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Feminspire | April 21, 2014

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Wendy Davis Kicked Ass, And So Did Social Media

Wendy Davis Kicked Ass, And So Did Social Media

| On 27, Jun 2013

Wendy Davis stood up for what she believed in a sea of naysayers, and despite the many attempts to set her back, her strength and courage means women in Texas will not have the right to an abortion taken away from them. Women (and men!) across America — and the world — are giving you a standing ovation today, Wendy.

If you wanted an accurate taste of what was going on in the Texas Senate Tuesday night, social media was the place to be. Five seconds after checking my Twitter feed I knew something big was brewing. I threw on my sweatpants, reached for my generic-brand Nutella with toast and clicked open the live YouTube stream and surfed Twitter and Tumblr tags. It was a stellar night.

Erin Blaskie asks on her blog “Where was mainstream media?” Even when they were covering the historical event they flubbed the news — in the case of the Associated Press claiming the bill had passed when it did not. “And while AP was reporting information that was not yet confirmed, CNN was broadcasting about muffins on TV,” writes Blaskie. “While history was being made and hundreds of thousands of people were tuned in on places like YouTube and Ustream, CNN was reporting on blueberry muffins.”

We’re rounding up some of the highlights that came from the wild and wonderful world of social media.

Of course the event sparked several superb novelty accounts:


#StandWithWendy was trending worldwide on Twitter:


Tumblr goldmine:

And last but not least, this fabulous video was shared over and over:

Written by Laura Anderson
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