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Feminspire | April 20, 2014

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Urban Decay Foundation Is A New Way To Get ‘Naked’

Urban Decay Foundation Is A New Way To Get ‘Naked’

When you think of “getting naked” you most likely don’t think of putting something ON, right? This idea of feeling both naked and covered up is what Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Foundation is all about. It’s brand new, and the first liquid foundation Urban Decay has released (which is why I was jazzed to try it!). It has some fantastic benefits, and a few things I’m not as crazy about.

The shades

This foundation has eighteen shade choices. Eighteen! They are numbered so that you can easily see which are warm shades (ending in .0) and which are cool (ending in .5). In stores they also have a guide so you can match it to your skin- so helpful.

Tip: I do recommend always doing a test on the mid-lower cheek before leaving the store with a foundation. Make sure that baby blends!

The formula

I love so many things about the formula of this foundation. I have very combination skin (dehydrated, but oily with the occasional breakout) so it can be a challenge to find great makeup. It’s oil-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. These are great and usually the first “buzzwords” you see. What I would like to rave about is the inclusion of Matrixyl 3000 and Sodium Hyaluronate. Matrixyl 3000 essentially activates your skin’s production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid- this is what helps reduce wrinkles and gives skin a plump and healthy look. Sodium Hyaluronate will help skin take in hydration and hold it there. Don’t think that is bad! Hydration= good for your skin. Other ingredients of note: Litchiderm (for brightening) and antioxidants green tea and Vitamin E. In my opinion, what’s missing is an SPF – always a huge bonus.



The look

I like the finish of this. It’s a “demi-matte”, which provides a great balance. I find matte finishes feel chalky sometimes, and dewy finishes end up making my skin feel more shiny than glow-y. It covers well and doesn’t feel heavy at all, but more like a tinted moisturizer. Still, I can always tell when makeup is there! It also uses “light-diffusing spheres” to reflect light away from the skin and distract the eye from imperfections. It really did look smooth, but not completely flawless.


Urban Decay has also come out with a new brush in their Good Karma line (all vegan!) – the Optical Blurring Brush. It’s a domed brush for blending the foundation into the skin to make it look even more airbrushed. I like the brush a lot; it’s super soft and can be used with any foundation. I only see myself using it for special events or to have professional photos taken, though. The price point is great at $24.00 (USD), while a similar brush by Cargo is priced at $35.00: awesome!

This foundation is pretty rockin’. It’s a good price at $38.00, considering you’re getting foundation with phenomenal skincare benefits. Maybe I don’t feel completely naked with it on, and I still put on a finishing powder to have shine control, but I would definitely recommend giving this a try!

Written by Jamie Chaffin

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