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Feminspire | April 24, 2014

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Is Shellac Worth the Money?

Is Shellac Worth the Money?

Shellac nail polish is taking over in nail salons everywhere. It’s quick, immediately dry, and claims to last for over 2 weeks. With a large variety of colors and lots of similar products, it seems to be the new normal for nail color lovers. But is it worth the larger price tag?

Let’s first examine the service. The nail technician will prep your hands/nails, then apply each coat in basic order- base coat, two color coats, and top coat. Between each application you place your hand under a special UV light. They will make your cuticles nice and soft and off you go! No more having someone dig your keys out of your purse for you. I would say an average Shellac price tag is $35-45.00. If you’re not doing anything fancy, the service lasts about 30 minutes. Shellac offers a good color selection that is continually growing, including sparkles.

What are the benefits? I have found that the results are very long-lasting and hard to chip. It is a great service to get prior to travel or an eventful weekend. My Shellac manicure was perfect throughout my honeymoon which included lots of sand and saltwater! As your nails grow you will notice a line of demarcation, and the preferred method of removal is to have it soaked off by a professional with the right product (it is possible to soak it off with nail polish remover but it takes forever). Shellac is also the less damaging option when compared to Gel nail applications. As long as your service provider knows what they are doing, your manicure should look fabulous for weeks.

There are a few drawbacks to having Shellac on your nails. If you are the type to get bored of a color every two days, maybe it’s not for you. If you have the insatiable need to pick at nail polish it’s possible to peel them off. This will yield poor results to the top layer of your nail causing roughness and loss of strength, so try to stop yourself! It is a pricey service, and many people don’t want or can’t spend $40 every two weeks on nail services.

So…is it worth it? For something special, yes. A clean and lasting manicure is a great way to have one less thing to worry about. Don’t throw out that collection of colors under your bathroom sink though; being an Essie addict is just as satisfying.

Written by Jamie Frasier