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The Silent “Ism”: Why Are We All So Ageist?

By Chelsea Leibow On April 4, 2013

Alright, I’m just gonna say it: old people make me super uncomfortable. My adorable grandparents aside (who, let’s face it, have to love me and vice versa), there’s something about the Early… Read More

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Texas Targets College LGBT Groups for Promoting “High Risk Sexual Behavior”

By Ariela Schnyer On April 4, 2013

As if Texas hasn’t done enough to limit people’s rights, a recently proposed amendment attached to both the House and Senate versions of a general appropriations bill SB (HB) 1 is sure… Read More

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Fourteen Days of Loving Myself

By Jennifer Trela On April 3, 2013

Several months ago, I wrote a blog post about my constant struggle with body issues, which you can go read here if you wish. As I wrote back then, it was one… Read More


The Future of HIV/AIDS: Vaccination or Quarantine?

By Written by K. L. Zolnoski On April 3, 2013

I was thinking about the best way to broach this topic when the good state of Kansas came to my aid — but not in a good way. It appears that Kansas… Read More

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Feminist Scary Tales: The Man-Hating Hairy Lesbian Under Your Bed

By Jess Kiley On April 3, 2013

Feminists possess a multiplicity of characteristics, backgrounds and opinions. This is not news to anyone involved in feminist work, but it can be to people outside of feminist or anti-oppression communities. So… Read More

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Take Our Birth Control Then Deny Us Abortions: How Politicians Are Controlling Women and Us All

By Rhiannon Payne On April 3, 2013

In a reasonable and decent world, the topic of women’s reproductive rights wouldn’t be an issue at all. It would be something that none of us would think about, three words that… Read More

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The Secrets of Getting Hired: How to Find a Job

By Veronica Leigh On April 2, 2013

I know that many of us are suffering in the current economic climate. It’s disheartening to hear news casters constantly discuss the high unemployment rate in America and the world over, and… Read More

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To Slut or Not to Slut: Should We Call Ourselves the S-Word?

By Kevynn Gomez On April 2, 2013

The word “slut” is heavy and has a thousand meanings.  It is a word weighed down with many connotations. A slut is dirty — yet she can be powerful; she can be… Read More

Friends With Benefits
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Treading the Dangerous Waters of Friends With Benefits

By Raquel Williams On April 2, 2013

The idea of having casual sex with someone you like as a person, but don’t necessarily want to write sonnets for, isn’t new, but it’s as interesting as ever. Recently, Friends With… Read More

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Help! Social Media Says the Monsanto Protection Act is Destroying the World

By Sara Luckey On April 2, 2013

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (maybe in a cavern, like Fraggle Rock, just hangin’ and havin’ a good time), it’s highly likely that you’ve heard about the Farmers Assurance Provision,… Read More

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When There is Rape There is No Choice

By Alia Gilbert On April 2, 2013

Trigger warning for discussions of rape and violence. I have been lucky. As a 23-year-old female who has graduated college, lived abroad, lived alone in a few cities and is currently living… Read More


Can All of Us “Lean In”?

By Sully Moreno On April 1, 2013

When I first read about Sheryl Sanderg’s book, Lean In, I was very curious. I finished graduate school a little less than a year ago, and I started my first job a… Read More