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Feminspire | April 24, 2014

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What is CC Cream? Exploring the Next Generation of Blemish Balms

What is CC Cream? Exploring the Next Generation of Blemish Balms

Just as we finally wrap our minds around the BB cream concept, the beauty industry sends CC cream spiraling our way. CC cream, short for color control cream, is a supposed improvement on the blemish balm (or “beauty balm”). Beauty balm, similar to tinted moisturizer, was touted as the all-in-one answer to our skincare/foundation prayers, but that is something that fell flat in user ratings and reviews.

While BB cream leans more toward skincare rather than color, CC cream strikes a balance between the two. This latest “miracle product” treats uneven skin tone and boasts a light texture, smooth application, more coverage and nourishing ingredients to top it off. Instead of the proactive anti-aging approach, this product is designed to be reactive and treat existing signs of aging.

Not surprisingly, luxe brands like Chanel have already put their CC cream on the market, but what I find most impressive is that drugstore brands are already jumping on board! Maybelline and L’Oreal were both late to jump on the BB train. My bet is that drugstore brands will be split: half will ignore the trend after seeing how quickly BB came and went, while some, like Olay, will lead the trend.

If these creams see early success, I hope to see a wider variety of shades on the shelf than with BB creams. Fair-skinned women were plagued with orange-toned “one shade fits all” BB products, while dark-skinned women had a difficult time finding any drugstore options at all. Maybelline seemed to be the only one to hit the mark on the latter, offering a Deep Sheer Tint, comparable to MAC NC50.

Only time will tell if CC will outlast BB. What’s next, DD cream? Let’s hope this cringeworthy idea never makes it past the drawing board.

Are you excited about the release of CC creams, or have you still not gotten around to trying BB creams yet? Will you be trying one of these new products? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Reader submission by Kelsey Reddick
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