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Feminspire | April 23, 2014

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Idiot Nerd Girl Has A Posse: Taking Back The Meme

Idiot Nerd Girl Has A Posse: Taking Back The Meme

Meet Idiot Nerd Girl.

Occasionally, Idiot Nerd Girl makes a stupid beginner’s error, or gets caught in a lie about the extent of her involvement in geek (I’m using the terms “nerd” and “geek” interchangeably here – we can fight this one out later) culture. More often, she makes the mistake of professing enthusiasm for something without being intimately familiar with or expertly skilled at it, or while approaching it from a nonstandard angle, or just flat-out liking the wrong thingHer defenders will tell you that she is a response to “popular kids” who adopt nerd semiotics and styles in an attempt to ride along the geek chic trend without the thumb calluses to back up their Mega Man t-shirts. They’ll insist that the “girl” part is incidental, even when the characteristics and media they’re mocking are blatantly gendered, even when someone inevitably mentions the looming Fake Geek Girl menace.

There is no Idiot Nerd Boy meme.

I hate the Idiot Nerd Girl meme. I hate it for much the same reason Feminspire writer Jessica Bagnall hates it: the entrenched geek misogyny that informs its pretty pink face. I hate it because it’s a convenient distillation of everything I hate about the “fake geek girl” strawman. I hate it because it vilifies enthusiasm. I hate it because, as a member of the geek community and a geek-industry professional, and especially as a feminist geek, I nurture a deep and abiding dislike for gatekeepers.

I hate the Idiot Nerd Girl meme because it’s not just a meme in the diluted ‘net-slang sense. It reflects and recycles and reinforces a bundle of more traditionally defined memes: the sticky and tenacious subtexts and cultural dogmas that justify and normalize misogyny and harassment and make the geek community so seethingly toxic to female members–and especially female newcomers–that it doesn’t even need a formal gate to keep them out. Idiot Nerd Girl is the throwaway byproduct of a culture that regularly responds to criticism from women with flurries of rape threats.

This is what it means to live your life and pursue your passions under the perpetual spectre of backlash: to gauge your professional trajectory against Jade Raymond or Anita Sarkeesian and weigh every word against the possibility that it might focus the roving eye of the mob on you. This is what I see when I look at the Idiot Nerd Girl meme: the colleague who sat on a panel with three men, a subsequent write up of which listed each of the guys by their professional qualifications and her as just “a good-looking gal”; the friend who was cornered by a group of guys in her comics shop who would not and could not believe she really liked comics even when she nailed every question of an impromptu quiz on superhero continuity; visible, vocal, and statistically significant demographics dismissed as nonexistent or irrelevant; geek after geek who’s been ostracized and humiliated for being the wrong gender or the wrong color or the wrong sexual orientation or too pretty or not pretty enough or otherwise failing to meet a narrow rubric designed to justify the insularity of a community that prides itself on being forward-thinking.

I hate the Idiot Nerd Girl meme, but I don’t hate Idiot Nerd Girl. She’s okay by me. I like her weary, wry smile, like she knows what the backlash is going to look like and has decided to say her piece all the same (Yes, I am totally projecting. But what do you think the original meme was doing? The only difference is the angle.). I like the idea of her getting so frustrated with dudes writing her off without listening that she literally self-labeled. I want to invite this kid to D&D night and lend her my dog-eared copy of Game Over. I want to ask her what comics she likes and why she likes them, hook her up with a progressive hackerhive, and generally do my part to build an inclusive community where she can be whatever the hell she wants to be. And if she wants to write “nerd” on her hand without backing it up with action, you know what? That’s okay, too.

I know that a lot of self-identified–and more externally-identified–geeks and nerds are distrustful of outsiders, and that that mistrust is often grounded in an early personal history of harassment and marginalization. I know this because they’re my friends and lovers and colleagues, and because it’s my history, too. Like many of my peers, I looked to the geek community as a safe haven, and by hook, crook, and happy accident, I was lucky enough to land in a corner of it that truly was. I was also lucky enough to come into the social end of the Internet very late; by the time I encountered the million microaggressions of being publicly female in geek culture, I could respond to them from a privileged position, confident in my identity and able to back it up with business cards–a luxury largely unavailable to anyone coming of age in the heyday of social media.

So I decided to take back Idiot Nerd Girl. First, I made a couple memes. Then I asked Twitter to pitch in. Within a few hours, we’d filled about a dozen pages of And then I posted some of the new memes and a brief explanation of the project on Tumblr, turned off my computer, and went out to dinner.

When I came back, the post had over a thousand notes. A week later, as I write this, it’s topped 4,000 notes, and there are over 60 pages of mostly new memes.

The new Nerd Girl memes are celebratory. They’re funny, and angry, obscure and prosaic. Some poke fun at recurring themes in the old meme; others speak from personal experience or rehash specific incidents. They’re snarky and sincere, frustrated and frank. But they all come back to a single persistent point:

Taking back idiot nerd girl meme

Written by Rachel Edidin
Rachel is an editor, writer, and chronic Twitter abuser. Follow her there!

  • Adam P. Knave

    Thank you SO MUCH for starting this. Rock on.

  • Ally Hanson

    Great article

  • Alisse Marie


  • Cleo Josephine

    I love this!!

  • Emma

    This is amazing!! I love it.

    • anonymouse

      you must also love bad jokes..

  • Jessica Bagnall

    You are the most amazing person in the world! I really, really enjoyed this. You made so many great points, and I am officially a MASSIVE fan of the new meme!

  • James Fogarty

    The meme is about the prevalent disingenuous hipster nerd character more than anything else in reality. The gender is simply not relevant, its a lampooning of hipster culture where they pretend to be experts but in reality know very little. To automatically assume that because its a woman it has to be sexist is really stretching it. That’s not to say that there isn’t a unfairness towards the female nerd for both nerdyness or gender because there totally is, and I wouldn’t presume to debate the existence of that sexism. But I just don’t see this meme as being related to that, I could be missing the point but I sometimes think we find these things to be offended about when we look too hard for them. But then again I am a male so I probably don’t know anything.

    • Jess Mary

      I don’t necessarily disagree with you, actually. Obviously, there is sexism in nerd culture (we have some good pieces here on Feminspire about that sexism). My opinion is that there might be some sexism playing into it and it’s worth talking about.

      However, if it is stretching it, so what? She’s not trying to silence the meme, she’s offering a response to it. Dialogue, smartly done dialogue, is always good, and it’s getting people thinking!

      • the green bastard

        the thing is, you can’t really change the meme, then it goes out out of context. this is, and will always be, idiot nerd girl. there are plenty of memes involving guys, check the list i posted in response to the white knights comment. but i will thank you for not flipping shit like others on here.

    • carlabarla

      Gender is “simply not relevant” according to whom? The name of the meme is Idiot Nerd GIRL, not Idiot Noob of Indeterminate Gender. You’re grasping at straws in order to make yourself feel better, friend.

    • nurgleth

      “Her defenders will tell you that she is a response to “popular kids” who adopt nerd semiotics and styles in an attempt to ride along the geek chic trend without the thumb calluses to back up their Mega Man t-shirts. They’ll insist that the “girl” part is incidental, even when the characteristics and media they’re mocking are blatantly gendered, even when someone inevitably mentions the looming Fake Geek Girl menace.
      There is no Idiot Nerd Boy meme.”

      I mean it’s right in the text. Right in the beginning. Did you even read it?

    • Robert Howard

      Then create an Idiot Boy Hipster Nerd meme and see how far it gets you. Me? I’ll embrace Idiot Girl Nerd and accept her into my gaming group and introduce her to new stuff like anime and scifi and the like.

      • Colon Tenderizer

        because you want to get laid right? the meme came because someone saw this girl on his facebook feed, thought it was funny, and made this. if it was a boy he had seen, he would’ve done it with the boy. you can’t make a new one because there is one, if you understood how the internet worked, you’d get why. plus, there’s already tons of memes about guys: scumbag steve, annoying childhood friend, internet husband, harmless scout leader, asian father, college freshman. another good chunk is animals/made of characters, which leaves us with some females.

    • the green bastard

      good point bud. these feminazi’s are just flipping out because they think equality = being better than men. not all meme’s need a gender partner, there are plently of male memes, some of them negative, i posted some under the name ‘colon tenderizer’ in response to some permavirgin weaboo who’s tired of a pillow and a flesh light as his waifu.

      • Anonymous

        “Feminazis,” really? Because advocating for equality is the same as the mass murder of millions of people based on their race and religion?

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  • errorabbit

    Cool idea, but I don’t think you can “take back memes”. In fact, trying to force anything about memes is pretty much futile. But hey, if it works, cool.

  • kol

    Jesus… Seriously, are there girls who can’t live with this meme in existance? What about ignorring things? :D You write “there is no idiot nerd boy meme”… Make one?
    Generally what I see here is adding a whole philosophy to an ignorrant joke, and trying to give it a meaning it doesn’t actually have. Memes usually are politically incorrect, and nobody normal goes and treates them seriously. This whole debate is so over the top…

    • Tom Fred

      A tenant of feminism is that no issue is too big or too small. Every instance of misogyny is worth fighting. Its not the meme, either, its what it represents: the exclusionist philosophy of male nerd culture. Which is explained in the article if you read it.

  • Anon the moose

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents here, as one of the creators of this meme. It’s not aimed at girls in particular, we just couldn’t find any pictures of boys that would fit the profile. If you can find one, by all means please make an idiot nerd boy meme, it would be something new and interesting.

    • Tom Fred

      The point of much of the feminist movement is that men often fail to recognize when they are being sexist, or when they are limiting women, or when they are being gatekeepers to the male dominated cultures they inhabit. Men need to recognize that we will never be able to see or understand 100% of the problems women face because WE ARE NOT WOMEN. No matter how much empathy you think you have, you will never truly be able to see what they face. The Male Gaze does not apply to other men, and it never will.

      That isn’t to say there is nothing men can do. Its just to
      say that you should never claim ultimate knowledge in an area you have no possible PHYSICAL way of fully understanding.

      All that being said, this meme is sexist because of what it is. Idiot Nerd Girl. Idiot Nerd GIRL!!!!! Jesus, it couldn’t be any clearer. It represents posers, yes, but the way it does this is by using a woman. Did you even read the article? No, you probably didn’t. Because if you did you would see that the implicit background behind this meme is actually very dark and specific, its not objectively unbiased in any way, shape or form. It represents the barrier women, particularly attractive women, face when they exhibit enthusiasm in nerd culture, but fail to be experts in everything nerdy. Maybe they aren’t experts because everyone always excludes them for being n00bs?
      Maybe its just new to them as individuals, every nerd wasn’t always an encyclopedia of the Marvel/DC comic continuity from birth. It doesn’t MATTER if you didn’t consciously think of it as sexist at its inception. It is sexist, and that’s reality.

      • Master Perry

        How come you didn’t mention the fact that: Women need to recognize that they will never be able to see or understand 100% of the problems men face because THEY ARE NOT MEN?

        It seems to me that if you are going to say that exact statement about men, then you should probably say it about women. Isn’t that only fair? After all, shouldn’t every single comment, observation, game, meme, etc. be all inclusive and qualitative for both sexes?

        And I believe this comment should be agreed with by all here, and if it is not then I will assume a certain level of latent sexism in your opposition.

  • I like to game

    Consider this: The internet doesn’t hate women, we just like pissing off feminists.

    • Emma

      Consider this: that’s the same thing.

      • Randall Taylor

        Consider this. Not all women feel themselves to be feminists, certainly not all are as reactionary towards jokes as this site is.

  • Mike

    I’ve been into memes for quite a while, geek culture for years and the gaming culture for longer still. I have NEVER seen this meme as saying all female gamers are like this, because they’re not.
    It’s just that when someone pretends to be a genius about something they’re not, it irritates the people who have been doing it for years or are taking it more seriously. This isn’t just limited to gaming, it works for academics and art. If you’re a photographer who has been learning the skill for years and someone takes a photo of their eye, makes it black and white and says ‘I’m such a good photographer.’ it will most likely irritate the photographer because the other person is calling themselves something they’re not.
    This isn’t restricted to male and female, I get irritated when someone says ‘I play Sims, therefore I am an awesome gamer.’ I personally become irritated as they are assuming themselves to be something they aren’t regardless of their gender.My girlfriend is becoming more and more interesting in gaming. She was a softcore gamer for a while before I dated her, but since she started dating me she has become much more interested and rooted in the gaming world. Although she doesn’t call herself a gamer, she relates to the fact that it is irritating that someone who barely plays games calls themselves a hardcore gamer. It’s the same with some of my best friends who are female and are also big gamers, they get irritated when guys and girls say it, not just when a girl says it.And yes, there are also men who do this, pretending to be good at something they’re not. But it’s not just local to females and gaming, it works with more or less any subject and both genders.

  • Jordan Payne

    I hope you guys are joking. I hope this is a fake website like The Onion or Christwire, you guys are just too stupid to be true.

  • Not amused

    I really hope you people are kidding. This entire article is pure, unfiltered cancer. Someone has got to put these feministic twats in an asylum or something.

  • Christa

    Oh, good grief. Has it not occurred that the joke here is not on the girl but on the seriousness with which nerds enshrine their nerdy passions? If you ask me, “Idiot nerd girl” isn’t idiotic…. she’s taunting us for our idiocy in thinking that this crap that we take so seriously actually matters.

  • Anon

    Wow. Seriously, wow. You have in this very comments section a comment from one of the meme’s creators assuring you that the meme has NOTHING to do with the character’s gender. I loved this meme back when it was a big thing (which lasted like a week) and I never thought it was about the fact that Idiot Nerd Girl is a girl – it’s the fact she’s…. well, an “Idiot Nerd”. I think they’re referred to a lot as “posers”.

    • Tom Fred

      You’re a very dense person if you really believe this. If someone who does something that is “bad” assures everyone that its “not bad”, does that suddenly make it “less bad”?

  • Paige

    The best part about this is that I never actually saw the original Idiot Nerd Girl meme. Ha! Way to co-opt a meme so hard that I thought you WERE the original.

  • HeadJam

    You know what’s a little problematic with this post? The fact that you have co-opted it for a feminist rant. Here’s a newsflash: Not every meme character can be male. If socially awkward penguin had a pink background instead of blue, you’d be complaining that not all women are socially awkward and “the man” is against women and blablabla. You’d probably also complain if all the sayings attributed to Scumbag Steve were on top of a female picture too.

    The fact of the matter is that it’s got nothing to do with gender. In fact, I can’t think of a single meme that doesn’t apply to both genders off the top of my head (although I’m sure there must be at least one). There’s really no reason to get your panties in a twist. <—- THAT is a genuinely insulting comment to women, see the diff?

    • Tom Fred

      You seriously don’t even sort of get it. Like, you missed the mark so badly its not even funny. That penguin thing was so far off the mark you should literally be ashamed of yourself.

      Just because something isn’t obviously offensive to you, doesn’t make it not offensive. And the fact of the matter is that its Idiot Meme GIRL! Scumbag Steve is not Scumbag Drug Man. That is why Scumbag Steve is not a gendered thing. Its really very simple, slugger.

      Pointing out the gender distinction rings a bell with women because of the real obstacle they face in the nerd culture. Denying that this obstacle exists is irrelevant and doesn’t matter because it does exist, no matter what you think. The point here is less the actual imagery of the meme as much as what it represents to women, and what they feel when they see it. Disregarding what a group of people feel as being false because you don’t feel that way is prejudice at its finest.

      • HeadJam

        I am an idiot to reply to this because I know I’m not gonna change your mind and you’re not gonna change mine, but here goes anyways.

        My point was this: If scumbag steve’s meme were titled “scumbag stephanie girl”, would you be offended? Why does it matter which gender is picked when making a meme? Gotta pick something. If they’d picked a guy and called it “idiot nerd guy”, not a single thing would change. The meme has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with wannabe nerds. It’s fuckwits like you and some of the other commenters here who have taken it as a personal slight against all female gamers. Fuck…. all this could’ve been avoided if it was “idiot nerd boy”.

        • E

          But the entire point is that it isn’t “idiot nerd boy”– it’s “idiot nerd girl.” And no, having a meme with a girl is not inherently sexist, and I would never argue that it is. But based on the real, lived experiences of women I know, gender is incredibly relevant to this meme. It isn’t just about wannabe nerds, it’s about specifically girls who are new to games or pretend to like games or whatever it is. It’s about the fact that nerd culture is often incredibly misogynistic and closed off to women. And perhaps there are people who can look at this meme and not see the fact that it is a young girl who is the noob, but there are plenty of people who look at it and say things like (to quote above) “why shouldn’t gamers be sexist” because girls are annoying/invading our manly spaces/never going to be real nerds? And as long as that remains true, there is a real and meaningful element of misogyny to the meme, one I think this article (correctly) identifies.

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  • GTFO the internet

    So…. you’re saying “part” of the geek community? Yeah…. I call BS. Leave it to a feminist to misinterpret yet another meme. Keep to your FB. This isn’t a global target against all female nerds you degenerate. A great majority of other female nerds will agree and say “Yeah… just because you do X does not make you this” which is completely you true. Oh and Your meme is bad and you should feel bad

  • Jake

    Once again, a feminist blowing things out of proportion. This isn’t saying that ALL girls are posers trying to be nerds, but rather making fun of the ones that are. You are just quick to assume that it’s making fun of women trying to be nerds because you try to find the worst in everything. But hey, I’m a male chauvinist pig, what’s my opinion matter?
    Also the new Nerd Girl memes are NOT funny. At all. They just aren’t.
    I await the down votes but you know it’s true.

    • Pablo Gerbasi

      oh man, thank god someone stand against the big issue of ¨girls pretending to be nerds¨ the fact that you see a trivial dispute when is of course, something more sistematic.
      the new nerd girld meme arent suppose to be funny, they are suposse to say something

    • Rion

      Friend, can I just say that you’re inherently incorrect?
      The whole point of this post is saying that most guys automatically assume that if a girl professes to be nerdy, she’s faking it for attention. Doubly so if she’s pretty or cute or generally attractive. It’s not saying that you’re a chauvinist pig or whatever else, it’s saying that you discriminate without thinking because you were raised in a culture where that is the norm and because of that you don’t consider the fact that it could be incorrect or upsetting.
      As an example, I’m generally considered attractive (see the cosplay picture attached, which is of me dressed up as movie-’verse Black Widow). I’m curvy, average height, and have a conventionally pretty face with a stupid little princess nose that I sometimes kind of hate. I worked at a GameStop and got hit on more times than I could count by guys who tried to act like they knew more than me about games, and were surprised when I knew what I was talking about. I worked at a movie theater and got surprised looks from customers when they asked for my movie recommendations and I gushed about Avengers or Spider-man or Bourne Legacy. I get weird looks when I walk into my local comic book store to browse or ask about titles that they don’t carry trade paperbacks of (namely, Black Widow, which is really disappointing, but that’s a different story altogether). People don’t believe that I’ve played games like Portal or Mass Effect or Catherine until I talk about them in detail. It BLOWS.
      The problem here is that, honestly, you don’t get this sort of treatment. It doesn’t occur to you. People believe you when you say you’re nerdy. They don’t question you when you wear nerdy t-shirts. They don’t try to explain characters or plots to you if you say you know already. They don’t look at you and think you know less because of your shape or what’s in your pants.
      I know this is a rant in reply to a thoughtless comment, but I feel like it needs explained to you by someone who’s not what you might call an EXTREEEEEME FEMINIST or whatever. Man, I know more misogynist jokes than any guy I know. I can use more power tools than most guys, and I’m pretty sure I know a few dudes who have more shoes or clothes or could even walk better in heels. That’s not the fucking point, though. I just want to be allowed to be nerdy without people doubting me all the goddamn time, y’know?

      • Hello

        Yes and yes and yes! So much of this comment is relevant and relate-able!!!
        My entire life has been laden with doubt and quizzes from the opposite sex and only do they shut up AFTER they play Halo with me and on the first try I have the best k/f ratio and most kills, until AFTER I played Guitar Hero or Rock Band on expert, beating their scores, until AFTER I share trivia with them teaching them something about the game, song, movie, artist, etc.
        It never ends.
        It only gets worse with age, it seems, as now after a modeling career and a professional dancer, everything I say is a lie and all my hobbies/interests are berated by appearance alone.
        In my teens on Counter-Strike, it was fun to use the most feminine name and own the scoreboard and to be recruited by a clan, but now that I’m in my mid-twenties, the novelty has not only worn off, but shaved off much interest I ever had in the social aspect altogether. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t be that way, but the enthusiasm simply isn’t there. The homophobic/sexist/racist/overall BIGOTED males who are obsessed with rape and playing with only men can remain obsessed with rape and surrounding themselves by cis gendered players. Player 1 has left the game.

      • E

        I really appreciate this comment in general, but I can’t say I don’t resent a little bit some of the implications of that final paragraph. It’s great to be a nerd, and it is great to claim your right to be a part of that community as a woman. I’m sure you didn’t mean for that last paragraph to come off this way, but I have had so many experiences where people use things like that to dismiss my experiences/right to be a part of whatever discussion. The whole idea should be what you said– “it’s not the fucking point.” Your belonging/not belonging to certain female stereotypes shouldn’t be relevant to the conversation. And again, I totally understand where you’re coming from and that you didn’t mean it that way. But who cares if someone does wear heels? If they love clothing or makeup or can’t use tools? Or what if they can use tools– but still love makeup and gaming? You’re allowed to be both. I guess those statements just often come off, to me, as “I’m not like those *other* girls,” and I really really hate that whole idea. You don’t need to defy feminine stereotypes in all areas to be an acceptable nerd, or at least you shouldn’t have to. (And I don’t think knowing/reciting lots of misogynist jokes is really something to be proud of? Even if it helps you fit in with the guys around you.)

        • Nancy Eckert

          Who cares? You would be amazed at who cares, friend! I bet every girl here has a pocketful of experiences of someone caring a little too much about their geek credentials. The mere existence of Idiot Geek Girl meme and its defenders are evidence that some people care an awful lot about how geeks should look and act. It isn’t just guys who care, either. Women are at least as likely to engage in “gatekeeping” with other women they perceive as encroaching on their social spaces. You’re doing a bit of it yourself, although I don’t think you mean to–but saying things like “you’re allowed to be [x]” and “You don’t need to do [y] to be an acceptable nerd” you are, in effect, defining acceptable behavior to meet the conditions of “nerd.”

          I think the “point” of all this criticism of the meme is that none of us really has the right to define for another (male or female) what a nerd is “allowed” to be (also, it’s kind of silly considering most of us never chose to join the nerd table in the lunchroom). And furthermore, I think a lot of us are peeved that girls (whether it’s in geek-space or politics or industry or even religion; it’s certainly not an isolated occurrence) subjected to such a level of scrutiny (of our bodies as well as our minds!) far beyond our male peers, and are constantly expected to prove our credibility in order to be deemed acceptable.

          And that’s not even delving into the consequences of being found unacceptable…

      • Ice Nine

        “I just want to be allowed to be nerdy without people doubting me all the goddamn time, y’know?” You’re either nerdy or you aren’t. I’ll take you at your word that you are. What you don’t get in our society is the freedom to not be offended. Freedom of association is a fact, and if you’re not one of the ‘in’ kids then either find another group of nerds to deal with, or leave.

        Personally, I’m a hetero male who prefers to hang out with guys in my spare time, both in person and online. I’ve got one (ONE) bonafide female friend outside of my significant other. That being said, the quickest way to get kicked off of one of my game servers is to announce you’re a female.. full stop. Again.. freedom of association. We don’t have to like you, and in some cases (but not all) we don’t even have to tolerate you.

        What I do NOT understand is why some ‘nerd girl shamers’ actively pursue nerd girls at everything from cons to LAN parties just to give them shit. These are the guys who have real social development issues. If they don’t like females on their turf, then they should ignore, ostracize, and shun. (Like I’m sure the ladies are going to notice, but it does give the guys the illusion of power).

        I view this as an opportunity, if not an imperative, for a separate “she nerd” culture to thrive… just as with female-only spas and gyms.

      • Lance Spencer

        That might be because for the longest time (When nerd culture was ridiculed by women) girls did not express interest and often talked down to any man who did show interest in ‘nerd culture”. If you remember in the 80s and 90s nerd was a derogatory term that would often lead to beatings and being made a social outcast, but now that nerd is in style women are now claiming to be “GEEKS, HARD CORE GAMERS, COMIC FANS” and the like. So yes to a group of men that are used to being ridiculed by women we are going to be suspicious of women. Its not misogyny, if anything its a natural reaction to years of misandry on the part of women who would reject and make fun of them for simply liking what they like. If you want to get mad at someone get mad at yourselves.

        • KyukiYoshida

          You’re using misandry wrong if that’s even a real term, considering that indicates a systematic oppression of men, simply for being born men, which i’m pretty sure that has never existed. You’re also forgetting that in the 80s and 90s, there were in fact nerd females. And females weren’t the only one’s bullying male nerds. i was one of them, i hung out with the nerdy kids sometimes and there were always a few other females there as well, or all by themselves as they didn’t want to risk being seen with the nerds and reinforcing the notion. i got severely berated, bullied and tormented for being a “nerdy goth chick”. And when the other nerd kids decided they wanted some “cool creds”, i’d even be dumped by them, and went my whole life practically alone until i was in highschool, in which the “populars” from my middle also attended. And it pissed me off beyond belief, that i had all this pain and torment for being nerdy, and everyone in highschool, even popular kids were claiming the nerd card. But you know what? i gave everyone a chance, i never hated the men who sexually assaulted and threatened me for being that “shy nerdy girl who might be lesbian”, i never hated other nerds for stabbing me in the back, i never even hated the people that assaulted and humiliated me. You don’t hate an entire group of people because of what some did.

  • Karla



  • Nick Canto

    This is so retarded. Damn feminist whores. She is stupid and should be put to the trial of the Gaming Gods

    • E

      Misogyny + bonus ableism! It must be bingo day.

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  • TT

    The best part of this article is reading the comments from whiny boys calling femenists bitches… Way to prove the point, bro.

  • Ben

    They are taking over the world, Kenji was right.

  • Name don’t matter son

    You are insanely naive if you disregard the existence of posers, or in other words insecure teenagers who only identify themselves with a group because they’re desperate for attention and acceptance. “Idiot Nerd Girl” is not about people who make genuine, honest mistakes as a newbie in “nerd culture” (if such a thing even exists), it’s about hypocritical people who try very hard to appeal to a group of people even though have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. Same thing as people who are like “oh yea i fucking love classic rock music. who is led zeppelin?” or “i’m a total bodybuliding freak! what’s a deadlift?”

    Also your bringing up sexism as if it’s relevant to the meme is ridiculous and amusing. By the same token are you implying that because Scumbag Steve is a guy, there are no sleazy bitches out there?

  • Duae

    This won’t work. Not because it’s a bad cause, it’s a good cause. But fighting ‘humor’ with preachyness has never worked. If Idiot Nerd Girl is sexist because there’s no Idiot Nerd Boy, then make him! Make him funnier than ING.

    Otherwise you’re ‘taking back’ lolcats by taking the cat pictures and replacing the can has chezburger with motivational quotes and wondering why no one thinks it’s awesome.

  • Mariah Huehner

    Oh, awesome, a ton of hostile, toxic, misogynists comments from people with poor reading comprehension skills/way too much investment in not dealing with the sexism in geek culture. Fun! 1. It doesn’t matter if the people who made the original meme didn’t “intend” for it to be sexist. It’s called Idiot Nerd GIRL. It is therefore gendered. Denying that it is clearly gendered is obtuse and ridiculous. 2. For context, let’s look at all the examples of misogynist trolling/harassment of any women in geek culture who A. discuss/acknowledge the problem B. simply exist in the geek sphere C. are feminist.

    We could just talk about what happened/continues to happen to Anita Sarkeesian and Felicia Day, for starters. Or the twitter troll who was harassing several prominent women in comics who was just outed and got a visit from the police. Or hey, just look at some of fantastic examples of “we just want to piss off feminists!” or flat out misogyny in these responses to someone whose worst “crime” is addressing a crappy meme with humor and intelligence.

    We get it, you really hate it whenever anyone points out that sexism is a real thing. But it is and people are sick of it. You’re just going to have to get used to that, and the changes that are already happening in your various online spaces where people aren’t putting up with it anymore. I guess you could stick to your anti-lady guns if you really want to, but that’s just kind of sad.

    • Smithy

      Why the hell should gamers not be sexist? If the women are going to be annoying and get upset about every tiny thing why should guys be forced to tolerate them? There are girls who act like attention whores on games and this is what this meme is about. ”
      For context, let’s look at all the examples of misogynist trolling/harassment of any women in geek culture who A. discuss/acknowledge the problem” If a guy gets starts complaining about people being mean to him he will get just as much shit. “B. simply exist in the geek sphere” Some do but you can get made fun of for being fat, dumb, etc. Women are picked on more because they are upset so easily from being coddled irl.

      Anita Sarkeesian is a dumb woman. “I hate these games made for men, they have sexy looking women in them.” I have never insulted Felicia Day and I actually watch the guild. “Misogyny in these comments” yeeaah no. Hating feminazi bullshit =/= misogyny. Misogyny = hate of women for being women. Not calling a woman dumb for being oversensitive. About the meme. It was an dumb unfunny meme originally and she made it dumber and less funny.

      “We get it, you really hate it whenever anyone points out that sexism is a real thing.” Fine say that it is. But you are a guest at these online spaces and the older members aren’t required to do everything they can to make sure you aren’t offended. The community isn’t there to please you, it was happy on it’s own.

      Western women are the most pampered group in the world. If people on the internet making fun of you is the oppression you whine about I don’t see how the feminist movement is taken seriously. If feminists spent as much time and money trying to help women in the middle east who are actually oppressed this world would be much better off. But no, it’s much better to make a page dedicated to how offended you are about a relatively unkown picture with a caption.

      • E

        “Why the hell should gamers not be sexist?”

        …. Wow. Why the hell should I take anything you have to say seriously after this? Really?

        “If the women are going to be annoying and get upset about every tiny thing why should guys be forced to tolerate them?”

        Your post actually reeks of misogyny and childish protectionism of your precious gender essentialist bullshit. How can you not see how a statement like this is misogynistic?

        “I have never insulted Felicia Day and I actually watch the guild.” = the equivalent of “No, I have friends who are gay/black/have disabilities! I can’t be homophobic/racist/ableist!”

        “But you are a guest at these online spaces and the older members aren’t required to do everything they can to make sure you aren’t offended.”

        1. Yes, being somewhere first immediately implies ownership of that space. Nothing can ever possibly change or evolve. Don’t be silly. 2. Seriously, what? Who “owns” these spaces? Why is x person a guest while y person is a legitimate member? Let me guess. X is a woman and Y is a man. 3. Can I just say that I’m tired of people being so up in arms about how not offending people is OMGZ SO HARD AND DISRUPTIVE. It isn’t that difficult, I promise. Really. 4. If we took your argument as legitimate, can’t you see that you would be a guest in this online space and should maybe consider that?

        “Western women are the most pampered group in the world.”

        Intersectionality. Have you heard of it? Well, obviously not. But maybe you should look it up. Privileged in one way =/= privileged in all ways.

        • Joshua Issac

          A guest is simply one who has not been part of the community until recently.

          There is a meme saying that on the Internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog. On the Internet, everyone is equal. But if you seek special privileges such as protection from insults (which tend to be aimed at all Internet users in general) just because of your gender, then don’t be surprised if it draws a negative response from the community.

          • Emma

            Women face a whole different type, and harshness, of insults. On the internet, everyone is equal because by default people assume you’re the same as them. Once they realize you’re a woman, things change and that’s when (in some communities) things like rape threats, attempts at doxxing, continued harassment, etc. That’s not equal, so the argument doesn’t fit.

          • ophidic

            I guess men and women AREN’T equal after all!

          • Lance Spencer

            So what?? I’m a man and I’ve been threatened with rape, with being skull fucked, being killed, etc etc. Its the culture honey if you don’t like it leave but don’t sit here and piss and whine and cry because you got your feelings hurt. This is how I know most of you have no love for the geek culture because what you complain about goes back to the very beginning. If you think this is bad you should have been in the arcades back in the 90s playing Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Street Fighter. People were talking shit right to other peoples faces.

          • KyukiYoshida

            I practically lived in the arcades in the 90s. We talked shit about each other, claimed they were cheating, playing cheap, you suck etc. But in the end, we were friends, and no one was uncomfortable or unsafe. When i played in the arcades, there was no gendered slurs, none of this sexist stereotyping bullshit. The whole, “you’re a girl you belong in the kitchen, im gonna find where you live and rape you, you fat man-hating bitch, you’re not allowed to play, you’re weak, girls are incapable of playing games”. no, if you were capable you were capable regardless of gender and nerds and gamers didn’t make you feel like shit for having a damn vagina. That’s not the beginning, that shit didn’t start happening until 2004. When it started as a simple “no girls allowed”. it wasn’t until 20078 that it turned into raging fucking misogyny that progressively got worse to the point a whole group literally tried to hunt me down and hurt me, simply because i was female.

          • Michael

            The same applies everywhere you go against the ingrained opinion. Go to Salon and say something moderately conservative and wait for the insults to come rolling in. The problem is that people can’t humanize someone on the other end of the screen so they go crazy which in real life they would never do or probably even feel.

        • ophidic

          ableist is not a word.

      • fscked

        I’m a girl. I play CS:Source. I’ve rarely heard females getting shit from guys on the servers I play on just because they are female. The ones who do get a lot of shit are the ones who feel the need to announce to everyone that they’re a girl. It’s called being an attention whore and it sickens everyone, male and female alike. No one is there to hook up and flirt, you dumb ho. No one cares. We’re here to shoot your face off. GTFO.

  • why did i read this

    There is no “idiot nerd boy” because hardly any males pretend to be nerds on the internet to gain attention from their peers with no knowledge of the subject matter.
    and please don’t try to tell me putting a photo of yourself with a controller hanging from your mouth by the cord and calling yourself “such a nerd omg XD” isn’t A) attention seeking B) not nerdy at all, i have never known a nerd to be happy with people chewing on his/her cords.
    this kind of behavior is what “idiot nerd girl” parodies, find a boy that does the same thing and i very much doubt men on the internet will complain when you make him into “idiot nerd boy”.

    why is this argument even a thing? there are no sexist implications behind the meme and there are memes that show men as stupid as well. i haven’t seen any guys writing angrily on their blogs about it.

    • Hello

      No, there are plenty of idiot nerd boys who pretend to like things they don’t to get attention from girls. Girls may laugh, but they move on. You know the stereotype that guys will say/do anything (like say “i love you”) to get laid? You don’t think nerd boys resort to the same pathetic behavior? :) Girls just don’t need to go out of their way to humiliate them because we don’t need that pat on the back from other guys to feel tingly in our genitals or that we’re a Big Kid now.

      • Joshua Issac

        I am sure that if you made a meme about those guys you speak of, non-feminist bloggers wouldn’t be writing angrily on their blogs about it.

        • Emma

          Men’s Rights Activists probably would.

          • Matthew Lane

            Nope. MRA’s are to busy actually combating real sexism & unlike women don’t have same group preference to fall back on. You made a “stupid male hipster” meme, most MRA’s would laugh because they realise that “stupid male hipster” is not an attack on men.

          • Truffle

            “MRA’s are to busy actually combating real sexism & unlike women don’t have same group preference to fall back on.”
            Okay, this is the funniest parody of clueless mansplainers I’ve ever read.
            It is satire, right?

          • Matthew Lane

            Nope/ I’m sorry, but there’s a reason why MRA’s didn’t give two shakes of a flies behind when this came out.

            The fact is that people mocking idiot nerd girl really has nothing to do with sexism & everything to do with posers get there comupence.

          • Truffle

            Keep up the satire–it’s too funny for words.

            “Posers get there comupence.” That is comedy gold.

          • Matthew Lane

            Posers always come unstuck… Its what posers do.

          • Truffle

            Like Billy Pilgrim becoming unstuck in time????

          • Matthew Lane

            Oh i just realsied that you are following me around now, stalking me. Yeah thats not at all creepy.

    • Matthew Lane

      “There is no “idiot nerd boy” because hardly any males pretend to be nerds on the internet to gain attention from their peers with no knowledge of the subject matter.”
      I would say there is no Idiot Nerd Boy because when i tell a male hipster to fuck off, no one screams “you hate all women” at me.
      I think this will be the first step in a line of many steps to no longer letting bullshit lie. It use to be that women controlled the rules of civil discourse & as such rubbish like emotionalised logic, and feeling became more important then silly little things like data & facts.
      for the last few years however the fact that men & women are equal has slowly been disarming those bulldust techniques of argumentation. But geekdom in general has never had any use for such bulldust rules… Which is to be expected when you take a group of the disposessed & have them team up for mutual support.
      I think women have finally come found a demographic that just won’t accept there bullshit whatsoever: Geekdom. If you show up & you say shit like “lol, i’m such a geek… whats World of Warcraft?” you deserve mocking, regardless of gender.

      This emotionalised outcry seems to essentially be damselling, in the hopes that if one complains enough some outside agent will come along & spank the bad geeks & tell them to play nice. i’m sorry, its not going to happen: Geeks don’t want to play nice, we’ve never played nice withpretenders, regardless of gender… Heck, we have no respect for your external authority… Your coolness & sexyness has no power within these walls, you want respect you earn it the same way the rest of us do: Obsessiveness towards our fandoms.

  • old moon

    How did this even get the name “idiot nerd girl”?? its gamer girl, she stands for all the people who make a fool of them selves trying hard to push this geek gamer thing into a fashion trend or low tier hipsters without the money for hot topic relay runs. sort this out op

  • Nanadog

    Remember when “memes” were more than just stock images with a little joke photoshopped onto it?

  • Linda


  • Love

    Create ”idiot nerd boy” then. It’s easy, there are countless material you can start with. Stop complaining.

  • Emma

    Reading all these comments and thinking about Anita Sarkeesian and whatnot…it’s REALLY creepy how defensive and hostile these guys get about any woman saying anything other than “lol feminists” when it comes to gaming. Like, the vitriol and amount of time they put into ~hating feminists~ is really odd to me.

    • Smithy

      Anita Sarkeesian. This is all that needs to be said. ”
      it’s REALLY creepy how defensive and hostile these guys get about any woman saying anything other than “lol feminists” when it comes to gaming.” I don’t understand how it’s creepy to not want to listen to a bunch of people bitch about not getting special treatment everywhere they go. Feminists want to control things and seek to limit free speech that’s against them.

      • E

        Well that’s… missing the point like whoa. No one is asking for special treatment, just equal. The whole point of the article is that the “nerd world” can be a place of incredible misogyny, and some people object to that. If you don’t want to listen to people thoughtfully challenging the accepted and normative standards of culture, and the ways in which they reinforce misogynistic structures, then why in the world did you think it was a good idea to come onto a website clearly labeled as being a space where women might talk about feminism?

        +1 for bringing in an irrelevant free speech argument though. Free speech is not protection from being called a misogynist, an idiot, an asshole, or anything else someone wants to call you. People can say what they want– that’s their prerogative. Mine is to be able to respond to them.

        • Smithy

          Your points are very valid. I’ll admit I am a wrong in alot of what I said. I constantly am bothered by people who only select some parts of free speech for protection then I did it myself. Looking back this is very reasonable. But at the time I wasn’t thinking logically. I still don’t like Anita but I see your points.

        • fscked

          I’ve known more female “nerds” who expect special treatment for being female and into typically boy things than I’ve known normal females who just do what they enjoy and don’t feel the need to flit around squealing about how “thuper duper geeky they are *giggle*”

          • KyukiYoshida

            Those just happen to be the loudest one’s. Most of the one’s that do it for enjoyment, you don’t even know they are there most of the time. Alot of them hide behind male or gender neutral avatars and names simply so you wont know they are female, due to all the sexism from the males and annoyance from the “gamergurls”. As a female who has run into these girls, it is ridiculous. Alot of them say ignorant things to try and “fit in” and “be cool”. They also tend to think that they are the only female in gaming, so the minute you hop on the mic, they start freaking the hell out, and all the sudden everyone hates you, because the girl that “sounds cute”, doesn’t like you, because she thinks you are there to, “steal her thunder”.

    • Lance Spencer

      Have you ever dealt with a feminist? They are pretty easy to hate.

      • KyukiYoshida

        A feminist is defined as someone who believes they are equal to men, and wants to be seen and treated as equal. They also try to get rid of severe harmful stereotypes that tend to get attached to women as well as making sure we keep our rights to healthcare and our reproductive system.. If you hate them for that, i say you have severe issues.

        • Ryan Colson

          I think feminsts are okay, but they get bad credit from fake feminists… just like real geek girls get bad cred from real geek girls.

          • KyukiYoshida

            Yes, thank you. There are so many radfems or fakefems out there. Real feminist realize the harmful stereotypes that effect both men and women, the fake and rad ones want to criminalize same sex as rape even if it’s consensual. And treat men as terrible. I identify with real feminism. And I would never seek to take rights from or treat another human being male or female horribly, simply because of gender. The others don’t seem to get that you can’t get rid of gender discrimination, by discriminating against gender. Unfortunately those people are the loudest one’s. And most no longer know what real feminism stands for, so people think I hate them, but I don’t.

        • Ryan Colson

          I have a fake feminiat friend who refuses to watch Breaking Bad bc she believesWalt is a masochist to his wife… but she loves Weeds certainly is not feminist for its protagonist. Her husband has also admitted to thinking of scenarios where he can kill her, but she sticks with him.
          Fake feminists give real ones a bad name…and fake geeks give real ones just as bad a name.

  • JB

    …So men disagree with her by resorting to sexism. Point of this article: proven. You do realise that your mothers/sisters/daughters/girlfriends are women, right? And that women are actually equal to men? Or are you still living in caves? Shameful, guys. I only hope you’re confused teenagers and that you’ll grow out of being so hateful.

  • Bill Shark

    So macros like Scumbag Steve are perfectly fine but female ones are off-limits. Typical feminists.

    • Tom Fred

      Scumbag Steve is a scumbag because he is a scumbag. It has nothing to do with him being part of a stereotype

      Idiot Nerd Girl isn’t “idiot nerd”. Its Idiot Nerd GIRL!

      Read the article, please. There is a very real obstacle women face when entering nerd culture, and that is explained in the article. Just because you fail to understand it doesn’t make you dumb, but it makes you stubborn AND dumb if you continue to deny it exists just because you don’t see it the same way a woman does.

  • asdf

    are insanely naive if you disregard the existence of posers, or in
    other words insecure teenagers who only identify themselves with a group
    because they’re desperate for attention and acceptance. “Idiot Nerd
    Girl” is not about people who make genuine, honest mistakes as a newbie
    in “nerd culture” (if such a thing even exists), it’s about hypocritical
    people who try very hard to appeal to a group of people even though
    have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. Same thing as people
    who are like “oh yea i fucking love classic rock music. who is led
    zeppelin?” or “i’m a total bodybuliding freak! what’s a deadlift?”

    Also your bringing up sexism as if it’s relevant to the meme is
    ridiculous and amusing. By the same token are you implying that because
    Scumbag Steve is a guy, there are no sleazy bitches out there?

  • asdfasdasd

    LOL You
    are insanely naive if you disregard the existence of posers, or in
    other words insecure teenagers who only identify themselves with a group
    because they’re desperate for attention and acceptance. “Idiot Nerd
    Girl” is not about people who make genuine, honest mistakes as a newbie
    in “nerd culture” (if such a thing even exists), it’s about hypocritical
    people who try very hard to appeal to a group of people even though
    have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. Same thing as people
    who are like “oh yea i fucking love classic rock music. who is led
    zeppelin?” or “i’m a total bodybuliding freak! what’s a deadlift?”

    Also your bringing up sexism as if it’s relevant to the meme is
    ridiculous and amusing. By the same token are you implying that because
    Scumbag Steve is a guy, there are no sleazy bitches out there?

  • Kiki

    Great article. So many good points.

  • Marshun

    Tell me Butthurt Dweller and Foul Bachelor Frog are sexist.

    As for nerd gatekeeping, your judgment of it is determined by your interpretation. A meme inherently has no absolute meaning because, by definition, it is changed when it passes from person to person and branches out into new varieties. If you think a given instance is funny, good for you; if it offends you, either you’re being overly sensitive or someone took the meme too far.

  • e.b.

    I found this discussion while laughing over various memes. Very interesting. The hate from both sides really muddles the good points made by both males and females here. From what I can tell, women want to be free to express their interest in nerd things and welcomed by others( males mostly) into the nerd community without being shot down, labeled attention seeking posers etc. Men who are already nerds and who may have grown up being ignored/ mistreated by girls (yes it happens) for being nerdy expect women to be shallow, mean, etc. So if they see that an attractive woman is actually into nerd things, they might be thrown off, confused, even threatened by it for various reasons. Instead of embrace female nerds, they push them away. This upsets female nerds of course, so they push back. Its a shame we have to argue instead of geeking out together and possibly making more geek babies lol. Being a medium-high level nerd myself, I think if I met a cute nerdy girl I too would be taken aback at first. I might test her sincerity to the nerd title (without being a snob about it), then decide I like her and invariably develop a stupid crush. Hm, thats one thing you gals might consider also. You could easily surround yourself with guy friends to geek out with and be like “we’re just friends :D ”. But like- minded girls are so rare. You will be drooled over. Tis a bit tougher to pal around with you if you are cute. Its easier to let it be a male dominated realm. Not saying its right. Its just that you are… distracting :p

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  • Randall Taylor

    Its gut wrenching to go through life being bullied for what you like/believe in only to have one of the people that did it turn around and act like its all cool now. The people that would have bullied you are claiming to be one of you. People that know nothing about the subjects they claim to love are doing it not because it will attract men, but because its cool now. This meme is about that jackass that would have thrown a milk carton at you for liking something are acting like they loved it the whole time, and you think calling BS is wrong? Why? If you notice, the meme is about posers acting like being a nerd is cool now. Because the meme implies solidly that the person is not in fact what they claim to be because the basic knowledge is so woefully lacking that they could ONLY be pretending.

    An example you may relate to. “feminism is awesome. Who the fuck is Susan B. Anthony?”.
    You would revile a person like that. You wouldn’t want them pretending
    to be like you, you wouldn’t want to see them or continue knowing they existed. So why is it an offense to hate someone that says they love Star wars but doesn’t know who George Lucas is. Someone that says they love The Hobbit but doesn’t know who Tolkien is.

    nerds. Nerds everywhere.

    • Randall Taylor

      Out of my own morbid curiosity, Do you think making fun of the girls that take pictures of themselves kissing/licking controllers and claiming to be gamers/nerds is wrong to?

      • fscked

        I don’t know about ‘wrong’ but it certainly screams ‘attention whore’.

    • FeministRose

      In regards to the fake feminist example of “Who the fuck is Susan B. Anthony?”

      As a feminist, quite frankly, I’d instead be horrified at how badly education in America has failed this feminist for not having an equally representative history curriculum that limited this feminists access to knowledge of figures in history that could have inspired them. Don’t speak for me, okay?

  • Sunny

    First of all, I’m a geek. And I
    happen to be a girl.
    I did not choose to be either one of those things, I’ve just been those things for as long as I can remember.

    Two decades ago when I was in
    school, I was picked on and beaten up for wearing glasses. I was constantly
    teased for reading comics and thinking shows like Stargate and Farscape were
    awesome. I was too busy playing video games to learn how to plat Barbie hair. Boys
    would always ask for my help in media classes, but no one dared ask me out
    because at the end of the day, I was still that weird brain kid. And hardly
    anyone wanted to come to my birthday parties because since I was 5, I always insisted
    everyone dress up in some sort of cosplay.

    It was only a few years ago in
    my mid-twenties that being a geek started to be accepted. It’s not so weird to
    cosplay for conventions and hug children who think you’re the real Psylocke or the real Harley Quinn. It’s no longer shunned to have comics bagged and boarded
    in boxes around your room, or thousands of dollars worth of DC and Marvel collectibles
    in mint condition. (And to think, my mother said all that pocket money I was
    putting to toys was a waste.) The glasses I hated and constantly got stolen or
    broken in school are now apparently hot – even though I wear contacts now due
    to a childhood of insults and abuse eating away at my self confidence and a fear of being hit in the face by footballs.

    The Idiot Nerd Girl meme isn’t
    some angry sexist attack and it’s foolish to see it that way. As a REAL geek, I
    find girls who pretend to be geeks and nerds incredibly insulting to my kind.
    THEY are the ones that are an insult to women for making us all look like
    attention seeking, brain-dead whores. The make the real female geek an even uglier stereotype – a shallow, attention-seeking bimbo with lenses glasses and a low-cut top who can’t even Wikipedia who Picard is because they don’t even know the spelling.

    Believe it or not, there ARE some
    blatantly shallow and insecure girls out there with no substance who try to
    pose as geeks and nerds for attention. these girls are the fake geek/gamer/nerd girls that put the real geeks to shame and make us uncomfortable in our own community. I’ve witnessed them more than I care to at conventions. And why the geek world? Because
    unfortunately, some geeks are guys who are too nervous and shy to approach
    women, some geeks are people who were picked on their whole lives and feel that
    weird tingle when one of the “beautiful people” stoops to our lowly, geeky
    level. And these arseholes feed on it. I’ve had many of my geeky male friends be used and crushed by these girls who expect to be pampered and praised because they’re the allusive “hot geek girl”. And I’ve been picked on – in comic stores on Free Comic Book Day and even at pop culture conventions, in my own f*cking geeky element that I’ve lived my whole life – by these girls for being short or for not being a voluptuous pin up or for squeeling in excitement whenever I see a collectible that catches my eye. (If I’m going to be mocked for my conduct and costume at a convention because I’m excited and passionate without care of what anyone else thinks, I ask the question: Isn’t being excited and passionate the point of it all, not how many boys follow your Facebook?)

    So it offends me now when
    “fake geek girls” suddenly come in and try to gain attention in our
    geek bubble that they were sh*tting all over a mere 10 years ago.

    Suddenly, I’m insulted by guys
    for wearing cosplay – not because I’m a geek, but because my fake tits don’t
    obscure the bottom half of my face and I choose to be cannon over slutty. Suddenly,
    I find myself tearing my hair out at conventions when some idiot girl points
    out a Green Lantern logo and says, “Look baby, a Sheldon shirt”. Suddenly, I’m
    the one that’s a freak for approaching that girl in the Transformers shirt at a party and
    asking her which one is her favourite when she doesn’t even know the difference
    between an Autobot and a Deceptacon – “Oh, I just wear this shirt because my
    boyfriend likes it”.

    Suddenly, I’m the outcast again
    in my own community of geeky outcasts thanks to these attention-seeking brats. Suddenly, if you’re not the hot geek girl ideal these fakers project, you’re out.

    And I’m sick of it.

    So please fake geek girls, give
    us our pride back. Give us REAL geek girls the right to go into comic stores
    and attend conventions and wear cosplay and play DOTA without being called
    posers and attention whores just because you’ve tainted us with your
    attention-seeking poser brush. Find another fad to abuse.

    Oh, and ditch the Chainsaw
    Lollipop outfit and actually play the game for once.

    • Samantha Orum

      Loved the rant. <3

    • Jim

      Thank-you. I was scrolling down wondering why no-one had made this point, which sums up what annoyed me most about the article. The only people that the author and everyone keeps replying to though seems to be the ‘mens rights’ type assholes that drag the conversation down to the usual ‘stupid feminists’ rhetoric and then the feminists shout ‘stupid misogynists’ back at them and everyone suffers as they both go at it like Batman and the Joker.

      Meanwhile down here a decent comment like this actually gets overlooked which actually offers something positive to the debate.

      I’m not saying there isn’t sexism online and within the nerd subculture (as there most definitely, definitely is), but can we just discuss it rationally and actually get down to the real issues?

    • Truffle

      Just a thought–how about ignoring the fake geek girls? And why is there so little discussion of fake geek guys? There have to be those out there.

      • henry

        you do see examples of guys desperately spouting old memes or talking about how much they love some cut down version of a classic series without knowing anything about the true original. However, I get the feeling that they do this in an attempt to fit in with their male peers; even if it’s possible for girls to find ‘geeky knowledge’ attractive it’s still an ingrained idea that nerdiness is not attractive and so there is no point in pretending for that reason. I believe the tradition is for men to base their worth on the opinions of other men (e.g. academia) but for women to simply net the man with the biggest wage etc to look after (just watch any 50′s PSA).

        This is why headlines about female musicians etc tend to be ‘look how pretty she is and she just married a male musician who may even be less famous’.

    • Liana

      What a breath of fresh air–someone who “gets it” instead of just spouting off about how ING is treated poorly simply because she’s a girl and all male nerds are misogynists. Your story hits really close to home, and let me just say: I know the girls you speak of intimately, because I am too often mistaken for one. But unlike those girls, I will never judge someone for being passionate about something. You are intelligent, articulate, and not ashamed to love things that only a short while ago were made fun of by the “cool kids” that now claim they’ve always loved them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t cosplay as Slave Leia or a sluttified Pikachu at cons, because you are a beautiful person. I just wish I had more friends like you IRL. Girls who give a crap about stuff and do so not just because it’s socially acceptable are hard to find in this world.
      Sorry to gush, I just feel as though people as awesome as you are aren’t acknowledged for it often enough, you know?

    • Gabriel Johnson


    • Kelsey


      1) REGRETS

      I am sorry for your unfortunate past. People are flawed — morally, intellectually, and wherever those two parts collide (i.e. almost always). I
      can relate to your story. However, I can also relate to the ignorance of the
      “fake geek girls,” as you label these women, because I don’t know everything about my interests or my friends’ interests.


      Let me share a few clichéd proverbs here: “When you point a finger, three
      point back at you,” and, “When you throw dirt, you lose ground.”

      So: What good are you doing trying to limit passion? How are you validating yourself by trying to invalidate others and/or harboring resentment? How do these people you’re picking on as an adult relate to the people who beat you up? (Are they indeed the very same people?)

      Ultimately, when you label someone a fake, you’re fighting enthusiasm and passion and promoting hatred, cynicism and ego (i.e. all those flaws you claim to oppose).


      We’re not computers; we don’t take on an interest and immediately download everything about it. Also, it’s not bad to not know everything, whereas it’s really, REALLY bad for you to assume you’re entitled because you’re an expert on something. You know that, having built your interests over decades. So why hate the people who don’t know a lot yet? If you really, genuinely LOVED your nerdy interests, you’d want to share them all the time. That’s how passion works. I am passionate about promoting generosity and fighting back pride, so I’m wasting my time writing this anonymous post to a board 8 months old in hopes that it will reach one lost nerd and help them find their way back to the light.

      A common thread amongst experts in all fields is that people encouraged them — or they encouraged themselves through curiosity. So, where are you encouraging people? Where are you curious?

      4) CASE STUDY

      Do you know precisely why the Doctor is a triumph? Why he is a beloved nerd figure? (Though, I am actually very HAPPY he’s becoming more mainstream in the U.S. because I want to SHARE him. Thanks, BBCA.) It’s not because he’s zany. It’s not because he’s cute. It’s not because he’s an intellectual. It’s not because he’s a snazzy dresser. Plenty of characters have fun interests and eccentricities, yet no one gives a crap about them. People love the Doctor because he functions as a defender of the flawed and, arguably, makes things better. He’s a friend. He is curious and he creates. The Doctor hates destroying things. He hates not saving EVERYONE. He doesn’t discriminate.

      The Doctor is THE nerd.

      Nerds do not tear things down. Destroyers are not nerds.


      Let’s stop defending our nerd appearances and resume our nerdy actions. Support people. Create. Remain inquisitive. Forget bullies. Be bigger than ego, period.

      Rather than label the newly converted nerds, “attention seeking, brain-dead whores” or “a shallow, attention-seeking bimbo with lenses
      glasses and a low-cut top,” spread your passions. The reason I don’t like
      the Idiot Nerd Girl meme is because it tears people down and tries to bogart interesting ideas, which is inherently IDIOTIC. Who in Hell thought nerdiness was elite?! When did that happen? I’m not taking it lying down, obviously. Idiots don’t think or share, whereas nerds do. Spread reason, by (insert your deity or utmost value)! Let’s not assume our bodies are jars that we can fill with knowledge and keep for ourselves. That’s not what happens.

      ***Trends, culture — it will take everything you love and think is yours and share it anyway – usually the rewritten, dishonoring way. So why not share your loves RIGHT? Why not go to the girl saying, “The Sheldon shirt!” and explain to her everything you know about Green Lantern? (Try it out on me right now, for that matter, because I DON’T KNOW SQUAT about the Green Lantern.) Or better yet, GIFT HER A FRICKIN’ COMIC. Tell the girl in the Transformers shirt your favorite Autobot. Or, rather, if you’re in you’ve-shamed-my-nerd-pride-ignorant-one-now-I-taste-blood mode, your favorite *Decepticon.

      6) IN A NUTSHELL

      The adult nerd’s greatest enemy is not a fake or a jock. No, as always, it’s just pride. You only get revenge by abandoning your pursuit because individual happiness always trumps belittling others.

      So, you can lecture about all your favorite canons until dawn and make your own costume over 13 months for your latest convention and hold your head high for just being yourself — but people will still identify you as unintelligent and just dorky instead of nerdy until you start taking others as seriously as you take yourself. In other words:

      “Always be yourself… unless you suck.” – Joss Whedon

  • Sophie

    Thank you so much for writing this. I never wanted to class myself as a nerd or geek, because I always knew I wasn’t the nerdiest out there, and being called on it was a massive possibility. From a few bad experiences, I was basically turned off video games and comics entirely- I stuck to books, because at least I’d made an inroad there. I always wonder what I missed, just because of a few stupid guys who couldn’t cope with me not being an instant expert.

  • Nemo

    “I hate it because it vilifies enthusiasm”

    its not the enthusiasm its the girls who are not interested in the culture but want to reap the social benefits of being in a culture that has little female interaction

    “…and make the geek community so seethingly toxic to female members–and especially female newcomers”

    rule 32. “lurk more” women wouldn’t have troubles with men criticizing their comments if said comments aren’t misinformed. they might disagree with opinions but everyone is subject to that. if you want to talk about something know what you are talking about. don’t label them as mistakes, a mistake is when you know right and don’t act within it errors, like assuming link is zelda. assuming link is zelda is a lack of research and would earn a guy just as much flak. both people would be told to “lurk moar”

    the meme is just pointing out that the population of people pretending to be nerds (pretending is the key word) is almost entirely women and slutshaming them for being two-faced to fulfill some need for attention that they clearly aren’t getting fulfilled elsewhere i dont know why they come to nerds and lead them on *cough* easier to get attention from the socially inept *cough*

    • still nemo

      sorry this was kinda tossed together i didn’t feel like spending the time to organize the haphazard disagreements with the rabid feminism of the author

      i say rabid because she has taken issue with this meme on the grounds if it being a girl viewed in a negative light.

      its this kind of rabidity and snapping at any negative portrayal of a woman that gives feminists a bad name…

      also sorry if i sound vitriolic, its not my intent. i just think that this interpretation of the meme is a reach made with a skewed worldview

  • Samantha Orum

    I don’t know that I can claim to be a full blown nerd, but I would certainly consider myself to be straddling the line (and some of my friends might stick me in nerd territory). That said, I know plenty of people (mostly girls) that pull this kind of thing. They slap thick glasses on and then rave about what a loser they are for liking the Avengers movie. It’s annoying. You know they’re just trying to look cool and get attention. I don’t think this meme was about sexism or trying to tell others they don’t know who they are. I think it’s a genuine response to the geeks that resent being invaded by fakers because it’s suddenly the cool thing to do. Attractive people can be nerdy, no one is spending all their time denying that. (Although you could posit that their experience as attractive nerds is different anyway because you can pretty much be into anything and people will look past it if they like the way you look.) But it’s kind of insulting to have people pretend to be into something that you hold near and dear because it’s trendy. It’s like people are turning an entire lifestyle into a bandwagon and hopping on. And then ten years from now, they’ll be over it and onto to something else and the geeky people will be considered bottom feeders once again.

  • pylgrim

    A bit late to this discussion but I feel the need to point this: What the author misses is that “fake nerd girls” are a reality: a subset of women that either consciously or not preys on, mocks, and vilifies male geeks.

    Whenever topics of gender discrimination on nerd culture crops up, fingers are immediately pointed at us males and our disgusting, insecurity-revealing misogyny and lack of consideration for a woman’s feelings. However, I never see anyone saying a word about the men’s feelings! (Admittedly, because most boys are too stuck up with the idea of never admitting to have feelings so they won’t stand for it.) No one to stand up and say “Hey, you know, there IS actually a thing as girls that pretend to be nerds just to mess up with male nerds. Who will take a picture with fake glasses and then have a laugh as she cruelly informs her friends of all the slobbering idiots believing it. Why no one will consider the feelings of those guys?”

    The answer is: because it’s already widely socially encouraged to believe nerd male are subhuman. Misogynia is just a new charge to pile up on the huge amount of cruel stereotypes and hatred that maybe deservedly or not have popularly been associated with the culture. Nerds are a very easy target and their mistrust (and yeah, in some cases, pure hatred) of women is largely a result of being made fun/having their feelings toyed with/being treated like scum by girls before. Obviously, no one will mention that; the only thing worth of mentioning is the sad, pathetic nerd and his scummy mysogynia. Is it then, surprising (note I’m not saying “excusable”) that there is some gatekeeping? Some conditioned behaviour to believe that a pretty girl wanting to be part of your reviled gang doesn’t have mean intentions? Unfortunately this means that some times genuinely interested girls will be turned away and have reasons to join in the anti-geek hatred.

    I want to finish by making clear that I’m neither attacking or defending either group: Both are guilty of truly inexcusable behaviour. The only reason for this rant is because defending the girl-side of the matter is the much more popular thing to do. Girls obviously will defend their own interests and males that want to get on the good side of said girls will quickly condemn their fellow males not to get smeared and to appear decent and progressive (regardless of that being a genuine thing or not,) so I wanted to stand by the other side, and politely remind people that there are two sides to any conflict.

    • Emma
      • pylgrim

        This is sadly a problem that our current Men (swine, pervert, patriarchally privileged assholes, the lot of them) vs Women (holy, victimised, incapable of wrong -only of just and long-overdue retaliation) issue in the internets entails. There is a subset of women that are not interested in dialogue; not interested in generate understanding of each other and move together towards the much necessary goal of gender equality. No, the only are interested in retaliation, payback and a polar shift in the paradigm.

        There are three kinds of male response to aggressively feminist posts in the Internet and three kinds of respective responses to them from the author or other females:

        1. The actual sexist pig who will call the author names and make an ass of himself. The female response is much justified outrage, and perhaps a tiny bit of satisfaction at having their point proven.

        2. The sycophant. Regardless of his real understanding of the issue, will strongly side with the article in the hope of cookie points either in respect or attraction. Educated men that actually understand the matter and wholeheartedly support the article/post will, sadly, be grouped with them in the eyes of women.

        3. The ones trying to make a valid counterpoint and generate discussion to reach mutual understanding and encourage politeness all around. Female response almost invariably is “oh boo-hoo, cry a little more you poor idiot,” and similar unwarranted belligerence and dismissal.

        I’m not advocating for “men rights” here or claiming mysandry left and right, as some do. I truly want the cause of gender equality to succeed and I do understand where the slant currently is. I just believe that militant feminists are doing more ill than right to their cause by antagonising the other party. I just don’t understand… they claim that men are blockhead, entitled, testosterone-addled bullies… and then choose to engage them with provocation, caricaturisation, insults, and ridicule? How’s that going to end well? How is it going to make them change their minds? How is it going to bear positive change?

        I get that after millennia of abuse, some might feel that there’s a warrant for retaliation. That we as a gender must be repaid in kind for our crimes and that the Age of Woman needs to wash over the world, all men trembling and supplicating for our collective balls not to be crushed under the righteous stiletto-heel of wombhood. I really do get it.

        However, that approach has never worked. It has only engendered more conflict; more hatred; less understanding. That only makes the ones currently in a position of power to fanatically close their ears to the claims of the opposition, and feel more justified in maintaining it under heel, with added pressure, just in case. And if somehow, the opposition manages to prevail, they invariably will become the monsters that they once fought, and their defeated adversaries will become the new opposition who will feel the righteous thirst for vengeance and seek to topple of the new tyrants. And so it goes.

        Can’t we just sit down and talk about it? Actually talk? I know you have a lot to say and that your collective voices have been quashed for centuries, but if you are not willing to listen back and have a polite discourse, it’s not going to work. I’m sorry but that’s how it is. I’m sorry that we men are in a position of power that we (or anyone) don’t deserve. I’m sorry that that has made us entitled. I’m sorry that you cannot possibly be given true amends or vengeance for the millennia of abuse, dismissal and oppression. I’m sorry that we are in a position where we can demand that our already privileged rights be respected. But that’s sadly how it is. If you want change, you’ll have to work together with us to achieve it, as much as some of you may hate us. It won’t happen otherwise.

        So, don’t antagonise us; don’t demonise us; don’t ridicule us, as much as you feel in your own right to do so. Appeal to our feelings, not our ire. Move us, make us think, make us understand. Do not write to incense your fellow women or to get impassioned hurrays from them. Write to us in ways that will bring pause and reflection, not furious, hurt, thoughtless responses. Yes, there still be some assholes who’ll call you names and react defensively to protect their interests no matter what, but everyone else can be spoken to and will listen if you stop treating them like a despicable enemy from the get-go.

    • Random Person

      And there are guys who pretend to be interested in forming relationships with women only toss them aside as soon as they get in their pants.

      Does that mean I should assume all men are evil bastards? Of course not. That would be stupid. You can’t justify misogyny with a few bad memories anymore than you could misandry. Same goes for race, nationality, etc.

      Girls who are jerks to guys because they are geeks are cruel, vile human beings. You know what? They treat girl geeks like crap too. Bullies are bullies. It happens, they suck, and as a fellow victim I will not accept being treated like the enemy.

      The problems male geeks go through with society are the same girls do. The difference is that society is still somewhat accepting of guy geeks, whereas girls aren’t supposed to be geeks because its not feminine. We face enough problems with regular society that we get pissed when guy geeks can’t be accepting either.

      That said, I do truly believe most guy geeks are respectful and accepting of girl geeks based on my own experiences. There is, however, no denying a vocal sexist minority does exist in the geek community and needs to just shut up and stop ruining it for everyone.

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  • Jakob Creek

    As far as “There is no Idiot Nerd Boy meme” goes, we took offence at the “jocks” who considered themselves geeks having played only Halo OR Madden. It was a few years ago, granted, I suppose The Internet has a pretty short attention span/memory, so it’s ok that you forgot. All your other points are valid enough. Nerds be socially awkward, amirite?

  • Coza

    Holy shit, please let this article be a troll.

  • Jim


  • Eric H

    eh i call bullshit. its a stupid picture, with stupid words, talking about stupid things, made for stupid people. not everything needs to made into a revolution, its not logical. let stupid be stupid by itself

  • Anon

    Male gamers might largely be a bunch of basement dwelling, racist, homophobic haterade drinking jerks, but the ones that are don’t pretend to be anything else. And therein lies the heart of this meme – something we all share – a hate of fakery, a hate of pretending to be something you’re not especially for social acceptance. Idiot Nerd Girl isn’t an idiot because she confuses Zelda for a man – it’s because she’s faking it for social acceptance. This doesn’t mean all girls are, just her.

    Fakes are generally not tolerated in society at virtually every level for many reasons which should be obvious. I’d wager it’s likely rooted in an evolutionary instinct to avoid teaming with those unqualified to add value to your group.

    The author doesn’t seem to understand this, as evidenced by “if she wants to write “nerd” on her hand without backing it up with action, you know what? That’s okay, too.” You don’t have a slippery slope of what’s acceptable in your social clique, you instead live at the bottom of the cliff where anything goes. Gamers and geeks just want genuineness. Being exclusionary along these lines as part of a social clique based on arbitrary rules is not the exclusive domain of nerds – I’d even venture as far to say it was invented by anything but nerds. Nerds always thought they were above such behavior, but turns out it’s human nature.

    Idiot Nerd Girl is an archetype of all gamer culture fakers and liars. We recognize that gamer or geek knowledge is a spectrum, NOT a “have it or don’t”, but as with any interest, field of study, there is a certain degree of achievement that represents basic competency. Some don’t have that and are pretending they do, and that’s what Idiot Nerd Girl is.

    The toxicity that seethes is a byproduct of natural male behavior as it evolves in a world absent of females – accumulation of knowledge, competitiveness, and to think it is reserved for outsiders or females tells me you’ve never visited the wretched hives of scum and villainy that are gamer and tech forums, 4chan, or ever used voice in an online game and seen how male geeks treat each other every day.

  • Mbaggs

    HAHAHA Writing this article is the biggest idiot nerd girl thing anyone could ever do.

  • not mad at all.

    this is not so pointed at girl gamers as much as it is pointed at the hilarity that some person can just take up an identity of a geek or a nerd, and be cool with it, whereas in the past it would have made her a target. i dont care if it’s cool or not, but if anyone comes to me, looking for recognition for something she damn well knows sh e doesnt deserve, i will react just the same as if it was a boy. god knows they can be idiots as well, but even if you women got your rights back then in seventy-go-fuck-yourself, you cant be happy, you commplain, about wages (psst; men earn more because, generally they work more..(to buy shit for you dickfarts too) which means more money) in my opinion, great whoop dee fucking doo women are standing up for themselves and being the strong people that they are and so on and so forth, but if it interrupts my life, (as a long time internaught) i get mad. why do i get mad, because equality does not mean “make up for all the shit men did 50 years ago” it means that the weight is even. and it has never been “evener”, well yes it has, my father recently got laid off, because in the workplace, there have to be more women, i mean, seriously is that fair? if so then take a long look in the mirror before you manage to lose all connection to reality and take the opportunity to fuck yourself right in the kitchen where bitches like you belong. to the rest of you still attached to your common sense, GG WP, and so fourth, no matter our gender we are all shitheads and idiots, some idiots just have a little more shit in their heads..

    • Emma


  • not mad at all.

    ofc my comment got deleted, you vaggots cant handle a little swearing

  • Joshua Issac

    “Nerd” itself is a stereotype. And that stereotype includes “white”, “teens/early twenties” and “male”, along with certain other “qualities” that Idiot Nerd Girl lacks, such as reading comics, or other things that nerds supposedly do.

    The “girl” is there because the number of female nerds is small, compared to the number of male nerds. So when a nerd is female, people say “nerd girl” instead of “nerd”, similar to how people say “manbag” for a handbag used by men. In both cases, the gender is added to show that the nerd/bag in question does not fit the current gender stereotype associated with it. If more girls identified as nerds, then perhaps the ratio would become more equal, and the “girl” part would be dropped.

    The division of the word in the meme isn’t (Idiot Nerd) (Girl), but (Idiot) (Nerd Girl).

    • Emma

      I do agree with how the division goes as (Idiot) (Nerd Girl), but there’s definitely not a lack of women identifying as nerds – just when we do, we’re tested and distrusted and threatened and accused of lying for male attention (to which I say LOL, we don’t want it that badly).

      For the ratio to be more equal, the community needs to stop intentionally and routinely driving women out and making it a shitty place for us to be. As it is now, the reason guys don’t recognize as many female nerds is (in my opinion) that many nerd girls keep to themselves and hang out with each other rather than delve into the community at large, because when we do we get called Idiot Nerd Girls and told to go away.

      • Daniel Siqueira

        omg! someone challenged my beliefs, I must ostracize myself and criticize everyone from this community. face the challenges, come out on top and revolutionize gender relations. any community as proud of being so secluded and unpopular as nerds will be suspicious and aggressive towards those perceived as foreigners. WOMEN need to stand their ground, unite and make men see how real you are about it, don’t give me this “passive” “the community needs to” bullshit. You are a strong, determined woman, you can change the world, you have agency over your actions and they have consequences, stop victimizing normal social rank disputes

  • emma

    What a lot of people crying “but what about the REAL idiot nerd girls, they exist!” seem to not realize is how they themselves have actually supported the creation of these “idiot nerd girls.” Media very often panders to the idea of women needing to submit to a man’s desires and that men should expect that they will be put first. A lot of these “idiot nerd girls” are playing into the idea that they must make themselves desirable to a male subset, in this case, nerds. Media representations of women do not only affect women’s views of themselves, they also affect men’s views on women.

    So when you see the photo of a sexy girl chewing on a controller cord, ask yourself why that image was created in the first place. It’s meant to appeal to the nerd/geek subset by offerring someone who is both traditionally sexy and shares your interests. When girls see this, they internalize the implication that they need to appeal to your interests, regardless of their own interest or noninterest.

    • Ice Nine

      I don’t care why the image was created, and my views of women are contingent upon three things: physical fitness (a form of discipline), intelligence, and compassion. If your brain is rewired and you cannot work around it due to the ‘media’ then that’s your problem.

  • Nerdgirlmom

    The real life Nerd Girl is a geeks best friend. She endured some real life hardships and was severly injured as a young child. There are scars as a result of the accident, and she was teased. Growing up into a beautiful young woman, she has always stood up for others being teased, including nerds, gamers, whatever title people chose to put on themselves. I couldn’t be more proud of her, she is kind to all, a friend to those who need one, and a huge supporter of her gamer-nerd-brother. Yes Rachel, you would like to hang out with her, and she would check out your dog-eared Game Over book. Most of all, she would never judge anyone the way some have judged her on these posts. I loved your write up, thanks for giving her a chance, and standing up for other women in this interesting sub-culture. BTW, her uncle has a comic book collection that would put any elitist nerd to shame.

  • Nerdgirlmom

    And for the record, Nerd Girl is not an idiot, and she is one hell of a daughter. I am so proud of her, she is a wonderful person. She really does have black glasses, tho’ they are a tad smaller than these ones.

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  • Matthew Lane

    “There is no Idiot Nerd Boy meme.”
    Actually there is, we call them hipsters. The only difference is you can tell a hipster to fuck off & no one tries to make out that you hate all women.

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  • Coitus Creampie

    Good…let the hate flow through you.

    Anyway, why do women even care about breaking into geek/nerd territory? Don’t you have anything better to do?

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  • Coriander

    If someone posts a joke on the Internet and a woman doesn’t get offended, did it even happen?
    Sincerely, a girl who hates feminists.

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  • Jon Stark

    This reminds me of the time when skateboarding apparel was popular in the late 90s-early 2000s. I regret when I used to call people (mostly women) posers because I thought they didn’t skate, yet wore the clothing brands. Many admitted they didn’t actually skateboard, but when I called a girl that actually skated a poser… she let me have it. I got a cursing stampede form her and I never called anyone a poser after that. Besides, even those who don’t skateboard are entitled to wear the clothes. So in regards to nerds insinuating that girls fake being nerdy, every single girl friend of mine that sports a Zelda shirt to a Pokemon backpack actually plays video games and would be considered nerdy. :>

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  • fscked

    Most annoying thing in the world to gamers (male OR female): a girl who must announce to everyone that she is a GIRL GAMER because it’s SO SPECIAL for her to be doing something everyone else does, only with a VAGINA. 80% of female gamers suffer from this incredibly irritating affliction. It’s not enough to enjoy gaming. It’s not enough to enjoy something that’s considered nerdy/geeky. No, no. They must draw undue attention to the fact that they are female and in doing so, invite (and deserve) this kind of wrath. They are the ones being sexist by expecting special treatment/flattery just because they don’t have a penis. And it makes girls like me, who also bear the brunt of the vitriol directed at idiots like you, want to smash your computer with a hammer so you can stop giving us all a bad name.

  • Pingback: Girls and the Stereotypical Nerd Culture Differential | Nerds and Nomsense

  • Pingback: The Stupidity of the Anti-”Everyone Should Learn to Code” Movement | NO FUN FINN

  • Pingback: All Aboard the Fake Gamer Girl Train! Choo Choo! | Princess vs Peril

  • KyukiYoshida

    What the author doesn’t understand is that the Idiot nerd girl meme isn’t vilifying all girls in nerd culture, but rather the posers. See, All the preppy popular girls that used to make fun of us, picked up on the fact that female nerds actually got quite a bit of attention since it was such an unheard of thing. So like the attention whores they are, they tried to jump on the bandwagon and become a part of nerdgeek culture, without actually doing the work to earn your place there. They slapped on a pair of thick framed glasses and started calling themselves nerds or geeks, and try to wing it, despite the fact they know nothing other than jersey shore and manicures. And with nerd culture becoming well known and popular, more and more girls are doing this. That’s what this meme is making fun of.

  • Real Nerd Girl

    This article made me laugh so hard XD There are, in fact, hardly any boys pretending to be nerds, just to be cool, as it is portrayed in this meme. And we thoroughly have the right to call girls like this IDIOT.

  • Manon

    I’ve read bunch of comments, along with the article and I’m truly surprised, how you are missing the point.
    First, the memes are supposed to mock out some sort of behaviours. And that is ONLY and ALL purposes they were invented to.
    As a members of American Culture Influence you should also perceive that memes are responding to particular demandings of peoples’ “market” needs. In case of memes, to make fun of someone’s behaviour. Kind of free market demeanor.
    In particular “Idiot Nerd Girl Meme”, it responds to frustration and irritation of part of gaming subculture, which are peeved by persons who describes themselves as a devoted fans but soon it turns out that they are just shallowly interested in, perhaps to gain attention of them or being trendy.
    Other kind of behaviours were objects of making fun of in “Bachelor frog” memes – concerning laziness and lack of hygiene. At the top of its popularity there was no fuss about it, why it “vilifies young men” in sexist way! Because it has been having a connection with reality, and instance of boys being a slobs were common among the users. By cultural reasons, some of beahviour are more or less common among one sex. In this case, fact of being a “fake geek/gamer” is more common among young females, an this is the point of this mockery.
    Defending it by calling it sexist and demanding to create a male equivalent of this meme is unfair and untrue.

    At the second, it’s quite incomprehensible, why defenders of “fake geek girls” are pointing, that the fact of existing this particular meme is sexist.
    It IS NOT sexist just by criticizing girls – they are equal in rights and duties, so the also can be an object of crtiticism. Stop being so big-headed.
    Additionally, boys that are newcomers also were a object of mockery – in “noob meme” series.

  • Ukyo

    This meme is indeed elitist(something i hate in the gaming community) and even a little sexist. I’m female and I don’t get cookies for being a gamer. I don’t want any because I play the games for fun. “Fake” gamers don’t bother me in the least and I don’t see myself as “better” because I’m a “real” gamer or have more knowledge. Gaming is a hobby, not a profession. It’s neutral. Why do girls have to prove that they like something? It’s their personal decision. And if it’s fake, so it be. You don’t have to give them attention because most gamers don’t expect it. Also, girls can be models AND gamers. Why is that so hard to understand? You don’t know if someone is a gamer with just looking at a photo.

  • Jeannine Coons

    This meme is funny because it is true. I’ve met that girl, it doesn’t even just apply to the “nerd scene” or whatever people call it…This is the same girl who steals her brother’s metal shirt to go downtown and profess her obsession with bands she doesn’t know, or she drinks 3 beers and is “soooo wasted”. This meme isn’t anti-girl, I think feminism has warped the perspective of a joke against girls who would rather fake it than develop friends and relationships based on their actual interests, because it isn’t cool.

    In short: This girls is a real group of people, not a caricature produced by men with the intent of belittling the women who show interest in nerd culture.

    Calm down and check your perspective, some things just happen to be a mirror to reality not some sick lie pointed at you and your vagina sisters; besides, why defend a group of women who throw your movement to the proverbial wolves?