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Feminspire | April 23, 2014

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Get Dirty Hair: Add Texture in a Hot Minute… or Two!

Get Dirty Hair: Add Texture in a Hot Minute… or Two!

If you’ve ever scheduled an up-do at a salon and they asked you not to wash your hair the day of, ha! You’ve accidentally stumbled upon one of the world’s greatest secrets. You know, aside from using peanut butter to remove gum from your hair. Wait, does that actually work?

But really, dirty hair is easier to work with. Dirty is not a bad thing! When I used to work in a hair salon, employees weren’t allowed to use the word “dirty” as an adjective because it has a negative connotation. Silly, right? Dirty is good. Dirty hair is not slippery and doesn’t have that snooty too-good-to-behave attitude.

There’s nothing worse than limp, lifeless hair. Ever try to style your hair only to be met with locks that are too clean? Cue trendy hair product commercial music. But hey, you’re not totally stuck. There are things that take only a few minutes to do, and get this, there are things you can avoid doing that will pump up texture. Yup, it’s that easy.

Don’t Shampoo

Shampoo is basically soap for your hair. It cleanses, but more importantly, it strips. So if you’re looking for super slick and shiny hair, shampoo is your friend. But if you’re craving some rough ‘n tumble texture, stay away from this sudsy seductress. Make sure to go light on the conditioner, and only condition your ends. You don’t want to weigh your hair down.

When you step out of the shower, you’ll notice your hair already has a gritty and slightly dirty vibe. Just think about it: this was achieved because you didn’t do something! If only this philosophy could be applied to everything.

Pre-Blow-Dry Products

Before you blow-dry, grab yourself some whipped products. One of my favorite products for instantly texturized hair is Bed Head Candy Fixations Mega Whip Whipped Marshmallow Texturizer. And before you even have to ask, yes, I originally bought it because it had the word “candy” in the title. And no, it’s not edible… not that I tried it. Aside from smelling divine, this whip adds a beautifully rough texture to blow-dried hair.

Take about a dime-sized amount if you have hair a little past your shoulders – other hair lengths, please add and subtract relative coinage accordingly. Rub the whip in between your hands and distribute through your hair starting from the back and from the bottom up. If you start from the top and the front, these areas will get completely weighed down.

Mousse is a decent option, but it tends to make hair more fluffy, rather than texturized. So go for the whip!

Blow-dry on the medium or high setting and tousle your hair with your hand while blasting that heat. Flip your head upside-down during this process if your center of gravity is pretty steady, and also if you don’t mind all the blood rushing to your head. Make sure to finish off by hitting the cool steam button on your dryer to seal your locks.

Post-Blow-Dry Products

Now comes the really fun stuff. Grab a bottle of texturizer. Yup, texture comes prepackaged these days! I am an avid fan of Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing SprayShake that can and flip your head over. Do two or three short bursts near your roots and flip back up. Tousle your hair with your hands and repeat the rapid fire spray.

The texturizer will definitely add a little bit of volume and a whole bunch of that much desired gritty texture.

Ta-da! You’re ready to twist, braid and tease to your heart’s desire. Hair won’t be freakishly slippery anymore, so you won’t be employing an arsenal of bobby pins around your skull. That’s good news, right? No more dreading freshly washed hair because you know how to what? Yup, get dirty.

Feel free to blast Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” in the background as you do this at 7 a.m., much to the dismay of your roommates, beau, cats, etc.

What are your favorite hair texturizing methods and products? Share them with us in the comments!

Written by Beth Musni
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