Who We Are

Feminspire’s content is created and managed by an incredible team of editors, staff writers and casual contributors. Learn a little more about the women behind the scenes!

Rhiannon Payne, Editor-in-Chief

rhiannon payne feminspireRhiannon Payne is a writer, feminist and lover of everything to do with the internet, living and working in Los Angeles. She started Feminspire in 2012 with the help of her partner, Benjamin Schoen, with the goal of creating a positive community for women online. Her hobbies include harassing her fellow writers and editors with pointless emails throughout the day, reading dark novels, watching BBC miniseries and keeping MSNBC on in the background while she works. She isn’t sure what else to write here, and is now concerned that she’s terribly uninteresting. You can contact her by emailing rhiannon (at) feminspire (dot) com.

Lauren Slavin, Senior Editor

lauren slavin feminspireLauren Slavin is a 22-year-old freelance journalist and aspiring cat lady currently living in Bloomington, Indiana. She is an award-winning student journalist, and the former editor-in-chief of Towson University’s student newspaper, The Towerlight. When she isn’t pretending to know what the future holds, Lauren enjoys reading entire novels in one sitting and drinking too much coffee. If you need cat video recommendations, email her at Lauren (at) feminspire (dot) com.


Jill Pagan, Senior Editor

jill pagan feminspireJill Pagan is a playwright/screenwriter, a director, and an actor. Or at least she wants to be when she grows up. Right now she’s just an extremely frazzled graduate student. Her favorite activities include sleeping on the rare occasion she gets a chance to, drinking tea whilst watching TV, and going to Disneyland. If you want to find out the best way to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland you can email her at jill (at) feminspire (dot) com. 


Abbey Lewis, Senior Editor

abbey lewis feminspireAbbey Lewis is a literature student, journalist, Brit, Ravenclaw, and ENFJ. She is a nomad whose wanderlust fuels her trips around the world. She’s trying to read and write everything, and she likes having the windows open. She can’t go clubbing if the ceilings are too low. She loves chocolate soufflé, liquid eyeliner, and Stephen Fry, and hates intolerance, jeans, and people who tell her she takes things too seriously. She has an impressively literary bookshelf and all of the spines are broken. In her spare time, she sees plays and films and wins arguments. If you need someone to listen to you, reach out to her at abbey (at) feminspire (dot) com.

Marlena Carcone, Senior Editor

marlena carcone feminspireMarlena Carcone is a twenty-year-old vegetarian who wears obnoxious lipstick as a form of self-care. She grew up twenty minutes from where the show Jersey Shore was filmed and spends her life trying to live that down. She’s currently studying a combination of literature, media, and religion at a tiny liberal arts college in Vermont. She dyes her hair every time she’s stressed out, owns thirty-five Harry Potter books, and enjoys arguing with people on the internet about everything from her opinions on feminism to her hatred of mason jars. If you would like advice laden with Miley Cyrus quotes, feel free to email her at marlena (at) feminspire (dot) com.