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Feminspire | April 16, 2014

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Treat Yo’Self Thursday: Make Your Own Wire Bracelets!

Treat Yo’Self Thursday: Make Your Own Wire Bracelets!

Happy Thursday ladies, it’s time to TREAT YOSELF!

I have something a little different for you this week. I’ve been seeing these wire word bracelets around lately, and I decided to try my hand at making my own! Treat yourself to a cute piece of personalized jewelry with this fun (and only a little frustrating) project!

All I used was:

-     20 gauge gold jewelry wire
-     Round nose pliers (or you could use needle nosed and wrap tape around the ends to protect the wire)
-     Waxed cotton cord

You’ll also need something to cut the wire with, like wire cutters or a strong pair of scissors.

It was a challenge deciding what words to try. I mean, I could go with your traditional ‘love’, or perhaps ‘peace’, or even the name of my beloved cat (it’s White Cat), but I decided to go in a different direction that really spoke to my character:

Feminist Killjoy (as I hope you can tell, I will admit I am no professional jewelry craftswoman).

Basically, all you have to do is cut a length of wire at least 3-4 times as long as you estimate your chosen word will be. It’s better to overestimate the length, because I can tell you when you get to the last letter and don’t have enough wire left to finish, you may find yourself hurling your new creation across the table in frustration.

Next, I would try writing out your word on paper in cursive without lifting your pen so you can see where your wire will have to bend and double back or do some crazy shit like that ‘t’ in feminist (I had to take to YouTube tutorials to figure that baby out). This will give you a guideline to follow as you create your masterpiece of modern jewelry design.

Now just bend the wire into the letters you have mapped out. Use the round nose pliers to help you in creating smooth curves and clean lines. This is really just a trial and error thing, and I have half a dozen false start ‘feminist’s strewn across my table (there’s a joke here…) to show for it. I particularly found the transitions between letters challenging, but I will admit I did NOT follow my own sound advice to create a guideline beforehand, which should remedy that.

When I finished the letters I formed loops at the beginning and end of my words and tied some waxed cotton cord through these loops to make them into bracelets. You could also try attaching them to a chain to make a necklace or whatever you’d like!

I think that’s everything for this week, let me know if you try this out and if you have any more specific questions about this project. Ask away and I’ll answer in the comments!

Written by Jessica Knox