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Feminspire | April 23, 2014

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Show Off Your “Breaking Bad” Style By Dressing Like Jesse

Show Off Your “Breaking Bad” Style By Dressing Like Jesse

Last week we looked at the fashion choices of meth cook Walter White from AMC’s Breaking Bad. But this ex-science teacher is not the only cook in town. His partner in crime, literally, is Jesse Pinkman, portrayed by Aaron Paul.

Jesse is appears to be a stereotypical drug dealer/meth cook, and his fashion choices are a large contributing factor. Jesse rocks a lot of oversized, baggy clothes and beanies. However, if you wear clothes that…well…fit, Jesse Pinkman is a great character to look at for some fashion inspiration!


 A t-shirt and jeans is a pretty standard look for Jesse, and we all need a cute outfit to just knock around in every once in a while. But putting in little effort doesn’t mean style has to be sacrificed! A solid tank, black denim, and sneakers are a perfect homage to Jesse. Throw on a badass black leather jacket to give the outfit some edge. And don’t forget to invest your money in top-notch music equipment. Jesse’s jams get nothing but the best!


When he’s not keeping it simple, Jesse loves to rock a graphic tee and oversized pattern jacket or hoodie. Grab a rad graphic top that falls just right and pair it with a pair of skinny jeans to mirror this look. Like Jesse, pair it with a great print! But, instead of oversized hoodies, use a structured blazer instead. Sport a knit hat, as a nod to his many beanies. And, if you’re working this look while you’re traveling, grab a duffel for your all your stuff! (Though your stuff, unlike Jesse’s, is probably not endless Benjamins.)


When cooking meth, Walt and Jesse wear protective suits. While last time we covered their orange gear, I thought it only appropriate to discuss their yellow numbers as well. This fun yellow patterned playsuit and pink bow honors their suits and gas masks without making you look ridiculous. Carry a black lace purse in lieu of Jesse’s intricate tattoos. Of course, if you get hungry, snack on Jesse’s junk food favorite: Funyuns.

What do you think of these updated and irresistible outfits? Which look are you most excited to rock? And most importantly, will you be watching the new Breaking Bad tonight? Chat with us in the comments!

Written by Caroline Slavin 
Follow her on Twitter @hpcaro.