femme pride

Finding and Reaffirming My Femme Identity

By Fontaine Gutierrez On September 29, 2014

The femme identity, especially as a PoC, is an identity that has evolved with me, as I think most identities do. High school in a tiny town meant that the three almost-out… Read More


Where Have All the Good TV Female Friendships Gone?

By Samantha Gabriele On September 27, 2014

It has recently come to my attention that we suffered a great loss in television last year. And no, I’m not talking about the end of Breaking Bad or True Blood. We… Read More


Finding Strength in Vulnerability

By Souyenne Dathorne On September 25, 2014

For many of us, letting our guard down and opening up to people can be extremely difficult. Vulnerability is something quite a few of us fear and avoid at all costs. Needing,… Read More

style lab full color

Notes From the Style Lab: Making the Cutest DIY Earrings

By Rose Wednesday On September 25, 2014

So many people struggle with clothes, and for good reason. Clothing design and manufacture is one of the most convoluted industries in the world. Clothes get designed, copied, recopied, modified, shipped overseas… Read More


When It Comes To Women’s Safety, the First Amendment Need Not Apply

By On September 25, 2014

I’ll admit it. Curiosity got the best of me, and just slightly before midnight I went to emmayouarenext.com to see if the countdown clock was still ticking. The whole nude celeb scandal… Read More

Guys Checking Out Women

Calling Me a “Dime” Makes Other Women Spare Change

By Lauren Thomas On September 24, 2014

Posted with permission from Belle Jar. So in recent days, the female fight for equal treatment and the likes is doing relatively well. Yes, we can vote, yes we can work, and hell… Read More

Cool Stuff

Drunk History Gets It Right More Often Than Sober Academia

By Sherronda Brown On September 24, 2014

Let’s get celebrities drunk. Like, really freaking drunk, and then have them tell stories. Not just any stories, though. Stories about significant historical events. But wait. That’s not all. Let’s have even more celebrities… Read More


In Honor of Bi Pride Day: Stop Getting My Sexuality Wrong

By Anonymous On September 23, 2014

Today is Bisexuality Day, also known as Bi Pride Day or, my personal favorite, Bi People Exist So Please Stop Erasing Us Day! In honor of this glorious day, let’s take a… Read More

emma watson

Pop Goes Feminism: I’m Not Too Impressed By Celebrity Feminists

By Briana Ureña-Ravelo On September 23, 2014

The feminist blogosphere has been blowing up over Emma Watson’s UN Speech and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Well, that’s not true. It’s because she’s a famous… Read More

Woman Reading

Why Are Critics Obsessed With Shaming Adults Who Love YA Fiction?

By Catherine Kyle On September 23, 2014

I love young adult literature. I read it, I teach it, I study it, I write about it. I even write a little myself. So it bums me out when I read… Read More


I Know Who I Am, and I Am Pansexual

By Maggie Slutzker On September 23, 2014

The other night I was out on a second date with the impossibly adorable Sam. Sam has big brown eyes and a talent for impersonations and witty comebacks. Since I can only… Read More

Rush Limbaugh
Current Events

Rush Limbaugh Misses the Good Old Days When We Just Called Rape “Seduction”

By Lindsey Weedston On September 22, 2014

This has been cross-posted with permission from Not Sorry Feminism. Trigger warning for discussion of rape and rape culture Yeah, this isn’t actually news because it’s more predictable than “not all men”… Read More