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Feminspire | April 17, 2014

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The Jumpsuit: A Chic Representation of Femininity and Power

The Jumpsuit: A Chic Representation of Femininity and Power

lena dunham jumpsuitFrom female factory workers circa WWII to infamous heroines and superheroes like Catwoman, the jumpsuit has been donned by countless powerful women in the last several decades. As with just about any other iconic piece of clothing, its style and function have continued to change and modernize over the years, allowing it to remain just as trendy and wearable as it was at the time of its emergence; case in point, Lena Dunham looked amazing in a black Valentino jumpsuit at the Girls premiere on January 9th.

Other talented ladies such as Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Kristen Wiig and Elizabeth Banks have also recently been seen owning the red carpet in stylish versions of one-piece pantsuits. Fortunately for those of us with little left in our bank accounts after paying bills and rent, tons of awesome retailers like ASOS and MISS KL sell diverse options with more realistic prices. Nasty Gal in particular has a phenomenal selection with silk, mesh and chiffon suits in assorted colors, patterns, cuts and styles.

And because of its endless variations –– high-waisted, wide-legged, peplum, etc. ––  the jumpsuit can enhance any figure. They can also be styled in a way that adapts to any occasion as the simple nature of a one-piece ensemble can be dressed up or down, and accommodate just about any accessory, or be worn as a statement piece alone.

Regardless of how its worn, the jumpsuit is an amazingly chic representation of both femininity and power. It doesn’t matter if it’s high-end Valentino from the runway during Fashion Week or a vintage thrift store find making its way onto the dance floor at a downtown nightclub, jumpsuits exude confidence and stand out in a sea of mini-skirts and jeans. Perhaps the most valuable perk is the way that they pay homage to their originators –– totally badass gals like Amelia Earhart and Foxy Brown. Who wouldn’t want to rock one?

What are your thoughts on the jumpsuit trend, and how would you wear it? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Nicole Woszczyna