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Feminspire | April 25, 2014

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On “Slutty” Halloween Costumes: I’ll Wear What I Want!

On “Slutty” Halloween Costumes: I’ll Wear What I Want!

Halloween is my favorite day of the year. I can pig out on candy without judgment from other people, drink all the pumpkin beer I want, and wear outfits in public that I would get side-eyed for any other day of the year. I like to wear ridiculous costumes that attract too much attention. Example: two years ago, I was a peacock. I glued feathers from bright blue feather boas all over a dress, and had a ridiculous tail. It kept getting in all my friends faces and I loved it.

In 2009, I dressed up as Lady Gaga. It was a total last-minute costume, but I was so excited about it. I pranced around my house, pre-gaming and taking pictures of myself, in my 5-inch stilettos until my DD picked me up. When we arrived at the party, though, the party-goers stared and a couple people whispered to each other and pointed at me. My excitement disappeared because I knew what they were saying: what a slut.

A wise soul once told me that “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” But oh, they certainly said plenty of things about it. I ended up drinking way too much that night just so I could feel some level of comfort and have a good time. Liquid courage: I do not recommend it.

Three years after the fact, I look back at that party and wish that I had just owned that costume. I looked awesome, and until a few people called me a slut I felt awesome, too.

Slut-shaming isn’t exactly uncommon, but it really rears its ugly head at Halloween. Costume store walls are quite literally lined with Leg Avenue and other similar costumes, urging us to show as much skin as possible, but whenever someone actually dares to wear those costumes? We ridicule them. Why?

Women are sexualized, objectified, and demeaned day in and day out. Media reduces us to sexual beings meant to be objects of male pleasure. Magazines grace the check-out lines of every grocery store, with tips on how to get our sexiest body and what to do to make “him” swoon, images of ScarJo looking perfectly airbrushed, and more images of Britney Spears catching flack for her “unsexy” cellulite. The idea that we should aspire to look and dress like Megan Fox is constantly being thrown in our face, but what happens when we actually do?

When us normal people dress like Megan Fox and Bar Refaeli (this year’s Maxim Hot 100 winner), we’re insulted and disgraced for looking “too sexually available.” What does that even mean? How does anyone know anything about our sex lives by the way we look and dress? And why does it matter? The amount of sex a woman has, with however many sexual partners she has, the way her body looks, or the amount of skin she’s showing: none of that has any influence on her character.

Feminspire writers Alisse, Sahra, and Lauren showing some skin on Halloween!

Halloween is a time to go out in a great costume and have fun. Whether that costume is cute, funny, or sexy is irrelevant. Why are you going to ruin someone’s night because you’re uncomfortable with the amount of skin they’re showing? “Sexy” isn’t reserved for celebrities. If someone wants to go out on Halloween in 50° F weather, wearing underwear, they can and they should.

And for anyone that has a problem with that? 

Written by Alisse Desrosiers
Follow her on Twitter, @alisse_marie!

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