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Feminspire | April 24, 2014

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Skin Series: The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Skin Series: The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Ever get very pink in the cheeks without even looking at your blush? Do you sometimes feel like your face is itchy and blotchy? Have you put on makeup and felt like your skin was wearing an uncomfortable sweater? You may have sensitive skin. Some of that might sound extreme, but it is actually very common. Maybe you were born with sensitive skin or maybe it came around unexpectedly, right when you started to think you had life figured out.

Personal anecdote time: I grew up in a state mostly surrounded by water where humidity is ever-present. The biggest problem I had with my skin was keeping it not-shiny. Then I made the move to a state that is dry, sunny, and windy. My face freaked. I would put on powder and within minutes I felt flushed and pink. My lips cracked, my skin flaked. And it took me almost 9 months to figure out what the hell had happened: my skin was becoming sensitive.

It can be difficult to shop for cosmetics if you have sensitive skin, but the industry is starting to make it a little better by omitting irritating ingredients in many products.

A great line that makes sensitive-friendly makeup for an affordable price is Almay (1). Their products are hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and fragrance free.

Have a little extra cash to spend on a foundation? LORAC Natural Performance Foundation (2) is a very good option for those sensitive skin types. It’s oil-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free and made with soothing botanical ingredients (sometimes we all get a little inflamed and need soothing, don’t we?). It goes on very smoothly and doesn’t look or feel cakey.

Another line to look into is Clinique’s Redness Solutions (3), loved by Feminspire editor Kaya! As a skin care line that offers great makeup, they know what they’re doing. The Redness Solutions makeup helps to even skin tone, stop flare-ups and uses antioxidants to ward off baddies on the skin’s surface.

What can you do to help prep your skin for color? Use a fantastic moisturizer. Then, try a color correcting primer like Smashbox’s (4). It’s got a green tint to it, but it won’t make you look off-color. It blends wonderfully and balances out the red tones in the skin, thus creating a well-prepped surface for foundation!

And to finish? Try Bare Minerals Mineral Veil (5). It comes in different forms- hydrating, illuminating, etc., and is a favorite of many.

Always make sure when using a powder on sensitive skin that you’re using a brush that doesn’t irritate you further. I learned that lesson very quickly.

Next week I’m dealing with dry skin. You may want to take note, since winter is coming!

Have any questions? What products do you like to use on your sensitive skin? Leave us a comment! 

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Written by Jamie Frasier