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Feminspire | April 19, 2014

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Nail Friday: Black (Magic) Friday

Nail Friday: Black (Magic) Friday

I’m really honing in on the “black” in “Black Friday” for this tutorial because to be honest, witchcraft and ouija boards and incense are so much better than rabid throngs of middle-aged zombies at Macy’s. I’m basically trying to make this into a second Halloween, a Feminspire favorite, rather than the consumer-driven nonsense that is Black Friday. Who’s with me?

I forgot to take a picture of all the shit you’ll need, but the ingredients are super simple so hopefully you guys won’t care. I used OPI’s “Alpine Snow,” OPI’s “Onyx,” Seche Vite, and thin striping nail tape from eBay.

I’m only painting the pentagrams on my accent nail because while pentagrams on every nail would be awesome, remember that I usually paint my nails on Tuesday and therefore have to go to Thanksgiving with these nails. Something tells me my boyfriend’s mother isn’t into the occult.

Start by painting any nail you want the pentagram on white. All of the other nails should be the main background color you chose. I picked black for blatantly obviously reasons.

Next, using the thin ribbon tape, lay out your pentagram design on the white nails.

Using your main background color, paint over the white nails and the ribbon tape.

Let this dry for about five minutes and then pull off the tape. You’ll want to wait another five minutes and then seal it in with a topcoat and clean up your filthy, sloppy edges with nail polish remover and a q-tip.

Badass. You’re officially ready to make snakes and roaches come out of some poor girl’s bathroom faucets and turn a young boy into a talking cat.

Comment below with ideas, your favorite witches of all time, and how many marshmallows you think Fairuza Balk can fit in her mouth.

Written by Taylor Blakin
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