Leabanse Hunger Strike
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Starving for Justice: Why Lebanese Activists Aren’t Eating Till They See Change

By Alia Gilbert On March 14, 2013

BEIRUT, Lebanon – It has been seven years since Lebanon’s most progressive feminist activists began their fight for gender justice in Lebanon, and two since they began to actively pressure Lebanese Parliament… Read More

Current Events

Patrick Stewart Calls on Men to End Violence Towards Women

By Laura Anderson On March 14, 2013

In junction with International Women’s Day last week, Sir Patrick Stewart asked one million men to aid in ending violence toward women on behalf of the Ring The Bell campaign. He spoke… Read More

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Yes, I am a Dependent Wife

By Jennifer Trela On March 13, 2013

When I quit my job as a social worker last year, I told all of my friends and family that, after several months of talking with my husband, I was embarking on… Read More

Pink Consent Graffiti

An Incomplete List of What Sexual Consent is Not

By Hannah Braswell On March 13, 2013

Trigger warning: this article frankly discusses the topic of rape. Five “no”s and one “yes” is not consent. You cannot pester someone until they finally cave and have sex with you —… Read More

tv set

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out — Or Not

By Becky Havens On March 13, 2013

“Tune in, turn on, drop out” used to be a catchphrase for the hippie movement, and it meant tuning into drug culture, engaging in it, and dropping out from society. In many… Read More

Body Scrub

DIY Beauty: Brown Sugar Body Scrub, Babies!

By Sara Luckey On March 12, 2013

I dig DIY beauty. I have a ton of ingredients in my cabinets from the baking I did this past winter, and now it’s time to give them another use. DIY scrubs… Read More

Best Friends necklace by hersilverlining

Friends Forever: Why I Want to Read a Platonic Love Story

By Alex Henderson On March 12, 2013

In the years that would fit into the Young Adult section on the bookshelf of my life, I experienced most of my drama from my platonic relationships. Friendships blooming, crashing, tearing themselves… Read More

rape and me

Rape and Me: Near Misses and the Girls Who Got Hit

By Cheyenne Connors On March 12, 2013

Trigger warning for descriptions of rape, violence, and sexual assault against children.  “Walk in front of me, so I can always see you. There are bad people in the world who will… Read More

do it all

We Can Do it All, but That Doesn’t Mean We Should

By Rain Stickland On March 12, 2013

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how you manage to get yourself roped into doing the things you do for people? After all, you’re a strong, independent woman who is capable… Read More

sexist jerk boyfriend
Real Talk

How Do You Deal When Your Friend is Dating a Sexist Jerk?

By Nicole Woszczyna On March 11, 2013

When trying to deal with sexist people in our personal lives, total avoidance is no easy feat. Sure, we can stay away from people whose beliefs do not adhere with our own.… Read More

Body Modification
Body Image

Why Should My Tattoos Stop Me From Getting Hired?

By Kevynn Gomez On March 11, 2013

For young adults growing up in an age of economic instability and change, job prospects are both an exciting and unnerving future we inevitably move toward. There are many things we must… Read More

circle of 6
Cool Stuff

Circle of 6: The App That Could Literally Save Your Life

By Sahra Schukraft On March 11, 2013

If someone is faced with the threat of rape or sexual assault, or just wants out of an uncomfortable situation — well, there’s an app for that. While mace and rape whistles… Read More