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Feminspire | April 24, 2014

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The Scoop On Sephora’s “Color Of The Year” Tangerine Lipstick

The Scoop On Sephora’s “Color Of The Year” Tangerine Lipstick

With so much buzz surrounding the recent collaboration of Sephora and Pantone and it’s star product, their “Color Of The Year” lipstick in “Tangerine Tango,” I just had to stop by my local Sephora store and check it out.

Pantone Sephora Tangerine Tango Color Of The Year Lipstick

First off, I found this collaboration to be a really interesting and somewhat ingenious idea. Sephora, a beauty retailer and brand in and of itself, teamed up with Pantone, a company the proclaims itself as “the leader in color”… basically, they sell paint. However, Pantone seems to be branching out quite a bit. With the beauty industry being all about determining the next big colors and coming up with those perfect hues that make us all giddy with excitement as we try on new lipsticks at the make-up counter, this unexpected collaboration is actually really brilliant, if for no other reason than being brilliant from a marketing standpoint. Women are always searching for that perfect colored lipstick or eye liner or whatever, so why look any further than a brand who makes color it’s sole business?

Pantone and Sephora have decided that the “Color Of The Year” is orange. Wait, I mean tangerine. Wait… I mean tangerine tango. It’s a very specific shade of orange with what looks like a bit of pink in it. It’s color number 17-1463 to be exact, as proudly displayed on this banner from Pantone’s website:

Pantone Color Of The Year Tangerine Tango

How the experts at Pantone decided that this exact color was worthy of being “Color Of The Year,” I do not know. Maybe it was arbitrary, like throwing darts at a rainbow board. It doesn’t really matter, because again, this is all very good marketing. The color could have been taupe and they probably would have been able to sell millions of lipsticks.

Anyway, while visiting my nearest Sephora in Santa Monica, I was able to check out the Tangerine Tango lipstick for myself. I won’t lie, despite how cynical I may have sounded in my previous paragraph, I was really excited!


The first thing of note is that the tube is really, really cool. It’s smooth, shiny, it feels heavy in your hand (like all high-quality lipsticks should) and it’s magnetic. The two pieces of the tube attach to each other via magnet. Pretty awesome.

The application is smooth and it goes on looking pretty glossy. However, I had to keep putting on multiple layers to build up the color (I never really got it to look as vibrant as I wanted) and my lips felt very wet. The idea behind this lipstick is to be creamy and hydrating, but it seemed like too much so. My lips felt so slick that I swear every particle in the air that I came in contact with became stuck to the lipstick like fly paper. It felt a lot more unnatural than the lipsticks I’m used to wearing, which are normally thicker in consistency.

Although I’m very pale and everyone has always advised me to stay away from oranges, I thought that this color actually didn’t look so bad on me. Actually, I really loved it! It’s very trend-forward for this season (I mean, obviously, it’s the Color Of The Year!!) and I think it would be flattering on a wide variety of skin tones.

Pantone Sephora Tangerine Tango LipstickMe wearing Tangerine Tango!

Pantone Sephora Tangerine Tango Lipstick


I took photos of how Tangerine Tango looked on my skin in both indoor and outdoor light. You can see it seems a lot more orange indoors, but in the sun it looked darker and more red/pink:

Pantone Sephora Tangerine Tango Lipstick SwatchTangerine Tango swatch, taken indoors

Pantone Sephora Tangerine Tango Lipstick SwatchTangerine Tango taken outdoors… ignore my chipped nails

Overall, I’m a little disappointed because I think this product was over-hyped, but I wouldn’t discourage anyone who wanted to purchase it. The color is really quite flattering and of course bold and statement-making. While I didn’t care for the consistency, it wasn’t the worst ever, and for a price of $18.00 USD it might be worth buying just for the color and the really cool magnetic tube (I can imagine myself idly opening and closing it nonstop for hours).

You can see more info and reviews on Sephora’s website.

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What do you think of the color Tangerine Tango? Is it worthy of being called the “Color Of The Year”? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Written by Rhiannon Payne