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Feminspire | April 19, 2014

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Feminspire Staff Reveals Embarrassing Sex Confessions

Feminspire Staff Reveals Embarrassing Sex Confessions

So, a lot of sex talk goes on at Feminspire headquarters. One day we got to talking about our sex confessions and awkward moments à la the teen magazines of our youth, and we found we had a lot of shared experiences! We thought we would share some of them with all of you so we could commiserate together. Delightful!

The bunch of us got to sharing stories and experiences with each other, and this article, while humorous, is meant to highlight that awkward or embarrassing things happen to all of us. So if one of these happens to you, don’t hide in shame until your significant other has adequate time to forget – laugh it off with us! Sex is fun, and can be funny, too.

Let’s begin…

The writers here at Feminspire have…

+     Thrown up while giving a blow job (and swallowed it back pretending nothing happened).

+     Googled “blow job tips.”

+    Experienced the classic SURPRISE PERIOD during sex. Bloody sheets, bloody couch, bloody mattress. Sitting up late at night in your underwear scrubbing the blood out of your cushions with vodka is always a good look!

+    On that note, one staff writer got her period during sex and her partner suggested roleplaying as vampires… I mean who doesn’t want their partner to feast on their menstrual blood?

+    Fallen asleep mid-sexytime.

+    Awkwardly blurted out “that wasn’t a fart just so you know” after some abundant queefing.

+    Had an STI scare which was actually an allergic reaction to lube.

+    Accidentally sent a sext to the wrong person (sorry mom).

+    Unexpectedly been asked to collect their partner’s cum in their hand so they could feed it to them…

+    Been a victim of unfortunate dirty talk, and I quote, ‘a girl once told me she was going to make me “wet myself.’”

+    Been bitten HARD when receiving oral sex with a partner for the first time… That was the end of that!

+    Had sex in the H&M changing rooms… and in a church confessional.

+    Filmed themselves having sex.

+    Had to get their partner to go on a fishing expedition for a lost condom.

+    Not found that lost condom only to have it reappear 24 hours later.

+    Sneezed while giving a blowjob to a new beau… right as he came, sneezing cum all over him.

+    Had their boyfriend keep ramming his penis against their thigh during sex, and after alerting him to that fact being told “I love that it’s your thigh.”

+    Had a drunken raucous sex session while unknowingly entertaining an eavesdropping audience of 20 people sitting outside their door.

Do you have something you’d like to confess or an awkward moment to share? You can do so anonymously below!

Compiled by Jessica Knox thanks to the embarrassing stories of the Feminspire staff