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Feminspire | April 24, 2014

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Nail Friday: Oshawott’s Up? (Pokémon Style)

Nail Friday: Oshawott’s Up? (Pokémon Style)

Well, you guys asked for it, didn’t you? Lately, with the release of Black and White Version 2, I’ve been living and breathing Pokémon. Despite the fact that they look like a clown and an otter had a baby, I went ahead and picked Oshawott for my starter Pokémon. Strangely enough, almost immediately after deciding to do this tutorial my Oshawott evolved into a Dewott. Traitor.

After walking around with these nails for a couple of days, it was brought to my attention that most of the world has no idea what an Oshawott is (and I feel sorry for you). So, let’s start with a picture of one, shall we?

Look at that charming, bulbous motherfucker. Here is what you’ll need to make this little dude on your nails:

I’ve decided to start taking pictures from above because my nail polishes love MySpace angles. Start off by painting your nails with a base coat, followed by a light blue color. Looking back, it probably would’ve been better to paint the background some other color so that the ears stood out more.

Next, like with my penguin tutorial, use the white polish to paint a rounded area on your accent nail. You could also do Oshawott’s on every nail, but they take a while so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Using a small dotting tool (as always, you can use a pen or bobby pin instead), outline two triangles at the top of the white blob to create Oshawott’s ears. Then, using a larger dotting tool and dragging it a bit, make two oval-shaped eyes and an oval-shaped nose.

Take out that small dotting tool again and use it to create a ^-shaped mouth underneath the nose.

Now, with an even smaller dotting tool (or toothpick!), go in and add three black freckles under each eye and a small white dot inside each eye to create the appearance of reflection.

Here’s an example of why I always tell you guys to wait until your nail is dry before adding a top coat. See that smearing by the left eye and mouth? That’s me being an asshole.

Oshawott’s body was a last-minute addition so while I don’t have step-by-step pics, it’s pretty easy to walk you guys through. You’ll want to paint your thumb nail a seafoam color and then add a shell-shaped blob in the center (I used the same color that I used for the nose). After letting it dry for about five minutes, use a black nail art pen or small dotting tool to outline and define the shell-shaped blob. Finally, add two dollops of the same blue you used as your background color to make Oshawott’s tootsies.

Makes you want to catch my thumb and pointer finger in a Pokéball and fight them against other fingers at gyms all over a fake land, no? Tune in next Nail Friday to see how to make nails that I haven’t yet planned (ooo I’m so mysterious). Comment below with ideas (Look! I actually do them!), your favorite Pokémon, and whether you prefer Nail Friday this way or in motion.

Written by Taylor Blakin
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