Friday Favorites: The Best Shit We’ve Read This Week

By Sara Luckey On April 12, 2013

Welcome back to Friday Favorites, where we here at Feminspire share our favorite things from around the web this week! I found this by doing a GIS for ‘awesome computer freak out’ then… Read More


I Can’t Leave My Vagina At Home: Why Don’t You Understand Rape Culture?

By Sid On April 12, 2013

Trigger Warning for discussions of rape. Ok folks, here’s the thing: Someone is wrong on the internet. Lots, really. Several, if we get right down to it, but I’m a busy gal… Read More

Gay Marriage in Delaware
Current Events

Will Delaware Be the Tenth State to Legalize Gay Marriage?

By Samantha Jaffe On April 12, 2013

In keeping with their leftward swing in recent years, Delaware is now seriously considering pushing for gay marriage. Thursday, April 11th, 2013, the state leadership gathered in Wilmington to announce legislation that… Read More

now and then teeny and roberta

High School’s Obsession With Boobs: Too Big, Too Small, What Gives?

By Nicole Woszczyna On April 12, 2013

In retrospect, my middle school years were the best. Remember when the idea of growing into adulthood seemed so amazing it was almost intoxicating? These were, in my opinion, some of the… Read More


Learning Unconditional Love For My Body

By Sully Moreno On April 12, 2013

When I made the New Year’s resolution to exercise regularly in 2011, it was fairly easy to fit workouts into my routine. I had free access to my university’s gym, so I… Read More

girl rising

Girl Rising: The Story of Nine Women Fighting For the Right to Learn

By Angela Schifani On April 11, 2013

A film that educates, inspires, moves, shocks and calls audiences to rise, is showing in select theaters around the United States. Girl Rising, produced by the 10X10 Campaign, shows us why educating… Read More

Scarlett Johansson Avengers press conference

Rabbit Food Questions: Why Female Celebrities Need to be Respected

By Laura-Blaise McDowell On April 11, 2013

As we are all painfully aware, the comings and goings of celebrities of all skill levels are kindly chronicled for us in various publications both online and in hard copy, and even… Read More

Claire Underwood

Claire Underwood: The Ice Bitch of Netflix’s “House of Cards”

By Lauren Slavin On April 11, 2013

If you’ve been watching Netflix’s political drama House of Cards as if it was weekly-released (and not binge watching all 13 episodes in one weekend… not that I did that), the show… Read More

My brother, Adam

A Letter to My Brother: On Rape Culture, the Patriarchy, and Him

By Sara Luckey On April 10, 2013

My brother is a feminist and a feminist ally. When an item popped up in his newsfeed instructing mothers and fathers not to let their daughters wear skirts to the park because… Read More

fandom dumbledore gay rights harry potter photo by HuffPost Jeff Bendery
Cool Stuff

Fandivism: How Fandom and Activism Intersect in Awesome Ways

By Cheyenne Connors On April 10, 2013

Confession: I’m a Fangirl. Harry Potter, Glee, and Supernatural are some of the fandoms I’m most active in (and will therefore focus on in this article), though I gush over many other… Read More


Bankruptcy in Real Life: A Story That Didn’t Start at Chapter 11

By Jennifer Trela On April 10, 2013

Bankruptcy. Probably one of the scariest words in the English language, right after “Mondays” and “mutilation.” It certainly wasn’t one that I wanted my husband to utter to me early in 2012.… Read More


Female Storage, Fake Girl Pockets and How Purses Keep Us Docile

By Becky Havens On April 10, 2013

Girls have it hard when it comes to storage. Some of the writers here at Feminspire have resorted to sticking their stuff with “the funbags,” but I’d like to call for an… Read More