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Feminspire | April 23, 2014

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Nail Friday: Mean Green Seams!

Nail Friday: Mean Green Seams!

Nothing’s more sexy than back-seam tights, am I right? When I found these thin, striping ribbons on eBay, all I could think about was recreating the sexiness of back-seam tights on my nails. Best part is they’re only $1.45! If you don’t have them, don’t want to buy them, or don’t want to wait for them to ship from China, you can also try cutting scotch tape into thin strips.

For this tutorial you will need the following stuff which Shadow is coyly modeling:

Nail art: nylon seams

Start with your base coat and then, using the color you want for the seam, paint ALL the nails. Well, not all. You can actually just concentrate the polish in the center since that’s the only part that will show through.

Nail art: nylon seams

Wait about 10-15 minutes for the polish to dry and then apply your thin stickers right down the center of your nail.

Nail art: nylon seams

Then you want to take your other polish and paint over the entire nail.

Nail art: nylon seams

Let it dry for about three minutes and then pull your stickers off. Follow up with a clear top coat and you’ll be left with beautiful, neat, sexy seams.

I know this tutorial was a bit short, but so was actually making these nails happen! Chalk one up to an easy-ass tutorial. Since the green colors I chose are a bit similar, I may try something a bit more seductive/bold next time. I’m thinking black with a red seam or nude with a black seam.

Comment below with suggestions, links to sturdy tights that won’t rip immediately after putting them on, and how much fluffy snow the Nor’easter brought you (mine already melted ;_;).

Written by Taylor Blakin
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