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Feminspire | April 21, 2014

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The Amazing OCC Lip Tars Come to Sephora (Review!)

The Amazing OCC Lip Tars Come to Sephora (Review!)

Good news, everyone! I’m sure you’ll all be as thrilled as I am to hear that I have found my latest lip product obsession (see what I did there?) in the OCC Lip Tars.

I have seen the Lip Tars around on the YouTube beautysphere for years, touted as a cult favorite among the makeup artist community. Until recently I had only seen them available online from the OCC website and at pro makeup artist shows, so I was psyched when I saw a selection of the shades in my Sephora a couple weeks ago! It seems OCC has teamed up with Sephora to make the entire Lip Tar range, including a Sephora exclusive shade Nylon, available at Sephora online and in select stores, and a selection from the range should be available at all Sephora stores now! 

Lip tars are a highly pigmented liquid lipstick that pack a real punch of color. There are a wide range of shades with something for everyone, and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you’re in luck as this product was designed to be mixed to create your signature shade!

I picked up Hush, a neutral pink color to try out first. It came bundled with a mini precision lip brush and a set of application instructions (that I will admit I do not follow to a T as I do not have the OCC ‘Clear’ Lip tar).

Application: I first moisturize my lips with a balm and leave it on for several minutes. This product can highlight flakiness and dryness in your lips, so I would recommend exfoliating (try everyone’s favorite easy DIY lipscrub!) and/or moisturizing before use.

Once the balm soaks in, take a pinprick amount of the Lip Tar on the brush provided, and apply to the center of my bottom lip, blending out to the edges. If I have any excess of product I will smush my lips together to spread it out to my upper lip and touch up around my lip line, or if not I apply more product to the center of my upper lip and blend out to the edges as you did on the bottom.

If I were using a darker colored Lip Tar, I would probably use a clear or flesh toned lip liner around the perimeter of my lips before applying.

This is NOT a gloss, you should not apply it directly to your lips from the tube or you will end up with enough Lip Tar to coat your entire face. You need so little of this product it is unbelievable!

The Lip Tars dry down to a semi-matte finish, so after you wait a few minutes for it to ‘set’ you can blot and top with a clear gloss for extra shine, but I prefer the matte effect and like to leave it as is!

My Thoughts: This product is fantastic! It is so concentrated and pigmented that even this light shade completely covers my pigmented lips, which is something I am always looking for in nude or natural lip shades. It has great staying power, and though it may highlight dryness on your lips, it does not dry your lips out as all Lip Tars contain a blend of essential oils and vitamin E that make them very lightweight and comfortable to wear! They are not cheap ($16 USD/$19 CAD for 0.33 fl oz) but you use so little product I don’t mind shelling out for the colors I would get a lot of use out of.

For those of you who are ingredient conscious when it comes to your makeup, you are in luck! Lip Tars are formulated without parabens, petroleum or silicone, and like all OCC products are 100% cruelty free and vegan, free of any animal-derived ingredients (and no, they do not include any form of actual tar).

I can’t wait to add some more of these Lip Tars to my collection– I want to try Black Dahlia, a beautiful deep blackened red from the new heroine collection for Fall/Winter 2012, it looks like a perfect Fall shade!

As a side note, If you’re ordering from the OCC website, make sure to check out their other products too! I’ve heard great things about their brushes and nail polishes.

Have you ever tried Lip Tars or any other OCC products? Will you after this review? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!

Written by Jessica Knox