discriminatory experiences to be put on par with PoC but still call it “racism” because of the technical definition, unlike the “reverse racism” people who are the subject of this piece and can’t differentiate between the two. In my experience the majority of people I meet nowadays can differentiate between a random act of discrimination and racism, and these “reverse racism” people are the minority and irregularities. My fiance is a PoC so I certainly would never refer to him and people his colour as irregular hahaha that would not go over well.

  • Marc David Barnhill

    “A person of color may have race prejudice, but until most of Congress, state, provincial, and local governments, the Pentagon, the FBI, CIA, all major industries, the Stock Exchange, Fortune 500 members, the educational system, health care system, the International Monetary Fund, the armed forces, and the police force are all operated and controlled by people of color and their cultural values, we do not have the kind of power that it takes to be racist toward anyone. Similarly, ‘reverse racism,’ within the context of present society, is a contradiction in terms.” – Amoja Three Rivers

    • Sara Luckey

      That is so perfect and I am glad you posted it! Thank you! That really sums it up.

    • Emily Vrotsos

      Thanks for posting about the difference between “racism” and “racial prejudice”. I’m not well-versed in race theory and so the lack of vocabulary on subjects like this always got me a little irked. I really appreciate it!

    • Mr. Barnes

      I disagree. Any system that has been created in america has never and will never be ruled by a person of color. You mean to tell me that a black man in America is equal to a white man in America to the point that the black man can have so much power ? Foolishness! The ruling class of people ( who happen to be white) rule the world. The ruling class consists of many groups such as: the Bohemian Club, bilderburg group, skull and bones soceity (George bush sr. was apart of that any many more secret groups. As a mulatto ( with black being my main race) I’m not against whites at all, however; everyone in this country needs to realize that the RULING CLASS RUNS THE WORLD!

      • Aaron Plummer

        Unfortunately, you have based your opinion that there is some kind of “us vs. them” conspiracy from a race class level. Your question, “You mean to tell me that a black man in America is equal to a white man in America to the point that the black man can have so much power ?” Answer: Absolutely-and why not. Look at our government!! A black man is just as equal to a white, red, brown, or purple man. The past few years have proved this as many races have circumvented Americas atrocious history of discrimination and as resume’s and qualifications have begun to match up, it doesn’t matter what color the person is doing the job. Your “Secret Group” ruling the nation is limited to certain companies or organizations, not the US of A.

        • SkySong

          Although Obama is partially black, look at the backlash since he has become President; he is treated worse than Bush. Look at the rise in racist internet posts and threads. I don’t recall people making racist jokes about Bush. On the contrary, I can’t find an article about Obama without someone calling him an unpleasant, racially-charged name in the comments section.

          In the privacy of my home and in public, I only refer to race if it is pertinent in neutrally describing physical features or culture (art, cuisine, etc). We don’t generalize people or make fun of their features. On the other hand, my best friend’s mother (who just happens to be of the Caucasian persuasion, no offense) would constantly bash, on Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks in my presence and see it as normal. One of her daughters grew up to be quite racist and in denial about her behavior. We are no longer close because of her use of the N-word in my presence and her drug use. The other daughter is my best friend. She may say something insensitive but, we communicate and love each other like sisters.

          Unfortunately, it seems that being hateful to others and stereotypical is part of American culture. It makes me so sad that I cry myself to sleep sometimes. Even when I smile at the grocery store, I will get mean looks or people will purposely not want to make eye contact with me. Conversely, if I don’t smile, then people will think that I am an angry, mean woman with an attitude. At this point I don’t know which face to have so I just look aloof and stare into the distance… My mom says that I’m too uptight and I need to relax or I will not appear attractive to men, but living in America has made me think ahead of time of my every action and word. I feel so lonely, and isolated because of this.

          Racism from my point of view as a PoC, means constant alienation, demonizing, and stereotypes along with any rude treatment received solely due to race. I have had classmates who were rude to me, because they were just mean people. Racism is not related to such instances of hardship that everyone must face. Racism means being assessed less value than other human beings and thus being treated in a worse manner than normal and having such treatment be socially acceptable. I never knew my natural physical features would cause my social life to be a living hell.

          -Love from Phoenix

          • House Nigga

            Also worth noting, Obama is not fully black.

          • Lifthrasir

            Love back to you Phoenix. May you find people so that you will no longer feel lonely. I am white, living in multicultural Netherlands and made a vow, when my white children were abused in a multicultural area of Rotterdam, never to become racist. Welcome to my world.

        • Lifthrasir

          Wrong. Check out the foundation of the USA. And learn it was all Free Masons and Illuminati. They highjacked the USA or thought it up. Check out Francis Bacon also. Monsanto, FDA and the US government are all in bed with eachother.

      • Lifthrasir

        If you are aware of that then stop making these anti white statements. Obama is black, is he not. So is Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell and who is in the Bilderberg group remains to be seen. I bet many semites, who should classify as non Whites, although in many individuals, just like with natives, you cant always tell the difference. .uling class rules by this divide and conquer method. Thesis and antithesis. That is how the French revolution was staged as a false flag, based on lies by the Illuminati

    • Travis

      This actually distinguishes Institutional racism from racial prejudice. If you have any sort of racial prejudice, then it is racism (with or without discrimination).. Pretty simple. Institutional racism requires, racial prejudice, power, and obviously some sort of organization or government.

    • Lifthrasir

      Just do some more learning. And now the real power is in the hands of not even 1 % and many of those are nonwhites. They are semites. You overlook the many people who are white who are just wageslaves and suffer from this system as much as poc do. You forget the homeless, the children of dysfunctional families sleeping rough at night, selling their bodies for sex. You forget the many women who still in this day and age are some man’s property.

  • Aliek Greene

    Spot on article. I met a young caucasion man working at a gas station and he told me he didn’t get into the medical school of his choice due to affirmative action, and this is why he was working at the gas station. Really? First I asked would he rather the class be all white regardless of qualifications. He said no. I asked did he not think the non-whites were qualified. He said he felt they got in b/c of a quota. I tried to explain to him that those students he didn’t know, yet harbored resentment towards were likely the hardest working students in the class as there were likely students in the class that felt like him. He was unmoved. I avoided the obvious how does not getting into one particular med school put you at the end of taking my $20 for gas and just became scared. This person is no doubt in tune with Donald ‘that negroe couldn’t have possibly gotten into Harvard’ Trump, George’hey black guy, what are you doing in my neighborhood walking fast in the rain?’ Zimmerman, and Bill ‘I’m not a racist….I’m just making a point’ Oreilly. This is the reason America will never put down her 300 million guns or have a single payer option so a citizen doesn’t have to file bankruptcy every 44 minutes due to medical bills. To too many caucasions in power, there are too many non-white people with guns and w/o insurance.

    • Mothr Nght

      Uh, working at a gas station =/ not getting into the school you wanted. When I applied to university I applied to a million different things in case Plan A fell through. Blaming all your life’s problems on affirmative action in itself shows how inherent racism is within some people.

      • jakes

        and yet many blacks are encouraged by self hating whites to blame whitey for every failure they experience in life.

    • Cynthia Peterson

      This gas station guy’s story reeks of BS. If he was good enough to have gotten into one medical school (except for being white, of course) he could have gotten into another one. I am sorry that you had to hear that azzhole’s lies.

      • jakes

        you assume the asshole telling the story wasnt lying.

    • Corn Husker

      1. Affirmative action exists in higher education. Lower qualified people get into school ahead of higher qualified people based on race. It is what it is and we have our reasons for doing it. Are non-disadvantaged people not allowed to raise questions about the practice? Are they racists? Do you think he “harbored resentment” towards those who got in ahead of him or he “harbored resentment” towards the system? You sound fairly uneducated about the practice and about the current job market.

      2. Ad hominem attacks against Trump, Zimmerman, and O’Riley are pointless. FYI Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty.

      3. You bring up issues of gun control and health care reform into a talk about reverse racism. What?

      4. “To too [sic] many caucasions in power, there are too many non-white people with guns and w/o insurance.” Cool concept.

    • Guest Speaker

      Government is full of employees who only got hired because they were Black or Female. This is why government messes up. They hired based on race instead of qualifications.

  • bluevw16

    Very refreshing to hear. I was getting sick of those comments as well.

  • Michael T. Vawter

    So we’ve determined that white people do not experience racism against them, and it is in fact impossible for this to occur presently. Is it possible for a black person to be racist? Is it possible for a white person not to be racist?

  • Mothr Nght

    I think the term “racism” needs to be redefined. If you look at its definition:

    rac·ism [rey-siz-uhm]

    1.a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various
    human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually
    involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right
    torule others.

    2.a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

    3.hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    We can see here that it makes the term “reverse racism” redundant as
    technically two out of three definitions don’t claim it has to be
    systematic and institutionalized to be called racism; or in other words
    any act of discrimination due to race can be defined as racism.

    I agree that you can’t limit racism to this because there is a huge
    difference between racism encountered by a minority and racism
    encountered by the privileged majority. All these people claiming it’s
    still racism are by definition are right, although they shouldn’t be, and
    these “reverse racism” people you are referring to are milking the hell
    out of that linguistic failure. But it also causes the *average member of the privileged majority* who doesn’t think their discriminatory experiences compare to PoC to be confused, because their experiences are still technically defined as racism although once again they shouldn’t be!

    They change terms to become more politically correct all the time. Why not just redefine the term and make it more specific?

    *I changed “regular” to “average member of the privileged majority” as to avoid confusion! My intention was to imply that members of the majority who recognize that their experiences are not comparable were “regular” and those who do not recognize that were the “irregular”, and not that white people were “regular” or PoC were “irregular”. The way I worded it was really confusing sorry!

    • Mothr Nght

      Augh I never use this Disqus thing and didn’t realize my comments were immortal and ended up posting the same comment twice. Anyway, I reworded it so it didn’t seem so confusing, you get the point.

    • fernando Rivera Jr.

      I think the term racism needs to be left alone and you guys need to invest in a dictionary

      • Mothr Nght

        A perplexing comment given I pasted the dictionary definition of racism.

  • Shirley Aldana

    Can we discuss brown on brown racism? I am a Guatemalan immigrant, and a fair skin Latina. I worked and lived in predominately black middle class sectors and while most black people are inclusive I have experienced racism in the form of being ignored at restaurants and shitty customer service. Being called white girl until they hear my accent.

    • Joe

      I suspect this received no replies because this formula for racism fails on such a simple challenge.

  • greenball


    Any racial prejudice towards anyone is racism. Power, privilege, “the norm” are all irrelevant. The most well-off white guy can be the victim of racism. Anything else is just double standards intended to increase victimhood. It’s like waiting for everyone to have “equal power” before treating everyone equally.

    The sociological claim of power + prejudice was merely a way to collect statistically relevant data. It was not meant to discount individual acts as racist in normal practice. It has only been recently hijacked by leftists within sociology to perpetuate double standards.

    So, there is no such thing as reverse racism, because all racism is racism.

    The people who claim “only whites can be racist”, are in fact, racists towards whites. As long as everyone has good intentions to work against racism, I will stand up for whites too.

    -A non-white man who’s tired of self-flagellating whites

    • tiredofdreaming

      Everything that was said CLEARLY went over your head.

      -A non-white man tired of PoC who choose to remain ignorant of the role of social constructs in the creation of racism

      • Rern Perl

        “A non-white man”

        Yeah, definitely no agenda in your commentary POV.

      • meg

        it didn’t. the author of the article just did a really poor job of saying what he wanted to say.

        -someone who knows things about words

    • Lifthrasir

      Check out definition racism of the UN. Find that racism goes much further then race in their definition even. The determination of the word used in this debate is no longer valid. I am a dutch woman, appalled and hurt by the racism towards all Whites and all europeans as expressed by some native people on fb.

  • Caitlin

    I agree that the term is inappropriate and offensively diminishes the reality of racism in its historical, institutional, and ultimately cultural capacities. And in said capacities, this is primarily a black-white issue in America, which is the only reason I frame it in such limited terms. However, to every yin there is a yang, and the term “reverse racism” though blunderous, is attempt to put a name to the push-back felt by white people in response to the realized or legitimate fear of oppression that racism affords to black people. Conversely, this prejudice felt by white people is not oppressive or threatening, nor does it permeate beyond individual experiences. And it is not in any way an appropriate excuse to be involved in the topic of racism and claim as a white person, you have a place in the conversation. I will say that nonetheless, crude misnomer and all, it is an experience felt by white people on an individual level in abundance, and it is relevant – not because white people are being treated unfairly but because of the commentary it makes on the socialization of racism in America and the fear it breeds – the kind of mentality where when faced with a perceived threat, you must decide to wait to initiate violence and hope the other person doesn’t either, or take a chance and throw a punch to not leave yourself vulnerable. “Preemptive warfare”. As a white person involved in numerous accounts of this nature involving race, every time it makes me sad. I would like to believe that my generation has no tolerance for racism, and thus there is no reason to fear it. I realize that this is not entirely the case but believe it is moving in the right direction. I’m not sure what the answer is, but the Civil Rights Movement was bred from grassroots sentiments based on interpersonal exchanges experienced by white and black people. On an individual level, i’d like to see the experience between races to demonstrate kindness and unification. Can interpersonal racial tensions be diminished without a top-down catalyst? I’m not sure. I do know that we are all responsible for treating each other with grace in our trivial interactions and it is our best chance at lifting one another out of the tradition of racism in this country.

  • Brujah81

    The self-righteousness and political correctness of this article is nauseating. ”PoC” can do no wrong? I’m sorry but ”PoC” constitute the majority of the globe’s population and can even be racist, cruel and what have you towards each other with no dastardly white man in the picture. They even run their own countries you know? Imagine that!

    • Sara Luckey

      I didn’t say PoC can do no wrong. And I mentioned America within the article 3 times so it would be clear and evident that I was speaking about America and not the rest of the world. Reading an article before you comment may seem soooo passe and 2012, but it will get you closer to commenting about what’s in the article and not just the thoughts in your head. Context was in the article, you know? Imagine that!

      • Brujah81

        My point is perpetrators of injustice most often have their own victimhood narrative to assuage their moral compass. No one should have a free pass when it comes to acting morally.

        • garthgirl

          No one does. Discrimination is wrong no matter what. But discrimination against white people is not racism- which is the (only) point of the article.

          • Hound

            Sorry, but this “prejudice/discrimination is not racism” thing got to me at this point. Not just your post, but all previous and probably all future. Institutionalised or not, racism is racism… Oxford dictionary does not make a distinction between the two. Now, I totally agree that there is institutionalised racism in EVERY country, but there is also personal racism in society, with people of ALL colour. How many “one white person” stories must we see to realise that racism affects all colours… oh wait, white isn’t a colour? I have my own story, but that doesn’t count, I’m just a white guy… but that one black, asian, hispanic, arab person has a story… OMG, RACIST WHITE GUY!!! The reason why I’m using the white guy as an example is that the OP mentioned how she totally disregards every one of the “racism against white” stories. Quotes: “Any time a PoC starts to talk about their experiences with racism, a white person chimes in to derail the conversation and talk about their own experiences with ‘reverse racism.’” “Not once. It happens every time. Ya know what else? That shit is tired, played out, and incorrect. So let’s talk about why reverse racism isn’t real and why white people need to let that one go.”
            I totally understand that the examples that were given were total bs, and in no way racist… but how many bs stories have you listened to/read about from a PoC that was in the same bs area and thought “Oh wow, that is sooooo racist”? I don’t know about you, but I have heard so many! I could go on and on, and yes, I have had this discussion with PoC at length, and we all agree that racism is rampant in ALL races.
            Look, you can flame me all you want, I totally expect it and really don’t mind if you do, show me where I’m misguided if you can find anything untrue please.
            Definition of racismnoun[mass noun]
            the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races:theories of racism
            prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:a programme to combat racism
            also has a similar description

          • Ukumbwa Sauti M.Ed.

            Dictionaries are often a bit behind if not tragically behind in areas of socio-political definitions. I would not base THIS particular definition on what a dictionary says as the Critical Race Theory academics and anti-racism activists and authors along with Occupy movement PoC organizer definitions (which generally agree) will be much more clear and functional. It is actually a choice of privilege to say, “but the dictionary says” and hold the idea that that would be a cogent source of information around key dynamics of social change. And I do like dictionaries. : )

          • Lifthrasir

            Just get up to date and check the definition of the UN, Instead of sounding superior that your definition is valid and the only one valid. In other nations it never was. You will know what racism is when you feel it. Curious thing was that a nigerian friend of mine had no identification whatsoever with your kind of racism, when in the Netherlands. He just suffered from his fellow nigerians being the most corrupt in the world, fouling up all and any progress. buying each other favours etc. etc.

        • Sara Luckey

          Which has what to do with this piece or what I said, exactly? I’m not saying anywhere that anybody should get a ‘free pass’ when it comes to acting morally. (and I don’t know if you mean free pass to act morally or free pass to not act morally; you aren’t specific) You’re saying things like they have a point and relate to what I wrote, but ultimately you’re just saying random talking points that aren’t related to what I wrote except within your own thoughts.

          • Brujah81

            Racism is real no matter who perpetrates it.

      • Bryce Jones

        see, here in canada pretty much everyone’s equal. the only people that arent and can actually make a claim to institutional racism are native americans. PoC (other than natives) are treated FAR better than your average white or native american.

  • Megan Saylor

    Yes, I completely agree and I love this Luckey. Thank you for posting!

  • Hippie Iris

    I agree with you that what happens to PoC ins’t correct, but the fact that ‘white’ people get chased isn’t good either. And to call it that they’re losing a privelege is saying that it’s okay to get chased.
    What I’m trying to sya here is that no matter what race you are, no matter what skincolor you have, you should never experience hate or anything like that, because of it.

    Please tell me if I understood anything wrong.

    • Sara Luckey

      You misunderstood some things, and I’m open to talking about it. I’m going to break out your points for clarity and flow.

      1.’to call it that they’re losing a privelege is saying that it’s okay to get chased.’ -No, that’s not what that means. First, I don’t think I say anywhere that getting chased is losing a privilege. Fairly certain I don’t say that as I definitely don’t mean that. When I talk about privilege, I am talking about privilege from a sociological perspective, meaning I am discussing aspects of our existence that we have for one reason or another and that you don’t really have to earn. I don’t think it’s ok for anybody to be chased and I would never advocate for that. should never experience hate or anything like that-Here we are in complete agreement. Nobody should be chased or experience violence.

      Here’s a summary of my main point(s)

      1. Racism is real. PoC experience racism, white people experience prejudice and discrimination.

      2. When PoC are talking about their actual experiences with racism and white people chime in about ‘reverse racism’, they are taking away from the real and actual racism that exists in the world and trivializing it.

      • fernando Rivera Jr.

        Sara, can you please cite your sources?

      • Hound

        Point 1 is flawed in that racial prejudice and discrimination IS racism, according to at least 2 well known and published dictionaries.

        Point 2 is correct at times, and just an example of your own prejudice and refusal to see that white people CAN and DO suffer from racism too. How is what happens to a white person by black people any less important than what happens to a black person by white people? In the exact same situation, how can you honestly say that one is racism and the other is racial discrimination? Aren’t you making light of a serious situation in this case? I could cause a MAJOR backlash with what I’m thinking of saying, so I’m going to stop here!

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  • Elizabeth Jellison

    I think the real issue is that racism needs to stop being used as a moral and personal issue. It is an INSTITUTIONAL one, and as long as it is used as a fighting word, people will never be able to discuss race/racism/ethnocentrism without getting upset or feeling personally attacked.

    • Sara Luckey

      I think you’ve got a great point. Nobody wants to be racist and as soon as it’s pointed out that somebody is being racist, the person can get defensive and shut down the conversation without being open to learning or exploring or changing. That’s a really good point.

      • jakes

        maybe because some people are tired of bing accused of racism as a way of stopping the dialogue.
        “i am against illegal immigration”- “ugh you racist”!!!

        For someone ranting about white people selfishly stopping dialogue, you seem t have no problem with people being falsely accused of racism.

  • Lindsay

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I tried to explain this to my boyfriend the other day, and couldn’t find the right words.

  • A naive article

    Well, i suppose i’m going to be that one white person…

    I find this article naive and one-dimensional… not thought through well at all. The authors assertions are more than a bit ridiculous. I’m not a racist, i see all as equal and that includes owning your bigotry, whether or not you exist in the minority.

    So – a white racist here in Canada, who openly, even aggresively attacks other races(let’s say chinese people) here in this country, is deemed a racist because they are white, and therefore in a position of power because of course Canada is largely owned, operated and controlled by whites… “Racism exists when prejudice+power combine…”

    This would suggest that same person can go to Shanghai, step out of the airport and begin to scream racist profanities at Chinese citizens – but because China is certainly not owned, operated and controlled by whites, this individual can no longer be deemed a racist!!????

    Reverse racism!?? Racism is racism period! When i was accosted 5 years ago in North London UK (oh here they go) by a group of 5 black guys on a street corner, pushed around and taunted (SPECIFICALLY directed at my skin colour), verbally and physically threatened… are you telling me that wasn’t a racially motivated act? Seriously?

    It was grotesquely racist Ms Luckey. Your ideas around what constitutes racism are
    irrevocably wrong. Anyone can be a racist, anywhere. As someone who has travelled and lived around the world, let me be the first the tell you, as you don’t come across as particularly worldy… racism exists in ALL countries. And the degree to which that racism plays out, outside of western countries, is FAR more overt than here in Canada as well as the European countries i have lived and worked in. Rasicm is OPEN AND RIFE in the middle east and Asia. I have lived on both continents. The racism we have here in North America is tame in comparison.

    When one of those racist Asian or Arab citizens immigrates to Canada, and continues to behave as a racist against whites, they are, whether you want to believe it or not, still a racist.

    It must also be true that anti-racism, by some degree of interpretation, insists that we are all equal – isn’t that really the crux of the situation? Forget about skin colour, essentially we are all the same, right!? Except when it comes to whites being treated poorly because of their own race, that’s only fair because white people hold the power…

    Get serious – if a group of women find themselves at the head of a large corporation, filling every seat, and they decide to act towards men in the same oppressive way they themselves had experienced over the years (lower wages, less positions of power, sexual harrassment….) that this is acceptable and men don’t have the exact same rights to call those women into question, make accusations of sexism and demand better treatment, because men, in general, are the oppressors in society? It’s wrong no matter who the perpetrator is or under what conditions, just like racism

    You, and it sounds like a lot of those reading your juvenile article, are simply on some kind of PC march against oppressive white rule (and i’m not arguing there isn’t oppressive white rule)… but this knee jerk, jump on the band-wagon PC approach to whites having no rights when it comes to being on the receiving end of racist behaviour is absurd and i believe hampers the fight against racism itself.

    • Sonya Renee Taylor

      I think your personal experience is shrouding the ability to see the larger social narrative. Prejudice and discrimination exist everywhere. YES. But systemic power does not. Our discussion or racism in this dialogue is about western racism, in this social context. Social context matters. The idea that social realities are world paradigms and not mitigated by geography, culture, history etc is what is naive.

      • Candace Horner

        I think you misinterpreted his use of examples regarding the overall concept of racism.

        • Aja Nile

          Racism is systematic, he is talking about predjudice.

          • AnnoyedByYou

            Really? Prejudice on the basis of skin colour or race is racism.

          • disagree

            Racism is racism. It’s bad on a personal level. It doesn’t and will never affect most white people, and definitely not to the same degree as POC. Especially in America. But it’s NOT okay just because it affects them less.

            Racism is a stance you take inwardly. Systematic racism is an action executed outwardly. This is more than a strict definition or semantic argument for its own sake; it has a purpose of distinction because of how the racist feels, since it is a microcosmic sociological event. Their inwardly held beliefs guides a lot of actions unforeseen. It’s still a hateful thing and calling it another term to distinguish it is diminishing the danger it holds in the minds of the people who make it, NOT those who receive it.

            Why would you ever, ever advocate or excuse any level of hate in the first place? Is “not derailing the conversation” such a catch-all that you wanna give inner hate a total pass?

          • Ukumbwa Sauti M.Ed.

            It seems you are missing the point here. It’s not racism coming at European people in these cases, though it may be indirectly caused by the initial offense of racism toward the PoC that is now expressing their personal agency, positive or negative, toward the European person. It’s another thing that is part of the system of racism, but is not racisim in and of itself being expressed.

          • Jkjljmt_Pqprpstt

            If I hated a race, I might campaign to flood all of their countries with millions of people that are not their race, and tell everyone to “mix in”, until no people of that kind were left. If anyone objected, I would scream the R-word! at them and get them fired from their jobs.

            If I hated a certain race, I might do that, but I am not doing that. Anti-whites are doing it to White people in all & only White countries.

            Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

          • Al

            Racism is a form of prejudice. It does not require any system whatsoever. Racist policy or social norms do require some sort of structure to enact. The problem with all of this is that you need a new word. Reinventing what racism means according to some deconstructionist critique won’t get anywhere.

            The sad thing about all this is that reverse racism is a totally foolish idea that will not be overcome by creating imaginary rules for how racism can occur.

      • capurafarol

        I’m sorry, racism in and of itself is not limited to systemic power. I see what this author is saying by the societal approach to racism, and it will continue to take generations to undo the devastating prejudices from America’s past, however, when this prejudice and discrimination that exist EVERYWHERE, as you say is based solely on a persons background or skin color; plain and simple it is racism. If I get treated differently, get passed up for a promotion, spoken to in a derogatory manor or attacked physically, verbally, etc. for no other reason than the color of my skin, it doesn’t matter what color I am, it is racism. The premise to this article is clearly stating that blacks can’t be racist. Bull!!

        • Kaitea

          I believe you are correct when you say that being attacked for no other reason than the color of your skin is wrong, but I don’t believe you read the article with the intent to further understand what the author was trying to portray. She actually doesn’t ever insinuate that “blacks” can’t be racist. She is speaking of many different groups and cultures of people, hence her use of the acronym PoC, and for you to just pick one of those groups out and almost pull the attention towards the possibility of them being at fault leads me to believe that your intent in reading this may have not been very altruistic.

          • capurafarol

            Ahhh yes the old, it’s okay to call a white person “white” or “cracker” but not okay to call an African American a “black”. Who do you think she is talking about when she says PoC? Obviously you haven’t seen PoC organizations throughout the country that are made of primarily of???? You guessed it African Americans. You will also find that other ethnicity’s and races are not clamoring and screaming from the roof tops for equality. The only other group that has seen radical reactions or mistreatment have been Muslims; but this article doesn’t touch on the details of the racism they face, so who is she talking about? Yup, African Americans.

          • Setsyouright

            Excuse me,

            First of all, the author says PoC, instead of black people, for the reason that she is talking about PoC in general–not just black people. Meaning, that she’s talking about African Americans, Caribbean Americans (for simplicity), Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans (for simplicity), and “Muslims” as you so eloquently put it. For your sake, I hope that you know that “Muslims” isn’t a race or ethnicity, but followers of the religion Islam. Second of all, did you really say, “The only other group that has seen radical reactions or mistreatment have been Muslims”? Are you–oh, I don’t know–ignoring the Holocaust? As I recall, from history textbooks and extensive documentaries, the Holocaust was a tragedy in itself and its aftermath resulted in the creation of the Jewish state, Israel. Antisemitism, a form of racism, was so intricately woven into society, and so bad, that Jewish people had to create their own country. Racism, literally, isn’t black and white. And it’s a shame that you think so. Lastly, you implied that it is wrong to call someone a “cracker”. This is true, but only for the fact that the word is offensive–not racist. Like the word “asshole”. The word “cracker”, in its origin, is a shortened form of “whip-cracker”. You know, like back in the days when wHiTe people used to whip BlAcKs. The word was a title, not a derogatory insult. It was aimed to give a sense of position. Not oppress or belittle. Not like the word “nigger”, which I’m sure you’d like to have used in your comment when you said, “. . . person “white” or “cracker” but not okay to call an African American a “black”.”. Yes, I see it, the missing ” . . or “nigger”", there.

          • haksdha

            brilliant point but read up on the Crusades. Some Muslims consider them to be an example of western hatred for Islam. And personally, I consider them to be as well.

          • Harry

            How in the flying fuck are the crusades a relevant context? If you’re going to use historical examples lets try and stay within 500 years of the present shall we? I think the statute of limitations has passed on that on, unless we should be worrying about the terrible oppression of the Brythonic peoples under Rome too?

          • haksdha

            If you read my other comments you’ll realise that I call people who bring in a random irrelevant point in history to this conversation. I was simply telling him to look at something else to do specifically with the comment I replied to and not specifically to do with the article itself. Sorry if it confused you.
            But go down and read all the random things people have tried to bring in to this very specific discussion about the last hundred years in American history.

          • haygis

            the crusades are still taking place. do your research buddy….balfour declaration ring any bells? that was the british gambit to create a permanent outpost in the holy land via backing zionist colonizers.

          • Ldog

            Why would we stay in a specific time frame? Has slavery not been wrought on every race known to man thru history? Yes it has, there is no time limit to the occurrences and pain it caused people. No race owns slavery..That me a black man can yell about reparations for slavery of black people and not take into context that others have had this done to them thru history, all the while I have never been a slave myself is somewhat dishonest and ridiculous.

          • AverageWhiteDude

            To try to argue that calling a white person “Cracker” is not offensive? Seriously… You sir are an idiot… it is offensive and racist…. Like the assumption that all white people back in the day had slaves… less than 5%… before the Ellis Island influx… the reality is “Cracker” and “Nigger” where terms used by a VERY small percentage of the elite… and yes… some blacks (oh sorry) PoC’s owned slaves too… and not just relatives they set free….

            I’m so sick of the freaking politically correct pandering, and refusal to look at exactly how “racist” the black community has become… Dig around on the FBI’s own website… you’ll see that 90% of black/white homicides are blacks… killing whites… then people rage about a black youth trying to bash a mans head in that gets shot… all the while overlooking the 70% incarceration rate of male black teens…

            No… there’s no problem… whites are racists… bad bad people…

          • vlad the impaler

            I hereby proclaim that nigger isn’t offensive.with emphasis on the “R”….its.meaning is dumbfuk ignorant has nothing to do with skin color.

          • robynbuckins

            you are so right… but it is offensive if you are not part of the “in-group” to use it… just like calling someone a faggot is offensive if you are not part of the in-group… RACIAL SLURS AND RACIST BEHAVIOR HURTS EVERYONE… not just Blacks.. but EVERYONE…

          • ada

            do I need to school you on the violence committed by whites, not only today but throughout the course of history? please don’t even try that argument, you sound beyond ignorant.

          • robynbuckins

            true and most Europeans will never acknowledge the acts of terrorism they have committed throughout history on other groups

          • jm313

            Let’s stop looking back hundreds of years ago. Falling back on history especially when it’s over a hundred years old is a cop out. We are talking about problems today. Blacks today have a huge crime problem! It’s a fact. Average white dude is correct. Blacks are killing many more whites than whites are killing blacks. And black on black crime is insane.

          • Adam.E

            Do I need to school you on the ONGOING enslavement and brutal treatment of blacks by other blacks in southern Africa? Yes. Many different people have done many bad things. Bringing race into the argument, trying to derail the topic with vague scrappy examples makes no sense. Anyways just my 2 cents: racism is racism. There is no ‘reverse racism,’ because that, in itself is racist. Being racist against someone is racist, regardless of who is being racist against who. As for the article itself, saying there is no racism against white people is ridiculous and not well thought out at all. Racism has nothing to do with ‘power.’ The KKK never became a real power in government. Are you saying since they were not institutionalized, they were only ‘discriminatory’ and not actually racist? Give proper thought to your arguments before writing out random biased ramblings.

          • haygis

            where are you getting your numbers from? because i happen to be a student of race and racism and nothing youve claimed is, in fact, true.

          • jm313

            Then tell us your numbers.

          • Sam

            Did you consider that maybe the disproportionately high black male incarceration rate has less to do with the incidence of black crime and more to do with a racist criminal justice system? There’s a lot of research out there on this topic if you’re interested. And, you know, willing to actually look at the factual evidence with an open mind.

            No, “white people” are not bad, and no, it’s not your “fault” that institutionalized racism exists. It is, however, your responsibility (and mine, and everyone else’s) to acknowledge that white privilege exists and to try and bring about equality.

            And this is coming from an Asian American, so no, the issue really isn’t just black and white, literally.

          • jm313

            For the most part it’s not a racist justice system blacks are really committing a very high amount of crime.

            If you look at poor black neighborhoods and compare them to poor white neighborhoods you’ll see that many more police reports are being filed in the black neighborhoods there is much more crime in the black neighborhoods.

            Look at gangsta rap. Listen to it. Many black youth’s do exactly what is being said in this gangsta rap. It glorifies that gang banger lifestyle.

            I’m white and I use to be a drug addict. I lived in a city that borders Detroit and me and many other white kids would buy drugs from blacks in Detroit. Detroit is loaded with crime! It is horrible. I was car jacked once by two black kids and another time a black kid tried to car jack me he pulled a gun and shot me car in the bumper I got away safely though.

            My father grew up in Detroit. One night a bullet came threw the kitchen window but no one was hurt. Another time he was walking home from high school and was shot at by a black with a zip gun but it missed him. My father told me blacks use to make zip guns in shop class.

            It ain’t racism for the most part it’s blacks committing crime and the black crime is usually condensed to the inner cities so it makes it easier for cops to catch criminals.

          • Kyoko Sakata

            SYR, thank you!! I completely agree with you!

          • robynbuckins

            no racism isn’t just about Black and White but in the United States the foundation of racism is from a Black/White perspective .. what separates Blacks experience from other groups is slavery and it is from that experience that fthe foundation here in the US is built on…

          • Ldog

            So White, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, etc. people didn’t face slavery thru history? I find this disturbing that you can only justify black slavery and not the truth that slavery has been around and all races have been subjected to it in history far longer than the short span of it as it pertains to America.

          • Gabrielle Smith

            :) beautiful.

          • omfg

            …………white people are called crackers because that is literally what they did. they CRACKED their whips on the backs of their slaves. STOP.

          • Jane

            and what about the white slaves??

          • haksdha

            I assume you’re referring to the Arab slave trade? Or the sexual slavery. If you are speaking of actual white (and by that I mean British, French, American, Spanish, etc) slaves at the time of the slave trade, who were slaves in the Americas and were treated like the black slaves then this is a phenomenon I have never encountered before. Please educate me.

          • Sarah

            People of Ireland, white people, were also slaves and treated just as harshly.

          • Me

            Yes by other white cultures LOL I love how whites call racist on other whites. That must be what she means about white privileges

          • Amanda

            What about Haiti’s slave population at present?

          • haksdha

            Finally, an answer to my question! I’ll look into it, thanks.

          • Rachel

            Also Scottish

          • haygis

            until the early 1900s when they officially became “white” and started gaining access to all the privileges previously denied them. its a matter of historical record….see roediger, wages of whiteness

          • shutufuwkup

            You speak about african americans as if they some holy race that was scared and whites did absolutely nothing but ‘crack’ the african american slaves? it was hundreds of years ago, the same has been happening over and over to different cultures and ‘whites’ sacrificed a lot to and you keep talking about educating, maybe one of those racially abused slaves should educate you :)

          • Jicarilla/Apache

            Yes the enslavement was a few hundreds years back, but the racist entitlement went on and still go’s on. Do you forget only 72 years ago the civil rights movment? People like you speak as if this stuff went on hundreds of years ago but it didnt

          • haksdha

            Hahaha, I’m really not. Try reading the whole of my comment. I’m asking about white slaves who were treated just as bad as the black slaves were. I mean who were treated as though their skin colour totally didn’t matter and they were just the same as the blacks who were unequivocally beneath whites of any status. We’re talking about race issues here.
            I really was only picking up on something. I personally don’t think we should dwell so much on the Slave Trade as that’s what’s causing the racial tension in America right now. And in that sense you are right, we need to accept the past and move on. But we haven’t and I can’t pretend (no matter how much I like to) that we have.

          • brian

            Well im guessing you never went to school then what about when the romans went to the british Isles and took it over well what they could and the gladiator days or when the anglo saxons where raped and murdered so yea white people where slaves to and if you look at the history blacks in north America where slaves the least amount of time than almost any other race what about the jewish I mean millions upon millions where murdered at one time and studied upon inhumanely and what about the native americans wich is my race is almost is at the brink of extinction

          • Jicarilla/Yaque

            one what you mean as a native myself. Over 100 million of our ancestors killed, raped, enslaved and murdered. The biggest but least talked about genocide in history. You talk about the Romans enslaving the British isle and so on but you forget that that is all white on white enslavement. Yes whites where enslaved too but other Euro cultures did it. Colonialism shames anybody or anything that is different. And that’s all that the America’s are. Colonialism at its finest

          • haygis

            EXACTLY! white on white enslavement….then when there were enough people of color, it became white on brown/black/asian enslavement. in canada and the usa it isnt asians who invaded and colonized and genocided indigenous peoples….it was whites who did it and whites who established a total system of oppressive racist control based on terrorism, murder, rape, slavery, genocide, etc etc.

          • Lyvy

            Before the British even came to America, the Spanish enslaved Native Americans, then when the Natives were dying out due to disease, they enslaved African people since they were already exposed to the European diseases and couldn’t escape as easily. So your right, it wasn’t the Asians who invaded and colonized and genocides indigenous peoples, it was the Spanish . At that time it was the Spanish who “established a total system of oppressive racist control based on terrorism, murder, rape, slavery, genocide, etc etc.” So what you’re saying about it only being white people, isn’t true. In fact during that time there was a whole racial hierarchy that put Spaniards at the top, then mixed Spanish and Native American, then Native American, then African/Spanish, etc.

          • haksdha

            I acknowledge what you’re saying but the comment to which I replied was just broadly speaking about white slaves but speaking about white slaves in the time of the Slave Trade. And the repercussions of the Slave Trade are far greater (or maybe it seems that way because we live in this time right now) than that of slavery for other races in classical times, or pre-modern history. And if you wanna talk about genocide then we can talk about genocide but please place it context which it isn’t here. I mean are you trying to say that we should ignore one bad thing in favour of another thing? Cause that’s definitely not what I’m trying to say and totally wrong.

          • Amanda

            There were indentured servants who were treated like slaves.

          • haygis

            first, there is no such thing as “race”. second, being a victim of abuse does not make it okay to become an abuser. yes the british were colonized by the romans (and everyone else for a long period of time), but by your logic, then, any pedophile is justified in his pedophilia because he was raped as a child. which makes no rational ethical logical reasonable or legitimate sense of argument at all.

          • Jicarilla/Apache

            The true people of the Americas are indigenous not European. Europeans came here and killed millions of Indigenous people. Then built a white privileged society on top of it. So not actual white people ONLY come from Europe and yes that INCLUDES the descendent on other continents. By the way ‘Americans’ is a broad statement it means anyone in the American Continent

          • haygis

            what white slaves? oh, you mean the indentured servants who became nonexistent once europeans established the african slave trade?

          • jm313

            I hope you know in Africa blacks captured there own people and sold them. This is not some myth that whites made, it is true, even Henry Louis Gates a black academic who has studied the African slave trade admitted it.

          • haksdha

            and then it became a pejorative term. STOP

          • White Guy 420

            Doesn’t make it not racist…. You’re calling someone a derogatory name based on the color of their skin. White people of today are not the same as the ones that owned slaves, but you throw them into the same group because they have white skin. By this logic you could call a black guy a “spear-chucker” and it wouldn’t be racist because they actually threw spears back in Africa? This is what’s wrong with the world today, everyone is stuck in the past.

            Also, on another note, how is “African-american” the politically term for black people? It’s assuming (based on their skin color) that they are both American AND from African decent.

          • Black guy

            So do we call white people British-American or Irish-American or better yet Anglo-American…why can’t we all just be American?

          • ada

            white people today may have nothing to do with what their ancestors did, but they sure as hell benefit from the insidious oppression and power structure that they set up. and for a term to be considered racist, you have to look at it origins. If you feel getting called a cracker is racist, you’re entitled to that. I’m not here to educate you or change your opinion, but please don’t insult African Americans by saying it’s the same thing as getting called a “nigger”.

          • haygis

            its not based on the color of your skin. its based on your behavior. white people are the most depraved social group in the written history of the world. im not even kidding… need to learn your own history and actually understand it before you go about screaming and looking like an uneducated ignorant fool.

          • guest

            i thought it was because they’re white like crackers. the food you eat with cheese.

          • Fooly

            Yes it’s true that’s how the word came about – no one can argue against that. However, just like how the term “gay” changed from meaning happy to refering to a homosexual, cracker changed as well. I certainly fail to see whites going around “cracking” blacks for picking their cotton too slowly anymore. The historical context has changed, and with it the context of the word. One can easily perceive its usage as racist, or at least offensive.

          • White with Amnesia

            Oh okay, so I’ve been called a cracker because I used to own slaves. It’s weird how I forgot something like that… Don’t be so dense.

          • haygis

            you were probably called a cracker for being an asshole.

          • iknwimhott

            You guys are crackers cuz if the truth is brought up even one you crack like glass and we see right through you

          • digitalruckus

            this is literally my favourite comment ever omg

          • shq

            the author says “white” because that is the majority. the author says PoC because there are multiple minorities abd to say black would underrepresent the other PoC. Have you been around America, observed every activist group? Just because your personal experience leads you to draw these naive conclusions doesn’t make them correct so please try to educate yourself thanks

          • JAES

            The author says “White” because she is speaking specifically in terms of skin color, therefore “People of Color”.

            It would be lovely if we – the folk that have taken the time in our lives to educate ourselves about this stuff – would just agree to drop the bullshit skin color references once and for all & refuse to call anyone by a “color” – because it perpetuates that old, played out power struggle.

          • JAES

            Maybe that’s because the oldest PoC ethnic group besides Native Americans in this country is African Americans. And they are the largest, as the Europeans decimated the indigenous population.

            And by writing PoC, she was being inclusive, not limiting her article to only one group. She may speak primarily for the group she is from. But she is not limiting it, you are.

          • XX

            What you said right there is ignorant and degrading. Right there, when you said that JUST because most PoC in the US are African Americans, she means black people. PoC means Asian, Arab, African, Scandanavian, etc.

          • digitalruckus

            omg you did not say scandinavian…

          • robynbuckins

            because no other group had to fight 400 years of legalized discrimination… and you are blind if you think that other groups are not .fighting racial inequality….I live in the US not Canada.. where do you live under a rock….. also African-American/Black are used interchangeably…but let me see we have gone from Nigga to Color to Negro to Afro-American to African-American/Black..but we are always NIGGAS ummm I’m interesting in knowing what other groups has been redefine so many times by the powers to be ..

          • ghanderman

            lol…how is white an insult when europeans coined the term themselves to describe themselves even to the point of making white a legal category to privilege themselves?

            and no one said it was okay to call white people “crackers”, you just totally made that up all by yourself and threw it in.

          • haksdha

            don’t be pedantic, it’s annoying. you know perfectly well what the above person is trying to say. the writer of the article is explicitly implying that minority ‘races’ cannot be racist towards the ‘race’ in power because racism is “prejudice+power” which is rather idiotic. She doesn’t understand the origin of the term ‘reverse racism’ and how that in itself is an impossibility. She’s not writing about reverse racism which is institutional racism, racial discrimination from the ruling power against the ruling ‘race’. Which is an oxymoron, the ruling ‘race’ can’t discriminate against itself. She is writing about racism on its own.

          • Supremo Lagarto

            Actually she does indeed imply that blacks cannot be racist. She also cooks up a theory that that the very structure of society is racist. It is an ignorant conspiracy theory. Many people are racists. There is a legacy of past racism against minorities, but that doesn’t mean racism against whites does not exist. In fact, the history of white oppression actually INCREASES the probability of racism against whites that had NOTHING TO DO with that history AT ALL.

          • haygis

            well, they cant be racist. if you are a white person living on the ancestral tribal homelands of any indigenous group in any region colonized by the british, then you are, by definition, racist and no person of color in ANY of those regions can, by any stretch of the imagination, be racist.

          • robynbuckins

            while I do believe that Blacks can demonstrate racist behavior just like any other group.. I don’t believe that Whites are directly targeted with respect to structural racism as Blacks and other groups are; however, that is not to say that perhaps Whites are not affected by racial inequality especially institutionally. Racism hurts everyone!

          • robynbuckins

            white oppression.. really….please explain that within a historical context… yes do share your knowledge of Western Civilization…

          • reallyreally

            People you can’t be serious… History has been around longggg before the western conquest of much of the known world and the societies they have built upon the rubble of others, its only the most recent! Everyone has done it at one time or another! Everyone has committed genocide, everyone has stolen land, everyone has has inter-bred!! Everyone has oppressed everyone since the evolution of homosapiens the only difference is this part of history has been recorded and remembered due to our innate ability to preserve history and technological advances over time, the victor has always written the history books, has been unfair to those they have conquered! But we live ina world slowly trying to rectify this! Its a much more intelligent world and at the same time a stupid world, we should be more worried above the development of human consciousness and our abilities rather than who rides who and who holds the reins, truth is most people are friendly and equal with each other and there is more of the common MAN than there is of any type of elitest power the makes the big decisions that seperate and destroy the world. If a system is based and bias toward a certain skin color its not right, but not much right ever happens unless we make it no matter what world or society we live in, social structure doesn’t even come into it, we all have to deal with what we have and where we live and there is alot of different places in the world who all have the same difficulties everyone everywhere else no matter what background you come from has to adapt and has always had to since forever and ever, peace on earth, now think about it. We have all wanted it always even through time of turmoil but there has always been those oppressing it whether it be local, international or global because they will lose the power they imagined they had by trying to control what they thought they had locked down. Its not a negriod, mongloid or Caucasian trait, its a human trait, I guarantee we have all despised it at one stage in history or another and I’m not saying that makes it right now. But you can’t hold a whole race, majority or not, responsible,for the actions of their past descendants, for they did not decide to do this to any one themselves, it qill always be the same, favoritism towards what you know and are comfortable with no matter who you are or where you come from hate won’t get anyone anywhere and that’s all there is to it, you all defend your own ideas but none of you are truly equal with one another and never will be, you are what you make of yourself and should continue to improve on who u are consistently and inevitably, think for yourself and if you come to these conclusions against one another you are all aiding the segregation of people, accept what has happened and move on, no one can change the past, we can only.look forward to the future, fighting won’t do it, fighting won’t work, all it will do is fuel the fire and continue sprawling the situation out of control, stop your arguing and realize we are all wrong and we are all at fault and so are all of our ancestors. Shit needs to change but we are ALL going the wrong way about it.

          • ghanderman

            im sure the entire academic profession will read your post and do a complete 360 upon realizing that YOU are right, and they are wrong.

        • haygis

          its called racISM for a reason. same reason why its called sexISM. the -ism indicates a pattern of behaviors that privilege one specific grup over and over. a black person can call you a cracker, (oh boo hoo for you), but they are still a racial minority and do not have access to the social systemic routes of oppression that the average white person does.

        • ghanderman

          blacks in a country built on the african slave trade, genocide of indigenous peoples, CANT, by definiton, be racist.


          just because youre in denial doesnt make the claims stemming from your denial valid.

      • Aaron Plummer

        Racism in an of itself is not solely systemic!! Anytime someone is treated differently, mocked, scoffed at, passed up for a promotion, belittled, assaulted (verbally or physically), or discriminated against based solely on the color of their skin, is plain and simple racism. Doesn’t matter how much power is behind it, it is mistreatment based on race=racism. Doesn’t matter what color I am, if it happens to me, it is racism.

        • Cup of Tea

          Doubt it. Textbook racism still includes inferiority/superiority. Someone black having a bias against you is because of your position as a majority. A majority making you seem superior. Someone white attacking a black person has historically been because they are deemed inferior.

          • sandwiches

            Normal people use the word racism to mean “prejudice by race.” It’s pointless to argue semantics and it’s just a matter of agreeing that we’re all simply talking about different things. When white folk say that they have been victims of racism, they are saying they were discriminated for being white.

            Whether or not this is how you or textbooks use the word “racism” is irrelevant. They are simply not taking about the same thing you are.

        • shq

          oh and how often does that happen to a majority race? Not even close to the degree that affects a PoC. While Racism causes actual life problems for them, I just see white girls complain that “he assumed i like starbucks and wear uggs only cause i’m white! RACIST” yeah poor you

          • capurafarol

            how often it happens or to what degree r acism happens is irrelevant , the question is does it exist and does it affect everyone who is judged or belittled by it . Just because you think that being descriminated against as a white is just not hard enough for you goes to show how ignorant you are of the world around you. Anytime a person is judged or mistreated or harrassed based on thier race is inacceptable and should be addressed

          • JAES

            There are a lot of assumptions made by ignorant people on both sides of the “color” coin about the other. Just because that is all you have seen personally doesn’t make that all that there is.

          • what

            What…that doesn’t even make sense. It doesn’t matter how often something happens, or that there are worse ways of being afflicted, racism is a broad term with varying degrees of magnitude, just as there are varying degrees of bias and bigotry. That’s like saying a certain Jew can’t be offended by anti-semantic clothing that depicts a Jewish person with a huge nose because they’re not being gassed in the camps like the TRUE sufferers who lost their lives in the holocaust. Or that no black man or woman can complain about being called “a punk ass n!gger” because of the oppressed starving kids in Africa. It’s called Fallacy of relative privation, fuckass. Read about it and better yourself.

        • Jane

          What about how: old people are treated, disabled, poor people.

        • Harry Seaward

          ^^^^^ This

      • Jane

        Then we need to get people on the same page. Moslems and indian people treat women like dogs- so this means a white man treats an indian woman better t han her own race!

        • Faisal

          Lol what bollocks how many Muslims do you actually know? Or are you just going off the media as usual. FYI I’ve had a beer bottle smashed across my face by my ex and I still didn’t hit her back-any man that does hit a woman is a coward in my view, and cowardice is frowned upon in Islam i think you’ll find. Also, my sister works and got married to her Bangladeshi boyfriend, even though there are cultural differences between us pakistanis and bangla’s. in addition to this my mum is a school teacher and my dad has NEVER hit her, furthermore my eldest sister who died of meningitis in 1992 had a white british boyfriend before she died, n my dad didn’t have a problem. Don’t talk shit when you don’t know fuck all. If you’re culturally ignorant and are in the habit of making sweeping generalizations, do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up.

          • None

            Thank you for that. You should all be aware that the Middle East has voted in more woman presidents than Ameri-
            Oh wait!
            America hasn’t a single woman President!
            Or Vice for that matter!

      • JAES

        Actually, systemic power has always existed in state level civilizations, because it is what separates haves into have nots, and who is accorded automatic status as a have…. thinking about those within the ruling class vs. peasant class vs. slave within any major hierarchal civilization. Skin color is often used in general because traditionally the ruling class has had other people do manual outside labor for them and therefore is much lighter toned; the Europeans did turn this on its tail end in the Americas. Honestly, we as a species have not advanced very far over the hundreds of millennia that we have flourished on this planet. We recreate the same b.s. over and over….

      • Brian Black

        Yes, but those who complain of a group using systemic power against them usually end up doing the same to the group they think aggrieved them. You can say wealthy white men (as if the level of melanin in the skin means anything) are the richest in society, but they also account for the US’s largest number below the poverty line and the largest number of homeless, something I’ve seen myself volunteering.

        Laws like affirmative action use systemic force against a group of people based on a stereotype, imply that the ability to achieve is set by ethnicity and requires systemic force to force equality, and hypocritically use systemic force against these groups as a justification for doing so.

        Expecting perfection from others to ignore our own faults, effectively holding everyone to a higher standard than oneself is not the answer to malignant self interest, and is instead its greatest boon. We don’t need politicians, elected and unelected (whether that be in government or special interest), to tell us who to attack and when and how to feel good about ourselves and our actions. We can keep our own interests, yet at the same time help others not only out of squalor but into a chance to elevate themselves.

        Avoiding personal responsibility, hating indiscriminately based on superficial categories, and lying to ourselves about the real causes, motives and effects of our actions serves not to give us control over the world, and instead allows us to rob ourselves of freedom, opportunity, happiness and security. Freedom is a natural right when all abide by it to others, it is not given by government mandate. Opportunity is abundant when judgments are made solely in logic, with respect given to the accountable and just, and not denied from judgmentalism based in self-serving emotions and self-deception. Happiness comes from within and is shared with others, it does not flourish in a society that chooses hatred and suspicion before logic and personal accountability. And security comes not from an automated check directed by government bureaucracy, but from the unabused support of our own little slices of society.

        Obsession with perceived slights and preoccupation with racism is just baggage, and a twisted mirror we morph to as we accuse others of it. Hatred is a neighbor that pretends to be with you while opposing you at all times. And it has no place in the hearts of those who yearn for freedom.

    • fernando Rivera Jr.

      Why does it take such a long comment to get people to recognize such an incredibly simple concept?

      • Kwehrheim

        Look at the replies to the comment for your answer.

        • fernando Rivera Jr.

          I still don’t get it. The people who disagree with the established definition of racism have perfectly good words they could use instead. I kind of feel like people want to use the word ‘racism’ because it’s a buzz word, and not because it’s the right word.

          Same thing with sexism on this site, really…

    • Wester

      One of the chief factors of racism is claiming and defending the power to define what is and what is not racism. By your insistence that getting mugged by black people is “racism”, you are showing your bias, your privilege and your myopia..

      • Souther

        so if someone say… shoots someone because of their skin color, it’s not racist! Makes soooo much sense.

        • Sarra

          No its hateful discrimination, bigotry and prejudice. Not racism.

          • pangtongshu

            You just described racism

          • capurafarol

            “No its hateful discrimination, bigotry and prejudice”=RACISM!! HELLO!!!! YOU JUST DESCRIBED IT!!

          • John Olson

            You cannot conflate the distinct definitions of discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, and racism into one convenient little melting pot to compensate for the fact that your are ignorant that these four concepts maintain separate meanings.

      • Jasila

        “One of the chief factors of racism is” prejudice based on race.

        Unless you’re calling Sara Luckey a racist for writing this article… or yourself a racist for defining racism and defending your opinion… :D

      • Nichole Allen

        It is racism you idiot. Yeah he had a total privilege getting mugged based purely by his skin color. Get over yourself.

      • commonsense405

        What a bizarre retort. It’s simple: if he was attacked for his skin color or ethnic appearance, it was racism. That’s going by dictionary definition, so I suppose now you’ll tell me that the dictionary is also racist?

        • Caucasian Person

          Who wrote the dictionary? A bunch of rich, white men

          • commonsense405

            “A bunch of rich, white men”

            Assuming all “rich, white men” are racist… is completely racist.

          • Feminista

            That’s not racism, that’s a generalisation based on everything that ‘white men’ as a demographic have done throughout history

          • iknowall

            It’s a racist stereotype.

          • faith

            But you can literally say the SAME EXACT thing about poc and it would be racist??????

          • Derek Jude Tallman

            Yeah, those dictionary editors are lighting Macanudos with $100 bills while sipping Moet from the cleavage of Victoria’s Secret models.

    • Wester

      I would hope that you go to Shanghai and start filing suits in the court system against what you claim to be racism. So (1) you can be made a fool of and (2) that you can feel exactly what it is like to be treated like a Tibetan, Musuo, Hui or Huiger minority. What happens in China would most likely be called imperialism instead of racism. They just do it with the gloves off and without a shred of plausible deniability. So when you come back to the states and you see internal US colonies like African American, Pacific Islander, Latino and American Indian, then you can get a better feel for the definition of the word race-ism. It is a system, like capitalism or communism or feudalism. But racism is a system built around skin color privilege. So now you can call it by its more exacting name – Racial Imperialism, and like Malcolm X, maybe you can start thinking about taking that crap to the UN or the World Court instead of retreating way back up into the white privilege cul-de-sac from where the logic of your comment came.

      • cerny

        typically fancy and overly contrived arguments can actually reach a persuasive conclusion!!! ;)

    • JohnDoe

      Thank you for your answer, couldn’t have written it better myself!

    • tiredofdreaming

      how the first comment I read(now that I had a chance to read this one)
      is a of a guy calling the article naive before re-redefining racism by
      comparing his experiences to those of PoC because those experiences are similar ONLY on
      the most basic and superficial level thereby completely ignoring structural aspects. Awfully convenient for you white guy. Smdh

      • cerny

        lol, how can you discount everything the guy said. you obviously read closely only when it benefits you.

      • Commentsaredepressing

        My thoughts exactly!

      • Jasila

        Love how you’re a racist who doesn’t know the definition of racism.

      • qualityrkc

        A dictionary is readily available. You are the one trying to change the definition of racism. Can you explain the structural racism in America?

    • Kieth Crum

      I think you’re conflating racism and prejudice. Racism is the overarching societal system of oppression BASED off of prejudice, whereas prejudice is the bigoted ideology itself (white-nationalism, black-nationalism, whatever-nationalism, anti-semitism…). Those five morons were prejudiced and singled you out, but they didn’t have any power structure backing them up.

      • cerny

        I don’t think there is that much difference though. Being mugged and beaten by 5 people.. who have thousands or millions really… of people who pride themselves on being “G’s, gangsters” as popularized by hip hop music… these people back up a many times racist and hateful ideology… that is soooo much different than cops who do the same. The police screw with everyone. For example I know a white guy who was pepper sprayed 14 times in a week and half because the cops were bored. Also speaking of meanie cops, in jail if you so much as say the “n word” .. you’ll get jumped by multiple black folks. They don’t care about decency and fair fights, other races do to a higher degree when incarcerated. Saying the n word is like saying voldemort in the harry potter universe I swear… only in America can a business woman be crucified for being slightly racist, and a magazine can put the photograph of a mass murderer from a minority on the front cover and be just fine….

      • FatRob

        Power structures exist on many different levels. Within a given building, neighborhood, or city, there can exist race-based power structures that differ greatly from the larger power structures extant within the nation.

        I’m sure you can think of situations where ppl other than Caucasians hold the power, on some level that may not be utterly dominant, but is certainly larger than just indiidualized.

        • digitalruckus

          yea but what about when those people “other than caucasians” are outside those situations where the power is “larger than just individualised” who’s power do you think holds the most strength, its the caucasians…

      • Sean Morris

        I donno about that. In my book, outnumbering someone 5:1 constitutes a significant “power structure”. In fact, Sun Tzu said, if you out number your enemy 3:1 attack. This presumes an awareness of power.

        • Tishauna Starr

          if we’re talking the art of war yes, but this is wholly different.

          • None

            No. It is not. 3 people against one person equally armed will within statistical relevance always come up the victors. Because they are powerful. Powerful means having power. The three have the power. Understood?
            You are letting dictionary definitions define your understanding of his point.
            Stop it.
            All of you, stop it. Dictionary definitions are guidelines. They are meant to describe a word so that someone that doesn’t know a word will understand what it means. The word “racism” can be defined a million times but at the end someone with a working understanding of the human language will see racism as just what the word describes.
            Race-ism. Which should translate to something akin to “the act of only liking your race.”

    • heatherGirl

      Your using common sense…… not exactly something liberals are to into.
      The reality is the accusation of racism is much like the use of hate laws – used to control the speech of anyone whose opinions a liberal does not like.
      Ever see a hate law that defended the speech rights of anyone who isn’t a protected special interest liberal group? Ever see a hate speech law protect a christian? A pro life advocate? A gun owner?
      All these people are loathed by liberals…… and liberals verbally assault them almost daily……. but when they do that we are told its their right to free speech. But let the Christian, the pro life activist or the gun owner respond to those verbal attacks and you will very likely and quickly see the application of “hate speech laws”.
      When a conservative attacks someone liberals prove of, its called hate speech. It’s hate speech if a christian saying something hateful to a gay rights activist
      When a liberal attacks someone liberals don’t pprove it, thats called freedom of speech. Its freedom of speech if the gay rights activist says something hateful to the christian.

      • Aaron Plummer

        Awesome!! Very well said!! You have a good head on your shoulders…here, here!!

      • Davis Kane

        What about the Westboro Baptist Church? Neo-Nazi rallies? Fox News (haha)? Do those not count?

      • Steven

        Yeah… but your argument goes both ways. That’s how politics works.

        Also, I think it’s strange that a “Christian” (as in, a follower of Christ) would have any words of hate towards anybody… I thought that was sort of the whole point of the religion in the first place. You think you’re going to Heaven (which is supposed to be all special-made for you, which I would imagine means it would have no Liberals, Gays, people who have had Abortions, and whomever else you hate), so why do you really care what other people are doing in the world?

        Also, if I’ve said something a Christian doesn’t approve of… (perhaps an I LOVE YOU to my boyfriend) It’s because I’m not Christian. I don’t have to follow your rules. I follow my own rules because I don’t need a book to tell me not to be a terrible person. I follow the laws set in this country, and petition to change the ones I don’t agree with.

        Because I don’t believe in heaven, so I only have one shot to make my life worthy and fulfilling to myself.

    • Jaybee

      Man, I think you have some reading comprehension issues.

    • Sandra

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, I agree with you 100%.

    • Sara s

      Right on, you put my thoughts into words. Ms luckey needs another decade or so of experiences, not just reading forums and web sites, travel the world and get off her high horse. Maybe she should stick to her beauty column because I wouldn’t even want her messing up feminism with her very biased views!!

    • konphidential

      You comment reminds me of a scene from a film entitled “What dreams may come” when Robin Williams character is walking onto the beach of hell. He stumbls upon the heads of people buried up to their necks in sand, and still in denial about their past life.

    • proud Anishnawbeikwe

      I’m a First Nations woman married to a white man…and the racism that he’s felt is real. I don’t think there’s such a thing as “reverse racism.” Racism is generalizing and denigrating someone with no more information than their race. It knows no colour, race or creed. I found this article insulting, because denying that PEOPLE have faults no matter their race makes us into children that cry WAH! WAH! It’s not equality.

      • Ryan

        You’re a nigger whore is what you are.

        • Disgraced

          Ryan – that is a rude and disgusting comment. If you’re going to be nasty towards people with insightful comments, get off the internet.

          • Peter

            but this is the internet, remember.

      • Legally White

        You’re awesome.

        • xxxx

          She’s awesome because she’s a PoC agreeing with your white person bullshit? There is such a thing as white privilege as that is reason on its own for the no such thing as reverse racism deal.

          • Oh, please.

            She never said that there wasn’t such a thing as white privilege. Maybe you should reread what she and the person before her said before skimming to the bottom and jumping in head-first with the whole “it’s racism if it’s against anyone but whites” hypocrisy.

          • changli93

            Again, liberals/SJW ignores arguments simply because “WHITES CONTROL EVERYTHING HURR” and shit like that. She provided arguments and you come with shit like this.

          • ghanderman

            of course.

            racist white people ALWAYS adore the people of color who vindicate their racism for them.

      • Alizabeth Szilagyi

        While I agree that anyone, regardless of color, can be and act racist, I also agree with the author’s main point, that is to say that the institutionalization of racism is so deeply woven into our society fabric that a white person can never experience true racism. I have lived for over a year in a place where I was the color minority, and though individual people (racists) were unkind to me simply because I was white, I was still very aware of the fact that institutionalized racism was on my side. A few people were mean, but the large majority still regarded me highly, simply because I was white. That is what institutional racism has created. White privilege the whole world over, because of that I can will never understand racism through the same lens of PoC (to borrow a term from the author).

      • haygis

        im omuskego, born and raised in one of the most racist provinces in
        canada (manitoba) and currently a sociology/indigenous studies MA grad at one of the most racist cities in canada. the point of this article is that racism is not an individual event. its a social event, meaning that its systemic. think about this: are there men who are sexist who are married to women? of course there are. just because someone is white and marries an indigenous person does not mean they are not racist. and racism isnt JUST about burning crosses on someone’s front yard and it isnt JUST about someone’s skin color. racism is having the power to define wholesale at every level what the social reality of indigenous people will look like because they are indigenous. in canada as it is in very other british-colonized indigenous tribal homeland across the world, the system is racist from the roots up…i mean think about it. whose language do indigenous people speak most fluently in canada and why? whose customs are we required to learn just to survive? whose entire cultural value system is used as a weapon against our communities to force us to abandon our own socio-cultural realities in favor of a foreign (and deeply destructive) way of life? of course people have faults, its not the point of the article to deny it. the point of the article is that canada and canadians are ignorant about racism and do not understand what it really means because if they did, then they would see how ridiculous the notion of “reverse racism” really is….for “reverse racism” to be a reality, indigenous people in canada would have to own the justice system, child welfare system, business sector, political sector, and then have the inclination to start oppressing white people by buying into the notion of “race” in the first place, then legalizing their genocide, kidnapping their children, not hiring them for jobs, racially profiling them through the police services, etc etc etc i studied in the us for 11 years where the discourse around racism is more logical, rational, in depth, informed and engaged than in canada. and yes, every white person in canada is, by default, racist, unless those white people are actively engaged in breaking down the colonial system, a system entirely premised in racist logics, then they are racist period because they continue to benefit from the racist system called “canada” that was built in their name, looks like them, and privileges their language, their histories, cultures, architectural styles, etc etc etc. and no person of color in a white dominated society where whites hold the balance of oppressive social power can be, by definition, racist.

        • Alizabeth Szilagyi

          Thank you, for so clearly explaining that society would have to be completely reversed in order for reverse racism to be a “thing.”

          • DiscriminatedHighschooler

            Why because the government isn’t part of society?
            Have you forgot all the quotas set by the government that create racism against whites?

          • ansa

            Actually, no, the quotas set by the government are a static system that try to move against the statistical realities of racism, but still perpetuate racist systems. For instance, if a college has to have 10% of its population be students of color, that is an oddity. To think that those 10% are taking away education from students that ‘don’t deserve it as much as white students is racism’. Those systems try to give opportunities to those who have been systematically denied access to higher education. Quotas set by the government don’t create racism against whites, they perpetuate white supremacy. Just because they help PoC get an education or jobs, doesn’t mean they continue to exalt white privilege.

          • eilismaura

            when race replaces true qualifications then it is all still just racism

            giving a spot to someone who does not make the proverbial grade based on race over a qualified candidate is still racism

            than an organization (be it a school, a union or a business” gets some kind of perk for meeting said racial quotas is also racist

          • eilismaura

            Reverse racism is a thing so long as there are programs to “combat” one set of racist behaviors with another

            affirmative action and quotas are examples

            qualifications and skills are removed and racial or gender characteristics put in their place

          • gole

            yep! exactly man! thanks for bringing that up!

          • Chel

            Actually no, Affirmative Action is about giving opportunities to people who would have never even been considered. PoC are qualified and sometimes even more qualified for the position but would not have gotten the job because they were not white. Also white women are actually the biggest recipient of Affirmative Action… Reverse racism is not a thing, there is no system that is oppressing whites. Hundreds of countries was built on the oppression of non-whites, history plays a key role in the structure of societies.

          • eilismaura

            reverse racism does exist

            swapping who is on the bottom does not change that there is racist behavior going on

            affirmative action – like unions – does NOT make sure the best and most qualified get the jobs – just those who fit the description (gender, race, whatever) are in place and counted

          • Chel

            You do realize that saying “reverse racism” is real you are saying that whites invented this racist institution. So since they invented it how could it reverse and oppress them? They have always been benefiting from it. Affirmative Action IS about helping people who are qualified for the job, but would not have been selected because of systematic disadvantages. If employers are hiring just based on race, then they are the problem not Affirmative Action as a whole. A white man with a criminal record is more likely to get a interview callback than a black man with a clean record and same credentials. Whites are not being discriminated against, they are still doing just fine.

          • eilismaura

            HUMANS created racism. It is not something only created or used by “whites”.

            When a hiring decision is based on race it pretty much negates qualifications.

            So long as there are folks counting if a firm or profession has “enough” of whatever and calls for folks being hired as “affirmative action” then it negates making the choices based on qualifications.

            It is this forcing a choice based on race that creates reverse racism. And it has become as systemic as what came before.

          • Chel

            No not exactly. Whites were the ones that went around colonizing the world. Then enforced laws discriminating against nonwhites on the basis of color. Unlike the other people that did colonize, the other groups discriminated on the basis of religion. Which is a lot different because any race can be part of a religion. Whites have white privilege, so no matter what they will benefit from the racist institution that whites created. It has not become systematic because whites are still more likely to get the job any way.

            Again, by saying “reverse racism” you are saying that whites created the institution. You are also saying that whites are basically entitled to the job, if Affirmative Action is racist for giving PoC a chance. Unlike whites, PoC have dealt with a lot of systematic disadvantages.

          • eilismaura

            anytime a group is favored based on race you have racism

            basic definition of things

            reverse racism is going against what had happened

            Affirmative Action is racist – form of reverse racism in many cases – because it implies that a non white individual is basically entitled to a job simply for not being white

            skin color and race are NOT job skills, not training, not anything that should be used to determine who gets a job

          • Chel

            Yeah and Richard Henry Pratt who apparently used the word first was a white guy and his motto was Kill the Indian and Save the Man… Whites have ALWAYS been favored, so they have nothing to worry about. They have always have basic rights.

            “Reverse racism is going against what had happen”
            What had happen is that whites were the ones getting jobs while nonwhites suffered. What had happen is that many of those whites guys that are so powerful got so high up because of their daddy’s connections. What had happen is that many of whites get accepted from legacies but no one says anything about that. What had happen is that many whites who probably weren’t qualified for the job at all, still got it because companies didn’t want to hire someone who wasn’t white.

            So going against all of that and trying to even the playing field is wrong?

            Affirmative Action does not imply that nonwhites are entitled to a job. Its about helping QUALIFIED individuals get a job, but would have not even been considered because they were not white. Besides WHITE WOMEN are the biggest recipient of Affirmative Action so why are you mad?

          • eilismaura

            it has IN PRACTICE meant EXACTLY that

            so long as there are folks keeping count and things like race are considered at all there is racism – one side then thrown into reverse and it benefits the other

            and as long as folks are keeping count based on race/skin color true skill/abilities have been negated
            affirmative action has a documented history of putting folks in jobs they did not qualify for based on skill – and did not stay in based on performance – but were in place to keep the numbers right

          • Chel

            It does have history of that but that wasn’t the purpose of Affirmative Action. Women and PoC have always had disadvantages. White men are still doing just fine, they are still more likely to get jobs, they still make more money. People should keep count of things like race and gender, because if not white men or men in general would be in even more control.

            One side is not thrown into reverse because that side is still doing better. Many colleges admit legacies, or child of a big donor but yet people complain about the black or latino kid that got admitted. Many CEOs and politicians got to where they are from their families money or daddy’s connection. Since whites have always been at the top they are constantly being favored, so why aren’t people mad at them?

          • eilismaura

            you can play word games and take all the fake better than you positions you want

            fact remains – racism is racism – no matter the direction

            changing who is on “top” does not make it anything other than racism

            and basing things like who gets a job based on race – even under the banner of “affirmative action” is STILL RACISM

            and it negates the things that truly matter

            decisions based on race leads to racism

          • Sinornithosaurus Millenii

            “Unlike whites, PoC have dealt with a lot of systematic disadvantages.”

            This argument is only true in white-dominated countries.

          • Chel

            No, actually this argument can be said about countries where PoC dominated because whites basically colonized the WORLD. I mean the British invaded all but 22 countries… Having white privilege isn’t just an American thing.

          • SHSguy

            O please Chel I would love to see the peer based academic data your reply is based on. Go to South Africa. Live there for a bit and see what it’s like living in a country where your family has to starve because of what your fore fathers did. We were victims of the British for longer than the Blacks where of whites and we don’t keep it against them in a way to get whatever we want without working for it.

          • Chel

            Um you can google the study that was done which found that whites WITH a criminal record are more likely to get a interview callback than blacks with a CLEAN record and SAME credentials.

            Also I’m talking about AMERICA so South Africa is irrelevant. Are you a white person talking about what whites have done? If you are then what whites did to other whites isn’t a form of racism. Also you do realize that even after slavery, laws were made that still gave black no rights. It wasn’t until 1965 that blacks were able to vote. It was basically legal to kill a black person till like the 70s. No one is keeping it against them, but ignoring history that explain why society is like this is wrong.

          • SHSguy

            No what blacks are doing to whites and what blacks are doing to blacks. You have no idea how much acadmic research has been done on the matter, but can’t be published because the researchers are afraid they will be viewed as racist.

          • Chel

            I know whats going on in South Africa. The media isn’t showing the whole truth, if we’re going to be honest here. For one thing the idea of a “white genocide” that seems to be thrown around isn’t true. Now, yes whites are getting killed but more black are actually getting killed. Majority of the acts are motivated by robbery, its not because they have planned to kill all the white farmers. The farmers are rich, which is the main reason that they are being targeted.

            Many academic research has been done that have debunked the claim of “white genocide” and have shown that the killings aren’t actually motivated by race. Both races are being affected, its just one race that is getting media attention and empathy.

          • SHSguy

            “Its like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good your moves are the pigeon is just going to cr@p on the board and strut around like it won.”

            If that is true Chel, move to Africa where everything is rosey for blacks and let me know in a year’s time what real life experience taught you.

            Having lived there (SA) for most of my life and had been a part of the University of the Free State’s political science department, I might know the researchers you are referring to. Although I must admit none that I know would be as callous to purger their careers with false data like that.

            Since Im living in Perth now please post the links,doe’s or titles for these academic journals you are referring to. As Im currently working for a University I can access them very easily, and after I read them I can come back to you. Just using the term academic research in an argument is not enough, as you will agree.

          • Chel

            I don’t need to move to South Africa to know that people are suffering. I can also get a pretty good idea about what blacks are experiencing in South Africa just from knowing the history of Africa and what the blacks in Africa have had to deal with.

            Well just from looking about the facts about murder in South Africa, whites aren’t going through a “genocide”. I mean for one thing that “70,000 killed” that seems to be thrown around is just wrong. Now I’m not denying that whats going on there is okay, but I would say its a bit exaggerated. Majority of farmers are white, and are in isolated areas thats tons of opportunity. If the farmers were black this wouldn’t even be getting attention.




          • Mate

            Where did you get this information?

        • steve jobs

          “racism is having the power to define wholesale at every level what the social reality of indigenous people will look like because they are indigenous”

          You’re wrong. That’s institutional racism. Me coming into your home, murdering you and your family simply because I don’t like the fact that you’re indigenous is racism, although your definition would imply that it’s not. While you’re clearly and understandably angry that the “system” is racist, your definition of racism only serves to tell victims of other types of racism that they’re not victims at all. It’s simply one-upsmanship, asserting that the racism that’s been leveraged against you is the worst and only type of racism.

      • robynbuckins

        you truly fail to see the main POINT of the author’s argument

      • redeemer

        what your husband has experienced IS reverse racism. As a white boy, I’ve experienced it to. The REVERSE part is basically minorities being hateful of whites, like me and your husband.

        I agree with you that racism overall is bad, and that the article was offensive.

        • ghanderman

          no, “reverse racism” is a fallacy.

          it was created to make whites feel better about their racism especially when its called out by the people of color who are the actual targets of real racism in countries like canada and the usa.

          • Chuck U Farley

            you know what else is a fallacy? surrounding yourself and living with a group of people that you despise.

        • joe

          She is probably some fat ugly self hating native with a ugly loser white boyfriend who is racist and tries to “convert” non-white women into white supremacist since white girls don’t seem to like small penis white guys

    • Mothr Nght

      I love it when the top comment justifies the article.

    • Riki

      I’m white and found this article offensive as well and also agree there is no such thing as “reverse racism”. Thank you for fighting the ignorance.

    • apennyforathought

      I think the point of the article that you are missing here is that Sara is trying to break down the definition of racism and that although, unfortunate situations have occurred between races for you and many others, the situation was individual and not of mass quantity.

    • Justus Jessen

      I agree that you as a commenter are, as you rightly claim “a naive article” Beyond that, I no longer agree with you. Racism is a system, offering paths of least resistance for us to follow. It generally does not boil down to individuals. Saying that someone is a racist, is merely saying that they are a participant in the larger problem of societal racism. I am a white male, and having grown up in a less than affluent neighborhood, I was often approached, called whitey, and even pushed around a bit, but never did it even occur to me to call this racism. This was bullying, and that is all it ever will be. I don’t even hold it against them. If i had grown up in a system where I was constantly told I was less, inferior, ugly by the media in ALL FORMS, i might be a bit miffed. Taking that anger out on individuals participating in system is wrong, but it is not racism. It is lashing out against racism. A cornered, beaten dog will bite, and I expect it to. I would bite as well. The mass cultural oppression that PoC experience in the United States (not to mention the rest of the world) is disgusting, but just by accepting my privileged position in life (education, organic food, heat, running water, safety) I am actively participating in that systemic racism. the LEAST I can do is shut up when someone is talking about real racism. Maybe if we listen, we have a chance at fixing the system? For without racism, there is no retaliation to racism. Just my two cents

    • littletiger

      I agree with you!!! I wasn’t sure how to put it but you said it very clearly. I haven’t traveled the world so I don’t have any knowledge other than what I see or hear from the media. Sara seems ok enough but definitely not open minded about racism. My friend’s daughter, who is half black and half white, actually posted this article. She is in college and ‘finding’ herself so I was interested in reading this one. She looks black but seems to forget she is half white. She didn’t have her dad’s influence growing up but definitely seems to be gravitating towards the negativity of the black race. I was just shocked to find out it was a white person who wrote this article. And actually disappointed by it. The way she seems to perpetuate the negativity of the plight of people of color is astonishing. We shouldn’t be encouraging it, we should be ignoring it. Slavery ended over a hundred years ago. If you want to make something of your life, you will. If you don’t want to, then you won’t. I don’t understand why people of color always feel the need to FEEL oppressed. Sara needs to do a little more research on what and who racism truly is and how it affects people of all colors, including whites.

      • Race Traitoress

        I have no words to describe how utterly messed up your thinking is. When that young woman reads your remarks she will know you. I dare say she will judge you and find you wanting in compassion and humility.

    • Lix Velvet

      Thank you for writing this response. I get tired of white liberal guilt – and being told that I am supposed to feel it or I am racist.

      As a person who is ethnically white but is perceived as every color under the rainbow depending on who’s looking, what zip code we’re in and what time of day it is, I’ve experienced racism from just about every angle. (My definition of racism equals hate and violence based on skin color). The most violent, personally threatening racism and the closest I’ve come to actually losing my life over my “race” has been the times that black people have been mad at me for “being ‘white’ while riding the subway or walking down the street”. Truth.

      Also, I’ve been denied proper health care by a black system “for being white” and one of the doctors even tried to solicit me to exchange sex for money.
      Yes, white power exists in America and is built into our institutions, I don’t think anyone denies that. But hatred and oppression can come from anyone to anyone.

      Without an honest look at how we ALL do and don’t get along we will never be able to forge bridges with each other.

      It is ignorant to think/believe/assert that no white person has ever been targeted for violence based on their race. It happens every day. It is also disrespectful to assert that if you’re white and you’ve experienced violence against you because of your race that you have no right to discuss it. Doing so does not deny the power structures built into our country. Doing so can help us to better understand each other, better see each others humanity and hopefully to expand peace, love, and understanding.

      I once worked at a “feminist” organization and a woman there was raped by a man she knew who was black. The other women held her up as a saint when she refused to press charges against her attacker because “she knew he was black and the system was against him”. I wonder how many other women he went on to rape? I wonder how those women felt about her choice to “protect him because of his race”. I think she and all of her supporters are damn fools!

      Also, flipping the cast of characters but keeping the same script is not the solution! (I like the example you gave of women running a corporation). In my attempt to seek out some form of communal peace while living in 10030 where I was targeted daily for harassment and violence in a multitude of forms I attended a local church (because I believe in the holy spirit and believe that love resides in shim) I was told by the preacher that peace would come when black people smashed white people and made us “their footstool”. This is NOT the solution. And a bunch of liberal white “educated” people telling other white people not to talk about real hatred they’ve experienced is NOT part of the solution.

      Derailing the system and eliminating the binary ideas about not only race but also gender and orientation are the building blocks of the solution. Seeking economic systems that empower the disempowered are building blocks of the solution. Real, honest, painful discussions about the rifts between races are the building blocks of the solution.

    • Dana

      What the writer is trying to say is that racism and bigotry are two different things. Racism is always bigotry, but bigotry is not always racism. Like all Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholics.

      No one’s saying that you’ve never been hurt by bigotry. They’re saying the system is still stacked to benefit you and represent you more than people of any other skin color. Are you really going to sit here and deny that? I hope not.

    • superbsubpar

      Did you even read the article? This comment seems more like a “knee-jerk”reaction than anything in that article suggested. And these are not her ideas. This is a common definition of racism that I’ve heard probably for the last 20 years at least.

      “If you experience discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry, it’s valid to be upset about it and want to talk about it. It is not valid to claim that it is reverse racism, and certainly not valid to claim that it is racism on par with anything like the institutionalized racism that PoC will come into contact with. When a white person starts talking about reverse racism, what they’re really doing is derailing a conversation to make it about them.”

      • Lifthrasir

        Check out the definition of racism by the UN and then reflect some more on that. You can not know the personal history of someone, thus you cannot know how racist comments about all white people, all europeans, which are not always white, even those who never set foot on wall in the america’s etc not their ancestors, affects them. It is ignorant not to debate statements like that and threats like soon we will be the majority and you will adapt to our rules, strongly resembling ideologies of fascism/nazism . It takes about 10 % of people in any group to adopt a certain view and then the whole collective of that group will adopt the view. The scary thing is that one individual, even possibly a troll or a spy, can seed these ideologies, which then will spread to the 10 % and then etc. It is ignorant to be blind as to who really owns the power in this world and the stooges of all colours they make use of.

    • ariel

      This article is about the experience of racism specifically in the United States.

      • Lifthrasir

        With social media all discussion have become international. Moreover statements as all Whites, all europeans are responsible for all massacres, holocausts in the americas/ in the world, this debate is everyone’s concern. And as a victimised, abused woman, denied every right of existence since the moment of conception, i take offense on this blaming of me, because of skincolour and because the Netherlands meanwhile belongs to the European Union, for all crimes ever committed, moreover forcefed the idiosyncracy that people of different colours never committed similar crimes. Free Tibet i would say and remember Ruanda. Diving into history one finds that often people considered the same race, but most likely of a different tribe, were often complicit in the extermination of other tribes of the same considered race. You cant apply current ideas about race on cultures that had a tribal consciousness.

    • Levi EagleFeather

      IRacism is racism! There is no reverse to it!

    • i agree with all of you

      I was just reading through the article and these comments and at first, I was feeling flustered and sad. A lot of these comments seem to be coming from kind folk who care about their own and others’ experiences… yet, there is a lot of bickering. Many of these comments serve to shove back defensively at another comment which was also made in defense. Realizing this, I was
      left wondering… are all of these people actually in disagreement with
      one another?

      I do not think a single person whose comment I’ve read speaks in
      support of any act of racism, bigotry, prejudice, or what-have-you. So,
      then… wherein lies the disagreement?

      Definitions are merely words. They are clarifying and it is often
      important to be clear about them, especially when dealing with policy.
      What is of paramount importance, however, is that these words do not
      cloud the common truths and hopes that many of you commenting folk seem to hold.

      I do not reckon that any of you are arguing that lived experiences
      are not real. I do not think that any of you believe that anyone’s
      experiences with what they feel to be some act of racism/prejudice/injustice can/should have their meaning taken away by an utterance or institutionalized statute.

      Perhaps we might go about forming definitions mindfully, then, while
      knowing that the goal in defining is not to discount anyone’s
      experiences, but to simply find a word for them. Perhaps “reverse
      racism” is a poor choice of word, because it implies that a suffering
      member of the institutionally and inter-personally suppressed minority
      can do the exact same thing to a member of the more privileged majority
      in a setting in which this member of the majority is indeed the
      privileged one. This is indeed a problematic implication.
      Institutionalized racism (or racism, as the author has defined) is a monster of an issue and anyone who experiences it should not feel that their experience has been dismissed by someone else who has been exposed to… well… something that should perhaps be defined differently.

      Perhaps “prejudice” is, may/should be defined differently from
      “racism” if racism is to imply dynamics of power and institutionalized
      inequality. However, it is important to remember what this separation
      of experiences into two different word categories does not do. What it
      does not do (or at least, should not do in theory) is strip anyone of
      what they have experienced. Prejudice is still real, racism is still
      real. This dividing up of definitions cannot- and should not- dismiss
      anyone’s hurt.

      No one should have to fight in defense of their experiences. Your
      truth is your truth and your hurt, whatever it is, is real! We simply
      need to find a common language– and, given that we all do not seem to
      be denying anyone’s truth, that should not be so
      frightening/defense-provoking an endeavor (though it is okay and quite
      understandable that it seems to have been so thus far).

      Anyhow, I just wanted to echo out a statement of hope that felt
      clarifying and unifying when I first thought/wrote it. I felt moved to
      do this because, when I read these comments, I felt that there was so
      much hurt, so much love, so much truth, all just striving to be known.

      With faith in the humanity of you all,

    • Halcykon

      I am not white and I agree.

    • Jane

      If u did that there would would fine you and put you in jail!!!

    • Reagan

      When you say you see all people equally, you are denying the fact that Others deserve to be seen for who they are. They are not equal. Not yet. They might be some day, but are not yet, so by seeing them as equal you deny their past and present injustices. The phrase “I am color blind” is just as horrific, if not more so than “reverse racism”.

    • sickened

      you’re amazing. this is coming from a black guy who is disturbed and angered by this article that I stumbled upon.

    • Iron Kato

      Im gonna skip the writing bit and just go right ahead and give this an official
      -PoC cosign-

    • guest

      100% agree

    • UrbanWhim



      Agree, this bitch is dumb and if you actually use her theory of racism in real life you will see why, she makes so many stereotypical assumptions against white people as if we are all evil in the world and ‘People If Colour’ are what? angles? your obviously retarded you PoC-loving sack of shit, bet you that your nigga bf typed this for you then you just spell checked and tried make a legit article, when i read this i couldn’t help but become angry as in life this article applies oppositely.

    • Janay

      NO SUCH THING AS REVERSE RACISM. Racism is a SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION. Is that person who went to China being rude? Extremely, but there is no systematic oppression of Chinese people by white people in China. I am sorry you were bullied for you skin color. However, in the bigger picture, on an institutional level and farther, you are privileged just because of your skin color.

    • Jes

      SO glad I saw this.

    • Worldwide White Racism

      I am still not sure if I 100% agree with this article, but I think you’re criticism is flawed in many ways. If a white person went to China and screamed racist slurs at the Chinese, yes, that would be racist. That’s because, as strange as it may sound, there is systematic white privelage in China. And this is not specific to China. Europe’s history of imperialism has created an atmosphere in formally colonized or victimized countries that places whites in a position of respect and power. I wonder, seriously, if there is a place a white person will go in the world that this history does not actively affect the present. White privilege is sadly a worldwide occurance. For that reason racism is overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, something that can be attributed to white people, since they almost always have a system of power to back them up.

    • NaturalMamaNZ

      You’re putting words in this authors mouth. She never said racism didn’t exist in other countries or that white people could never be the victim of racism (and in other countries they often ARE the minority who experience racism). She focused on the US, where white people are the majority. She also said that while white people might encounter racism, it is never to the point that black people (or those of other minorities) experience racism. This is true.

    • Alizabeth Szilagyi

      I did live in Malaysia, and was one of only five white people I met for over a year. Even though I was the “minority” I was definitely still well aware of my white privilege. Through that experience I learned what this article argues to be true. No matter where I go, I will always be white, and the social layers of institutional racism will always be in my favor. Even if someone acts racist toward me, I will never fully understand what it feels like to be a PoC in regards to racism. When the rare Malaysian would yell at me for being part of George Bush’s plan to oppress the world, they were in fact exploiting the depth of institutional racism, not actually saying racist things to me.

    • robynbuckins

      I think that you are little clueless .. here America what this author argues is spot on…. are your familiar with the systems of oppression and how they are constructed, transformed to maintain racial inequality… IT’S CALLED CATEGORIES OF DIFFERENCES

    • Hassan

      So, one, you seeing “everyone as the same” schtick? Keep it. That’s white privilege through and through, stop erasure of other people’s experiences because not everyone is the same. Second, no one is taking away your rights. Its been said that you can experience other facets of sociological tyranny; bigotry, prejudice and anything else BUT racism. There aren’t institutions in place specifically to keep you down, imprisoned, out of the public eye, etc. Me, being a Black male, experience racism. You’ve only experienced a portion of what I and others have to live with. Stop trying to be a victim and actually help something.

    • kalijulia

      I am white living in southern California, I’ve had Mexicans tell me my skin color is “not right” “disgusting” “gross” “wrong” if I said that to them you can bet your ass I’d be called a racist! It’s a two way street

    • Cds

      I have to agree with this person, whilst I have never been targeted in any racist manner, that’s not to say that as societies get more integrated that white people can’t end up on the outside. What about when certain PoC groups get angry or violent at the prospect of a white person dating “one of their own” is that Racism? What about when white women go on holiday and are called names like “gringo slut” “White whore” and then on this stereo type of loose sexual morals have men try to shove their hands up their skirts, is that racism? (that did happen to someone I know). Whilst I’m not disagreeing that white people have far more opportunities than PoC and that we probably aren’t repressed half as much as PoC, and that when white people chime in with some minor thing they think is reverse racism, that it further undermines PoC. It’s pretty ignorant to say that white people aren’t some times subjected to racism.
      It’s more like listening to someone complain about the loss of a limb and then chiming in about your paper cut- you probably should keep quiet and not demand a lot of fuss over a paper cut. But you can’t argue that they aren’t both injuries, in the same way you can argue that we whites for the most part should let it go, but you can’t say that racism to whites doesn’t happen.

    • Chel

      500 years of genocide, enslavement, lynchings =/= someone calling you a cracker or honky… There is no reverse racism, whites have instilled a system in which they are the only ones that benefit from it.

    • Eric_Saunders

      You call the article juvenile, but it is much more grounded in sociology than your post which is merely a rant based on your not-at-all-scholarly opinions. It really is amazing how when it comes to social issues like race, people think that their opinions and prejudices are equal to the knowledge of academics. Imagine if people just spammed internet threads saying that the world was flat or was 8000 years old because they knew it was, so shut up fancy-talking school person!

  • blessing

    I agree with your post but i think you are talking about different levels of racism. It is true that white people have set up an empire/legacy of world subjugating through racism and the effects of those systems are alive and well still today. I do feel however that as a black person I see a lot of minorities full of hate for white and other races purely because of the blame game. Racism is racism whether it’s structural or individual. it doesn’t matter if its coming from the federal level or the guy chasing you down the street it is still racism. I think reverse racism is alive because many PoC people feel entitled to blame every single white person for being born into this privilege, something i feel will not work towards the solution of equality. It is understandable for some whites to cry reverse racism because they are ignorant of themselves of the privilege being white provides. when they experience racism they just call a spade a spade. their experience shouldn’t be viewed as less significant just because they felt it on an individual level. I am saying this because if you post anything on the internet open to people sharing their experiences you should accept whoever responds as equal and significant. although one can not say reverse racism is the case where PoC are out to oppress whites, I do think reverse racism is PoC displaying hate and blame of ALL whites for the racism they experience. racism is everywhere and as much as whites shouldn’t feel entitled to give their accounts of reverse racism every time a PoC talks of their experience, I think its dangerous for PoC to not realise that they too can be racist towards whites for the wrong reasons which grows hate and lack of understanding. thanks for this informative post

  • grateful

    Thank you for understanding and providing well thought information.

  • c0ldn0rth

    How about you tell that to a kid who grew up going to inner city public school, either the only, or one of very few white kids?
    Tell that kid how racism doesn’t apply to them because of the color of *their* skin. Tell them after years and years of being hit, beaten, abused and ridiculed because of their race, it is somehow less than a PoC doesn’t get a cab.
    In fact, why don’t you just join all the other people who convinced that kid, for most of their young life, that they *deserved* that treatment, because of things that people who shared their skin color did before they were even born.
    You tell that kid that it’s an *individual* concern, when it spanned multiple years and schools.
    You fucking well tell that kid that being sexually assaulted in a school bathroom wasn’t a indicative of an issue.
    I’d love to hear your explanation.

    • Bloop

      Did you read the article?

    • WrongAsRain

      I was that kid, growing up one of very few white kids at an inner city public school. I didn’t come out of that experience feeling victimized by racism at all.

  • justmehere

    racism occurs everywhere. I myself have have often been abused verbally and physically for being white. I didn’t know these people, so it couldnt have been anything i had done. I was sat in a bus station, eating a sandwich, not a care in the world, when a group of asian men and women approach me and begin to call me the white devil. I hadn’t said anything or done anything to them, i hadn’t even noticed anyone else was in the station. That is racism my darling. They abused me for being white. And no i’m not letting this one experience shadow everything else because i have seen it done to other people. Anyone can be racist. ANYONE. there is no susch thing as reverse racism. reverse would imply that you are in love essentially with another race. Racism is racism.

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  • Kausdsloiio Kasnr

    you are wrong ,blacks are racist against whites too. it is not ok for a black person to hate me because im white. How dare you say that. you are racist against whites and you are a close minded fool. you are evil and heartless .you are satan. god hates you ,jesus hates you, god spits on your evil face

    • Sara Luckey

      If gods gonna spit in my face he could at LEAST give me a reach around, amirite or amirite? jkjkjkjkjk, I wouldn’t get sexy with god. he seems like a realllly belligerent and jealous asshole.

  • stelliferousmeaning

    I think that the definition of racism as insitutional is poignant, but incidental as all definitions are. suggesting that whites cant be victims of racism only exonerates another kind of prejudice, one which is far more complex than this article allows. im not talking about “individual” instances of harassment, which is already a dubious distinction because it suggests that individuals cant be moral subjects. im talking about whites who are somehow gender or culture different and not immediately marked by familiar signs. people who are gender different but remain outside mainstream narratives of gay and straight, feminine and masculine. unable to find representation within the increasingly accepted gayculture, which often denies the existence of bisexuals and tosses trans people under the bus in order to make gains for itself only. gender different white people often have no way to make themselves heard in antiracist and anti-gender discrimination discourse if that discourse speaks of all whites in such broad and generalized strokes as this article. the unwillingness to confront the possibility of ones own internalized stereotypes, bigotry, and labels being prejudiced is precisely a kind of racism, in that it precludes all possibility of a liminal space for a white person. one which often hides along other internalized prejudices of race and sex. This comes from my life time of oppression and silence as a white bi male, often unable to find representation and voice in any Kind of discussion, institutional or not, concerning the discrimination against gender or race. There are whole cultures of people- be they white men who think im a “faggot,” or PoC who think im a misogynostic racist because of the color of my skin, or gays who exclude me for not conforming to norms of gayness (ie those who say bis are closeted gays, i actually believed them once in my confused isolated adolescence)- who will write me off based on either my skin color or my androgny or some combination. Distingushing between different kinds of racism and prejudice the way this piece does is obscurantism, one which repudiates the complexity of identity, otherness, and race-gender narratives, leaving certain minorities among whites further silenced and marginalized. Saying thats not racism because its not institutional just seems arbitrary. All prejudice is bad. It all leads to ignorance of the others plight.

    • stelliferousmeaning

      also, i think it’s worth pointing out that white racists usually don’t see themselves as racist. they often have a sense of self-righteousness and moral superiority that would preclude them from ever seeing themselves as in the wrong, ethically speaking. telling yourself that white people are immune to racial discrimination seems to be setting up for the same kind of trap. i also don’t follow all these generalizations about culture. there is no monolithic “white culture,” only white cultures. internalizing that generalization, as well as the notion that it’s ok to discriminate against whites, isn’t just intellectually lazy , its disconnected from reality and seems to perpetuate stereotypes and cycles of hatred. its time we stop looking at people based on their skin color and start seeing them as individuals irreducible to any one race, gender, or culture. saying that we shouldn’t judge people based on skin color unless their white is almost the same as saying that all people are equal except PoC. both beliefs dehumanize other cultures and thus free you from moral obligations to them. i am just as different from people of my own color as i am from people of different colors. yeah, whites shouldn’t conflate their experiences of discrimination with those of PoC, and neither should PoC conflate all white people.

  • Kay

    Thank you Sara. I’m 16 at the moment and lately I’ve been coming across the argument that white people cannot truly experience racism for the same reasons you’ve stated. When I first heard the argument I was pretty certain we could and actually got argumentative myself. I’m not racist, I don’t think, but this whole idea that white people could not experience what racism was really got me angry. I did some research and as I did I stumbled across reverse racism (which just sounds stupid), and so on I stumbled across your article.
    Your article really shredded some light for me on the subject, and your explanation of it makes me understand. Now don’t get me wrong because I agree that racism is not experienced by white people in America, Australia, England, etc, but what I’ve found is that some people have been saying it exists in other countries where black people are dominant. I don’t really have much knowledge about that subject, but I hope you do and could help me understand this a little bit better. Do white people experience racism in other countries? I know it probably sounds stupid, but again I really don’t know much about that, so hopefully you can help me.
    Another thing though, I also came across a girl who argued something about how white people can experience racism in our society. She stated that if a white person was working and a black person were their boss, and in which he was very racist towards white people, would that count as racism towards white people? I know this too counts as racist, but if you could just tell me why this is wrong and point out the flaws in it that would be hopeful because I can really only think of one thing.
    Thank you Sara!!


    hah what a bs article

    blame the fucking white guy. Get a life.

    No Institution of power? have you heard of hollywood and the music industry?BET awards, 2pac , lil wayne, beyonce, usher, pdiddy , Dr.Dre etc .they all have or had power over our society.


      THANK YOUUUUU! The claim about blacks having “no institution of power” is complete BS. Of course it may not be AS powerful over all in comparison but to deny it exists is laughable.

      • Hound

        lol No institution of power??? Last time I checked, a PoC was THE MAN in the white house! Oh, it definitely exists, you two are sooooo right!!!

        • Hierophant

          What? Are you stating that because Obama is in office, minorities are now equipped to oppress white people? Are you aware that the presidential line of succession in the United States features 2 non-white people out of more than a dozen. Are you aware that the last 43 presidents where white men? That there were no black vice presidents?

          And the media, (and let it be known this is mostly my opinion) is it the same media that uses mostly white people in ads? Where most tv shows on major networks feature a heterosexual, white cast with the exception of the token gay or minority? Where many movies have white leads? I mean let’s take videogames for a ride. Did you know that every time a non traditional (i.e. white male) character is the lead it’s considered progressive as opposed to “who cares?” I won’t even go into the preference for light skinned blacks, who are ‘safer’ to go with.

          Are you saying the BET music awards are equal to the Grammy’s and not an equal to something like the Mtv music awards or CMA’s? Are you aware that BET is owned by a white person? You’re agreeing that Beyonce, Diddy and Usher have enough influence to make meaningful, long-term changes to the United States, instead of a new meme or catchphrase, or clothing franchise? That their success makes up for the legacy of slavery?

          Do you really think most of, or even half of the top directors in Hollywood are minorities? Do you really think minorities own 20th Century Fox? Columbia Pictures? Paramount Pictures? Do minorities own NBC? FOX? TBS? No.

          You know who owns most of the major record labels? White people. Do you know who are commissioners of NFL, NBA, MLB? White people.

          If you think because a few people in popular culture are minorities that everything is now ‘equal’ or what have you, let me disabuse you of that thought. Chances are those people work for white people. It’s hard to believe how some of you can ignore the massive control and influence that white people still have over our society. No it isn’t really your fault, you were born into the system like I was, I’m just saying be aware that it exist. And while there may be minority ‘institution’s of power’, it is nothing close to the white one that exist in the United States of 2013.

  • Candace Horner

    You had one good point stating that prejudice + power equals racism. In that context then even in America there can be racism against whites. For example, the school boy growing up in a black neighborhood was experiencing racism by your definition. If the majority of his community is black and hold most of the power and he is experiencing prejudice then that is racism by your definition. I agree with others who state if you belittle the fact that whites can experience racism, then you are belittling the concept of racism in general. Racism is racism and in the right context then anyone from any race can experience it through your definition. I do not believe that every politician or company has to have a PoC in charge for whites to experience racism. It can occur in localized sects as described earlier. It is true that whites have not ever experienced racism to the same extent and on the same scale, but it can happen. Taking away the term racism is harmful to the overall concept of equality. This is similar to saying a man cannot experience sexism. They can, but most do not and it will never be able to at the same scale. When a woman or a PoC walks out their door they are inevitably characterized by ingrained stereotypes and societal shortcomings. This distinction is what you were aiming for, but it got lost and your overall message may be detrimental as it appears short-sided. It appears that you have forgotten that small groups can create an oppressive power in a community against a smaller group of individuals.

    And for an extra note, white people should refrain from trying to compare their experiences to PoC because they are not the same. However, you should listen to them too because even though they are white, they still have opinions. Your article came off as negative towards the white race in that context (and yes, you are white, but it was as if you were harboring some aggression).

    Finally, one definition I found for reverse racism is “racism towards ones own race.” This logically makes sense and if so, then the recent use of the term as racism against the majority race should resume to simply racism or prejudice depending on the circumstances as it detracts from this concept.

  • Aaron

    You’ve confused racism and institutional racism. I know feminists tend to hate dictionaries, but words have definitions for a reason, and the idea that you cannot be racist towards white people completely invalidates that definition, which implies that anyone can be racist to anyone. Anything else is a subjective sociological interpretation. Telling someone to “listen and learn” when they are attempting to expose blatant logical fallacies in incredibly counter-productive. And while I’m at it…

    The argument for “privilege” of any sort is inherently flawed in that it bases its claims on generalized interpretations of social situations rather than concrete data. Also, false correlations are constantly drawn – are black people generally worse off than white people simply BECAUSE they’re black or are there many more factors to take into account?

    To provide an example: I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. OCD is made fun of quite a bit in the media, social networks, etc. and it is likely that, had I lived in another time period, I would be executed for demon possession or something of that sort. BUT… that doesn’t make people who don’t have the condition “privileged”.

  • Tropical Cantalope

    Anyone who thinks racism can’t work two ways is delusional. Racism is a simple, not difficult topic to understand. To be racist is to segregate, or exclude a person because of their birthplace, or colour. The sooner we understand that, the better.

  • Vicki

    The argument here is that racism towards PoC and other ethnic minorities is institutionalised, whereas racism towards whites is individual, rather than being inherent within a society. Those of you who argue that racism is always just racism – I agree that racism towards anyone is inherently wrong – however, cast your minds back to events such as Hurricane Katrina. PoC were abandoned by the state and federal governments without any resources or medical aid, and were described as ‘looters’ and ‘refugees’. Whites were described as ‘residents’ and ‘evacuees’.

    Some of the comments below mention that racism is not as bad as it has been in the US. There is a massive focus nowadays on anti-racism and political correctness. However, just because everyday racist comments and actions towards and against PoC and other minorities may not happen on such a regular basis as in previous years does not mean that discrimination is not widely apparent in today’s society. There remain huge spatial inequalities in access to healthcare, income, education, and other resources and services between PoC and other minorities, and whites in many US cities. Discrimination towards anyone because of race, colour of skin, gender, age, sexuality etc. is inherently wrong, but individual acts of racism towards white people in the US is not the same as the long-term, institutionalised, inherent racism towards PoC that is seen in society today.

  • Jane Lane

    You are so full of shit. All you are saying is I don’t care about your white girl problems shut- up it isn’t about you. Well guess what, you still aren’t in the majority; get over it. Shut-up it’s all about me. Feels awesome doesn’t it to hear someone to tell you to get the fuck over your issues?

    • Sara Luckey

      Hey guess what? I am in the majority. I’m white as all get out. And you know what? White people can think that racism and a white supremacist society are bullshit. White people can think that sucks and write a piece about it. It’s super duper fucked UP, however, that you assumed I wasn’t white. Your comment is so poorly written that I am literally incapable of telling where exactly you’re writing what you think I’m saying, and where you’re writing what you’re saying. Get it together.

  • Michelle

    Why is it acceptable to have the Latin Grammys but an award show only for white people would be atrocious? Scholarships are given to minority members but there are no scholarships given to white people simply for their race. Why is this not considered racial favoritism?

    • SorayaVonDerAlm

      Do you know why black people or Hispanics had to found their own networks? Because mainstream media has a tendency to snub PoC. How many movies have a PoC as lead? Even if a movie has many PoC they always manage to put a white savior in it (last Samurai). I’m sick it and tired of it you already have so much but still begrudge us the few crumbs we get. I’m at a point were I’m too tired to even get angry. I think i have just lost all my hopes in humanity.

  • stevie

    prej·u·dice noun ˈpre-jə-dəs
    Definition of PREJUDICE
    : injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of one’s rights; especially : detriment to one’s legal rights or claims
    a (1) : preconceived judgment or opinion (2) : an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledgeb : an instance of such judgment or opinionc : an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

    • fernando Rivera Jr.

      I find it extremely ironic and hypocritical that although this article encourages open-mindedness and willingness to learn, comments like these that post real information from dictionary sources only receive down votes.

      The least you guys could do is explain why you disagree.

  • stevie

    big·ot noun ˈbi-gət
    Definition of BIGOT
    : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
    — big·ot·ed adjective
    — big·ot·ed·ly adverb

  • stevie

    rac·ism noun ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi-
    Definition of RACISM
    : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    : racial prejudice or discrimination

    • fernando Rivera Jr.

      I can’t believe the people on this site. This comment is literally only dictionary definitions, what could be wrong with that? Why are people down voting it?

  • stevie

    Well Sara I appreciate your perspective but it appears that you may be struggling with a couple definitions which I posted above…or below I’m not sure…What you do in this little article is simply attribute your own personal definition to very blanket words that have broader definitions than you would like them to have….your definition of racism is grossly inaccurate. Racism – belief that one race is superior or that race determines traits such as moral character…or intelligence…nowhere does this definition delineate which races are subject to that racism. Yes you are absolutely correct in your description of so-called ‘reverse-racism’ not occurring with the same sort of oppression that racism against african-americans has in the past and continues to be present…(or these days more significantly I would argue hispanic-americans..but most certainly still very significant anti-african-american racism). And your point would hold more water if you would just stay true to it instead of exagerating it dishonestly…for gods sake your example of reverse racism being somebody touching a white persons hair??? the person that complained of that as racism is a lunatic…maybe a violation of personal space but i don’t know a single person that would call that racism…so you use that as an example to build off??? That is a tactic of a very weak and cowardly polemicist (if thats how you spell it) and I should hope that you were better than that as you are a much more skilled writer than I. If a person thinks white people have some trait based on their race…they are racist against white people PERIOD…that does not mean that in America today anti-white slavery is rampant and oppresive, no…but it is still racism…You turn around and say racism only exists based on large sectors of society upholding that racism…but you are wrong about this…What you are saying is that America cannot be seen as a reverse-rasism-state…you are correct it is still a racist state that oppresses certain racism…you are correct about that…what you are incorrect about and your essay balances on it, is your definition of racism…sorry I tried but I don’t think I was able to make my point as arrogantly as you tried to make yours

  • Kevin Phenix

    are any of the comments on here by a non-white person?

    white people sure do love to hear themselves talk, don’t they?

  • Georgia Platts

    re: When a white person
    starts talking about reverse racism, what they’re really doing is derailing a
    conversation to make it about them.

    Good example of white
    privilege. It always boils down to whites and how great life should be for
    them, right? And derailing the conversation so whites don’t have to risk losing
    some of their privilege, as you say.

    I’ve noticed that guys on the
    man-o-sphere do the same thing. They comment on feminist blogs and complain
    that feminists aren’t talking about all the troubles men face. Even though none
    of the men’s rights blogs spend equal time talking about how women suffer at
    the hands of our society.

    But really, everything should
    be about the problems that the privileged face, right?

    • fernando Rivera Jr.

      Alternatively, that person is complaining about something that happened? The sentence you quoted is a huge over-generalization.

      My parents are two different races, and I know that people are treated unfairly and unequally based on what they look like. I’ve seen it for my entire life. But that tendency doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist towards white people at all.

      If a person can’t make a complaint without being told that they’re only doing it to gain attention, there’s a problem. It isn’t any more complex than that.

      Make accusations based on what people actually do, not what race they are. Otherwise, you’re just being racist yourself.

  • OnGangStalking

    youve never had to grow up white in a ghetto in Boston have you dear? Also there is many an institution that actively oppresses white people- its based on class war. Lower class whites to be specific. Other than that you need to wake up to the reality of things like Gang Stalking and other covert activity thats from state actors and now, outsourced to private contractors in this day and age.

    You still live in the 70′s. Its the 21st century. Do you know how many blacks are involved in COINTELPRO like activity in this era specifically during Bush when they were let loose and were out of control?

    America is still based on the elite running things at top levels. And any one who is really a pain in thier ass will have to deal with thier house slaves-African Americans, in droves. They deal their drugs, do thier dirty work then fill thier prisons.

    And what about feminists helping drag the black male out of oppression so many decades ago, only to be repayed with the culture of ghetto glorification, where females are referred to as ‘bitches’ and ‘hos’ and white women are especially disrespected and only desired as a means of getting back at the white man and taking over society.

    You are one, stupid, ignorant, arrogant bitch. Youve never had to live in poverty with these animals. And I hate you for being an enemy to suffering EuroAmericans everywhere, specifically females who have to suffer constant fear and intimidation by black males.

    You’re theories about society are outdated and do not deal with reality. Come out and live on the street and see how fast your bullshit flies in practice instead of just in political theories.

    You need to be the first to go- you the race traitors who make it so EuroAmericans have to deal with oppression and opposition from our own people. I would give anything to put you into some of the neighborhoods Ive had to live in and travel through. You’d probably kiss up to them and do juuust fine.

    You are a weak minded white person who is nothing but a problem in the race wars now occuring that are DESTROYING EuroAmericans, our culture and our European brethren abroad. I suppose you also support Muslim Extremists in Scandinavia that are beating up women for Allah, raping them and raping little blonde girls so they wont have thier virginity intact- again for Allah.

    WAKE UP ITS NOT THE 1970′S ANYMORE. I hope you get stuck outside your little comfort zone in some very modern, horrible cultural clash thats a nightmare and start understanding whats really going on out here.

    Or are you one of the Jews who seems so eager to support diversity among NON JEWS and in NON JEWISH communities but yet, have a very exclusionary, tight knit society for yourself and your own people. Like, Rabbis telling boys that they better marry Jewish girls or thier mothers’ will break thier knee caps.

    Feminism NEVER SHOULD HAVE SUPPORTED ANY MALES or thier ends no matter what race, creed or religion. You also shit on sex workers who are female for the most part historically which is also back stabbing and traitor behavior.

    If you want to grow the fuck up and start really being about helping and unifying women then stop dealing in outside issues like class, race and politics of race and deal strictly with females and our issues. Stop including males in feminist issues just because they are underprivileged.

    A word to the wise my dear- men will always work with other men to undermine women, and they see women as helping in thier devious plots as well as women are objects for trade and barter. Thus, the black man helps the elite with his business and protecting his property- and white females are the prize. Poor white females are tossed around on the street as barter for these black males to keep workin for the Man, in gangs, dealing, doing his dirty work-because the cops have to look the other way so they can operate and they gotta get thier drugs from top levels brought in somehow.

    Little girl needs to wake up to the big bad world of males and how they do business in this corrupt world. THAT WOULD BE TRULY FEMALE smart and empowering. Feminists just play alot, like little girls at tea parties. You are for the most part reactionaries which means you ARE FOREVER CONVINCED THAT MALE POWER AND DOMINANCE ARE SOMETHING REAL THAT TETHERS YOU, THAT YOU ARE REBELLING AGAINST TO BEGIN WITH. Kind of like Satanists who, instead of wasting time rebelling, why not just go back in the history books and realize the truth about Abrahamic religions being created from other ancient religions to begin with, polytheistic ones, and it isnt valid to begin with?

    When you decide to get real with defending women and helping females survive a male dominated world of war, greed and slavery then you will have grown up little girl. Perhaps that should be called Femaleism, because feminism sucks.

    Its YOU who are the insensitive assholes to poor whites and females everywhere. Why dont you sponsor a south African farmer who’s being killed and driven from his farmland by the blacks? No one in America cares about any of this. Because the truth doesnt sell the agenda. Fools like you do.

  • fernando Rivera Jr.

    Racism is prejudice specifically based on race; it doesn’t have to include any kind of power to be racism.

    racial prejudice or discrimination – Marriam Webster Dictionary

    Same concept for sexism, by the way…

    Racism can exist against any individual with a race, because it’s, racism. Of course “reverse racism” exists.

    A less prevalent problem, is still a problem.

    • Hound

      lol You’re right fernando! Reading through these comments, every time there is a recognised dictionary definition of racism, it’s downvoted… that’s HILARIOUS to me!

  • Temujin

    I’m a man of color. So it’s possible to display racism against me. But when you redefine the term racism so that it is only possible to be committed by Whites, then there really is a problem with that. The common notion is that racism is simply a prejudicial hatred of members of certain ethnicities.

    When you redefine a word so that its definition can possibly be applied to whites, there is really a problem.

    When people hear you say that racism against whites is not real, they immediately think of “hatred of other races” instead of “institutionalization” and “white privilege.” So when you say racism of any kind isn’t real to someone, the two parties involved are thinking of two completely different things.

    Would you not acknowledge that “hatred of other races(Including hating whites)” is not real? Or would you acknowledge that institutionalized prejudices against whites is not real? Both sound far-fetched to me.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I’m not going to add anything in here that’s fancy or statistical, but it is my experience of racism. Firstly, I started school in England, it was a school of 400+ people and in that there was only 5 white people, myself included. I later moved to Ireland to a smaller school of 100 people. Everyone was white, catholic and Irish. I actually thought it was weird for so many white people to be in the same place at the same time. What I experienced all through school, both primary and secondary, was isolation and I was treated much differently from others, it was a very clear and obvious occurrence. Do you know why it was? Because I was English. In fact I was actually, primarily of Irish heritage, but at the time I sounded very English and it was where I had spent most of my life. That went on for the 9 years I was in school in Ireland. It was from my peers and from teachers, the local people where I lived called us “the new ones” for 4 years. In my secondary school the administration treated me with disrespect and never took me seriously because I was an outsider, I was apparently from England and because I wasn’t catholic. That is certainly racism.

    I experienced something similar when I was in Turkey, Ghana and Nigeria. There I was treated differently from PoCs. At the airport I was stopped and they began asking me questions, but I couldn’t understand them until they asked “Are you English?” They had been looking at the inside of my passport where it says my place of birth, so I pointed at the cover and said I was Irish, at that the 4 security men and their manager saw the cover, smiled happily at me and let me through the gate. Was that not racism? It certainly was.

    Little children canted at me and people would give me dirty looks in all of these countries, particularly those in positions of authority. What they were chanting would have been, if they had not been children, extremely insulting and offensive. This was all racism, I am white and I experienced racism. You can not deny the fact that millions of white people have experienced racism. A large majority of people in the world are not Caucasian. The majority of countries in the world are not run by white people. Regardless of this you claim they cannot be racist towards whites yet what have we seen in countries like Zimbabwe? I experienced racism from both Caucasians and from PoC. You cannot deny me that.

  • Scott Wilson

    This was painful and ignorant. I went to a “magnet school” that was almost entirely Hispanic and was hospitalized repeatedly because I was attacked for being white. Not racist, not stupid, not silly, just white. White kids were told that if they complained, they would be called racist and would get in trouble. The entire Hispanic community refused to believe there was a problem even when five white students were severely beaten on “Beat Up a White Kid Day” and threatened to suspend the students for racist accusations because “Hispanics cannot be racist, because the word racist denotes white privilege and not ethnic anger”.

    There is a massive problem in this country when it comes to racism aimed at Blacks and Hispanics, and it is thoroughly entrenched in the system to a degree that probably won’t even change when whites are no longer the majority. Sadly, articles like this try to ignore the reality so that they can score extra clicks. I’m much more concerned with White Racism than “Reverse Racism”, but this really pounded home just how delusional and self-absorbed much of the anti-racist PR actually is.

  • Horse

    Wait a minute.
    Just because a person experiences racism once or twice in their life doesn’t make it less racist or invalid.

    Reverse racism isn’t when a black person calls a white person a fucking white bastard, It’s racism, pure and simple.

    Reverse racism is where you give more credance to a person because they don’t belong to the dominant race. Of course it exists. Even the nature of this forum smells of it.

    I think some of you should take the time to peel yourself away from your computer screens and experience the world as it is.

    Marcus Garvey, who was a guiding light for the Rastafarian movement, said that white people where inferior to black people. Are rastafarians racist ? How about the Nation of Islam and their rantings on race.

    Is that OK ?

    In China I am charged substatially more to learn Tai chi than a Chinese person (three times more on one occassion). Even though my Chinese girlfriend earns twice what I do I have to pay more. Is that OK ?

    The more we bleet on about such things the stronger they get.

    A person who has hate in their heart will find any excuse to denegrate another for whatever reason. To me this is not rascism but unhappiness turned to hate.

    This, for me, is a more valid topic. Otherwise you are part of the devide and conquer scenario. Which is exactly what those at the top want.

    ‘PoC’ ? really.
    A load of middle class politically correct white people feeling guilty about being white and middle class. Get over it.

  • Paul Druck

    This is one of the most ridiculous articles I’ve ever read. By your power/prejudice definition of racism, the only people who can be racist are white people. If a white person hates Asians, he or she is racist. If another PoC hates Asians, they aren’t because they aren’t in a position of power. You are an idiot… which, ironically, is the only kind of human being that it’s ok to be prejudiced against.

  • Judson Putney

    so, what you’re saying is, if someone gets made fun of for being any race (except black people of course) it’s not racism. you’re completely wrong. reverse racism is, in itself, a racist term. racism doesn’t only happen to minorities that have been prejudiced against in the past, the concept of racism doesn’t see color, it only sees people. For you to think that one race of people is exempt from racism, only leads to more racism. If a person of any race, regardless of where they are, or what environment they are raised in, is made fun of or tortured because of their race, it is racism. it’s the same thing no matter who it’s being used on.

  • fernando Rivera Jr.

    Where did you get the idea that racism includes power. You’ve said before that it’s silly to use the simple dictionary definition as a source What is your source?

    Racism is prejudice based in race, I’m sorry

  • wakeupscreaming

    “white privilege” ROFL!
    If white privilege exists, I’d like some. I stand in line at the supermarket like everyone else. I’ll see chinese try to bud in front of me. I don’t get any discount for being white at restaurants or on my rent. We’re all wondering where TF you think white privilege came from, except your imagination to accompany other fake things like unicorns.

    Time to unlearn the shit your “liberal” education brainwashed you with.

    • SaraKee
      • Hound

        looooool, a lot of those points are sooooooo outdated. If it wouldn’t end up being so long, I’d go through each point in turn, but in the interests of keeping it short… Please, while that article may be a ‘classic’ of anti-racist educators, the points do need updating.

        1: There are many clubs, bars, hangout places which are run and frequented by PoC… I’ve been to Sydney, the amount of asian run clubs there is unbelievable. I’ve been to other areas in Australia where a white person would not dare step into a pub. Just a couple of examples on that point.

        3&4. Depends what neighbourhood you live in. There is a MAJOR area of Melbourne where whites are the minority

        7. Ok, it’s not a nice one, but yeah, there is material that testifies to the existence of PoC. Over here in Aus, it’s the stolen generation… which is quite a political issue. Aboriginals want the government to apologise for it, government sees the legal implications of it, so puts up a struggle… we had a “Sorry” day because of it.

        9. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Black music is EVERYWHERE! Well, I understand it, white people suck at singing, and black music is just so damn catchy!!! :D (Tell me you don’t love a bit of soul music, rap, blues, etc)

        16. Ok, this one pushed my buttons a lil. The only language and customs I need to know about are the ones right where i am… that is the same no matter what race you are. Exceptions are if you need to communicate regularly with somewhere else!

        18. LOOOOOOOOOOL Us whites can’t even be sure of that anymore… chances are that the person in charge is asian or indian!

        19. My cousin dated a cop… They’re more likely to pull over a white person because of colour. They’re too worried that a PoC will sue them for racial discrimination. Example: A cop got blasted by his sergeant for arresting an aboriginal for fighting (yes, there was a white guy and yes, he was arrested too)… he had to release the black guy and apologise for the inconvenience. I know this, because I was in there giving a statement about an unrelated incident at the time.

    • Hierophant

      The last 43 leaders of your country and to some people – the world – were white. Do you really think that means nothing? You’re well represented in just about every media there is. Stop thinking privilege is synonymous with favoritism. No one is going to reward you for being white, but at the same time very few people are going to give you grief about it and you most likely are not going to suffer for it. That is White Privilege.

    • Namaps

      I guess you’ve never bother to familiarize yourself with the American criminal justice system.

  • SaraKee

    I’m a white person, and I’ve experienced racism. Hold on, don’t roll your eyes just yet. I was nine and a group of white, teenage boys pushed me off my bicycle, grabbed the black American Girl doll out my my bike’s basket, and strung her up in a tree. Then they spit on me, called me a “n—-r lover,” stole my bike, and raced off. While this is still entirely different from a PoC’s experiences with racism (because I could have abandoned my beloved doll and never experienced anything like that again; PoC cannot abandon their skin), it’s given me a better understanding of the hatred and violence directed towards PoC. I will never know exactly what it’s like to have this hatred directed towards me specifically because of the color of my skin, but I have seen this hatred first hand; it is hideous and terrifying, and it is VERY different from having a PoC judge you or be rude to you because you’re white. That’s not “reverse racism,” it’s actually real racism backfiring onto the privileged. We, as a society, cannot expect to systematically oppress a group of people and not experience some back-lash. As a woman, I have to say that, yes, I do preemptively judge men that I don’t know, and that’s not “misandry” or “reverse sexism;” it’s because women are oppressed, rape is the status quo, and because I have experienced a lot of sexism in my short life. Judging and avoiding strange men is a defense mechanism. Because of this, it’s pretty easy for me to understand why a PoC might judge me, and I understand that if I don’t want to be judged, I have to prove myself….just like men that don’t want me to judge them have to prove they’re not a threat or a sexist douche.

    I realize this is a long-winded comment, but I live in a conservative and racist town, and I’m really tired of having to explain this to so many of my peers. I’m tired of having someone respond to my criticism of their racist jokes with “but black people are mean to me, too!” Maybe if you weren’t perpetuating hate and enabling racism, you’d get a little more respect. And don’t tell me you’re not enabling, dearest white person. I can only speak for my community, but I seem to be the only one speaking up about racism when I see it (i.e. all of the fucking time). Everyone else is either quiet or laughing along. Unless, of course, there’s a black person present! Then everyone’s an advocate. Fucking white people.

    TL;DR, if you’re a white person talking about your experiences with racism, and the perpetrator wasn’t also white, then you’re wrong, and you’re probably a racist. And if you’re not speaking up when your bastard friends tell racist jokes, then you’re enabling racism, and you’re probably a racist.

    Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood “liberal bitch.”

    • Don’tGiveADamn

      I’m a white man. I judge white and black men and women when they walk down my road in front of my house. I don’t know them, so I judge. Just as we all use our judgement to guide our actions. Some peoples judgement proves better than others. I certainly watch these people, making sure they don’t mess with my children or steal my shit. They have to prove themselves first.

  • Abraham

    Caucasians are a minority worlwide but are the dominant race. Racism is utilized in order to plant inferiority to the oppressed and maintain power. It does this by sowing discord amongst the receiver, to make them dependant to their superiors, and finally to make them hate theirselves. When white people stop being racist their dominance will soon follow. Leaving whoever is next to follow suit or learn from the past. Either way, hatred was never in the minds of the trend setters; hatred was much easier for their descendants to understand. They couldn’t comprehend what were the true intentions.

  • Maria

    Talking about racism in a manner in which the terms “PoC” and “white” people are used only furthers the idea that we aren’t all the same. Which we are. And furthermore, racism is racism, it doesn’t matter what your color, and saying that it does only furthers the idea that we’re different even more. Saying that racism has to be “systematic” and “industrial” is ignorant to say the least. If a white man walks up to a black family at a (mostly white) restaurant and says “You black people disgust me, you shouldn’t even be allowed to eat here.” then that’s obviously blatant racism, even though it’s only one man. But if a black man walked up to a white family in a (mostly black) restaurant and said “You white people disgust me, you shouldn’t even be allowed to eat here.” then what? It’s not racist because white people are more “privileged”? Let’s all just lol it off and pretend it didn’t happen? Racism happens to ALL colors of people. And while I understand that racism may have a greater impact coming from someone (or a group of people) with more power than others it is still racism nonetheless, and it happens to everyone. Let’s say we reverse the roles of a certain notorious racial group. If a group of black people targeted a white person as a victim for a particular crime and openly told the police that they were targeted because they were white, would that still be considered a “hate crime” or just a regular crime because the victim was white and “privileged”. This entire blog post (which I refuse to call an “article”) just makes the writer look ridiculous and uneducated. (Although I’m sure she is the typical “college liberal meme girl”) And I’m sure if she was ever targeted as a victim for her race her opinions on “racism only exists if it’s against any color other than white” would disappear very quickly.

    • wes

      She would be making a beeline for stormfront.

  • Mister So-and-So

    As a white man who has been living in Japan for some time, I have definitely experienced what I would like to call racism, but perhaps a different term would be appropriate? I know some Japanese, so I can hear it on the train when I walk on and I hear the scoffs, and the “stupid white person”, or “damn American”. Or when I try to buy a cell phone, but they don’t carry the prepaid phones because “they are a lot of foreigners here”, or when I am not allowed in the restaurant or business because “no foreigners” or “only Japanese allowed”. I know these are still not to the same degree as many of the issues faced by PoC’s in America, but I still thinks this constitutes as racism. As Japan is something like 95% Japanese, wouldn’t that make ME the PoC?

    Am I totally off base with this one?

  • iris

    While I can accept that the racism a Poc experiences, especially a black or Hispanic person, is huge, daily and can be absolutely devastating, I want you to know that racism exists in every country and culture. Being married to an Asian person has exposed me to a pretty large amount of racism. We’re talking about people who are friends with my husband who have refused to ever speak to me directly or acknowledge me as a human being, lots of people. We’re talking about people who have called me names, when they haven never even spoken to me and know nothing about me, names like “white monster”. We’re talking about people who wouldn’t come to our wedding because my husband was marrying a white woman. I have stopped going to parties with my husbands Asian friends, because literally no one will talk to me, if I try to talk people will deliberately ignore me. People will talk in a language they know I don’t understand and point and laugh at me. I have literally left a party in tears while people pointed and laughed at me. Yes, I have experienced racism and it is horrible and so very damaging to a persons sense of worth as a human being. I’m grateful though for having experienced it, because I have so much more compassion for PoC who experience what I have, only on a daily basis times 10 or times 100. Man I have so much respect for someone who can retain their dignity and self esteem under the shadow of such senseless hate.

    • SorayaVonDerAlm

      They treat you like this because of the past White and Asian people share. They are still hurt and therefore can’t understand how one of them “sold out” married a white person aka former oppressor. I can somehow understand their feelings of hurt but still condone this kind of behavior. Bullying is not the answer.

  • Brinton

    Bull crap is all I have to say to this article…. You think blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Indians can’t be racist, then your more delusional than I thought… You think it’s ok for the new black panther party(only using this as a example) calls for the extermination of whites, and that a Dr. Kamau Kambon makes this clear in this video –… You friend are no worse than the media that perpetrates stereo types, and Bigotry… Freaking most whites don’t even know they were slaves(Indentured servants-slaves) first in America, yet you don’t hear those who know this, crying slavery is at fault for our problems, now do you!!! The first recognized slave owner in America was a “BLACK MAN” named Anthony Johnson… Blacks owned Blacks, Blacks owned whites, Blacks owned Indians, just as it was with whites and Indians also… Any time a black person cries it’s the whites man fault, I let them know who sold who into slavery, and it wasn’t the white man, but their own tribes.. Sure some whites are racist, but does that make all whites racists? NOO!! I’m sooo tried of the Bullshit…

  • John Ross

    You people are daft. Reverse Racism is a thing. It is real. I recently was interviewing for a supervisor position at another store of the same company I work for. Even though I was the best equipped, and most professional. A Black girl was hired. Why? They had too many white associates. That is racist to me. But Racism doesn’t apply to whites. Just as Women “cannot” be sexist. Reverse Racism is real. The fact people are trying to say it doesn’t just shakes me to the core. I’ve lost a massive amount of faith in humanity today.

    • SorayaVonDerAlm

      Boo hoo cry me a river. You fail to see that what happened to you is an exception. A black men not being hired though he might be the best equipped for the job, is the norm. That is racism. You also fail to see that your feelings of entitlement are born out of white privilege.

  • Paula

    Okay, so I agree with most of your points, white people aren’t discriminated against on a systematic level. However, let me tell you my experiences with racism. The university I attend is in a really bad area (and by bad I mean there’s a lot of crime) and theres a lot of tension between the predominantly white college students and the predominantly african american population. Whenever I walk down the streets near my school by myself, gross old men hit on me, and if I say anything bad they’ll call me a white racist bitch. I’ve been assaulted by kids around here. Actually, last night I was riding my bike, and some little kid tried to get in my way so I swerved around them. When they realized I was gone, they started throwing shit at me and one of them even hit me with a water bottle. As I was leaving, they were yelling at me telling me to get out of their neighborhood. I understand that I only experience racism on a personal level, yet at the same time, I wonder if you’d have a different opinion on the matter if you were in my shoes. I don’t want to be racist, but it’s hard to trust the locals around here when you see this kind of thing go down.

    For the note, I consider myself and ally, and I do everything I can to stop the white college students around me from having racist attitudes. I literally call out all of my friends when they say or do anything I think is racist, and (institutionally) I’ve been going to the university and pointing out the fact that most of the students are white. It’s just really hard to do this kind of work, when, after having a conversation with a classmate calling them out on their prejudice, some whiny brat runs up to you and punches you in the face.

  • BlahhDeeBlahhDeeBlahhh

    There’s so much unwarranted white guilt in this feed. Racism is racism. Quit trying to split hairs and perpetuate the race card. People like Kaitlyn and Sara are the main reason racism is still around, because people can’t just let it go and realise that we live in a completely different time where whites are discriminated against just as much as any other races, and in some cases more so. Not always, but the instances are not that varied in the grand scheme of things. I don’t know if guilting white people who had nothing to do with the evil, racist acts of America’s past is your form of self imposed karma or reparations, but whatever it is, it is toxic. If people would just live and let live and live for today instead of dwelling in the past, humans of all ethnic backgrounds would be much better off. Unfortunately you all want to continue to apologize for something you and I had no hand in and carry this non-issue into the future with (I assume) the hopes of creating “more equal ground” by elevating those of perceived minority status above white people (You do realize that white people are quickly become a minority in this country). It’s people like you that got our race baiting, blame someone else, campaigner-in-chief elected to office to begin with. Now we’re becoming the entitlement ridden, gimme gimme, nanny state, and I, along with other sane and responsible Americans, see no end in sight. The thought of a return to self-accountability and sustainable living is all but a distant fantasy that we as a nation once aspired to. How about everyone just worry about bettering themselves rather than what everyone else is doing? Reverse racism IS nonexistent because there is ONLY racism. It’s not something that occurs when combined with power. It’s a social construct in many different subcultures throughout our nation. Go to some downtrodden, predominantly “minority” area in the US as a white person and see how many slurs and nasty looks get tossed your way. Of course no one ever says anything about that because we’re just supposed to take it because somehow we had something to do with what white people from decades passed have done. You guys who love to pour on the white guilt do realise that the world has had these problems since looong before modern America was even around right? And you also realise that slavery was a thriving trade well before Europeans introduced it to the America’s. In fact, by in large, it was Africans who sold other Africans into slavery initially. There were even Black American slave owners. I don’t hear about any Black families with slave-owning ancestry anteing up for reparations. I assume those of you who hold these “blame white people” ideas are mostly Left leaning. It would do you and our nation good to see the reality of things and realise that the world isn’t all rainbows, fairy dust, and unicorn farts. Yes there is racism and evil throughout the entire world, and it will always be there, but if we focus on bettering ourselves and quit seeking to place blame and create scapegoats, our society will be much better for it. Sadly, our country seems to be stuck on a hamster wheel; striving for mediocrity and “good feeelings” rather than exceptionalism. To the once great America; we mourn you. RIP.

    • SorayaVonDerAlm

      “we live in a completely different time where whites are discriminated against just as much as any other races, and in some cases more so.”

      Wow. Just wow. You are the reason why racism will never stop. You don’t want to see that the racism that people of color experience is worse than you being denied your white privilege. You don’t want to see that reverse racism is just a form of self protection. People of Color for example Black people have experienced centuries of oppression by white people and you expect them to not have any scars.

      ” Unfortunately you all want to continue to apologize for something you and I had no hand in and carry this non-issue into the future with”

      Just a privileged Person aka white person would call this a non-issue.You fail to see that the whole world still suffers under white supremacy and until that toxic Ideology of one race being superior than others is abandoned,and until the day white people stop denying Colored people their birthright of being treated equally, colored people will continue to practice what people like you call “reverse racism”. Until that day there won’t be unity amongst humanity.
      Reading the rest of your comment confirms that you are just a racist and one of the reason why racism will never end.

  • C.Y. Heona

    Racism; (noun) “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races, and prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”. I am a caucasian, fair skinned, naturally blonde girl from Sweden. I utterly and completely HATE everything about my race. I hate how I look. I also hate how when I walk into the Asian supermarkets that I adore so terribly, I get really dirty looks. And how I hear these discriminatory words around me, this verbal abuse, in both Chinese Mandarin and in Korean, which both I speak pretty fluently. But of course, no one expects the ugly white girl to speak those languages, right? I’m actually a frequent visitor into the Asian society, so I coloured my hair, bleached and altered my skin tone, just to fit in better. And you know what? The day after I coloured my hair and put all that make up on, no one even stared at me. No more verbal abuse. I’m not saying I “transformed to Asian” or some shit, I’m just saying I didn’t stand out as much anymore. If you say that what I went through for so many years, is “my fault” because I “CHOSE to engage in the Chinese and Korean community”, or in general because I am white and I “have no privilege to be affected by racism”, you are the racist one. If I was black, and the Chinese and Korean people were white, this would have been classified as a case of obvious racism. But I guess to you, an Asian calling a white girl insults literally equivalent to “Ugly white trash/scum”, is not on the same level as a white person calling a black person an “ape”. The perfect example of racism. Just because my race doesnt have a very long and tragic history of slavery and a constant submissive position in society, the actual verbal and mental abuse I’ve went through is not as real? I was kind of offended by this article, as you generalize too much to this certain mold of “white kid being chased down the streets by the black kids a few times”. But I guess, I’m white and I feel slightly offended – I must be really ignorant and racist myself then, right?

    • Honey

      C.Y Heona,
      I think they’re aren’t staring at you because they think you’re ugly, they are feeling jealous because you are the beauty ideal, fair skin and fair eyed, that is apparent across the globe. in asia people bleach their skin to be whiter. There are lots of Asian people who dye their hair and wear eye contacts. and POC people being reminded that they are far from this beauty ideal can cause resentment. I guess it’s natural for white people to find only other white people attractive, but I guess this ideal has spread globally and POC find it hurtful when they are looked at as ugly for having dark eyes, skin, or different ethnic features. So maybe you are being stared at in resentment for being the pretty white girl, not the “ugly” one like you claim, as the beauty ideal representing you has become a global one. For some reason people cannot see the beauty in other races…I don’t see many people donning dark eye contacts and getting nose jobs to make their noses less Caucasian looking for some reason. Why is this?

    • Honey

      C.Y. Heona,
      that said, I’m sorry that happened to you anyways. Any sort of prejudice, white against black against Chinese or whatever, is pretty rude. Bullying is terrible. So yes, racism against white people exists obviously. I wish people would treat others with kindness and respect and with the intention to keep each other safe no matter what they look like. Anytime someone treats another person like they are sub-human based on their race is racism, regardless of what those races may be. Hurting peoples feelings is wrong, and violence is wrong, and feeling mentally/emotionally abused is wrong. Abuse of any kind is terrible and needs to be avoided, I think, for any people no matter the race.

  • Edward Mort


    While I think your intentions are good and a lot of what you say here needs to be heard by the “Privileged”, you are way, way, way off the mark and come off as self righteous and very inexperienced. You sound like a text book on black oppression. I agree about some privileged whites crying about how a black person treated them poorly at the mall is not racism or the made up term reverse racism. Please take the time and spend some of it with poor white people (not privileged), who by total number are double the size of the entire black, hispanic, asian and native peoples population combined. Then ask yourself if “There is no system of oppression in America that actively works to oppress and subjugate white people.” Right wingers are fanning the flames of racism in this country at unprecedented levels and the uneducated whites are falling for the hate bait. Why? Because this is the oldest oppression tactic in the book, get them to hate others so they will not hate you and by the way take all their money and insure that they remain subjugated to maintaining your wealth and the system that promotes it. Racism is an indication of the level of education, self righteous indignation is an indication of the level of experience. “White women rising to the top while black women become secretaries” is a per capita view but it is a fools policy to believe or apply. There were three times the number of poor white women who did not get the job as the exe or the secretary. Not oppressed huh? I’m an equalist and believe all people deserve the same good, rights and love in life, but what you are doing is not the right means to the same end I believe we both want. By promoting your ultra PC generalization verbiage you are promoting policies and views of inequality to the non privileged white people. I don’t think that is your intention. I just think you are another inexperienced, good intentioned left winger that is talking out their white guilt ridden privileged ass. Look at it this way, if we are all equal then the percentages of black people who have experienced racism that has had a negative effect on their life or place in life is a fraction of the whole of poor people who are oppressed. It is the whole that matters, not the color of their skin. As for Marc Barnhill’s Amoja Three Rivers quote – everyone of those powers are oppressing poor people (in the USA – a lot more white people than black), African dictators oppress their black citizens via every agency and government entity, is that racism? no. but the point is it is about class not race, racism will be overcome by education, oppression will not. People with power eat their own all through out history. A poor white racist is uneducated and a puppet and a rich white racist is also the oppressor of the poor white. Stop promoting racism by supporting these policies of inequality. A poor black man and a poor white man are just as fucked, but a poor black man has way too many pc white people caring their flag. You are being exclusive not inclusive with this naive view.

    Love and tulips,

    Edward (just another white nigger)

    I tried to post with my account but it will not let me over my phone. My email is [email protected] if you want to reply to me.

    • Don’tGiveADamn

      Thank you. That is the real gist of it, and I wish more people would think this view point over, it is reality.

  • yamammy

    You are correct in saying that “reverse racism” doesn’t exist, but not completely correct in explaining why. The simple answer is that racism is racism regardless of what color the oppressor and oppressed are. We all know that a white person attempting to oppress a black person is racism. But it is equally racism if a black person tries to oppress a white person. Racism is racism. You cannot reverse it. The term implies that the white race invented the concept and “owns” it, but that simply is not the case.

  • Joshua Samson

    white is a color too.

    • Victor Jacobo

      “White is a color too” …. You cannot fathom how, as a person of color, sick and tired I am of white people using that phrase as a means to gain sympathy on this whole “reverse racism is real” crap. Hell no I will not feel sorry for you when you try to gain sympathy by saying that phrase. Hell no I will not magically begin to understand your white struggles amongst the oh so horrible PoC that are supposedly attacking the integrity that is whiteness. Please check your privilege before you make asinine comments like that. It is unfair for you to reap the benefits that come with being white and at the same time attempt to use your whiteness to evoke sympathy from PoC on dialogues of race.

      • Don’tGiveADamn

        Hell no. I will not try to understand (magically or otherwise) your PoC struggles when you cannot come to the table as equals to discuss an issue. Your race is not more important than mine, and vice versa. I see a lot of racism, prejudice, and bigotry in this world, but what I see more of is the tendency for people to blame failure on racism, prejudice, and bigotry instead of owning mistakes, laziness and lack of motivation to make life better. The laws of America are NOT stacked against anyone race, however in many aspects stacked FOR minorities, affording legal rights protected from majority biasdness. This does not include affirmative action (which encompasses many, many faucets of the American institutional “Power Base”) that were introduced to help provide an opportunity to equalize PoC lifestyles, to that of the American “White”.

        1. The world is not fair. – Everyone experiences judgement from other people, all the time, about many things, including skin color, sexual orientation, religion, accents, weight, clothing, how many kids you have, etc.

        2. We are taught to judge. – We judge everything and everyone. We are taught to, from birth, by family, friends, media, society, life experiences. My judgements have saved my life on more than one occasion. I will never stop judging the world around me.

        3. Why would I waste my time, understanding issues that a PoC deals with, (or anyone else on any other matter) when it is not reciprocated? I will not for the sake of political correctness “listen and learn” of your issues for no reason other than to… be aware? I don’t care about your “black” problems about as much as you don’t care about my “white” problems. See how it works?

        Bottom line, I don’t feel sorry for you. I don’t have any sympathy for you because you don’t “reap the benefits that come with being white”. Rise up out of oppression if thats what you want. The grass is not greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it.

        • Victor Jacobo

          Excuse me, but never in my post did I ask for your sympathy. I don’t need your sympathy. Please take off your rose colored glasses and take off your blanket of white privilege because frankly I don’t know what country your talking about when you say that all anyone needs to do is to work hard to get what they want. It is much more complicated than than. MUCH MORE.

          Let me answer your post though…

          1) “The world is not fair”

          – No shit, hun. Thanks for stating the obvious. As if I didn’t know that everyday of my life as queer chicano, first-generation college student. I know the world isn’t fair — where in my post did I say it wasn’t. If I do see injustice though you can be certain that I will do my best to address that injustice.

          2. “We are taught to judge”

          – Damn right we are. I acknowledge that I am the product of this society — my family, my friends, my school, my work environment, etc. However, I don’t think judging justifies any racism or prejudice that people experience. Quite honestly, I don’t understand why you felt the need to tell me that other than that you were trying to justify racism. Racism is not okay…ever! Racism is the reason for a lot of the inequality in this world. Zimmerman trial… enough said.

          3. Understanding PoC issues — Excuse me, but if you’re trying to quantify and compare the struggles that PoC face here in America with the ones that White folks do… my god how much more closed minded could you get…? The struggles are so different it’s like night and day. I am not here to fucking educate anybody — please get that through your head. The fact that you would even suggest that I want you to listen and learn of my issues is ridiculous. Even if you wanted to listen you would never understand! You would never understand what it’s like to live in an America that was not meant for you. All these laws that you say benefit or help PoC are merely accommodations. But you, sir/ma’am, will never know that feeling.

          I am not asking you to have sympathy for the PoC, but as a human being you could at least have some empathy.

          The only positive thing that I can take from your post is the comment of “rising out of the oppression.” You better believe that’s what I am doing. By this time next year I will be the first in my family to graduate from a 4-year university. Education is one step towards liberating my self and my loved ones from the oppression.

  • AnnoyedwithThis

    I think this article is completely invalid. Any prejudiced against someone based on race is racism, no matter what race it comes from.

  • jakes

    Their white privilege leads them to believe that what they say both matters and needs to be heard and is important and the conversation should stop to focus on their ”

    the irony of sara saying something like this is mind boggling.

  • Zeroed Out

    Although racism is systematic and people are usually referring to being prejudice, it’s really all semantics because most people don’t think of it that way. For the vast majority of people, being racist means the same as being prejudiced because in many instances — at least in this country — oppression doesn’t happen in the way it has happened in history. So when someone says that a black person like Spike Lee is being racist because of something he’s said against white people and then Paula Deen is said to be racist because of something she’s said against black people, to MOST people — including those who make the comments — these situations are the same thing on a fundamental level.

  • This article, wtf.


    This article is extremely offensive. Racism is racism. If 5 black people beat up one white person, it’s a hate crime and racism. This really isn’t that hard to understand. Racism is discrimination based on a person’s race. Does the author live in a fantasy world where she gets to define her own version of “racism”? The world is still so fucked up because of people like the author. Stop seeing people as different and start doing something that’s actually helpful for the human race.

    • Guest

      well, I don’t understand why it would be offensive. 1. people of color, aren’t just black people. 2. racism is racism, but “reverse racism”(which is what the article is about) does not exist. And your comment on the 5 black people, and 1 white person. Where did that come from first of all, and second of all how would you know what they are beating him up for? Plus beating someone up is not racist it’s bullying, but thinking your smarter, more qualified , and more civilized than someone because of his/her race is racism. In addition the author can write what she feels. Lastly the world is messed up because people stereotype, don’t learn about history, and love and accept people for who they are

  • Anon

    Reverse racism isn’t real because it’s all racism. Hating whites is racism, and there are people out there who do, just because of the fact that they’re white. Just as some whites hate blacks because they’re black. Both are stupid and very real…

  • Kris

    To start, the word “reverse racism” is not an accurate way to describe discrimination against whites. The opposite of racism is not discrimination against white people, it’s egalitarianism, as racism at a personal level is the belief that different races have different places in society and egalitarianism is the belief that all people should have the same place in society. A more accurate way of saying it would be racism against white people.
    Now, I think in order to actually be fair we need to make a distinction between institutionalized racism and racism on a person to person basis. Institutionalized racism is the kind of racism dealt with in this article that permeates social structures, while person to person racism is simply one person believing another is inferior because of their race. I have noticed in a few of the comments that some people have come to the conclusion that only institutionalized racism is racism and they say person to person racism is prejudice. This is a misunderstanding of the term prejudice. Prejudice is holding beliefs that are not based in reason or prior experience. This is a much wider category than racism. One can be prejudice against anything; bankers, gay people, pickles, literally anything. Racism, however, is often one specific kind of prejudice (it is possible to be racist based on past experiences, and hence not prejudice but belief systems of that kind are wrought with fallacies so a legitimately non-prejudice, racist viewpoint is rare). So in place of saying racism you could say race based prejudice. The statement, “that’s not racism, that’s prejudice,” then, doesn’t make sense as all you’ve done is added ambiguity.
    So to recap, “reverse-racism” is not an accurate term to describe racism against white people, and by logical necessity a prejudiced opinion against white people is in fact racist. I suppose my essential issue is the lack of rigor in terminology, if you’re going to say something doesn’t exist, you have to first accurately describe what it is. That being said, it is still a mistake for a white person to equate their own experiences of person to person racism with other people’s experiences of institutionalized racism.

  • Gupdawg

    Bravo Sara! Reverse racism is a myth perpetuated by White folks who feel their grip on superiority slipping. We White folks feel we have a right to the privileges our White controlled institutions have ensured for us. Reverse racism rears its ugly head when we are asked to consider that those privileges come at the expense of others. E.g. Here in Canada the privileges I enjoy come at the expense of Indigenous people. My ancestors took advantage of “free” land appropriated from Indigenous people. Indigenous people hold no institutional power to deny me my humanity. I have a responsibility to ensure that the White controlled institutions that benefit me stop denying Indigenous people their humanity – oh yes, and their right to original title.

  • perceivedguilt

    Another lousy internet phenomenon is that of white dudes fallaciously claiming that they are being victim of a conspiracy to commit “genocide against whites” through immigration, integration and so on. It’s bullshit, but there you go.

  • perceived guilt
  • Grinderrr

    I believe racism to be the cause of systemic oppression against PoC, not the other way around. And I guess that’s my main issue with the argument. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting the point but surely an institutionalized system of oppression must be built from the individual free-thoughts of it’s leaders, thoughts such as; a person with black skin doesn’t deserve the same freedoms as others. Should these thoughts and ideas NOT be considered racist until they are implemented in a large-scale, governmental society? By looking at racism as solely a systemic oppression we’re overlooking the root cause of the problem; individual racist thoughts and actions. And by labeling these thoughts and actions as simply prejudice and even trivializing them (we’re all victims of prejudice, it’s not the same as racism, blah, blah), we’re forgetting that they are the building blocks of oppression.

    There is, of course, a huge problem with institutionalized racism and I’m in no way denying that. But to say it is the ONLY form of racism I can’t agree with. The argument only identifies the scale of racism in a certain part of the world, at a certain time in history, it doesn’t define it. To try and make people feel that their individual experiences are of no importance to the wider picture is pretty condescending to say the least. It’s the individual experiences that make the whole picture and we should be fighting against racism in all it’s shapes and sizes, not just systemic racism but individual racist thoughts and actions against any race because it’s those individuals who group together and create these ugly systems of oppression.

  • Namaps

    “Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs,
    legislation and widespread media bias that contribute to the oppression
    of the rights and liberties of a group of people.”

    That’s not the
    common, vernacular definition of racism. Most people define “racism” as
    prejudice and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or skin color.
    If you want to reach people beyond extreme leftist activists, it
    probably pays to use words the same way most people use them, rather
    than fighting a semantic battle from the ground up before you can even
    have a mutually intelligible conversation. It’s really not all that hard
    to just say “institutional racism” instead.

    Acknowledging the
    difference between the broad category of racism and the more narrow
    category of institutional racism also allows us to have a conversation
    about the serious problems of institutional racism without people
    butting in to make comments about “this one time a black girl made fun
    of me because I was white” because, despite being a small instance of
    racism, that comment is much more plainly an entirely off-topic cry for

  • Oddmanic

    Reverse racism does not exist, true. You shouldn’t call it that.

    If a white person gets chased by a crowd of black people on the way home from school they should call it what it really is: hate.

    There’s a difference between “racism” and “hate”. It’s just not that big of a difference.

  • Notsoprivileged

    Racism is racism. It doesn’t have a reverse gear.

    Please resist the attempt to redefine the lexicon. Present valid arguments using the terms as defined, or invent new terms as necessary. Don’t carve off your own private subset of the language for use as you see fit.

  • benji

    Great piece and I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. (I’m a half-white-half-Asian person raised in a white family who mostly identifies as white, and I’m frankly unsure about how much racism impacts my own day-to-day experience. I think not much, but hey maybe I am pathetically blind about it, right?) But, I feel like the racism vs. prejudice thing is a little nitpicky and maybe damaging. I agree that the two are starkly different things, and I do think that semantics matter, but it is unnecessarily divisive to insist that white people’s experience with prejudice not be defined as “racism”, for two reasons.

    First, race is a dynamic and monstrously complicated thing. The racism endured by Asians in America is vastly different than racism endured by blacks in America. The role of race in society changes with each passing year, however glacially; 2013 racism is not the same as 1963 racism or even 2003 racism. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding the multiplicity of experiences with racism — there’s gender to consider, upbringing, geography, ethnicity, class, profession, mental health, various subcultures, and on and on and on. Since the terrain is complex and ever-shifting, is it really useful to separate everyone’s experience of discrimination into this dichotomy of “racist” and “predjudiced but not racist”?

    Second, from a purely practical standpoint, I feel like it is more productive to engage white people about racism with plenty of empathy — as it is with all people with all delicate topics — rather than with a blunt semantic denial of their personal experiences. That tends to piss people off, and when most people are pissed off they shut down. I agree, callouts should be made at times, but I want callouts to have a good chance of succeeding and not be for the sake of pure self-righteousness. Piety holds its own traps, you know? I think it’s better to parlay a white person’s complaint of reverse racism into a consideration of proportionality (“yeah. but think about what if the fact of your race defined your identity with most people you met, all the time, for as long as you live?”) than to insist that their own experience doesn’t qualify as being “actual” racism. Yes, it’s frustrating and tired as hell to hear white people equate being treated shitty on the bus one afternoon with four centuries of slavery and naked hate — again, I’m stating this as someone who mostly identifies as white — but that doesn’t mean it feels any less real to the aggrieved person. There’s a line in The Satanic Verses: “It’s impossible to judge the size of the internal injury by the size of the external wound.” How does it help anything to slap down their own injury as invalid? I’m not saying you gotta tiptoe around on eggshells and make everybody feel nice all the time; I’m just saying that if your goal is to actually change things, you need to win hearts and minds. As the comments on here show, hearts and minds aren’t won through expressing your (warranted!) disgust

    Why not just acknowledge that we live in a racist country and a racist world and we’re therefore all racists to varying degree, regardless of our race? Because, come on, we are. And with that, acknowledge that it’s not OK that that’s the case, that it’s a fucking horrible plague that we all have to bear and will never be fully free of, but that we have a constant responsibility do our best to mitigate it and fight as hard as we can to make it better? And that that’s worthwhile, since everything is a matter of degree and it IS on balance better to have 2013 racism than 1963 racism?

    One more thing: for the best ever all around exploration of this topic, please read Jonathan Lethem’s “The Fortress of Solitude”, which is about a white boy growing up in inner city Brooklyn and being harassed daily for the fact of his whiteness and suffering tremendously and then how that is an utterly, qualitatively different experience than what it means to be black in America. It’s a wonderful book.

  • An Onlooker

    It is interesting to note that the author only replies to comments which confirm and agree with everything she has said in the article.

  • a white person

    I think what the author is meaning to attack is the attitude of self-righteous obliviousness that white people can invoke when they bring up “reverse racism”. Reverse racism IS real because racism is racism is racism. And YES because of power differences some people’s racism is way more harmful than others’ and those (in this case white) people because of their social position are also consequently most empowered to avoid engaging in a discussion. But it can be argued that if PoC want real institutionalized racism to change, they have to also take responsibility and acknowledge that attacking white people’s rudimentary attempts at conversation effectively shuts down any discussion and prevents progress towards solving the problem. If the goal of any discussion of race is to throw any white person, regardless of their personal history, off-kilter, this becomes merely an aggressive expression of frustration on the part of the PoC, and any denial of a conversational partner’s individuality is also definitely a form of racism.

    I also think it’s interesting to talk about “ownership” of racial language and ideas: white people, who’ve rarely thought about any of this stuff (other than “we’re all equal, really”), frequently feel a need to ask for PoC’s rules for acceptable ways to talk. It makes white people feel discouraged before they’ve even begun to think about the issues. And they should be thinking about and taking ownership of the issues, too. Denying the validity of white experiences serves to maintain the dichotomy between “white” and “not-white”, those who are allowed to talk about the issues and those who aren’t.

  • Harley

    Walk through a non-white area of Birmingham as a white person and see if you make it through without some kind of discrimination, be it verbal or physical. I know a white guy who lived in Birmingham most his life and he dealt with racism from the Asian community there all the time. The term reverse-racism is stupid, a person discriminating against another because of race is racism regardless of what race the victim is.

  • Geenius_at_Wrok

    What I think is that you’ve redefined “racism” to suit your argument (“Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs, legislation and widespread media bias that contribute to the oppression of the rights and liberties of a group of people. Racism is systemic, institutional, and far reaching”), but that the essence of your point — that ethnic minorities’ prejudice against whites has basically no effect on them, whereas institutional prejudice against ethnic minorities has a profound negative impact in nearly every area of their lives — is sound.

    Racism is simply prejudice and/or unjust discrimination based on the construct of ethnicity we (inaccurately) call “race.” It doesn’t have to have institutional power behind it to be wrong. When it does have that power behind it, though, its effects are so much worse.

  • pick a name

    annoyingly pious article… can’t even get up the energy to argue with the implicit self congratulation. yawn.

  • SunnyOne

    I agree that “Reverse Racism” does not exist. Racism does exist and can be part of anyone’s life, regardless of color. People of color can dislike white people and act on their dislike, just the same as white people can act on dislike or fear or general lack of understanding toward people of color. It is the power and privilege that goes with whiteness that make racism so devastating. When you think about it, it has held our country back from greatness by keeping people of color from reaching their full potential. It is that racism combined with that awful power that puts so many black men in jail or underground right during their most potentially productive years. And why are so many young black men not productive during their prime? Could it have anything to do with multigenerational systemic lack of sufficient education and opportunity? The longer a set of people exists with low opportunity, the more set it becomes that there is no opportunity for them, breeding hopelessness and lifestyles that are unproductive to society. Affirmative action to open opportunity is the only way I know of to stop this cycle. Affirmative action is not “reverse racism.” It is providing to people of color and women the SAME opportunities white men have always enjoyed without thinking about them.

  • Joe

    “PoC” is a racist term. stupid white people. We don’t need your pity. Make yourselves feel better by “defending the po’ coloreds”. You turn on each other out of guilt. pathetic.

  • The Truth

    Some people tried to do science in college and failed, so they went to the only place they were getting good grades and wrote about how they really are good at everything, but they must be where they are because they were oppressed. Hence sociology. It really shouldn’t be funded by colleges anymore, but they need to keep the sociology classes around so that way the science majors can take one every once in awhile to keep their GPAs up to get into graduate school.

    In short, stop wasting all your time whining and start doing something. You’ll be surprised how much more respected and less “oppressed” you are when you do work that is actually tough and rewarding to society.

  • Gini Denninger

    Sara Lucky you are incredibly naive. Black on white racism exists and is getting worse daily. Racism simply is believing a person is not the same as you and less deserving of courtesy and respect , based on color, race, sex etc. people like you who think that I by sheer chance of being born white, deserve to be treated as a lesser by a person of color, you are sadly mistaken.

  • Langwige bucher

    Reverse racism is a
    term that describes a situation in which a white person suffers
    racial discrimination. Sort of like how reverse sexism might be used
    to describe a situation in which a man suffers gender discrimination.
    It is not proper English, but if we consult the accepted standard of
    proper English racism is:

    a belief that race
    is the primary determinant
    of human traits and capacities and that racial
    differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

    2: racial prejudice
    or discrimination

    Also: Everyone
    who uses your definition of racism can already tell you why the
    juxtaposition is nonsensical. Everyone else is going to perceive a
    claim that there is no such things as discrimination against white

    In an effort to
    preach to the choir you are alienating converts. How does this help

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  • Mike

    Wow this is one of the most ignorant articles I have ever read! So what you are saying is.. As long as you are a white person in America nobody can be racist towards you because you are born into white privileges. Here is a quote from your article “When white people complain about experiencing reverse racism, what they’re really complaining about is losing out on or being denied their already existing privileges.” So here is a news story for you that you can look up yourself to verify. A white 13 year old teenager was walking home from school when 2 older black guys followed him up to his front steps, poured gasoline on him and set him on fire while saying “you deserve this white boy”… and other things that confirm it was a racially motivated attack. This story remained local and did not make it to main stream media. why? If this story was reversed and it had been white guys burning a teenager for being black and saying racial slurs it would be plastered all over the place. The whole article is basically saying, don’t empathize for anybody born white… that’s absurd!

    Would you “the writer” ever go to lets say, South Korea and tell them that they need to show more diversity on their bill boards, tv shows, and give out special programs to whites, blacks, and Hispanics because they are being racist and unfair since they are born into Asian Privilege! If we moved there and started calling them names based on their looks and race, according to this article it would not be racist because they are the dominant race. That just doenst make sense and is arrogant on your part.

  • sultana

    Maybe we should start with an agreed definition on what racism is? The writer int he article is referring to ‘when prejudice+power combine’ and others are referring to simple prejudice. I think its important to be clear first about if we are talking on the same page? what does racism mean to you? Are we talking about colour or cultural or religious based racism? Are we talking about overt or covert racism? In the west its mostly covert/indirect and institutional racism?

  • Siera Vercillo

    All I kept thinking about is…she’s right. There is always that one white person who attempts to empathize / identify…or possibly try and belittle the storytelling. I also could not help but think that every time I read a a story about discrimination against women…or violence against women..or women’s rights…or pretty much anything to do with feminism, some men’s rights activist likes to remind us that men have it difficult to…as if it is a competition. When they are completely missing the point. Replace a few words in the article and it changes a bit: “Reverse racism [discrimination against men] isn’t real because we live in a culture that supports and enforces whiteness [masculinity] as the norm and PoC [femininity] as other. Just an interesting comparison…”

  • concerned person

    this article provokes because it has somewhat hi-jacked the word ‘racism’ by using a (fairly recent) sociological definition of the word. however, traditional definitions such as Oxford dictionary and United Nations certainly do not define racism as having to be systematic, coupled with power, media or anything else.
    so the article makes very good points about the situation in the USA but really uses a narrow definition of the word racism that is certainly not the commonly understood definition, thus stirring up panic, chaos and confusion within those that read it.

  • Conrad

    And here is another one: The argument that uninstitutionalised prejudice (-power) is not racism leads us down a dark alleyway of relativisms.

    Is the down and out whitey beggar that slings racial invective at the rich black dude in the Merc that refuses to give him money a racist? Why, sure he his! Its all institutionalised you see and he has power even though he is a beggar.

    Is the racial invective spewing rich black dude in his Merc that calls the beggar white trash racist? Of course not! He is still structurally disadvantaged and powerless.

    Changing the context slightly and making it a white beggar in an African country, wont change much for these folks. Capital is white, they would argue. The beggar still derives his power from the structural dependence of this African country and its elite.

    Does this mean that one should ignore context? No, of course not. The white beggar’s may well have an edge on a black beggar due to his race. But that hardly serves as a magic wand to make the behaviour of the rich black dude any less offensive.

    Distinguishing between prejudice, hatred and racism on the basis of assumed structural “power relations” involved is an extremely blunt tool. It generates neat little black and white pictures, useful only to extremists and those that seek to divide us. Judging prejudice as racist or non-racist on the basis of somebody’s skin colour is patently absurd. It is high time for sensible people to stick together and dump these tired old ideologies in favour of the principle of mutual respect and tolerance.

  • Lola Anna Carbona

    Racism occurs through out all races. Just because a nation never oppressed white people does not mean that racism towards white people dose not exist. The only people that United States is oppressing are gay people. You should conduct accurate research before making a fool of yourself.

  • grin-n-barrett

    I will have to agree…reverse racism does not exist. It is just plain old disgusting racism no matter who is dispensing it. Yes it goes on in every race against every race and is unacceptable regardless of who is doing the dispensing. It doesn’t matter who is pitching or who is catching, it is still unacceptable. When I was 11, I was jumped by 5 girls, I told my baby sister to run. The parents of these 5 girls watched me get punched and kicked over and over. They got involved after my 2 brothers and their 4 friends showed up to rescue me. Then these brave parents ran over to save the 5 girls from getting the same in return. Funny (now) how none of the parents would answer when asked why they didn’t come to my aid. Now what color am I and who beat the hell out of me? You fill in the blanks yourself. Was it any less racist if I am white or black or Hispanic? Hell no, racist is racist, period.

  • AnnG

    Actually as a matter of fact I don’t think living a life of surfing the web could ever find you a real meaning of reverse racism unless you’ve lived it for yourself. surfing the Web is not going to find you the real answers you need! And it’s almost funny for you to write a column you know not a thing about. I personalany am causation and have experienced a lot of racial things not from me to to blacks but from blacks to me. Calling me cracker, honky,snow flake,etc. you are insane if you think that it is not acceptable for a white person to call a black person a Niger when they call themselves that to one another. Yet it is acceptable for a black to call a white a honky. Black people are more racist towards whites then whites are towards blacks. Maybe you should do more research!

  • Derayver

    Racism is defined by that lovely Mariam Webster as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”. (

    White people are not the only racists in the world.

    This article is defining reverse racism as any perceived racist act against a white person. That is not reverse racism, that is racism against white persons.

    For the author to say that racism DOES NOT EXIST towards ‘white’ persons is ridiculous. It does exist. Just like racism (unfortunately) still exists towards people of color… and Chinese individuals… and Russians… and Hispanics.. and… well you get my point. Racism exists towards all different races, ‘white’ people included. And ‘white’ people are not always the perpetrator.

    I was under the impression that -reverse racism- was when a ‘white’ person was overly nice to a person of color. For example; a ‘white’ man and a ‘black’ man go into a bar. The bartender gives the ‘black’ man (who he has never met before – nor has he any previous interactions with the white man) free drinks. The white man is given no additional beverages. Here, reverse racism has occurred.

    I’m no expert. I have no concrete evidence to support this theory. However, I have seen it happen. And perhaps I’m even guilty of subconsciously (or partly subconsciously) offering more opportunities to a person of color than I would a person who shares my own skin color. Why? Because on the deepest level of my heart I am sorry for what their ancestors had to go through when they started out in this country and maybe a little extra kindness will help ease the pain.
    The truth though, is that this act in its self has me acting racist towards people of my own race.

    • derayver

      *White people are not the only racists in the western world either.

  • Derayver

    So if your judged based on your race and your white, its prejudice. If your judged based on your race and your a person of color, its racism.

    If your attacked based solely on the fact that your white, its prejudice. If your attacked based solely on the fact that your a person of color, its racism.

    Is the author trying to say that the attack on the person of color is worse than the attack on the white person merely because it can be defined as racism?

    A rose by any other name is still a rose. Whether you want to call it racism, bigotry, or prejudice each act is equally detrimental to the individual.
    If you want to call two identical acts by a different name just because the race acting as the perpetrator is different, doesn’t that in its self make you bias?

  • fallacy_blaster

    “Ya know what else? That shit is tired, played out, and incorrect.” Yeah just like every single hole in your argument. Racism can be directed toward any race regardless of what name(“reverse racism”) you want to call it.. regardless of the fact that a “predominantly white establishment” is simply no longer the case. A predominantly white establishment went out of the window when the following took place: amnesty reforms, Obama’s inauguration, appointment of rick holder, appointment of Sonya sotamayor. nearly entirely black sports teams, domination of rap and pop in the music industry, new black panther party is praised by mainstream media. In fact when you look at the population statistics blacks are doing very well these days in respect to thier proportionate share in the establishment, but the inauguration of Obama puts the nail in the coffin to the end of sorry excuses and justification of white racism. Let me guess you are someone who thinks ‘cracker’ isn’t a derogatory racial term?

  • elleaich

    Systemic racism, the
    difference in experience of racism when you’re part of the oppressed
    group, derailing as a silencing tactic — these are the issues. Continuing to insist that your definition of ‘racism’ is the only valid one is only going to keep the discussion on the wrong thing, adding fuel to the derailing.

  • Nonono… lots of no

    Well good luck making that point when a white person works or intends to work at a place that employs 99 percent blacks or hispanics because guess what!? for one the boss is of a minority and secondly the school is a public university system that favors minorities in the first place. EVERY SINGLE DAY I WALK INTO WORK FOUR BLACK GIRLS HARASS ME BECAUSE OF MY SKIN COLOR. Black people think this is good that a white person suffers, they enjoy it. It makes them happy. Because they psychotically think they have been persecuted by whites in all ways possible. They mistily recall stories of injustice when their sister’s friend’s dog’s previous owner met someone in the KKK once at a drive through movie billions of years ago. I HAVE BEEN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED AT MY WORK AND MY BOSS DOESN’T CARE. THE GUY CALLS ME A RACIAL SLURR ALL THE TIME TO THIS DAY. YOU ARE A PC IGNORANT FOOL. Bet you think it’s funny for me, to call *you* ignorant, alas you freakin are. Racism against whites is very real. Pull your head our of your self righteous pc asshole…. It must feel nice to feel like you are Gaia in the flesh, a lover of all races and especially the poor apparently helpless victims that are minorities. You don’t know what justice is. You think shit that happened about 150 years ago justifies the actions of these horrible people to terrorize another race? You’ve never been raped by a black man because of the color of your white skin SNOW BUNNY. Wake the fuck up. I’M TIRED and ashamed of weak white people like you. You don’t know what black people are like, I’ve been around mostly blacks for most of my life. I used to be friends with them until I slowly got tired of being put down by them BECAUSE I AM WHITE- GOD DAMMIT. I don’t owe these manipulative opportunists anything. It’s hard to see them as anything else. Even the educated ones think white people somehow need to pay for slavery, no matter how they deny it villifying white people gives them advantages and therefore an incentive to act out. They don’t act out because white people are so racist, they act out because they want another BET channel and a new big screen. They also want whites to suffer because it’s what they are brought up to do. America was founded by whites, China was founded by the Chinese…. It’s almost too simple for an American to understand… Countries are not made out of rainbows and unicorns, they are made out of war, sweat, and blood… many times in the past this included slavery. African American slaves in NO WAY had a unique experience. If anything the Jewish slaves did back under the control the Babylonians around 3-600 BCE… Aside from that… My very poor family Ukranian came here in 1974. 1974… It’s an assault on a race. You really are so unobservant. Bet you think Trevon was an innocent child of 17 who had never done drugs and had no past violent behaviors. I wonder why they choose this case to magnify, there are likely more actually clear murder racism cases out there.

  • Paul Teevan

    Check your dictionary.

  • jc carington
  • jc carington
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  • openmind

    If I had an opinion regarding this essay, would the validity of my opinion be either greater or lesser depending on my ethnic background?

  • Cole

    I love this article, thank you! Am going to share it.
    Just wanted to say – I don’t see any credits listed for the artist who made the image “LOL WHITE RACISM”. Their name is Mark Aguhar and they passed away in 2012.

  • Andrew

    Bryce, is everyone hating on white people? Could you please enlighten us about this new trend of “hating white people and getting a pat on the back.” Everyone seems to be pointing out white people’s bigotry and it’s kind of getting awesome. I’m white btw, though it should not matter.

  • ElectricFire

    Yes, I do think that this article is completely off point. Reverse racism is unquestionably real. We don’t live in a culture that supports whiteness anymore. We live in a culture that expects apologies for simply being white.

    It’s not the 1960′s anymore. Reverse racism is a genuine problem facing Americans today, and it’s stunning that liberal whites ignore that the double standard is shifting against whites.

  • Sensia

    Being a white woman, and having worked at several different large companies, I definitely agree with the blogger/author. I have seen outright racism first hand by my colleagues and friends. It is embarrassing, and disgusting at the same time. I get tired of hearing the “reverse racism” claim because I know for a fact that is not what is going on. I think we still have deeply embedded racism in this country and it was pushed under a rug for awhile, up until we elected our first black President. Boy oh boy have we seen the racsim come out of the woodwork.

  • Chell-bell

    I don’t know if the point has been made yet but I feel like should say
    that POC doesn’t mean/ just refer to “Black person”. POC is “Person of
    Colour” and so you should use it as such. It feels like a lot of
    commentators are quick to jump to an experiance with a black person to
    defend their point and try a put it on an equal plain to the POC’s
    experience but the fact is…. The POC could be Korean. Or Somali. Or
    Portuguese. Or any one of the races listed under the minorty banner and
    they are all going to be reffereing to different experiences of racism.
    Not just black people. It feels like a lot of you are saying “Well if
    that black person is getting upset about this then I’m going to tell
    them about the time I got called a whitey by 12 black guys!”

    This comment was pretty random and I’m pretty sure I lost my point somewhere but I just felt like posting it anyway.

    • wes

      Explain why white people aren’t people of color…

  • Gerald

    My good lord, as a black girl, this is exactly how I feel. You are 100% and I’m so glad you are able to see this

  • BrownFlowers

    Where did you pull this definition racism from?
    General knowledge is pretty solid when comes to describing racism as a act of prejudice toward another based racial difference. However if you want to get technical, the dictionary describes it as “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.” So if what your doing is trying to justify your argument with your own “opinion” of what racism is, you should clearly state that
    The only thing I feel like you are right about in this article is that whites aren’t experiencing “reverse racism” because REVERSE RACISM DOESN’T EXISIT. Racism is racism, and the term doesn’t make sense.
    Your white guilt isn’t stopping racism, and not in the least bit helping. If a white person is relating and sharing their own experience with minorities, why is it is suddenly wrong? Don’t down play on anyone’s hurtful experience. The goal should be complete equality for everyone, which from your article, I feel your motives aren’t the same.

  • Jim Jarvis


  • Jim Jarvis

    Whether you call it “institutional racism vs. individual racism” or “racism vs. prejudice” we need to acknowledge that the former has far more impact on society than the latter.

    I’m a black heterosexual American and in my teens I heard someone complaining about gay pride parades how they were “shoving it in their face”, but someone else said straight pride parades happen every weekend night in that neighborhood, every bar and club, every wedding, everytime a man and woman hold hands in public. That immediately and permanently made me see my “straight privilege”.

    It seems like any white person willing to think for a few minutes in a similar manner could determine what “white privilege” is, and they would never ask why there are HBCUs and BET. Realizing the impact of institutional racism would soon follow.

    The only real impact the privileged can back is to not be an a-hole or insensitive prick. Also to make bigots feel uncomfortable in subtle or overt ways. This seems small, but that behavior multiplied by 40 million or so can make real change.

  • Ray Ivey

    You are absolutely wrong. Racism is racism. There’s a difference between being “denied privilege” and being discriminated against because of skin color. The fact that you don’t think white people can tell the difference is condescending and offensive. Have black people experienced a horrible amount racism historically? Absolutely. Doesn’t mean that they “own” being victims of racism.

  • Maria

    Who are you? So 95% of blacks voting for Obama even the second time around wasn’t done because they are racist? But you would say that white people were racist if 95% of whites voted for the white candidate. You are naive. Where do you live? I am not prejudice in the least and know some nice people of different backgrounds. You are just really ignorant. One other thing, the “goods” the wealthy buy are virtually available for a lot of people of all different backgrounds. There are discount stores galore, books are another example because way back when only the wealthy could afford a book because of the way there were made but with today’s technology and advancements, everyone can buy a car just about, get jewelry and get the same food at the grocery store. They may be at different prices but we all can get a lot of material goods in our modern society. Another thing, don’t tell me that whites can be racist but blacks can not because there is a lot more violent (HATE) crime from blacks on whites where the other way around it is very remote according to the statistics. White-ness is the norm?? Are you living in Timbuktu??? How many white teenagers copy the rappers of today? Their music? Their style? Their way of talking? Singing? I wish they would go out of style! Maybe the kids today wouldn’t emulate depraved behavior promoted by the media if it went out of style. Why don’t you go and fly a kite instead.

  • Vlasta

    You must be one of those whites who just love to kiss ass and be all “pro-black” while you live in a all white suburb.
    Me, on the other hand, a white person who grew up on Chicago …in not the “best part” of it to say the least, has experience has had PLENTY of encounters with reverse racism.
    And by the way most of my friends happen to black because of my childhood, including my now boyfriend. So anyway, I have heard every insult in the book just by walking down the street at times, from blacks, only based on my skin color. And I have been attacked by STRANGERS in my childhood just for being a “white girl.” So don’t tell me reverse racism doesn’t exist.
    What? Black person can’t be racist because of history? Stop lol….
    So you mean to tell me was ok for blacks to insult me… A child at that time! Because I’m white? Because someone with my skin color abused their great great grandma ? Hahaha wow give me a break. MFS DONT GET A PASS ON BEIN FD UP HUMAN BEINGS FOR SOMETHING THAT THEY DIDNT EBEN GO THRU. Pathetic.

    • i am the devil…..ihave come

      you are…..the exact same white dumb ass that she described in the article, your cookie sir

  • Just a thought…

    Reverse racism does exist. To use your examples, if someone touches someone else without permission, you’re right, that’s not racism. However, if a white child is bullied by black children BECAUSE they are white that IS racist. Racism is discrimination based on skin color or race. If any person is discriminated against because of their race, WHATEVER RACE IT IS, that is racist. It doesn’t matter what race it is. It’s still racist.

  • george

    Reverse racism is a false term there is only racism. Racism against any group is called racism. Reverse racism by definition is racism that is non existent.

  • Cannibal Vegan

    Sara, this is a great article and one that should be read by every who misunderstands racism in this country and world. However, I WOULD NOT use the word PoC [person of color]. Is there any reason to believe that white skin is not a color? I know you are talking about the privileges that come along with ‘whiteness’ and that people who don’t necessarily have white skin can have the ‘power of whiteness’ but I think it’s better to use the word ‘non-white’ rather than PoC when talking about people who don’t have white skin.
    Just a thought,

  • C.J.

    This is similar to a topic I allow my students to debate over. Its great to see an online discussion of this

  • bemused ally shaking her head

    much like all articles about feminism, the comments on this article justify the article. well done.

  • JJ

    I think the problem is that most people don’t differentiate between the definitions of “racism” and “prejudice.” I see what the author is trying to say, but I can also see why people might feel that it’s cherry-picking to say, “You can call it ‘prejudice’ if you are a white person being discriminated against for the color of your skin, but not racism” if they don’t accept the definition of racism to be “prejudice with the power to affect legislation, social environment, etc.”. Maybe this will raise the awareness of some people about the more technical definitions of the two words, but my guess is most people will continue to see the words as synonyms.

    I personally do see the distinction, and I can see why prejudice against a minority (racism) has a lot more repercussions than prejudice against a majority, but I wish we could all agree that a “PoC,” as the author says, lashing out at a white person due to racial prejudice is wrong just the same as a white person lashing out at a PoC is wrong. A white person who grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood where s/he was singled out due to his or her skin should have a right to feel incensed when someone tells him or her that those experiences “aren’t the same” just because it’s their “individual experience.” It’s individual, yes, but that person still suffered discrimination and it makes sense that they might get upset and feel like they’re being told their experiences with prejudice aren’t as valid as a minority’s experience because it “wasn’t racism.”

    • JAES

      THANK YOU. Well, well, well spoken. Or written, rather. ;)

  • Jeffrey James

    While this is obviously well written, I do believe that you are unaware that this argument is poised on the same principles that you condemn. What I find most false is that you consider racism solely as an institutionalized phenomenon. What you are speaking of is a purely academic/historical argument of racism. In our modern world where the paradigms have completely shifted in unprecedented ways, regarding individual experience as a part of racism is integral within this conversation. After all a community is only a collective of individuals. Any group of individuals being subjugated to prejudice based upon race, is racism.

    Racism is not a black and white argument. I mean that figuratively and literally. Socio-economically speaking there are far more Hispanics being oppressed within our modern society. In our culture it is socially acceptable to portray “Mexican” Americans as migrant workers and further berate that group by making fun of their societal plight. That group is institutionally oppressed and in many ways is going through its own version of indentured servitude. Many Hispanics are light skinned, yet never receive an inkling of white privilege. Historically, Native Americans are the saddest story that America rarely speaks of. That is our American Holocaust. Should we disregard this portion of the argument as well. Your argument is selective at best. What is ironic, is that the black/white portion of this “omnilogue” dominates, subjugating all other groups from this pervasive problem; based upon their race.

    I also happen to be an outlier of societal norms. I categorize myself that way, because I fall within many cracks of this argument. I would be categorized as Hispanic, but I am light skinned, with blue eyes. I am a South Bronx native and come from a poor family and neighborhood. All throughout my life I have been subjugated to varying forms of racism, from varying groups of races. Most often the form of racism was dependent on the group I was interacting with. This would run the gamete on forms of racism from literal (pale face, cracker, spic, etc.) to perceptual. My girlfriend is “Black” and being a part of an interracial relationship has opened the door even further to racism. My viewpoint is unique.

    From all of my experience dealing with race, the one true lesson that I have learned; is that you can not get rid of shortsightedness with shortsightedness. If the goal is to reach equality, you must treat all as equal. Until the 17th century the word race denoted national affiliation and not its now taxonomic sense. With that said, I consider my race to be American.

  • Guest Speaker

    So what do you call what happened to George Zimmerman? He had the President considering him guilty before he even got a trial to prove his innocence. The President taking sides because his victim was the same race. The President diverted the Attorney General to go into a state criminal case and try to manipulate it. Once Zimmerman was acquitted, the President accused the Jury of being racists and once again told the Justice Department to try another way to sentence him(double jeopardy). That was some major oppression being done…

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    Reads like an essay written by a privileged student lacking real life experience. It is simply wrong.

    • i am the devil…..ihave come

      you are wrong but like many other whites think you are right while being wrong

  • Anonymous

    As a Chinese American, I can attest that reverse racism is a thing. In fact, many of my Asian friends can be quite racist to white people. The entire concept of “power” in racism is absolute bullcrap. Discrimination based on race is a problem no matter which race is the “dominant” one. So please take this drivel and toss it in the garbage where it belongs. All racism, no matter if the racist is a minority or not, should be condemned. Otherwise, it’s giving one group an advantage over another, which is racism.

  • artwerk

    this is one dimensional af

  • Racismisnotblackandwhite

    I don’t know what this “reverse racism” crap is, but I’m a white male who has had my fair share of racist and hateful comments, looks, and language directed toward me for being white. However, I could never understand or even be able to relate to those who are discriminated against on a systematic level. In other words, it is one thing to have a few ignorant people here and there hate you for the color of your skin and eyes, it is quite another to have entire societies and governments treat you as a potential threat, deviant, or any other unpleasant thing simply because of the color of your skin. This is something I and every other white male in most parts of the world will never be able to relate to or fully understand in our entire lifetime.

    • i am the devil…..ihave come

      is that a white man using logic, you are rare, heres a hug

    • Lifthrasir

      Yet most white women will be able to identify with that. Being harassed at every streetcorner by men of all colours. Being denied of having a soul by the Roman Catholic church some 400 years ago and now again my some natives posting on FB, being discriminated as not having the vote, not being able to land jobs in the higher sector, being paid less then men wherever and being responsble for the majority of householdchores in whatever relationship. Trust me for a white woman, hearing her black friends what it feels like to be harassed by the police is not such a major step to imagine nor is being physically and sexually being abused.

  • Kassia Hardwicke

    This article was SO well written! I’ve shared it a couple times! Thank you! And to answer the questions you asked above: I am a pale skin, blonde haired blue eyed Metis woman…I have NEVER experienced racism, ever. Some of my fellow Metis, First Nations, and Inuit peers with darker skin have, I cannot even begin to fathom their experiences. I have experienced discrimination for not being “really Native” because of my skin colour, but guess what, that is an individual experience…when I walk out in to the world I do not experience what my peers experience…examining the power dynamics, when I walk out in to the world, I experience privilege because of my skin colour…I am never followed in stores, cops drive past me without hesitating or eyeing me up…these are only a couple examples…this is not true for some of my peers. Because of this power dynamic, I do not experience widespread systemic discrimination on the basis of my skin or culture. So yes, I am tired of hearing people say reverse racism is real, and I do believe it is self-centered..yes, we all deserve to be heard, but for christ sakes do not go in to a PoC space, hijack the conversation and make it about your individual experiences…it isn’t about you. What you can do is listen. And learn…. and to answer the last question, no, reverse racism is not real.

  • Malcontent

    I’m not shouting or angry but why is “Black people meet dot com” OK, when a “white people meet dot com” would be viewed as promoting racism? Whites are encouraged to look at the person, not the color. Blacks are told, stick together, it’s us against the whites.
    In a poll about the Trayvon Martin case (sorry to bring it up) 90 percent of whites (last spring, way before the trial) said they did not have enough information to decide if Zimmerman was guilty or innocent. Sounds level headed and open minded to me.
    In the same poll, 80 percent of blacks had already decided he was definately or probably guilty.
    If the jury had a majority black make up and he was found guilty, would that be racism? Based on that poll, you wonder if they would even listen to the testimony.
    There are racist whites, and racist blacks and racist yellow people too, don’t think this is a one sided thing.

  • Ukumbwa Sauti M.Ed.

    Actually, racism equalling prejudice plus power is a commonly accepted definition amongst critical race theorists, activists, cultural critics and many, many others who are actively involved in anti-racism discourse AND action. The writer is sharing, with those who don’t know or who might not know, a definition that is very clear and widely used though not popular or popularly understood amongst those that don’t read about and work regularly to destroy racist systems, structures and modes of thinking and communicating.

    • commonsense405

      Merriam-Webster says:

      rac·ism (noun) ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi-
      : poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

      : the belief that some races of people are better than others

      …no mention of requiring a position of power.

      That said, “power” need not be systematic or institutional. It could simply be possessing weapons and/or outnumbering someone on the street at night, as the case was when Dr. Singh got jumped by a gang of African-American men in NYC last month:

      Are you really going to argue that this act wasn’t racist because it wasn’t committed by whites?

      • Cup of Tea

        Dr.Singh’s attack is not racism. It’s prejudiced (mostly religious based, at least because of what religion they assumed him to be) but not racist. Do you even know what race Dr.Singh is? Do you think his attackers did? They called him ‘Osama’ as in Osama bin Laden someone perceived as a terrorist…whose race was hardly ever mentioned but his religion always.

        You used a dictionary….to describe racism…a dictionary. Webster’s dictionary… a dictionary forming from when slavery was still in existence. Yes with updated definitions…you’re using a dictionary instead of learning about it for yourself….you used a dictionary to understand something as powerful as racism.

        I think you’re trying…but then again..I think you’re being defensive and showing your privilege (which you obviously don’t understand..which is part of your privilege…to not have any real understanding of racism )

        • Derek Jude Tallman

          Ok, so someone is too ignorant to even distinguish South Asians from Arabs, and somehow that makes them not racist. Wow. Can you help me craft my next excuse when I come home late for dinner and my gf is pissed? You seem to be good at making them for others.

    • Lifthrasir

      Before you keep spreading this definition any further, you need to check out the definition of racism by the UN. And even in different countries racism has not always the same definition. Yours is not valid in the UK and not in the Netherlands. We use racism, as based on skincolour and race and we use discrimination. The latter is then related to all economical oppression, less chances etc.

    • Race Traitoress

      YES. The privilege shown by those here as armchair race theorists is unbelievably frustrating and arrogant. The OP knows what she’s talking about. Educate yourselves before you pop off like you think you know everything.

  • Ukumbwa Sauti M.Ed.

    So this has probably been said before. Sorry to not have the time to read every comment, but I’m already tired of exactly the backlash behavior/discourse that Ms. Luckey speaks of in the article. So many of these comments are exactly the same as what I have experienced day in and day out, month after month, year after year. People of privilege find it really, really hard to be present, listen and learn from experiences that are not their own, that may indeed and in deed challenge their perspectives and challenge their unearned privilege in a society built on and sustained by racist social, political and economic structures and ideological systems. It would be great if more people of European descent (along with others) would read and study about racism, privilege, colonialism and patriarchy. We’d at least be able to have more productive, supportive and compassionate discussions that are actually focused on creating better societies and freeing ourselves from our fears and social pathologies.

    Thank you, Ms. Luckey, for this informative writing.

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  • Cannot stand you

    A 9 year old boy just recently hung himself for being bullied for being white. Yeah no such thing as reverse racism, all white people are privileged and never have any reason to act like they have a bad life.

  • Zita

    Yeah and the author’s point is that when PoC’s talk about INSTITUTIONALIZED racism, white people jump in and talk about INDIVIDUALIZED RACISM and derail the conversation.

    It seems like it’s hard for you to understand that institutionalized racism…. is still racism?

    • commonsense405

      Actually, the author doesn’t specify institutional racism. She says “Any time a PoC starts to talk about their experiences with racism”

      Individualized racism is racism too, is it not? Then it’s relevant to the conversation and not derailing anything.

      • Kandi

        It’s entirely derailing, because you’re using personal experience to invalidate someone else’s personal experience. You’re making it about white people, as if there aren’t a million places for white experience– where it’s thought of as just ‘experiences’.

    • fernando Rivera Jr.

      If you’re talking about institutionalized racism, say institutionalized racism, not just ‘racism’.

  • asdfqwer

    So if a member of a minority shot a white guy in the face because the guy was white, you would not consider that an act of racism? Just trying to clarify here.

    Also, from your logic, if you take a KKK member and drop him off in South Africa somewhere (presumably where he is a minority and racism against whites exists) and he starts killing off all the blacks he sees, just because of their skin color, you would not be able to consider that racist. Thoughts? (I really am curious, I am not trying to be rude)

  • reason

    Ms. Luckey, just because white people post about singular events does not mean that the incident is a standalone fluke. I have had my share of both racist and accepting whites, blacks, latinos, asians, (i can’t claim native americans as they are very few because our forefathers are dicks who were greedy land hungry fucks who wiped out the indigenous) and others. In fact, YOU are prejudiced speaking from a technical pov. Prejudice comes from the word Judical, to judge. pre meaning that you judge Before knowing the full measure of the person or thing that you are so haughtily judging. RACISM means that you hate or feel that you are superior to a person’s race. just as sexism means you feel the same about the opposite gender. You are the type of self-hating bigot who believes that your own people are the scum of the earth and do not deserve the same rights and priveleges as anyone else. and to claim that there are no systematic policies against whites is a naive and shortsighted statement. what do you call a rule that favors one group over another. are white males covered by equal oppourtunity or hate crime legislation? no. what about money for college based on our skin color? didn’t think so. if a seasoned, well-qualified white man and a fresh out of college, no real world experience minority are in for the same job, and yet the employer has not met the quota for that type of minority, the latter will get the job, because the employer does not want to be caught in miles of legal red tape, law suits, and protesters. And this is legalised by our own government. never once in any school i went to, even predominantly white ones did anyone ever get to learn about and celebrate a white culture. and lastly, i leave you with this link. I admit that the author was wrong to point blacks out so pointedly, but it is quite correct in the main point. I challenge you to read this and reply with the same view.

  • Jimmy D

    It is true that “reverse racism isn’t real”. It’s just plain racism and all races can be the perpetrators or the victims.

    The premise that “power” is a required element of racism is incorrect and destroys the author’s entire argument.

    For example, the collective disdain that most blacks have toward most whites is definitely a form of low-grade, loosely organized racism. It is perpetuated in music, comedy, and all forms of media.

  • whatever

    noun: racism
    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

  • ghanderman

    well, first of all, you have to understand where the idea of “race” comes from. as a concept, “race” did not even exist until the 18th and 19th centuries…it was coined by European anthropologists and other (pseudo)science types in order to construct explanations for human differences—which was kinda ok in the beginning because people are comforted by labels and prefer explanations. but it was ultimately distorted to justify a hierarchy of oppression in which the “white race” (which also did not exist until the same time period) was seen as the epitome and pinnacle of human evolution. the concept did not come from asia, nor did it come from africa, nor did it come from the americas, nor even eastern european countries…it originated in Britain and France and Spain during the era of “discovery” and conquest and was aggressively promoted by the church, the monarchies, and the land owners. the reason it was aggressively promoted by these entities is because the European construct of “race” allowed for a system of oppression based on phenotype (that is, based on what people looked like) that secured power for the European elite and allowed European commoners to find a new, higher status in the white hierarchy; it didnt matter that they were still landless and dirt poor schmucks of the European aristocracy being ruthlessly exploited by an elite system of oppression (called classism) because now they had power over an entirely new class of people that they could dog instead of being the dogs themselves. it also allowed the european elite to suspend their own systems of laws regarding title, occupancy, and rights over land and land use when it came to the indigenous populations whose lands they were colonizing–after all if someone isnt really a human being and isnt really worthy of consideration since they are beneath white people, then they dont really deserve legal protections and arent really under jurisdiction of the law since the law is reserved for human beings (which in europe meant white people). for a person of color to be a “racist” and to practice “racism” as it actually is, they would have to buy into the whole genetic fallacy of “race” (which does not even exist), would have to be willing to suspend their humanity to promote an oppressive and destructive idea of their own superiority over other human beings, be willing to engage in the dehumanization of themselves to the point where they could not only commit mass genocide on millions of innocent people but justify it through racism and saying that the victims deserved it for not being of their group, and establish global institutions (law enforcement, justice system, scientific community, legal structures, political structures, etc because its not about individuals saying names or retaliating against their oppressors who are white—its about a NATION a community of individuals working to create inequality and using systematic violence to maintain those inequalities) to back up those beliefs….they would, essentially, have to replicate European history and European social relations, establish the same kinds of hegemonic structures that Europe did at the point of a gun before they could then even begin to enact “racism” and be “racists”. Compare it to sexism….a woman can call a man a bleepity-bleep but we all know its still a “mans” world and as a dude, I still have power that women will never have as long as it is a “man’s” world…..I am constantly unpacking my male privilege and having to challenge myself to see where the line is between a woman being angry at hundreds of years of male oppression and me as a man benefiting from that system and engaging in sexist behavior. but racism is worse because race isnt even real; sex differences between men and women are. that black guy shooting a white guy because hes white is nowhere close to that white guy and his father and his fathers father and his fathers fathers father benefiting from the organized lynching and enslavement of millions of black guys over hundreds of years. THATS what racism is—its historical, its systemic, its about a community, an entire nation of people agreeing that black people are inferior and deserve to be murdered because of it. and thats american history, folks…the usa had laws against being black, thousands of “decent” white folks would gather to witness the lynching of a single black man. dont believe me? do some research….and unless black people gain the same systemic power to do to white people what black people have endured for 500 years then nothing they do is “racist”; its a logical reaction (i would even call it justifiable resistance because what sane person allows themselves to be treated like that?) to being targeted for injustice, genocide, slavery, murders, rapes, dehumanization by racists for far longer than any person should ever have to endure.

    • ∞Ꭹᗢᘮᖇᕼᓰᘐᕼﬡᗴᔕᔕ∞

      “…the concept did not come from asia, nor did it come from africa, nor did it come from the americas, nor even eastern european countries…it originated in Britain and France and Spain during the era of “discovery” and conquest and was aggressively promoted by the church, the monarchies, and the land owners.”

      You aren’t entirely wrong, but many researchers would argue that “racism” originated in (and around) India. Race as a concept existed WAY before the 18th century. Try 200-100 B.C.E. Have you ever heard about the Indian Caste System?

      “dont believe me? do some research….”

  • FatRob

    I was about to comment on this old article, but a lot of what I’d intended to write was basically covered below already. Still, the above is guilt-ridden garbage that plays games with semantics while ignoring the actual problems that cause ppl all over the internet to claim that they’ve experienced reverse-discrimination.

    I do think that the use of “reverse” in these discussions is kinda useless, but I understand why some ppl feel more comfortable using it. Whether you want to call it racism, prejudice, or bigotry, it’s pretty F-ed up when ppl marginalize or harm others due to reasons related to “race”. (And, really, the concept of race is a social construct, but that doesn’t make it any less real….)

    If the author ever reads this comment, I hope she’ll realize that there are many situations extant within US society where PoC hold institutional “power” over white folks, even if Caucasians remain the most widely recognized “dominant” ethnic group. Don’t you feel a little bit racist, given that you believe that PoC aren’t even *able* to be racist, Sara Luckey? Don’t you think that, by relegating ppl of color to permanent sub/victim status, you’re showing quite a bit of racial prejudice yourself?

    Whether or not “reverse racism” is real, it’s in poor taste to discriminate against ppl based on (any) skin color, regardless of your particular notions about USA social structure.

  • Adolf

    I’m the only White man living in a predominantly non-White neighborhood. I’m not imagining the fact that I’m terrorized nearly every day, I don’t imagine that my house is always being tagged and that I’ve been mugged 3 times by black people. Fuck this stupid bitch for telling me I can’t experience racism just because I’m White.

  • Adolf

    “unless we’re talking about criminals, then PoC get unfairly misrepresented”

    So we have to ignore crimes committed non-Whites to not be racist? Have you ever considered the outlandish possibility that you always hear about crimes committed by Black people and that our prisons are full of black people because black people are actually just committing more crimes?

    You have the predetermined conclusion that everyone commits the same amount of crime (because the only difference is color) and so when reality doesn’t match with your belief you have to create an abstract and imaginary social construct of White privilege to explain away all your inconsistencies.

    If I rob a store, if I kill someone, it’s not because I’m expressing rage at the patriarchy or because I’m feeling the affects of centuries of oppression. I’m responsible for my own actions, I wish I had that kind of excuse for everything so I could blame all my failings on someone else instead of taking responsibility for my own actions.

  • Adolf

    I was always told that racism is when any race attacks or oppresses any other race. Then I was told the idea that only White people can be racist is just something racist White people say to try and make racism look like a stupid concept. Now here you are, openly declaring that White people can not be victims of racism. Fuck I wish I knew how to get into this White privilege club.

    I wonder why my privilege didn’t stop my Indian boss from firing me and hiring another Indian (he only hires Indians but that’s not racist because he isn’t White.) I wonder why when I was in the Army I was one of 3 White men in my platoon and I got constant shit for being White, I’m talking relentless, both physically and verbally. I had to constantly be on my best behavior and the tiniest bit of racial profiling was the worst possible thing that’s ever happened to anyone.

    I’ve been a victim of shit like this all my life and you’re acting like its fair, I didn’t colonize this country, I never owned a slave, I’ve kept to myself my entire life and now all these people are attacking me for crimes I didn’t commit.

    It’s psychos like you that made me into a racist, I had no incentive to “check my privilege” I had no reason to ever watch what I say and no matter how hard I tried to make sure I wasn’t racist it was never good enough so I just decided fuck you, if I’m always going to be racist no matter what then what’s the point in trying.


    • reason

      At least this man is honest. I don’t agree with hatred toward another race but he does have a point. Why is it fine for people to make assumptions to whites being racist evil people but not minorities for things that a majority of them do. It is unfair but unfortunately true that when people say “there goes the neighborhood” when a black family moves in. Why? Because no matter what the character of the original family, others blacks who buy into the gangster bullshit follow, because they think that because another black family moves in, it is accepted that they can, without regard for standards of decency. it is the people who perpetuate the negative steriotypes that ruin relations between the races. It doesn’t matter that this is a good family who will be a merit to my neighborhood if they bring a dozen more who will destroy it. (not that I live in a good neighborhood. actually I’m homeless) if these negative people and I include open and belligerent white racists in this, want to help their race move forward then they should leave the decent people alone and let them mingle with other decent people regardless of race!

      • Adolf

        A reasonable intelligent homeless person? Why are you even homeless in the first place, are you Hitler?

  • Aria


    noun ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi-

    : poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

    : the belief that some races of people are better than others

    All racism is valid be it anti- Black or anti- Asian or anti- White or anti- anyrace, you do not have the right to invalidate anyone else’s experience by claiming it is not what it is. Anyone who shares their experience with racism is not trying to invalidate you, they are sharing in the validation that racism is wrong and should be stopped, if they happen to be white that is no different.

    We all recognize that in North America it is primarily anti- PoC racism, which is institutionalized in that children are taught it and it is reinforced in the major media. And that many white people are ignorant of racism and therefore do not speak against it or in some cases ignorantly perpetuate it without understanding. But that does not mean anti- white racism does not exist because it is less prevalent and less reinforced.

  • oh great

    LOL, do people still believe that prejudice+power rubbish, outside of the teenage hordes on Tumblr?

  • Kenneth Jackson

    It is really sad that it has gotten to the point where there is blatant racism toward whites and no one cares because it isn’t racism cause whites hold the most power. Funny last time I checked some white guy that gets hassled in a NY subway for being white who is just trying to get home from his dead-end job does not hold any more power than anyone else in his situation. I use to be a part of the black movements when I was younger but with my fair share of what would be considered hate crimes today against races, I have come to grow and realize that we are judged as singular people. It does not matter if there is a white man controlling some major position, 99% of other whites have nothing to do with it. This article is incredibly bias and very pro-modern. Make the hurt feel better by hurting. There are never any excuses and until people realize this, racism will be alive and well. At least three fatal white hate crimes have been committed the last few months and there is no uproar, peoples lives taken. Oprah gets denied a handbag and it gets months of coverage. If that as a person doesn’t make you uneasy then I do not know what will. When i was younger, I feared being black, these days I would fear being a white man.

  • Kwehrheim

    Racism is discrimination based on race. There is no other definition. You can think of it however you want, but that’s the only definition of racism. You’re inventing a definition of racism that is in no way legitimate, and then arguing that because a white person could never be a victim of your made up version of racism, there is no such thing as reverse racism.

    The only reason that “reverse racism” isn’t a real thing is because it implies that the type of racism is defined by the specific victim, and it isn’t. Discrimination against any race is racism, and white is a race like any other. If you want to argue that white people aren’t as hurt by racism as non-whites, sure, go ahead, I would agree with that. But to say it doesn’t exist? That’s just stupid.

  • Anonymous

    So your central argument seems to be that racism only exists if the prejudiced opinion is supported by the larger society. I agree with you that racism and profiling is rampant, but I was also under the impression that racism is a privately held belief about oneself in relation to other races, hence the term “racist.” So, in those instances you described about a white kid being chased by PoC at school or the incident with touching hair, if the actions of the PoC in those stories are not racist acts, then how would you describe them?

    I ask not because I don’t think your point is valid, but because I think that “racism” is a strong term with an important connotation. By describing those actions as something other than racist you seem to be suggesting that, while they are deplorable actions, they’re somehow “less bad.” To me that misses the central point of race equality and of all issues of equality and prejudice, which is that the parties deserve to be treated equally in spite of their differences, and that would include both being treated with an equal level of inherent respect and an equal level of criticism for doing something wrong. I might sound idealistic and you might argue that because of white hegemony we can’t think in those terms; those overarching problems are very real and desperately need to be fixed, but to me that doesn’t make an excuse for behavior on the level of person-to-person prejudice, which is a connected problem but still a different one.

    • Reason

      I have to make one small but i do believe important interjection. I do not believe that the act of a black person touching a white person’s hair because it is different a deplorable act of racism. While indeed an invasion of personal space I think things like this should be shared among the races so as to see and acknowledge differences, but accept them as a positive. we need to be more open about and even poke a little FREINDLY fun now and then. I think there is no better cure for modern racism than comedians like dave chapelle and carlos mencia, among others. WE NEED TO GET IT OUT IN THE OPEN AND BE OKAY WITH EACH OTHER PEOPLE! There is nothing wrong with a fried chicken and kool-aid joke or with a banjo-totin sister-screwer joke! just as long as it is said in a spirit of friendly understanding that it isn’t really the case. friends rip each other to shreds with jokes constantly. stop being so fucking sensitive!

  • SebMoss

    There is a difference between institutional racism and general racism. In primarily white-dominated societies in the west, yes institutional racism is primarily perpetrated by white people to “PoC”s. General racism can happen to anybody by anyone of another race.

    This is an important distinction, and it’s harmful to suggest white people cannot suffer any form of racism.

  • Definition

    Without the support of a society (Communism), I cannot be a Communist, just a solitary idealist. Without the submission of a nation (Facism), I cannot be a Facist, just a control freak. Without the hereditary control of the economy (Racism), I cannot be a Racist, just a frustrated bigot.

  • Christopher Kidder

    We are the human race… and therefore ‘racism’ does not exist. This should and eventually will be called something else (or at least I would hope science would reign). Culture is what drives these walls between people. Just because a certain culture was oppressed for a period of time does not mean it will always be so, therefore actions and thoughts and power do change hands. Also, only we know our own realities and you, nor anyone else, can define how the world ‘is’ for anyone else. I like your writings and definitely, keep observing and listening to the world. We need more people to just listen and digest before they speak. Cheers.

  • hm7380

    I call BS on this article. I’m a white female, who has lived in Atlanta & Baton Rouge in the last several years. I get treated like absolute trash by black people when I’m in urban areas. I was even in line to buy gasoline and was the only white person in line. THEY REFUSED TO SELL IT TO ME. I get called a ‘honkey cracker bitch’ on a regular basis, for no reason whatsoever. If the things I experienced had happened to a black person at this day in age, they’d be screaming to the local news and the NAACP about ‘injustice’ in this country.
    So, YES. There IS such a thing as ‘reverse racism’, whether or not YOU’VE personally experienced it.

  • all things are not equal

    I think what people are failing to recognize is that there are different degrees of racism. The author here is addressing institutional racism. Which yes has it’s own definition and is separately defined in every dictionary I’ve ever seen from simple racism. That particular level of racism operates on such a large scale and in such subtle ways that it’s virtually imperceptible. It’s infinitely more damaging than one person’s direct interaction with another individuals racist actions. Yes when you are a victim of racism it’s bad. Regardless of your raceor the offenders race. It’s racism and it’s wrong. However thas is nothing compared to the institutional racism that affects every PoC from birth and even, in this case, whites.

  • Toads

    Racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Racism hurts the minority race the most, yes that’s true. However racism can occur towards a person of any race, by a person of any race. If a Chinese person thinks they’re superior because of their race, that’s racist regardless of if they’re a minority group or not.

  • Steven

    I tend to think the ideas of a “Black” society vs. a “white” society are totally trivial. I’m Scottish and I want to know exactly when that slumped me in with those fucking disgusting French people. (…do you get where I am going with this?)

    And why don’t various other cultures/continents have a set color? I think all racists need to sit down (separately, of course) and decide on more color references that we should use as frequently as these super vague descriptions.

    Racism and Homophobia are two words thats I find completely mind-boggling and totally misleading in today’s world. Assuming that someone is more privileged than you ONLY makes them more privileged than you. I am a gay, white man and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt more privileged than anyone else, and I don’t feel sorry for anyone else (because that would only be me sub-consciously admitting I have some sort of handle on life, which CLEARLY no one has). I can say that I fear a “homophobic” person more than they “fear” me.

    I’m sorry to those of you who have had terrible experiences with these people you’ve described as colors (whether it be white, or black… I seem to see a lot of those two colors mentioned), but guess what (I know this may be a shocker), there are assholes EVERYWHERE. Because we are all on the same planet, you see?

    I hope this comment is as ridiculously sarcastic and annoyed as I feel right now… because the basis of this article is so mundane and stupid. WE HAVE OTHER SHIT GOING ON THE WORLD. LIKE BOMBS. AND DEATH. AND FUCKING HUNGER.

    (on a completely unrelated note: As much as my rant makes complete sense to me, I know it will fall on completely deaf ears because false-progression is something Americans love and hold VERY dearly… so I am going to make the subtle request that I be called a “red” from now on. Because I am a red-haired person, and “white” doesn’t accurately describe my skin that has both white spots and black spots.)

    Also, can I get fucking married yet? JEEZ.

    • Reason

      Love that. nailed it. except not all of us americans are idiots and assholes mate. and as to your last question, hopefully soon mate. Good luck in scotland.

  • Nevi

    When racism occurs against a minority it adds to the oppression of that culture. When someone makes the argument that a minority was racists against a majority (ex. group of black guys mug a white guy) it intern gives people more reason to continue to be racist against the minority. It’s very cyclical, and a difficult problem to combat.

  • Kelly

    I think there is a serious blur on what racism actually is. It entails a dichotomy of inferior and superior races. It is the belief that such a paradigm exists in the first place. It is racist for a white person to believe they are superior to a PoC. It is LIKEWISE racist for a PoC to believe they are inferior to a white person.

    If you buy into the idea that one race is in fact superior or inferior to another (not because you like it or want it that way, but just that you believe it to be true), then you are a racist.

    People often conflate that which is racial to that which is racist. Dropping the n-bomb isn’t racist, it’s racial. Not hiring a PoC because you think a white person would be better for the job is racist. Hiring a PoC because you think they would be better for the job is racist. Race based superiority and inferiority.

    That all being said, reverse racism is far more real than this perceived “white privilege”. THAT is the real tired argument. This notion that because I have fair skin, I’ve got something handed to me. Really? Why is it that the majority of people on welfare are WHITE then? Where’s THEIR privilege?

    I don’t deny that there is racism. But not the way you’ve described and certainly not in the form you think it appears. Saying that white people cannot suffer discrimination is like claiming a man can’t get raped. That’s ignorant and a rather tragic waste of mental potential.

  • Johann Gambolputty

    There is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism. And yes, it is possible to be racist towards white people. To claim that white folks are exempt from regular discrimination and only able to be victims of some form of alternative discrimination is a fallacy. You have, through your own argument, set a specific group of people apart and by that, made a discriminatory statement against them. You state that white people are inherently powerful and privileged, an assessment made only based on your own preconceived notions on a people based on their skin color. You prove the point of those you try to denounce.

  • Deb

    Reverse racism isn’t real because putting a “reverse” in racism does nothing but divide the two races. Racism isn’t necessarily oppression–the term you’re looking for is “institutionalized discrimination.” ID can be based on sex, sexuality, class, race, and anything else that creates sects in society. It’s absolutely ridiculous that people think being “prejudiced against another race” does not count as racism when that’s the epitome of it. These definitions have been separate and established–you can’t go around changing what “racism” means to suit you. As an Asian in this country, I find it so ridiculous that people still argue about this when my ancestors had it just as bad and overcame it economically. Chinese were banned from the US government for over 60 years, Japanese were put in INTERNMENT CAMPS just decades ago, the worst mass lynching in this country’s history occurred in Chinatown. But despite all this, Asians, especially East Asians and Indians, were able to start off at the bottom of this country, overcome “White Privilege,” and make a greater income than anyone. I understand money isn’t everything, but since economic oppression is what people like talking about the most, this proves that it’s not impossible to overcome. In addition to this, growing up in South Carolina, I faced more racism than the Black people at my high school did, and although the White people were the ones who made ignorant comments, the Black people were the ones threatening to “fuck me up for being a chink,” even in middle school. Excuse me, but you’re disgusting if you’re going to make excuses and call that “prejudice” instead of racism. A) My race didn’t do shit to cause the issues Black people faced these past couple centuries and B) There are 3x as many Black people in this country than Asians.

    In addition to all of the above, slavery in this country occurred when it was still globally accepted by developed world powers–that doesn’t make it correct or anything, especially in retrospect, but it WAS because of this country emancipation’s decision that other developed countries stopped enslaving people. People seem to forget that (and also seem to forget that Black people were sold to White people by Black people during the slave trade…how is the seller any better than the buyer?) And in addition to that, why are all the people who continuously complaining about slavery in the 1800s doing NOTHING to stop modern-day slavery, that at 27 million enslaved, is higher than it’s ever been? I’m tired of people making arguments without stating the most relevant facts or looking at it from a perspective that actually requires effort and a global and historical view. Please, unless you have thought long and deep and have done your RESEARCH rather than solely relying on what other people think and post, don’t comment on such controversial issues like you know it all.

  • Zoe

    In this long chain of defining and re-defining racism, we have lost the point.

    The issue with white people popping up and claiming “reverse racism” in response to the story of a PoC is not so much whether it is or is not racism. It’s the underlying implication from the poster that “I have had a bad experience and I’m more of a victim than you, so your story has no value; stop whining”. Or put in a larger societal context: “the fact that racism against PoC exists and is rife is undermined or mitigated by the fact that some whites experience racism too.” This is obviously utterly illogical – it’s like me claiming that a woman who was sytematically abused as a child should not moan about it because my mother beat me up and put me in hospital once. There’s no connection – both are bad. In fact, much like the way “Victim-upmanship” can destroy a potentially constructive conversation, it undermines the opportunity for empathy and shared understanding that should come from a shared experience.

    Two situations cause most of the conversation threads where a white person goes “yeah, but me too” to go off the rails:

    a) that person states it in the way illustrated above, thereby failing to see the point of the whole conversation, i.e. “racism is bad, it sucks for everyone”, undermining the whole issue and perhaps coming across as attention seeking and petulant about their lost privilege in the process, if not somewhat racist themselves.

    This pisses people off, and the conversation spirals downwards, usually becoming more racist and drawing “us vs them” distinctions from both sides.

    b) the white person actually states their “yeah, me too” in a way that is empathetic and potentially constructive, but someone(s) with a strong sensitivity to “those whiney, privileged whites, claiming they could possibly understand the pain of PoC, hijacking the conversation from people that have a RIGHT to discuss it” takes umbrage and says something along those lines.

    …This pisses people off, and the conversation spirals downwards, usually
    becoming more racist and drawing “us vs them” distinctions from both

    Interestingly In both situations, the flamer has made the mistake of categorising a person by their race and thus valuing or devaluing their right to speak on an issue. Racial lines have been unconsciously drawn and people have stepped onto one side or the other, which of course derails a conversation which in the beginning was about how racial prejudice is destructive. Ironic, but not that funny, really.

  • Fome

    What a ridiculous, limited, worldview.

    The racial issues in America pales in comparison to the level of hate and injustice we see in other parts of the world. I’m talking about massacres, ethnic cleansings, blatant civil rights violations, modern day slavery, imprisonments without trials, racial propaganda campaigns, etc. And these things are still going on today, as daily occurrences, all over the glove. In most of these situations, not a single “white” person was involved.

    Reverse racism doesn’t exist because it’s contradictory in its very definition. Racism does not belong to Whites, racism is a global issue and any one can perpetrate it at any power level.

    If racism, specifically, is the cause you choose to champion in your small time on Earth, and if you actually want to affect change instead of bitching about minor encounters on the subway, to foster understanding, break down barriers, and improve people’s lives, then it’s time to drop the anti-white crusade and focus on other parts of the world.

  • ConsiderThis

    Definitions. Learn them and use them. Don’t create your own.

    Racism : poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

    Prejudice : an unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of race, sex, religion, etc.
    : a feeling of like or dislike for someone or something especially when it is not reasonable or logical

    Discrimination : the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people

  • Charlie Browne

    I think we’re just arguing about terminology here. That’s not really an important issue. I think it’s more important to remember that for long lasting social change you need the majority on your side and that anytime your judging someone based on the colour of their skin your buying into a mentality that just adds to this cycle.

    We need to remember that there is only one human ‘race’ and we are all just people. Ask any mainstream scientist or just look at the story of Adam and Eve or in Buddhist texts it is said all humans can reach Nirvana. They all tell us there is one human race only. I think if everyone realised that then perhaps this problem wouldn’t exist.

    The idea that there are multiple races is a social construct. It is similar in some ways to the old pseudo-scientific number system that my country and many others used to follow earlier in the last century.

    What if we came up with a term for people who deny that there is a single race? Culture is a different concept entirely and those differences should be celebrated but we are all human and we all have potential.

  • CJ

    We could walk through a myriad of examples to poke holes in this article, but I think it comes down to the author simply attempting to redefine the word “racism”. The article states that people without power do not have the capacity to be racist. This is simply not the case, and, in fact, suggests that they are less than human in that assertion. They are somehow not capable of the complete capacity of being human.

  • Kev_S

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, racism is “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed at someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”. Furthermore, anyone can be on the receiving end of mistreatment based on race, including white people. No matter who it is directed against – black, white, Asian, Aborigine/First Nation, whatever – racism is racism, and like all forms of discrimination and bigotry it is unacceptable. No person should ever be made to feel bad about what race or colour they happened to be born.

    A little further reading you might be interested in (especially you Sara):

  • Tyler808

    The ignorance in this post is astounding. The author right in the fact that there is no such thing as “reverse-racism”. That is because racism is NOT defined as a white person oppressing a person of color, so it does not need to be “reversed” to be present. Racism is the oppression of any person based on their ethnicity. For example: at my university it is socially acceptable for my friends of color to call each other names based on their separate ethnicities, it is socially acceptable for my friends of color to call me things based on the fact that I am caucasian, it is not socially acceptable for me to do the same towards them. Now I am not arguing that I should be able to do that. My point is that all of the above instances are minor forms of racism. These minor things are racism ingrained into the culture. This post, and others like it, create racism whether we realize it or not. All the talk of how “white people” as a whole need to tread carefully and be very conscious of how they act around/treat those who are not white is just creating another form of prejudice.
    I am white, and I went to high school in Hawaii. I did experience real racism there, even if I did not get kidnapped or shot because of it. I do not want pity, or even really care that it happened to me, it gave me good life perspective. I also do not feel a need to compensate for how annoying/infuriating white tourists are, I do not feel a need to get out of Hawaii because white people invaded it so many years ago, I do not feel a need to make up for all the white oppression that has happened to people. The simple fact is, my skin color does not justify grouping me with people who have the same skin color because of the wrong they do. This would be doing the same thing as the racist who assumes that a black person is responsible for gang activity because there are black gangs.

  • me.

    just because you pick a narrohwly defined definition for racism does not mean that the ground rules for it. most of us would simply describe racism as hatred based on one’s race and we can all be guilty of it. to try to excuse anyone from it is not helping any of us move forward.

  • Guest

    While I agree that the “reverse racism” that you’re talking about does not exist (the white in the all-black neighborhood, etc), that definition is rather one-dimensional. You can’t deny that there is a sort of reverse racism, if you want to use that title, in the form of assumptions that a white person is racist or isn’t smart or feels superior. There’s prejudices and assumptions such as these towards every race in society right now.

  • Caucasian Person

    “White” people..

  • Racism goes both ways

    I totally disagree with this article. I’m from Canada and I’m constantly being bullied at school by both students and teachers for being white. I’m the only white person in 3 of 4 of my classes. I’ve been called a Nazi by the majority of my peers just for having blonde hair and blue eyes. It doesn’t matter what race you are, being attacked for your skin colour is racist. Reverse racism is when someone is called racist just because they’re of a specific race. I’m unable to participate in class discussions involving other countries without being called racist. I’ve been bullied by teachers for being christian because “white people are allowed to be christian.” I was beat up by a girl in my art class for painting a picture of Jesus and not painting him black. The paintings were supposed to be accurate. He wasn’t black and it’s not racist to paint him the way he actually looked. Racism is terrible no matter who it happens to. No one is immune to racism.

  • Fvbe

    I like the simple definition: racism = power + prejudice. It is universal and applies to many situations, whether at the level of a country or a neighborhood or a school or a church. When racism is widespread, it can form social constructs, legislation and media bias that contribute to the oppression of the rights and liberties of a group of people. Yet racism can happen at the level of a neighborhood or a street corner.

    Racism (= power + prejudice) can come from all sides, including from People of Color (PoC). Racism can even occur within a same color of people. Remember the genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutus in Rwanda in 1994?

    Please do this experiment: Spend a long time (years) in a group that is majority different than yours, and act to change things for the better as you see it. Chances are you will experience push back and prejudicial comments, and you might be down right excluded by some people. Not by everybody, but by some individuals, call them extremists. These will react loudly and influence others to support their viewpoint against yours. Since other members of the community look like and identify (biologically) with the extremists, chances are that they will support them and will not stand up against injustice.

    Actually those of you who are part of minority groups have already done this experiment. You are doing it everyday living in a country where the majority looks different. Go to a country where you are part of the majority, and i bet you will act like a majority person. This phenomenon happens also at the level of a neighborhood or a school or even a church – as I have experienced.

    And this is not specific or limited to any one race or religion. It is a natural phenomenon of any homogenous majority group of human beings toward any minority that is trying to assert itself. It can happen to black, while, yellow, brown, red people. And it would happen to green people if we had some.

    The defeat of racism will be based on understanding, empathy, and recognition of our inherent sameness (or god-ness, in my world view). Denying that other people’s experiences of racism are real, is not an example of any of those qualities… Love you all!!


    I love how its only white people who can be racist, or wrong. It’s never “when Asians complain of racism”, or “when blacks claims racism”, or “when latinos claim racism, they’re wrong. Only when whites point out injustices, its because we are born evil and our black hearts can’t stand to see others succeed right? I’m white and I NEVER got the memo about how we secretly get everything free and how theres a plot to hold them down. Get a life phony. Black people do not need your help and phony demeanor and people are tired of this act. Some whites LOVE slapping themselves and their race on the wrist for things that happened centuries before we were born/in the country. NEXT.

    • Mr. Frazier

      you’re the same white person who will draw energy from your “founding fathers” who “built this country” but as soon as something so evil and barbaric as slavery is bought up… OH that wasn’t us.. neither was the constitution or any inventions that white people in the past came up with.. but you will take credit for that.. like a lakers bandwagon fan, only claim white power when there’s nothing to be judged negatively off of..

      • Jane

        There is slavery right now in the world – 8 million or more slaves. Its not run by whites. They are in saudi arabia, sudan, indian and china.

  • chescaleigh

    this post is flaw free

  • i am the devil…..ihave come

    ” the belief that some races of people are better than others”, actually this is the definition of ethnocentrism but carry on blindly

  • i am the devil…..ihave come

    if sharpton and jackson were as dangerous and racist as yall claim whites would have been dead a long time ago

  • i am the devil…..ihave come

    internet comments will make black people racist, they certainly have made me quite the malcolm x over the last year or so, you people are freakin delusional, uneducated degenerates, not just a few of you most of you, the internet was the worst thing that ever happened to this false sense of white intelligence superiority because it exposes to me how ridiculous the mindset of most whites are, incapable of understanding and empathy, ethics, or morals, you people are barbarian savages in my eyes

  • Jordan

    I’m black and the way I see it is that white is a race, therefore – you can be racist to them.

    I know so many POC that are always complaining about the whites and blaming newer generations for the things their ancestors did, because you know how that three year old next door helped lead the slave trade. It’s ridiculous. People of Colour who attack and blame white people who aren’t at fault just keep racism alive.

    • Jane

      and people dont know that there were more Irish slaves in America, England and the Commonwealth than black slaves..

  • Marko

    I cant even form a well constructed response to this article. It is that ridiculous.

    I’m heading over to Thailand in a few months. I suppose I can make every racist comment I can think of to all the locals as I’m walking the streets of Bangkok. When people look at me in shock and wonder why such a hate filled person would bother coming to Thailand, I can simply refer them to your article. Because apparently, due to the fact that the Thai’s are the majority, I’m not being racist?

    Have I got that right? Who cares. You are a moron :)

  • Davy Goossens

    like with rape, this is how feminists redefine language. by linking it to “power” and “systematic” oppression.

    • toffee

      What is your definition of rape?

      • Davy Goossens

        2rape transitive verb

        : to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence

        from merriam webster.

        • toffee

          So, how have feminists redefined rape. Also, feminists haven’t redefined racism, social scientists have.

  • BaseDeltaZero

    The general gist of the message is exactly right – POC against white discrimination is not as harmful as white against POC discrimination due to the power differential, bringing up ‘but what about my problems?!’ as a silencing tactic, and the like, but…

    If we define ‘racism’ as “discrimination by a privileged group against and underprivileged group on the grounds of ‘race’”, then it seems like ‘reverse racism’ would be exactly the correct term for ‘discrimination by an underprivileged group against a privileged group on the grounds of race*. The very term acknowledges its not the same thing as racism. It’s in reverse. (Not the ‘opposite of racism’, that would be tolerance/egalitarianism). That’s mainly just my semantic nitpicking talking, though, and yes, it isn’t as bad, because, well, the privilege thing. That doesn’t make it *right*, just a question of priority. When other races actually have something like a proportionate share, *then* ‘that black man called me a honky’ will actually be relevant. Until then, first remove the plank from your own eye…

    Racism is a process, not a solid state.

    I’m heading over to Thailand in a few months. I suppose I can make every racist comment I can think of to all the locals as I’m walking the streets of Bangkok. When people look at me in shock and wonder why such a hate filled person would bother coming to Thailand, I can simply refer them to your article. Because apparently, due to the fact that the Thai’s are the majority, I’m not being racist?

    1. Typically, it refers to a world context.
    2. Alternatively: No, you’d just be being an asshole.

  • Blank

    Although I do agree to a point I must say you need to open your eyes to what others may be saying. If a black individual simply hates a white person or any skin color for that matter, its not reverse racism its just simply racism. Any one of any color can be racist towards another color. It doesnt have to be reversed its just plan and simpe racism. When a mixed couple are looked down at for being with each other. Not because one or the other color but because they both are of a different race thats racism as well. So your point that whites can not be offended or affected by racism is false and ignorant.

  • Reason

    “white people” are also posting that they agree with your side, idiot. white people also fought to abolish slavery, jim crowe laws, fight for racial equality, and many other pro-colored activities. I believe we shouldn’t even be white but red with forked tails and horns on our heads to hear some people tell it. Idiotsallofyou indeed. the definition is the point of the article in the first place. hate is hate. and you are a prjudiced and hateful person.

  • nabeel

    Whites created rasicm and practised it all over the world. This made them the enemy and reverse racism is just what they deserve. Fight fire with fire. There are many white racist ppl still throughout the world and the best way to get back at them is to give them a taste of their own medicine. They never cared about how the poc felt when they were oppressed, so why should poc care about how they feel now? All the whites care about is not equality, but rather to bring racist idealogies back and to once again oppress poc. So poc should not feel sorry for them. You feel sorry for them and give them power again and they will oppress you again. The truth hurts but it has to be told.

  • Bub

    You’re right, there’s no such thing as “reverse” racism. But not for the reason you think. Racism does not apply to ONE race. To believe that, as you do, is actual racism. Racism is racism, regardless of what race it is against, and which race is the perpetrator. Words have meanings. Ignorance doesn’t change those meanings.

  • Sean Morris

    Of course “reverse racism” isn’t real. That would mean, the reversing of racism. Except to those who use the phrase to imply “racism directed to white people” or even better PonC. In which case, that’s pretty fucking racist terminology. For that matter, using PoC to distinguish all non white people, to generalize them, if you will, in some category of discourse, is very racist indeed. The fact that this article singles out a whole group of people distinguished exclusively by race, is racist. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

    Furthermore, to suggest white people are immune from racism, is like saying the holocaust didn’t exist. It’s ridicules and naive.

    Simply put, cry assing is cry assing no matter who is doing it or what their race might be. It gets no one anywhere.

    Besides, you’re not white, so you could never understand. (LOL! Sorry, couldn’t resist that last line).

  • Matthius Wiseman


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  • Jacob

    The idea that there is a concrete, final definition for a term is ludicrous and naive in my opinion. Words are expressions of culture from within the culture. We all know that cultures are ever-changing, so a particular definition may become obsolete as that aspect of the culture grows and shifts. It is the people who challenged conventional definitions who came up with the very definitions we are arguing about. One scholar may accept it as canon just as another one casts it aside. Arguing about definitions is a battle of many sides and with no end, therefore is not a battle worth fighting. I believe, though, that we can all agree on a few basic principles of racism, these being:
    1. Race is a factor
    2. It is a conflict
    3. One party emerges in a place culturally seen as superior to the other
    Correct? Is there anyone that disputes this?

  • Kacie

    There’s no such thing as “reverse racism”. It’s either racist or it’s not. Whether it’s prejudice toward African Americans, Caucasians, Native Americans, what have you, it’s all racism. Everyone has come in contact with one form or another, it just so happens that white > black is what we hear most about. It’s all there though. It would be great if people would stop trying to sweep it under the rug and actually try to accept that it does exist and take steps to equalizing the world.

  • Barry

    Racism is racism!

    People think they are displaying discretion but really it is discrimination!

    Every body is selfish & evry body judges by they’re own pathetic standards!

    I’m a misanthrope!

    I hate all of you equally!

    I pray every day for the Apocalypse!

  • Mav (F)

    Ha Ha.. White people as you call them have racism against them just like every other race. Your article stating we bullshit about racism, well frankly you are the one being racist now. Every Race in this world has racism, doesn’t matter if they are white, black, brown, olive, red and so on, we all experience it. Frankly, I don’t care when someone is racist against me, I think who really cares but me and what you have to say I will only think the worst of you not your race. However this is certain races that I would never ever trust again. Does that make me Racist? or just wise to realise they can’t be trusted?

  • Monica

    Racism is not something that is NOT the sole and exclusive domain
    of white people. Racism occurs whenever someone acting on their prejudice
    treats another person unfairly, cruelly or even differently than they would
    treat another person based on the color of that person’s skin.

    Taking over a conversation where someone is sharing an event that happened to them and making it about you is something else entirely. I believe that would be called narcissistic behavior.

  • Mark K.

    Question: trivializing the race-fueled suffering white people have endured, and drawing a line so that only “PoC” can truly experience racism…….isn’t that racist? I mean, if a bunch of white kids beat a black guy on his way home from school, that would be racist. But the other way around, it’s not? If anything, having this line, having the term “Person of Color” at ALL is part of what’s perpetuating this stuff…

    I mean, if we’re looking for equality, why do we insist on this division?

  • se9f

    What an insulting article. Considering that in college, Vietnamese non-citizens and African-Ams had full scholarships and grants and did not work, while I did not qualify for the same because I was too lower middle-class, too female,too Caucasian, too typical, yet smarter/academically qualified, I go nothing. Zippo. Just 5 days a week working night shift in a nursing home, going to school full-time, and ending up in the ED two times with arrhythmias from exhaustion.Please. Very biased. Just as I cannot explain your experience, don’t try to explain mine.

  • Michelle

    I agree that “reverse racism” isn’t real, but not because or your reasoning in your article. Reverse racism isn’t real because being a racist isn’t limited to one skin color. Racism is really just the hatred or discrimination of another person or group because of their skin color. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, mexican, asian, etc. you can be a victim of racism, even if you aren’t the minority in the area you live in. This article is offensive not only to white people, but to all races.

  • racismisbad

    Prejudice of any kind is bad. Some are worse than others, but they are all bad. Just a kind reminder.

  • Laurel Hedge

    I deplore anyone being trivialized, othered, or victimized, by racism or anything else. But I’m calling bullshit on your premise. There’s not such a thing as “reverse” racism only because the phrase itself makes no sense. There’s only racism.
    Anyone–of any race–can be a racist. And anyone–of any race–can be a
    victim of racism. To claim that people of European descent can’t be victims of racism in the U.S. of A. because it’s not “institutionalized is–in itself–racism. It’s specious, it’s arrogant, it’s ugly, and it stinks in the sun.

    I’m sad that you’ve interacted with white people on the internet that have made your experiences of racism feel trivialized, othered, or victimized. I wasn’t there, so I have no idea what what said, or what was meant–but this article is all about YOU othering, and trivializing, and minimizing their experiences, which don’t matter to you because they’re not “institutionalized.”

    Shit doesn’t happen to institutions. It happens to individuals. When it happens to YOU, simply because you are Asian, female, handicapped, short, fat, homely, speak with a stutter, are old, Islamic, a child, a teenager, autistic, schizophrenic, mentally challenged, have HIV, and/or any of the other condition that causes people to think that it’s okay to mistreat you–the why matters a whole lot less than the what,

    It’s not okay. Period. Ever. The sneering condescension you’re displaying toward whites is just as bad as trashing men who try to empathize or share their parallel experiences regarding the victimization of women simply because they aren’t women. The sexism aimed at men is not the same as the sexism aimed at women, and it’s considerably more rare. it’s still sexism, and the experiences of the men who are harmed by it are just as valid as any woman’s. Are you a sexist too?

    Sara, although i sympathize very much with what you’re trying to say, I kind of despise you right now. Not because I’m a racist (I have no idea what race you are, and I don’t care, any more than you have any idea what race I am)–but because you are..

    I hope that changes–for all our sakes.

  • Laurel Hedge

    Forgive me. I didn’t read the entire article before spouting off, and I was wrong. The people who wrote this crap–NOT Sara–are the racists.

  • hosein

    Fuck you, you insufferable bitter piece of trash

    I promise you, not all minorities think this way. People of all walks of life are susceptible to racism and prejudice.

    You know what though, you are right. reverse racism isn’t real. because it’s just plain racism to begin with.

  • Jason

    Racism is racism, there is nothing reverse about any of it. It is all gross regardless of who is doing or who it is being done to. In a conversation, it is a normal human experience to respond to statements made to you. That is how conversations work. You say something to me, then I say something to you. If you want to give a speech and not have a conversation at all, I guess then it wouldn’t be appropriate to respond to it in any way, but if we are having a conversation, I may chime in. If a PoC makes a statement to me about racism they faced, I may respond with straight sympathy or I may respond with empathy. When someone tells you they have pain, it is a normal human response to respond by telling them about pain you have felt. That doesn’t mean you are belittling them, making it all about yourself or derailing the conversation. It just means that you are trying to express empathy for them. Yes you have had pain, I have had a pain that felt similar to me as what you have explained to me and I feel sad for us both that we have both had that kind of pain. If a PoC says to me that someone was racism towards them I might feel inclined to tell them about when I experienced bigotry or racism. Shared pain is a human emotion. That’s why friends get together and watch Steel Magnolias, the Color Purple or the Notebook and have a good cry together. It isn’t that we have all been in the 100% exact same boat, but we all have pain, we all suffer and sometimes sharing it helps. It help emotionally to know other people have gone through something like what you have gone through. It also helps more specifically sometimes when you tell someone of your troubles and they tell you about how they had similar troubles and how they dealt with it. Telling all white people to just shut up and listen is racist in and of itself. It isn’t reverse racism, there is no such thing. That would be loving all people only for their race or some weird crap. Disrespecting or disregarding someone because of their race is racist no matter what their race is. It doesn’t stop being racist if the racism is directed at a white person. Maybe you as a white person disrespecting other white people would be what reverse racism is?

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  • There you go.

    No one talks about macro vs micro racism. The ability and power to kill coupled with prejudice lends for the ability to be racist on a micro or individualized level. Now, institutionalized racism requires a society to create and if a certain racial group does not have the numbers to create social norms then no, that group does not have the power to create institutionalized racism on a macro level. Really that is the end of this discussion and I wish I could go back to college to say it.

  • Mr. Frazier

    a lot of white people are in their feelings over this piece. The author spoke the truth, racism is different for different races and none bear the brunt of it more than people of color, there is prejudice and there is judgement, but racism in the context that most Americans know it is focused on those who aren’t white, particularly blacks and to a lesser (but not much) extent latinos. I say lesser for the Spanish people because some of them can pass for white based on their appearance, like the Canadian-born Ted Cruz. There is a staunch difference between what whites go thru and what darker skinned people experience, and being anything other than colored, you’d never understand.

  • Harmony Scaglione

    This is “It wasn’t me!” syndrome. Being a white person who actually acknowledges and talks to other white people about the logical impact of hundreds of years of oppression on African Americans, and the genocide proudly committed by the US against indigenous people (ex: look at your man on the $20; research that story), I have heard, a million times, “Well, I wasn’t there! I didn’t own slaves! I didn’t kill Indians!” And this, of course, is true. Because this is a world where people don’t want to pick up a piece of litter they did not personally drop, I have to acknowledge that okay, true, YOU never personally did those terrible things. But just like the litter that YOU didn’t drop — IT’S THERE ANYWAY. The true definition of karma is consequence of action, and what white people experience, and call reverse racism, is the karma of centuries of dehumanization. To better understand it, white people could try to see the big picture and stop trying to squeak out of the horrible truth about what has happened here. Honestly, once accepted, that truth hurts. On the other hand, it is unfair to expect a white person to be abused for being white and not to not react/respond. Every action has a reaction. In the core of all of us, we want to be treated well, to feel respected, and to be happy. We all need to act peacefully, and try to enlighten and heal our society.

    • wes

      Or maybe imperialism was karma for non whites due to what they did to European people thousands of years ago…

  • mike

    you obviously have never traveled far from the white suburb you exist in. Reality will hit you hard and you will be embarrassed by the foolishness you wrote above. Get a clue

  • sveme1

    I agree with the author that “reverse racism” is a nonsensical concept; however, I only agree with that idea insofar that racism is racism- I myself don’t differentiate any degrees or “level” of racism, and it sounds as though the author doesn’t either. I think that the author’s approach to the definition of racism though- specifically as a social construct and socially driven entity, with agency solely held by whites- is somewhat myopic. I don’t think that anyone in their right mind would debate the fact that whites have the greatest social agency in North America, but the author should be cautious in (my opinion) casting aside- somewhat flippantly- the experiences of whites in regard to racism. To suggest that any experience a non-PoC might perceive to be racism is patently not, runs the risk of being racist itself- or at the very least, prejudicial (I’d argue that it’s racist, as action was actually taken- an article was written and posted). If a mob of whites beat a PoC based upon skin color, it’s certainly racist- an action taken based upon prejudicial thought (I’m using the Merriam-Webster definitions for the words). If a mob of PoCs beats a white person based upon skin color, that too is racist- it flies in the face of the textbook definitions of the words to suggest that it’s merely a revocation of some white privilege. I do agree with the author that touching somebody’s straight hair isn’t racist- anymore that touching somebody’s curly hair, or bald head is racist. Certainly uncomfortable, possibly assault, a braking of traditional norms, but not inherently racist. But whites can experience racism. Not systemic, generalized socially driven racism, but in microcosms where power shifts to non-whites, it can occur. To suggest otherwise is to suggest that those voices have no place in the overall discussion of race-based prejudice and racism in North America, a position I find somewhat troubling. I don’t think that you can honestly even frame a debate properly without at least hearing out both sides. I do agree that white people need to shut the hell up and listen more, but that need to listen up, and pay attention and think critically, doesn’t automatically preclude them from having something to contribute to the conversation; nor does it automatically invalidate their experience(s). Being white, and experiencing racism, are not mutually exclusive.

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  • Dizzy Gear

    im so sick of this, racism can go towards any race of people. reverse racism exists when the discriminators become the discriminated. I could go on all day but I hope someone reads this and thinks for one second “yeah I think its time to let racism go” America should have been a country that looked passed racism a long time ago. racism = senseless hatred.

  • Christabel

    Wow I don’t know why I even look at the comments. People who are using dictionary textbooks to define racism, or claiming that the author is redefining racism..hmm. Have you people actually studied racism? Read any sociology texts on racism? Studied colonialism, where racism originated? Taken anti-oppressive studies? Read academic texts about racism and oppression? Or perhaps read more about POC’s experiences? Clearly not. Because what this author is saying is correct. Whiteness is the most powerful structure in the world. The most powerful and influential countries are mainly white dominated, and the poorest third world countries are mainly racialized ones as a result of colonialism. As this author said, racism is far reaching, and is obviously over most of your heads. Yes, white people can experience individual forms of prejudice and discrimination, and that doesn’t make it okay, But racism is more complex than that, as this author outlined.

    • toffee

      Preach. So many people missed the point of the article and did exactly what the article said you shouldn’t do.

    • wes

      Sociology class is largely a joke composed of theories that the professors have never tested, the dictionary has much more authority.

  • Bella Robinson

    It is very real and when people make comments like “that’s what all white people say” it is clearly racism. One loses all credibility when standing up for racial issues when they CLAIM reverse racism does not exist, as its not a free pass for others to continue their bad behavior. ALL RACISM IS WRONG. Also claiming that no white person has ever had similar experiences is so absurd. Stopping racism does not include doing the same thing to other races that you say have been done to your race. Many other groups, races, genders and occupations are treated just as badly, so I think it is down right silly to go on and on about who has it worse, rather than joining together to create change for EVERYBODY.

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  • Christi long

    I was bullyed in school cause I was one of the only white kids…. I gusse none of that happened.

    • toffee

      Completely missed the point of the article. -_-

      • Paul McClancy

        Racism doesn’t have to be institutionalized. That was the point Christi was trying to make.

  • toffee

    I didn’t have to scroll down too far to find someone complaining about affirmative action. This might be a record.

  • Vivid Sammy

    There is no such thing as reverse racism, there is only racism and everyone is capable of being racist and it’s always bad for anyone and everyone. What you are talking about are people who are delusional believing they live in a perfect world so they don’t have to change and think about difficult things like racism/sexism/whateverism

  • loonylovegood

    Alright, then can someone please tell me what it’s called when a white person doesn’t get a particular job at a Native Alaska corporation because they’re not the right race? What do you call it when a non-white person calls a white person a “dumb white cunt” or “stupid white bitch” or “fucking white whore”? Oh and my favorite…what do you call it when a group of Native Alaskans beat you with in an inch of your life because you’re white, all the while yelling taunts at you and your whiteness?

    Because, you see if it were white people doing this to any other race on the planet it would be called racism. Yet here you are, writing an article belittling it down to a loss of privilege because white people will never know or understand racism because it’s impossible to be racist against a white person. You tell that to my scars, bitch. You tell that to the women who have been raped men of color because they WERE white!
    How dare you belittle racism against white people to a loss of some so called privilege! How dare you tell me it’s impossible just because your privileged ass hasn’t experienced it! How fucking dare you and everyone else who writes this tripe and propagates the belief that it can’t happen just because we’re white! This just excuses any kind of discrimination against white people out there that happens. This is saying that it’s okay to hate someone because they’re white. It’s okay to treat them like shit because it’s not racism. This is taking away my RACE and erasing my culture!

    • Tristan Thomas

      Thank you, finally a white female who isn’t brainwashed by all the liberal PC bull shit; I am sorry that you had to experience all that hate just because you are white. Racism has been going on since the dawn of human history and unfortunately it may be with us for the future as well.

  • Juan Manuel

    “Race” is a social construct created by those with power to identify “the other”. The people you mention are not discriminated in spite of being white, they’re discriminated because they are not considered “white people”.

  • Juan Manuel

    Yo, Noah! Build another arc before white people’s tears drown us all.

  • That one white person

    Reverse racism doesn’t exist because racism is the same no matter who the perpetrator is.. You don’t have to be in a position of power to be a racist nor do you have to be in a good position financially or otherwise. If you are bias or actively discriminate against anybody, in any form, that is racism. It’s people like you that play it down and cause frustration and hatred amongst the white community and then wonder why there are such problems, stupidity…

  • april showers

    Malcolm in the middle

  • Jon Fite

    It doesn’t help that the term “Reverse Racism” is extremely stupid to begin with. You you know what the “reverse” of racism is? FAIRNESS and TOLERANCE.

    • sgtmian

      no … that is the OPPOSITE. the opposite of racism is tolerance. reverse racism means racism … in reverse.

  • Jon Fite

    I’d also have to agree with the criticism against the article. I do sympathize with her annoyance of whenever there’s a discussion about people’s experiences with racism, and then some idiot comes in with the “reverse racism” shtick to spoil it. But let’s be honest, she really is redefining what word “racism” is.

    The term “racism” is defined in a certain, widely accepted way: “Poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race” / “The belief that some races of people are better than others.” It’s supposed to be a general term that can apply to many different situations. There’s no dictionary that includes a position of power being involved, because there’s a specific term for that, “Institutional Racism”. The notion that White people can’t legitimately experience racism is laughable at best, insulting and kind of racist itself at worst. Now if it was a White guy trying to proclaim he was a victim of “Institutionalized Racism” then you have free reign to laugh at his stupid ass, because those are the people that probably invented the term “Reverse Racism” in the first place.

    Let’s use a less heavy issue as comparison, internet piracy. Any debate is over this issue in inevitably ruined by people trying to label “Piracy” as “Theft” and the discussion has to stop, because for any debate over Piracy to be worth a damn, there needs to be a fundamental understanding that “Piracy” is a specific legal term and so is “Theft”. Piracy isn’t Theft, Piracy is Piracy, and Theft is Theft. If you’re unable to talk about Piracy without calling it Theft, then you shouldn’t be involved in the conversation in the first place.

  • Tishauna Starr

    the article didn’t specify it, but i’m assuming they mean institutionalized racism as oppose to individualized racism. those are very different from one another and i believe blacks are capable of the former but definitely not the latter.

  • Dana

    As I said to A naive article below: What the writer is trying to say is that racism and bigotry are two different things. Racism is always bigotry, but bigotry is not always racism. Like all Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholics.

    No one’s saying that you’ve never been hurt by bigotry. They’re saying the system is still stacked to benefit you and represent you more than people of any other skin color. Are you really going to sit here and deny that? I hope not.

    As I will add now to make this its own comment: I, a white person, hereby disown any attempt anyone else here makes to defend white people against this article. The government, the military, and the church all side with me because of an accident of birth and a melanin deficiency. Yes, it hurts me when a person of color hates me for no reason. No, my entire life is not going to be ruined over it. Live as a Native American or a black person in the United States and then get back to me. I have it EASY. And if you’re white, so do you. I do not need to be defended here. The writer is absolutely correct.

  • Jael A. Williams

    I think people are getting racism and bigotry confused… oh so very confused…

  • wombleranger

    Wow! Just how naive are you? This article appears to written by someone who is maybe 15 years old.

  • Harvey Elwood Jr

    It so sad that the pain many people feel blinds them from appreciating
    even a perceived pain of another, True or Not. And I’m sorry I’ve been around
    too long to know that all people are capable of all things. The very one crying
    against the pain of other is perhaps the one working to make their pain worse
    then those expressed by others – How juvenile. Let’s grow up people and become
    bigger than that. I’m sure it may take some of you a little longer – But I strongly
    suspect it will happen for you as it does for many others as we grow and
    mature. Harvey Elwood Jr. – Orangeburg South Carolina

  • Harvey Elwood Jr

    White folk are just as entitled to express themselves as they feel and no one has the right to try to prevent, deny or marginalize just what they believe to be true from their perspective. No One.

  • Realist

    Boy kills himself after being bullied for being white. Who are you to claim reverse racism doesn’t exist? You’d better check your privilege, marginalizing this poor child’s experiences like that.

  • Jael

    Why is the thumbnail pic with this article the back of someone’s head who is weariong a kippah?

  • Tristan Thomas

    I’d like to drop off one of these types(Sara Luckey and her liberal pos ilk) in the shittiest part of the ghetto, say along MLK Blvd, and let them experience a place firsthand where racism supposedly doesn’t exist. I don’t know what reality the author of this article lives in but white privilege died in 1865 and that is why so many foreigners still strive to come here because they wish to leave the truly ‘OPPRESSIVE’ countries from which they come from. I am a white person and I am very worldly (mostly from the US military) and have experienced racism from other races and cultures because it is simply “human” nature. Do you think when the Roman legions marched into Germania they were ‘altruistic’ to the native inhabitants of that region?

  • David Clark

    “Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs, legislation and widespread media bias that contribute to the oppression of the rights and liberties of a group of people.”

    Uh… no. What you described is a very sad kind of racially biased SYSTEM but that is not the definition of racism itself. Racism is any kind of racially charged prejudice. Because all humans are the same, we all have the ability to be racist – implying otherwise is the same as putting races in different categories, thus making you a racist yourself. The logic doesn’t stop existing just because you want to prove a point.

    Also, just because a person’s own suffering has given them what they feel like is a reason to hate another ethnic group, doesn’t mean its not racism when they do it. Racism is racism no matter how justified or acceptable you think it is, and until society as a whole makes ALL racism unacceptable, we’re gonna have a massive problem.

  • wes

    It is only institutional when people don’t give a crap and make excuses for it, non whites never have anyone seriously suggest they deserve to be killed or have media personalities bring up past history to mitigate and justify it.

  • anon name

    Why do you call them “white people” but insist on being called a person of color, or a “PoC” yourself?

  • ceruleanblue777

    Nope. Just a lot of white people not swallowing the PC b.s. anymore.

  • JackDman

    That’s because the United States is just as anti-White a country as Canada!

  • So Tired

    “There is no system of oppression in America that actively works to oppress and subjugate white people.”

    Ever heard of NAACP? The National Association for the ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE. Ever heard of Newton’s Third Law? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. An association that promotes the advancement of colored people by definition works to oppress and subjugate white people. You can’t advance one group without oppressing the other.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    “There is no system of oppression in America that actively works to oppress and subjugate white people.”

    Ever heard of NAACP?

  • You’re an idiot

    To diminish the situations an individual faced based on their skin color AT ALL is RACISM. To say to a white person “you’re unfortunate life circumstances really aren’t that unfortunate. You’re white.” is total racism. Obviously reverse racism doesn’t exist. The name “reverse racism” is stupid in the first place. Racism is racism. It does not need to involve the integral parts of society in order to be considered racist. If a white person walks up to a black person and calls them a n****, it’s racism. If a black person walks up to a white person and calls them a racial slur it’s ok?? I see everyone as EQUAL regardless of their skin color. That means EVERYONE.

  • DatBus

    This is an enormous bunch of crap. It helps NO ONE to support the idea that any human being, or group of human beings “can’t” be racist. This article is narrow, biased and very naive.

  • DatBus

    idea that any group or individual could be exempt from the possibility
    of racism has to be the stupidest concept I’ve ever heard. This all stems from Critical Race Theory which entered the academic world in the 80s. The
    “systemic” definition is designed to assign all responsible to “white”
    folks while excusing the behavior, conduct,
    attitudes AND systemic racism of all others. By upholding imagined racial separation and pretending all non-whites have no power (AS IF such sweeping generalizations could be made) they created the most racist definition of racism EVER. Forget the “reverse” part, racism is racism and trust – it works in ALL directions.

  • readarticles

    By making such large generalizations the author is engaging in the very behavior that they seem so determined to combat. It’s counterproductive.

  • Justine

    This was an amazing read. I am going to share this for sure. I am a teaching assistant for an Introduction to Psychology course and we teach on the concept of White Privilege. As I teach at a predominately white college, the response is many times is students trying to say they have been a victim to “reverse racism”. And while I try to make the point that you have made here, I find that it is not nearly as eloquently expressed as you did here. Thank you for calling other people out on their bullshit, because that really is what it is.

  • dgatwood

    What you are describing—culturally ingrained racial biases—is *not* what the word “racism” means. The word you’re looking for is probably “oppression”. The dictionary defines racism as prejudice against another person based on the belief that your own race is superior. It need not be systemic, enshrined in law, or otherwise pervasive to be racism. It is *just* as racist for a member of a minority group to hate a member of a majority group as it is for the reverse to occur.

    More to the point, the term “reverse racism” is bogus, not because some minorities do not hold racist attitudes towards non-minorities, but because so-called “reverse racism” is just plain old ordinary racism.

    I do understand your point, which is that caucasians (at least in the U.S.) will never experience racism to the same degree that minorities have experienced it, but there’s a better way to word that: Although members of the majority group might feel unsafe because of racist behavior in places where they are in the minority, they can readily escape into the 98% of the country where they aren’t in the minority, whereas the reverse is not nearly as true. And that does make it less serious for the members of the majority group.

    With that said, that does not mean racism among minority groups can be ignored. The problem with doing so is that true racism in either direction does more harm to minorities than to the majority ethnic group, simply by virtue of the numbers. If there are ten people who can give you a job and two of them are in your ethnic group and eight aren’t, and you hate the other ethnic group (even if they don’t hate you), you’re not going to want to work for someone in that group, and you probably aren’t going to do your best work for someone in that group, which seriously limits your opportunities for advancement.

    But worse than that, your prejudices are likely to cause a similar prejudice in the opposite direction. To use the earlier example of a white kid being chased through a non-white neighborhood, he or she ended up getting a very negative view of the minority groups who were in the majority there. People tend to inherently become prejudiced against people who hate them. Therefore, if a significant portion of a minority group acts in ways that suggest that they distrust or hate members of the majority group, then even if you instantly eliminated any bias against that minority by the majority group, that prejudice would resurface all on its own.

    That’s what makes claims that “reverse racism” doesn’t exist so very dangerous; by ignoring racist attitudes by even a few members of a minority group, you effectively turn racism into an unsolvable problem. Racism has to be fixed all around, or else you won’t ever make any lasting progress. That means stomping it out quickly and decisively, whether it’s by a member of the majority group or a minority group.

  • David Green

    Okay. I’m not white, but this article is so detrimental to equality. I’m not even going to get into the grammatical errors riddled throughout the whole thing. Anyway, reverse racism DOES exist — call it affirmative action. Take advantage of it while it’s around, ’cause it shouldn’t be. We’re all capable of great things…

    Ughh, reading this makes me sick. Spend your time educating those less fortunate, regardless of skin color, not ranting on how white people are making everything so much worse off. Please check out this link and get in touch with me if you really want to make a difference….

    Making this country, and the people who live here, so much better isn’t really all that hard.

  • Theodore

    “Reverse racism” is nonsensical in the grammatical sense, but any race can be racist. You’re feeble argument is laughable.

  • Vassie Welbeck-Browne

    A very accurate, good and honest article with many responses that clearly reveal our broad lack of understanding of, and dishonesty about racism. However, there are many responses that are on point…so there is hope.

  • Father Theo

    Racism is a set of social theories based on ethnic differences. We know Whoopi Goldberg encountered racism growing up because of her reaction to seeing Nichelle Nichols on Star Trek. Holy cow, a black woman on television and she isn’t a maid! Perhaps our white readers can share a similar experience. Or not.
    Or how about the cowboy and Indian movies I grew up with, with the Indians constantly attacking the wagon trains or stagecoaches, painted savages all. Of course our white readers can talk about similar experiences growing up with Indians and settlers movies where the whites spend all their time killing and attacking Indians. Right?
    Or maybe not.
    You see. That’s where the “power plus prejudice” part comes in. People of colour are not in any position to shower our culture with self-serving images of our enemies. Just about every second black male depicted by Hollywood was a pimp during my time of growing up. That’s cultural propaganda. That’s racism in action. The very idea that divides us, that there is any fundamental difference between people based on colour, is a white idea. When people from the groups discriminated against under this idea get together to fight against white privilege, that is a consequence of this idea as much as it is a consequence of white privilege. The racism that whites encounter from people they have traditionally oppressed is in fact the same racism they created themselves. Without the racial categories created under white privilege and enforced by white-controlled power structures, there would be no racism for whites to face because race as a concept would not exist.

  • Josefina


    1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
    2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

    You’re welcome. Straight from the dictionary.

  • mmhmm

    This post is a perfect example of reverse racism…and this is coming for a “POC”

  • Guestuphobia

    Hi Sara.

    I really hate the term ‘reverse racism’ because it makes things needlessly complicated. When actually speaking to a PoC, I remain sympathetic (I have been to the Birmingham Alabama civil rights museum so I do have a level of understanding – certainly on a historical level and on the level of staring down a KKK outfit on display) but unfortunately, I am not sympathetic to the ‘prejudice/power’ paradigm. DISCLAIMER: I am debunking this based on rational thought rather than any experience of suffering from ‘racism’, and simply because we don’t have enough rational thought in society. END OF DISCLAIMER.

    This definition is inherently false, based on flawed marxist philosophy and irrationality. For example.

    1) The dictionary and legal definition of racism is as prejudice based on one’s heritage or genetic makeup (to be succinct). We can’t change our minds about this based on political thinking.

    2) If racism is ‘prejudice + power’ then technically prejudice from white ruling classes (such as the chattering classes) towards white working classes (for whom they express regular contempt sadly) could be defined as ‘racism’, but that would be nonsense. Because both are white (unless they differed in nationality).

    3) Racism between non-whites towards one another is another facet of racism that exists and is – I am sorry to say – very much alive (e.g. The black vs Latino gangs in LA) yet neither has the societal power card in their deck.

    4) Racism between white people based on ethnic or national background is alive as well. In 2009, a white English girl was beaten up by a white scottish man on account of her accent. Her injuries were so bad that she was partially blinded and still suffers from health and eyesight problems to this day. Six years earlier, a white Kiwi boy wearing an England top in Edinburgh was attacked along with his father by a white scottish man on account of perceived nationality. Though they share the same race, one could mistakenly assume that it’s not racist because they’re all white, and because both English and Scottish power exists in the UK, neither has power to oppress, but the law says plainly this is defined as a racial attack, because it is based on heritage (nationality rather than genetic appearance).

    5) In most countries, ‘majority rules ok’ seems to be the norm for humanity. White countries see white people as norm, black countries see black people as norm, etc (though this may change with time and human progress). In Zimbabwe, white farmers are threatened, attacked, forced from their land by the black government under Mugabe, who has the magical prejudice-power analogy, so by that evidence, black people can be racist under the P+P=R equation.

    6) If (for example) I murdered a PoC (another term I dislike as much as ‘reverse racism’) for dating my white cousin, I would by definition be a ‘racist’. If (for example) I was murdered by a PoC for dating HIS PoC cousin, HE would be definitively a ‘racist’.

    7) The re-definition of racism makes things needlessly complicated. I think calling other forms of racism ‘calling you out on your privilege’ as abhorrent, certainly if it were a real-life example of the above, yet sadly that has indeed happened courtesy of the socialist activists and ‘anti-racists’ in response to terror attacks in the UK, describing them as ‘expressions of frustration. As an atheist, the fact that religious groups (particularly Islamic groups, and Jewish Zionists to a smaller extent) are calling mere criticism of their religious texts ‘racism’ in an effort to silence those, is something I find profoundly worrying. Certainly this re-definition does nothing to solve such prejudices but condone them, which sets a precedence to excuse behaviour from a group of society which not only threatens those targeted, but treats that group as children, and that, ironically, is racist.

    8) I mention Marx because his philosophy of the proletariat vs the rulers is pervasive in much of societal thinking, to a damaging level. It has led us to believe that any have-nots are oppressed and therefore should have free-reign to do/say anything they like to their ‘oppressors’.
    This thinking led the bolsheviks and communists in Russia to believe they could do what they liked to the bourgeoise, resulting in many counts of properly sadistic violence (see ‘red terror’), and the murder of the romanov family in cold blood. It led to Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party believing that the Jews were oppressing them, with horrifying results. It is also the reason for Misandry existing within parts of the feminist movement. The stereotype of feminists as ‘man hating’ (which is real enough for some mainstream feminists to be bigoted – even somewhat oppressive – towards trans-women), is a combination of Marxism, elements of Victorian prudishness, and a knee-jerk reaction to the AIDS scare of the 1980s.
    The point to this is that the idea that ‘if group X is oppressed, they shouldn’t be restrained in any way whatsoever, and group Y are fair game to them’, is a disastrous policy for humanity. History is evidence of this. Social justice warriors applying it to racism (and sexism as well) is a naive and foolish idea, and will only lead to trouble one way or another.

    Personally, I understand that we humans in general have more work to do to accept one another for who we are, not what we are. This is true for western society, but western society isn’t alone in this respect. Human progress will take care of such thinking and confine it to the dustbin of history. Pointless redefinition of a term and rooting it in a marxist (therefore philosophically failed) mindset, will not.

  • Claitun Bigzbee

    Black people are overly sensitive about race and white people are defensive. The world will be a better place when black people and white people can let go of the past.

  • Lifthrasir

    Refer them to the page on Wikipedia about racism. At the same time blaming all Whites, all europeans for all wrongs in all societies, all nations is in my view not the path to walk. Our history is so much longer, then the past 2000 plus years. What went on before that is not even clear. How did the Neanderthalers disappear when the african men started migrating up north? Ultimately we have little idea about the origin of our differences in colour etc.

  • Lifthrasir

    Just check out the definition of racism by the UN. No need for your specialized jargon.

  • Lifthrasir

    Therapists no longer uphold that you need to root out the cause. You need to integrate traumastories into your nervous system. Slavery was a multienterprise between some black tribes or all black tribes in africa and white slavetraders. Just as in the America’s it was between indian/native tribes and white slavetraders. And yes when you belong to a certain collective, by all means apologize for past deeds done by your nation, make repairpayments, make a statue to remember, never forget, but most important get over racism xenophobia in the present. Multicultural, celebrating diversity is difficult but also so very exciting. Just dive into interracial marriages and you will find out how racist most races are.

  • Lifthrasir

    Wrong. Robbery targeted at a certain race, is based on racist attitudes.

  • JC

    There’s only one problem with this article, and that is: “Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs, legislation and widespread media bias that contribute to the oppression of the rights and liberties of a group of people. Racism is systemic, institutional, and far reaching. It is the prevalence of racism within social structures and institutional norms, along with implicit and explicit enforcement by members of a group, that allows racism to run rampant and unchecked. America is a country seeped in white privilege, and our social structure is built on colonization and forced slave labor that then turned into further systemic and ongoing oppression of PoC. We have a culture that presents whiteness as the norm and all else as ‘other’ or different. White is presented as the beauty ideal, the main face in the media (unless we’re talking about criminals, then PoC get unfairly misrepresented), the standard, the regular. It’s a structural problem that affects the perceptions of jurors in criminal cases, admissions to colleges, funding for public schools, welfare and food stamp programs, the redrawing of district lines that affect where we vote, who we see represented on T.V. and how, what schools people have access to, what neighborhoods people live in, an individual’s shopping experience, access to goods and services; it’s extensive and a part of the fabric that let’s whiteness remain dominant in American culture.” The people who need this article the most have no idea what any of that means. They live in a immediate and self serving bubble with neither understanding nor appreciation for the power of institutionalism and the ability to define the norm. The expectation that EVERYTHING be about them and their perspective, to them, is a God given right; and everything else is blasphemy. They also lack the acumen to distinguish between prejudice and racism. White people do not experience racism, but they do experience prejudice…EVERYONE DOES!

  • Ken G.

    Your claim that racism (and racists) stems from POWER is plain wrong.

    Racists can be of ANY color and believing that one’s race is superior to another is called racism. If you are a “PoC” and you believe that you are better than whites, then you are racist.

    As far as your claim that white people cannot be victims of racism- that is racist

    Welcome to being called a racist. I get called racist because I’m white. You are being called racist because you think you are better than me.

  • thatonewhiteguy

    Interesting read although dont completely agree with all views held in the article , While i do agree westernized society is inherently racist (its getting better but we have a long long ways to go) i think the concept of reverse racism in itself is kinda racist , racism in its definition is racism no matter what race it is directed at or who its comes from

  • John Olson

    Racism is the assumed superiority over others on an institutional, social, systematic, and economic level. In other words, racism is prejudice plus power. So the definition of racism is already tied up in institutions, to draw a distinction between racism and institutionalized racism is as unnecessary as it is redundant. However I will say that institutional racism is a specific attribute of racism, in the sense that it is particular to the passing and execution of laws that perpetuate racism.

    • Lenviev LR Nguyenvu

      Tell me what is the definition for racism in the end.

      “Racism is the assumed superiority over others on an institutional, social, systematic, and economic level. In other words, racism is prejudice plus power. So the definition of racism is already tied up in institutions, to draw a distinction between racism and institutionalized racism is as unnecessary as it is redundant. However I will say that institutional racism is a specific attribute of racism, in the sense that it is particular to the passing and execution of laws that perpetuate racism.”

      If this definition applies, I think it’s fitting to use the term “reverse racism”. Because we can’t discount acts of prejudice against whites based on skin color and ethnicity, and since there aren’t no “races” that can be assumed superior to white, “racism” is not the term, but “reverse racism”. Either way in my opinion this article fails, though the author managed to deliver her points.

  • Stephen Perkins

    White people certainly have used racism both historically and today to accumulate wealth & concentrate power. Today there are clear examples of institutionalized racism within the workplace, educational system & housing. There certainly is white privilege in Europe, North America and South America. Having said that, it is important to observe that there have been people of color who have been complicit in perpetuating racism. And what it comes to ethnic cleansing both whites and people of color have engaged in such practices against people who look like them. In Korea, for example, women were forced to become sex slaves by the Japanese. And in the former Yugoslavia genocide was perpetuated by and against people who essentially looked the same.

  • Mark

    Wouldn’t reverse racism be acceptance? Racism is racism regardless of who is on the receiving end.

  • Sakeena Hakcett

    Racism is racism regardless. A hatred of a race or believing that ones race is more superior than another is equally immoral. Being a woman of color I understand the author’s point, however I do think they’re somewhat single minded.

  • Yes, I’m Black.

    There is no such thing as “reverse racism” simply because the word ‘reverse’ implies that the in order for it to be flipped there had to be an original victim. Blacks are not the original victim. Blacks can be racist. Whites can be racist. In America just because blacks have experienced racism to such a serious degree does not make it acceptable to call the situation “reversed” when something happens to a white perosn because it is far from it. What white people call racism simply doesn’t justify what true racism other races faced. Notice I said ‘race’ and not blacks because once again, blacks weren’t, in fact aren’t the only race facing discrimination. To call it ‘reverse racism’ would be like calling an asylum a concentration camp. The comparison doesn’t do the original term justice. It is far from it.

  • Batmanas

    From my computer’s dictionary.

    racism |ˈrāˌsizəm|
    1. The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    2. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief

    So, dear article writer, you are wrong because your definition is wrong. By the actual definition of the word, ‘reverse racism’ is actually just racism, because it is a prejudice directed at someone of a different race based on such a belief (as defined in point 1).

    Please learn what words mean before writing a bullshit article about the nature of a word. If you want a word for what your describing, you should use ‘institutionalized racism’, something that most countries don’t have anymore..

  • Court

    Although I feel like this article is well written, I do not agree with it, especially from an academic standpoint. I had a friend who was white, got a perfect score on the SATs and was valedictorian of his class and he was denied entrance into Yale, Harvard, and Princeton because he was white. He was not “culturally diverse” enough for these institutions and instead of his entrance being based on what he earned it was based on the color of his skin. Not only that but there was an African American girl who constantly picked on me in grade school and I constantly took it, so much in fact that I came home from school almost every day crying. One day I decided to stand up for myself and you know what she did? She went running to the principal exclaiming that the reason why I was singling her out was because she was black. I also agree that this article was very one sided. Also, there is no such thing as reverse racism…racism is racism no matter what nationality or ethnicity you are.

  • Al

    I don’t know if anyone is reading these comments, but the problem is that the proponents of this sort of scenario have redefined what racism means to suit their own ends. Saying that racism exists when x conditions are met, and minus those conditions there is no racism, is a truism. The problem is that the conditions this argument posits are those that in reality are the ones required. In a weird way, this argument makes those it is trying to protect even less powerful.

  • Jessica H

    lol this article is total bullshit. racism is real for people of ANY color not just BLACKS!! There are areas where you can go and it is prominent of one race and you will be called many things including racial slurs if you are not of their race. This is just another article of an African American trying to play the race card when its not the 60′s anymore. I do understand the part where its saying when a poc is commenting on a racial experience or visa-versa the other race tends to want to comment back with a similar story witch is Ridiculous. This whole racial shit is just getting old in general. black white purple if your gunna do a crime your gunna pay for it. This shit needs to end, I thought we were out of this era a long time ago but apparently not?.. I don’t understand it..there is a lot of racist people out there don’t get me wrong but they aren’t all white people, there are racist’s everywhere in every ethnical background. But there’s also a lot of great people who don’t even look at race, that’s what makes this so sad and sickening that this bullshit is growing larger everyday and is going to end up turning into something horrible:/. END Rant…

  • blackalaureate

    thank you so much for this!!!

  • It Really Does Exist

    Much to your contrary belief, reverse racism does exist. My high school was mostly black and Hispanic, and I was one of the few white women who attended it. I was constantly called “cracka,” “Nazi,” “white supremacist.” They used to make fun of me by calling me a slave driver, then attempting to beat me “like they were beaten.” I’m a 3rd generation Polish immigrant. My great-grandmother’s brother and sister were killed in the Holocaust. My family never owned slaves, or practiced any type of discrimination. We were discriminated ourselves because we weren’t part of the WASP collective when my grandmother was a little girl. But apparently I’m evil just because I’m not dark-skinned. Reverse racism does exist, not matter what you say.

    • Denver Goddess

      When I was 19 years old, I ended up in a women’s’ homeless shelter for 3 months. All I did was show up with white skin and some black and Mexican females there asked me if I was a Nazi. I did nothing, said nothing, wore nothing other than regular clothing.

  • i agree with all of you

    I was just reading through the article and these comments and at first, I was feeling flustered and sad. A lot of these comments seem to be coming from kind folk who care about their own and others’ experiences… yet, there is a lot of bickering. Many of these comments serve to shove back defensively at another comment which was also made in defense. Realizing this, I was left wondering… are all of these people actually in disagreement with one another?

    I do not think a single person whose comment I’ve read speaks in support of any act of racism, bigotry, prejudice, or what-have-you. So, then… wherein lies the disagreement?

    Definitions are merely words. They are clarifying and it is often important to be clear about them, especially when dealing with policy. What is of paramount importance, however, is that these words do not cloud the common truths and hopes that many of you commenting folk seem to hold.

    I do not reckon that any of you are arguing that lived experiences are not real. I do not think that any of you believe that anyone’s experiences with what they feel to be some act of racism/prejudice/injustice can/should have their meaning taken away by an utterance or institutionalized statute.

    Perhaps we might go about forming definitions mindfully, then, while keeping in mind that the goal in defining is not to discount anyone’s experiences, but to simply find a word for them. Perhaps “reverse racism” is a poor choice of word, because it implies that a suffering member of the institutionally and inter-personally suppressed minority can do the exact same thing to a member of the more privileged majority in a setting in which this member of the majority is indeed the privileged one. This is indeed a problematic implication. Institutionalized racism is a monster of an issue and anyone who experiences it should not feel that their experience has been dismissed by someone else who has been exposed to… well… something that should perhaps be defined differently.

    Perhaps “prejudice” is, may/should be defined differently from “racism” if racism is to imply dynamics of power and institutionalized inequality. However, it is important to remember what this separation of experiences into two different word categories does not do. What it does not do (or at least, should not do in theory) is strip anyone of what they have experienced. Prejudice is still real, racism is still real. This dividing up of definitions cannot- and should not- dismiss anyone’s hurt.

    No one should have to fight in defense of their experiences. Your truth is your truth and your hurt, whatever it is, is real! We simply need to find a common language– and, given that we all do not seem to be denying anyone’s truth, that should not be so frightening/defense-provoking an endeavor (though it is okay and quite understandable that it seems to have been so thus far).

    Anyhow, I just wanted to echo out a statement of hope that felt clarifying and unifying when I first thought/wrote it. I felt moved to do this because, when I read these comments, I felt that there was so much hurt, so much love, so much truth, all just striving to be known.

    With faith in the humanity of you all,

  • Will

    I more or less agree with you, if your main point is that racism against whites is not nearly as bad as racism against PoC’s (in America). But you’re pretty wrong on several points.

    First, it is still racism, whoever the victim – racism is prejudice and discrimination based on race (skin colour in most cases). Just because the racism directed towards whites is not institutionalised and not as widespread doesn’t mean it’s not racism.

    Leading on from this, “reverse racism” doesn’t make any sense. Racism is racism, it doesn’t matter who perpetrates it or who the victims are. You can certainly have different degrees of racism and there is clearly a difference between individual racism and institutionalised racism, as your article points out. However, calling it reverse racism implies that racism can only be directed towards people of colour, which we all know is not true. Visit the middle east if you need proof.

    Finally, the most appalling part of the whole article: “When white people complain about experiencing reverse racism, what they’re really complaining about is losing out on or being denied their already existing privileges”. Personally, I’ve never been a victim of racism. I’m white so you’d expect that. I don’t think that I have been privileged to not be racially abused my whole life. I consider that to be a basic human right. There are certainly privileges that I have received because I am white and I think that is an appalling fact of society, but not being racially abused is not one of them. The whites you are talking about who “complain” about “reverse racism” in many cases have been seriously abused – do you think I’m “privileged” to not have had this happen to me? I’d hate to live in your future if you think so – if you think that that should be commonplace. Just because people of colour have been denied this right for centuries does not mean that we should now take it away from those who haven’t. We should be making sure that people are not denied this right at all.

  • Farrah

    This article in itself is racist. The term “Reverse Racism” implies that “whites” aren’t a race of people. I can assure you that racisim is alive and prevalent in Canada but I won’t go into detail and give you examples of the terms I’ve heard. Specifically slurs I’ve heard people of colour use against whites.

    “When white people complain about experiencing reverse racism, what they’re really complaining about is losing out on or being denied their already existing privileges. And while it may feel bad to realize your privilege is crumbling and the things you’ve taken for granted can be taken away from you, it is unfair, untrue, and disingenuous to call that experience reverse racism.” …….seriously???
    Your article is hilarious. You should really consider a career in stand-up comedy…journalism clearly isn’t your forte.
    People of colour and whites receive the same education, the same access to post-secondary education, the same access to financing of post-secondary education, the same access to jobs, the same access to promotions and pay equity. Here in Canada we have laws that protect people from discrimation. We have a tribunal in Ontario (where I live) called The Human Right Commssion of Ontario that hears cases of reported discrimation against various things one of them being race. Whites do not receive any “white” priviledges that people of colour do not receive.

  • variable scope

    Saying that instances of racism on a micro scale are not racism is obviously an invalid claim.
    I agree that reverse racism isn’t real but only because reverse racism would logically be the same as normal acceptance; what you are referring to in this article as ‘reverse racism’ is actual racism, just from people of darker color towards lighter color;
    that is not a minor detail- just as you have shown in this article, semantics are important.
    Institutional racism exists everywhere on the globe, if you would like to argue that it is more prevalent in America than it is in China, I’d be interested in hearing your argument.

    We both agree that racism directed specifically at black people in the US is prevalent with a more widespread impact on a macro and micro scale; but racism in the US affecting whites also exists on a macro and micro scale.

    The problem isn’t ‘reverse racism’, the problem is racism. It affects all people, of all colors, worldwide and it is a problem we need to overcome.
    If on a sinking ship, pointing fingers and placing blaim does nothing to stop the ship from sinking; it’s an act of ego. If the goal is to stop the ship from sinking, the hole in the ship needs to be fixed and the water needs to be removed.
    We’re now aware of the problem- we’re halfway towards a solution.
    You’re an awesome writer and you’ve discovered a topic that you care deeply about. You have written a well thought out article that argues with a passion that made it an article that was interesting to read. Have you considered writing a follow up article that investigates ways of eliminating this problem- one with actionable items that people can do in their everyday lives?
    If you haven’t, you definitely should; knowing that you wrote it would be all the more reason for us to give you more positive recognition.

  • natalie

    I had someone copy and past your “argument” to about how there is no such thing as reverse racism. I am going to post my response to this. Because saying all of this is ignorant and is very closed minded. Racism exists regardless of color.


    I agree There is a prejudice towards all races and stereotypes to all that can either grant advantages or disadvantages that “rig” our social structure through our media, policy’s and schools.

    However if we are going to get into definitions of what reverse racism is, it isn’t reverse racism it is reverse discrimination and from what you are describing this is truly what you are talking about.

    reverse discrimination
    : the practice of making it more difficult for a certain type of person (such as a white man) to get a job, to go to a school, etc., because other people who were treated unfairly in the past are now being given an advantage

    This is the definition from Merriam Webster.
    found here.

    Also your “definition” of racism is wrong this is the definition of racism.

    : poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

    : the belief that some races of people are better than others

    This is again the definition from Merriam Webster.

    Merriam Webster defines the meaning of words.

    If we are looking at this from this aspect, yes there is discrimination against people of ALL colors, PERIOD. Just because you are a PoC does not mean that you do not develop prejudices against person of another color for that matter WE ARE ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR!!! We all have some sort of pigmentation to our skin. we are not translucent. And by putting a stress on everyone’s color you are further segregating all humans (sorry I am sort of a smart-ass about that because it is true, we all are colored and we are all one race we are all human…I digress)
    In this aspect yes reverse racism exists because it is all racism it is not limited like you propose.
    Yes reverse discrimination exists in our world today, that is not to negate the fact that yes people that are born white, have a social advantage. But to say that whites are all privileged is ignorant. And to say that violence and racism is not directed towards whites is also ignorant; there is not a bubble of there are no problems and whites just don’t have to deal with discrimination or racism.

    So what we really have here is RAMPANT RACISM from everyone towards all colors of people. Because it is human nature to judge.
    The real thing we should be debating is HOW DO WE END IT and create an equal environment for our children’s future………..


    Ok so that was my response, please note the definitions in there from Merriam Webster. Because those are the real meanings and terms you are looking for. You can debate existence/non-existence of said terms till you are blue in the face. however I do suggest instead of just arguing that racism doesn’t exist towards whites because you can. I really suggest you look at the rising amount of violence towards whites and also realize that racism is racism no matter who it comes from.

  • Nonames

    To be honest, the Internet isn’t the place for proper discussions on the matter, but anyway, I hate the term ‘reverse racism’ (far better to call it ‘racism’ & make it simple). However, though the racism=prejudice+power is an excellent definition of INSTITUTIONAL racism, it is a useless definition of ‘racism’ per se, and has no evidence to support it (but plenty of evidence against it).

  • Lono

    The author’s premise is a critique of a particular race and if anyone
    from that race doesn’t accept the author’s premise then it is only
    further evidence of the validity of said premise.

    The uncomfortable dialogue on race needs to continue, but faulty reasoning works to detract and discredit. Ditto for the less than clever cursing and malapropisms.

    I’m embarrassed for the author.

  • ajd

    Thank you for this article. As a white ally, I do work educating others about the fact that there is racism, but not reverse racism. You did a great job of explaining about prejudice plus power. Power is the operative word. Yes, a PoC can not want to work with me, call me something derogatory and yes this may be acting prejudice and it can hurt….but it’s not racism. I still as a white person have systemic power. What I have found helpful in educating others on this is to invite them to take themselves and their egos out of this, and try to think bigger, i.e. systemic. People’s emotions get in the way and they get triggered when talking about this and learning seems to stop.

    it’s like the white people are looking for empathy and understanding about their experiences and its just not the time to do so, when a PoC is talking about the racism that they have experienced. By adding your experience of prejudice or discrimination (acting on that prejudiced thinking), it invalidates the real racism. It is akin to telling someone their trauma is not real, and that only exacerbates a person’s trauma. It’s just another form of violence that people in the dominant group enact over others. And yes, even if you are the only white person in the room, you are still part of the dominant group – systemically.

  • Maura M.

    I’d like to first say, that this is a good opportunity to engage in a dialogue, and it’s a touchy subject. So, I want to try make this a healthy dialogue. Though it’s frustrating that lots of white people don’t understand the effects that racism has on people of colour, I think that it might also be important that they have spaces to be brought into the fold. If people are feeling defensive, they aren’t going to respond. Do the majority white population need to take responsibility for the unfairness of systemic racism? Yes. But how?

    I am not a fan of hand-holding. But time and support are necessary. The William Bridges Transition framework begins with the premise that the key to sustained change is recognizing and addressing the emotional and psychological effects of change. When applied to racism, the systemic causes of racial inequity have left history haunting us with stories that have yet to be heard, much less understood. So for change to happen, we need to have an ending point, to let go of the old way. Then they have to go through an uncomfortable in-between stage, and if people are alienated at that stage, they will revert. If they make it through that, they can start a new beginning. My point here is, if our psychological needs are not supported, we can’t let that reverse racism thing go.

    Another idea I wanted to bring up is where the ‘calling out racism’ thing comes from. I think I read in a book by James Loewen that colourblindness and reverse racism are concepts that were developed as a white response to the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement was a response to white racism, of the mid 20th century. Calling people out for racism is a response to colourblindness by people of colour, and sometimes white people. For anti-racist activists, I think it’s a good thing to know. I personally think it’s important to give a little more than just calling people out, because then it reverts to what’s going on here. Are people learning in this discussion, or are they just defending themselves from a perceived attack? That’s why I like James Loewen, because he has taught a lot about history and racism, and allows people to really recognize the damage and systematic white-washing of negative parts of history.

    The last issue that I want to bring up is something that people have said a lot already. That is the ambiguousness of the definition of racism. So, if racism = power + prejudice, it is counter-intuitive to think that people of colour can’t be in situations where they have both prejudice, and power. It might not be on the scale of the white power, but it can and does happen.

  • Leita Yolandi

    I got jumped at a club and my nose broken because I was “whitey fru fru” I think judgement is wrong in ANY form. Weather it is because of sex, color, sexual orientation, nationality, income any of it. Hate can bite me!!

  • Really?

    Nope, Prejudice on the basis of skin colour or race is racism.

  • Lix Velvet

    Actually – I live in a very odd, double position – because police Stop and Frisk me on the regular, store security follows me and to “white” people I am perceived as non-white – so I’m fucked no matter where I go!

  • Lix Velvet

    White privilege is only true for the 1%. Dr. Cornell West does a great job, in his book Race Matters, of explaining how we are having a class war in this country. The 1% rules over the rest of us and then keeps us divided by convincing us to hate each other. By us continuing to insist that “white is right” or “black is right” we will never unite and face the real enemy which is the system that oppresses all of us who are not rich as hell. So, sorry for being poor, and sorry for being hated by BOTH blacks and whites – it fucking sucks – and sorry for talking about it cuz I guess that makes me a “bad person” too – I wish peace for everyone – I am a child of the 1960′s with a consciousness that developed during the 1970′s – my ideal is Peace Love and Freedom – FOR EVERYONE – I’m also really tired of black people throwing rocks at my head, pulling guns on me and threatening to beat me up for being a “fag” a “man” or a “trannie” – to quote Rodney King “Why can’t we all just get along” – FOR REAL?!

  • Shabazz

    There’s no such thing as reverse racism! “Reverse racism” is an oxymoron and ridiculous. Racism is the belief one race is superior to another, so to reverse it would be to NOT believe one race is better than another. And as for white/caucasion people calling black/Asiatic people racist, stop it!

    Please stop letting people tell you blacks are racist. Black people can not be racist. Racism is when one group of people has enough wealth and power to injure another group. The truth is, real racist dictate and write policy.

    With the understanding most (not all) black/Asiatic people grew up worshipping a white/caucasian Jesus, it would be asinine to refer to someone black/Asiatic as racist. I have never seen or am aware of a picture/statue of a dark complexioned Jesus in a white/caucasian church. Are you? That’s a form of leprosy the truth must cure! People use the word racist and prejudice synonymously AND erroneously!

    Finally, “white supremacy” is also an oxymoron, at least where nature is concerned. Any caucasion claiming to be superior is a fool. There is nothing supreme about recessive genes making incomplete/deficient/ill-functioning proteins resulting in higher degree of birth defects, poor hearing, poor vision, infertility, bone problems, genetic diseases, skin aging and behavioral issues

    • FlotsamSam

      Sigh. Two points I agree with: the oxymoron references.

  • Gregor

    What everyone seems to be arguing over here is the definition of racism. Google defines it as,

    -”the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

    I believe that arguing that t reverse racism doesn’t exist is hurtful to movements pushing for equality. The google definition of racism is widely held in common vernacular, so when people are stereotyped because of their race, which almost everyone has been, the only thing that they can think to call it is racism.

    When people in agent groups encounter articles, like this one, that seem to imply that their own experiences with stereotyping aren’t real problems, it makes them more resistant to social progressiveness in general.

    Is there systematic oppression of white people? No. Is the systematic oppression of POC a major problem that should be dealt with? Absolutely, but arguing over the definition of racism isn’t helping in the slightest.

  • Joshua

    Wtf is this anyhow? Reverse racism? If ANY race is discriminated against than that is racism! I don’t really care what color you are. In fact if you look into history racism has been part of every color.

    I also see this article extremely bias and one sided. In fact the author Sara Luckey needs to start reading something about the topic instead of spewing opinionated nonsense.

  • Ughhhhh

    Huh. Sounds like another “colorblind” white person. -_- you would think as someone who understand the persecution of PoC you wouldn’t try to erase the history and past of PoC. As much as you want to hope all this persecution is in the past. You’re wrong.

    • Open your eyes

      Huh. Sounds like another “you cant be racist against whites” asshole -_-
      She shared a story of here experience of “Reverse-racism” as some ignorant people here call it and you dismiss her as a “‘colorblind’ white person”. She’s not saying we should erase history, she’s saying that people need to stop bringing up what our ancestors did whenever the topic is race.

      Yeah, white people in America of the past owned slaves, but you know what? Black people did too, but nobody makes a big stink of it.

      In my 20 years of life I have seen white people discriminated against more than any other race, the media just make a big deal when its a non-white.

    • ughhhhfuckingidiot

      so you want to keep racism going forever? lol i live in south africa were white people(especially men) can’t get any job because of the previous apartheid, in any position a white man no matter how skilled or qualified or experienced. I’m from Russia originally and live there for over 10 years, yet white people can be racist towards and treated unfairly even by the government because of some random other European’s doing? not even my forefathers lol >,>

  • Kevin

    The biggest problem I have with this editorial is that I see racism as having a different definition. Racism:prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior

    The article seems to think the following about racism. Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs, legislation and widespread media bias that contribute to the oppression of the rights and liberties of a group of people

    The primary difference is that article requires “power to form social constructs, legislation and widespread media bias.”

  • JR

    Wow, just wow. Peoples of all colors can be racist. Tired of the word being misused all of the time now. The race card is played out. Yes, black people can be racist. Go work in a factory full of illegals from mexico….never mind, over your head…ever get jumped because you are white? No? Then you have no idea. Am i racist? No, cause i don’t believe one skin color is above another. I cab be biggott3d in my though.

  • Jane

    Im almost homeless due to affirmative action hiring in Canada.

  • Jane

    What about all the homeless white people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chizou

    I never heard someone chime in with reverse racism… but using your example, if a white kid grows up in a black neighborhood and he gets his ass kicked every week because of the color of his skin, how is that possibly not racism? How is that possibly not race induced? This is completely contradictory to the dictionary definition of racism

  • La vaca que ri

    So, this is probably the most stupid thing I’ve seen today… Racism is racism! Saying that there is reverse racism is the same as saying that only white people discriminate, wich is not the case… Racism is the discrimination based on one’s race, and that’s it.

    That beeing said, I belive the racist is you, Mrs. Lucky who wrote this fecal and undimensional chronical

  • Samantha Eaton

    I do believe on some level reverse racism can exist. Yes I understand the systemic oppressions POC’s have to put up with, but when I have someone tweeting how much they hate whites (all whites) and wish to #killallcrackers and #deathtowhiteys then you have to admit its racism in some level. OK I do understand that the whole systemic and societal thing isn’t there but just because your oppressed doesn’t give you a ticket to dish out hatred.

    I’m trans and I found it absolutely disgusting that some of us were hating cisgender (non trans* people) under the #F*ckCisPeople hastag. Yes I no doubt understand what transphobia is through first hand experience, but dishing out hatred is dishing out hatred. I believe this to be cis-phobia (in some sense).

  • Andrew Fung Yip

    Thank you for explaining why it only exists as prejudice against whites but not racism.

  • George Li

    I’m Chinese and I can tell you reverse racism exists. Many of my relatives make racist comments against white people. Reverse racism only doesn’t exist in the minds of social justice bloggers like you who think the “oppressed minorities” like me are paragons of virtue who can do no wrong.

  • knucklehead

    What an article! Both childish and uninformed. The writer defines racism from what she needs racism to be in order to be politically expedient for her carefully constructed narrative and completely irrelevant to the world in general. Yet another middle class pseudo-liberal who has no real idea whatsoever about any life outside her own privileged social group where white has to equal privilege and power and black has to equal lack of the same. What is needed is education, not indoctrination. There is a world out there that the write doesn’t even know exists.

  • nah

    Alright little white kids, I get the anger at this but I think you’re a little bit missing the point/overreacting. White kid getting bullied because he is white = racism, I don’t understand the debate about that in the social justice community to be honest. If you’re bullied, fired, passed up for a job, etc etc solely for your race no matter what race that is, it is racism. HOWEVER the reason this article was written in the first place is because in discussions about institutionalized racism (which lets be honest is completely real), white kids like to come in and make it about them and like 98% of the time their experiences with racism are no where near as severe. The conversation doesn’t always have to be about you-which is pretty much the point here. Living in the United States, if you are white you will probably never have to deal with anything like most non-whites do which is why your experiences generally are considered unvalid-they were likely singular events whereas most PoC have a lifetime of these events.

    Racism is racism, but it exists on a spectrum and most whites’ experiences are on the low end.

    However it is highly hypocritical when certain social justice bloggers for example use the fact that their experiences are more severe as an excuse to hate all whites and generalize every member of a race based on some ignorant/rude douches. Which I’m guessing is where the “reverse racism” argument comes into play most often.

    Basically white people need to realize the conversation isn’t about them simply because their experiences are few and far between unlike PoC’s generally

    And PoC’s (by which I mean PoC social justice bloggers) need to get it into their heads that racism is racism and if you’re hating on someone just because they’re white you’re at fault too. Also as “A naive article” posted, the argument that racism is only ever white against PoC is actually really stupid considering other cultures and other majorities within said cultures and-best example I would say-Arab Terrorists many of whom are guess what are taught to be anti-white.

  • Juan Valdez

    The first sentence says it all, I SPEND A LOT OF TIME ON THE INTERNET…

    YES, YOU DO… Unfortunately that time is spent searching for opinions and stories of others that match what you want to see. You are NOT LEARNING ANYTHING. YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR PEOPLE WHO CONFIRM WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE.

    This (article?) is narrow, conclusion selective, and sad. It is the work of a narcissist who is trapped in their own world and determined to see everything as they choose.

    My God, you need to go outside and look around. Stop getting your entire world view from people on the internet who are more than willing to play victim.

  • BlueMoney

    Another young, sheltered white liberal sheep who disengages her brainwashed little mind and proceeds to run her mouth about subjects she knows NOTHING about (and wouldn’t dream of living within a light-year of any neighborhood where she might get first-hand experience of what she speaks of.) Don’t feel bad though Sara… I was “luckey” enough to grow up in a nice, safe white neighborhood just like you did. I also had teachers feeding me politically correct BS for 12 years of my life, just like you.
    Then I left that neighborhood, and got some real-world schooling. Maybe you will too.

  • Joseph Joseph

    The thing about racists is that often, they dont think they ARE racists. I spent some time in the mid west, and I have to tell you. Most of the black people would not tolerate a white person saying nigger. For a black person to say it was fine, but if a white person said it, them was fightin words. Thats racism. There are definitely different standards for both whites and blacks. I am not going to call someone and Afro-American because that implies they are something other than an American. I do not and will not associate with people by heritage. I do recognize a difference in someones skin color as a mechanism of description of appearance. I reserve the word nigger most often for people who think it means black people. Those people truly are niggers or as the word means Ignorant people. I suppose a bunch of niggers will find this to be offensive. That hardly matters. Those people are racist bigots who do not understand the meaning of the word. I love all of my friends regardless of race, creed or color because they are truly good people. I dislike people who associate them selves as being Arian, Jews, Arabs, Native ect.. I can only deal with someone who is a human first and foremost. The thing is that people who associate with being their race become racist as a matter of fact. They tend to take people of their race over others. This is how genocide happens. Reverse racism is a real thing, and in my opinion it is the only reason why the people with black skin are still behind. Their self perception in many cases holds them back more than anything else. If you identify with yourself as being your skin color then you will be. Funny thing. I was in China and everyone assumed that I could not use chop sticks because I am white, but I love eating with chop sticks. I hate how Chinese discriminate against me because of the color of my skin. They think that because I am from America that I have no deductive reasoning skills and cannot perform simple mathematics. Also that I will have no significant skills in chemistry or even a basic understanding of physics and that I will read and write at an 8th grade level. Ha!

  • sickened

    white people need to stop speaking about how a black person’s experience of racism is as though they’ve experienced it themselves. this article is written by a privileged idiot. I mean, you are right, reverse racism doesn’t exist. It implies that racism applies only when whites are racist towards racial minorities which is bullshit. Racism isn’t just about who has power. Racism is thinking that someone who is a different ‘race’ from you is somewhat less than you simply because of that perceived difference. This can go in any direction. I’m sick of white people telling me that I can’t be racist to other white people. I can. I’m not but I can. Of course it won’t have the same impact but it still is racism. Hate is hate. Racial discrimination is where power comes in and trust me, if I have power I can definitely discriminate against you. If I was an employer, I could choose not to hire you; if I owned a bar, I could bar you from entering. Hate is hate and while it might not have the same impact on that white person as it will if the positions where reversed it is still a very bad thing. We cannot expect to move forward from racism if we give credence to a certain ‘type’ of racism and say that’s true racism. No, all racism is bad.

    It’s like people have forgotten what racism is. It’s a very, very simple thing at the core and people need to know exactly what that is. It is about a perception that your race is better than another. That’s it. End of.

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  • Doublestandard

    I am going to agree with the person below. It is not having your “privileges” taken away when you are more qualified for a job, but because that company needs a certain % of minorities, you didn’t get it. It isn’t a privilege when you had higher grades than someone of a different race, yet they get more scholarships, or gets admitted and you don’t. I have seen this too many times.

    You are right though, technically there is no reverse racism… that is because it is just racism. Giving someone else a chance over a more qualified person, just because of race… is Racism. Legal cases getting more media attention because the victim was black, while the same case with a white victim are ignored is Racism.

    The fact the words reverse racism have to be used to describe a different type of racism, is in and of itself, Racist.

  • Native

    “Reverse racism isn’t real because we live in a culture that supports and enforces whiteness as the norm and PoC as other.” Actually, this is an amazingly racist and ignorant view of America. Hundreds, even thousands, of communities in this country are made up of PoC, or have such a large contribution from PoC that they are in no way the Other. You must come from an extremely white and privileged background to make such a statement. Have you never been to Miami, San Antonio, western South Dakota, and one of thousands of First Peoples communities, watched Univision, or BET, looked at a pop music chart, been to New Orleans, been to Los Angeles, walked around El Paso, been to a community meeting at a public housing community in Queens. I could go on and on. I currently live in a political district with over 110 languages being spoken in it, my state representatives are Black and Asian, respectively, my city councilman is Black, my Democratic party chair is South Asian. Whiteness is not the norm here. But it is in your racist houses of critical race theory, the academic institutions with their whitebread professorship, yes, that place where these ideas come from, that place is racist. But that isn’t my neighborhood. You have never been in my neighborhood, where you can go 3 blocks and not hear English being spoken. And where we have our own community power. And where we look out for each other regardless of the color of skin, because hating someone or thinking about that person in some negative way because of their color or ethnicity, or anything about them, is wrong. Even if they are white. Its all racism. And it doesn’t need Power, it merely needs to be hatred that aspires to power or towards and expression of Power.

    “When white people complain about experiencing reverse racism, what they’re really complaining about is losing out on or being denied their already existing privileges.” No, they are not. That may be true in some specific case, but once again the reduction to generalization is a tool of the oppression. Your mindset is that of the racist. You are defining for someone what their experience is, at that is at the heart of racism. If the sentence is _____ people are ________ and its not some statistic about heart disease or obesity or affluence, its probably racist. You are incredibly ignorant if you don’t think someone being abused individually and systemically is not a victim of racism. If I am beat up for being Indian, and then I go to the police, and am disregarded because I am Indian, or a slut, or Black, or……white, and that is the actual reason, then its still racism. There is no reverse racism because if a decision is based on race, its based on race. Its just plain old racism. This is where the idea put forth that racism requires power or it is ‘merely’ discrimination is bull shit. The minimization of racist actions is at the heart of white racism, and is the manner in which institutionalization persists (oh, its not racism….we only hire people from Ivy League schools because of their college ranks…bullshit, its racism). These people trying to separate racist actions and minimize discrimination to alleviate their own prejudice is the heart and soul of racism. Yes, PoC can be racist, or have you never actually been around any PoC? Are they to be denied their ability to make their own decisions? Are they some noble savage? How dare you.
    I grew up in gang infested communities. I grew up in communities where people of color are business owners, everywhere. We had power, we still do. Your definitions of racism can not take that away simply because you want them to. We are not some powerless sponges absorbing white Amerikkka’s negation of our importance and existence, and we are also not absorbing your biased reflection of that idea, essentially saying the same thing by refusing us the ability to negate, to hate, and to have an impact with that hatred.

  • Ben

    What a phenomenally ignorant and facile argument from a very stupid and narrow-minded person. A six-year-old child could pick holes in this.

    Sara Luckey is not only tacitly racist on a superficial level, but also on a deeper one which most Americans are when discussing this topic i.e. racism isn’t about the differences between black Americans and white Americans, to consider it such underlines your own bigotry. Or is that patriotism?

  • Jbc

    Even if your argument was sound I think that you would need more data to back it up. I was denied a competitive scholarship at a state school because the decision making board decided that they “desired a more diverse candidate”.

    I am white and male. The scholarship was not race based but I lost it because I was white. That is institutionalized and far reaching if you ask me.

    • August

      You’re assuming ” more diverse” means “not White.” Diverse can also mean a whole host of things not related to race or gender, like “has extensive work experience,” “overcame personal tragedy,” “came from an economically disadvantaged background,” etc. It can be one of those things, but is most likely a combination of multiple factors that determines whether a candidate is diverse.

      • Jbc

        I’m not assuming anything. They were clear that because I was white and male that I had “distinct advantages” over the other candidates making me non eligible for the scholarship. This happens all the time.

  • Thomas Brown

    I get tired of other people trying to rob me of my own experience, just because they’re trying to lay some academic theory down as the only acceptable way to look at things.

  • Sally

    EXACTLY. It’s just plain RACISM, no matter who it comes from. Duh.

  • Dock Drumming

    Let me break it down for you guys. I really don’t know where the term “reverse racism” came from. There is only RACISM, and ANYONE (black, white, yellow, purple, etc.) can be one.

  • Dock Drumming

    Fantastic response. I agree %100!

  • JAES

    I’m going to repost what I answered on my friend’s FB thread:

    Please excuse me for a moment. I am going to rant, (yes, I realize some of this rant was expressed in the article) and then I am going to shut up. Thank you for your patience.

    Racial bias & prejudice, as far as I know, is the same thing as racism. And that can be displayed by anyone of any color towards anyone else of any color, within an ethnicity or between ethnicities. Yes, within the Western-influenced world there is “white” privilege (for as much as “white” or “black” actually describes anyone vs. describing a fked system of inequality meant to make 1 group of people feel like they could treat any other group not looking like them like pieces of crapola). That does not mean that people on the privileged side cannot experience racism from the non-privileged side. It does mean that their experience of it is nothing close to as degrading as what the other side has experienced in this country because of the fked up color-consciousness imposed by the founding European colonialists; it also means that any PoC’s prejudices/attitudes stem from this system of inequality, and these should be understood in that way. It does not make ANY of it right or justified, and it doesn’t mean that someone shouldn’t be able to voice that they have had an experience. It does mean that this person, if from the privileged side, SHOULD be educated verbally in a polite, thoughtful way (because we put out into the world what we want to receive) so that they have an opportunity to understand that the experiences are not equivalent. Otherwise, the loaded silence about the whole “racism” thing in America continues, these issues continue to be swept under the rug, stereotypes and misunderstandings continue to perpetuate and NOTHING EVER GETS HEALED OR SOLVED.

    I am saying this as a 1/2 Caucasian, 1/2 mystery meat adopted person who checks “other” on the Census & other stupid demographic forms because I’m sick and tired of playing into the bullshit socio-political system in this country.

    Shutting up now. Peace & a Happy Holiday to all.

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  • Not looking at comments

    The comments here are going to be insane, aren’t they? I am sorry you will have to slog through it. I just want to say, well done, and thank you! I’m not a PoC, but I try to be a thoughtful and empathetic person and an ally. Thank you for giving me such eloquent phrasing to express my frustration with Clueless White People ™ and their derailing of the conversation. I sometimes feel like I have no place speaking up or criticizing them, since I also don’t have that lived experience. Thank you for reminding me that calling out bullshit is always appropriate. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • guest

    some valid points in here (the structural aspect of racism made sense), but no, I don’t see how a white person being treated with mistrust, contempt, hatred or disgust by someone of a different race JUST BECAUSE they are white in skin color or culture is not RACISM…obviously this person has not experienced that, or feels so superior that it didn’t bother them!!

    inflammatory/false to claim that is just a white person reacting to their loss of “white privilege”

  • Faisal

    What rubbish you are clearly lying if all of what you said is true something would’ve been done before now don’t chat shit. You think blacks are bad come to bradford in the uk aka bradistan us pakistanis rule innit. No white man looks us in the eye haha they look down at their feet when they see us, or man gets straight robbed mate. Ye ill freely admit I’m racist I HATE white people you lot are scum of the earth the whole lot if you. The only good white person is a dead white person I mean look at all the shit you’ve done in the world. Crusades, slavery, taking over half the world, the holocaust, the atom bomb, what have white people NOT done to deserve it? I don’t give a shit if it wasn’t you it was your ancestors so what you reap what they sowed, sorry that’s life it’s unfair.

    • Sherlaine Badenhorst

      you racist !!! :)

    • starlightsynesthesia

      Yes, and you (Faisal) are obviously an evil piece of shit, and I legitimately (and realistically) hope that one day soon, government surveillance analyzes these messages, tracks it to who you are, and literally sends you off to a recreated Auschwitz specially designed just for *actually* truly racist, malevolent scum like you. You are the only one between you and I that deserves “it”. You lot are the scum of the Earth, the whole lot of you.

    • Chuck U Farley

      Inventions too… you forgot that!

    • digitalruckus

      faisal mate, i live in Preston quite a ways down south of Bradford and you’re absolutely spot on. but i’m black not asian and the white people here are the same. you’re not racist, you just don’t like whites which is fair shout. people are failing to realise your last point which is what this is all about they reap what they sowed still today

  • A Voice

    prejudice does not equal racism, and I think the difference between them is where people get lost.

    Everyone, no matter what their skin color, has at one point experienced prejudice from someone with a different skin color for what ever reason, which is entirely deplorable and a shame. But, structural racism cannot be reversed by a minority group.

  • Eric Adcock

    This author is totally ignorant of the world around her and is blinded by her ideology and preconceptions. Which is fine but spouting this tripe as gospel truth makes her also an idiot.

  • A Flawed Article

    A Flawed Article. Firstly, this article fails to define power in any meaningful way. Maybe white people are overrepresented in powerful institutions, but it is a logical flaw to therefore jump to the conclusion that there is such a thing as ‘white privilege’ or that white people somehow are favored in society at large. The first thing to notice is that powerful positions are NOT democratic enterprises in the sense that everyone has the equal right to these positions no matter what. Rather they are a matter of who is the best qualified to hold these positions, and it just so happens that a large part of those qualified happen to be white, so it is natural that many will be white. Secondly, I strongly disagree with the notion that racism has to be connected with power to be valid. Apart from the fuzzy nature of the word ‘power’. Most authoritative sources, including UN, define racism solely as ethic discrimination. And this is of course rife against white people in this world as much as it is rife against blacks, asians or other such “races”. Take a look at Zimbabwe or modern day South Africa under the present ANP and you find that anti-white racism is widespread and even officially sanctioned in the case of Zimbabwe. And yes, obviously it is present in western countries, because there are always ignorant dumbasses who happen to be black, asian or hispanic as there are white counterparts. Indeed, it may be part of human nature to look at people from the lens of collective stereotyping rather than by looking at peoples as individuals. And while the term reverse-racism itself may be flawed because there is only one direction of racism no matter who it’s aimed at. To claim that there’s no racism against whites is purely ludicrous.

  • learn to love everyone

    Racism is a state of mind. Really, what we are talking about is discrimination which is a behavior.

    Let me just help you extend your career. Today, it might be socially acceptable to post an article stating that Caucasians can not be the victim of racism because they are Caucasians, but several years from now society might wake up and get tired of the inflammatory speech. Do yourself a favor and delete this article.

    All i see in this article is hate. The same thing i see from people like you all the time in major corporations, churches, etc. What else would explain your unrelenting desire to minimize any complaint of discrimination, the BEHAVIOR that you’re ultimately out to stop, because the victim happens to be white?

    I have news for you, in 2013, this crap effects everybody. If don’t think that white employees are discriminated on by minority bosses because of that same white privelage crap you keep mentioning, then think again. It happens every day.

    Profiling? I’m white, male, and live in the south. By the way, i went to private school. I tell you these things and you don’t think i know what’s going through your before you even say it?
    Now, let me correct your stereotype. My family went into debt to put me in private school because public school was not safe for me anymore. I graduated college with a liberal arts degree, and lost most of my high school friendships because of my progressive political beliefs.

    When i see these emotional, nearly anti white rants, i ask myself why are you focused on white people and not their complaints of being a victim to the same behavior you are? Discrediting them only discredits yourself. You can’t know that they were born in to any more privelage than you were, but you profile them on your article lol. Quit being anti white and start being anti racist, because one day political correctness will migrate to a more equal view and articles like this will still be lingering around on the internet.

    Attacking a behavior is what progressives do, attacking people it’s what racists do.

  • Harry Seaward

    Liberals always see the world as they want it to be, not as it is.
    You are fubar lady.

  • Martel

    I grew up in your multicultural utopia. It was common to see whites getting beat up while the attackers shouted racial slurs. Even my immigrant friends perceived it as normal to only discuss whites in negative terms, especially white women where seen as nothing but “meat”. I know someone who has been murdered by Arabs & Blacks who called him a white pig while they kicked him to death.

    According to the political establishment, which hold the views you represent, this doesn’t constitute racism. My experiences and the experiences of many others are continually mocked, trivialized and omitted from political discourse. You as a writer have contributed to the status quo, and it will never be forgotten.

    Vive Le Generation identitaire.

  • Michael

    Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Or prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
    Meaning anyone can be racist anywhere at any time. Also the definition of race a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group. There that needed to be made clear for eveeyone

  • Supremo Lagarto

    Racism is when a person judges an entire race of people with an unfair, usually negative, sweeping generalization. That is all that it means and the author of this article has attempted to hijack the definition in order to make a generalization about all white people. Which is that all white people got together and created a system to exploit minorities. Most white people are not racists, though a minority of them are. A lot of black people are not racists, but a few definitely are. There are some (not all) black people who believe that it is okay to attack and rob white people because they believe whites are all oppressors. The same minority of people view speaking in correct grammar, gainful employment, and education to be “for whites”. A minority of black people are racists. Saying that this is not the case or that white people who have been discriminated against are just “whining” shows a lack of imagination and empathy for other human beings.

  • Eccehomo

    LOL White Liberal Guilt. Obsessed with the supposed oppressed.

  • Sherlaine Badenhorst

    Sara Luckey please do some more research from other countries before you post internationally.

  • steven noyb

    Go to any topic on Israel in a news section, with comments.
    Try to defend palestine and watch how long before they call you racist, while calling you a nazi.

  • Random person

    I disagree. In South Florida, for instance, it’s impossible to get a job unless you know very fluent Spanish or are actually hispanic and people constantly treat whites like trash. However, whites are the minority in south florida, so perhaps the argument is invalid.

  • Ryan

    Kill yourself you anti white SLUT. I hope you get anally raped by an HIV infested Nigger you white genocide WHORE.

  • brian

    This is racist on its own saying no one can be racist against whites me and my brother where spit on and was told no white boys can have a 1st string full back postition on our football team we went to a school where white pop was 10 percent and we had alot of friends but we also had alot of people who talked shit bc we where white so ya you are a racist yourself maybe instead of being on the internet all the time go out and live a lil what about the white genocide in south africa

  • brian

    And one other thing all races has been inslaved one time or another I mean go ti schol do you not remember the british ilse when the romans came NEWS flash blacks where not the only slaves instead of dwelling on somthing that has been fixed why nitbhelo people who are slaves RIGHT now like woman in the sex world or sweat shops of poor children in china and India I mean I know there is racism is still around and I am ashamed of it and I hate it but to say that if your white it cant be racism thats so mean and rude im native american and I know what your thinking everyone says that but I was born on the rez in Oklahoma and have a cdib card if you dont know what that is then you dont know any way my people had our country taken over race is almost at extinction at least your race is growing and is flourishing

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  • FatherOf Dayear

    You feminist cunt I have been openly hated against because I’m white, you obviously didn’t go to public school or have lived in a town with a majority of minorities, if you’re white you are hated universally by other races, fuck you you privileged bitch.

  • trey

    The phrase “reverse racism” in itself is racist as it implies only white people can be racists. Anyway, I’m a far left wing guy in Canada and I’ve become sick of this double standard. I’ve also become tried of white people seemingly being the only race concerned about teaching their children racism is wrong.

  • Lana_89

    Seriously, there is a difference between individual struggle and racial struggle. Many white people get this confused all time. As a black female, I would never compare my hardships with anyone else (white, asian, whatever..) So why should a white person do the same? It’s nowhere near comparable. Not saying one person’s problems are more difficult than anyone else’s. But these issues usually can’t be measured on the same scale. Instead of whining and saying “it doesn’t exist they’re making it up”, learn more about another cultural groups history and why certain patterns exist.

    • Patrick Rhoades

      You have experienced racial oppression Stereotyping and racism by definition any race can experience racism from any race only those experiencing prejudice that has power behind it based on race can experience racial oppression. Racial oppression is what I think people are confusing for racism. 2 different things that are seperated by the application of power which many are using that explanation to say white people are confusing racism for bigotry which is wrong because bigotry doesn’t require race and reverse racism is actually when a program meant to help discriminated minorities discriminates against the majority so this redefinition of racism requires the creation of 2 words to be redefined 1 to be created and another to be destroyed to change nothing at all which is highly illogical in every way as there is no reason to do so.

  • zak

    For starters, I noticed that all your white people examples are about Americans, well shockingly enough, just because being racist to white Americans doesn’t exist (in your eyes anyway) doesn’t mean that white people in other countries aren’t victims of racism. In Australia, particularly the small aboriginal dominant town that I live in (I am white) is extremely racist towards the white population, I was gang bashed a few months ago by 6 aboriginals when I was walking home because it’s a “black neighbourhood” and I “didn’t belong”. They got a slap on the wrist and nothing more because if they got jail time they’d just play the “it’s because I’m black” card.
    The Australian governments gives out aborginal-only payments such as ABstudy, there are certain jobs in Australia that only aboriginals are allowed to apply for.
    (Assuming your ignorant mind doesn’t know what an Aborigine is, they are the indigenous peoples of Australia)
    There are many more examples of “reverse racism” (which is a very ignorant term btw, implying that the normal and only racism is racism towards blacks)
    If you seriously don’t believe white people can be a victim of racism than you are fucking stupid.

  • An Onymus

    This has to be the dumbest article ever written. Im not white or black. Im native american. Reverse racism is very much alive. Our people had our country taken from us. The blacks were sold into slavery by their own people. And yes its horrible what was done to their people. But the blacks who live here today are a different people. They are rude, dumb and try to con everyone. The whites bend over backwards to appease them for something that happened to the blacks ancestors. These whites werent there. I wasnt there when my ancestors land was taken. It was a horrible act but I dont blame the “white man” for that. Joe shmoe couldnt give it back today anyway. Yet the blacks get college funds just for them. Tv and movies just for them. Their own dating site. Let a white do that and feelings get hurt quick. I work in a place where they have to hire variety. This means a black guy who isnt qualified for his job gets paid more than me because his skin is black. But you know what? I get promoted next week to hiring staff and im gonna hire qualified individuals. Not skin colors. Our schools are lessoning their grading standards because the blacks cant keep up. My daughter wont get the education they deserve because? Lastly, they should be thankful for the events that led them here. Where would they be otherwise? Jumping up and down in some hutted village with a spear in their hand. They are welcome to go back to that if they wish.

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  • JDavid

    Wow, I bet most of these people are defensive White people who just want to feel like races are turning against them. I don’t see White people walking down the street getting avoided because of the stigma that’s been put on you.. You know how this article prove her point because you guys were ready mostly talking about Black people. Last time I checked White man and woman are still the most sought out group in the world.. I think you guys need to stop acting like a White slave period is coming and just face the facts that you as an entire race have it better.

  • Legally white

    What definition of racism are you using? Racism doesn’t have to be institutional, systematic, supported by the government, or done to the minorities. It just requires belief of superiority due to race, and/or aggressive behavior against people because of their race. Everyone can do that.

    Do you think sexism against men is possible? After all, they’ve been the privileged gender for centuries, therefore they can never complain about sexism now. (I don’t really believe that, people. Just illustrating a point.) That is what your article comes off as, except with races rather than genders.

    Also next time you hear about an incident, before you dismiss it as not racist, imagine it happening to someone you love. It might change your perspective…

  • Legally White

    … Ever heard of affirmative action?

  • Ashley

    This article is beyond ignorant. I can’t fathom to even look at it anymore.

  • ayyyy

    I love the article as it explains most of the things that debunk reverse racism, but i wish it was a tad bit less belittling. I myself well understand reverse racism isn’t real and wanted to show my friends why, but i found myself getting defensive reading this article! Please please please remember the objective is to educate and not make someone feel less than or stupid for not knowing.

  • Tom Palumbo

    Before whites could even begin to fathom ‘reverse racism’ I think it’s critical they understand the meaning and implications of white privilege. There is a difference between prejudice and discrimination.

    Sign me,
    Middle aged white guy.

  • RealityCheck

    The REAL reason “Reverse- Racism ”

    Is Not Real:…is because there is no such thing as “Reverse – Racism”

    (It clearly insinuates that the vast majority of racist actions are perpetrated by white people, and should be termed racism, and that all acts done by any other race toewards white people is somehow “REVERSE” implies that all racism is white racism, anything else is just other races “reversing the normal state of things” and using racism against white people as some sort of revenge for acts of racism by white people


    RACISM IS RACISM PERIOD.there is no reverse.

    +Skin colour of the perpetrator does not matter, An act of racism is not any better or worse because the person who did it is one colour or another, its still inexcusable.

    Would you call a Latino Man refusing to hire a black man, for no other reason then that hes black..”Reverse – Racism “?

    If awhite man has never done anything racist in his life, then gets stomped by 4 black guys for no other reason then the color of his skin… would this be considered


    How is is there any difference between;
    if 5 white guys single out a Chinese man, and beat that man up, just because of his race and skin colour
    5 Chinese guys, singled out a white man and then beat him up,based again, solely on race and skin colour?
    How could you call one a Racist attack, and the other a “Reverse – Racist”attack just because of skin colour?

    It does not matter what colour of skin the victim of racism has.

    Do you really believe that ONLY WHITE PEOPLE are racist, and that all the the other races you have labelled as “PoC” do not, have not, and can not behave in a racist manner?

    You realize you are making my own point over and over again in your statement right?

    5 white guys single out a Chinese man, and beat that man up, just because of his race and skin colour is not an action and behavior just as racist as it would be if

    5 Chinese guys, singled out a white man and then beat him up,based again, solely on race and skin colour?

    White people have the same rights,and responsabilities as anyone else in this world.

    They have the right to be treated equally, and they have the responsibility to treat others equally,,

    no one should be treated differently because of race and skin coolor, to say that white people can not be the victims of racism, due to the fact that they are white, is not only clearly a ridiculous statement, but also a very real racist one, for obvious reasons.

    Your use of the term “PoC” is a another example.

    +++And due to past experience, Im sure a few people reading this will want to make the point that this term was coined by white racists, realistically many years befiore any of them were born.

    Ok, well that means those people back then, whatever color they were, were behaving in a racist manner, and should not have.used the term.

    It does not mean that just because a bunch of white people behaved badly a long time ago, that its ok to assume that most white people today still behave the same, or have the same opinions regarding racism, because they have the same skin colour.

    that’s a far cry from treating people equally by their actions not race, they are not their ancestors, and should not have to be judged by the actions of others.

    Ths means that you have actually behaved in a racist matter using this term, as it clearly is an offensive and racist term (judged by your actions)

    Why is it that all other races fall under your term, but caucasions,.. are we not people with a skin colour? Are we not entitled to be treated the same as all other races?

    Are you claiming that only the races that you consider fall under your term “PoC” are the only ones that can claim to be victoms of racism?
    Do you really believe that

    I fail to understand the term “reverse racism” at any rate.

    Racism is Racism, regardless of what race is being victimized.

    Please help me understand your logic, because it makes little sense to me, because I can see no other way to describe your above statement other then as a clearly racist opinion.

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  • mdabs

    is it racism if someone adamantly tells me “white people are stupid…white people are both f**** up and deaf…”?? as seen on the tumblr post:

  • Anthony Miller

    “Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs”

    So Hitler wasn’t racist when he wrote Mein Kampf in 1923-25 but only when he got to power in 1933. No he was RACIST ALL HIS LIFE. Racism is an idea it is not to do with power. Mussolini, Franco and Hitler were all totalalitarian dictators but their regimes utilised racism to extremely different degrees and using different mechanisms. Hitler purged his internal population of its racial scapegoats systematically using concepts of eugenics which had never been taken that far before by anyone. The whole system was driven by one man’s ideas. Mussolini on the other hand exported racist colonial ideas by invading Abyssinia – but he didn’t practice mass genocide on a population. He cooperated with Hitler’s genocide program for reasons of self preservation rather than idealism. Franco’s Catholicism on the other hand kept him at a political and neutral distance from Hitler and Mussolini so while his regime was hugely oppressive it found other non-racial scapegoats on the whole and didn’t go round invading other nations.

    It was because Hitler was living in a country that was economically crushed and oppressed that he turned to racist ideology. Socially he was at the bottom of the heap and this is how he justified to himself his racist ideologies about other races. Similar things happened under slavery and segreation in the US.

    The Nation of Islam didn’t believe that they just needed to be separate and different from white people – they believed in the theology of innate black superiority over whites…that white people are a sub-human genetic mutation of pure black people. When some (a very very very very very very tiny) minority of black people talk about Obama’s wife not being “properly black” this is the ideology they reference. That is why Malcom X caused a schism and had to convert to Sunni Islam. Malcolm X advocated the complete separation of African Americans from white people. This is called black separatism. He changed his mind – realising this ideology was unhelpful and racist “I was a zombie in those days” he said at the end of his life. Today of course the Nation of Islam is a joke with numbers less than 20,000 but at its height it had hundreds of thousands of members who technically at least were all supposed to believe that:

    “The Blackman is the Original Man. From him came all brown, yellow, red,
    and white people. By using a special method of birth-control law, the
    Blackman was able to produce the white race.”

    Perhaps this extremism was a neccessary part of the evolution of greater social integration but it did happen. And there are black racists – it is not helping black people to not admit it. I dont think you know any black history either. I think you are probably just another cynical white woman abusing black people to their own political ends.

    If you ask me the whole concept of privelege black and white and male or female is racist/man hating. “Any time a PoC starts to talk about their experiences with racism, a white person chimes in to derail the conversation and talk about their
    own experiences with ‘reverse racism.’” This is idiot for “I want to talk but I dont want to listen” or “rather than win the argument I want to censor out other people’s views” and it’s deluded. The whole concept of privelege is based on censorship. When in reality the problem is we need as little censorship as possible except for explicitly racist views like those the NOI and Hitler used to preach.

    If you need to mess about with dictionary definitions of racism its self you’ve lost the argument and are on dodgy if not dangerous ground.

    prejudice does not equal racism = dangerous rubbish

    Racism is prejudice based on race. Hitler wasn’t a bigot in 1919 and a racist in 1933 – he was a racist all his life.

    That’s not saying concepts like institutional racism and affirmative action are meaningless and worthless but simply spitting the word racist at anyone you dont like with power is counterproductive. And sadly this is what much of the race relations industry actually does. After all it was invented by those who are empowered so why wouldn’t it operate along male racist woman hating lines?

  • Paul

    This article is disgustingly ignorant.

  • shan

    you got beat man. accept it

  • allynnova

    It was very comforting knowing that whites have so much power back in the days when I was living in my car–especially in the winter months–or before that when I could not find work as a programmer… NOT!

  • DAVE

    you are an idiot to say that racism can only be experienced by a select few and only in a select way, is racist itself !!! come to detroit and experience racism on many fronts from stupid uneducated black folks always assuming the white man is holding them down to the arabs that wont hire anyone but there own kind because they dont belive in mixing the races in buisness or in love or life period. and no im not racist im white and my loving wife is black and we both have the same view its not an opinion its a fact of life in detroit everyday . THE PROBLEM IS STUPID PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO NEVER EXPERIENCED REAL LIFE SITUATIONS OF REAL RACISM CANT POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND WHAT REAL RACISM IS OR HOW IT AFFECTS YOU INSTEAD YOU TAKE PART TRUTH PART EMOTIONAL GARBAGE YOU GET FROM TALKING TO SO CALLED FRIENDS WHO SAY THEY EXPERIENCE IT BUT NEVER REALLY DO AND PART TWISTED FACTS TO SPIT FORTH YOUR OWN LITTLE PERSONEL MANIFESTO OF WHY ITS OK FOR YOU TO FEEL THE WAY YOU DO , WHEN IN REALITY YOU JUST BECAME ANOTHER DUMMY SPITTING CRAP OUT THERE MOUTH THAT THEY CANT BACK-UP PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just saying…

    People saying reverse racism is real: people who were looked down at on the way to work just because they’re White.
    People saying reverse racism is not real: people who are beat up, put in jail (sometimes even killed), harassed, disrespected, and not given opportunities they deserve JUST because of the color of their skin.

    *Look, I have nothing against White people or PoC, but when Whites are comparing their hardships to the hardships of PoC, they’re NOTHING. I believe that had it not been for all the bad things that White people have done (and are still doing [looking at you, Guantanamo Bay]) throughout history, we would not even be here right now. Yes, we would have racism, but definitely not on the scale we are on right now!

  • liz

    thank you for your insight! as i white person myself i am grateful for the privileges that we have never had to fight for, (with exceptions to equal rights for women),

    and i am tired of seeing how some white people can’t seem to let go.

    something similar happened when a group created the site “black girls rock”,a place where young african american girls can see strong intelligent role models of their own race, instead of what the media always puts across, some one immediately made accusations that this was reversed racism, by exuding white girls from the group, also stating that if there was a site called “white girls rock” that would be considered racist. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t, but we have so many sites, tv programmes, movies magazine covers and much more, where all we see are white women!

    for there to be equality, the party who has been higher in power, for lack of better wording, needs to stop, allowing the time for the other party to reach them.

    if we as continue to demand our rights as white people, then PoC will, instead of gaining rights and equality, be further victimised with accusations of being racist themselves.

    we have so much to learn!!
    thanks for your thoughts!

    (check out this link!)

  • Nope

    You want to talk about racism? Lets talk about how badly Native Americans have been and STILL ARE treated. Lets talk about how people always target Asians and get away with it. Oh, and lets not forget how ASIAN slaves built the railroads. You, author, are an idiot. There is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism regardless of the color of skin of the person its aimed at.
    And lets not forget the recent Above the Law article that chronicled the racism in law school entry against European Americans (aka white), Asian, Americans, and markedly Native Americans. Caucasian LSAT score of 12, Asian American LSAT score of approx 1, Native Americans LSAT score approx 166+. African American LSAT score 157. How is that not racist?? To quote the article “Checking the African-American box on your Baylor Law application is worth $9575/year, all else being equal; Hispanic heritage is worth $7023. In other words, if you were a white with your heart set on a scholarship to Baylor Law, and a magical genie offered you the choice of increasing your LSAT score by 4 points or changing your skin color, you’d be better off financially with the latter option.”
    And lets look at college entrance stats. When I was applying to college 10 yrs ago, my friend made a very blatantly pointed out that since he was black and I was white, my ACT score had to be 5 points higher and GPA 0.5 points higher in order to qualify for the exact same scholarship. How the fuck is that not racist against every other skin color than black??

  • None

    Stereotypes are racist.
    Don’t start this.

  • Brian Black

    Ok, lol, I’ll bite, but no diatribe, I’ll just point out contradictions in CRTs definition of racism.
    CRT calls for government intervention against groups based on their perceived affluence, and at the same time says racism is limited to those who have power. How is using a monopoly on force, the government, to enhance a minority and lower someone of the majority not racist? And how is turning race into a zero sum game, where some are patronized and denied agency and others are discriminated against and also denied agency a solution, and not just a play of prejudice against everyone based on stereotypes? And wouldn’t this imply that those lobbying for these laws have the philosophy that minorities are too inferior to accomplish anything without assistance inherently built into it, through objective interpretation of their actions?
    The biggest question; why have everyone so miserable and at the lowest common denominator allowed by planning, when we can have true meritocracy, as Dr. King described. Either that meritocracy is feared, or someone benefits from installing that fear and adherence to planning.
    Thus the author is correct, the definition is rendered null and void since all who abide and promote superficial hatred will attempt to use systemic power structures to do so, whether they be cultural, social, political or economic. If we continue down the path of excusing our own logical failures by pointing out those of others, we will not only all become hateful, disenfranchised and alone, but also be slaves to the very systems of power we tried to use, costing us not only our freedom, but the insidious death of everyone’s culture as it becomes “politically incorrect” to practice culture even in private. We don’t need to attack others to provide for those who are downtrodden, we can do it by taking responsibility for helping others rather than using force and pretending that we did.

    A society where the cultural violence of a mandated social safety net isn’t required, because we have the goodwill of each other. Let’s make it happen.

    Whoops, I ended up ranting…

  • Anthony wightman

    Absolute bullshit you ant-white racist liar. If someone is murdered for being white in a people of colour hood then reverse racism exists.

  • Dr137cyoutube

    Biased article is biased. Hypocritical article is hypocritical. Saying whites can’t feel racism is INHERITLY FUCKING R-A-C-I-S-T.

  • Fliptrx

    No matter what race you are, if you are a racist , you’re a racist !!! Racist doesn’t mean just discrimination against African Americans, it means Racist period…ain’t always about you baby !!!

  • TheChiefDude

    Using the definition supplied the author is by implication saying a small group does not build their own social construct. Also, the author is denying there is something like a counter-hegemonic response. And finally smaller groups as they gain more acceptance and power do not seek self-vindication sometimes by doing what was done to them. Now reality says all of these occur, so what is the author’s point?

  • mia

    I learnt more from the comments than this article.

  • mia

    I just posted and it says my comment is ‘awaiting moderation’. Who the hell exactly is moderating this and letting Ryan comment the disgusting way he did?

  • Lost_in_the_Sauce

    Racism is defined:

    poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

    : the belief that some races of people are better than others

    “Racism.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 26 Jan.

    I recognize your point
    about a system of oppression and will grant that it does still exist to a
    greater extent for PoC. I will, however, argue that to say reverse racism
    doesn’t exist is obtuse and will offer the following:

    1) I lived in many
    places where it was dangerous to be a person of my race. I learned to be
    ashamed of my race because it was dangerous, people beat me up as a
    child because of my color. You say this is not racism?

    2) As an adult: I have
    applied for many jobs in my field and had many job interviews. I have not
    received an interview for any position where I identified my race on the
    application. Perhaps this is coincidence?

    4) My best friend in
    5th grade was black, his name was Shahar. Any time he wanted to guilt me into
    doing something for him he accused me of being racist.

    If you ignore every
    other argument against you point of view please consider this one:

    4) If EVERY post about
    racism elicits a response about reverse racism, how can you pass that volume of
    data off as “individual experiences”?

  • Competent person

    racism- poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race (source: merriam webster) Clearly, this does not discount prejudice felt by white people. Maybe institutional racism, but not plain racism. And another thing. If I were to call a black person the “n word” and flip them the bird in america, and then do the same thing in, say, Mozambique, would it suddenly stop being racist because that person wasn’t a minority? Of course not. So make sure your terminology is correct, Miss Luckey, because you are clearly not talking about racism against a majority in just a country. “But wait!”, I hear the claims. “White people are in a position of power over the rest of the world with America being a powerful white, patriarchal nation!”. Not true. The two most powerful groups of countries are America and the EU… and China and North Korea. Both of which are predominately ASIAN. So really, you are only claiming racism against white people doesn’t exist.

  • Rashaun Stovall

    This sounds silly. I guess I learned NOT to trust blogs that pretty much start with “I live on the internet, every waking moment of my life is on the internet….”

  • Willa

    Hello, I really respect this article and I believe that it is completely justified. It is in no way okay for ANYONE to try to bend someone else’s painful experiences into a tool with which they can express their own less-painful or less-relevant events. However, having said that, I believe that it is also possible for anyone to experience racism. Yes, the vast majority–almost every occurrence–of racism is against PoC, but that does not mean that it can not happen to white people as well. Again, it will rarely, if NEVER actually happen to white people, but to write off every occurrence of a white person complaining about racism as a temper tantrum for losing rights they had gained through white privilege is straying from the path of true acceptance for everyone.
    If people want to live in a world that is essentially “color blind” and where everyone is equal no mater what their skin color, than why write off racism against white people as something less than racism against PoC? This is NOT to say that some white person whose hair is touched is experiencing serious racism that needs to be addressed immediately, and their life has actually been ruined, but it is to point out that there may be cases where people of ANY skin color are discriminated against, including white people.
    While it is almost laughable to think about some white person being discriminated against, it CAN happen. A small child on a playground may be excluded and bullied because they’re white, just as much as a small child on a playground may be excluded and bullied because they’re NOT white. Both of these events are equally painful and I think we can all agree that no one would want that to happen to either child, but to say that just because they small child is white their pain is irrelevant seems wrong. To dream of a world where all racism is gone is a dream that many have, but unknowingly prevent because they are unable to accept that people who are white, just like PoC, may experience racism.

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  • Sara Luckey
  • haksdha

    I agree that race is nonexistent but we cannot deal with this problematic idea by dismissing it. The vast majority of people still see race as a thing that exists in and of itself. We need to move away from race as a real thing and start discussion on the repercussions of having such an idea :racism which is what’s happening now.

  • ShannonSzukala

    This author is a idiot.

  • Patrick Rhoades

    Yeah but this girl is far from alone in this opinion in fact it is taught as fact in half of american universities but for it to become fact 4 words need to be change 2 need to shift definition a new word needs to be invented and another has to be destroyed since it has no definition anymore that is why her opinion comes with such harsh backlash it is illogical. Also she has been set up to fail in sociology in half of american units and all international unis since they only teach facts not illogical new age opinions with no logical basis for existing.

  • Try Again

    the idea that it is an impossibility for me to be on the receiving end of racism as a white Canadian is ridiculous. this article is short sighted and self involved. All people are subject to judgments and generalizations based on race; the article itself vilifies white people for trying to find common ground with others, and tries to put up boundaries and draw lines between races.

    • Sara Luckey

      Specifically denote that I am speaking about the U.S. multiple times within the article.

  • Rich Holland

    LOLOLOLOL this article is totally based on fiction.

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  • Dutch Baumgardner

    When a group of people with just one thing in common make up but 2% of the population (Black males ages 16 to 26) perpitrate 80% of the violent crime and crime in general. When this same group aspires to do as much damage to another group simply because the other group has but thing in common (white people) then this is reverse racism. So then when this white group for reasons of self protection avoid the black group this is called racism by the black group. Well, this is not racism. I personally been robbed twice, shot once, scammed 3 times all by Blacks. I wass walking to a cornor store in NYC. two black males were leaning against a building. I walked past ignoring them, I just was going to the store and for no reason one just off and cold cocked me, hitting in the right eye, His friend said “Why the F— Youd do dat!” as they took off running. They permenantly damaged my eye. So this being said I love it when I hear that these animalistic, ignorant, lazy, lying, scamming. uncivilzed animals are killing each other off in nner cities at like one an hour. Keep up the good work. You all get exactly what you deserve. Until you-all start acting civil then do not expect anyone to offer you a job over another race, or housing or anything.

  • Tyler

    White male here. Just to let you know I enjoy both my male and white privilege. I will fight to ensure my dominate position in society, won for me over the centuries by my white ancestors, is never eroded.

  • just saying

    you need help girl…

  • haksdha

    I agree with this first part of that comment but not the second. The reason people (mostly in America and England (and not really anywhere else) hate Islam is because of ignorance. You wanna talk about the very small percentage of Muslims that are killing people then you have to talk about the much, much larger percentage that condemns these attacks and not taint all Muslims with the same brush. As I mentioned above, Muslims are not the only ones guilty of ‘terrorism’.
    Even then you have to talk about the people who go into school and start shooting people, you have to talk about the armies of the West invading Iraq and Afghanistan and killing innocent people under the pretext of protecting both their own citizens and the citizens of the country being invaded, you have to talk about how your governments have and still support regimes that lead to loss on life on an epic scale.
    Don’t you agree?

  • Goatmon

    While I agree that racism that affects people of color is definitely more relevant to these discussions, it’s really insulting to suggest that racism only occurs when it is part of systemic power structures and that a person being mistreated because of their color is only racism if they aren’t white.

    That is literally racist (no really) and you’re not really doing anyone (Yourself included) any favors by presenting your arguments in this way, because this is just going to annoy the shit out of white people and make them not want to listen to you. Given that white people are the only audience that actually need to be told this stuff, that’s really not a good thing.

  • glenrod

    if you truly believe that, you don’t live in the real world. a world where I KNOW people who have been beaten because they were white. go on youtube and look up a song called my d*ck is prejudiced, then flush your head down a toilet for being so dumb and naive

  • Jamie W

    interesting article, though i do have a problem with the author saying that anytime a white person speaks in a conversation about racism that effectively their opinion is invalid and they should not have spoken. Only when several sides to a debate are explored can everyone learn from it. Most white people, in fact most people in general, cannot see a problem until they experience it (or in the case of reverse racism) THINK that they have experienced it.

  • Hate is never okay

    Your examples of when white People call out racism on themselves was very mild. I’ve known children who have gotten daily beat downs on their way to and from school not “chased”. Children who weren’t allowed to attend their vbest friends birthday party because they were white and the parents friends disaproved. Interracial families get this the worst. You going to just post a clever “LOL” picture when an interracial child tells you that their mom got verbally assaulted by their own family because she was white? Hate based off of the way you were born should never be permissible do not write off anger and violence like this as “lesser” because it is preformed on people with a low melanin count.

  • Logic over emotion

    I find it highly comedic that the entirety of this article is a giant generalization, which is the founding principal of racism and stereotyping. Not only that its highly ironic that this article is in fact racist (hey, at least you got one thing right that reverse racism doesn’t exist, because its simply racism), because you generalize white people as a whole and claim that white people can’t suffer racism. You make the false jump that because in general white people have it best, that none of them can suffer racism. You even go so far as to describe what affirmative action is almost to a tee in your definition of what racism is and don’t even realize it.

    Maybe you should have just stuck to the premise that there’s uncaring idiots out there who make inappropriate comments, and they are uncalled for without making the huge leap that because of said people, and the generalization that white people have it better, that there exists no racism against white people.

    • LearningCurve

      I think you miss the point. Look how she has defined racism for you in the article: “Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs, legislation and widespread media bias that contribute to the oppression of the rights and liberties of a group of people. Racism is systemic, institutional, and far reaching. It is the prevalence of racism within social structures and institutional norms, along with implicit and explicit enforcement by members of a group, that allows racism to run rampant and unchecked.”

      Racism does exist in the USA, and it is to the benefit of people with white skin. Does that mean that white people are never discriminated against? No. But that is a reflection of discrete actions of prejudice, and not systemic and institutional bias.

      • both ben and jerry

        “Look how she has defined racism for you”

        I usually let the dictionary define words for me, and there’s nothing in there about this “prejudice+power” bologna

  • jj

    White privilege is just a simple-minded excuse to hate people based on their skin color. No need to justify your hate when white privilege does it for you!

  • katietaylor

    Spoken like true white guilt. We get it. You’re not racist. Congratulations. There is a huge difference between admitting to white privilege and pretending like its “impossible” to have reverse racism. My best friend in high school got shot. Last thing said to her? Her black boyfriend said the words were “stupid white bitches.” She was shot by a random passerby because he was angry they were in an interracial relationship. You’re right, getting shot in the chest because you’re dating a black guy isn’t racist at all! Come on, don’t be an idiot. I’m about as liberal as they come. White privilege is a thing. We need to eradicate white privilege and treat everyone equally. Yes, very rarely does any white person experience racism. I don’t know what it’s like to experience hate because of my skin color. But saying it’s “impossible” is downright stupid

    • Totally Accurate

      The reason this is so difficult to pin down is that people rarely share these experiences until someone says something like this. I was in inter-racial relationships and most of my friends in my circle were white. I also went to mostly white schools. I never had an issue with dating white. There weren’t many black women to date there but when they got there, they wanted to date a white guy. The fact seems to be that people want to date outside of their race, to some degree, and that white privilege is real enough that many races seek to “breed out” their own race in favor of being white. There are genetic pitfalls to that the people try to avoid by being selective. But the fact is, the people most likely to harm someone for an inter-facial relationship is an angry person with a gun who’ll shoot because of it.

      And in my personal experience, the person likely to do act violently over something that is non-violent, walking by, is a black person. I’ve had someone attempt to kill me with poison because I wouldn’t give them a key to my home and let them “hang out to get away for their girlfriend when they wanted to”. He was going to kill me and take the key, even though it would have only been for a while. These conversations are for people who are thoughtful. But most, without time for this, just say “they’re crazy.”

  • Mojo

    The problem with the reverse racism discourse – itself a problematic term as racism is racism and nothing else – is that structural arguments are advanced in opposition to micro-accounts. Recent scholarship, particularly feminist (e.g. Butler) puts such thinking at odds: structural racism might explain so called reverse racism, but it can never justify thinking whereby individuals are racially reduced into man-made categories. Similar arguments can for obvious reasons be raised with regards to misandry; when a man is belittled, denigrated and denied voice for the sole reason of being man, that is sexism. Not reverse sexism, but sexism. Misandry.

  • Bill

    Leave it to a white woman, the most coddled creature in existence throughout history to give a lecture about privelage

  • Murray Rothbard

    I love how the only argument you made was redefining a word to fit your laughable political agenda.

  • haygis

    grow up and go open a book.

  • haygis

    i was going to post a reply, but then i reread what you wrote, and realized that you wouldnt understand. hahahaha :)

  • haygis

    no they dont. naming something is not creating it. racists keep the race divisions going.

  • haygis

    and yet whiteness is still the norm by which all other “races” are expected to conform. why is that?

  • haygis

    no, not kill whitey. but definitely whitey needs to be re-educated so they can learn about what it means to be a real human being.

  • Totally accurate

    This article is completely accurate. Institutionalized racism happened first. Animosity toward that happened next. Animosity toward a white person isn’t racism, it’s animosity for disingenuous denial that institutionalized racism exists. When whites were brought to America to work as indentured workers, they weren’t slaves. When PoCs were brought, they were. When have whites ever been institutionally enslaved, bought and sold?

    • Totally Accurate

      I read the following article and checked the sources enough to change my mind and change my politics:

      And now I’m a Conservative. Reverse racism doesn’t exist because racism exists with one’s own race against one’s own race. And it’s documented above. So that means racism doesn’t exist as against “only black people by white people.”

      I’m done with the race card. Although I’ll get a really hard time about now. I know I will. Because I said I didn’t believe in Affirmative Action once, I just let it slip and at a bar. It’s true, I don’t. But I’m not saying it around drunk people. That’s just wisdom.

      • Totally Accurate

        I changed my position again after thinking it over. Nowhere in America has a black judge ordered a white man enslaved to black owner for life. Racism is one-directional. From white judges, supported by white citizens, against black citizens. And other white citizens use those judgements to further racism against other races. Even though a black person had the first slave, if the article cited is accurate, the black person never had white slaves. If the white people in that town had used that legal judgement to enslave other white people, that’s be the same thing and it’d all be be equal. But they didn’t. They only used that legal judgement to enslave other black people.

        That makes them racist. It doesn’t make the black person racist because he never had white slaves. Reverse racism doesn’t exist in America unless you find a place where black people have white slaves supported by black judges protecting their right to keep them as slaves. And then, for four hundred years and a world-wide slave trade running around buying white people to ship them to black slave owners in towns where black judges are ruling that black people can have white slaves. There’s no such thing as Reverse Racism in the United States.

  • Totally accurate

    When has racism against white people ever been written down as a law enforced by a country built by enslaved white people?

    • Totally Accurate

      I found the facts that contradict my own statement. I’m correcting my own ignorance now. What black people call “racism” is really just hatred. Because racism was “committed” by both black and white people against their own races. But according to information I found online, the first people to do it to black people in America, were black people. So I’m “reversing” my comment above because I received a good education and “learned to learn” which means I’ll never stop looking for the deepest truth I can find. I have integrity enough to “tell on myself” if I find something that fixes a false impression. And what’s funny is the “truer” things actually feels “truer.” Now that you’ve read this here’s my source:

      And now I’m a Conservative.

  • locket

    Ignorant, that’s the only way to describe the author of this article.

  • White Power Howard

    This article is so whack I don’t know where to begin. Non europeans are treated l like endangered species and we all know it. You’re theories directly contradict known FACTS like a how many universities have racial quotas (policy to admit a certain number of brown people, despite more qualified white applicants) that was struck down by the supreme court for being unconstitutional. But a quick look at college demographics confirms that they still do it. Every major company in the interest of “diversity” will hire at certain percentage of brown people even if there are more qualified white candidates. Affirmative Action IS institutionalized reverse racism you dumb Hag, don’t you dare try to tell white Americans to shut up about their own experiences.

    • Totally Accurate

      You’re right. I even corrected one my comments. Here’s something to help get to the truth. This is only for people who believe in reading first and then “feeling” as opposed to the other way around:

      • Totally Accurate

        I take it back. After thinking about it, you know what? The article proves racism is only a white problem. Why? Because the article, let’s assume it’s historically accurate, says a black man from Angola started slavery by enslaving a black indentured servant. Read it for details. It says a court ordered the servant enslaved. Then white people used that to enslave servants. But… not white servants, only black ones. Did black people then use it to enslave white servants? No. Why? Because the courts had white judges and they ruled in ways that only meant that black could be slaves, whether owned by black, white or anybody. That means racism was started by a white judge who couldn’t care less about what a black African did to his black servant. And then the white judge couldn’t care less about what a white person did to their black servant. And that was the start of legalized racism. Reverse racism can only exist if a black judge orders a white servant enslaved to a black owner for the rest of his life. And no one opposes it. Reverse racism doesn’t exist in the United States.

  • Joe

    What you are saying is totally on point. However, telling people that they aren’t allowed to talk about something that has happened to them because it happens to a larger group on a larger scale is fundamentally flawed logic.

    What about men who are raped? Are they not allowed to tell their stories when the conversation comes up because, as you say, “your individual suffering is just that, individual. The individuals acting against you do not have the institutionalized power to actively oppress you in every facet of your life”?

    • Sara Luckey

      Men who have been raped are victims of rape culture, as are women that are raped. White people experiencing individual moments of racial prejudice or bigotry are not experiencing systemic or institutionalozed racism. They are experiencing a separate and individual thing. Rape and racism can’t really be compared here. But the quote you’re referencing and the point of the article is that when white people complain about racism they’re experiencing, it is their white privilege that allows them to conflate their singular experiences with racial discrimination or bigotry with systemic and institutionalized racism and to consider that.

  • ajaf

    Ok so i’ve read the article and a lot of the comments and while I agree with a lot of the points it makes, I can’t help feel like its been based on a false premise, mainly that “Racism exists when prejudice+power combine to form social constructs”. To which I take to mean, and correct me if I’m wrong that racism only = prejudice + power. This definition is not supported by any dictionary i’ve ever seen or heard and flies in the face of standard public meaning of the term (granted you could argue that the definition itself is a product of a racist culture). Moreover, i’ve never read any foreign definition that suggests that power is needed for their to be racism. The idea that racism must be backed up by power would make the phrase “institutionalized racism” redundant. If there was a society of majority purple people that oppressed the minority orange people and then the next day the power dynamics switched, we wouldn’t say that all those purple people stopped being racist because they fell out of power. Just because Nazi’s are no longer in power doesn’t make them any less racist?? While, I agree that institutionalized racism does exist, I think this redefinition of racism is under-inclusive and seeks to marginalize peoples differing experiences and turns what could be a productive discussion into a pissing contest about who’s experiences suck worse or count.

    • Blaze

      This explains it perfectly and non-aggressively. Racism and institutionalized racism are both a thing, and yes institutionalized racism racism is a terrible tragedy, but that does not make the racism an individual person faces any less tragic.

  • Anonymous

    And I would also like to point out, that in today’s society, racism directed towards black, Asian, Hispanic, etc., is largely individualized as well. An Asian person might experience racism from one or two people, just as I as a white person has experienced, but a majority of society accepts them. Apartheid is over, Jim Crow is over, Societal racism as a whole is over. Get over it and stop whining. Your ancestors didn’t work so hard for you to bitch about something that EVERYONE of EVERY race experiences at one point or another. Just be grateful that you can sit wherever you want on a bus, can get scholarships just because you were born a minority, and get equal pay and job opportunities.

  • Carrie

    It raises some good points and I enjoyed the read but I think the controversy comes from “reverse racism” relating it to white people. Although I understand the concepts represented in this article racism is stopping an individual, race, or group from reaching their full potential through actions or indirect actions. This can be attributed to any culture, society, ethnicity or race. I agree white privilege is there due to institutionalized racism but i disagree that what you call reverse racism does not exist and that it is an individuals way of being egocentric.
    This article makes people react and more importantly raises important issues but denying what you call reverse racism which i call jut racism is like saying the Titanic didn’t sink. Its just not true.
    I agree people are egocentric, everyone is. It’s a way of relating to someone else by bringing in an experience similar to one being described. it may be rude or inconsiderate but its the way the human is built to connect to another person.
    Although a good read i believe this article is two dimensional and racism, reverse racism, and institutionalized racism are all far more complex than this article portrays it as.

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  • both ben and jerry

    I believe that the definition of racism is “prejudice based on race”. But I guess you are free to invent your own language. We’ll call it “bologna-ese”

  • JohnSkookum

    “There is no system of oppression in America that actively works to oppress and subjugate white people. ”

    Bullsh¡t. The ONLY legalized institutional racism left in America is that practiced against white people in the name of affirmative action.

    • Atomiklust86

      Which disproportionally benefits white women the most…

  • Jen

    A real thank you for making that well thought out comment

  • Antago Dynamaur

    THANK YOU so much for saying this, as I was going to have some emotional evaluation after becoming enraged by her words. The comment you’re replying to is downright blasphemy. I follow various Hindu and Buddhist principles and can say for certain that it’s offensive particularly to the soul to suggest that “whites” in America cannot comprehend, feel, or experience “true” racism: So, in other words, real societal discrimination, pain, and expression belong exclusively to the African or Asian poets while Caucasian poets are just cheap, inauthentic knock-offs. God’s Spirit will do the deciding on who experiences what, not Alizabeth; and her comment is and of itself a truly racist remark to the souls living in a Caucasian experience.

    • Alizabeth Szilagyi

      To quote my own words: “I agree that anyone, regardless of color, can be and act racist” and “anyone can experience racism and/or be racist. I also believe that institutional racism exists, or white privilege” and “I clearly said people of any race can feel racism. I simply drew a line between racism and institutional racism, which I believe is the larger point in this article is addressing.” I believe there is a difference between racism and institutional racism — you don’t.

      So, if God’s Spirit does the deciding on who experiences what, how can you decided that my comment was a “truly racist remark to the souls living in a Caucasian experience?” Or is the technical difference “on” and “to”? I’m sincerely curious.

    • ansa

      No, white people don’t experience racism. They can experience discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes. You should look up the differences between all these terms. They aren’t interchangeable.

      • Antago Dynamaur

        May God have mercy on you.

      • Alion

        prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

        I agree that white people do not experience institutionalized racism in our culture. But racism does occur. Your definition of the word “racism” does not coincide with the dictionary or the majority of our culture.

        • ghanderman

          the dictionary definiton of racism does not concur with the entire sociological, social psychological, evolutionary sociobiological, political science, history etc fields of academic disciplines….what the dictionaries leave out is that prejudice + power = racism. you can be prejudiced against natives, but unless you have the systemic backing of society you are not racist by definition.

          here, let me explain it this way.

          the only way a white person in canada can NOT be racist is if they move to a country where they are the minority either numerically or politically and are targeted for systemic discrimination (which is what racism actually is).

          the only other way a white person in canada can NOT be racist, is if aboriginals gain control of all the country’s political, economic, judicial, social systems and institute policies that target white folks as a whole.

          the critical difference is power.

          same thing with sexism….men are all by definition sexist in a system that demeans women and does not value women as much as it values men.

          while women can talk smack about individual men, they are still at a disadvantage politically because men continue to dominate social institutions.

          i mean seriously, whens the last time you heard of a woman storming a mens college and gunning down 14 men simply because she hated them?

          never. happened.

          probably never will happen.

          and that, my friend, is the difference between discrimination and racism.

          discrimination is an individual action, racism is discrimination collectivized, meaning its a a collective systemic ideology embedded into the cultural norms of colonized countries.

          • Blake Okafor

            You know depending of the source a word can mean many things. Like how scientists define the word “theory” differently from lay people.

            All those sources your listed are not the be all end all for how we should use words.


      • Blake Okafor

        They all pretty much have the same definition.

      • gole


      • x

        Actually those three words are in the definition of racism. Racism is saying the races are different, superior, inferior, doesn’t matter. Saying there is no ‘reverse racism’ assumes that racism is one direction, its not. Any race can be racist to any other race. If you think someone is more or less capable than someone else because their skin color is different, you’re being racist.

      • ThoseApples

        Maybe you should look them up yourself. Racism and discrimination are indeed one in the same.

        discrimination [dih-skrim-uh-ney-shuhn] noun
        treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit: racial and religious intolerance and discrimination.


        [rey-siz-uhm] noun
        a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

  • Dock Drumming

    Full Definition of RACISM


    : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race


    : racial prejudice or discrimination

    OK, please tell me where in that DICTIONARY definition of “racism” it says anything about “power differential?”

    • Atomiklust86

      Ever considered the fact that your dictionary definition was written by a white man…?

      • Dock Drumming

        You have GOT to be kidding me. What exactly are you implying? Should each racial group get its own dictionary with alternate definitions for words? You can’t be serious.

        The definition for racism is the same for everyone because…well, that’s how definitions work and that definition can be applied to ANYONE of ANY RACE.

      • Sara Luckey

        Thank you. While hundreds of these comments are literally people posting the dictionary definition of racism, there is no discussion of who framed the dictionary definition of racism and how the langauge surrounding racism has evolved in a way white people determined and that it most beneficial to them. I appreciate you pointing that out.

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  • billy

    lol ur mad cause everyone trolls online

  • Pacem Keeper

    Let me start by saying that the most powerful and premeditated danger in this article is to discount the voice of anyone who is not PoC by stating right up front that you might hear from them, but they are to be disregarded, because their voices and experiences are not legitimate. This is a dangerous and divisive tool; a way of silencing someone without having to physically stop them from speaking. This is something to be wary of, whenever you hear it, because it plays to our own selfishness, justifying the unjustifiable within ourselves; justifying our own predjudices. If you see it and think, “yeah!”, take a moment to examine that thought and what it really means.
    Next, lets be clear…racism is the intangible: someones thoughts and feelings toward someone of another race. Discrimination is the manifestation of any action taken against someone based on a non-merit based factor that originates in their predjudicial thinking that leaves them at an unfair disadvantage disregarding and crippling their ability to reach their full potential through the application of their efforts and abilities. Anyone can be racist and anyone in a position of power in any situation can potentially discriminate.
    I am also married to a “white man” and am of Asian decent (1st generation), with a grandfather that came here in the early 1900s (before the more positive Asian stereotypes that prevade society today) who received a college education at the only or one of the only schools that accepted people of color at the time (a religious college) and went back to his country of birth because he could not get hired, returning many years later with his wife (a woman not of color who was disowned for marry a man of color) and their children. My parents’ generation also experienced discrimination, but did not want to teach racism or the inclination to discriminate into our family. They did not want to be subjected to it, but also recognized the danger of being turned into racists themselves through anger and bitterness. Fast forward…a 3rd generation that doesn’t care at all about color…but does very much care about wrongness and hypocracy. Back to my husband… In his life he has experienced more racism than I ever have. He was bussed to a predominantly colored neighborhood in the 70s where he was beat up daily for his skin color. The school, principles and teachers, that were present and witnessed it would not do anything about it because this was a program of integration. He tells me that he did not know racism until that time and had grown up in a devoutly religious family that believed in loving all your neighbors and everyone was your neighbor. My experience with them validates this. He went on to not receive a position in a county that is majority colored in both population and government when he was at the top of the class in this particular field of training and there were many positions available across the county in this program. He was at the top of his class, although it was not supposed to be known, the testers, not the hirers, happened to be mutual friends with someone he knew and had commented on the fact that he would be guaranteed a position based on his class rank. Not a single white person was hired. He went on to run his own business where he could not get his applications for government and corporate jobs in the running because of policies demanding certain criteria of gender and ethnicity, even though he is the best at what he does…and I don’t say that lightly even though I am biased. When he attended a class to apply for a grant and contacted the instructor for assistance following the class, which was part of the benefits of having taken the class, he was told that unless he was a partially woman or minority owned business, he wouldn’t be given a grant, and though the instructor was sympathetic, he was just being honest. I work in a service industry and recently received a call from a school system updating their approved contractor list. There question was, “is this a woman owned or minority owned business”. This is discrimination. It offends me on behalf of all of the people I know and care about that are subjected to it, on my own behalf because I believe that I should compete on my own merits, and on behalf of society as a whole divided one from another so easily because we don’t look at our own hearts 1st, allowing us to become racists in the name of something more palatable and PC that generally doesn’t bring us closer to unity, it just supplies power to those that feed our sense of personal righteousness until we’re blinded to our own hypocracy and easily manipulated against one another…and if it makes my voice louder (even though it should not)…I am a woman of color able to apply for and get the application edge because of it…and it offends me…because it is wrong. Discrimination, racism, is always wrong…and it is always the same thing.

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  • Sam

    Thank you so much for allowing POC into these “predominantly white societies” that were forcibly and violently taken from indigenous people.

    Also, yes, white people can face individual prejudice on the basis of race. No, that is not comparable to the institutionalized racism that POC and especially black people face in literally every aspect of society (criminal justice, education, wages, etc.). If someone mistreats you because you’re white, I’m sorry. But you and even I, as an Asian American, will never be in a situation like Trayvon Martin, where we are deemed to be “up to no good” because of our race. Nor can I possibly know what it feels like to be Latino and have someone ask me what construction company I work for. Prejudice is not transferable or equal.

    Meanwhile, be glad that your privilege is preventing you from being sent back to the country where YOUR ancestors came from. Hint: It’s not in the Western Hemisphere either.

    • 11

      I see so many blacks being sent back to africa, thanks for that exceedingly knowledgeable comment

  • redeemer

    I’m an Aryan boy and I go to high school in Washington DC, which is 83% black. The janitor staff is 100% black. There’s pouring rain and I’m outside, trying to get in to the athletic building because I’m cold in the 45 degree rain. The door to the school is locked and I see a janitor, who is 3 feet away from the door. I get excited and I smile at her to motion her to let me in. She just glares back at me. I try waving–still glaring. I pound on the door upon seeing that my backpack became drenched. He just goes about her business and continues vacuuming. I run around like a mad man trying to find an entrance. I run back to find my friend, who is white, also pounding on the same door I was at. The bitch, she screamed at him, “GO AWAY!” Finally, a black boy comes running for where we are. Then, the bitch janitor propped open the door for us. Enraged, I scream at her, “What’s your f*****g problem?” She siad, “300 years slavery, cracker!” I said to her, “Hey, you listen to me! My cousin, who was a governor of Virginia in the 50′s worked to end the poll tax.” She then said, “Well you sure as hell don’t look like it.”

    I challenge Sara Luckey to explain why what happened to me was not reverse racism. More preferably, I challenge anyone else who actually has a brain in their head to do the same.

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  • SomeoneSomenowhere

    Well, this article was ignorant.

  • Adam

    We had a discussion about racism in college. One of my classmates stated that he was racist. He stated that in general, he didn’t like black people. If he got to know someone, then it could be different, but he was wary of them at first.

    This was due to his privilege, of course. He was privileged to be one of the handful of white students at a predominantly black school. Every day, he was reminded that he was an oppressor, and he received a beating for his oppression on a weekly basis. This wasn’t just “being chased after school a few times”, this was a serious fight every few days. He would go home bruised and bloodied quite regularly.

    The idea that his abusers weren’t racist is ludicrous. He lived in the same neighborhood, was just as poor as everyone else, and had pretty much all the same problems as they had, the only difference was skin color, which they let him know was the reason they were beating him up.

    Or how about this, I was talking to an attractive lady in Philly a few years back. One of us was white, the other black. Someone saw us, and decided to yell a few things about mixed race couples and how they shouldn’t exist. Was that racist? Is it only racist if the person yelling is white? If the person yelling was black, is it ok then?

    Oh, wait, here I go. I’m a white dude talking about my experiences with racism. I guess I should just keep my mouth shut and not speak until spoken to. You know, since I can’t have anything to add to the conversation, what with my light skin color and all. Oh, wait, that’s not right, and in fact, it’s incredibly racist to even suggest such a thing.

    I will agree that there is no such thing as reverse racism though. Hate is hate. It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum your skin color comes from, if you hate someone else because of their skin color, then you’re racist.

    • Chelsy

      People don’t get beat up for no reason. There are two sides to every story

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  • Kyle Bumpus

    Meh, but this argument (and others like it) never seem to address the idea that institutionalized and far-reaching oppression can and self-evidently does often flow in multiple directions at the same time. Why is it fundamentally impossible for the system to simultaneously oppress EVERYONE at the same time? Perhaps not in the same way and not to the same extent, but making a blanket statement like “it is not valid to claim…it is reverse racism” is just, well, ignorant. The fundamental arguments seem contradictory.

    • Sara Luckey

      The far-reaching oppression reaching into every aspect of life is a study in ingersectionality. The system is patriarchy. It does oppress everyone. This article was discussing merely one aspect of patriarchal oppression. While patriarch does oppresd everyone, not everybody is oppressed in the same manner or for the same reasons and often, trying to compare oppressions can minimize or diminish the suffering of others. Which is actually the point of this piece. To get a comprehensive view of all types of oppression would require far more space than a 1500-2000 word piece could.

  • socialjusticecommenter

    To people who think reverse racism is real: Oh no, poor privileged, dominated, un-oppressed white people aww :( (. It’s so sad that there are barely any white people on TV. It’s also really sad that we’re still racist to them even after we kept white people as slaves for over 50 years. I can’t believe black people are more likely to get a job or get into college just because of their skin color when white people aren’t. I especially hate it when white kids who get in fights at school, smoke,do drugs, and cuss are seen as bad and criminals but the black people who shoot up schools are just seen as the ones who went awry. And it’s so unfair that the police always suspect it’s the white guy who is the culprit. It must suck being white :// Things must be so hard for white people…

  • naadirasahra

    A lot of this is true and important information. I see one major problem; how racism is defined in the article. It’s simply not a complete definition of the term. She’s using this definition: “a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering a doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.” Which is absolutely true of the world today. There is a nearly worldwide racist doctrine that elevates white people or perceived “white” traits as superior. However, the full definition of the term is found here: “: poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race : the belief that some races of people are better than others”
    I had the crap beaten out of me for being a white girl when I was little. No other reason than for the color of my skin. I was told that I was being attacked because I was white and I cringed when I read that my perception of this as racism is just me complaining about PoC wanting to touch my hair (which I love, btw, when people touch my hair). “Reverse racism” is nonsensical terminology. It’s either racism or it’s not.
    Do PoC have a right to be angry and to demand fair treatment? Absolutely! But as long as any kind of racist attitudes persist, the problem will continue. I am privileged in a racist system but I can still be a victim of racism.

  • Scherezade23

    Among all the ignorant comments in this forum yours is certainly one of the funniest. To say that this country as we know it was built by white people is to have a very narrow perception of history. Yes, the founding fathers were of Caucasian European descent, but their ideas were formulated from the ideas of Greeks and Arabs and many other people of color. Furthermore, the rise of the United States as a powerful nation lays heavily on the backs of slaves, as it was agriculture that provided the funds for the industrial revolution in this country. The America that came to rise as as a world power in the 20th century relied on the wealth amassed through imperialism and financial domination over many countries with people of color. Just because you want to have a fantastical view of how history actually happened doesn’t mean you get to kick out the people who helped make this country great and oh lo and behold, they are not all white..far from. And btw…
    You have obviously never been to NYC where there are plenty of homeless Jews. Check out the site maybe you wanna donate a little to redeem yourself for being so selfish.

    • schlomo goldstein

      ok now compare the jewish rate to the black rate, and then compare it to their respective crime rates. I’m sure you will just blame the crime rate on whites too. Your comment did not address a single point i made, you just tried to take some of the credit away from whites, which some of which was true, but if these slaves were so smart, why is africa – the most fertile continent – STILL the worst continent in every regard? Africa has contributed nothing but a bowl and a stick, they didn’t even come up with a wheel. to say these slaves built america is ludicrous, and to say that blacks today are entitled to anything TODAY for what happened hundreds of years ago is even more insane.

      • Scherezade23

        Buddy I am really gonna need you to start working on your education, here let me help,
        read, inform yourself, and maybe start trying to put yourself in other people’s shoes. No one is saying that it is viable to give compensation to African Americans for slavery, though that would in fact be just since technically their ancestors performed unpaid labor. That however is unrealistic. What is real however is that hundreds of years of marginalization affect the way in which populations see themselves and behave. Have you ever heard that Jewish people as the writer Bernard Malamud describes, are melancholy and worriers. Have you ever wondered why this stereotype exists and often rings true? Because centuries of antisemitism decidedly changed the attitudes and personalities of a whole population. Why the stereotype that Jews are cheap? Because for centuries they were stripped of their belongings in a moments notice, forcing them to become careful with currency, to stock up on it etc…Yes statistics of black crime rates are higher but have you ever questioned why and how you can help to change this? I served in the service corps of the United States and worked in a 99% black school in a marginalized area of the city. The school where I taught was falling apart, there was no money to repair peeling paint and the poor and uninviting infrastructure. My students are already starting off their lives at a disadvantage, poorer schools, less funding. This means less is available to them in terms of job prospects in the future, is this their fault? they are kids!. Do you see how this could help turn some kids towards a life of crime? and this is just a tiny tiny fragment of the problem. No one is blaming you in particular for it, but the fact is, as a society, a Western Caucasian majority society that we are, we told black people for hundreds of years that they were inferior, and it would be silly to think that this wasn’t in some way internalized and that it wouldn’t cause problems down the road, you think that this damage can be erased in the 40ish years since the civil rights movement? We are just starting to level out the playing field. African Americans, Latino Americans, White Americans, we are all Americans and we have to accept that no one is gonna be leaving at this point so we have to raise each other up in any way we can and be conscious of our privilege, not just whites, but all Americans because we are all to some degree privileged and we should strive for everyone to achieve the same privilege and opportunity.

  • Guest

    I respectfully disagree with everybody; the author, her supporters, & her critics. I believe in only one concept and that is PEACE for all. When discrimination of any kind results in horrific violence, all points of view become moot. White victims don’t lose “privileges”, they lose their health. Black victims don’t lose affirmative action gained rights, they lose their health too. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict may end before America successfully deals with its continuing epidemic racism. Every life must have EQUAL significance. Her irrelevant focus of arguing one side of an ongoing societal disagreement re: the semantics of a reverse discrimination label, served only to aggravate both sides of America’s racial divide. We live in a country where everyone is right about everything and compromise and compassion for ALL

  • Guest

    (continued() are quickly becoming tangibly extinct. The only message that an easily swayed and all too often selfish slanted society should hear is ALL RACISM IS WRONG AND UNACCEPTABLE. I yearn for a day when all people passionately defend other races as they do their own. For me, examples of real HEARTWARMING HOPE would be if both high-profile Black and White leaders scream from the rooftops for EVERY victim of discrimination. All life is precious. America’s community leaders must reinforce this seemingly simple concept every chance they get. Until then, I will continue to peacefully, yet vehemently, disagree with anyone who fails to stand by all.

  • alwanderer

    I have been doing some interesting search’s during which I came upon the following among amazons “list of suggested reading” and on highlighting a phrase with in a comment, I found myself here at your site. I am stunned at your self congratulatory attitude. I’m just leaving this as a thought for you to follow..Al (not every thing is as simple as it seems).

  • White Male

    I was born into a society that taught me that men and women were equal irregardless of skin colour. Telling me I cannot complain about discrimination on the basis of my white skin colour is inherently racist.

    • SgtKonus

      You can, but it isn’t racism.

  • Sam

    Scenario where reverse racism takes place:
    A black judge presides over a murder trial with a white defendant.
    “The evidence has been presented, You sir, were lucky enough to have had a brilliant lawyer appointed to you, and despite his best efforts the jury has returned a guilty verdict. I hereby sentence you to life in prison for the 200 murders you committed!”
    The Judge brings the gavel down with a smack.
    The defendant, obviously annoyed with the verdict stands and yells “You’re nothing but a racist Monkey!”

    Ok, so the judge is doing his job, the defendant is assuming race played a part in the verdict and he screams a racist slur at the judge.

    Racism in reverse.

    Effectively this changing of paradigm where the now villified “white man” was in control of everyone’s fate some nations has been altered and in extreme cases has been reversed via affirmative action etc.

    My opinion is that people are people, if someone is upset and plays a race card they are an asshole, not a racist. If someone believes that their race is superior, they’re just a dumb-ass, not a racist. When a society prevents a group, whether the minority or majority from equal rights or holds one GROUP above another, then there is racism.

    Thus I propose that individuals cannot be racist, but organisations and groups of individuals can, through ill considered or blatantly idiotic planning, produce racist policy.

    If this is the case, racism (a term given new connotations by minority groups in developed nations) can be reversed on the majority ethnic group via affirmative action and other inherently racist policy. Unfortunately for the minority groups this thinking presumes that they require special treatment. Thus appearing to be underdeveloped as an ethnicity. Kind of like an intelligent child in special schooling.

    I’m also really glad to know that this racism thing seems to be isolated to the developed world. Thank god nothing like this happens in the Sudan, Middle East, Asia. Oh, wait. It’s global?

    Stupid article.

  • Mexibro

    I’m a white Mexican and I can guarantee you that whites do get discriminated against.

  • pride and proud

    typical liberal B.S. Not only insulting white people but condescending to people of color. This suggests that every person of color better watch out ’cause whitey is going to get ya! If everyone thought like this we would have quite a paranoid society. Thank goodness that we have evolved to where this shouldn’t be our number one concern.

  • silvia

    But you know that there is more about racism than the whole black / white story, right? One of the biggest racists of history was born in Austria, was white, became popular in Germany and killed many other white people because of their race. In this case not for being black, chinese, hispanic or whatever, just because they were jews. So dont tell me that a white person cant be the target of racism.

  • Lyvy

    I think that you’re saying that institutional racism is the only type of racism, which is not true. For example, my boyfriend is black and i’m white, and every once in a while there will be that one person who tells me that my BF is only with me because white girls don’t have backbones, or they’ll tell him to dump the “white bitch” and get with a “real woman”. That’s what i consider interpersonal racism, people say inappropriate things to me because of my race. That’s racism. What I don’t have to deal with though is being turned away from a loan, or a college, or a job because of my race. I’m not a target of violence or even killing because of my race, all things my BF does have to deal with being a PoC. What he goes though is institutional racism, a system of inequality and oppression because of his race. So do white people deal with racism, interpersonal racism, yes, but we don’t have to be subject to systematical oppression based on our race. So yes PoC have it a hell of a lot worse than white people, but that doesn’t mean reverse racism doesn’t exist.

  • HillbillieNurse

    What a naive, myopic world view. Once Obama finishes off your country, you will actually have some worries such as staying alive on a daily basis. That’s the only silver lining to the Obama storm cloud – watching idiots, enjoying a free and blessed life, paid for in the blood of their moral superiors (mainly and historically white males) – actually having to claw, beg, scrape, to survive daily. Something you have never had to do. All courtesy of those you love to loathe. You so well deserve the lesson your ilk are bringing on all of us. Broil in it like you now broil in your own self-loathing and horrific envy.

  • Kyle

    “It [racism] is the prevalence of RACISM within social structures and institutional norms, along with implicit and explicit enforcement by members of a group, that allows RACISM to run rampant and unchecked.”

    This implies a pre-existing thing called ‘racism’ that features in your definition of racism. It’s like saying “Religion is the prevalence of religion within social structures.”

    Racism is the prejudice itself. Which is something you seem to believe even without realising it as you write this. I’m not denying the truth of white being considered as the ‘norm’ and society is inclined to show bias in favour of this group, but I would call that oppression BASED UPON racism.

    • Chelsy

      You are white.

  • One world

    Unfortunately, this article smacks of someone very naive with not much of a world view.
    To the author: There is absolutely racism that can come from any race.

    Racism is horrible and ugly. Not to understand that there is racism and “reverse-racism”, which can create even more racism. is a myopic view on society.

  • Mr_Scorpio

    It would be pointless the explain why everyone that objects to this brilliant article is wrong. The love of their own privileged status prevents their minds being open.

  • redhen1919

    I started to post your article on FB but didn’t because your goal is hopeless. White people will always portray themselves as the true victims of racism. They will never change and you cannot educate them. Only when they truly experience racism physically constantly on a day to day basis will they understand and that will never happen. I appreciate your attempt, but during the past 400 years whites haven’t learned what racism is and they never will because it benefits them. Personal attacks and insults are not racism.

    • Sara Luckey

      I don’t want to believe that, but I posted this how many months ago and the majority of comments coming are from angry white people who love dictionaries? Ugh.

  • redhen1919

    The personal attacks mentioned by whites are not racism. Racism is knocking on a door for help and because you are a PoC you are shot in the face at point blank range and killed by an “upstanding and decent man”. A white female asking for help would never be harmed by another person unless than person happened to be criminally minded. I reiterate personal attacks and mean-spirited statements are not racism.

  • David. H

    After surviving a hostage situation where we were beaten, scarred and called white C### daily for 6 weeks as a child to have no justice or help because the subject matter was easier to sweep under the rug I find this article a total insult and quite naive.

    In the workplace today I am told how I should roll over and die, to stop whinging and let New Zealanders take my job. If I cant keep up with other lads it is “the white cunts fault” in a factory full of different cultures the white guy IS the target if the majority of staff are colored.

    Just standing at a train station on the 23rd dec 2013 two sudoneise males attacked me over the cigarette I was smoking and because I said no they attacked me calling me once again “your dead white cunt”.
    “This is our neighberhood, you are f’d”.
    I don’t ask for it, I mind my own business and this happens weekly.

    Maybe you should ask the VICTIMS of crime and those who have been victims of reverse racism before dismissing our rights to be upset. Cause dare we say ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE else WERE THE ONES GETTING SUED.

  • just a randomer

    I’m going to have to say your judgement are not only biased, but also flawed. There is not scientific or historical proof of your claims. Not only that, you base your claims on the INTERNET and not REAL LIFE. Many people today still do not have access to internet, so you yourself would not know of the REAL ‘reverse racism’. You might want to read up on the history of China (more specifically the Boxer Rebellion) for actual historical context on your so called ‘reverse racism’. And by the way, racism is just racism. Period.

  • Mumra

    What you are describing as racism is actually institutional racism, racism is very much an individual thing. I can clearly see you are regurgitating the CRT handbook but let me tell you something about CRT. It is bollocks. Pseudo Social Science. Where does racially motivated attacks between members of two ‘powerless’ communities fit? A person of African origin on a person of Indian origin for example?

    The best and most concise definition of racism came from MLK. Judging on skin colour rather than content of character. By this definition CRT itself, by assuming that skin colour denotes capacity for racism rather than character content, is racist.

  • Chelsy

    lol youre white

  • Chelsy

    We have to dig deeper: racism originated from the idea of judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one’s own culture, or ethnocentrism. Ethnocentric individuals judge other groups relative to their own ethnic group or culture, especially with concern for language, behavior, customs, and religion. These ethnic distinctions and subdivisions serve to define each ethnicity’s unique cultural identity. Ethnocentrism may be overt or subtle, and while it is considered a natural proclivity of human psychology, it has developed a generally negative connotation.
    Since the “Caucasian race” seems to be the dominate race on the majority of the planet, we can suspect they considered themselves more preferred than those that were considered brown, black, yellow, or red. The term “Caucasian race” was coined by a German philosopher named Christoph Meiners. Meiners’ treatise was widely read in the German intellectual circles of its day, despite muted criticism of its scholarship. Meiners proposed a taxonomy of human beings which involved only two races: Caucasians and Mongolians. He considered Caucasians to be more physically attractive than Mongolians, notably because they had paler skin; Caucasians were also more sensitive and more morally virtuous than Mongolians. Later he would make similar distinctions within the Caucasian group, concluding that the Germans were the most attractive and virtuous people on earth. The name “Caucasian” derived from the Southern Caucasus region (or what is now the countries of Georgia, Armenia) and Azerbaijan, because he considered the people of this region to be the archetype for the grouping.
    In his earlier racial typology, Meiners put forth that Caucasians had the “whitest, most blooming and most delicate skin”. Europeans with darker skin he considered “dirty whites”, admixed with Mongolian. Such views were typical of early scientific attempts at racial classification, where skin pigmentation was regarded as the main difference between races.

    So it seems that the basis of race was fueled by the idea that one particular race is more superior than all the rest. I personally conclude that the one who puts himself above everyone else has not evolved enough to understand the true understanding of human nature. Un-evolved ego plays a large roll in the history of man-kind.

  • tryanmax

    In other words, reverse racism isn’t real because you refuse to acknowledge it. Your ears are only open to the stories of prejudice as experienced by PoCs and not as experienced by whites. Way to undermine yourself.

  • Loopy_Squid

  • Eugena Lieu

    Sure, I may be a coarse-face, but being White is the individual characteristics by which a person or thing is recognized. This is what being White is. This is what I realized on But Black People keep coming after me with so much interest. Is there a better way to define what individual characteristics is?

  • okay so explain this to me

    “When white people complain about experiencing reverse racism, what they’re really complaining about is losing out on or being denied their already existing privileges. And while it may feel bad to realize your privilege is crumbling and the things you’ve taken for granted can be taken away from you, it is unfair, untrue, and disingenuous to call that experience reverse racism.”

    Okay? I’m from Europe and here almost every white person who has a conflict with a non-white person is racist and it really doesn’t matter what the conflict is about. Sometimes I’m like:”Oh my God, did the world go crazy?”
    We have some Roma people here and they behave like animals. We call them “the invulnerable”. We are the “gadza” people for them, it’s very similar to “nigger”. When we call them “gypsies”, we are being banned. They are such people who run naked through streets, who bath on public places like in fountains, rivers (in the middle of a city), who destroy houses they get by selling parts of the roofs, windows (and they get those houses for FREE!!! because they are the poor discriminated minority which needs to be supported for the money from the EU – a white person would have been kicked out on the street), they steal and when they have a problem with you, they take the whole family (mom, dad, his 2 lovers and their 9 children?) to beat you up, shouting:”you white assholes, we will kill you”. And yes, they make more and more and more children to get money for them.
    Finding a job? Puh, that’s something they really don’t care about. Instead, they make a barbecue in the middle of the city.
    There are many big ghettos with those people in big cities so those parts of the city they live in, are totally lost. If you don’t worry about your money and health you can go there but on your own risk.

    But yes, I am so stupid, I should be sorry for being a racist a*shole who is being denied my already existing privilegies. I actully love to have them in my country SO MUCH!!!

    Such a great multicultural experience – as the EU says – isn’t it?

    • Sara Luckey

      Actually, much of what you’re saying is racist. And I mentioned multiple times in the article that I am speaking about, and only about, the United States.

    • 2dee

      “Finding a job?” Are you hiring? And if so, who are you hiring?

  • Facepalm

    This article is actually pretty enraging. If not solely for the fact that the arguments in it are beyond ignorant. To basically say that white people can’t fully experience the shittyness of racism is plain stupid. I’m a young white woman that grew up in the mixing bowl area of Virginia/Washington D.C.
    Where I am from, there is a lot of different cultures and people of every race. The high school I went to, I was the minority. And that’s all fine and dandy if my experience was pleasant, but a lot of the time I spent my days getting to class as quickly as possible because of all the hatred toward me. I was called names, bullied, threatened, occasionally shoved/hit, and ultimately made to feel like my existence was not appreciated on nearly a daily basis. That’s not to say everyone disliked me. I had a few friends, and it was a diverse group. I’ve also experienced plenty of racism outside of school. Now please tell me, if I wasn’t experiencing racism firsthand, what exactly was it? I would love to read your answer. You’re right about one thing. There is no such thing as “reverse racism”. Because racism is racism, plain and simple.

  • Midori

    I am biracial. Do you you think it hurts any less when black people call me names or say I’m just a white girl with an afro or when they tell me that I’m too white to be black than it does when white people turn up their noses or the occasional older white person down south says that me and my kind should go back to Africa where we belong or subtly state that we are “equal, but different and just shouldn’t mix”. Do you think it hurts any less? That it is any less racist when the black side of my family condemns my mom for bringing white blood in to the fam or speaks loudly about her white-ness and “those ******* white people” in my dad’s side of the family’s uber ghetto way. No. It may even hurt more, because they’re more blatant about their dislike and un-acceptance of me and anyone of white descent. It’s plain hurtful either way, but at least the white people who have dissed me aren’t my family… Because as Lilo so eloquently said: Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

    Anyone, anywhere can be racist. Deal with it. If you don’t like me because of the color of my skin, my ethnicity, my “race” be it black, white, oriental, etc. that means you are quite simply racist! Is that too hard to understand or must I break it down? Official dictionary meaning of race: the fact or condition of belonging to a racial division or group; the qualities or characteristics associated with this. Got that? Good. If someone discriminates against me because of my “race” that means they are being – what’s that word? Oh, now I remember – racist. So please, don’t go and make up your own elusive definition for something like this – something not bound by the confines of power or culture. It’s just not right and it actually makes me really sad to hear someone separate people in a way such as you did.

    Referring to people in two groups – white and people of color (or POC) is actually very offensive to humanity itself. That’s like saying that all Indians and Black people and Native Americans and Arabic and Mongolians and Caribbeans and Chinese are one and the same and made so only because of their somewhat dusky and dark skin tones. Colored people or people of color. Whichever way you say it it means the same thing. And then there are those lonely colorless white people over there in a group all of their own because they have lighter, skin. It’s just not right!!! We are humanity. All ethnicity’s and races have discriminated against another at some point in time. That’s a fact. Some in general have suffered worse than others and I know, some wounds are relatively fresh.

    To quote from my nanowrimo young writers novel: “It wasn’t a matter of searching or finding- it was a matter of opening their hearts. But that was some form of vulnerability- and vulnerability was something that neither found to be desirable. To open their hearts meant to uncover the still tender wounds- giving them a breath of much needed fresh air. All they knew is that it would sting.” We must open our hearts to all races, all people and ethnicities. Sure, it may hurt thinking of the past and wrongs against ourselves or our ancestors and family. But the truth is we’re all people. Every single one of us. And if we peeled back our skin, inside we’d all be the same – humanity. I’m a mere thirteen year old child and even I can understand this. We. Are. Humanity.

  • Midori

    I am biracial. Do you you think it hurts any less when black people call me names or say I’m just a white girl with an afro or when they tell me that I’m too white to be black than it does when white people turn up their noses or the occasional older white person down south says that me and my kind should go back to Africa where we belong or subtly state that we are “equal, but different and just shouldn’t mix”. Do you think it hurts any less? That it is any less racist when the black side of my family condemns my mom for bringing white blood in to the fam or speaks loudly about her white-ness and “those ******* white people” in my dad’s side of the family’s uber ghetto way. No. It may even hurt more, because they’re more blatant about their dislike and un-acceptance of me and anyone of white descent. It’s plain hurtful either way, but at least the white people who have dissed me aren’t my family… Because as Lilo so eloquently said: Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

    Anyone, anywhere can be racist. Deal with it. If you don’t like me because of the color of my skin, my ethnicity, my “race” be it black, white, oriental, etc. that means you are quite simply racist! Is that too hard to understand or must I break it down? Official dictionary meaning of race: the fact or condition of belonging to a racial division or group; the qualities or characteristics associated with this. Got that? Good. If someone discriminates against me because of my “race” that means they are being – what’s that word? Oh, now I remember – racist. So please, don’t go and make up your own elusive definition for something like this – something not bound by the confines of power or culture. It’s just not right and it actually makes me really sad to hear someone separate people in a way such as you did.

    Referring to people in two groups – white and people of color (or POC) is actually very offensive to humanity itself. That’s like saying that all Indians and Black people and Native Americans and Arabic and Mongolians and Caribbeans and Chinese are one and the same and made so only because of their somewhat dusky and dark skin tones. Colored people or people of color. Whichever way you say it it means the same thing. And then there are those lonely colorless white people over there in a group all of their own because they have lighter, skin. It’s just not right!!! We are humanity. All ethnicity’s and races have discriminated against another at some point in time. That’s a fact. Some in general have suffered worse than others and I know, some wounds are relatively fresh.

    To quote from my nanowrimo young writers novel: “It wasn’t a matter of searching or finding- it was a matter of opening their hearts. But that was some form of vulnerability- and vulnerability was something that neither found to be desirable. To open their hearts meant to uncover the still tender wounds- giving them a breath of much needed fresh air. All they knew is that it would sting.” We must open our hearts to all races, all people and ethnicities. Sure, it may hurt thinking of the past and wrongs against ourselves or our ancestors and family. But the truth is we’re all people. Every single one of us. And if we peeled back our skin, inside we’d all be the same – humanity. I’m a mere thirteen year old child and even I can understand this. We. Are. Humanity.

  • Lily Jasmine Denyer

    Really good blog! Have shared the link to a talk with some idiot I’m having! You have it all in a nutshell. :)

  • Midori

    I’m rather upset that you deleted my last comment. It was rather long, contained no strong language or offensive views and a rational, empathetic viewpoint. Okay. :) Here’s the basic gist: Racism is racism is racism = discriminating against another because of their race. As a biracial gal it hurts just as much when black people dis me as when white people do. And I’m sure it would hurt just as much if any other race did. We can move on and live, remembering and acknowledging the past we mustn’t dwell on it. We have a big, blank sheet in front of us just waiting to be painted.

  • Midori