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Feminspire | April 25, 2014

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LUSH’s New Makeup Line And The Magic Wheel Of Color

LUSH’s New Makeup Line And The Magic Wheel Of Color

“Close your eyes, I’ll spin the wheel, and when you feel centered, open your eyes and choose three colours that you are drawn to. These may not be your favourite colours, but ones that speak to you today, in this moment.”

I opened my eyes, looked at the wheel, then took my pick.

Light yellow, bright pink, and baby blue. Lifted, Believe, Calm.

LUSH emotional brilliance color wheel

The sales associate went through each of my chosen colours, telling me the mood each is associated with, and how it could be relevant to my life. It was bizarre because I seriously felt like I was listening to a psychic, a legit one, who could see read my mind, and see my thoughts, dreams, and feelings.

I chose ‘Lifted,’ a pale yellow cream eyeshadow, which meant that today my strength is positivity; I am someone who has the ability to bring others up to my level, but I should remember that not everyone is as optimistic. ‘Believe,’ a vivid pink lipstick, signified my subconscious need to believe in something in my life, be it myself, a relationship, or the direction in which I am going. Finally, ‘Calm,’ a light blue liquid eyeliner, showed my aspiration for calm and relaxation (I’ve been meaning to take up yoga!).

This is the Emotional Brilliance game, which is available for all LUSH customers as an introduction to their new makeup line of the same name. The line features a wide range of incredibly bright colours for face, lips and eyes, a mascara containing only one preservative, a face powder, a bronzer, and a highlighter.

The idea behind this new range has its roots in colour theory and word association. As one of the sales associates at my local store told me, the company did extensive research to find out what colours people associate with certain words. Among the range is ‘Happiness,’ a golden bronze cream eyeshadow, ‘Drive,’ a deep purple lipstick, and ‘Healthy,’ a muted green eyeliner. Each colour comes in a little pot that looks like a bottle of nail polish, but unlike nail polish, the contents aren’t loaded with harmful chemicals and preservatives. True to LUSH form, each bottle shows the name of the person who made it, and the “best before” date.

Each colour is either a liquid eyeliner, a cream eye shadow, or a liquid lipstick, but if you change the applicator, which can be easily removed and inserted underneath the caps, they can all be used as any of the three options. How cool would it be to dress up Lady Gaga-style and rock some royal blue lipstick?!

I spent about an hour browsing and looking closely at the new products and pestering the extraordinarily knowledgeable employees. In the end, I opted for ‘Motivation,’ a dark teal shimmery liquid eyeliner, which made me think of mermaids and the ocean, and a pot of ‘Charisma,’ a lovely subtle bronzer that’ll be perfect for going into fall so I can keep some of my sun-kissed glow.

LUSH emotional brilliance makeup

LUSH motivation eyeliner

I was eager to try out my new products at home, and did so soon after I left the store. I LOVE ‘Motivation.’ I love that this word is associated with a lovely dark green-blue. I often opt for teal clothing and nail colours because they suit my colouring and blonde hair, and now I’ve got an eyeliner in the same shade! I’m a big fan of liquid eyeliner, but it’s taken me quite a while to get comfortable and skilled at applying it. Some days I end up trying to evenly match my eyes, making the line thicker and thicker until I’ve got to wash it off and start over so I don’t look like a 12-year-old who discovered her mom’s makeup bag for the first time. This has a thin brush which was easy to use. I could see myself wearing this product during the day on my upper lash line, and might try it out underneath my eye for a dramatic look for a night out.

LUSH motivation eyeliner

LUSH motivation eyeliner

The bronzer, ‘Charisma,’ comes in a little glass pot. It’s light brown and feels a bit like a moisturizer that is for normal skin — not too oily or watery. The colour looked quite dark on my skin when I first applied it, but it blends easily and subtly makes me look a little more tanned, and evens out my skin’s colour. I think it’ll make more of a difference during the winter when my tan has faded away and my face matches the snow on the ground.

LUSH Charisma

I respect LUSH because they take a stand on controversial issues including gay marriage, the Enbridge Pipeline, and most notably, animal testing. The company goes through pains to ensure that none of the ingredients, let alone products, ever harm a hair on a powerless animal. Nowadays it’s difficult to find a makeup brand that has such a strong dedication to the rights of animals, and finally LUSH has filled the void and joined the makeup market with their fabulous new range.

Check out LUSH’s entire Emotional Brilliance line, and play the game for yourself!

Have you tried any of LUSH’s new makeup products? What do you think of the line and the Emotional Brilliance game? Are you looking forward to playing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Written by Aimee Harper
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