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New York Proves That Giving Teens Plan B and Condoms Works

By Brittany Haak On February 12, 2013

…Big surprise, right? New York City has seen a 27% plummet in teen pregnancies over the last decade due to expanded access to contraception, city officials say. In a controversial move, the… Read More

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Women Supporting Sexism: But Why?

By Nicole Woszczyna On February 12, 2013

From politics to the media to video games, misogyny in our society is customary and seemingly normal in the eyes of most people. It’s incredibly frustrating to hear a blatantly sexist male… Read More

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Women and Men in Science: We Can Close the Gap

By Sara Wofford On February 11, 2013

As a first-year college student pursuing a degree in science, I’m beginning to learn what it feels like to represent your entire gender and to give up on trying to figure out… Read More


Sex and the Sarah: On Breaking a Heart and Trying Again

By Sarah Garner On February 11, 2013

“You broke my heart, Sarah.” Then he stayed on the phone for a while, not saying anything, but not hanging up. I didn’t mean to; I really didn’t mean to break his… Read More

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Antisemitism: The “Acceptable” Discrimination

By Jackie Klein On February 9, 2013

Race, gender, sexuality — that’s what we generally think of when we talk about discrimination in the United States. Occasionally some extreme right wing conservatives, encouraged by the Fox News machine, will… Read More

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Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic Stands on its Last Leg

By Kelsey Bain On February 8, 2013

Since April of last year, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization has been struggling to stay open. Jackson is the last abortion provider in Mississippi, a state that leads the country in teen… Read More

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Sexism in the Music Industry Drives Female Pop Stars to Shocking Lows

By Nicole Woszczyna On February 7, 2013

Although we’re all aware of the greed and discrimination in the music industry, it’s still alarming to see specific incidents of undeserved fear and heartache based on gender. In the last few… Read More

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Break the Gender Binary With Presentation Play: A How-To Guide

By Britta Aiden-Buie On February 7, 2013

Step 1: Figure Out What Presentation Play Is Don’t worry, it’s less painful than it sounds. It’s actually pretty straightforward. First, let’s start with your gender. Great. Now let’s play with how… Read More

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Sexist Morons at Fox News Accuse Hillary Clinton of Getting a Face Lift

By Rhiannon Payne On February 6, 2013

This morning (February 6th, 2013) on an episode of everyone’s favorite morning show, Fox & Friends, host Steve Doocy examined a new website that was launched for possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.… Read More

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Public Breastfeeding: Can You Please Get Over It?

By Kiana Fekette On February 6, 2013

Have you ever walked through the mall and passed one of those soft pretzel stands? In the past, my friend and I have bought a pretzel and a little cup of orange,… Read More

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“I’m Not a Feminist, But…”

By Anisha Ahuja On February 6, 2013

When you say, “I’m not a feminist but…” I hear, “I’m a terrible person.” I was at a fundraiser at my university this weekend talking to one of my good friends about… Read More

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Factory Fires: Still Killing Hundreds of Women, Even in 2013

By Kiana Fekette On February 5, 2013

In today’s age, with such high-tech equipment, emphasis on fire safety, advocacy for safer work places, and a little common sense, one would think that deadly fires in which workers are deliberately… Read More