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Feminspire | April 17, 2014

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DIY Brazilian Blow Outs In A Box, Do They Work?

DIY Brazilian Blow Outs In A Box, Do They Work?

As a girl who flat irons her hair regularly and has been to the salon for an expensive Brazilian blowout, I was very intrigued when stumbling upon this product at my local drugstore. This “30-Day Smoothing Treatment” is basically a Brazilian blowout in a box. With a price point of $15 (compared to the $300+ you might spend at the salon) and the promise of a month of straight hair, I couldn’t resist picking it up and giving it a try.

Organix Ever Straight 30-Day Smoothing Treatment

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A few notes before I get started: Most salon Brazilian blowouts claim to last for about three months (how long they actually last depends on your hair type and the quality of the products that your stylist uses), so this product by Organix will maybe last 1/3rd as long.

I’m familiar with the brand Organix for having a line of hair care products that are affordable and easily accessible. I’ve seen them at many drugstores and grocery stores in my area. Their popular products include shampoos and conditioners from their “Ever Straight” line, which are concocted to benefit keratin-treated hair (keratin is the substance used in Brazilian blowouts). Cheaper than the shampoos that are sold at the salon, you can get a bottle for around $8 (USD).

I’m a bit skeptical about Organix’s 30-day Smoothing Treatment, but hopeful. I haven’t read any other reviews of this product, so I’m excited to see how it will turn out.

Let’s do it!

I open the box and find a small package of shampoo, a bottle of the brazilian keratin therapy and a pair of plastic gloves. The box boasts that “This foolproof, 4 step, easy to use, revolutionary system of products eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl and cuts blow drying time by 75% for up to 30 glorious days.” It also explains that it is good for all hair types and even for colored and damaged hair. I recall from my Brazilian blowout that my hair stylist told me it didn’t matter how often I colored my hair, the keratin treatment would not be affected. I think the same must apply for this.

Organix 30-Day Brazilian Therapy Smoothing Treatment

The basic steps are: 1) wash hair with the included shampoo, 2) let it air dry about 80% and comb your hair, 3) take the lotion-like keratin treatment and coat your hair with it, 4) wait 30 minutes then blow dry fully, 5) flat iron your hair.

Applying the keratin treatment is similar to coloring your hair with box hair dye. You put on the cheap plastic gloves and put the product through your hair in 2-inch sections. The product itself doesn’t smell chemical-like, it smells more like mangos and cocoa butter. The shampoo is surprisingly good smelling as well. I have thin hair that’s slightly longer than shoulder-length, and there is way more than enough keratin treatment than I actually need. However, don’t let this fool you into using more than necessary! I make the mistake of using too much because I’m afraid of missing spots. This makes my hair feel heavy and greasy, even after blow drying.

I have a friend flat iron my hair for me. It’s a bit difficult with so much keratin product in, but we manage to make my hair look slick and pin-straight. Now for the hardest part: waiting for 48 hours before washing my hair, getting it wet, pulling it back with a hair tie or doing anything that could disturb the treatment. I’ll come back to this later!

Six days later…

I let the keratin treatment sit in my hair for about two and a half days, which is a bit longer than suggested but I thought it couldn’t hurt. I didn’t wash it or put it in a ponytail, which was quite a challenge, and I used dry shampoo on the second day to eliminate some of the greasiness. If I were to do this again I would definitely put the keratin treatment in on a Friday night and let it sit through the weekend, that way I wouldn’t have to go to work with unclean hair.

Those two days with the keratin in my hair were pretty miserable. I was very self-conscious of how heavy and shiny my hair looked. This is a definite drawback to doing this treatment yourself instead of getting it done at a salon. When I got a Brazilian blowout at my salon, I was able to wash my hair the next day without affecting it, and it never felt greasy at all.

So what did it look like after I washed my hair? My initial reaction was…disappointment. Even after letting the keratin absorb into my hair for over 48 hours, my hair looked as wavy as always. It also took approximately the same amount of time for me to blow dry it (Organix claims that the product will cut blow drying time by up to 75%).

However, I did notice a positive change in my hair’s texture. It looked sleeker and shinier, and felt slightly heavier (which is not a bad thing for my thin, frizzy hair). It felt like I had just put product in, even though I just washed it clean. It was also a bit easier and faster for me to flat iron my hair.

The thing I liked most about Organix’s Smoothing Treatment is that my hair looked cleaner and smoother than it usually does between washes (I’m one of those people who just hates washing their hair). I washed the keratin out on Saturday afternoon and was able to go until Tuesday morning before I washed it again.


The final verdict: Would I buy Organix’s 30-Day Smoothing Treatment again? Maybe (but probably not). Organix’s Ever Straight 30-Day Smoothing Treatment didn’t make my hair look straighter (which, hello, is why I bought it), but it did add a shiny, smooth texture to my hair. This treatment required a lot of time and effort, and the results did not live up to what was promised. The worst part was having to keep the keratin in my hair for 48 hours without washing it, with my hair looking heavy and greasy. It was definitely a pain and the results were not as good as getting a Brazilian blowout at the salon. I would maybe recommend this product to someone who wanted to reduce frizz, someone who wanted smoother and healthier looking hair, or someone who wanted to experiment with keratin without paying a lot of money.


  • Smoother hair with less frizz.
  • Less need for daily use of hair product (feels like there is product in your hair even right after washing).
  • Hair looks cleaner between washes.
  • Smells nice.


  • Did not make hair look straighter.
  • Long process, had to leave product in hair for 48 hours without washing.
  • Product feels greasy in hair.
  • Did not cut down on blow drying time.

The grade: C- (disappointing)

Additional notes: Make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo after using this product or putting any other keratin treatment in your hair!

Have you ever tried this product or something similar? Did it work for you? Would you consider trying a treatment like this? Leave us a comment!

Written by Rhiannon Payne