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Feminspire | April 20, 2014

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Friday Favorites: Feminist Musings You’ll Love

Friday Favorites: Feminist Musings You’ll Love

Welcome to the first installation of Friday Favorites, where we here at Feminspire will share with you some of our favorite reads from the past week! We’re hoping to focus on the best articles from both popular websites and lesser-known blogs that you should know about.

1. Charles Clymer over at Being Feminist put up a great piece on privilege, what it means, and how it works:

2. Kai Green for Every Day Feminism shares on the difficulties and intricacies of navigating masculinity and femininity as a black transman:

3. Frothy Dragon explores classism within feminism, and asks that middle class feminists stop speaking over or on behalf of less privileged feminists:

4. Remember when you were a kid and you saw Bambi and you were wondering why Bambi’s mom had to die and why DO ALL THE DISNEY MOMS DIE?!?!?! Yeah, me too. But it’s not just Disney moms. Lot’s of fictional moms are dead or dying, and broad blogs gets the conversation going.

5. The Crunk Feminist Collective looks at 5 ways Talib Kweli can be better ally to women in Hip Hop:

6. Sid of makemeasammich talks about workplace misogyny that she is currently experiencing, and wonders how many women speaking up equal the opinion of one man?

7. You can check out a review of the new Sckoon Cup over yonder. It looks pretty rad, and I think I’d like to have one!

8. Angelique of Afro Junkee has some fabulous spring fashion going on. Also, I now want a bright, sunshine yellow cup to hold all my special things!

9. yourlesbianfriend of Queer Guess Code brings up a point I hadn’t really considered before. The concept of ‘tell me when to stop’ is more prevalent than ‘tell me yes, tell me what you enjoy’. Here she discusses the prospect of women being given both the freedom and expectation of saying ‘yes!’, and discusses it in a fresh and engaging way.

What have you seen on the internet this week that you loved, liked, hated, or wanted to run away into a sunset with? Meet me down in the comments and share some links!

Written by Sara Luckey
You can tweet with her here, talk beauty with her here , or engage in a conversation about current events as viewed through a sociopolitical, feminist lens here.

  • Ariel

    afro junkee is amazing!

    • Sara Luckey

      AGREED! I’ve been following her for a while and I love her fashion so much!

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  • Aphro Junkee

    thank you for the love guys – Angelique