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Feminspire | April 20, 2014

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Friday Favorites: If You’re a Bored Feminist, Come Check These Out

Friday Favorites: If You’re a Bored Feminist, Come Check These Out

| On 03, May 2013

This week has been a rough one, but the world is still turning, the sun is still shining, and it’s 5 of the clock somewhere, babies! So let’s kick off this weekend with some Friday Favorites!

1.    As long as there have been jokes, there have been people saying that women can’t tell them, and Bitch media looks at the history of that shitty-ass phenomenon.

2.    Gendered advertising is so tired. Surely we can do better, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!?! Unladylike Musings shares a video that looks at gendered advertising and some role reversal in an attempt to highlight the sheer idiocy of it all.

3.    Crop tops and yellow accents? Sister-friend, you are speaking to my heart right now!

4.    Ms.behaved tackles the NYT portrayal and handling of bipolar disorder. Definitely go have a read.

5.    Aaron of ‘Leaving the Circus‘ asks ‘How can the institutions of philosophy in the West (esp. America) be said to ground their discipline on a love for wisdom (the meaning of “philosophy”) if the community of philosophical interlocutors is socially, culturally, ethnically, sexually, and historically monolithic?’ and then provides us with a handy dandy little list of philosophers that aren’t white dudes! SPLENDID! 

6.    Sarah gives us the goods with some DIY hair treatments. So fresh and so clean clean!

7.    This is some lovely niceness on the internet. Here’s a guide on why it’s unsafe and uncool to out trans* people.

8.    Want a quick and easy breezy introduction to the First Wave? HERE YOU GO!

9.    Let’s end on a high note. I’m pretty hungry right now, and these vegan red velvet cupcakes sound like the JAM!

Did you read anything freaking amazing on the internet this week? Did you make any awesome baked goods or savory dishes? Will you tell me the recipes? Watcha doin’ this weekend? Anything fun? Meet me down in the comments and talk at me! Let’s go!

Written by Sara Luckey
You can tweet with her here, talk beauty with her here , or engage in a conversation about current events as viewed through a sociopolitical, feminist lens here.