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Feminspire | April 24, 2014

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Why I Hate Buying Clothes Online

Why I Hate Buying Clothes Online

Online shopping has been the go-to for at least a solid five years now. It’s easy and quick: if you know your general size you can buy what you want in an instant. makes it easy to find everything cheaply, and I do mean everything. The drawbacks, at first, are merely waiting the 3 days to 2 weeks for delivery, as opposed to walking out of a store with a product and immediately being able to wear it.

Now, I tend to occasionally question myself as to why I never buy clothes or shoes online; I see friends, notable bloggers, and family members all doing it. Upon a recent trip to Urban Outfitters, though, I was reminded why I avoid it.

After receiving the new holiday catalog for UO in the mail, I had made some markings on the pages of pieces I’d liked; Kimchi Blue velvet Chelsea boots, BDG Gold leafed strapless dress, contrast dip dyed denim shirts galore, and many a shimmery sweater. Saturday afternoon I was walking along Thayer Street in Providence, RI and remembered there’s an UO and decided to try the items on if they were in store. Now, I’m not sure who decides the sizing qualifications there but they’re strange (or, really, am I strangely proportioned?). The shirts would fit in the stomach, be tight across my chest, and baggy in the sleeves. The sweaters just were not what I was expecting. And the dress – I brought in two sizes to try on, and guess what? They were both dramatically too small on my chest, and somewhat big in the waist, and much too short!

Urban Outfitters Holiday 2012

As far as shoes go, you may like a brand and know your size, but every style of shoe fits differently. I have a decent amount of Aldo shoes and they vary in size from Oxford flats to my favored wedges, all due to width and comfort. They make look gorgeous on a website, but how will you know how they look on you? In said recent trip to UO, it was my third day post paycheck so I’d tried on about 3 pairs of sneaker wedges. I fell in love with a pair by BDG, but was shocked at how they made my legs look like chicken legs! I got them anyway, but the point is I had no idea how they’d look on me until they were tried on first.

Needless to say, I’m thankful for having the ability to try these items on before I maxed a credit card trying to order a holiday dress online or cheap knock-off sneakers. It’s sad to think that brick and mortar stores are losing their luster to the inconsistent online shopping.

While buying books and movies online is as perfect as a dream, I think I’ll keep the clothing, shoes, and jewelry buying to in-store escapades.

Do you shop online? Have you had similar experiences? Share with us in the comments!

Written by Sahra Schukraft