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Feminspire | April 17, 2014

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“I’m Not a Feminist, But…”

“I’m Not a Feminist, But…”

When you say, “I’m not a feminist but…” I hear, “I’m a terrible person.”

I was at a fundraiser at my university this weekend talking to one of my good friends about feminism when he took a moment to make a clear distinction that he’s not a feminist but he believes in equal rights. Oh really? Tell me more, please. So he did, of course. He went on to tell me that there is a difference between feminism and equal rights. Okay. Good to know. Let’s take a second. I’m pulling up the dictionary (on my laptop because this is 2013). Merriam-Webster online (credible) defines “feminism” as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” Wait, is that different than equal rights? My friend started trying to talk to me about how this girl he knew in high school was a really intense feminist and burning bras blah blah hating men blah blah blah. Of course, being the “crazy feminist” that I am, I tried to explain to him that unless he’s a terrible person, he’s a feminist. He walked away.

Last month, Katy Perry was awarded “woman of the year.” In her acceptance speech, she made it clear that although she was honored to have this award, she wouldn’t consider herself a feminist. In contemporary media and general representations, women who identify as feminists are still seen as people to not be taken seriously. They are either too passionate, or even worse, too nonconforming to the world’s ideals of how a woman should present herself.

A world of people like Katy Perry presents itself on my college campus. A place where there is so much potential for young activists, a generation of people attacked by slut-shaming politicians, a world of women at war with misogyny and patriarchy, and a population of human beings still treated differently because they speak “too loudly” about gender discrimination and discrimination in many forms. Bringing up topics like rape, the pay gap, body image and sex positivity is apparently too taboo or serious. Why are you talking about that? We’re just trying to have a good time? Yeah, well, so were we. And then you went and said that you don’t believe in my rights and I wasn’t having a fun time anymore. And then you went and remained silent in the constant struggle for me to be taken seriously with my body, passion, and opinions because I’m inappropriately labeled as “crazy” for being a feminist. Why is caring so crazy? And why is the world of feminism being consistently torn down by men who think we are waging war against them, or by strong women who don’t want to align themselves with passion and opinionated humans?

So this is me, trying to tell the world that if you’re a decent person, you’re a feminist. Feminism isn’t me refusing to wear a bra, or dresses, or makeup, or heels. Feminism isn’t me saying that all men are reinforcing patriarchy and hegemony simply by being men. Feminism is me saying that I work just as hard as you and that I deserve to get the same amount of pay. Feminism is protesting against violence toward women, not partaking in it, or even worse, blaming them for it. Feminism is not judging my credibility and ability based on my weight or appearance. Feminism is believing that the ~50% of the population that helps drive this world toward being a better, more functioning place, deserves to be treated fairly and equally.

This may be too harsh (although I hope you’ve gleaned by now that I don’t really care), but proclaiming to be above feminism is absurd. More absurd than the distorted images you have of my movement. While you might believe that you don’t have time for my latest feminist rant, you’re wrong. I don’t have time for you apathy. Our safety, respect, and security don’t have time for your apathy and general above-it-all attitude.

So, society, I pose a question for you: Is there a difference between simply believing in equal rights and calling yourself a feminist?

I don’t think so. But I could be wrong. I’m just a crazy feminist, after all.

Written by Anisha Ahuja

Feminspire recognizes that the feminist movement has historically been exclusive of some women, especially non-white and trans* women and understands that a fight for equality may not always be accompanied by a willingness to identify as a “feminist.”

  • steph

    “Our safety, respect, and security don’t have time for your apathy and general above-it-all attitude.”

    love it.

  • kkjjxl

    I think we have to stop lashing out so angrily at the people we’re trying to convert. When *I* hear “I’m not a feminist, but” I hear “I don’t understand what feminism is”. If someone truly believes in the values of feminism–equal rights–but doesn’t like the term (due to the word’s bastardization from antifeminists or extreme feminists), I’d say that’s good enough. A word’s a word.

    • carly

      Yes and you try rationalizing and explaining to them what being feminist means. And they don’t get it. And this happens again and again until eventually you just want to scream that FEMINISM = EQUAL RIGHTS. Not man hating or forced castration, or as one of my particularly brilliant friend’s was convinced, adding urinals to all female washrooms. Which is when this especially fantastic article comes in. A++ Briliant. Thank you, this is fantastic.

    • BigLord

      I agree with this. The word “feminist” is weird, too. There should a better term :/ one that also a defender of equal rights for gay people and even different races.

      Nowadays, someone who DOESN’T respect these values kind of disgust me.

      • [email protected]

        there IS a better word – it’s humanism, and it doesn’t directly attribute to ANY one gender/sexual preference/race/etc… it encompasses all humans. pretty obvious is you ask me.

        but feminism wasn’t about that in the beginning. it WAS solely about women, as it should have been, and it paved the way for the broader discussions we are having about human rights nowadays. but for “feminists” to disregard the historical origins of their ideals and title, is just blatant ignorance. i guess one could argue that, much like punk, “feminism” is dead.

        but most people are just mad and want to spout of at the mouth, like the person who wrote ths stupid article. booooring.

        • shouldbestudying

          humanism is important; every single person is entitled to basic human rights and fair treatment regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion etc.

          however, to disregard feminism in order to stay ‘PC’ and not look like we’re favouring a single gender over another (as i hear so many people say to attack feminism) is disregarding the fact that the experiences of women throughout history have been VERY different to men’s experiences. Women deserve to have a movement devoted to them until they are fully equal in all senses of the word. Until then, it is impossible to say that you are in favour of equal rights and then follow that with saying that you are not a feminist. During the 40′s and 50′s in America it would have made no sense to say that you are pro-equal rights however you won’t support specifically African-American rights as it is not fair to single out one group of people.

          what’s so scary about the word feminism? will it make you less of a man? will it make you a man-hater or a lesbian? reclaim the word – it makes you pro-equality. that’s all

        • eseld

          Actually, feminism is not subsumed under humanism. Humanism is, I quote, “an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.” In other words, it’s a kind of secularism.

          Feminism is, I quote again, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”

          Nowhere within humanism is there any discussion of gender, only of the idea that human beings should be concerned with their corporeal existence.

          This is philosophy 101. You had an excuse to be ignorant, but now that I’ve led you to look into this further I expect you not make such an ignorant mistake in the future. You probably should stop assuming the definitions of words based on their roots. It’s like you thought that femin + ism = “woman only” and human + ism = “all people” and therefore concluded that humanism is somehow more inclusive, but since humanism isn’t an ethical position on the status and rights of people based on gender you quite frankly just don’t seem to know what the fuck you’re talking about.

          • Joe

            “…emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.”
            Do humans need to be equal? If they do, then humanism has got it covered. Is ‘the patriarchy’ a human problem? If it is, then humanism has got it covered.

          • Lucy

            wow calm down, it’s only semantics, and i bet you understood what ze meant before you looked it up.
            Egalitarianism is the word ze was looking for I think.

          • coltov mocktail

            The “ignorance” you speak of is the ability to point out that women have superior social, political and economic standing compared to men in numerous important areas. Feminism’s hypocrisy lies in the fact that this is encouraged and justified.

    • blahblahblah92

      finally a voice of reason, the whole thing people still have a hard time realizing is that polarization is useless, it sets boundaries but most people fall somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. If someone believes in equal rights but chooses not to use a term like “feminist” and your mentality is “if you’re not a feminist you’re a terrible person” then even if that person could help your brand of “feminism” they probably won’t. From a linguistic perspective we live in a world where a lot more people are descriptivists (without knowing what it means) than prescriptivists, and the irony in taking a dictionary definition of a word as the “true” meaning of something is that a) she chose the meaning out of the dictionary entry that was most gender neutral because it supports her case the best and b) you are relinquishing yourself to the hegemonic structures that determine these definitions (most of which are still male-dominated today). Basically, to focus your entire world view of people on their description of themselves according to one word (“feminist”) is the same as people treating women differently because of one biological difference: it’s stupid; illogical, and people should be taught better than that. Honestly, if you think about feminism in terms that are that black and white, you probably haven’t even read La Deuxieme Sexe which is really sad if you consider yourself a “feminist.”

      • raudskeggr

        The thing is- those, as you say, polarizing voices are the most prominent. They’re the loudest, and the most visible. They represent the face of these issues because more reasonable people just aren’t going to get up on a soapbox and shout at strangers.

        But maybe that should change.

    • Lauren

      There is a word. It’s called Socialism but you Americans don’t like that word…

    • Ohone

      Women in the west have more rights than men, so feminism in the west is a supremacist movement.

  • Kiana

    Love this :)

  • LA

    I agree with you in principle– it annoys me when people say things like that. However, it seems entirely over aggressive to say that everyone who refuses to identify with the word “feminist” is a “terrible person.” The world is not black and white and we are not defined by the labels we take on ourselves. I care a hell of a lot more about people’s opinions about women’s rights than their opinions about the word “feminism.” There are people who don’t like the label because of its associations with a mainstream movement that has, in its past, been exclusive of women of color and of LGBT people. That’s okay. If they believe in what I believe in, I’m not going to call them a terrible person.

    (As a side note: at the risk of sounding overly picky or SJW-esque, I wish you would reconsider your use of the term “crazy.” No, it’s not always ableist and it’s not a slur. But it doesn’t mean that using it in certain ways *isn’t* ableist.)

    • MarlenaRae

      You’re absolutely right! I’ve edited the article to reflect those changes.

    • Anisha Ahuja

      I also want to address your concerns about the feminist movement in general as not being inclusive to some people. I believe that feminism and the tenants of feminism are meant to be inclusive. I inherently believe that those who aren’t, are not exactly feminists and continue to deny women’s agency. I also am a very big proponent of womynism or identifying that there are flaws with some types of feminism, like western feminism. However, the point I was trying to make in the article is that a lot of people, especially men identifying folk, tend to distance themselves from the feminist movement for other misconceptions like women being “too radical.” I was trying to address the people who believe that believing in equal rights and feminism are different at the core and are scared of linking the word feminism to themselves – because it has been interpreted as a group of men-hating type women. As a woman of color, I identify strongly as a feminist and dislike certain types of feminism that deny a woman her agency or cultural differences.

      • LA

        Good point, and I don’t mean to argue with the bulk of the article; at its core, feminist philosophy is centered around acceptance and the extension of equal rights to every group. And I would agree that many people put off by the word feminism are responding to a distorted perception of what feminism is, or may be covering some internalized misogyny.

        I only want to point out that identifying with the word ‘feminist’ is not always as simple or straightforward as people sometimes imply. There are legitimate reasons to reject the label, even if you agree with the tenets.

        As a legitimate question (and I really don’t intend to come off as argumentative in any way!), how do you avoid thinking we’re engaged in one big no true Scotsman fallacy when we talk about feminism? Because I find myself saying the same sorts of things you say– X person is not a true feminist; Y person can’t call themselves a feminist; real feminism doesn’t involve what Z person says– and then questioning how I became the arbiter of the movement. I have no answers for myself, but I’m curious if you’ve thought about it at all.

        Have a nice night!

  • agkash;

    I still think that there are fundamental physical and mental differences between women and men, but in no way does that constitute different protection under the law.

    • nina

      Feminspire and many scientific articles have actually shown how much culture in the development of a child has influence on these congnitive differences. So, there’s no way to ensure that any of that is naturally phisiological, mental etc. We are much more flexible, in terms of behavior, than the media wants us to believe. Even if there is any genetical predisposition to one or another, that can be absolutely changed by environmental circumstances, either eliminated or enhanced.

  • Elle

    A friend of mine once said that she is not a feminist because she has never experienced patriarchy, and feminism assumes that women are not being treated as equals to men. I kinda get where she’s coming from and quite a few women have never experienced patriarchy but we’re still far from a society where the term feminist need not be used because equality is just assumed.

    • nina

      she must be very young, because once you enter the market you can feel that very intensily.

    • taykray

      Maybe your friend has never realized she’s experienced patriarchy, but it is so prevalent that I doubt she hasn’t actually experienced it in some way. For instance, think of all the positions or titles that include the word “man”. Chairman, mailman, fisherman, handyman, ect. This is just a small example of how patriarchy pervades society. Yes, there has been effort made to change even these terms into “chairwoman” or “chairperson” but how often do we hear people use their original forms? And, personally, when I’ve *politely* corrected someone, many times I am dismissed for just being “politically correct” as if that is a bad thing. I just think hegemonic patriarchy is so ingrained in society that many times people are unable to see it.

      • Dave

        Those words were coined hundreds of years ago, and even if it were true the “-man” suffix was sexist, it says nothing about sexism today. In fact, in Old English, there wasn’t a better word than “mann” for one person. Woman came from Old English “wifman”, i.e. Wifeman”, a man who is a wife.

      • Whothehell Cares

        Now think of the etymology of the word man. It originally comes from the Germanic word mann, (with an umlaut above the letter ‘a’,) which means person and was adopted into the English language in the middle ages!

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  • Nina

    I think there is a difference. If you say you’re “humanist”, you don’t compromise. You don’t deliberately say “I think the way society works is wrong”. Feminism is a political movement much related to the left wing, while “humanism” seems softer for conservatives. Like saying “I’m pro-everybody, but I agree with the system”.

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  • Izza

    Let me go through your list of what makes you a feminist:

    “Feminism is me saying that I work just as hard as you and that I deserve to get the same amount of pay.”
    - Feminism is ignoring the legitimate decisions made by many women that contribute to the wage gap.

    “Feminism is protesting against violence toward women, not partaking in it, or even worse, blaming them for it.”
    - Feminism is ignoring violence toward men, and believing that human decency has to be a gender issue.

    “Feminism is not judging my credibility and ability based on my weight or appearance.”
    - Feminism is thinking that this only applies to women.

    “Feminism is believing that the ~50% of the population that helps drive this world toward being a better, more functioning place, deserves to be treated fairly and equally.”
    - Feminism is believing that only women are treated unfairly based on their gender.

    Also, you might want to take another look at that dictionary if you’re going to talk about patriarchy.

    So yes, I believe in equality and I will fight for equality, but I reserve the right to be a decent person without labeling myself a feminist.

    • ffs

      So, so wrong. Feminism addresses gender in terms of a spectrum rather than just ‘woman’ and ‘man’ – thereby addressing differing types of discrimination rather than just against women, so all your points are invalid. However, much discrimination against all genders stems from the same gender-role based roots (ie violence against males not being reported because of the idea that to speak out is shameful and not masculine etc). This feminist / female apologist bullshit needs to stop – and all this humanism bollocks too – by saying ‘ok, I have now decided all marginalization like gender, race, ethnicity, able-bodiedness etc doesn’t matter any more, so we are now all equal and shall be treated thus’ just masks the issues and the voice of the majority and privileged is all that is heard.

      • SomeoneYouKnow1234

        Some of us just object to the term “violence against women”. Women aren’t “special” violence is violence, the gender of the victim doesn’t make a crime more or less deserving of attention or special campaigns.

      • Jake

        Nope you’re wrong, feminism dismisses male issues as “that’s just a byproduct of patriarchy”. I’ve heard this time and time again. Feminism ONLY fights for women, never men. But men are asked to join the efforts?

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  • X

    yes, you are.

  • Pheasant

    Awesome, you are exactly right! That conversation and the whole “we are just trying to have a good time” happen to me all the time!!! Iagree what you’ve said

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  • Jeff Locke

    I’m a guy and wholeheartedly believe in women attaining equal rights and the dismantling of a patriarchy. But I have never called myself a feminist. However, the definition you gave convinced me that I am a feminist. My problem is the tone you use to address people who say they aren’t feminists. They aren’t “absurd” to say that. Giving yourself the label of a feminist is not the important part. What matters is that you really believe in women being treated equally to men. So I ask you not to get angry because someone didn’t call themselves a feminist and instead notice the beliefs that you share with them. Also, I really don’t appreciate the tone used in this post. When passionate female feminists take this sort of accusatory tone it makes guys like me, who sincerely and strongly believe in feminine ideals, not want to side with you. The anger also discourages the people whom you’re trying to convert. I suggest using more appeasing language.


    Fellow Feminist

  • JPAR

    Maybe they say it because they don’t want to be mistaken for being a feminazi. (the embarrassing cousin of the feminist.)

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  • joe

    So the dictionary says that feminism is just about equality. I respectfully submit then that the leaders of the feminist movement and many many people calling themselves ‘feminists’ are not, in fact, feminists. I also respectfully submit that many MRA’s are, in fact, feminists.

    I also respectfully submit that many people who are searching for equality might prefer to call themselves ‘egalitarians’ or ‘humanists’ b/c so many ‘feminists’ have given feminism ‘a bad name’ in the society we live in and that it is people who are alive and using language who ultimately decide what words mean. Language changes. It mutates. It evolves.

    If it’s actually equality that you’re concerned with that not the preservation of the word ‘feminist’ in the light you’d prefer it retain, then you shouldn’t have a problem with simply calling yourself an ‘egalitarian’ or ‘humanist’ as the language slowly shifts away from using ‘feminist’ to mean ‘person who wants equality’ and towards ‘person who hates men’.

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  • Lucy

    yes there is a difference, and it’s even in the word “feminist”. It’s the idea that we can solve all gender inequality by focussing on women’s’ issues only. feminism also assumes the existence of a “patriarchy” as a fundamental axiom; that men have it better by design. Well men don’t have it better nowadays, especially after the woman’s rights movement that gave us the same legal rights as men.

    People who believe in gender equality and not feminism don’t believe in some evil, orchestrating patriarchy, and nor do they believe that men have no gender-based problems or have undue privilege overall. They believe that both men and women are stereotyped as being best in certain roles simply by the way that society evolved, and they wish to change this.

    Unfortunately the way feminism is framed (dogmatically) It makes it very easy for feminists to become Man-haters, TERFs etc. simply by taking fundamental feminist ideas and insinuations to the extreme. This very difficult (if not impossible) in the gender equality movement: due to it’s basis in egalitarianism it is a fundamentally balanced movement.

  • Caesar’s Wife

    “I tried to explain to him that unless he’s a terrible person, he’s a feminist. He walked away.”

    Well, you clearly must have won that argument then!

  • coltov mocktail

    interestingly enough, the inability to comprehend that many reasonable people find fault with feminism for centering theoretical constructions solely on the gender inequities in which women are (rightly or wrongly) portrayed as disadvantaged is rarely addressed.

  • Jonathan Taylor

    It is easier to advocate values than it is to advocate political labels. Just advocate for equal human rights. Stop forcing the label of “Feminism” on people. So long as they believe in equality, there shouldn’t be a problem.

    The only reason why a Feminist could possibly have a problem with that is if her stance, as a Feminist, is in direct contrast with the value of equal human rights.

  • coltov mocktail

    if is feminspire is emblematic of feminism, the fact that my last two utterly innocuous and open-to-debate comments were censored speaks volumes more than any article could.

  • coltov mocktail

    i love that women state that they are seeking to establish an egalitarian society. i hate that under the rubric of feminism, people have usurped that noble goal as a means to cash in on their own narrow desires for power.

  • Bobby

    “So, society, I pose a question for you: Is there a difference between simply believing in equal rights and calling yourself a feminist? I don’t think so.”

    You’re dead wrong. I abhor misogyny and mistreatment of women. I believe in equal rights and equal opportunity for women. And I am NOT a feminist. In fact, I hate feminism with a vengeance and look forward to its total destruction.

    The simple fact is, feminism does not own the concept of gender equality, nor does it have a monopoly on all issues related to gender. The concept of gender equality predates “Feminism” by thousands of years. You can be a feminist and believe in repulsive ideas like female superiority, and you can be an anti-feminist and believe in equal rights. Enough with your ridiculous false dichotomy.

  • Jake

    You’re an idiot, plain and simple. Not being a feminist doesn’t have anything to do with being “anti-woman”. I’m not a feminist either, and I love women. I believe in equality for all, whereas feminism only fights for women’s issues. A lot of times fighting for women’s issues takes away a lot of rights of men that are supposed to be equal. So once again, you’re an absolute moron and Katy Perry should be commended for not being a useless bigot like yourself. You prick.

  • drewbles

    When I hear “I am a feminist” I think “oh, you must be a fucking idiot…”

  • Silence Dogood

    I think that equal rights activists are level headed people trying to acquire homeostasis among men in society. however, (some if not most) feminists are too radical with their cause and want to reach equality by bringing men down a notch. Why be against a bill to ban FGM and circumcision but be for a bill to ban only FGM? Why dont you beleive that men should receive equal treatment as women? Is it true equality you want or is it revenge against all men for something that one man did to you? Is it herd mentality that drives you or is it the hatred of men? MLK wanted EQUALITY! Cant women reach equality without negatively affecting men?

  • Natalius

    I really, really don’t understand why feminists keep touting about the “wage gap” between men and women. If you work just as hard as me YES you deserve to be paid for the WORK YOU DO. I do not see women climbing power lines, risking electrocution to ensure a neighborhood can actually have electricity. I do not see women running into a burning building to save another life. I do not see a woman digging ditches by hand. There is a reason why THOSE JOBS PAY MORE.

    In her fifth paragraph it is clear that she is a perfect representation of feminism: Believing women are the only victims of discrimination, sexism, abuse and any other form of wrong in the world.

    So I’m here taking a stand. You do not have to take the label of “feminism” to be a decent person. You just have to treat people DECENTLY to be a decent person. It is not your fault if a woman who chooses to work as a secretary isn’t making as much money as a man who is out there there repairing a broken power line so she can do her job taking calls and making appointments. It is not your fault women feel victimized in the work place when 90% of workplace deaths belong to men. It is not your fault that women feel sexually assaulted more than men even though men “forced to penetrate” are near the exact same numbers that women are raped.

    It’s not your fault.

  • Wolfwood

    The root of feminism if “Fem”, a distinct sign of “woman”, if equal rights isn’t what you want, but feminism is, and you judge people for wanting “equal rights”, I think you’re a great example for being a terrible person.

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  • SomeoneYouKnow1234

    “So, society, I pose a question for you: Is there a difference between simply believing in equal rights and calling yourself a feminist?” – How about those of us who believe in equal rights but want nothing to do with any movement in which large numbers seem to believe in restrictions on free speech? I’m totally in favour of equal rights, but seeing as feminists have hitched their wagons to various “ban this, ban that” campaigns over the last few years, I’m driving mine in the other direction, thanks. The most recent and ridiculous example is Blurred Lines – if something offends you, don’t listen to it, but you have no right to attempt to impose your morals on the public. That’s not what feminism is supposed to be about but it’s certainly what it’s turning into – I can cite dozens of recent examples of feminists, using the word “feminist” to describe their campaigns, saying “I find this offensive, therefore you’re not allowed to say it”.

    If you ask twenty somethines who’ve grown up in a world where the internet was largely unregulated and the concept of censorship is almost entirely alien to them, this will be the main reason they shy away from the word “feminist”. The most high profile feminist campaigns we’ve been hearing about over the last few years have sought to impinge on social libertarianism and impose various rules on how people are allowed to express themselves – us young people just aren’t into that. Sorry.

  • muckraker12

    Get told by feminist I’m not allowed to be a feminist because I have a penis.
    Get told by another feminist I’m a horrible person for not being a feminist.
    Therefore all people with penii are horrible people.
    Hm. Ignore and move on.

  • Jake

    “Is there a difference between simply believing in equal rights and calling yourself a feminist?”

    Yes, Feminism only fights for womens issues, never mens issues.. There are plenty of male issues that affect men daily, discrimination against men, sexism.. abuse against men. even men and boys get raped by women, but nothing, no feminist organization has ever stood up for a man. They simply say “it is not a woman’s issue, so we don’t care”…

    How is this an organization for equal rights? Props to Katy Perry for not calling herself a feminist.

  • rg57

    When you say, “I’m not a feminist but…” I hear, “I’m a terrible person.”
    That’s prejudice.

    “Is there a difference between simply believing in equal rights and calling yourself a feminist?”
    Absolutely. Equal rights for men, women, and others is not achievable through a movement that demonizes one group and is unwilling to give up its privileges while demanding everyone else do so.

  • Natalius

    I had a feeling my comment would be deleted. This did not disappoint. I offered no foul language, no name calling. Nothing. Just cold, hard logic and it was deleted. Who would have imagined that?

  • Isten Császár

    >So this is me, trying to tell the world that if you’re a decent person, you’re a feminist.

    Umm, thanks, but no thanks.

    >Feminism isn’t me refusing to wear a bra, or dresses, or makeup, or heels. Feminism isn’t me saying that all men are reinforcing patriarchy and hegemony simply by being men.

    Maybe for YOU it’s not. But when people do that and identify as feminist, and the majority of feminists just stay silent or passively like it, reblog it, share it, it becomes feminism. If you have a wide movement and want to define it, you have to actively root out participants who want to sway it that way, or it will be seen as it. Dictionary definitions only count when they match the majority’s opinion, and the majority is pretty divided on the question of feminism.

    >Feminism is me saying that I work just as hard as you and that I deserve to get the same amount of pay.

    Debunked a thousand times. Bullshit.

    >Feminism is protesting against violence toward women, not partaking in it, or even worse, blaming them for it.

    Why specifically women? How can you go for equal rights by contributing for one gender’s benefit?

    >Feminism is not judging my credibility and ability based on my weight or appearance.

    Sure, men are not judged by their appearance.

    >Feminism is believing that the ~50% of the population that helps drive this world toward being a better, more functioning place, deserves to be treated fairly and equally.

    This i can agree with, but that is our reality, right now.
    Though if i would want to be evil, i would say that most of the people who drive our world towards being more functional are men (STEM), so you should actually go for male supremacy if you this.

    Really, you can’t say you are working for equal rights and than only work on real or perceived problems of one gender.