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Feminspire | April 21, 2014

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Vlogger Laci Green Controversy & Death Threats, Explained

Vlogger Laci Green Controversy & Death Threats, Explained

I opened my Tumblr browser yesterday morning to find that popular and talented Vlogger Laci Green had been driven off the internet due to countless death threats.

laci green islamic controvery

Whether you’ve heard her name before today or not, it’s important for you to hear it now.

Laci has spent the past five years making videos for her Youtube following. At first, she Vlogged about her own personal experiences and hardships as a young woman, but over time, her talents evolved into a video blog series called Sex+.

Sex+ is dedicated to promoting a sex positive mindset amongst teens and young adults everywhere. Sex positive is defined by Wikipedia as “an ideology which promotes and embraces open sexuality with few limits.”

In a society run rampant with stigma surrounding sexuality, Laci’s goal is to spread awareness about the Sex Positive movement and help inform people about their own bodies. Her videos cover issues with sexuality, relationships, and sexual identity with very little censorship. Laci is known for her blunt and direct approach with her viewers. Because of her candid approach to her own sexuality, Laci has gained a dedicated following of young men and women all over the world.

The Controversy

The controversy stems from two places that can be quickly boiled down to ‘political correctness.’ The separate incidences involve a transphobic slur, which some are saying she did a poor job of apologizing for:

laci green controversy
…as well as an Islamophobic remark, which the same people are saying she did an even poorer job of retracting. Here’s what Laci had to say about it:

Q: Sorry if you already answered this, but I came across your other channel and just watched the video where you say Mormonism is “probably one of the most sexist [religions] that I’ve come across, beside Islam.” Since you are white and have never been Muslim, could you issue an apology, or update the video with an apology in the description? I am an atheist too, but there is horrible sexism in many religions, and in secular culture as well. It’s not right to single out Islam. It’s Islamophobic.

A: You’re right, it’s not right to single out Islam. Many religions and cultures are extremely sexist and I despise them all equally. This wasn’t the intent of my statement and I apologize if it came off that way.

The video (which is kinda old and came before I learned how to be fully “PC”) is about my experience, and in my life, Islam has perpetuated more gendered violence and sexism toward the women in my life and family than mormonism ever did. Both these religions have wounded me and my loved ones deeply, much of which was on the basis of sex and gender. Just writing about this makes my heart sink. No amount of screaming “Islamophobia” will change that, and it’s actually a wonderful example of how childish and ignorant religion makes people out to be. People get so wound up in defending anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-human, piece of trash organizations that they can’t hear criticism for what it is: a human experience that is real, that is valid, that is unjust.

Yes I am white and no I am not Muslim nor have I ever been. There are certain experiences I can never speak about, such as actually being Muslim or being a person of color. I can, however, speak about my own, and to argue that I must have dark skin or have been a practicing Muslim in order for me to do so is more of the same oppressive bullshit.

I grew up in a multicultural family. My dad’s side of the family immigrated from Iran 20 years ago. My dad himself immigrated to America when he was 16. My family is Muslim on my dad’s side and Mormon on my mother’s (although my dad eventually converted to mormonism). I grew up in a climate where these two religions dominated my life in a really painful way.

I don’t owe ANYONE explanations of why I feel the way I do. I don’t need to rehash things that have hurt me and that I’ve moved on from. My feelings and experiences are perfectly valid on their own. If you want to call it “Islamophobia”, I’ll call you ignorant.This isn’t about quantifying pain, this is about my own experience with that pain. Calling that “Islamophobia” undermines what Islamophobia really is and how it operates. I fucking hate organized religion, including Islam, and all the pouting in the world won’t change that.

The Reality

I won’t deny that her use of transphobic terminology isn’t setting the greatest example for her viewers, but it’s important to consider that the slur was used three years ago, and that Laci stated she was unaware of its presence on her channel. Her apology may have been short and simple, but I don’t doubt its sincerity.

Three months ago, Laci made this video addressing the transgender community:

In the video featured above, she lays out the basics behind identifying as a transgender for her viewers in an attempt to help raise awareness for the transgender community. After watching it, I was even more shocked at all of the backlash that Laci is receiving. Despite being honest, open, and accepting, people can’t help but focus on something that happened years ago. Sure, she made a mistake… 3 years ago. People grow, people mature, and people change their views on life and the world around them. Who are we to judge them based on their former selves?

As for her Islamophobic comments, even the people who are upset about them can’t deny their validity. They are upset because she, being a white female, is in no place to pass judgment on a culture so unlike her own. Except that she clearly explains in her comments that she is of Muslim and Mormon descent, so she is familiar with both cultures on a very personal level. Yes, she is removed, but she is also knowledgable and has a broader understanding than critics are willing to give her credit for.

Still, there is something much bigger at hand. Laci Green has been receiving threats so severe that she no longer feels safe maintaining her position as a video blogger. She fears for her safety in her own home. No matter the offense, death threats should never be the result. This kind of reaction will never give way to a productive dialogue between disagreeing parties. Yes, people on Tumblr have approached her wanting to start that dialogue, but with stalkers also caught up in the mix, it is understandable how Laci was not in the right place mentally to respond and perhaps she didn’t feel it was necessary. I can’t speak for Laci right now, but I can speak for the people who love her Vlog and find it reprehensible the way she is being attacked by others in the online community.

Popular Vlogger and author John Green has taken a public stance regarding the internet backlash against Laci. In a recent Tumblr post, he made this statement:

You want to know why there are so few women in the Top 100 most viewed lists on YouTube? Because women are far more likely to be stalked, threatened, and attacked on the Internet, and they are far more likely to see those attacks move from cyber-bullying to real life threats, which too often forces them to abandon their work and their audiences.

It’s not acceptable. It’s not acceptable to respond to a transphobic comment with a threat to kill someone. It’s not acceptable to harass and stalk women because you want their attention. And it’s not acceptable to use threats and intimidation to silence women you disagree with.

John Green’s words are important because they remind us that this is one oppressed group raging against another. By allowing threats and violence to be the response, we shove the feminist movement back another decade by making it clear that women are not welcome to speak their minds safely amongst the internet community. From birth, girls are taught to fear and be watchful of their surroundings, and the threats Laci is receiving are reinforcing that mindset.

Many of the critics will argue that Laci shouldn’t be getting all this publicity because people of color and transgender individuals are receiving these same threats on a daily basis and they remain in the dark. These are the same people who claimed yesterday to be feminists working towards strengthening the plight of the female. But today, the plight of the PoC or the transgender wins out. The bigger picture is being lost amongst the who’s who and the what’s what. People are more concerned about the fact that the oppressed in this instance is a white, cisgender female and less concerned about helping to make a point to those individuals sending the threats.

When did our society start taking the side of the attacker?

You can blame my defense of Laci on my white, cisgender privilege, but I will challenge you there. I am not defending privilege, and I’m not even defending the things that Laci said. I am defending a young woman who is under attack for speaking her mind. I am defending the right to blog (or vlog) about what you think or feel. I am defending Laci Green’s right to continue producing her Vlog without fear of her own personal safety, which is a right to which we should all be entitled regardless of race, gender, or religion.

Do you support Laci Green? Give us your take on the situation in the comment section below!

Written by Hayley Trimmier
Find her on Twitter!

Opinions stated in our editorials do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Feminspire and its staff as a whole, but instead reflect the opinions of the writer.

  • notenoughtime

    This article is so insightful and well written! Props to Ms. Trimmier for putting it out there and not being afraid to speak her mind!

  • Kelsey Reddick

    I don’t care what she did or what say said, or how she said it. For people to stalk her, find out her address, send her images of her home… that is so wrong. No one deserves that. And death threats? That’s illegal.

    • Kevin Swarner

      This is the internet… anonymity and shit. It’s cowardly, pathetic, and it’s not going to disappear any time soon. I am, by no means, in favor of omnipotent monitoring, but I am in favor of websites and forums doing away with such simple means for people to hide themselves. If someone were to approach you in person and make those threats, a name wouldn’t really be necessary. You’d have them right there and could deal with it accordingly. On the internet, however, a name is sometimes all you get; that is, unless you’re one of these social justice/internet stalker-types.

  • Bags

    I had no idea she used to be Mormon as well. I gotta do some research on this girl.

    This article reminds me of 2 things:
    1) What happens on the internet stays on the internet. You can never be too careful what you put up for the world to see… the internet can be a very large and scary place, and the Trolls are lurking everywhere.
    2) Free speech exists, but internet law is still in a very young and confusing state. There a mask of anonymity that just plain hasn’t existed (nor has it existed) anywhere or at any other time in history. The opportunity to create has been amplified, bust just like any other major advance in history, so has the ability to destroy (ie: nuclear power vs. nuclear bomb).

    The upcoming generation has such an amazing opportunity to be tolerant, understanding, and empathetic… something that our parents and grandparents have not done so well.

  • Alison

    I’ve been following Laci for a year or two now, and she is absolutely amazing. Laci’s main goal has always just been to educate people so that they can know more about themselves and be more tolerant of others. It makes me so sad that some asshole is stopping her from this.

  • Alisse Marie

    I am not Laci’s biggest fan. I like her sex+ videos. But most of the time she forgets about trans* and non-binary individuals. It’s probably an honest mistake, but she could stand to be more inclusive.


    Death threats are not okay. Ever. A big issue I’m seeing in this is that many people are saying that her being a white, cis woman is the reason why she’s being defended, while women of color or non-cis people who are also receiving death threats are being ignored, and they’re taking it out on Laci. I don’t think anyone should stop defending Laci. I think the people who are defending her should also focus their attention on underprivileged people who receive death threats every day.

    • Morgan Binder

      She doesn’t have to include trans people in her blog! shes not obligated to do anything! And im sure the fact that she doesn’t always speak about trans isn’t because its intentional, its because shes speaking and teaching from her own experiences, and since shes not a transperson, she has no validity to speak on it.

      • Anon

        I think it is all bs. A lot of “feminists” (in name, not in theory) also have some very
        strange beliefs about men and women that contradict simple facts in
        science. A lot of them will deny facts about biology because it doesn’t
        fit their political beliefs. These people are a subset of those who
        subscribe to false theories of human nature out of political
        convenience. (The science doesn’t actually threaten any worthy political
        or moral beliefs but they insist on holding their beliefs hostage to
        science anyway.)

        For example, a lot of self-identified “feminists” believe that men
        and women are psychologically identical from birth and that every
        difference in men and women is due to “society”. This leads them to
        that they can create a newer, better society by “re-engineering” every
        single social norm and practice that doesn’t feature identical roles for
        men and women.

        That’s why there are so many examples of “college liberal” type women who have the most absurd views. To them, it’s their view
        that’s ultimately going to “fix” the cultural norms that are currently
        holding women back. In this example, this girl is upset about the
        cultural norm that it’s more acceptable for men to explore their
        sexuality than it is for women to explore their sexuality (it turns out
        that this norm is partially influenced by sexism but also partially
        influenced by innate biological instincts). And the girl’s solution in
        example is to make female sexuality a priority and gloss over the fact
        that cheating is wrong. To this girl at least, the wrongness of
        cheating is a necessary casualty to promote the “more worthy” principle that encourages women to explore their sexuality.

  • Sarah Sparkle

    you recognize that laci is simultaneously white, cisgender and female, but you don’t seem to recognize that you can be a person of color and female, a person of color and a transgender woman. i acknowledge that the amount of backlash against laci is going to be due in part to misogyny- it’s easier to use a young woman as a scapegoat- and i also think the stereotype of the innocent white woman has kind of worked against laci in this instance.
    but some, if not most of the people who have been complaining about how a white, cis woman gets more sympathy have been women of color, and trans women, and i imagine there were trans women of color there somewhere, too (perhaps reblogging to agree if not making their own posts, because who’s going to listen to a trans woman of color?) but you don’t acknowledge the existence of those groups in your article, acting as if there’s a battle between cis white women, people of color, and trans people, but the plight of poc and trans people IS the plight of the female, and mainstream feminists need to get this into their heads.

  • Aitch Slavic

    Excuse me for my ignorance but what does cisgender mean?

    • Jess Mary

      Cisgender means that your biological sex at birth and gender identity match. I was born a woman, I feel very much a woman, I’m cisgender. Were I to be born a woman and feel that I fell somewhere else along the gender spectrum, I would not be cisgender.

      Hope this helps!

  • A Nonny Mouse

    I agree with you so completely that this is about all I can think to say. Oh and THIS! A THOUSAND TIMES THIS!

  • Rannveig Fríða

    I actually feel included as a non-binary person in Laci’s videos. I’m guessing her target audience is mostly hetero and cis teens, and there is nothing wrong with that, but I love it when she uses terms like “people with vaginas” instead of women.

    The ridiculous thing is that Laci has always shown clearly that she is ready to take criticism change her mind. Why would anyone think it a better tactic to threaten her rather than talking to her?

    There is one unsolved dilemma here, though. Ideally there would be trans-people taking care of sex education for trans-people but being trans you are much less likely to dare to be in that kind of spotlight. So does that mean that the responsibility falls on people like Laci? I don’t know…

    Rannveig Fríða

  • Kickstand

    This makes me sick. How dare anyone try to silence anyone.

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    I have a Question why you hate MUSLIMS so much you should TO APOLOGIZE TO US

    • Chris

      She doesn’t hate MUSLIMS. She hates oppression and sexism in all forms.

    • Rick

      Hello Muslim Girl: Laci doesn’t hate Muslims she is just anti – religion in general. She understands that there were more people killed and ridiculed since the beginning of time because of religious hatred than all the world wars put together. Everyone should keep their religion to themselves and I mean everyone including muslims, catholics, protestants, hindi’s, buddists, etc. I have many muslim friends in north Africa and they co exists with catholics in their country no problem because they keep religion and friendships separate. Hey Mohamed recognized in the Qu’ran but muslims recognize Jesus as a earlier prophet……..Abraham is recognized in both the Qu’ran and the Bible so what it the big deal? All religions originated from the same source because they started In the same general area of the world…..and they are all very similar in nature. So, we should all respect all religions of the world and NO RELIGION IS BETTER THAN SOMEONE ELSE’S RELIGION OK? REMEMBER THIS AS A WISE PERSON AND YOU WILL BENEFIT GREATLY.

  • Jessy

    This is so f***ing upsetting! Why would anyone harras such a wonderfull person as Laci? First of all her comment was not transphobic at all. She always has been supportive of transgender people and using one silly word like “tranny” in a sentence that wasn’t meant to be offensive to transseksual people does not make one transphobic. I am a gay women and I do not get all upset just because somebody uses the word dyke. As a matter of fact I think it’s much worse if a person uses the word “gay” on a daily basis as a synonym for “lame”, then when they say fag, but love gays and mean no harm by saying that. People get too sensitive nowadays over little things that don’t matter instead of focusing on the real issues. Like the deaththreds for example, there should be some negative attention focused on all of those moth******ers harrasing others for being transgender, gay, black, female or whatever other reason. As for people like Lacy it’s awfull how much hate she gets for such a trivial thing, while people who actually are transphobic don’t hear shit. I believe we should all unite and support each other in order not to be discriminated against. Lacy is most definitely not discriminating against anybody

  • jack mackenna

    Several months on and she’s STILL cissexist and STILL Islamaphobic.

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  • mollie600

    Everyone is entitled to their own view. It is sad that people seem to have lost sight of that. Maybe some things which Laci said were insulting to some but she certainly wasn’t threatening to KILL them unlike their response- sending her death threats!

    Excuse me if I’m the only one that sees this, but to me, the reactions to Laci’s words are worse than the words themselves! Talk about hypocritical….

    Society needs to accept that people’s views will vary and stop getting so insulted so easily! For every person that agrees with something, there will be someone who disagrees with it too…

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  • Rumpus Parable

    Coming in quite late on this as I’ve only recently been aware of Laci’s videos and have been watching them almost back to back for the past 3 days getting somewhat caught up and a feel of her style… but as a transgender, pansexual person, I really can’t understand the nastiness she’s getting.

    She used a totally inappropriate and hurtful slur 3 years ago. She has since apologized and *before that* has made non-binary and trans inclusive and supportive videos. From her general video and blog work it seems pretty clear to me that her use was an act of ignorance rather than malice and that since being alerted to the problem she has stepped up and openly stated she was wrong to say it.

    What more do people want? I mean, reasonable people?

    Laci did something wrong but has shown since that she is not, in fact, transphobic by her words and actions and when made aware of coming across such has apologized with what seems to me to be sincerity. Personally, I give that a thumbs-up.

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  • Sighing

    Did you read this article or just decide to bash Laci because you thought it’d be fun?


    First off, if you want to put threats out there, come forward…don’t hide behind the internet….but don’t forget, a threat is a threat and you can be prosecuted for them, do bodily harm or kill someone and you go to jail… and i assure you, it won’t be pleasant…. you won’t be remembered as a hero, but as an idiot who made a really bad decision and who’s life will be scarred forever….just because you don’t agree to what a persons “OPINION” is, does not give you the right to harm them…we as a society have a lot of growing up to do, sadly way to many people are holding us back. STOP the bullying..STOP the racism..STOP the hate….oh ya, and only you can prevent forest fires….that is all

  • anonnyyy

    I don’t always agree with Laci, and I do find her anti-religious views to be unsettling as it comes from a bad personal experience. Not to say they aren’t validated, and I’m not religious either, but this is why I only watch her videos for the information. But in my opinion, one should also consider that it’s not religion that is the problem, but what people did in pursuit of control. Just because a religion is “bad,” does not mean the concept of God is. In that, I find Laci still young. Either way, it’s too bad she felt her safety was in jeopardy. People are really scary out there.

    • CharenCharenCharentais

      Well, the problem with religions – and especially with the perception we have about religions – is that we almost always do the confusion between the FAITH and the DOGMA.

      I believe in God, I believe in a godly, superior form of energy. I have some inclination towards the Catholic culture and this has an influence on how I see the world and how I imagine God. This is my faith.

      However, I am far from supporting the decisions taken by the Catholic Church (most of all are political or social positions which are totally unrelated to the way anyone experiences religion), and I am far from supporting everything that is written in the Bible (which I consider as a historical book written centuries ago with other moral codes and ancient reasons that doesn’t always apply today). I have my own dogma and I think it’s the best thing to do.

      For example, I fully support the right for everyone to be in love regardless from gender/sex, religion, origin, etc. and to decide to build a life together. (In short: I don’t think that everything else than heterosexuality is bad.) But the Bible and the Quran forbid it (at least this is an interpretation we have from the Bible and the Quran).

      So should I follow the Bible (or the Quran) on this point? If I want to follow the Bible strictly, so I should also allow rapists to be only condemned to pay a fine to the victim’s father; so I should also be granted the right to have slaves; to marry one of my slaves even if I already have a wife; so I should do Crusades… STOP THE RUBBISH. This perhaps applied at the time the Bible was written but not now anymore.

      Same thing with the Quran: actually there’s even a line in the Quran that advocates for adaptation to the current context. And another line that says that a Muslim that treats his wife badly is not a true man. And another that says that men and women should be treated equally.

      “Surprising! But is Islam feminist or not feminist?” Actually many Muslims make a mix between their own culture/personal experience and what they believe the Quran says; cultural and historical reasons also apply, but at the origin, the Quran is not the source of all evils. Then islamist terrorists? They use Islam as a very bad excuse because what they do is highly disapproved of by the Quran. Tada.

      All this to prove that the FAITH and the DOGMA should not be amalgamated, and that you can have a religious faith WHILE following your own dogma. Laci Green is just human and nobody is perfect: she saw ONE KIND OF Islam, ONE INTERPRETATION of Islam. Many ways people apply Christianism in their lives nowadays aren’t much better… But yeah, can you blame Laci? I can’t. But I believe that she will learn this difference today – we all learn things in our lives, isn’t it? – as well as I learn loads and loads of cool things thanks to her.

      • Michael Stones

        Ah yes where shall I start? maybe “and god so loved man that he promised him an eternity of pain and damnation if we didn’t love him back… or “GOD” gave man “free will” and then killed them all (except Noah) in a flood because they didn’t act the way he wanted… or what about “do not place false gods before me for I am a Jealous god”,,,is Jealously not one of the seven deadly sin’s? he’s beginning to sound more like Barack Obomba with his “using chemical or biological weapons is a moral abomination” (except when we do it)

  • drunkmosquito

    I genuinely don’t understand the rationale of “Don’t feel sympathy for this woman because other people also get death threats!” What on earth kind of logic is that? What sort of person believes there is any social justice in feeling contempt for the victim?

  • Ronin

    Something just doesn’t make sense… why would transgendered people do something, the same kind of tactic, that is very much the modus operandi of a patriarchal sexist violent society that oppresses people like themselves against her?

    • xiaomao666



  • TheScarletBlush

    Did you not read the article? She comes from a Muslim background as well as a Mormon background. I think she would know a bit about Muslims.

  • CharenCharenCharentais

    I admit that, as someone who just begins to learn about transgender people, I don’t know which words to use. Our sexual education in France is quite poor… sadly. But I want to learn.

    If I wanted to tell a message to people I want to learn things from, I would say this: “Please forgive me and don’t blame me for the mistakes I do and for the wrong words I use; but help me to progress so that I use the right words, so that I never do these mistakes again, and so that I will become wiser.”

  • boobman

    of course i support her. how could someone not support tits?

  • brookstyle

    I don’t approve of her treatment but….I can’t stand her whiny escapades. Even if her heart is in the right place, she comes off as some sort of teeny bopper using the internet as a pedestal for aggrandizement.

  • Chino

    Please… Don’t take it personal… If youre really in a religion… then you, better than anyone who dont belive in one, should know how to forgive… BTW I support her Desde Guatemala… lml

  • coa coa

    He made them male and female. Genesis

  • Nick

    I’ve seen transgender people use “transgenders” and I’ve seen in it published writings as well. It’s also in the dictionary.

  • Blah

    Leave to anyone to make it about race -__-

  • Xiao Mao



  • xiaomao666



  • xiaomao666

    Whatever. Men always hold the power of naming and police language. Women must never be allowed to name themselves, because men become enraged.

  • Lstan

    “They are upset because she, being a white female, is in no place to pass
    judgment on a culture so unlike her own. Except that she clearly
    explains in her comments that she is of Muslim and Mormon descent, so
    she is familiar with both cultures on a very personal level.”-no. Islam is a religion, not a culture. if Islam were a culture-every Muslim country would have the exact same culture-they dont. she doesnt get to speak over Muslim women who end up being on the recieving end of Islamaphobia because of ignorant opinions paraded as facts by people like her. Its amazing how what Islam is gets to be changed constantly to justify peoples ignorance.

  • Catrina Harebell

    I think it’s completely acceptable for anyone to dislike Laci because they personally disagree with her, but everything that is happening to her is completely unjustifiable. I love Laci and she’s taught me so much, I’ve become so much more comfortable in myself because of messages she’s sent out that are so positive and helpful, and if anyone else paid proper attention to what she says I think people would agree being purposefully offensive or hurtful isn’t in her nature. These are the few offences people keep re-hashing against her and she’s apologized for all of them- all two! The use of ‘tranny’ she admits wasn’t politically correct and fully apologized for that before raising awareness for trans-people and issues about them and making videos about trans-subjects, clearly showing she’s not prejudiced against trans-people! The ‘Islamophobic’ comment she also apologized for, and then explained why she personally felt that way without being offensive or hurtful any further! Anything she said or did she said sorry for and she hasn’t actually committed any real crimes against people throughout her entire career in the public eye- which is really difficult to do when you’re vlogging about personal stuff to you! The people sending her death threats have done something far worse than she ever did and it is completely wrong and disgusting! None of it is excusable and Laci doesn’t deserve any hate she gets for making a few mistakes and then making up for them! She is a brilliant inspiration to so many people for all the work she does raising awareness for so many different sexualities and feminism and generally promoting sex positivity and anyone who disagrees with that and aggressively bullies her because they’ve ignored all the wonderful stuff that she’s done disgusts me, maybe they should take a look at themselves before judging other people?

  • Kevin Swarner

    What moron would ever come up with an assumption like that?

  • Fake Name

    Death threats aren’t okay, and the cyber stalking of women is a perpetuation of dominant power inequalities, but so is bashing on Islam for its purportedly greater sexism. She isn’t just saying she’s had a bad experience with Islam; she’s using that (valid) bad experience to make the sort of sweeping cultural judgment that becomes justification for colonialism. This is old-fashioned prejudice, the sort that takes one person’s experience as more valid than the historical and economic contexts they happen in. It’s the sort of prejudice that has Paula Deen using racial slurs after being mugged by a black man, and those few falsely accused of rape raging against feminism as a grand witch hunt. Given the ongoing American involvement in military action against Muslim countries–in part justified by orientalist notions of needing to protect women of color–it’s not idle talk to attack persecuted religions as backwards.

    Honestly, I really like Laci Green, and am bummed to read her comments on Islam. And, again, it’s ludicrous to threaten her. But the article I just read here contended she said nothing wrong, and to defend her comments is to defend the same mechanisms of oppression that feminism fights against.

  • Pioneer

    It is rich to read a defense of Laci Green’s transphobia from an article that makes repeated reference to “transgenders”. Would you talk about someone being “a black” or “a gay” too?

  • Pingback: 7 Commenters You’ll Meet as an Online Feminist — Everyday Feminism

  • xxxx

    hold the fuck up, seriously islam sexist if someone bothers to do actual factual research on islam they’d know this is bullshit the amount of power, rights, and priviligies of women in islam is something a man can only dream for.

  • Tom

    Islam is all about holding the women down. If they don’t like that, they should change their religion. No point in getting mad at us for pointing that out. And yes, most religions are sexist.

  • Michael Stones

    Well I think that if these arseholes can find Laci’s home address why can’t someone find their home address and pay them a visit,I would certainly LOVE TO!

  • adam

    leave laci alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dane

    this is the first time,i was watching her videos,to think that some people have nothing to do but make threats,is stupid.they do make a button on your remote so you can turn off the tv,leave her alone,remember freedom of speech,this is the reason so many people come here,Laci Green i support your rights as an american,you go girl.

  • transfag

    How to not be threatened on the internet: be a white cis man. How to at least have some allies when you are threatened on the internet: be a cis man of any race or ethnicity. The rest of us will just have to deal with the threat of rape and dismemberment, because those who aren’t cis men are simply not considered human. If you happen to be a white cis woman like laci, no one will defend you. If I got attacked like that, my fellow trans people would be rightfully pissed on my behalf. But for some reason, at this particular time, white cis women who dare to not be doormats are the scapegoats from both the left and the right alike. They are called privileged c.nts by the left and uppity bitches by the right. If I were laci, I would feel so betrayed and angry. Why don’t these peecee warriors fight rapist frat boys, instead of a woman who seems to have an experienced opinion about certain religions that have impacted her life? Oh yeah, because they’re too afraid of the real enemy. Demonizing a well meaning girl is not only easier, but it also ensures that you will be supported by the rest of the world. Btw, laci also expressed her dissatisfaction with Mormonism, but no one takes her to task for that, because all the peecee brigade knows that they can only pillory someone if they paint them as racist. I will say it now from my mixed race trans fag mouth: all religions are to some degree devoted to gender binarism and I think they suck. Guess that means I’m a bigot too, although the kkk would have at least four reasons to kill me.

  • Carly Sorenson

    I don’t understand why people choose to enforce equality by degrading others. If anything, energy should be focused on promoting positive attitudes towards the minority groups instead of attacking and degrading the majority. And, just a personal belief of mine, attacking other people’s opinions because they don’t agree with yours is wrong, no matter your side. The second an opinion is at the point where physical and mental harm comes to others of varying and opposing ideas, it should be recognized as negative. Whether you are bullying someone because they are trans or you are sending death threats to a cis vlogger, your opinions have gone too far and are hurting others.