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Feminspire | April 20, 2014

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Equestria Girls: How Did My Little Pony Go So, So Wrong?

Equestria Girls: How Did My Little Pony Go So, So Wrong?

I’ll admit it: I’m a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

No, I will not call myself a “brony” or a “pegasister” or whatever other term fans associate with the show. I dislike labels and don’t believe that one must succumb to the dreaded appellation monster in order to show interest in a form of entertainment, let alone inclusion in a particular fandom.

But now you all know my secret: I like a colorful, “girly” cartoon. Actually, I’m a huge fan of cartoons, comics, and animation.

I digress.


[Spoilers ahead] I was never able to swallow the Pretty Pretty Princess Promenade that was the season 3 finale. I felt that it was a bit contrived, and it left a sour taste in my mouth. See, all this time we’ve been watching a show centered around friendship and learning to respect and tolerate others of all walks of life, the end goal of which was apparently to become royalty. I’m somewhat concerned that it sends mixed messages to little girls. Implying that all girls should want to grow up to become princesses is destructive. It’s bad enough that “girl” and “boy” toys are steadfastly holding onto their old-school ways. I was under the impression that My Little Pony wanted to shake gender barriers, not reinforce them.

Faust’s vision of MLP was completely different from the tea-party-throwing disaster from the 80s. In an interview with the fansite Equestria Daily, Faust says, “I was also so passionate about making quality entertainment for girls, and I didn’t want to be responsible for adding to the pile of entertainment garbage that’s so often targeted toward them.” She goes on to explain that she wanted characters whose personalities developed through trial and error, who went on adventures and had other interests besides standing around and fawning over cute boys.

MLP:FiM was centered around the idea that little girls should not be force-fed outdated female tropes and be wedged into specific gender roles at a young age. Each character represents different sets of personality traits. Some are very femme, while others are boyish or somewhere in between. Sometimes there are conflicts and they don’t get along, but that’s the beauty of real life; we don’t fit into nice, cookie-cutter packages. You might not be the same as someone else, but you can still be their friend despite it.

This is what I think the show sought to personify in the beginning. It wanted to tear down social stigmas and bring people together. (And with the brony subculture, I would say it was successful in this endeavor.) Not popular and kind of shy? That’s okay, you can still be friends with the pretty fashionista. Prefer sports over books? You can still hang out with the nerdy girl who practically lives in a library.

Unfortunately, the Equestria Girls spin-off does not give me high hopes for the future of My Little Pony.

I understand that Hasbro is looking to expand their fanbase further and make more money, but this makes me sad for the future of children’s television. All that made these characters independent and unique is completely shattered. No, it will not be the same show, and I am very much aware of that. And for the record, that’s not why I’m upset.

Equestria Girls2

Just look at that image. All I see is a group of stick-thin girls who all share the same body type (I’d go as far to say body base, even). Their clothes are even similar in style: top, skirt, complete with legwarmer shoes. Their tails and manes have been more or less pasted on from their original models, though I don’t think they will look like that in the actual show. We went from generic pony body base to tweeny, Disney-esque sexual-ness. They’ve been styled to fit the “standard” girly image that seems cohesive with all the new Disney princesses’ images. There’s a lot of added shine and sparkle. (Why does Rainbow Dash look like a cheerleader?!)

I know that the original characters were visually similar to one another (body type), but their image was not that of overtly sexual anima-people. They had unique characteristics, but they were not supposed to be representative of the human norm. It’s media like Equestria Girls that perpetrates body image issues in young girls. It instills this idea that you have to look and act a certain way to be fun, cute, or normal. See: Bratz, Monster High, etc.

The plot will be crossover style where the mane six find themselves transported to the human world and have a dramatized high school experience. Cue eye roll. Here’s the official statement, via Hasbro:

“Learn all about the magical parallel universe with high schools instead of castles, where six pony friends become real girls with a love for fun and fashion.”

Key words:

real girls

> love for fun and fashion

That dangerously deviates from the message of the original show (which seems to be veering off track by the looks of the previous season). You know what it says to me? Ponies are things for little girls. They can dream and be whatever they want to be and go on adventures, but when they’re ready to be real girls, they’ll have to grow up to be shallow pretty little things that learn to be fashionable and fit in.

Is it because Faust bounced after the first season, leaving her vision to be interpreted by a different staff? Or is is because Hasbro is seeing dollar signs in its greedy, corporate face? Who knows, but all I can hope is that I’m extremely off the mark with my cynicism of Equestria Girls. Young girls need targeted media that breaks away from stereotypical gender roles, not more media that conforms to them.

How do you feel about this spin-off? Am I totally off base? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Written by Amanda Duncil
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  • Toplel

    >popular tags are mental health, birth control, abortion, rape culture, obama, politics, and many more.
    That would make a good fic.

  • bigs

    Here’s to hoping it crashes and burns and Hasbro learns their lesson

    • Fernando

      Here’s to hoping the actual movie is actually good and doesn’t NEED to crash and burn.

  • Gepard

    I imagine that Hasbro’s desire to push stereotypes in the name of the almighty dollar is not unconnected with Faust bouncing, as you put it, from the show. Just a hunch.

    • Amanda Duncil

      You know, I’ve never actually made that connection until now, but I suspect you may be correct. As I understand, she did mention having to force certain things into the show to push toys, but when she announced her leaving, I suspected it was due to her pregnancy.

      • ConspiracyBrony

        was she pregnant? that seems reasonable. i was worried she’d just given up working with the show, or just couldn’t work with hasbro (as @78e6d25f688166147c6ea1c39bb8655b:disqus said) but Faust did a great job at pushing back hasbro’s forces. she got celestia’s product scheme color from pink to white, which is AWESOME!

      • TheTundraTerror

        Faust left because she wanted to make her show called Galaxy Girls and was recruited by Hasbro to make MLP before she could get the blank check to do so, you fucking idiot.

        • Lou G

          I don’t like that these “feminist” blogs are writing these things either, but there’s no reason to be so rude. Relax and make your point intelligently.

          • Luffy

            If you’re not a feminist, maybe you should stop watching a show made by one. -_____-

      • TheTundraTerror

        Oh, and fuck you for moderating comments. But of course you would.

        • Amanda Duncil

          I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I personally do not moderate comments. Also, if you read what some of the other comments have mentioned, that was not her sole reason for leaving.

          • TheTundraTerror

            You have comments on approval. That’s moderation.

      • Nulono

        Didn’t she get pregnant after she left?

  • BrassRobo

    I think you might be ruling the movie out too early. Yeah the character designs look ridiculous and the plot reads like bad fan fiction, but you could have said the same thing about the original show judging from the previews we got. The trailer we say was made by Hasbro executives to appeal to their idea of little girls. The movie however was made by the same creative team that made the show. A creative team that has shown time and again that they can take seemingly unworkable and “girly” concepts and make them interesting and original. So far we’ve seen a princess coronation that included the protagonist practically ascending to godhood, a fair that that was under attack from an evil wizard king, a wedding interrupted by the fair folk, and a gala that ended up destroying the very notion of galas. If anyone can make your standard “new girl in high school” plot work, its the people who gave us MLP:FIM.

    On a related note, I will concede that Twilight becoming a princess might send a bad message, and it was a bit rushed, but it felt right. Princess Celestia rules the day, Princess Luna rules the night, and a lot of fans had predicted we would eventually get a Princess Twilight who rules the in-between times. The little bits of foreshadowing and hidden meaning were always there for the little girls to discover as they grew older.

    • U4RealBro

      No NOT the same team. It will never be the same team, it could never be the same team. So many important people involved in the show since its inception are no longer working on it. Minus faust, minus renzetti, minus theissen. Also none of the other writers are involved at all save for Meghan (FiM’s current show runner, and successor to faust). And after how ham handed season 3 turned out with her being the one responsible for how it would turn out, I’d say she’s far and away the least capable person of carrying this movie in step with Faust’s original intentions, in terms of vision, in terms of talent.
      Also about round the time after season 1′s completion, and the series really starting to gain steam on the net via word of mouth, one of the first rallying cries of fans of the show railing against the endless rain of hate from trolls and the like was that Faust was its creator. People used her name to shield them selves from the ceaseless torrent of insults and anger. Yet now that she’s gone everyone carries on like its no big deal and the team that makes mlp now is the same as the team that made mlp then, so don’t even go their with me on how not having Faust be apart of this somehow won’t affect EQG for better or worse.

      • JodyMorgan

        Not only is Jayson Thiessen still with the show, he’s credited as the director of Equestria Girls.

      • Gepard

        What horrifies me is how enthusiastic Meghan and company seem to be about this thing. I understand that Hasbro is their client and they need to do what the company wants, but do they need to be so damn CHEERFUL about it? They’ve sold Lauren’s vision down the river and don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with it.

      • BrassRobo

        OK you’re right, Lauren Faust is no longer with the show. She was the main creative force behind season one, and the two seasons without her weren’t the same. The animation was better and the stories were a bit more complex, but it wasn’t as character focused and it lost a bit of its appeal.

        However season three’s main flaw was that it was rushed. I’m sure if it had a higher episode count and the finale was a two parter, it would have been much better received.

        So I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic about Equestria Girls. The trailer was definitely trying to hard to appeal to little girls and the press releases aren’t much better, but it had a few good scenes. Twilight’s freak out over being human and her trying to eat an apple like a pony were hilarious. Sunset Shimmer being enveloped by light seemed to imply there was more to the plot then just Twilight having adventures in High School. If the rest of the movie is like those scenes it might actually be a good movie.

      • dos

        “And after how ham handed season 3 turned out with her being the one responsible for how it would turn out,”

        It’s funny, cause season 3 was really good. It has weaker moments, as previous seasons did, but its only major fault was being to short.

  • CPastZaBS

    Thank you for this! Sadly the “brony” community is a complete lost cause as far as trying to talk any kind of sense into them goes. Hell, not only are more a lot of them planning on brony meet ups to go show support for this abomination in theaters but also some of them think that the direction the series has gone in has only ever “improved” since Faust left.

    To answer your final question. Its really a combination of both. On one hand the staff is mostly the same sans Faust and on some level I genuinely believe most of them are trying to make “something” of the brain dead mandate Hasbro Overlords have forced on them (they are professionals after all). But on the other hand there is the clear-as-day greedy and unapologetic cash grab on Hasbro’s part.

    The whole bratz, monster high thing has been done before hence Hasbro’s want to enter the market and get themselves a piece of the pie. Really they could have used ANY fresh new thinking to approach this market (ironically not to dissimilar from asking Faust to come up with her own creative vision of MLP for the franchises reboot), EQG could have as easily been an original IP for Hasbro to handle, but not without its risks.

    By riding the coat tales of FiM’s popularity Hasbro is hedging their bets that the phenomenon that was that show’s success will auto translate to success for them breaking into the doll market and taking a swipe at their rival’s (Mattel) share of the market. It’s less risky, but 20% more lame and a 100% more lazy. Hasbro….being LAZY is not how you got MLP to become your flagship franchise! Taking RISKS was! Hiring and putting all your faith in a single woman to flex her creative muscle and pull together a team of highly talented coworkers is where you owe your successes. Not forcing mandates on your employees thus stunting their flexibility and shrinking their creative space! /end rant

    • Shrimpslap

      Woah wait what? You know people that are going to see THIS in theaters? I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to another fan that doesn’t think this spin-off is a trainwreck for all of the reasons in this article and then some. You been hanging around ponychan or something?

      • Gepard

        Unfortunately, yes. There are a number of meet-ups being planned for this…thing. There’s still quite a bit of resistance and anger about it amongst the brony community, but it seems to be fading as people either acclimate or give up. (Doesn’t help that you’ve got sites like EQD telling to people to gosh golly gee calm down and give it a chance.)

        4Chan is about the only place that’s properly and near-universally outraged anymore.

        • The_L1985

          4Chan is outraged about everything.

        • The_L1985

          4Chan is outraged about everything.

        • Vermicious

          I’m sorry, but how can you be “properly outraged” about a product that isn’t out yet, purely because “this isn’t what _I_ wanted?” You do realize that Hasbro doesn’t owe us anything, right? Not a thing.

          They could be like Disney, have shut down Equestria Daily years ago, have had Youtube videos pulled down from the get-go, quashed Fimfiction, snapped BronyCon’s spine before it even happened…

          No. Instead they just try to make a good product so as to make money, and try not to make us hate them when possible. And you know, I think they do a pretty decent job of it 95% of the time.

          So, perhaps you should learn some lessons from this show you supposedly are a big fan of and grow up a little, learn some self-control and patience, and give things a chance before you decide ahead of time that things deserve near-universal outrage or that other people who would DARE to give money to Hasbro are somehow out of line.

          • SarahJesness

            Oy, yeah. For as much crap as people talk about Hasbro, the company has been GREAT with the fandom.

      • Amanda Duncil

        While I have seen varied reactions on the show from fans, I have to agree with CPast in the regard that I’ve seen much more of a positive reception than a negative one. Granted, this has just been from my limited experience and most recent forays into the minefield that is DeviantArt/Twitter.

        • Ohmeko Ocampo

          Yeah, and what can you do about this abomination? As a “true” fan. Nothing… You people, Cpast and Amanda, suggest a solution instead of berating people. How do you know those fans are in agreement with this move by Hasbro. I bet a majority of them just choose to let go of the stress and just accept it. Since at the end of the day Hasbro can do what it wants. Again, I ask what can we do as fans? sheesh, you guys are the ones who are delusional and possibly neurotic.

      • dos

        Shrimpslap, so it seems you haven’t spoken to a lot of fans.

    • Ohmeko Ocampo

      What do you think we are suppose to do? Us “bronies” are just as disappointed as you are, but what can we do about it. Do we start a protest outside of Hasbro headquarters? Like that would ever happen. I think another question is what can you do as well? NOTHING!! So unless you have sort of solution to all this I suggest you take back what you said about the brony community being delusional to all of what Hasbro is doing. We don’t like what is going on either, but we are powerless to do anything.

    • Artemis Colfer

      Why would you blame the brony community and say we’re doing nothing?

      EQD had to post to tell some of us to stop trying to change this because death threats were being made! We’re extremely into the process of this stuff, do some research before you post, seriously. It isn’t our fault this is being made, it’s Hasbro’s, and it isn’t even that demeaning.

  • disqus_sg6hiOy6xk

    what you talkin bout nigga

  • The Patriots

    I’ve heard that early screenings of the movie have shown that 28% of all babies exposed to Equestria Girls spontaneously die.

  • JodyMorgan

    As much as I detest the character designs in the promo images (though they seem slightly tweaked in the actual animation), I think it’s a bit early for an absolutist statement like “All that made these characters independent and unique is completely shattered.” The marketing blurbs and the trailer are focused on pitching this as a standard high-school comedic girl-bonding exercise, but that’s to be expected given that Hasbro’s trying to use this to break into the Barbie/Monster High market. One trailer does not the whole plot reveal, and I’ve seen enough speculation to be convinced there’s room to celebrate the characters’ diverse personalities and provide for some non-stereotypical plot developments. It could be that the movie does lose everything that made MLP:FiM a worthwhile series, but I think it would be prudent to wait until it’s actually been released to make a final judgment on that matter.

    (Not that it matters much, but as a side note the show’s internet fandom is solidly against this spinoff; for every fan who’s looking forward to the movie, I’d guess there’s two who, like me, are skeptical but keeping an open mind, and two who are completely dead-set against it.)

    • Amanda Duncil

      True, it could be that I am wrong about the trailer. What bothered me was that the whole thing had a kind of Total Drama Island feel to me for some reason, and it made me think that they could just easily slap the typical stereotypes on the characters and proceed as normal.

  • Me Make Text

    Well, not totally off base. The season 3 finale was not the greatest and some unique bodies for these human doppelgangers would have been great. If these were a group of real people, the only explanation I could give you about why Pinkie Pie (who can put away entire multi-layer cakes in seconds and does several times during the show) has the same figure as Applejack (who’s been working a farm almost her entire life) is that the universe really likes Pinkie Pie.

    But I don’t entirely agree on a couple points. First, princesses. Yes, there are a handful of princesses on the show. But they’re not just sitting around looking horse-pretty. They’re raising the sun and moon, dispelling nightmares, fixing problems with powerful, but not excessive, magic, pushing themselves past their limits to protect their subjects, challenging enemies of the principality to one-on-one combat (and losing, to another female). They’re powerful and wise, but not infallible, a far cry from some lady with a crown and no real responsibilities. The most recent episode had Twilight Sparkle become one of them, and how good a move that was for the show is yet to be seen. But she earned it. She did what needed done and more and she was promoted for it. They used becoming a princess, but it could be applied to becoming chairperson, higher rank, CEO, even just graduation to a new grade. Any kind of promotion you have to work for. And I don’t think showing little girls (or anyone else) that their hard work can get them to the top is all that dangerous.

    Second is the skinniness. You’re right. They are skinny. They don’t have wide hips, shapely butts or huge breasts, which are usually the attributes played up when a female is being sexualized. They’re not curvy, which can be seen in different ways. But given the other people walking around, making the school look active, I think they’re just supposed to be nondescript, that their bodies are meant to not take focus away from the story. Or that they’re easier to animate that way. It’s not that you don’t have any points, I just think there may be a different reason than Hasbro saying “Faust is finally gone, we can finally start demeaning women!”.

    Third, the key words and the paragraph just after them. “Real girls” could just be bad wording. It could be a more efficient, universally-understandable way to say “more like real (non-cartoon ponies) girls”. And who says they can’t still go on adventures? This whole “go to another world full of weird creatures” set-up is an adventure. Getting back the MacGuffin? Adventure. Whatever the other ponies do while Twilight is away? Possibly an adventure.They’re still being had.
    Twilight and Spike do have to fit in, though. They’re only human and dog in appearance. If Twilight can’t pass for human in a social setting, problems will arise. See comedies about aliens for details. Imagine if Spike was a talking dog. Has that EVER not turned into a huge problem in a cartoon where talking dogs weren’t common?
    What’s wrong with fun? Everybody may not agree on what’s fun, but a good majority of people enjoy having it. If they’re not enjoying it, it wouldn’t be fun. In fact, I’ve been told it’s all girls want. Why would Cyndi Lauper lie about that?
    Fashion? You seem to like the characters in the show. Does that not include Rarity? Her pursuit of fashion led her to a creative and at least somewhat lucrative career she generally loves doing. That can’t be an option? Is fashion to be fazed out?

    Speaking of options, fourth and probably most hate-inviting, maybe don’t let little girls limit themselves to a set number of them. Let’s say you have a daughter, you show her Equestria Girls and she comes away with the idea that she can be six things and either skinny or worthless. One, if you only believe she thinks this but don’t know that, please try to give her a little more credit. A movie can just be a movie, even to kids. But if she says she does believe this, disagree. Tell her she has way more options for aspirations and body-type than any one movie can present. She can be a skinny fashion-designer, if she sincerely wants to. Or she can be a chubby geologist, or design cars and be super-muscular or a musician who isn’t fat or skinny or a whatever who looks like whatever if it makes her happy. If something is making her feel that badly about herself, address it with her.

    It’s not that I think you’re wrong or anything that simple. I just kinda don’t see it the same way.

    • Amanda Duncil

      Thank you for sharing your opinions. I have to agree that I had the same exact thoughts about Pinkie Pie. No one’s metabolism is THAT fast.

      You are right that the princesses are more than pretty horses that do nothing, but it still seems odd to me that they chose to take that path in the end. Any sort of finality or change is going to be received with mixed reactions, and mine just so happened to be less than enthusiastic. Which is fine; I had friends who thought it was great.

      Twilight had aspirations to become a powerful wizardess, and from what we’d seen in the past, she was practical and not idly wishing she were something she was not. And sure, she may have deserved a promotion for working hard, if you wish to relate becoming a princess to climbing the ranks, but it still made no sense to me that her end goal was to become a princess, except for marketing purposes. And with all the Twilicorn toys and merchandise, I settled on the idea that it was probably the best course of action for them as a company. I’m also not sure if you ever saw any of the Celestia toys…they were pretty much opposite of the message the show was sending (“I love it when you brush my hair!”). I am also a firm believer that the royal wedding was yet another attempt to push a set of toys, as were crystal ponies, but that’s just my opinion.

      My problem with the “fun and fashion” statement is that it so clearly is not “adventure and friendship.” And while those elements could be there as well, it makes me believe that they are going to focus much more on the typical high school experience (boys, clothes, social status, etc) and not as much on other themes. I’m not saying fashion should be fazed out (and yes, Rarity is a hoot, but she’s over-the-top and we’re supposed to be exasperated with how much of a queen she is) but it shouldn’t be the focal point of the movie.

      Hasbro ultimately exists to push toys. The MLP franchise is notorious for reskins and play sets and special edition ponies with markings and tinsel and props. It’s quite ridiculous; there is an archive site where they have every toy made for each pony. They made it clear in the beginning that they weren’t interested in appeasing fans with season DVDs (though that changed when they realized they were missing out on even more money) and Faust deliberately had to write in elements so that Hasbro could sell them as toys, such as the balloon. I’m not saying that they are jumping back to demeaning women, but I don’t think they have the more pure intentions since their goal is to making money. EQG WILL appeal to a certain demographic of girls, and they saw that the best way to maximize their potential profits was to copy existing patterns that work. That is why I am as cynical about the spinoff as I am (although I am pretty much a cynical person so you must forgive me).

      As someone who grew up with a negative body image stemming from media like this, I can tell you that it’s sometimes not as simple as just telling your daughter that she can be/look/feel however she wants. Sometimes, you don’t accept yourself the way it is, and it can grow into shame and resentment when you feel like you should look like the girls you see on TV but don’t. Especially when you see the token chubby or average sized girls and they are often portrayed in a bad light. The simple fact is that we are surrounding our girls with media that make them feel conscious about their appearance whether they actively see it or not.

      I’m not trying to argue your points as they are completely valid. You brought up some good arguments and I just wished to give you insight on why I feel the way I do.

      • Me Make Text

        Not that I haven’t heard people swear their’s was…

        I think the decision to make Twilight a princess will be proven good or bad in the upcoming season. Even if it was a money-making move by Hasbro, good episodes could still come out of it. Which I guess doesn’t prove the decision so much as how well the writers can adapt to it.

        I’m with you on that. I figured she would end up her generation’s Starswirl the Bearded, or I did after they mentioned him. A sage who future magic scholars would look up to. But life can sometimes take us in directions we weren’t expecting. Like Willy Wonka telling Charlie “Guess what, you’re a business-owner now” It would have been nice if Princess Celestia had ASKED before deciding Twilight was a princess, but…she didn’t. Sometimes I wonder just what kind of plans she has.
        I have not seen that. “I love it when you brush my hair”?
        Sounds about right. Even so, I loved the Canterlot Wedding episode(s) and Crystal Empire was good. If they really were meant to be nothing but hour-long ads, they were good ones.

        “Fun and fashion” seems to be a blurb written by someone who saw a synopsis, assumed or knows more about the movie than most. Hopefully the second one. While the trailer shows comedy, the all hands in the center thing and that it’s an adventure into a new world. There probably will be a scene where the human mane six show Twilight human clothes (and that human Rarity also designs them, if they’re smart), but that’ll probably be it. Or they’ll stretch out a 20-minute fashion show, I’m only speculating. But I hope they don’t do that so much.

        Every business is about making money. The smart ones know that grabbing a quick buck with a product they threw out doesn’t work in the long-term because it assures no return customers. The first crop of toys were less than fantastic, but they do seem to be improving (except “I love it when you brush my hair”. Seriously, what?). Being demeaning intentionally is just as bad an idea as the quick cash grab, if not worse. It removes the market they insult, as well as the ones who just think it’s wrong to do it. Hasbro has made some bad calls with the handling of the franchise, though, that I won’t deny. Maybe it’s my non-cynicism (that I guess I have now), but I believe that’s what it is. Not so much intentionally trying to do bad things, just making bad calls. When they found out Derpy Hooves was offending people, they went back into the animation to change her eyes and had two of the voice actresses re-dub the scene. That was in response to a fairly small outcry, so I’m pretty sure they’re not out to offend or demean. I will give Hasbro credit, some of their executive meddling turned out for the best. Trixie works very well as a mare and I like Cheerilee (legend/word of Faust has it they were both a result of executive request). If only they could get pre-season 1 management back, when they seemed more hit than miss.
        I can’t forgive you if you don’t do anything wrong.

        No method of changing a person’s mental self-image is guaranteed But as someone else who grew up with a negative body image, I wish someone had tried. I probably still would have avoided mirrors like I was Dracula but just being able to look back and say “well, at least someone tried” may have helped a lot.

        Thank you for that. And for keeping the tone conversational. I know how easy it is to hear a simple statement as an angry insult in text.

      • Lou G

        Faust wanted to make her Queen Celestia. Hasbro said no, she should be a princess and have a sister.

    • dos

      I also can eat multi-layer cakes in seconds (ok, maybe a bit more – but I can and I do eat lots of those sweets) and I’m pretty skinny. One of my friends has the same – she eats what and when she wants. Her slim figure makes other girls envy :P

      Some people just have such metabolism, I always imagine Pinkie Pie as such person ;)

  • Tex

    I’m frustrated that you didn’t address the fact that MLP:FiM currently sets an unrealistic standard of beauty for horses. All of the horses in MLP:FiM are fit and healthy, and when I take my pony to the horse show I get slammed for having an overweight, unathletic, and unaesthetically pleasing horse. If it weren’t for cartoons like MLP:FiM setting unrealistic DAMAGING standards about what horses would look like, I could win more horse shows.

    • BrassRobo

      Well it’s not that unrealistic. You have to remember these are wild horses, they don’t have cars or sugar substitutes. They gallop everywhere and subsist on an entirely organic vegetarian diet. If you left your pony out in the wild, it too would eventually build up the strength to gallop to Tartarus and back in a single day. Or get eaten by timber wolves, either or.

    • PhilDeBlanque

      Well, the role model of your pony can be Snips…

    • Julio Garcia

      Damaging for who? Your horse? Your horse don’t cares if he/she is fat, Also, by their own animals never go fat, even when they are tamed they are able to maintain their shape by just doing their stuff which your horse is not doing if it has weight issues. Being fat is a biggest problem for horses as they need to run and jump a lot, my dog is not fat because I let him stroll with me even when I go just to the store. Who needs to me more conscious about your horse health is you.

      • Montana Bobinksi

        I guess somebody missed the satire train. I hope your bags aren’t heavy.

      • Thunder

        Clearly you dont have a horse. My horse is currently on something like 50 acres of pasture and woodland, with a fresh water creek and a lake on it. He’s left to his own devices most of the time because we’re currently in different parts of the country. He’s leader of his little herd. And he is FAT. so fat. My mom sent me a picture of him the other day, and I could see the rolls on his bum. Fat, fat little horse. -.-

    • Telaros

      But-but… everyone loves FiM pudgy pony bellies Q-Q have you NOT seen Rainbow Dash in Lesson Zero when she’s on the bench being pet by Twilight, or many of Rarity’s great moments “Et Tu~! SWEETIE BELLE!” and AJ always shows off her pudgy tummy all the time.

      And case in point, S1, where all are afraid they may have sat on AJ, Buttershy got back! See, pretty and big!

      They are fit AND well fed! Something a lot more girls should learn to do!

    • NotsurewhyI’mreadingallthis


    • Jackichanne

      YES!!!!! :)

  • blimpslap

    I think you’re right on. The original creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Lauren Faust, has said in interviews over and over that she wanted to make a show for girls that wasn’t a typical “girl’s show.” As you put it, one where the characters “went on adventures and had other interests besides standing around and fawning over cute boys.” She created MLP:FiM as an answer to exactly the kind of show Equestria Girls looks like it’s going to be.

  • astralConsultant

    I think it’s worth mentioning that Lauren Faust was also going to make Twilight a princess from the get go. So… There’s that.

    • CPastZaBS

      Nope sorry! *price is right fail buzzer* Would you like to try again? Faust has only ever said Twilight was going to be Celestia’s successor and that doesn’t automatically mean = alicorn OR princess to be either. For all we know Faust could have planned that after thousands of years Celestia and Luna were tired of ruling the day and night and were ascending to a higher plane “leaving” the ponies to be rulers of their own destiny and path in life. For all we know in Faust’s mind, Celestia was grooming twilight as a successor to lead the ponies and keep them strong willed in her absence or such an unknown time with a princess to govern them and tell them how to live. It could have ended up that equestrian became a democracy.

      • CPastZaBS

        bahhh stupid auto correcting text!
        at the bottom there the last two sentences are slightly off. The ‘or’ is supposed to be ‘during’. The ‘with’ is supposed to be ‘without’ and ‘equestrian’ is supposed to be ‘equestria’. Much better.

      • SleepingLate

        …if you have a Princess and then she makes someone her successor… while that doesn’t automatically mean “Princess” …it’s generally a very good indication… unless the meaning of “successor” has changed recently…

  • no_name_given

    I agree with everything in your article. I have nothing to add.

  • X X

    My biggest beef with this mess is they’re devolving Twilight from the advanced grad student she’s always been to highschool girl. Unless this magic mirror thingie makes her regress, I ain’t buying it.

    Unless Twilight is merely laying low and infiltrating the school and trying to feign being a mere highschool student like Susan from the Dr. Who pilot. That would admittedly be kind of cool.

    • The_L1985

      It’s also possible that Twilight is such a prodigy, she finished the equivalent of grad school in her teens.

      Or just that, you know, Equestrian schools don’t work like real-life schools, because the entire society of the show is so different. Think about it. There is a one-room schoolhouse, and all of the students are little foals. So why expect Equestria to even have high schools instead of some sort of apprenticeship system?

    • The_L1985

      It’s also possible that Twilight is such a prodigy, she finished the equivalent of grad school in her teens.

      Or just that, you know, Equestrian schools don’t work like real-life schools, because the entire society of the show is so different. Think about it. There is a one-room schoolhouse, and all of the students are little foals. So why expect Equestria to even have high schools instead of some sort of apprenticeship system?

    • Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik

      Yes, she got her PhD in Friendship in Equestria, but that doesn’t mean she have any valid educational diplomas or paperwork to show in this new world. It won’t be a downgrade, because it’ll be more of an infiltration, and she probably will stun everyone with her freaky-way-beyond-high-school-intellect if that comes up. And no, it won’t make her a Mary Sue because surprise surprise, the high school theme is just a background setting, the main plot will be about a pony adjusting to being a human while trying to recover her stolen crown – that should be obvious enough from the trailer.

  • Orion

    I love this article, I feel it presents solid criticisms of everything we have seen so far of this movie.

    However, I am willing to give it a chance for one reason: Because I wasn’t willing to give the original a chance. We can only hold out hope now that it’s just as much of a surprise break with hoary “Girls show” tropes as the main show is.

  • FiMBrony

    Really when looking at screens from the trailer itself and watching it, I don’t feel like the characters are sexualized at all in the actual feature. In fact they often look goofy or wacky while only barely resembling the sexualized pictures in that promo image above. However, the marketing surrounding it seems to be more stylized to the overly sexualized end and I get the feeling any toy produced will be as well. I’m really seeing it as a very sad picture of where the creative team behind the show and Hasbro clearly don’t see eye-to-eye on what truly markets, similar to the whole Princess Merida fiasco Disney started by completely sexualizing the main character from Brave in its toy line. I guess only time will tell. We’ll have our answers on this come June 16 for better or worse.

    Even if the film itself is fine, I suspect there will be much to worry about in licensed merchandise following it.

  • FiMBrony

    I guess I can’t comment on every point in the article or that flags my comment…I’ll just summate what I was saying. There’s a bit of a difference in the attractiveness of the way the girls appear in the actual feature and how they appear in promotional material. I’m suspecting the feature itself won’t actually be doing a lot in terms of damage, but all marketing and merchandise will really be contrary to the show’s nature and damaging culturally. We’ll find out June 16.

    • Shining

      It will probably be like Disney and their princesses…I seem to recall Belle was their Twilight, at least in the first B&B movie… And now look at her. That’s what I fear the most about season four. And since you mentioned Merida, we also must remember how amazing Jasmine was during the animated series, she travelled with Aladdin, got wrapped up in his adventures, even supplied the moral and was the main hero in a couple of them. Now she just sits there, puffing her hair and powdering her nose with the best of’em. Tiana feels like she was treated similarly. And Mulan has mostly just become the of the bunch, aside from merchandise which is Mulan-centric-only.
      I was at first, quite bummed that Giselle from Enchanted would not be included with their ‘princess line’ but seeing how it’s gone, I am muchly relieved.
      This I feel is how Hasbro is going to run EqG, except with a modern flavour since high school and all. They even have a decent excuse with the whole ‘alternate universe thing!’ “Oh Rainbow Dash has reverted to her g3 personality because this is a different universe, see, the pony dash is still the one you all know and love!”

  • U4RealBro

    No I’d rather they keep their professionalism, and artistic integrity and QUIT, just like Faust did (or at least not feed the beast, and tone down the hype-train on social media sites). Faust’s leaving and ALL the things that have happened with the MLP franchise as of late are too much of a coincidence imo for me to think they are somehow not related. Faust saw the torrent of BS coming and got out of dodge. Wish the other talent had the backbone to do the same. Gepard was right, the fact that they’ve not only NOT tempered in their expectations of its reception but are also ACTIVELY out there hyping up their work on twitter and the like makes me think they’re ACTUALLY enjoying the direction Hasbro’s mandates has taken the show in, including this spinoff.

  • Don East

    Thank you so much for writing this, it lists almost of all of the problems I have with FiM & EG. I used to be a huge brony but ever since the Season 3 finale, my view on the show’s future has soured.

  • fiuh

    Guys, there is already r34 of it.
    They may not like the idea of the movie, but the art is good. Only reedemable thing.

  • ParaspriteHugger

    How about we all drink a nice cup of STFU until we have seen it?

    • HyperNerd

      I’m sorry, I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to voice our opinions yet.

  • JSP42

    I disagree.

    I don’t think the bodytypes are a issue. Frankly I think feminists overly politicize figure and weight. You’ll notice even devoted feminist Lauren Faust drew human figures the same way in Galaxy Girls.

    As for their clothes, its yet to be determined whether they will change clothes throughout the series so you can’t just judge on what they’re wearing in the movie.

    And you cannot judge the show on the synopsis. This article seems awfully familiar to the infamous Ms Magazine article where the writer hilariously said the show subliminally was racist because Princess Celestia was white (literally white) and some of her guards were black (literally black). (In fact there are white guards as well)

    Also the new staff is lead by a woman, Meghan McCarthy, whose views aren’t that different from Lauren Faust. I suggest you try to get a interview with her. Here’s her Twitter handle. @MeghanMcCarthy.

    If you asked her I’m sure she’d put to rest your concerns.

    • Shining

      Those bodies aren’t the same at all. One resembles Power Puff Girls, and the other resembles Monster High. How are you even comparing that?!? You must not draw at all to not be able to understand how different the anatomy is. Also it’s not a series, but a movie. I am willing to bet they go the paper doll route with supplemental EqG materials though.

      • Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik

        Uh, Galaxy Girls only resemble power puff girls in regards to their perfectly round heads and oversized eyes. And yes, they are also different in that they are actually thiner than the MLP:EG design. Still, they are based on the same doll based art style. It’s like how manga artists all got their own unique take on the same art style. So yes, MLP:EG and Galaxy Girls is comparable in that regard.

  • Jose Galapagos

    Seems like a lot of people have already condemned this thing without seeing it. I really hate this line of thinking, but it certainly isn’t unique to this fandom.

    I remember before TES:Oblivion came out, there was a huge cry of how people were bemoaning that Bethesda had destroyed the Elder Scrolls. And it was dumbed down, and OMG they remove Spears and I will never play TES games again. And then the exact same thing happened before the release of TES:Skyrim. Oh no, the have ruined TES and I will never play another Elder Scrolls game ever again.

    Similarly when The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker came out. Oh no, Nintendo has ruined The Legend of Zelda. Now it is just a kid game. I’ll never play another Zelda game again. Then it was oh no, they added motion controls to Twilight Princess, the ruined Zelda, I’ll never play another Zelda game again. Then before Skyward Sword was released, rinse, wash, and repeat.

    So, why don’t we actually I don’t know, watch the movie before we condemn it??

    • Scootareader

      They also said the same things about A Canterlot Wedding and Magical Mystery Cure. We’re still here, right?

      • dos

        A Canterlot Wedding and Magical Mystery Cure were one of the best episodes in the series (not the best ones, but one of the best), so well…

        I don’t have high expectations about Equestria Girls, but I’ll certainly give it a try.

      • raptornx01

        Canterlot wedding is listed on many people’s best lists. And opinions on MMC have largely calmed down after the initial knee-jerk reaction by many in the vocal minority.

        • spiritplumber

          There’s no comparison.

          ACW was initially greeted with “Oh noes, here we go with pretty princess promenades” and then…. well the friggin ZERG show up, pretty much. That was quite a bit awesome.

          MMC was rushed. Overall with the episode length, everyone being literally out of character (cutie marks?) and the ending, it felt more like a story within a story, a la Heart Warming’s Eve.

    • ManlyStitches

      This article is discussing some problematic features of the movie that we can already see, just from the promo art and the trailer. I understand your point, that we should watch the movie before we judge it completely, but you have to understand that if a movie describes itself a certain way, you can be sure that element will be in the movie. You can tell the overall look and plot of the movie. And if those things are problematic, then they need to be addressed. If you were a parent (and you may be, for all I know), you wouldn’t take your child to just any movie, because you “didn’t want to judge it” before seeing it. You would watch the trailer, and probably read a review on what the movie is about and what themes and troupes it covers. If you don’t believe the movie to be appropriate for your child, you would simply go see another movie. In that case, you ARE judging the movie, and you SHOULD. Bronies are one thing; they are not going to be negatively affected by this movie. But what about the “target audience”? If this movie is as problematic as this article and a lot of people think it will be, then a lot of little girls will have mixed signals and gender sterotypes reinforced into their brain. They will inevitably be fine, but it’s not just something to ignore and “wait for the release”.

    • Anonymouse

      I dunno about the TES example, but some of the key people involved with the making of the Zelda series tend to agree that no Zelda game ever surpassed Ocarina of Time – which is now coming up on 15 years old. There will always be haters of course, but sometimes the complaints have real, salient points worth discussing – even if that isn’t at all the intention of the person presenting them (ie just trying to troll or stir up argument)

  • Scootareader

    You know what else was a terrible idea? Rebooting the My Little Pony franchise in the first place. That was a ship that was doomed to sink, just as Equestria Girls is.

    The community doesn’t like Faust having left, nor do we think the show has at all improved since her departure from the franchise; in fact, season 3 is considered by just about everybody in the community to be the worst by quite a bit. That doesn’t mean it didn’t have its golden moments, but as a whole, it didn’t live up to what Faust did with seasons 1 and 2 (she was involved with almost all of season 2′s creation).

    Nobody thinks Hasbro is taking this in the right direction. I haven’t met a single brony yet who said “Equestria Girls is truly a great thing.” Nobody at all. That doesn’t mean we don’t have faith that it may work out in the end.

    The season 3 finale is hailed as the worst episode of the series so far due to its potential story-changing plot changes. I didn’t necessarily find the episode revolutionary, but I didn’t mind it too much, because I didn’t fall into that whole “pre-judging” thing so many of you seem to be doing.

    We’ll find out if Equestria Girls is any good on June 16th, not before. I’m one of those people who’s doing a meetup to see the movie, by the way. In fact, I paid out of pocket for the tickets. Because I, like everyone who watches the show, decided to go out on a limb and NOT judge something before I watched it myself. What a conventional idea, right?

    Also, last time I checked, being a princess didn’t automatically alienate you from your personality. It’s being presented here as some irreversible loss of soul. In fact, the author contradicts herself:

    “You might not be the same as someone else, but you can still be their friend despite it.

    This is what I think the show sought to personify in the beginning. It wanted to tear down social stigmas and bring people together.”

    Apparently, becoming a leader of your people is a complete loss of all chance at ever having friends. Don’t become a leader, guys.

    Last thing, I swear! We are not Hasbro; we don’t support their decision, nor do we want to be seen as supporting it. I am a brony and will always be a brony, and I stand proudly by that, regardless of what Hasbro decides to do. If they make it terrible, I’ll stop watching it, but I’ll still be a brony.

    • Shining

      just so you know, MMC isn’t the worst episode. Largely because of only the songs, though. Spike At Your Service is far more universally hated, and also enshrined new writer Corey Powell in fans’ hearts everywhere after her ‘why don’t we try giving him a GOOD episode?’ comment. It is hoped if Sleepless is her introduction, that she gets to do far more next season, and that hopefully we’re finally rid of Merriwether who shows time and again she doesn’t really ‘get’ the characters, only the setting.

      Also giving them money for this is a terrible idea, you should have just waited. Do you think they care what you think after they have your money? Hasbro has shown through senseless C&Ds and agonisingly slow mold and colour corrections they’re not the ‘good’ kind of capitalist. They don’t really care about repeat customers, only that they get the same amount of customers. Their eyes are too focused on stealing from Mattel and nowhere else.

      Finally, bad things are predicted from the princess angle, because of their ceaseless copying of Disney, starting from Canterlot Wedding onwards. They will morph the princesses into useless window dressing, like how the disney princesses became after their movies. It is reasonable to guess that Lauren fought the executives, because the show has taken a remarkable turn for the worse after season two in overall quality, and how much of a prissypants they made Cadence in Games Ponies Play. I expect we’ll be seeing more plot-relevant excuses for her to worry about being presentable. Oh, the staff will try to write around it, especially for Twilight, but eventually they’re going to be forced to line up the series with the toyline, or with a new toy design. They seem hell-bent on changing the show back to G3. Some bronies I met on a livestream actually have a betting pool going that all six will eventually become princesses or at least ‘countesses’ so they can have an excuse for their own princess-level playset. It may not be even hinted at yet but I can definitely see it happening.

      • Scootareader

        If Hasbro loses my faith in Equestria Girls, they won’t get another cent out of me. I felt the gamble was worth the $24 or whatever it took to pay for four of us to go.

        I agree on the possibility of all of them becoming princesses, and I can also easily see it happening; I just have faith that things won’t turn out so bad.

        I also didn’t know that Spike at Your Service was so hated. I thought that episode was only terrible because of my intense loathing of Spike. I redact my statement on MMC being the worst; I will clarify by stating that it was expected to be the worst episode, and the fans were pleasantly surprised.

    • CaveBoy

      Your exaggerating like crazy, or you don’t talk to too many people about ponies. MMC is one of my favorites, so are Too Many Pinkie Pies, One Bad Apple and Magic Dual. Even the the Crystal Empire episodes are good. That’s a better ratio to me then the other seasons

      • Scootareader

        There are, of course, great episodes in season 3. My favorite episode, the only Scootaloo episode, is in season 3. That doesn’t make the season as a whole better, considering the amount of “bad” episodes it contained in comparison to prior seasons.

        I loved season 3; it’s just statistically the worst season.

  • Random

    If I was to give a basic recommendation here? Have some faith in the kids themselves! While one can argue whether the Bronies love this or not (I’ve found most of them -hate- it but there seems to be some disagreement on that) even if they DO like it, they are not the lions share of where hasbro is making their money:The kids are.

    Those kids aren’t as dumb as people seem to think. Many will recognize this for exactly what it is. Cloning other toylines -never ever works- because the kids aren’t stupid enough to fall for it.

    The kids who like ponies will just be confused and continue to like their ponies instead, while the kids which like Monster-Girls, Barbie, or whatever it’s trying to copy will see this as a cheap knock off and think of their parents as fools for getting them ‘The wrong one’. Much bitching and moaning shall be directed towards said parents, and it shall be remedied with what the kids -wanted- in the first place on the next shopping trip. This has been proven by every TMNT and Barbie knockoff since the start of time, they NEVER succeed.

    It will probably do no where near as well as Hasbro hopes, and will -hopefully- be forgotten. Admittedly Hasbro seems to be a company that’s -very- good at forgetting its past mistakes, so it may very well attempt this again even if they don’t end up making much money on it. If anything this is what we should be worried about here. Someone at hasbro honestly thought this was a -good idea-, despite history proving again and again it wasn’t. I will say that MLP:FIM exists at -all- is a good sign that they’re -starting- to realize the error of their ways, but the fact that they’re still making -attempts- at things EqG is a clear sign not everyone has learned their lessons as of yet and have a while to go (or you know, just need to be kicked out and replaced by a generation who knows better, but we’ll see~)

    I would argue against trying to lay blame on the writers, or make some assumption that Faust would have somehow made this all perfect if she had stayed on as there’s no real way to see the truth on such a matter without a crystal ball. The writers may be to blame, the marketing might be, we simply do not know.

    For the most part the show -itself- has mostly stayed to the same ideals: Girls, and friendships coming in many different flavors. I’ve seen no real change in this in the second or third seasons outside of this Princess nonsense, which lets face it:Was all of 8 minutes of what would have been other wise a solid musical ‘Problem of the week’ episode. They just had to staple on that pointless out of place ending to a good episode and ruin it for a damn lot of people.

    That said:I see no reason they won’t return to the status quo of focusing on the girls individual problems, traits, and interactions next season, just as they spent most of S3 and S2 doing the same.

    I will say their industry assumption with the title ‘Princess’ is a we bit disturbing, and probably the nearest thing to homogenization the show really has, if not strongly so. Celestia is a -Queen-, Candance is a Lady(Aka lord) or Duchess, Twilight -is- an adviser to royalty and an arch-wizard. But….. they -all- have to be put into the category of ‘Princess’ even though they are clearly something else and while this isn’t much of a problem for older fans who can see -past- such pointless labels (Or -shouldn’t- be)… I can see how it can be a problem for the little girls the show is actually targete towards

    They might dismiss their true merits for the sake of paying attention to the idealized princess ones which would certainly be a major loss. It would be -much- better if girls idealized these characters for what they’ve -done- rather then a hallow label which is a real shame.

    Though thankfully isn’t a problem for the girl who happens to love Dash, or Pinkie, or any other of the girls, which from what I know is quite common. The four Princesses are far, far, far from the only characters in the show for a kid to latch onto. Heck from what I’ve heard Dash is one of the most popular among the young-ins which really goes to show how off-base Hasbro is in its assumptions as Dash is as far away from a princess or stereotypical ‘Boys, Fashion, and gossip High-school preppy girl’ as you can get. But I have no real facts to back this up, only what I’ve heard.

    I really do hope if they do run with this Princess angle they show the -drawbacks- and -true irresponsibility- involved in it rather then glorifying it with dresses, dances, and suitors as some big wish-fulfillment arch. Something akin to how they used the episode “Baby cakes” To show how taking care of kids (All be it magically enhanced pony kids) is a massive handful.

    • Shining

      True that, children are only ‘born stupid’ if we don’t let them exercise their brains and gain some critical thinking as early as possible. I saw during Avatar’s run a few children of 6-8 knowing and understanding Jet had died. As subtle as it was using Toph the lie detector to say he wasn’t alright, they managed to catch on. If you allow them opportunity to grasp higher understanding, they will readily take it, even if it’s currently beyond what they themselves can understand. People need to learn it’s alright to try and write ‘a little above’ what children know. They can either pick it up by context or figure it out by consequence. Ageist Executives seem to think less highly of children than even Childfree Hardcore!

      I think it’s good for Lauren and the staff she left of her own accord. I think if she stayed, she would have fought against Princessification more, and likely got herself kicked out (like Brenda did on Brave), and in this instance, the staff would have much less freedom. Hasbro just doesn’t seem very understanding at all compared to their 80s selves. Transformers seems to be the only property they have they are treating with any true respect (in fact aside from that one terrible anime series they translated, it always has been), though I applaud Pound Puppies for making do so well with what they have. The friction from having to force her out could have made them really clamp down and have to submit storylines in their entirety for review before even animating.

      I think running with a ‘realistic’ princess angle might be too cerebral. The best salvation might be to just give them additional labels, or make official the innate abilities they already have (basically the elements by another name.) Now it doesn’t seem so weird for ‘princess twilight’ to be cooped up in a dank cobwebbed ancient library if she’s the ‘princess of magic.’

      also please remember that’s a compound. PLEASE. For the love of Luna PLEEEEASE.
      Also, hollow. Hallow means holy or sacred.

      And yes RBD is most famous. Even amongst those that hate the show, she is either tolerated by them, or at least most recognisable. I would definitely say she is the show’s ‘mascot’ even if Twily is the main MAIN character.

      • SleepingLate

        Actually I think Lauren would have been in support of “Princessification.” It was always Lauren’s plan that Twilight become Celestia’s successor… at least that’s what Lauren said in the “Extended Brony Documentary Extended Interviews “

  • Nathan Merrill

    I’m sorry, but the rage at alicorn twilight is misplaced. While yes, I can see how her becoming a princess by becoming important might send a weird message to little girls, I don’t think it is THAT big of a deal – being recognized for your accomplishments is a good thing, isn’t it? Maybe there is some justification in feeling that Hasbro is pandering and talking down to them (you want to be a princess huh?) but… I dunno.

    I do agree with the concerns about Equestria Girls thing. We’ll see how it goes.

    • raptornx01

      Plus the fact it was planned from the start. She was always meant to take over for Celestia. Becoming an alicorn was part of that. As is the princess part. So I never had issue with her transformation.

    • Weeping Pegasus

      In Equestria, being a princess is not a symbol of status or wealth, but of great accomplishment. Twilight became a princess because she reached enlightenment, not because she married a handsome prince. So, the message isn’t “you should become a princess”, but rather “strive hard and love your friends, and you will be rewarded.”

  • Random

    I will agree that the show does have its occasional forced toy in there. It’s a legit concern for the Kids watching the show. It does feel like the writers have done a half-decent job of taking these forced toy suggestions in stride and making something good at them…. but they haven’t always been quite as successful.

    Lets face it:IF they said -no- they’d just find someone willing to do it without less complaints. So compromises have to be made.

    It’s certainly possible they simply don’t CARE and are doing whatever Hasbro is telling them to the letter, but we have no way of knowing that. But this isn’t really what I want to focus on here, and I half agree with you anyway, so maybe I should stop rambling heh.

    The thing is:I will have to straight up disagree with the idea that the ponies occasionally focusing on clothing is a bad thing.

    Saying that fashion should be one of the major focus points of a girls life, and the center point of any girl cartoon is terrible and wrong. A stereotype that enforces the idea that there’s only one proper way to be a girl.

    Saying that they should -never- come up, and -no- characters should enjoy such things is the opposite extreme and is equally unfair.

    If a girl LIKES clothing and design she should be allowed to have characters who reflect that. Just as those who AREN’T interested in such things should have characters that reflect their interests. That is the shows primary message:There are different ways to be a girl, and different sorts of friendships. That the hard-working Farm-girl CAN be friends with the fashion-lover, and even learn things from each other.

    Characters who like such things, Such as Rarity, have as much right to be there as Applejack and RainbowDash do. For the episodes focusing on -them- to be about their interests is -fine- just as it is fine that Dashes and Jacks are more focused on things such as sports, or careers.

    Outside of the Rarity episodes it rarely comes up. Yes they sometimes dress-up for -formal- affairs but it’s rarely focused on or glorified in anyway, so there’s hardly any harm to it.

    The problem with most girls cartoons is NOT that they are fashion focused. It’s that they present THAT as the only option. That there’s one way to be a girl only, and you best follow it.

    I mean yes… in Suited for success -all- the girls end up dressing up in the end. But well…being friends with someone sometimes entails helping them out with things you’re not particularly interested in yourself. Rarity herself has done this on occasion, getting those hooves dirty despite her hate of such, so… why is it worse when they do the same for her?

    Applejack for example was pretty hesitant about the whole thing at first, while Dash barely seemed to -care-. There was no real emphasis on the group as a whole being massively into it at first outside of Flutters and Rarity’s interests. They put effort into it in the show at the end yes and probably even had some measure of fun with it… but is that a bad thing? You’re helping out a friend, are you going to half-ass it just because you’re not particularly into fashion?

    • a_pale_horse

      Er, I don’t think we disagree that characters/people who enjoy design and fashion are just as valid as those who do not – Rarity’s actually my favorite character in the show. And you’re right that friends will help friends do things even if they’re not particularly interested, although I don’t agree that what’s portrayed in Suited for Success is that simple.

      The conclusion the characters reach – that they all want to play dress-up – is a foregone conclusion at the beginning of the episode, because according to Hasbro’s ethos, girls like to dress up, and this is how they want to model the toys in the show being played with. Sure, we can meditate on Applejack’s reluctance and Dash’s indifference, but all of these differences are folded into a single opinion by the end of the discussion, and the only thing Dash and AJ are dissenting about is the need to dress up for the Gala, not the fashion show itself. They don’t dress up to humor their friend. Rarity suggests the event, but Twilight is the one who enthusiastically seconds her, and Dash’s response is, simply, that she ‘loves fun things’. AJ simply smiles. The little nods to character integrity you mention are interesting, I think, because they show tension between who the writers conceive of the characters as and what Hasbro wanted in the show, but I don’t think they’re substantial enough to add the level of nuance you’re suggesting.

      There’s no such thing as ‘I’d rather not dress up’ in Equestria. No matter whether you’re a fashionista or a farmer, you will inevitably end up wearing a dress. I agree that the show doesn’t harp on fashion play, which is good, but I don’t think we can look at its presence in the show without remembering that storylines that put the characters into gowns are there because of Hasbro’s desire to send certain messages to girls – not only to key into traditional gender expectations about dress, but about how they’re expected to play with the product. And like I mentioned in my original post, the toys they’re selling put much more emphasis on this and similar elements of play – dressing up dolls, brushing their hair, making them look ‘pretty’.

      The fact that there’s even an episode where a substantial part focuses upon what the characters are going to wear is telling, and as good as that episode may be, I think it’s good in spite of the premise, and because the writers did a great job with a silly scenario they were handed from above.

  • Amanda Duncil

    Yeah, I found out about that afterward, which was kind of upsetting.

    Admittedly, there was a lot I left out or plain forgot about while writing the article, and surprisingly, I’ve learned quite a bit just reading comments. Considering the length that it is now, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing, haha.

  • Scott Rivers

    While I will agree that this new sub-franchise is rather offputting with its core aims (did we really need another Monster High/Bratz?), I will point out something that may go amiss. You establish that the third season finale is a reflection of a return to gender norms, generating a viewpoint that it all seemed to have “an endgoal of becoming royalty.” That’s kind of a simplistic view, and not the way head writer Meghan McCarthy intended. Twilight’s ascension to princesshood came about because she worked and studied harder than any of Celestia’s other constituents had before her, and Celestia had been so proud of her student and protégé that she granted her a new title and a new set of presumed responsibilities, encouraging her to continue her studies. MLPFIM princesses are not the princesses of Disney movies, that sit around and wait for their Prince Charming to rescue them from evil whatevers – they’re actual authority with actual responsibilities in Equestrian life, and a reflection of high respect and authority within the world. The situations, thus, are dissimilar.

    • Vermicious

      Hear, hear! Perhaps it’s you, Amanda, who needs to realize that the title “Princess” has been demonized in the feminist community because of Disney’s influence, but it can’t always be used as instant “point and sneer at the implications” bullet point.

      Not to parrot Scott (which I’m going to do anyway), but what I see here is that Twilight worked very hard and has been rewarded by being moved up to a leadership position worthy of her skill-set. And as you well know, Amanda, in Equestria, “Princess” doesn’t mean “little girl who gets everything she wants and doesn’t have to do anything,” it means, “one of the immensely powerful and responsible leaders of the entire country/world.”

      • TheRioter

        Feminists don’t demonize princesses, they dislike gender roles being pushed on little girls. We ~love~ princesses, we also love the idea of them being powerful characters like Celestia and Luna, rather than vapid and only concerned with getting a man.

        Personally, I felt like the third season finale just jumped the shark. Her ascension into royalty should have been a series ender, not a season ender. Where does she go from here? What does she LEARN? The show could lose all its meaning.

        • OtakuMom2

          But looking back at the episodes, it’s kind of been predicted that she would be a princess. Think about it — her element of harmony has always been a crown.

          Right now I have “Equestria Girls” on in the background for the second time today — my soon to be 5 year old likes “MLP,” and if you take away how the characters are drawn (and the way I see it, they’re “human shaped” but not really human — we might have people with different colored skin, but I’ve never met someone who was purple) it has a good message attached to it of being yourself.

        • Jason Haden

          Did no one hear what Celestia told Twilight?
          Did no one hear what Meghan said?
          Twilight, even as a princess, still has MUCH to learn. Just because she ranked up doesn’t mean she’s the best.

  • Just some random guy

    When I saw Equestria Girls, I didn’t really care for it. The entire appearance of it is pretty much what this article has already stated. Girly show for girly girls. I don’t think this is forcing anything on anyone, and you bet that some girls out there are gonna like this. Not necessarily because they are brainwashed by society, but because they legitimately like this stuff (fun and fashion). So to me I don’t think this movie is pushing anything on anyone. No one is forcing you or your child to watch it. What I am more curious to know is how well it does. That to me will be a clue as to whether or not our society is evolving and changing from the older stereotypes, at least in our part of the world. I’ll be considering it when the time comes around to watch it, and I’ll try to come at with an open mind. Even if it does look like it’s re-hashing an already cliche view of girls in general.

  • IF

    Although I agree with your comments about EqG (the designs look like an extremely unrealistic body image and the trailer was unbearable), I disagree with your views on the season 3 finale. For me, it showed that hard work and decency will take you far, in contrast with your interpretation. However, I can see where you are coming from; I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where the writers take season 4.

  • Sibsy

    Have you seen the actual movie yet? How do you know what message it’s going to send without having seen it first? All I’m seeing so far are people quick to judge another book by it’s cover.

    • Jordan Olling

      For those who don’t know, Sibsy is a storyboard artist on the show, and on this film.

    • calbeck357

      Except we’re talking about a trailer, here. It’s specifically designed to BE a cover for the movie, and one meant to entice us to go watch it. We’re SUPPOSED to be judging the movie (positively, the studio hopes) from it.

      I love your work, and I have no doubt the animation in this flick will be up to standards. But it’s being pitched to the public as a high-school-drama revolving around a prom-queen popularity fight and, well… that was eye-rollingly overdone when *I* was in high school. In the ’80s.

    • bookplayer

      I respect the work you put into this, but we can see the character designs perfectly well in the promotional material and the trailer. We have the information to comment on that at least, right?

      Everything said about them in this post was spot on. If Rainbow Dash’s outfit doesn’t look like a cheerleader, and Applejack is not in a miniskirt as well, then the promotional materials are extremely misleading. Regardless of the message of the movie, and I trust the writers that it will revolve around friendship and girls supporting each other, the visual designs are disturbing in both the message they send about body image, and the revealing, impractical clothing for every character.

      When six very different female characters look like cookie-cutter stick girls in mini-skirts, there’s a problem with the message that’s sending girls, regardless of what comes out of their mouths, the quality of animation, or the plot they go through.

    • an_on_a_moose

      I love your stuff Sibsy, and I respect the hell out of you for what you’ve done in the animation business… but yeah, the others are somewhat right. The trailer dampened a hell of a lot of spirits, not just with the bronies, but a lot of others as well as articles like this one point out.

      I’m chalking it up to Hasbro marketing doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which is showing off the flashiness and bare basic stuff for the marketed toy audience. But as a trailer for the story of the film itself which anyone at or above the age of ten would be interested in, it downright fails at presenting itself properly.

      I’m actually somewhat optimistic for EQG (I’m hoping for something like how the Canterlot Wedding episodes went down), but if I was just a normal person on the internet and not a brony who saw the trailer, I wouldn’t want to touch EQG with a ten meter cattle prod.

    • Stuffy

      Why did you guys go with skirts for Applejack and Rainbow Dash? That’s been seriously bothering me.


    You realize it’s only a movie as of now, not a series, right?

  • Julian Coniglio

    This post gave me… some dissease

  • Jonny

    I’m a firm believer in neutrality. Articles like these are rather one sided, rather I would want an actual informed opinion before watching a spinoff of a series. If one is to give an opinion they should look at all the angles before passing judgement, for all we know Equestria Girls might and I stress the word might be worth watching.

  • Coffey

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again. This pile of crap is like a friggin horrible fanfiction made into a movie.

  • Tom S. Fox

    This gives me an opportunity to leave this here:

  • Sgt. Dude

    I agree with all points of this will written article except one. While it is obvious that the Princess Twilight thing was made to push toys, I think referring to it as “The Pretty Princess” thing is off base. The Princesses in MLP aren’t the “Sit around and socialize while I wait to get married” Princesses. They are powerful leaders who are either god like beings – Celestia and Luna, or Strong willed ponies who are smart enough to fully grasp a certain area of magic. This isn’t a princess barbie, more like a princess Gandalf. Please feel free to comment or critique me. Finally and on a sidenote, I despise high school dramas, and don’t like the presentation of EQG but I have faith that Meghan McCarthy won’t make this a complete disaster.

    • CaveBoy

      I think little girls should try to be like princess twilight. Smart, kind, loyal, generous, honest and optimistic. Are these not reasonable characteristics of a great person? The whole bit in the article about pretty pretty princess twilight is indeed off base

      • HyperNerd

        But why does she need to be a princess for those traits to be recognized and followed? You could say that becoming a princess is her reward for being a good person, but what about her friends who have equally great personalities? And how come Hasbro thinks little girls will only like the reward and want it for themselves if it’s pink, pretty and unrealistic? I don’t mean to be underestimating children’s intelligence, but very young girls will probably take the moral of rewards for good actions literally, and think they can become princesses themselves, which is bad for growth in my opinion.

        • Demolish238

          In the actual show she was Celestia’s student, but her
          friends were, her friends, that’s it, not pupils of a immortal goddess who planed from the start that she would become the next ruler of the land, just her friends who helped her find the right path; plus Lauren wanted twilight to take over Celestia as Equestria’s next ruler from the start and Hasbro just wanted
          a new toy pony that they could slap the princess label onto to sell more toys, do you really think they care about anything other than money.

        • CaveBoy

          I’m pretty sure 7 years olds know they won’t ever be princesses by “being good”. I find this show to be a great child developement tool as well. My friends kids watch the show like crazy and they are very polite and respectful, they share, and I even heard one of them quote the show. And she admitted that she likes reading because of twilight. Little kids no better dude

    • TheRioter

      I agree with you, my major issue here is Clark’s Rule of Girls’ Toys where even the most powerful and tomboyish characters are feminized (beyond recognition) for their toy versions. Even Dora the Explorer is more femme. I mean, have you ever seen Applejack or Rainbow Dash in character AT ALL in the toys? AJ usually doesn’t even have her hat. :(

      The powerful Princess Celestia has a [talking] doll counterpart that simply tells girls how “pretty” they are and asks for her mane to be brushed. Personally, I feel that’s out of character. I’d like her to encourage OTHER positive traits in girls besides looks, such as intelligence like “You’re so smart, you remind me of my favorite student Twilight Sparkle”

  • CptCloudhammer

    I’m going to wait and see it before I automatically condemn it just because it disagrees with my preconceptions.

  • CaveBoy

    I don’t like this article. I’m on the side of wait till I comes out to judge it. But that’s not why I don’t like it. I don’t like this article because you seem to think this show is about breaking down boy/girl barriers. Honestly, I think (wither they ment to or not) made a master piece that, if taken to heart, can drastically change your out look on life and help create stronger relationships. I was able to settle the differences between 2 of my friends in a roommate squabble but using lessons learned from the show. I don’t care hasbro wants money. I don’t care what the characters look like. If this spin off has a great message and something to learn then I will enjoy/ love it!

  • MyLittlePuzzle

    “Learn all about the magical parallel universe with high schools instead
    of castles, where six pony friends become real girls with a love for
    fun and fashion.”

    It’s the “six pony friends” that gets to me. The issue is not just with the six ponies, but with how all *seven* main characters were chosen to be represented. It’s as though Spike, the lead character’s *closest* friend, doesn’t even exist, yet the trailer shows that he travels through the portal with her (you have to look closely during the swirly scene).

    The “mane six” create an evenly-balanced, aesthetically-pleasing set, but even in FiM, people like to pretend that friendship is exclusive to the girls, and that he doesn’t belong in their group because he doesn’t fit on a superficial level. EG makes it even worse by reducing to being a pet while the ponies all ascend the evolutionary ladder.

  • Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik

    I personally find the stick-thin argument to be.. thin. It’s just a type of art style – which so happens that Lauren Faust herself uses for her Galaxy Girls! If you desire a change in how women are portrayed you need to target how real woman get portrayed in the media, not how cartoon characters get portrayed – studies show that has little to no effect on kids, because they recognize that an animation or a doll aren’t real life. It’s why good and popular kid shows aren’t dumbed down, but target both kids and adults alike, because most kids aren’t so stupid as some adults seem to think they are.

  • Hamster at Dawn

    Whilst I agree with everything you said about Equestria Girls, I disagree on the season 3 finale. Yes, Twilight became a princess but you have to look at it in context. For starters, being a princess in the MLP universe is kind of a big deal – the princesses are essentially godesses. Secondly, Twilight became a princess not by being pretty and making a good dinner but by studying to the point where she became a true expert in her field. Admittedly, the “princess” title is something that Lauren never really wanted to be central to the show (orignally Celestia was a Queen, which didn’t sit with Hasbro) but that battle was lost before the series even started and they’ve just had to roll with it since then.

    • Ian

      Considering the writers state that alicorns are NOT goddesses, I have to disagree with your statement as well.

      To me, princesshood in MLP is more like knighthood in real life.

  • anonymuswere

    from what I can tell, Bronies are totally puzzled by this, but here’s something I heard, a fan opinion.

    Equestria girls was a bid by hasbro to get their target audience BACK.

    apparently, a lot of people are rather angry that what everyone thought was supposed to be a girly show picked up nearly the opposite viewing demographic. Parents do still get angry when something deviates from expected norms. witness the firestorm over the “derpy” character, caused by the VA basing the character’s voice off of a mentally challenged neighbor boy. the character was evicted from the show for the most part, the episode was edited, and she was left OUT of the entirety of season three (with the exception of a Cameo), thanks to a potential lawsuit.

    Corporate bigwigs are the ones that ultimately make the decisions. Ms. Faust was basically kicked upstairs (in my opinion). this IS A company that refused for the longest time to issue a non-pink Celestia toy.

    please remember, that although women come in all shapes and sizes, that does not “sell” well. even fans give the girls shapes (and, for that matter, ethnic looks) that match their perceived character backgrounds. Twilight is often depicted as the skinny nerd-girl stereotype in Latina form, for example.

    be grateful they are not the “hartman Hips” types with Big Bosoms, which would make it worse.

  • Samantha Silverstone

    Well, me myself think that Equestria Girls will be like the MLP:FiM we know and love. I think you overreacted a little bit, darling. Wait and see.

    Sethisto from Equestria Daily brought me and 30k other people here.

  • Tatiana Rauch

    Come on before you guys jump the gun and judge the movie watch it at least. If the creators can make take a dying franchise like MLP and make it awesome they can take a lame concept like high school and make it something unique plus it’s a freaking cartoon their not suppose to look like real life people with the weird body image the outfits I’m not a fan of not because their wearing dresses it’s mainly they don’t really stand out so before you guys write this off as a monster high rip off at least watch it

  • Kevin Lim Wangli

    You probably highlighted what many bronies find wrong with the whole series too, the movie does deviate from the original lesson it teaches to society about not allowing gender stereotypes to rule us and screws it back up again, however, I believe that the Twilicorn part was more of like how boy heroes get upgrades, it’s just a new power that can later be explored, not so much on the princess but the new powers it brings (much like the Avatar state in legend of Korra) so I am not really all that up about the princess thing because season 4 brings forth new challenges that may/may not be interesting to see.

    The one thing that really got me with this article is when you stated you didn’t want to be labeled, I feel you are taking it too seriously, MLP is not a religion, you can call yourself a brony and that doesnt seal your fate forever, you seemingly irrational fear of something such as being called a brony is unhealthy, if you isolate yourself from the things around because of personal pride the social aspect of fandoms, geekdoms, groups or religion become obsolete, people call themselves Christians because they want people to know that they believe in Christ people call themselves bronies so they can be recognized as a fandom rather than ‘that guy that likes ponies’, it isn’t a derogatory term, it’s used just so people can understand what you like.

    • Amanda Duncil

      I’ve actually read quite a few criticisms on the term “brony” simply for the fact that it means vastly different things to almost everyone, inside and out of the community. I don’t feel the need to label myself, and I point that out in the article because I know people who insist you must be a “brony” or this or that just to be a fan of the show. I did not make that statement out of “irrational fear” as you put it, but was stating my opinion on how I am not a fan of grouping everyone who likes something into a category. It’s the equivalent of calling yourself a “gleek” or a “trekkie.” Some people prefer the moniker and accept it, others don’t.

      • TheRioter

        I am a girl and I use “brony” when calling myself a “fan” of the show because I hate saying “pegasister” Why am I different from the “bros”?

  • Reeves

    I was pleasantly surprised by your level-headed article, and i agree.
    Almost ironic because i think a great part of its success is exactly that gender-role breaking formula that made it have its appeal to such a wide audience… but hey, history’s full of irony, though i don’t think it’s only greed on Hasbro’s part, i think part of it is also just not being able to understand.

    …But maybe they’ll surprise us in a positive way and prove us all wrong.

  • RaritySallyRarity Sally

    I understand the concerns that you bring up in this article. However, I disagree with a lot of it. I will not go into the Princess Twilight part because people have already covered that. The skinny girls argument is legitimate, but as started earlier, Galaxy Girls are also very skinny, in fact skinnier than Equestria Girls, and their heads are bigger. Equestria Girls look more realistic than Galaxy Girls, weirdly enough.

    I mainly wanted to say that they are going to retain the same personalities. If their personalities are the same, then how can stereotypical girls in this movie be the reality when they are not stereotypical in the show? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    The fact that they all wear the same clothes is honestly not relevant… nobody wears those kinds of clothes these days to begin with.

    As for the “fun and fashion” bit? You do realize that there is fun and fashion in the regular MLP, right? And nowhere in the trailer did it suggest that fashion was going to be a main part of the plot. If it is a part of the movie, it will probably be a part of the movie in the same way that it is part of the show.

    The point that you brought up about girls needing to grow up into high schoolers? Very interesting, but not a fair point to make until we see the movie. For all we know, the movie may have the opposite message.

    • a

      beacuse of 1 mistake on pony u give up why u hate pony

      • rainbow dash e

        ait’ hard for them to make a film then u saw it’s not good carton what’s wrong with u all
        tell me if u make 1 carton then all guy saw that your carton is not good then what

      • rainbow dash e

        it’s thas 1 mistake because of 1 mistake u all do this it’s hard for them to make a cartoon and what about u all why u all hate my little pony what happen to u all if u make a cartoon all people saw that your cartoon is not so good than what

  • Lou G

    So I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Rarity since she’s “fun and fashion” right?

    I’m also guessing you’re not a fan of Pinkie Pie since she’s a ditz.

    Applejack and Rainbow Dash are too butch for you, I’m assuming*
    Fluttershy’s too pushy over-y for you

    Twily’s too stereotypically nerdy for you..

    I’m guessing you just don’t like anything that can be girly and feminine really. I’d say I pity you, but even that’d be misconstrued.

    I will say this, instead of wasting an article on a movie that no one has seen, except for a trailer, how about writing about more worthy causes like the feminine movement and how they don’t truly see MtF TGs like me as female or apart of this movement.

    Furthermore, ” I dislike labels and don’t believe that one must succumb to the dreaded appellation monster in order to show interest in a form of entertainment, let alone inclusion in a particular fandom.”

    yet, you do call yourself a feminist, do you not? That’s a label.

    *Assuming was done purely to show the stereotypes that already exist. Seriously, though-relax, you saw a 2-3 minute trailer and you’re basing the entire movie on that. That’s just silly.

    • Amanda Duncil

      Disregarding all the other pointless, self-assuming comments that you’ve made, please point out where I actually called myself anything. I don’t remember saying that I was a feminist, either.

      • Lou G

        Well, no, you can’t ignore them..though you will. Either because I’m right, or you don’t want to admit the truth. Or some combination of the two.

        The simple truth of the matter is that you’re the type that judges something based on a 2 minute trailer because you don’t like that other people can like it.

        You want to hate everything in the world and steal joy from others.

        I do pity you, because you’re so consumed with hate you have to go after a cartoon that has no realism to it, that we don’t know the message or the method used to convey that message.

        I pity you, Amanda. I really do.

      • Lou G

        BTW, “nerdy girl” as evidence on your twitter profile? That’s a label.

  • Siren

    “the tea-party-throwing disaster from the 80s”

    Someone obviously didn’t actually watch the 80s cartoon. If they did, they would know there were more monsters than “tea parties”.

    • Paul Teevan

      I assume she meant gen 3

      • Lou G

        Except Paul, Gen 3 was in the 2000s. She specifically said the 80s.

  • Austin Yun

    I thought the S3 finale, Magical Mystery Cure, was among the best episodes in the series, but I too dread Equestria Girls for much the same reasons you lay out.

    After Faust left, all throughout S2 and 3 I believed the show’s new head, Meghan McCarthy, didn’t do the series a disservice, even with what I’m going to attribute to executive toy placement (S2 finale, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor). I still believe the seasons after Faust departed have, thus far, been of equal quality, and surpassing in some respects. But I’m afraid EqG might be the turning point.

  • Mrs. Right

    Of course a femenist blog is against girls loving fun and fashion. Its kind of how things with labels like this work right? Anyone speaking strongly for their side of whatever imaginary battle they’re fighting only accepts an image if its flattering to their gender or cause.

    Besides, everyone knows that girls don’t and shouldn’t like girly, fun, fashionable stuff!
    How dare Hasbro perpetuate such a negative stereotype! I’m boycotting!

    Hey look everybody! My opinion doesn’t match that of this blog! It must be wrong! Hate me!!

    • Ohmeko Ocampo

      There is nothing negative with liking girly fun and fashionable stuff. It’s part of being feminine, what we are arguing about is “how” it is delivered and executed. I believe that a nice balance of both male and female principles is important to healthy mind and we are just tired of the media overemphasizing the extremes. Since it looks like a mid-way is to hard to achieve, it seems. Go Figure. *rolls eyes*

  • MostlyPonies

    What’s wrong with this article’s argument:
    1. Commenting on something you haven’t seen. This article is mostly conjecture.
    2. Faust said that she planned for Twilight to be Celestia’s successor. Twilight becoming a princess isn’t a bad thing; she always wanted to be like Celestia. Princesses in MLP aren’t the same as Disney princesses anyway. It just means Twilight has more responsibility and opportunity now.
    3. Go look at Faust’s Galaxy Girls art. Same skinny style. It would’ve been a valid point if you were arguing against the drastic character design change from horses to humans, but you’re just judging things by how they look.

  • lonely anon

    i still say you are all thinking way too deeply into a tv show.

    honestly, the idea that you can’t have pretty characters in a show is a pathetic ideal brought on by people who can’t bare the thought that somebody might have a different opinion than them. no, it does not reinforce any “you have to look this way to be fun” mentalities. but if you want to be that way, i guess that scott pilgrim reinforces that you have to be white to be fun because there aren’t any black characters in it.

  • AidanofVT

    Good article; I agreed with everything you said. Yes, the season finale was terrible, and it’s all Hasbro’s fault. But, after re-watching it (twice), I realized that even in the show’s most rail-roaded hour DHX managed to inject some cleverness into the show. They made the finale a musical. And not just in terms of ‘there are a lot of songs’. The episode often appears to be blocked, as if it were taking place on a stage. This gives me some hope that EqG might (at least outside of setting and plot) have the same…. quirks that we love so much. That said, I don’t plan on watching it unless people absolutely rave about it.

  • Alexander

    Wait, wait, wait. Did the writer of this article not notice that there was a certain change from My Little Pony generations 1, 2, and 3, to Generation 4 (the contemporary one)? The characters in generation 4 are considerably thinner, so what makes logical sense to do in a movie where you are trying to faithfully translate each of the characters to human form? Oh, right, make them thin, true to their pony character models.

  • ManlyStitches

    You are completly correct. Thank you for writing such a clear, well thought-out article addressing the problematic nature of Equestria Girls (so far as we have seen). It makes me sad to see MLP going in the direction of Monster High and Bratz. I can only hope that it is better than we think it will be. Or maybe it will be so bad they pull the funding on it and it never becomes a show (after the movie).

  • Ben

    The official statement doesn’t quite gel with the various synopsis which imply that only Twilight and Spike went through the portal. I also feel it is important to note that the title of Princess, however eye-rolling it may seem is less a royal title and more a meritorious title given to ponies who accomplish great things. Maybe they need to explain it better.

  • hifibrony

    I am a lifelong animation geek and was turned on to MLP:FiM by a cartoonist friend I’ve known for 25 years. I consider myself a brony and am in this fandom until they carry me out hooves up.

    I fell for the show because it is smart, just snarky enough, beautifully animated, well-written and, above all, because it avoided or inverted all of the cliches one would expect to find. I did not have any issues with Alicorn Twilight because the Princesses are hands-on rulers with immense responsibilities more akin to philosopher queens than anything Disney. Why should Twilight be any different after her “promotion?” I see it as her finally getting the Equestrian equivalent of a doctorate in advanced magic for which she has worked so diligently since she was a filly.

    That said,everything about the EQG trailer made me cringe on a molecular level. It invokes every cliched trope that Lauren went light years out of her way to avoid. Will it be a disaster? Who knows, but the leading indicators are that it will be.

    Every high-school cliche seems to be present, and I don’t believe there’s any way to breathe any new life into them. They were old 50 years ago and have been beaten to ten thousand deaths and then into mulch since then.

    This entire thing stinks of something that Hasbro ordered DHX to do. If it isn’t a disaster, it will only be because DHX managed to turn this lemon into something like lemonade. The character design is ghastly IMO, and looks far more like it came down from Hasbro’s doll designers than anything DHX would have come up with on their own.

    Corporate greed and marketing MBAs can and usually will ruin anything they touch and FiM is no exception. And that makes me sad. But not surprised.

  • Crowne Prince

    I made a similar argument myself via art when Princess Twilight was confirmed (, so no, I would say you are not far from the mark on how some of us feel about this.

    As for those who have told you that you’re not allowed to critique something without seeing it, the marketing of a product is as valid as the thing itself. The marketing here, particularly the trailer, is female-based high school drama (starring Sunset Shimmer) and Twilight’s dependency on some male character we don’t know.

    Fun note: it’s hilarious to me they are all wearing skirts. Don’t know where Hasbro went to high school, but skirts were a rare occasion at mine.

    • Lou G

      And yet they were an every day thing at mine–even by boys.

  • Sci-Pi

    This article is a shame to feminists in my opinion. I am a feminist myself, but I, and as Lauren Faust would agree, don’t think that girls and women should be made masculine for equality. It is perfectly fine for a girl to be a girl and be a princess or wear what she wants, As for body type, while it does give generalizations, it would be unfair to the writers to assume that everything must agree with out society, maybe this human Equestria has triumphed obesity, who knows. For those who are feminists, look beyond appearance and draw opinions from the character personalities.

    • Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik

      Can’t agree more! The brony jokes about MLP being the manliest show out there aside, MLP is in fact a girly show that aren’t afraid of embracing feminine values! For example, it got the traditional fashionista with Rarity, but with the twist that she’s an artist and an independent entrepreneur. Heck, all the mane6 have jobs which is in big contrast with many other girl shows. So yes, look at how well the characters personalities got translated to their human high school counterparts instead of judging how they look or dress.

      • ShiningArmor

        Actually, it seems more like Fluttershy is a VOLUNTEER, while she might take care of someone’s pets for money, or make some medicine for them, it seems like she ‘adopts’ and ‘releases’ most of her animals all on her own, and much is made of her hermitude. So technically, I think that makes her even better a role model of sorts, since she’s actually giving up her own time to care for random animals, she’s like a ponified Bo Derek or Tippi Hedren. Especially comparable after her brush with the spotlight in that episode with Photo Finish where she modeled. I just wish they would do more with her actual life instead of ‘oh look, Fluttershy is freaking out over her shyness again.” There’s lots of material one could do with the Fluttershy Wildlife Preserve.

  • Weeping Pegasus

    I know I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this, but has it ever occurred to you that you have something in common with people who hate on bronies for watching a little girls’ show, namely that anything girly must be bad? And you haven’t even watch EG yet, but here you are judging it based off a blurb from Hasbro and a one minute trailer. Seriously, at least withhold your judgement. Also, I don’t appreciate you using the typical “MLP is going to shit because Lauren Faust left.”

  • calbeck357

    Though it’s tempting to cry “bandwagon bitter!”, I can’t. This article doesn’t rant so much as it gives a reasonable assessment based on past experience and existing evidence.

    There clearly HAVE been changes made between poster-art and trailer, but the human-version girls are still all stick-figure types and fashion (with the focus being on a high-school prom) is presented as a prominent concern. I particularly appreciate the statement of hopeful reservation here — MAYBE our expectations will end up being subverted in the actual release.

    But I still can’t get over Spike, transformed into a dog, literally making puppy-eyes at his now-human “mistress”. Brr. Just BRRRR.

  • Richie Holsinger

    You actually lost me right from the beginning with, “I dislike labels and don’t believe that one must succumb to the dreaded appellation monster in order to show interest in a form of entertainment, let alone inclusion in a particular fandom.”

    People create labels for shows as a way of forming a community and to quickly associate one another with a common interest. There’s nothing evil, dreaded, or individuality-destroying about it, as I’ve heard many others argue. If anything, it’s just another way for people to express what makes them different. I understand the argument against labels, really, but I just think that people make it a much bigger issue than it has to be. People don’t normally “succumb” to fandom related labels unwillingly, they embrace them as their own.

    I would like to mention though, that I agree with you on the majority of the points you made later about the idea, marketing, and execution of this new spin-off movie. Here’s hoping it’s going to be better than what it seems.

  • The Manjaro

    While there are many points here that are valid, it is worth pointing out that this entire article is based around a 69 second trailer for something that will probably be around an hour. I agree with your gripes about the art style and on the quote from the trailer about “fun and fashion.” As for the “real girls” bit, one could argue that it is not meant to say THIS is what a real girl is. Rather, I perceived it as them trying to say they are more real in that they are now in a humanoid form and thus seem more realistic than as an equine. Over all, I think this is a poor choice of words on Hasbro’s part.
    Ultimately, we will see how this plays out when the movie is released. I’m hoping the perceived “girly” art style will be made up for when we have a better view of how the girls actually carry themselves.
    Don’t judge a book by it’s 69 second cover.

  • ConspiracyBrony

    I agree with you on this topic, though that won’t change the fact i’m not going to go see it. i dearly hope rainbowdash isn’t a cheerleader, and if she is, by god i will pull out a blunt tool and raid the screen with barbaric force! i’d hope hasbro would stop the stupid stereotypical girls marketing. the character models are way to similar, and probably force rate all of those other differential weighted females to feel even worse. i’m sick that my sister has already become the stereotypical female, and that i can see that the most possible affect is her being some sort of high school deva in the near future. she sees everything that is stereotyped female as what it looks like, not what it is. she’s sees rainbow dash as just another rainbow pretty girl pony that any other girl raised this way would think. even though rainbowdash is, in fact, the tomboy. it severely annoys me that this is true. if only people could just start treating males and females equally from birth, and let them take on from there. not plainly giving girls a pink blanket and boys a blue blanket when born, because that’s where it all begins. instead, why not a purple blanket? or toy commercials with both male and female actors that give the impression that boys and girls can like the same things? but, then again, the world isn’t a perfect place.
    i’m very happy you actually had experience with the show and have watched it. that means your evidence and point has more meaning, and that we know you can connect with us. it also means you have tried it and know it, adding on to your point. makes these blogs all the lot better.

  • SingerX

    I love that MLP is about Twilight evolving and reaching for the ultimate level (Alicorn) a bit like Sailor Moon becoming Eternal Sailor Moon… There is some sort of spiritual journey there. I thought the human design bold and interesting at first but felt uncomfortable with regards to the skinny bodies. Would have been great to come up with truly individual and surprising looks for each of the girls (a chubby Pinkie Pie would have been great). The spirit of the show seems already lost simply on the visual aspect. Yes transposing the MLP universe in the human world is exciting but we loose what makes the quirkiness of the show which is a subversive tendancy to use MLP as the ultimate platform to blow girly clichés out of the water. Still I believe that Equestria girls would have been OK if it had just been one episode of season three. Would have been creative and an interesting nod to the community and the pre-existing character designs created by the fans representing human versions of our ponies. In the end Twilight Queen of the Prom didn’t seem too necessary, but then I think supercool to have a feminist activist write about MLP, cause that’s what real pop culture is about : bringing social commentary. Loved the bit of the article about tearing down social stigmas and bringing people together! If you like pop culture and support individuality (and are a fan of MLP:FiM the way I am) please listen to my song here :

  • Dusky

    It’d like to start off with disagreeing with the the claim that the season 3 finale basically said “all girls must be princesses”. It’s important to note that this was actually what Faust intended for the series finale, so it was something planned into the original message of the show. And when you think about the whole episode, it makes sense. Becoming a princess was never shown as Twilight’s goal, rather it was a quest for knowledge and friendship with others. She’s ascended to an alicorn and crowned a princess as a REWARD for all of her hard work and determination. and this whole transformation in her life was completely unexpected for her. So the real message here is, “work to your fullest potential and good things will come to you”.

    As for Equestria Girls, I wouldn’t write it off just because of how Hasbro is marketing it. Remember that DHX still has a rather unusual level of freedom in their storytelling compared to toy-to-tv/movie projects in the past, and they’ve shown how well they can work with what hasbro gives them. Remember Canterlot Wedding? All that marketing centering it on an almost literal reenactment of the recent British royal wedding. We all though “ugh, this is just gonna be some crappy, generic, cash-in plot for Hasbro to shoe-horn in some new toys into the line”. And what did Canterlot Wedding turn out to be? Not only was it highlighted by an epic battle with an army of shape-shifting insect-ponies and had an amazing soundtrack, but it also dealt with sibbling conflict and families drifting apart. So I’m just saying, let’s ignore how the bureaucrats and old geezers in marketing advertise this movie and just wait until we see the actual content of this movie. It could turn out to be another stereotype-shattering outcome like DHX has brought in the past.

  • Brian

    Well, at least this wasn’t a feminist complaint about the great white overlord horse with the phallic symbol on her head lording over the subservient dark horses like the last feminist diatribe that I read. That said, I am still disappointed. Twilight’s ascension to becoming a princess of Equestria was something being built up since the finale of the second season. The third season finale showed a positive female role model growing up to become a great leader of her nation and people as the direct result of merit. That is somehow portrayed as reinforcing negative female stereotypes. I find that surreal.

    As for Equestria Girls, the Brony/Pegasister fans (is it okay to call the author a “fan”, or is that a disliked appellation label also?), don’t like where Hasbro is going with it either. It is almost certainly a way to expand their toy sales into girl type dolls, which is why their body types look like every other girl type dolls.

    Still, the people making the movie are the same people who are making MLP:FiM, not Hasbro. That gives us hope for a better than usual outcome. The author of this article has seen fit to assault a movie she hasn’t even seen quite harshly (another diatribe), and then She calls It “shallow”. I find that to be surreal as well.

  • Meenah Peixes

    Pardon me, but I’m going to toss in my two cents here. Overall, I’m kinda disgusted at Equestria Girls’ material. I mean, would it be such a crime to have Pinkie be a little thicker than the others, or differ the height? And guess what happens to Twilight?


    But I don’t exactly agree with you on the Twilicorn situation. But, we’re all entitled to our own situations! Also, Rainbow Dash is a soccer player, not a track team star. :1

  • Anonymous01

    “Real girls” was contrasted with ponies, not with girls who were disinterested in fun and fashion.

    And would you blame cartoons with muscular guys for real life guys’ body image issues? If so, how do you justify the distinction from girls’ body image issues? It’s not like Lauren’s own “Galaxy Girls” weren’t skinny either.

  • Skitzogamer

    You know, I can see from a monetary standpoint that making the characters all the same body type would be easier.
    I mean, for dolls, it’s much easier to just paint them differently, but use the same mold.
    Still, I agree with you, It looks like it’s going in a icky direction.
    Though this may be so that they can have something that attracts the original demographic so that the normal pony demographic has more freedom.
    Which is still kinda horrible, I mean, kids should really not feel like they have be a certain way, and this new spin off show seems kinda like that regardless of what the other show does. But if my hunch is correct, girls that want to have a more accepting view of the world can go to FIM and girls that want high school drama can go to Equestria girls. Kinda like how there are two Transformers cartoons.

    Still hate the fact that Twilight is a princess though.
    I mean, do we really need more princesses?
    I mean even in products aimed at boys we have our share of princesses.

    • ShiningArmor

      Yeah, we need a princess. One more princess. I hope one day someone makes a movie series or TV series based upon Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles (more commonly mistaken as the whole series being called ‘Dealing with Dragons’). Between Disney’s princess line and princess-deconstruction movies like Shrek and young adult book movies (especially HTTYD) coming out recently I’m surprised nobody leapt upon it. Princess Cimerone’s journey is a story that needed to be told!

  • Alex

    It must be pointed out that EG is to be a totally unrelated divergent from the main series, and thus there should be little worry if it falls through. And from what we have been told of season 4, little is set to change of the shows previously established plot.

  • Axmandan

    I think this is just Hasbro’s swing at Monster High. I don’t think we will see anymore of this after.

  • Artemis Colfer

    Well, they all look the same in the show, what do you expect for the movie?

    And most teens take care of their body, which leads to thin-ness, and all of the ponies are pretty active, so…

    I mean, think. It’s simple biology and physics.

  • Andrew Patterson

    I can’t thank you enough for expressing these opinions so eloquently. I cannot agree with you more.
    MLP:FiM has effected me in a lot of positive ways, and one of those is coming to understand and appreciate feminism for what it is and not what popular media tries to paint feminism as, and in the brony community there’s a lot of nerdy arguing and I think a lot of us are constantly forgetting a lot of the value of what Faust brought to the table. So I am really glad that we could see the Equestria Girls property looked at from a feminist point of view, and this will help me articulate my dislike for it. Even though it hasn’t come out yet, that movie, and yes it could still end up being good, it is obvious that the marketing team for Hasbro doesn’t really care if it is good from either the artistic sense or the progressive sense.

    Because they’ve openly admitted that Equestria Girls exists TO compete with the likes of Monster HIgh. They have been transparent about this.

  • Firestorm

    Dark times indeed. But it must be weighed, it must be measured, to see if it is left wanting.

  • rebecasunao

    Wow, great article. I didn’t watch MLP yet, but I can see where you’re coming from since the things you say apply to a lot of shows (if not all of them) meant for young girls.
    I honestly don’t understand how someone could disagree with you on this. :/

  • rainbowhyphen

    Story editor Meghan McCarthy confirmed recently that they locked the script for Equestria Girls in March 2012. That definitely makes it something Lauren knew about. I’m pretty certain it played a big role in her departure.

    Such a shame. =/

    • SarahJesness

      I doubt Equestria Girls is what caused Lauren to leave. Why is everyone assuming that she left on bad terms? She’s going to be helping her husband with a new shown on Disney Channel, maybe THAT’S why she left.

      • Gepard

        Unfortunately, I have no way to prove this, but: *I’m* assuming it because I spoke briefly with her at a convention and got confirmation that she did, in fact, leave on bad terms. (I have no idea what the details are, but she was very unhappy with certain Hasbro execs.)

    • Alexis

      Not necessarily. March 2012 was when Season 2 was wrapping up on TV, WAY after it was done with production. Lauren was barely involved with any S2 production, so it is possible she didn’t know.

    • Lou G

      Except Lauren left the show right after season 1, which ended in 2011.

      If EQG was locked in in March 2012, she wouldn’t have known.

      • Telaros

        She worked on half the episodes of S2, and helped finale and see through all the scripts of S2. Rumor of Hasbro wanting her to take charge of Equestria Girls and her refusing are plausible scenarios.

        • Lou G

          And that’s all they are. Rumors.

          Meghan McCarthy, M.A. Larson and others have already stated that S2 was being planned as soon as S1′s scripts and everything were done.

          In fact Wikipedia and the MLP Wikia also make mention of that.

          and I’m sorry, but I’m going to believe the head of the show over some random person on the net considering the head of the show is actually there.

      • karo

        Based on my experiences working in organizational systems, yeah, she would have known in 2011 what was going to be finally decided in March 2012.

  • Morethanishould

    I agree, mostly. I don’t understand the whole high school aspect. i mean in MLP, they are business owners and have jobs and adventures, then they shoehorn them into high school. It’s tripe. I’m glad there won’t be a season of this (the Equestria Girls thing is, thankfully, just the movie….for now) but it does give some pause about the future. But the whole concept is bogus, and they whole boy interest thing is dumb. Not because they shouldn’t have significant others, but it doesn’t need to be a motivation. It’s condecending to girls and boys alike. I suppose we should just be glad they aren’t in midriff shirts, but the body design is decidedly “Bratz”-ish which is tragic. Like Dash would wear a skirt. They missed a golden oppertunity to showcase how people can be and look different. I mean, Pinkie could of been a bigger girl. But no. We get a money grab that makes no sense and bungles an established universe. Oh well. Could be worse I guess, I’m just counting on kids to write is off as confusing and move on.

  • The Great Gordini

    This article is so full of rage, it’s almost amusing. We should all remember: after Faust dropped out of the production, the show lost a little of its magic, and became exactly what it looks like: a funny flash cartoon adventure with different styled characters and the like. There is no attempt to subliminally subvert children’s minds into stereotypes and clean cut gender and social roles. Cartoons aren’t our parents; they don’t raise us. Bad parents let them do that. Even the best cartoons aren’t the good ones to raise your child off of.

    All this ranting about sexual stereotypicalism with “tweeny” slim girls is purely speculation. ‘t’s certainly not what I first thought after seeing the pic. I saw a bunch of developers that were too lazy to give them different body-forms.

    Fun and fashion: what’s wrong with that deviation?: nothing. The only way for the show to pick up is for it to give people what they want! If that’s fun and fashion, so be it. That’s society’s fault, not theirs. They can only enforce the viewers’ will, not change it. Young girls will never receive targeted media that doesn’t give them what they already are shown. Changes of the social view like this happen over centuries, not years.

    Feminism is supposed to be a process, not a revolution, in my masculine eyes. Don’t shove to our faces what we don’t want. Plant it. Let it grow. Weed out the weeds before they become trees. Sexification of girls is ancient: poison the tree or grow a new vine to replace it.

    If you want to change your daughter’s view, parent them right. Filter their eyes; tell them that what they see isn’t always true. If you can’t do that, you’ve failed her, and you deserve to have her be absorbed into the masses. Don’t take your rage onto a flash cartoon: it accomplished nothing; telling your child right from wrong does things. Do it. Family values can never be underestimated.

    This was written my a 16 year old boy from Alabama. I’ve said what I’ve said.

  • Mizu

    Pretty sure the ponies themselves all have the same body type. Calling the Equestria Girls “stick thin” isn’t very nice to girls who’re actually struggling to gain weight.

  • Julia Boyd

    I think that there is still hope for it. I felt like the idea of earned Princess-hood was overall a positive, pro-feminine message and it seems that (while she currently looks like a generic bitchy character) the antagonist Sunset Shimmer has many hints to a hidden depths to her that I believe will be satisfying, interesting, and challenge the status quo. The advertising campaign will make it look more generic and cringeworthy than it actually is because they believe that’s what the ‘masses’ want, but…I am trying to be hopeful until the movie is out.

    Still, I agree with your critiques. Making empowered femininity just for horses really is a damn shitty message. I really just have high hopes and expectations.

    Rainbow Dash does appear to still be into sports and all. And its not the real mane 6, just really weird look-a-likes except for Spike and Twilight Sparkle (which I do believe Sunset Shimmer will actually be a transformed pony herself, more above. Look up her toy description.)

    But believe me, if it comes out and blows, I’ll be first in line to join with all of the feminist critiques.

  • Lisa Lithium

    You know, there was a reason for gender roles way back when. Now that feminism has taken over, I feel that the balance has been torn apart. I am a real woman, and I think that we should just go back to when men got jobs, and women stayed at home and raised the children and did chores, and were seen and not heard. Now, I understand that in these times, it’s harder for one person to hold a job while the other person can stay home, but it can be done.

    Now, going back to this article, When I was a little girl and playing with Barbie dolls and Bratz dolls, I didn’t look at the body type or all the makeup and think, “I want to look like this.” Kids do not think anything about that kind of stuff until they get older, say 13 or 14. My friends didn’t even think like that.

    • RobAlister

      This comment has “guy pretending to be a girl” written all over it. lol.

  • SarahJesness

    Eh, I don’t think it’s fair to say whether or not the show is anti-feminist until it comes out. I’m not too critical of the body types because they’re so highly stylized, it’s easy to tell they’re not made to represent real people. Have you seen some of Lauren Faust’s human drawings? Her Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls have the same stylized, skinny bodies. So I doubt she’d oppose too much on those grounds.

    Though admittedly, it would be nice to see some variation in body on the main cast. Rainbow Dash and Applejack could do with a little more muscle, and I think Rarity could go with some curves. But when you’re trying to sell dolls, you want kids to be able to interchange the clothes and accessories easily. And the whole reason the MLP show exists is for merchandise. (which weirdly enough, seems to work in its favor. Hasbro seems to give the creators of the show a lot of freedom, as long as they’re willing to put in something from the toyline every once in a while)

    As for the princess thing… Normally I would agree that we shouldn’t push girls to aspire to be princesses. But that’s because in most works, being a princess is associated with “wear dresses, sit around and drink tea”. In Friendship is Magic, I don’t really mind because the princesses in the show are active, busy, and will even directly take on threats. Twilight Sparkle only became a princess because of her hard work and studying. I’m willing to bet that in future episodes (and judging by the trailer for this movie) that she will be expected to do all sorts of new things. And I’m not talking about the “learn manners and show up for dress fittings” you usually see in “learning to be a princess” montages.

  • Aragem

    What bothers me is the way all the humanize pony girls are all wearing skirts. I always imagined that if they became humans Rainbow Dash would be wearing sweat pants or shorts to match her athletic spirit and Applejack to be wearing overalls or jeans. And they are all wearing cookie cutter boots or shoes.

  • Kelly

    Please send me a picture of the look on your face when you see this so-called garbage for yourself and realize that the core message of the show is still intact despite the humanization of the characters. I should have known not to expect much actual logical arguments from cynical, full-of-themselves, feminists like you.

  • Montana Bobinski

    Fine, Amanda Duncil, I’ll admit you make a point: the characters of Equestria Girls share the same body type, as seen in the above picture. However, is it not also true that in MLP:FIM, all the Mane Six shared same body proportions? Claiming that a generalized look to a gender in a popular tv show relates to that certain body image being forced down the throats of the entire populace is ridiculousness, even if the characters are human. By that definition, every teenage girl would be pregnant, because according to Teen Mom, it gets you a tv show and butt loads of money. The previously stated scenario happens, but to a very, very small percentage of girls, and it’s usually because they forgot to have protected sex; you don’t give females the credit that they’re not as susceptible to whatever superficial messages (and I mean that very loosely) you believe the media perpetuates.

    “All I see is a group of stick-thin girls who all share the same body type (I’d go as far to say body base, even). Their clothes are even similar in style: top, skirt, complete with legwarmer shoes. Their tails and manes have been more or less pasted on from their original models, though I don’t think they will look like that in the actual show.” Yes, while the characters share the same base body proportions, that’s most likely due to the fact that unique animations to every single girl character, on the scale of Equestria Girls, is arduous and not worth the time for a kid’s tv show, and is not the result of a greedy corporation trying to force down an image of the preferred female form to females. Again, I’ll reference that the base body proportions of the Mane Six in MLP:FIM are the same.

    However, if I agreed with you (which I obviously don’t), I’d also have to put forth this argument: if the same female form is being shoved down the throats of females, wouldn’t the hegemonic male form shown in the Equestria Girls tv show also be shoved down the throats of the males who watch this show. This is the first major article I’ve seen complaining about the human aspect, as it pertains to the preferred female form, and it was written by a feminist of all people. Why is it that females are so susceptible to the media, unlike most guys? I don’t believe they are; females can make choices for themselves on how they wish to look, and don’t need anybody to tell them where to get their inspiration. Just because macho male characters are in popular media (including video games), doesn’t mean all men feel that the media is setting a preferred male form. If the previous scenario was true, they’d be a lot of men trying to become like Leonidas however, as this is reality, this does not happen to every single guy.

    I’ll depart my argument with this: to both genders, choose your own inspirations for the preferred form, and don’t let anybody else tell you different. The average human is capable of filtering whatever media they come across into the useful and garbage. Let the world be free from those who would tell you what you should look like, including feminists. If a female wished to be like Snooky, fine, let her be Snooky. If a male wished to be Leonidas, fine, let him be Leonidas Homo sapiens is a species known for variety, and this must be maintained; therefore, all men and all women should not fall under a single patriarchy and/or matriarchy (respectively). Let the world flourish in different groups which take inspiration from different ideals.

    Your neighborhood brony,

    Montana Bobinski,

  • DDatomica

    You know what, at first I was thinking this would be another overly dramatic interpretation of what shows do to children. But after reading Hasbro’s quote and really paying attention to the image of the human mane six, I gotta say that you have a point. “Real girls” with a love for fun and fashion? Oh my goodness. So many things wrong with that statement. I can’t imagine Rainbow Dash beginning to act more like Rarity because now she’s a “real girl.” Not that Rarity has a bad personality or anything, some girls are like her. But the other ponies represented real differences and other personalities, showing that girls can be something else. Shame on Hasbro. Y’know, I was hoping this movie would be great so that the brony fandom can show to the public that the reason we watch what we watch is because it’s awesome. But if this movie is going to be this cliche and sexist…I hope it does terrible. I hope it’s something Hasbro can’t be proud of. Maybe then they’ll decide to get back on track with what Faust had in mind. As a brony, I sincerely hope that Hasbro doesn’t flake out on us. If this movie is gonna be terrible, I just hope that they leave FiM alone and don’t allow it to succumb to this level.

  • disqus_WtGjciAfkV

    I think people need to stop freaking out over a trailer and wait for the movie. We only get little snipits of the characters and know next to nothing about the plot.

  • Thatguy

    I feel as if this is another case of “It will be a terrible movie because they are humans” kind of argument, and given the circumstances I’m not surprised to find that kind of argument here.

    Two things that I have said since the confirmation: 1. it has nothing to do with the original series and it is a one-shot movie, 2. IT HAS NOT EVEN COME OUT YET, as such as a critic you cannot jump to conclusions based off an assumption.

    Is the humanized version of MLP going to be bad because it will go into human conflicts that the viewer can relate to and understand them better because they are human? Will it be good for the same reason? The only thing everyone can do for now is to wait until it comes out. Until then, I feast upon the tears of meaningless complaints.

  • Thunder Jet

    Sorry, but your opinions are only worth the font you typed them in.

  • Julio Garcia

    Well excuuuse me for not being able to detect Sarcasm on a written media. Plus English is not my native language so even when I don’t have problem reading it/Write it details are very likely to be dismissed.

    • Gregory Equality Van Acker

      Why are you so quick to comment if you struggle with sarcasm detection and the language?

  • Jorlem

    I’m just assuming that EG takes place in the same world that Doug takes place in, which explains the body shapes and skin colors.

    Quailman, away!

  • Tardigrada

    Personally, I just feel really exasperated that so many people are judging this film so harshly based on a 60 second trailer and a few screenshots.
    I can see your point about the new look of the characters, but to predict that it will cause the doom of the entire show seems a little melodramatic to me. I intend to watch the film with an open mind, and if it sucks, then I’ll get angry.
    The stereotypical designs are very shallow, but it’s the personalities of the characters that matter more to me. If the writers have managed to portray the internal flaws of each character fairly and not just make them pink and fluffy all the way through, I might even be a little impressed.
    But I’m not assuming anything, good or bad, until I’ve actually SEEN THE MOVIE.

  • Woop

    Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you.

  • Alycia Shedd

    You realize what this is really about, right? Hasbro is trying to leverage an existing property to break into the fashion doll market. It’s Jem and the Holograms all over again, and I predict it’s going to bomb just as badly.

  • Katt

    Why do you keep calling it a spin-off when Hasbro has made it clear it’s just a one-off movie? While it might be a spin-off of the IP, it’s not going to be a tv show – at least now yet. (Possibly if the movie does well?) It’s a cash in theatrical special designed to allow Hasbro to compete with Mattel’s Monster High brand. While I am not saying that we should let it get off without discussion simply because it’s a movie, I’m not sure it should be treated quite the same way as the show.

    Lauren Faust was a popular show runner because she created varied characters and didn’t answer to Hasbro, but in the end, Hasbro is making this show to sell toys. I think that movies and specials like this, that exist solely for the purpose of advancing a meta agenda, are a necessary evil. Hasbro has a very good show here, and that’s because of the fantastic team they have hired that understands good storytelling, regardless of gender lines, but in the end they have to answer to Hasbro. I think they’re going to make this movie as good as they can while still delivering what Hasbro wants: a platform from which to launch their Monster High doll clones. So while we judge it, let’s judge it as something the team had to make, not something they chose to make.

    (I also don’t understand how the season 3 finale conforms to gender roles simply because Twilight becomes a princess. I mean, Celestia made it clear that Starswirl the Bearded failed to learn what Twilight learned, implying that Starswirl would have been in Twilight’s place if he had learned about friendship. And nothing indicates that all Twilight will be interested in now is fashion and balls and princes, either.)

  • Sasha

    I must admit that I’m excited for Equestria Girls, but I was very doubtful in the beginning and I absolutely hate these designs. They made our six pony friends become like you said stick thin teenagers, that have a love for fashion or so. Even though I was relieved when I saw Rainbow Dash boucing a soccerball around, which gives me a bit of hope. The other thing is that they just all look so….identical. Top (pretty fashionable), skirt and legwarmer-boots. They all have got hair going down to their waists and all have that anorexic look.
    I’m not sure what to think…I guess we’ll just need to wait and see.

  • rose

    ok listen because im only going to say this once. ahem. If girls are going to grow up into a world that will indefinatley be filled with girls being well the steryotype girl, this will be in a way highschool with the whole airhead and trying to be like a princess and what not. so shouldnt we show these girls how to act well and be happy with themselves inside this this this hell that our society has created for them? i think yes i think this movie will make a good point about how girls can be involved in things like this with the whole highschool theme but be able to love themselves and there friends

  • Telaros

    holy crap… did not catch that quote before… I know Hasbro is pretty backwards thinking and I hate them for those staunch 50′s viewpoint of the ideal girl, but damn if that ‘real girls’ and ‘fun and fashion’ didn’t make me fear this movie that *will* become a show (though if Hasbro really did do a survey, it might be a hint that the backlash has had a decent impact on whether a tv series will go through at all.)

    Far as Rainbow Dash goes, no that is not in any way a cheerleader… She is wearing shorts under her short skirt because it helps her move around and do her sports thing. Like a boss. Though, why wear that skirt when playing or trying to get a high score in bouncing a ball is beyond me…

    Since it is done in flash, and there are going to be a lot of puppets they need to craft for finger movements and angles, you’ll notice we don’t get many angles when they are in their human forms) it’s honestly more for simplicity than purposely trying to instill that one size fits all crap. Though, they still indirectly do it by doing so.

    Still, it’s to be able to fit in more expressions while still being able to animate at a decent pace between animator to animator. It’s all split and shared. Not everyone works on the same stuff. It has to be simplified across the board.

    Far as Disney’s concerns… I don’t even want to imagine what they got in store for Merida… hate the new look. Funny, Brave was the first Disney film in so so many years that actually made me feel for a character. And then that happened…

    While I won’t hold my breath for S4, if Mehgan really isn’t just trying to fool us, and it being filled to the brim with Cadance episodes, I think it might just put a dent (not as far as Hasbro is concerned) into the Pretty Pink Princess syndrome. I mean, she wouldn’t just up and destroy everything Faust set out to do… right???

  • Telaros

    As I recall, she spoke about getting the call from Hasbro as being a “complete surprise”. I very much believe she did get fired and that dealing with Hasbro and trying to push so hard to keep things in, were the main factors. Pregnant woman have ways of working from home just fine, plenty of people on staff work from miles apart. So, yeah. So got fired because her views kept butting heads with the marketing team and Hasbro toy makers.

    She’s smart though. She later on would keep changing her reasons, simply to avoid letting any negativity hit Hasbro and have her seen as a not so reliable person to work with who blabs about stuff in the work place. The pregnancy thing is a great cover story. Far as being ‘the main’ reason for leaving.

    I’ve been a fan since Nov of 2010. Faust left in April of 2011. Many things have been rumored since then.

  • Cartoonking1

    Chill, wait until the movie comes out.

  • Sai

    I think the bronies all want off the ride now, it was fun, we miss Faust

  • Lou G

    You still didn’t show much intelligence, Tundra.

    But you are right. It’s not about body image, unless you’re Amanda “i don’t like labels but I’ll call myself a nerdy girl which is a label.” Duncil and her fellow feminist army.

    What this is is a stupid idea by Hasbro. No one has denied that. But you can’t sit there and say half of the BS she’s said based on a 2-3 minute trailer.

    • gross

      Feminist army? Are you a troll or just asinine? Your contempt for feminism, among other things, shows a lot of callous antipathy. Pony-fans should be bros. Friendship is magic.

      Body image is a very relevant factor. Just because the pony-girls have ‘purple skin’ doesn’t mean that kid won’t want to be like them. There’s a clear lack of understanding of child psychology in saying so.

      Yes, it’s a very lame move by Hasbro. And a lot of that can be seen by the trailer. Trailers and promotional material are marketing copy that push the most purchase-relevant info to get people to buy into it. Criticizing “fun and fashion” is spot-on, as it’s one of the main things they’re selling. It’s also pre-emptive, but it’s also the direction Hasbro has shown their hand to be tipped. If they didn’t deliver on that marketing promise, I’d be personally surprised.

    • racynom

      My thought on it: the cause… money… as the motivational root… + fear and greed (*) thinking of the staff “Humans dont like change. To make them happy we have to spoonfeed them with the same old routines everyday.” + their own social upbringing bringing in old stereotypes… (*) Money (+ stress) guides people to left brain use (the logical (serial) thinking; order/pattern perception, detail oriented, safe, prone to be influenced by fear); artist use the right brain (which is said to have more influence on emotions than the right like happiness) (creative thinking, more open to risks, big picture oriented).
      connect the dots…

  • Tom

    It’s without argument that this is quite a disappointing direction for the mlp franchise, and it shows the faly of having a show run by a toy company. It’s taken the stereotype barbie world setup and implementing to the max effect, and the many similarities of the characters has also shown a lack of creativity. Though the use of a base figure is not all that uncommon in animation, when you are trying to represent six distinct individuals with six very diverse personalities and lifestyles it would seem to be rational to alter the physical characteristics, or at least the clothing of each character to make them true individuals. With that all being said I am still a fan of Hasbro, and am looking forward to what this new chapter in the mlp franchise has to offer, because in all honesty we wont know for sure whether it’ll be good or not till we see it.

  • likalaruku

    It’s really Disney Princess that are are bad influence on little girls. Hey kids, when you grow up, marry the first man who looks you in the eye, but only if he’s rich. Don’t have any career aspirations; just get married as soon as possible. & never wear pants or be remotely tomboyish.

    Twilight at least has an intellect, friends, a job, & does not feel like she needs a man in her life.

    Have to say, that image at the top is the only humanized pony pic that doesn’t piss me off. The MLP fandom has way to many perverts with sick fetishes.

  • Kailyn

    I don’t know about everybody else, but I learned NOTHING from that trailer. It was extremely vague. I trust the writers enough to believe this won’t be utter crap, but I am like wise nervous. Cautiously optimistic if you will. Nevertheless, I would think us bronies of all people would have learned long ago that maybe (just maybe), to watch something before judging it completely. Here, this video helped calm some of my own fears (and some of the top comments even refer back to this article):
    I think we need to wait to see what the actual plot of this movie is before we royally freak out. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was never as shallow as it appeared and Equestria Girls, all things considers, isn’t too likely to be bad.

    Keep calm and brony on

  • LucyJ

    “It’s bad enough that “girl” and “boy” toys are steadfastly holding onto their old-school ways.” Maybe that’s because if you give a two-year-old boy a doll he will most likely rip its head off. Not because it’s violent, but because that is what a little boy will most likely do to figure out the mechanics of things Without Being Told one way or the other.

    • Jasmine Collins

      All children rip the heads off dolls. Girls are scolded for it, boys are either allowed or encouraged to do it. I ripped heads off dolls. If you give kids choices, most of them will want to play with toys that are “For” the other gender. Parents and authority figures will often discourage that, and it’s shitty. It’s for the grown ups, not the kids, that we color and gender code their toys.

  • Alisonoverissabelle

    I doubt Faust had anything to do with this because this whole “girl body” thing has been going on since Barbie cam out. I think it was Hasbro

  • Alan

    Damned if you’re not onto something, I’ll say that. Never watched MLP:FiM but liked that such a show existed. Real disappointing to see what it’s being turned into.

  • Alpha Echo

    I think you’re wrong- to a degree, this IS aimed at the younger set. Think about it- you hate high school, but who sees ‘cool’ high school kids as REALLY cool? Younger kids.

    Basic rule: To sell something, make it seem cool to the crowd you want to sell to. High school kids are cool to younger, socially-aware kids.

  • Isäbellä Ø’Cønnęll

    The equestria girls spin off is probleatic because they do act, by showing the “human versions” of the ponies, that to be human Is to conform to gender roles and that the ponies are only normally so-empowered- is because they are magic ponies, and not truly just girls at all. The Equestria Girls seems to reinforce the idea that there is a very specific way girls are supposed to act, and invalidate the originaly Ponies by drawing a divide between acceptable girl behavior and acceptable pony behavior.

  • Nightgazer Starlight

    Actually Equestrian princesses are Goddesses.

    Celestia = Goddess of the Sun.

    Luna = Goddess of the Moon.

    Cadence = Goddess of Love.

    Twilight = Goddess of… Knowledge? Friendship? Magic?

  • Nobody

    How about that you’re bitching too much about something you haven’t seen yet?

  • ShadowTH

    “the end goal of which was apparently to become royalty”

    What are you talking about, Twilight’s “end goal” wasn’t to become royalty. She really didn’t have one, she wants to learn as much as Celestia can teach her. In order to do THAT she needed to become an alicorn, so she could use more powerful magic.

    As for this: “Implying that all girls should want to grow up to become princesses is destructive”

    In the first few moments of the movie Twilight expresses how she DOESN’T want to be a princess, just a normal pony.

  • Twilight Sparkle

    Movie was great. The article is obsolete ;) For the other’s who haven’t seen it yet, I implore you to ignore the trailers, as they are not a true representation of the movie. If you like the episodes (and 99.9% of you out there do) the movie is enjoyable “JUST THE SAME <3 <3 <3"

  • James Sowerby

    I honestly think, no, know, that you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s refreshing to see a TRUE feminist for a change, giving a fair view point.

  • Reasonable Ron

    You guys are kinda stupid, this is a movie that sends twilight on a journey to earth ( or some form of it ) to get her crown back. I don’t know if you watched the trailer or not, but it clearly points toward it. Please don’t make this into a big deal, its a simple movie with a simple plot. Damn.

  • Charlotte Greatwood

    I’m a rider and I thought that the spin-off is very insulting.

    My Little Pony:

    The Equestria Girls

    Okay, hello
    My Little Pony are your characters ponies or girls? In your title of your new
    movie you have ‘pony’ and ‘girls’. Remember how earlier I talked about how My Little
    Pony wasn’t rude? Change those words from ‘isn’t rude’ into IS RUDE! I am a
    girl and I do ride a pony. How is meant to make me feel when you tell me that
    ponies can be girls too? No to mention how perverted it is, to have a horse
    become a girl. And seriously mini-skirts? I can’t believe it! It looks like
    your telling me that because I ride I should a, where my hair super long and
    wear a mini-skirt all the time. Then, b, most of what I care about should be…
    Me, myself and… I! So apparently all riders are self-centered, self-loving
    girls that wear mini-skirts. Oh and I should probably change my favorite color
    to pink!

  • Charlotte Greatwood

    I am a rider and I find this very insulting

    My Little Pony:

    The Equestria Girls

    Okay, hello
    My Little Pony are your characters ponies or girls? In your title of your new
    movie you have ‘pony’ and ‘girls’. Remember how earlier I talked about how My Little
    Pony wasn’t rude? Change those words from ‘isn’t rude’ into IS RUDE! I am a
    girl and I do ride a pony. How is meant to make me feel when you tell me that
    ponies can be girls too? No to mention how perverted it is, to have a horse
    become a girl. And seriously mini-skirts? I can’t believe it! It looks like
    your telling me that because I ride I should a, where my hair super long and
    wear a mini-skirt all the time. Then, b, most of what I care about should be…
    Me, myself and… I! So apparently all riders are self-centered, self-loving
    girls that wear mini-skirts. Oh and I should probably change my favorite color
    to pink!

  • Charlotte Greatwood

    I am a rider and I find this very insulting

    My Little Pony:

    The Equestria Girls

    Okay, hello
    My Little Pony are your characters ponies or girls? In your title of your new
    movie you have ‘pony’ and ‘girls’. Remember how earlier I talked about how My Little
    Pony wasn’t rude? Change those words from ‘isn’t rude’ into IS RUDE! I am a
    girl and I do ride a pony. How is meant to make me feel when you tell me that
    ponies can be girls too? No to mention how perverted it is, to have a horse
    become a girl. And seriously mini-skirts? I can’t believe it! It looks like
    your telling me that because I ride I should a, where my hair super long and
    wear a mini-skirt all the time. Then, b, most of what I care about should be…
    Me, myself and… I! So apparently all riders are self-centered, self-loving
    girls that wear mini-skirts. Oh and I should probably change my favorite color
    to pink!

    Here we have pony girls who obviously care how they look and the before and afters of Equestria girls.

  • Charlotte Greatwood

    My Little Pony:

    The Original ponies

    My little pony has always been a little bit sexist with its sparkly ponies that
    are obviously aimed for girls, but they have never completely crossed the line
    from being kind of okay to being very rude.

    Notice how pink the ponies are. Notice how you probably can
    assume right away that these ponies are girls. Actually there is a dragon,
    unicorn and a Pegasus. All of them have purple or pink, except for the pony
    with a cowboy hat who as red on her. Oh yeah! All the dolls have pink or purple.

    My Little Pony:

    The Equestria Girls

    Okay, hello
    My Little Pony are your characters ponies or girls? In your title of your new
    movie you have ‘pony’ and ‘girls’. Remember how earlier I talked about how My
    Little Pony wasn’t rude? Change those words from ‘isn’t rude’ into IS RUDE! I
    am a girl and I do ride a pony. How is meant to make me feel when you tell me
    that ponies can be girls too? No to mention how perverted it is, to have a
    horse become a girl. And seriously mini-skirts? I can’t believe it! It looks
    like your telling me that because I ride I should a, where my hair super long
    and wear a mini-skirt all the time. Then, b, most of what I care about should
    be… Me, myself and… I! So apparently all riders are self-centered, self-loving
    girls that wear mini-skirts. Oh and I should probably change my favorite color
    to pink! Oh and my favorite activity to looking out for ‘cute’ and ‘hot’ boys!

    My Little Pony:

    Before and After

    Before: Pink and Purple
    ponies, My little pony was not rude, slightly sexist

    After: Pink, blue, purple and yellow girls, with pony ears and tails, My little pony is VERY
    rude, insulting

    Ponies to people? How did that happen?

  • ponypal

    I just saw this movie and besides the fact that every girl has a similar body shape (i’m asuming this is hasbro making it easier to mold and sell toys), the same good message is there. That even if we are all a little different we can still be friends and worj together towards a common goal. Twilight goes into highschool and doesn’t understand way there are different clicks and groups. Why can’t the “jocks” like Dash hang with the waifs like fluttershy? Why can’t we all be friends? The “friendship is magic” theme is still strong and there is no more emphasis on fashion or looking pretty than there is an any season or episode of the show. I say it’s a good adaptation addn it’s off base to judge of of a couple concept photos.

  • Mr VintageCartoon

    OK I admit I´m Bronie in equal level as fan of Military history, Star Wars, G.I.JOE, Star trek. all 80´s cartoons. My pocision is:

    Only a stupid untalented eg Hasbro executives who are excellent qualified idiots spoil franchises like Star Wars figures or GIJOE. could spoil this show so loved by their fans.

    With the Shows people are successful, but it seems that Hasbro has a grudge towards Bronies creating something that they knew would hate.

    What is Equestria girls or intends?

    Searching this movie full of stereotypes vulgar silly attempt to bypass the ingenious chapters of each season of MLP FIM?

    There are precedents. Animals without talent Hasbro created a lousy movie in GIJOE.

    Any brony you have drawn or written a story doing human ponies have done better argument that this failed attempt at marketing. Yes, you will have success at the time but did not pass the year that is doomed to oblivion.

  • Kendal Hun Cha Cobb

    I hate that Hasbro makes these drastic decisions to make more money, but I think the writers do an excellent job working with what they’re handed. I saw the movie, and it was quite excellent. It stayed true to Friendship is Magic for the most part.

  • Dennis Van Hout

    it’s just a movie…
    and they needed a story, so why not please the fandom with human versions of the ponies?
    btw, they actually looked at fanart for the designs, so instead of nagging about it, be happy that there’s actually a movie (AND a 3rd season)

  • Zamadamin

    Just watched it, it was a good movie, and I feel that because of all of this immense negativity going it’s way, anyone that actually bothers to watch it would feel the same. It handled everything perfectly and the characters stayed true throughout. My only complaint was that it felt just a little bit rushed towards the end. Played out kinda like Canterlot royal wedding.

    TLDR: I’m glad the community let my hopes down for this because it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.

  • MiJyn

    And it is! It’s really just as good (if not better, because it’s a full-length movie) as the normal FiM (I saw it)!

  • Elements of Harmony

    You DICKHEADS! The reason why they made equestria girls is not for the money but for getting rid of those annoying bronies because my little pony is for little girls and that’s the way it should be no big deal its obvious if you think about it!

  • thorondragon

    actually i saw it and, to my great surprise……. they were quite wrong. that fun and fashion thing is inaccurrate. while they do go weraing cute outfits and stuff, that is far from the focus. amazingly, it seems that they actually transformed them quite well. they deal with more human situations in more human environment but remaijn themselves. i swear, i was amazed. the movie is no work of art, but i have to say, it was good.

    the villain was also a lot better, and by the end shows she is not simply two dimensional. she wanted control, but when she got power, she became something she never wanted to become, and was horrified by what lay inside of her.

  • hanami

    i didn’t read all the comments just wanted to say i don’t understand that NOW some are so angry about this type of “stick-thin girls”. Ever compared the ponys from FiM with the oldschool ponys? when i first saw the new ponys , i was shocked cause they were so thin.we must face it, its all in all the direction it goes nowadays…sad but true. sry for my english :)

  • person

    Ummm not to be mean or anything but how can you judge something you hav’nt seen the actual movie is FAR real far from everything you just described and whats wrong with being in shape.

  • Daniella Dahoui

    Hey, I want to say that I don’t consider myself a MLP:FiM fan either, but I REALLY do like the show. I was a bit disappointed with season 3 finale, but not because of Twilight turning into a princess: I just think it could have been written a little better. As long as Twilight’s personality maintained the same (I doubted this mean “Mary Sue” territory. Twilight’s STILL the overanxious bookworm we know and love), but having to face new challenges. Actually, some of the episodes in season 3 were much weaker, and think it’s partially due to Lauren Faust leaving after season 2. Anyway, although you keep commenting that this is a movie which mades it seem like it was completely changing the message by turning them into humans, well… here are my thoughts about the whole thing:

    I saw the movie, and I enjoyed it like hell. Yeah, say what you want: I liked it a lot. Something I’ve noticed is that the merchandising and the actual message of the film/tv show is very contradictory. Disney Princesses, I feel, are for the most part VERY well written women who actually prove to be proactive, likeable and relatable, especially characters like Belle, Rapunzel and Tiana. But when we look at the merchandising, they appear as the cookie-cutter girly-image we all hate. And that’s sometimes the unfair part: sometimes we’d like to tackle on a serious issue, but then if the film seeks the opportunity to sell something from the film, such as a mask or weapon used in the film, the person would likely get offended. Sometimes it’s the other way around: a company attempts to make a show in order to sell toys, but the maker would like to get a little creative and make something unique and fun for everyone to enjoy, and not something dumbed down. Lauren Faust did a fun, creative show for all of us, in spite of the merchandising. Inspiration and motivation are two different things: sometimes you’re do a project to cash-in on it (motivation), but you may produce something of quality with your own talents and influences (inspiration).

    So what I cared about was how well they handled the story and characters in the film. And I liked what the film had to offer. Twilight had to deal with issues normally tackled in a fantasy environment, like protecting Equestria. However, her being sent to a high-school environment enforces the message that the problems she will have to tackle as a princess, as well as what ponies have to deal with are essentially the same problems us humans deal with. Because the characters’ personalities are completely intact in the human universe, and we know that their personalities are inspired by social archetypes, it makes sense to put them in a high-school environment. The fish-out-of-water (or Pony-out-of-water) gags and Twilight trying to fit in a new environment is nothing different than her attempting to get used to her new role as a princess. She just has to realise what it means. And friendship makes a great role. The show enforces the idea that although we have different personalities, we are the same as each other no matter what, and that people who are very different CAN form bonds. It’s also a show about discovering oneself. These messages are NOT lost in the movie, and best of all, Twilight Sparkle goes through an arc of discovering herself: what does it mean to be a princess? What is the main objective? The message there, and the meaning of what a princess means is still a very good message for girls. The word “princess” does usually refer to “spoiled girl”, however over the years we’ve seen variation to what this word can mean, and what virtues a woman can carry with this title. As long as they’re clear that women can be as powerful as they want to be. Here, they teach that a princess isn’t someone who orders people around, but encourages others to stand alongside her. That’s a good message! Although the use of the word “princess” really depends on the context of the story and character, the use in Equestria Girls was used very well.

    Maybe the image of slim girls does bother most people (especially since the designs are very basic with variation of hair and colours) To me as long as the film enforces the idea that people can be as diverse and individualistic as they want to be, AND their messages about individuality and friendship are there, I don’t think this would be such a problem for me. While the film and TV show says that girls can choose their identity, the merchandising is VERY contradictory. How different was the merchandising from how it was before? The ponies DID have accessories and things to play with, which still would have been a problem, especially for Rainbow Dash and Applejack who are complete tomboys. The difference here is the image of them as girls, being slim and all, and… OK, I’m so sorry, I could only talk about what I felt of the film itself. I can’t go into detail into what I feel about the merchandising and the “damaging image of girls”. I don’t know what to say about this. All I can say is that what we show on screen, and what we sell afterwards can be something very contradictory, and this is something I have no idea HOW to explore this issue. Merchandising is the oversimplification of what was seen on screen. The movie and tv show does a great job in portraying the message as it should be, but when merchandising comes along, you see something at a glance, and it won’t be a good thing. It’s like Death Note selling the Ryuk dolls or actual death notes. At a glance, it seems like the show promotes death and dark stuff, when in reality the anime’s a commentary over the criminal justice system, and has a great cat-and-mouse game/battle of wits story. But I need to know more about this issue, because there’s a lot of hypocrisy with what we say we sell and what we attempt to sell.

    So… those are my thoughts. Hope you liked it.

  • joshtrip1

    here it comes. just wait for the internet to mess this up. why why WHY?! does this need to exist.

  • Carlos

    Dear Amanda, I am from Argentina, father of a 5-year-old girl, and I fully agree with your statement. My daughter learnt a lot of English from MLP:fiM and we became addicted to the series and the “flavor” of the episodes combining adventure, wit, intelligence, etc. It is sad to see that the future of MLP could be going into a track similar to stereotypes such as “it is fun being a princess” , “we like fashion”, etc. (jin that respect, my daughter watches “Sophia the First” episodes from time to time, but she prefers to come back to MLP:fiM, as she finds MLP much more stimulating for her games). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • anon

    I don’t care I never cared but. I do have to admit this did get my attention this means that there are more adults watching this show then kids and when my little pony showed up so did all the bad stuff but this. I am guessing they have done this before it seems so much like what these guys would do. it just shows that the people that makes these shows support this kind of stuff

  • Twiliscael

    Finally someone with a sensible opinion on the matter. I’m sick and tired of the blind worship for this movie because it was a cliched money-making piece of crap, along with season 3. This show is losing what made it so good (I say because of Faust’a departure, but how can I blame her for that? No-one can.) and everyone’s too brainwashed by the “if it’s pony it has to be good!” mentality tht this fandom has developed.

  • Gene

    You are totally correct Amanda. I’m a guy, and don’t really consider myself a brony. However I’m a fan of MLP FIM. My 6 year old neice watches all those horrible Disney tween shows. She is already talking about dating and “issues” at her age. Eye roll. Go and jump rope or something. You are 6 years old. You don’t even know what puberty is. There are no issues.

    I was trying to get her to watch FIM because its message is so different from Bratz and other similar shows. FIM has no high school or dating and are not making the mistakes that MLP made in the 80s. These characters are interesting to watch. Their main problems are dealing with magic creatures (sometimes derived from Greek mythology) and with moral dilemmas which are very real and teach excellent lessons for people of all genders and ages. The only dating episode was the valentines one (hearts and hooves). But even that was done in a funny and intelligent manner. I like the old FIM. I want my niece to watch the old FIM. If this continues, I fear the brony community will cease to exist.

  • hudson

    mlp was made to represent the 6 girls who died

  • Deucey Dee

    I’m a male, I’m not into “girly-girl” or “manly-man” stuff, and I love the show to death. But it’s not because of its political correctness; I like the show for its ingenuity, wit, and intricacy of character. And FYI, I have seen Equestria Girls 4 times now. I like it that much. It’s like an hour-long episode of the show, and, even before I saw the movie, I approached it positively, because I had faith in the franchise. I trusted that they wouldn’t let their fans down with a movie, even if it looks controversial. Hasbro was putting everyone to the test, to see if they could get past their cynicism and judgemental natures. Evidently, almost everyone failed this test, because, despite what this show has done, they still can’t see past their own noses.

    You’ve got to see this article for what it is: Someone who liked the show because IT seemed to conform to HER opinions is now ranting because something has come along that just doesn’t fit HER style. And in a typical fashion, mind you. Look who’s abiding to stereotypes. Do you KNOW how many shows and movies have feminist characters that judge everything in the same way you do? By the looks of it, you’re nothing but a poser mirroring the personality of a stock character and using it to speak for other people who can speak for themselves. Are these even your own, independent thoughts, or are you just following protocol? I’m surprised anyone can even take you seriously when you yourself are acting so stereotypical. Why don’t you try giving something the benefit of the doubt for once, instead of trying to impress everyone by pointing fingers and crying foul? Honestly, it’s people like you that make me sick. You’re the reason society can’t just move on. You constantly revive age-old issues in places where they aren’t even present. There’s someone force-feeding society narrow-minded concepts all right, and that someone is you. I mean, what do you hope to accomplish by forcing everyone to think exactly the way you do? By the looks of it, I’d say you’re doing the very same thing you’re accusing everyone else of doing. You’re creating the very monsters you claim to be fighting against.

    There will always be girls who like dressing up and having tea parties, just like there will always be people who act silly, and dark-skinned gangsters, and foreign people with accents. These people do not make up the majority, and they do not represent their groups, but nor are they non-existent. Acting like people who so happen to resemble stereotypes don’t exist is just as much a crime as acting like the stereotypes apply to everyone. If everyone would accept that instead of arrogantly pretending to speak for everyone else, then we could all move past things like this and get along better. Yes, Equestria Girls LOOKS girly, but so does the show itself. Every less-than-portly woman in a colorful outfit isn’t some ultimate conspiracy to subvert women. You need to learn to grow up, and give other people the space to do the same. Get off your high horse and try actually walking among the people you ironically put yourself above as you try to defend.

    Imagine how much better this world would be if everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, would just shut up and live life.

  • pLolz

    Watch it.. It isn’t worst at all.. i was hating it too before to watch it now i love it

  • summerstormgirl

    Noooo! I have a niece and she loves MLP, ok, we’re in Australia and we own the first season and haven’t seen any more. But I’m with you. Heartily sick of our girls being given the image of ‘one must be a Princess’ and ‘one must be thin and over sexualised and all look the same to fit in and be OK’ – all this before even hitting their teenage years.
    Whether Faust bounced from Hasbro due to the company wanting to change things this way, or Hasbro just felt they had free rein once the original peeps were gone, or whatever, is moot in my opinion. This SUCKS.

  • Liz

    Coming from a little girl at heart, the only issue I have with the spinoff is the character design. Kids aren’t that stupid to believe everything they hear, but they’re still impressionable. Body image was a big issue for me, and I think my barbies really played into my anorexia. I swea, dollsare seriously just sacks of bones now. I thought they would’ve approached body image more thoughtfully, possibly giving each character a body type that exists in the real world, but I was sadly mistaken and my hopes were too high.

  • SR D

    While I am a fan of the show, I have 2 little girls who love the show too. I have even encouraged friends with girls (and boys) to watch my little ponies: friendship is magic. I loved the story lines and the fact that it taught to treat every one as equals. Something we often forget in this day and age. I was severely disappointed in the 3rd season, when Twilight became an Alicorn(is that how you spell that).
    With 2 small girls, all I could think was ‘consumerism!’. We had just gotten a Twilight doll on sale. Now I knew why. Equestria girls the movie came out and after reading about it I am very disappointed to know I have walked my girls into the type of show I was trying to avoid. We will just have to enjoy the first 3 seasons and avoid my little “selling features” oops I mean ponies in the future. Thanx for the article.

  • C Schwartz

    I was immediately shocked by the EG trailer when I saw it, I wanted to believe it was bad fanfiction and not real. As a mother of 2 little girls who LOVE MLP I am really concerned about the messages the design and feel and the experiences and attitudes portrayed by the EQ girls series. These are not things I want my 4 year old to emulate. The vapid and cookie cutter designs will not be a part of my family entertainment or play.

    I was also struck with how “wrong” the season 3 finale was in keeping with what I thought mlp was about. It made me really want to understand what the message was supposed to be, especially since it really made it where I wanted to understand why all the princesses are all alicorns and rule over the 3 classes of ponies….. Like why disney princesses all have broken homes and perfect figures?

  • FirestoneX .

    we all had the same first reaction.. Then we seen it and it was good…. Sure not Citizen Cane or anything, but definitely true to the heart of the show.. Very enjoyable. I’ve seen it 3 times so far and can’t wait for the blu-ray.

  • clairedelune

    Seeing this just makes me dread it. I really liked MLP:FIM, but was grossed out and repelled at times by the whole brony fandom. They already took ponies and sexualized them for their own gratification, and this new show just seems to give in to their pervy fantasies by giving them exactly what they wanted: the same characters, but with sexualized human bodies they can fantasize over. Yuck.

    • Rachel

      The whole brony fandom is not about sexualizing them. Theres a group out there to sexualize everything. It’s there for every show, including every kids show. It’s a segment of the fanbase. Not the entire thing.

      And since when has the quality of something needed to be 100% equated with what the fans are perceived to be like?

      Plus, the majority of the brony fandom lashed out against EG. It was much harder to find someone who was keeping an open mind about it, nevermind excited for it, than it was to find fans who were apalled and wished it never happened.

  • A. Jones

    I personal loved My Little Pony; Equestria Girls. In the song “Helping Twilight Sparkle Win The Crown.” All of the “pony girls” sing about how they may all seem different, but they learned that being different doesn’t give you the right to mistreat others and they all have many of the same interests. Also in the song Twilight Sparkle says “I’m going to be myself, no matter what I do.” (the whole movie is about how she will loose her powers if she doesn’t get her crown back, etc.) Twilight doesn’t want to win the crown being unfair and not being true to herself, even if it means loosing her powers. It was set in High School because most of students are trying to figure out who they are going to be. Hasbro was trying to say that you should ALWAYS be yourself, no matter what the consequences may be or where you may be, and to always be kind to one another. If you are not around people that support you and your decisions, then you shouldn’t be with them anymore. I believe that this movie is quite amazing. I suggest it to everyone, and it teaches great life lessons at a young age so that children won’t be confused when they are older. I loved this movie.

  • Luffy

    I am very glad that I am not the only one who felt this way about the show. Even as a shipper, I was especially displeased with the addition of a love interest for Twilight Sparkle since they had done so well to avoid the girls’ show stereotypes. This movie was literally ALL of them.

  • TheRioter

    There’s nothing wrong with romance, but even as a shipper I felt like her relationship with Flash was forced and well, fucking stupid. The issue with forcing romance in this show is Faust really didn’t want a stereotypical girls’ show that obsessed with boys and school dances and petty arguments about social hierarchy. PLEASE, do not get me wrong, I was a high school girl and all of that is very real. I do not mean to devalue the struggles of a high school student, or high school drama(s) in general, because they are serious to those girls/boys at the time and some of those scars do indeed last for life, but I like MLP because it focused on the friendship of six girls without needless, petty catting around. Plus, it wasn’t cliqueish. I think what pissed me off the most was how Twilight “united” the cliques by reminding them they all went to the same school? Ew.

  • The Person

    The smartest decision they made in this movie was keeping their skin color the same as their fur color. That way, they didn’t break anyone’s racial headcanons or get accused of whitewashing or anything else.

  • Littleangelgirl

    Whoa you are totally right oh my god (I’m from Essex by the way

  • Jane Curran

    This is crap and my child will no longer be allowed to watch MLP if this is what it is turning into!!!!

  • Arakiba

    EG is fanservice for the adult male audience.

  • Emily

    Except if you watch Equestria Girls, it doesn’t matter that Twilight is a princess. She doesn’t let that stop her from being friends with the people she loves. She takes on a mission to stop Sunset Shimmer from destroying Equestria. She stops her from bullying Fluttershy, from becoming the dance queen even though she doesn’t deserve it, etc. The message of the show and of Twilight becoming a princess is that you /don’t have to be royalty to be one/. Any girl can be a princess, or feel like one.

  • Pip (mummy) & Scarlet (aged 5)

    My 5 year old daughter was very upset about all this – she wants to know why the MLP “ponies” cant continue, she said “me and my friends love the ponies we like the horses if we wanted them to be girls then the we would watch something with gils but we don’t, horses are my favourite animal and now they are gone – it’s not fair”.
    MLP are much loved by all and are certainly a better role model for young children they are innocent in as much as they are not human and are not encouraging little girls to grow up too fast – I am very disappointed and wont be allowing my daughter to get hooked on the skinny sexualised girls you have turned them into. luckily we have all the old episodes so will watch those instead – so you have definitely lost money from me as no repeat business!

    • Rachel

      Friendship is Magic will still be ongoing, though. Even with this spinoff show.

  • Missie su

    My 3 year old is a major MLP fan. Obsessed would be a close connection. She absolutely loves the equestria girls and the magic world beyond the mirror. To her there nothing less then pony girls. My daughter is not a fan of dolls bbies Barbies and I am sorta shocked that she loves the equestria girls but to her there magical ponies my daughter thinks there beautiful as pony or eq girl she loves the multicolored hair Nd cutie marks. To my kid there fantastic and have no sexual based meaning. Now as a mother I said THANKS A LOT HASBRO!! More of my money there sucking out of my pocket which is exactly what they intended. Bleep that. I must say my daughter is absolutely delighted that spike turns into a puppy. To each there own but my daughter is delighted and I’m broke and disgusted

  • Rachel Brandt Fisher

    I love My Little Pony but refuse to watch or let my daughter watch this one. It’s a bad weird pony bratz doll mash up.

  • RobAlister

    Monster High always gets grouped in with these kinds of shows. Sure they have the thin figures and some of them worry about fashion but the overall message of the show is all about diversity.

  • Kim

    I have a few thoughts.

    The first I want to get out there fan-to-fan is I would hold off on the princess part. Personally I am not a big fan of her becoming a princess. I hated when that happened. But through a lot of discussion amongst other fans I’m holding out on my fate because it could really mean a lot of different things depending on where it goes in the next season. Alicorns are so rare, they aren’t made for nothing. In EG the villain was a previous pupil of Celestia’s who went to the dark side and did not become a princess. And the show constantly goes out of its way to show the importance of all roles. I’m just saying, I think there is a bigger reason for Twilight to become a princess, rather than just “congratulations! you’re awesome here become a princess throw a party have fun!”

    On the other points.

    I think that parents are the one’s who truly have the power regardless of what shows are out there. No cartoon is going to be perfect. If anything, take the opportunity of this happening to talk to your children about how to respond when tv/media throws this image at them. Ask them how they feel about all of the girls being so super thin. Coming from someone who has suffered from an eating disorder herself, I am telling you THAT conversation will do a thousand times more good than if they were to see a show with a girl of every shape and size.

    Even if your child isn’t coming to you and asking you about it or mentioning their bodies, have that talk anyway. It doesn’t have to be at the forefront of their young minds to affect them later.

    It would be great if there was perfect programming out there. That showed good values, great diversity, everything. But that’s just not the case in this world right now. We still hold the power, though. Hasbro doesn’t have control over what your child learns growing up. You do.

  • Hannah

    Oh my god…. I am a Brony and after seeing that trailer I am crying

  • Teto85

    Follow the money. Hasbro made a 72 minute commercial/trailer for a new line of toys and a new show. If their other actions were the main cause of Ms. Faust’s departure then it will be more difficult to maintain the quality of the show. I for one would rather the standards of the first series/season continue. But Hasbro is a toy company and they make their money selling toys. As a production company/network owner they make their money selling advertising. HIgh viewership is in their own best interest. The best way to do this is to make productions people want to watch, see the commercials and buy the stuff. It’s television.

  • morgozier

    I can see what you mean. But have you ever actually watched Equestria girls? It’s not about fitting in and being popular, it’s about friendship. All of the girls weren’t friends because of one mean girl. And then they became friends because of twilight. They teamed up to defeat the mean girl. It shows you how to stick up for yourself and believe what is right. And Of course they are going to make them stick thin teenagers. But it’s not like they are wearing revealing clothing. And I know some people might be self conscious of their bodies or something. But you would rather have them, be short and stocky alright then. It’s just a show and if you don’t like your kids watching it then don’t let them watch it. That’s just my opinion. I do respect your’s too, and I fully understand where you are coming from. If you find this cmment rude, then please tell me and I will remove it as fast as possible. Thank you. And once again I am sorry if this comment insulted you.

    • Battle At End

      Friendship is eternal but it can be misguided. (Remember that)

  • bobkob23

    I agree I am a huge brony but this movie was awful.

  • Aj

    Real quick just wanna say, no need to bash on the word bronys or pegasister.
    If you don’t like it just say so don’t go on about you hipster. Second, season 3 final with (spoiler alert) twighlight going princess still has the same message it has always had, hard work, dertimination, studying hard mean success. Celestia does not just make you like that because your royalty or born into it, like all the disney princesses teach kids. That you need a handsome man or royal blood to get to that statues. Me thinks you need to watch it just a bit closer partner.

  • niggity

    And…. men who liked the show are possibly the most easily-ridiculed group of people on the planet, ESPECIALLY by the same internet feminists who claim to support it. Now, personally, I think that men who like the show are worthless autistic idiots, but to see internet feminists deride any man who argues with them as an “mlp brony fedora neckbeard MRA” and then turn around and hold up my little pony as some sort of feminist masterwork is kind of shocking.

    • Autism SpectrumCatholic

      I’m autistic, and “autistic” is not an insult.

  • VBartilucci

    I’m not even sure there are supposed to be more episodes concerning the Equestria Girls. I got the impression the movie was a one-off only to allow for the offshoot toyline to exist.
    I found the movie good enough for exactly that – a one-time adventure in a strange land where humans were odd colors, too thin, and most importantly, NOT the ponies we’ve been watching for three years, but people who had the same names and pretty much no other similarities.

  • Shadowfax

    I agree totally. MLP has always been a great show because it teaches good morals and judgment, we make mistakes but it’s OK we learn from them, and tolerance and mutual respect. Hasbro has seriously dropped the ball all for $$$$$$$. I thought the storyline for MLP: EG was ridiculous and not in line with what the vision of Faust was/is. Doesn’t Hasbro own Monster High’s moniker? I’m not sure but it seems that the idea is that Monster High is big, so let’s get some of that with Ponies. It deeply offends me as a dad of a little girl to see cute little girl icons become sexified. It’s wrong and totally sends the wrong message. I don’t want my daughter to feel that she has to be “that way”. It makes my job as a parent a bit more of a challenge but I won’t allow that. I am proud of who my daughter is and I think we have to send that message to Hasbro….some way.

  • Karin McAlvin Ouellette

    I agree and the devil like creature was over the top….
    scary for their targey age group. Seems like they are adding an evil something to each new movie. I amnot pleased.

  • lum otaku

    dear god must you feminists always look for conspiracys that dont exist. Girls like to be cute and stuff its natural and of course the ponys would be beautiful young women deal with it. You never see a 400 pound fat guy play the main hero do you? Just freakin enjoy life you dont got much time here.

  • Amsyy Le Savage

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Every time I hear about “Equestria Girls” I want to puke!

  • Ali

    I agree yet disagree with you’re statement. Yes, season 3 ended badly, but I mean it’s not so bad is it? At the end of life you’ll find happiness in what you do. Twilight was raised by a princess babysitter, her brother was part of the royal guard and her teacher was the main princess. How could she NOT have a royal related destiny? As for Equestria Girls, I find it quite interesting. Because even though the trailer made it look bad, it’s actually not so. It’s a parallel world AND a movie, so it obviously will have anything to do with the main show plot wise. Twilight, now the princess of friendship, has to teach her old friends the magic of friendship while she learns how to live with them. However, I do see reason in how you believe. If you don’t agree with me, that’s understandable. But all they mean to do is make it more interesting than the old adventures with BEST FRIENDS THAT WE KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT AND WE CAN PREDICT WHO’S GONNA DO WHAT.

  • sdfsasfdas

    ponies are for little girls

  • NoTime

    Could have been better.

    The least they could have done was follow cultural (not really) body types.

    Pinkie: Should have been chubby (chubbiest by comparison to the group)
    Rarity: Shaped most like an hourglass (by comparison to the group
    Fluttershy: Whatever PETA’s common body type is (likely thin)
    Rainbow Dash: Median of athletic girl figures
    Applejack: Valley girl figure, but muscley
    Twilight: Not as fat as Pinkie Pie.

    The above could be better (duh), but this is meant for showcasing a spectrum, a range of things that could be applied to the characters and that’s just for body type. Another thing they could have done was look at the 6 most common body shadows of girls, how they would do that (without being unethical)? Get creative, then use those for inspiration on the design, making sure there is at least a spectrum.

    The thing that Hasbro forgot here, is that as ponies, their target audience didn’t have to worry about body portrayal; because they’re ponies, and no one bloody cares about a ponies body image, thus the generic template (of pony bodies) with a few alterations (mostly size) works well for the characters.

    However, since they decided to use humans they went with the classic and heavily criticised (in some circles) disney princess figure, which has shown to actually be harmful in the development of body perception in young girls.

    Point is, this could have been better and more than just a money grab (which the show always will be), but a money grab and an attempt to show that no one body type is better than the other.

  • .

    Colored Humans? Hasbro what the fuck?

  • Sheri

    It’s definitely about the money that can be made selling more merchandise. A human-like doll will attract more customers than a pony doll and dolls like Monster High already crossed that line where dolls are allowed to be human-like while also being blue or pink or green. I’d love to see more variety in terms of body shape and size in dolls; I realize that it would mean making machines that can create different sizes, but wouldn’t it essentially be the same machine with the bits for molding the bodies being a different size?

  • butterfly

    i could not have put it better i loved it because of its originality and now they have completly destroyed that. I am very disjointed.

  • Mishellay

    Okay, seeing the movie on netflix for the first time by myself. I think you should reserve judgement before writing an article about this. …The movie DOES personify all the elements that you thought were lacking in the show. I actually like the story, and the “love element” took a backseat to the story of the girls learning to be friends. It was so tacked on, they could have done without it altogether. Personally I loved the personification of all the ponies, that isn’t limited to the six friends. I was having alot of fun trying to deduce which pony was which. Oh and just to let you know, Rainbow Dash is wearing ultra high-tops (not heels) and twilight sparkle is wearing saddle shoes with legwarmers(not heels) I was okay with that. Though I think Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack probably would have been more comfortable in maybe shorts, or pants, it was only less annoying than to understand why none of the girls went to class or where on earth did they go hangout after school..was that someone’s house? A boutique? But other than that, I enjoyed the movie, it was almost like a homage to all the cosplay fans who have been dressing up as these characters since this show came out.

    I say give it a chance.

  • Casper Steuperaert

    This entire article just confirms my suspicion that real feminism is dead

  • Dad

    I have two little girls who love equestria girls. I think it’s brilliant. I’m singing the songs myself. Girls are girls and boys are boys. I have one girl who’s all princess and the other loves trucks. Let them be who they’re gonna be. The movie gives a positive message and the fact is girls love to dress up and be beautiful. No big deal.

  • Sean Hixon

    If Hasbro becomes anything like EA or Activision, I will cry

  • fatima

    say what now.

  • PandaNerdGirl

    I don’t like what Hasbro said, but I prefer not to focus on the negatives- it made me super sad and judgemental. Looking at it in a bright light, I liked the storyline. I agree that the girls are WAY too thin, but that wasn’t exactly a problem when they were ponies because they all looked pretty much the same. When they are humans, you have to admit that problems like this are gonna happen. I mean, the place that they’re in is not OUR Earth. I don’t really see coloured people. That already shows that it’s another world, where a huge head, tiny limbs and tiny bodies are considered normal. Surely the story of the movie made you cry? If it didn’t, maybe you aren’t as emotional as I am, or you’re not focusing enough on what is important. Peace out :)

  • Ib

    I agree, and well… not everyone is going to focus on the show’s morality, because its entertainment. They watch it because its interesting, or something to pass time. Even fans try to pick out the most positive things and make a lush load of excuses trying to make the whole show look innocent and full of good messages. (That is why I avoid fans.) In my OPINION, I don’t like how the girls turn into humans, and be in high school? Why high school when its for a younger age group? Why boy interest at a age 6 show? Why all of that so sudden? Are you trying to make the age group you started with grow up with the show? Doesn’t it seem a little strange to do that? Why can’t you make them go to elementary school with overalls on and make them do projects dealing with friendships than drama lama BS that happens all over in high school? I wonder about that…

  • Maddie

    You’re reading too far into this. My two little sisters (ages 6 and 4) love The Equestria Girls. They dance around to the music, play with the dolls, sing the songs, play pretend with the characters. This is their favorite movie, they love seeing the ponies in human like form. (Might I add that they are not supposed to be real humans, they have pink and blue skin.) It’s not an issue for most of the people that My Little Pony is directed towards.

  • JCM


  • Tarklovishki

    As a child I was always a fan of reading and going out to play with friends and getting the skin off my knees (and being the clumsy person I am, occasionally half my forearm and a bit of my face) and I rarely watched television. If I did, it was Rugrats or Daria (I still wonder why they played that show on ABC at 5.00pm; it seems a bit too mature for the 3-10 demographic, but whatever). Being the type of person that I am, I always steadfastly refused to join in on the My Little Pony, Barbie, Bratz crazes. I hated them.

    To be perfectly honest, I’m not surprised at this “change”. Whilst I have never had friends who enjoyed My Little Pony — or, rather, openly enjoyed them — so I’m unable to make comparisons, this sudden change toward skinny, fashionable and “fun-loving” girls doesn’t throw me for a loop. Nor does it surprise me that the basic shape of their bodies are all the same.

    I walked through the toys section of the department store and saw that many dolls marketed toward young girls were skinny, pretty and many of them were white. If they had the “press my *insert body part here*!” usually they said something really shallow, ending with a rather flirtatious giggle.

    Never before have I seen a “fat” doll. Or an ugly doll. For girls, you must always be skinny and pretty to be accepted as a “girl” in society.

    So yeah, this sudden change in My Little Pony doesn’t surprise me at all. In fact, I expected it.

  • Grandmapony

    If my little pony is a kids show, shouldnt like twilight, pinkie pie and the rest they be like 10 or 12 instead of like 16?! Twilight should be ten, celista should be 30, Luna should be 25, And cadence should be 20. And the cutie mark crusaders should be 7.

  • The Best

    Stop complaining don’t watch it if you don’t like it we might as well put up obese ugly ponies since that’s your “perfect” world.

  • Pony Fan since childhood

    “Faust’s vision of MLP was completely different from the tea-party-throwing disaster from the 80s”

    “tea-party-throwing disaster from the 80s”

    “tea-party-throwing disaster”

    Holy FUCKING shit. Did you even watch G1?

    There were no tea parties in sight. It was a show about Megan and her horses fighting against evil in Dream Valley in order to survive.

    It was an action/adventure show and one of the better 80′s doll shows made.

    Check your facts before you write an article next time. Us G1 fans are social pariahs among social pariahs. Even bronies look down on us. Please do not spread filthy disinfo on this enjoyable 80′s cartoon. Do me a favor and watch Rescue at Midnight Castle. It is more feminist than G4 will ever be. The name alone should tell you it is not a passive baby cartoon. It also features rich beautiful hand-drawn Japanese animation, realistic horse designs, lovely songs with good singers, violence, drama, surrealism, and nice production values, similar to an OVA.

    Part of independence is finding and loving your own things, not bandwagon stuff like G4. You only know about it because it has a mass following. If you actually watched more cartoons instead of parroting other’s misinformed opinion, you would be a more intelligent writer and stand out.

    G4 is nothing more than a G1 copy produced in cheap Flash. Episode 1 is a direct Midnight Castle. All the characters are based on G1 characters:

    Rainbow Dash: Firefly
    Twilight Sparkle: Twilight, Galaxy, and Megan
    Pinkie Pie: Surprise
    Fluttershy: Posey, Sweet Stuff and Shady
    Rarity: Sparkler and Heart Throb
    Applejack: Applejack
    Spike: Spike
    Zecora: The Moochick
    Angel Bunny: Habit the Rabbit


  • Varodi Sandu

    I like equestria girls , not because they are in all the characters of disney , but they transmite me a message a little powerfull … I know how Twilight felt into that world full of people being laughted at , believe it all ready a little weird for a boy at my age of 15 to be watching this , so I know the felling Twilight experienced , but I see your point of view too . You believe that the magic that has been into the series it is gone , but it will never be gone if we believe into it and put all our soul into it and btw it returns in season 4 , sooooooooo you didn’t lose anything.Don’t feel bad ,but I know about the princess stuff and to be sincere I am a little into that stuff . I think it is cute , but to be onest I wasn’t believing it would end like this

  • Ashley

    I Disagree. I watched the movie(a few times). My niece loves both the movie and the show. I think they way they made them as human was not bad. I think their skirts could have been a little longer. I do think the reason they have shoes like that is because the makers wanted them to still have a ponyish look. In the movie Twilight and Spike go through the portal to get Twilight’s tiara back. During it she meets different versions of her friends…and finds out they all don’t get along because the pony/girl that stole her tiara. Twilight goes there and brings their friendship back together. The idea of Twilight becoming a princess was not bad. She worked for it. It was not given to her. In this the girl who stole her tiara did not want to work and was greedy and jealous. She learns a lesson in the end. And yes, Hasbro is probably doing it for money….however, ANY show out there is being made for that propose. Either way what it comes down to is parents. If a parent is teaching their child right from wrong, modesty, that kid will not be too influences by if something is wrong on tv. You can’t blame tv for a childs behavior. A kids behavior is a reflection of the parents. It bothers me when parents these days try and blame their kids behavior on tv or other people. If your kid is not listening maybe its because you aren’t making them…if they are behaving in a way because of something YOU as a parent let them watch…it is the parents fault. I know of 4 year olds who are allowed to watch family guy….it is messed up. This show is a good show in my opinion. It should not matter a whole lot if they may have the wrong idea, if parents where teaching their kids…and talking to them…rather most just use it as a babysitter…that is the issue.

  • Queen Majesty of Dream Valley

    80′s My Little Pony (G1) wasn’t about tea party disasters! It was a good vs evil plot, Dream Valley was like Sunnydale.

    90′s My Little Pony (G1.5) was about ponies acting as humans attending school (not to the above extent though; they used their front hooves like hands).

    Late 90′s My Little Pony (G2) didn’t have a cartoon series or movies. A PC game was released though.

    2003 – 2008 My Little Pony (G3 & G3.5) were targeted at much, much younger girls. These plots included tea party disasters and other suffocating super girly plots.

  • Ernesto Romero

    It’s funny cause you didn’t actually watch the movie before judging it, if you really took ant of the lessons you so praise about the show you wouldn’t do that. This makes you a hypocrite. Also, let me guess? American right? Big surprise, Americans complaining about “the characters are too skinny, they should be fat so we can feel better about our unhealthiness”

  • Whitewolfangel

    The liberal media sucks guess Hasbros has turned that way sounds like… Sad but true

  • Sheila She

    You are spot on with critique of Equestria Girls. That quote about them being REAL GIRLS and LOVING FASHION makes me sick. I would want my children to watch such a show. Yet these shows keep being made…what to do?

  • Christa Johnson

    My daughter is a huge My Little Pony fan. HUGE. I’m not such a fan but I finally succumbed despite my dislike for what I think are oversexualized horses. She is 5. She doen’t see oversexualized horses and the message isn’t bad. This Equestria Girls came out and of course she wants to see it. She even at one point saw it either at her grandma’s or someone’s house…I’m not sure, but we put an end to that. Absolutely not. I am really against these oversexualized girl-pony things who are 100% gender stereotypes. I admit I’ve given in on a lot of things I never thought I would as a parent of two girls…we have Barbies, they watch My Little Pony and we are surrounded by Princesses. On the other hand, they love Superman, Spiderman, Science and pretend they can fly on a daily basis. But this is where I draw the line.

  • karo

    I heard you, but no. Don’t be happy when other people grant you freedom of expression. Take it and be happy when systems are set up and don’t require you to take it. FOIA, net neutrality, these are all related.

  • Oakleydoo

    EG is kinda witchcrafty, don’t you agree with me? I problaby wouldn’t alow my kids to watch this if i had any.

  • Oakleydoo

    Stupid stick thin hyoo manz. from Invader Zim by we all know

  • Anthony

    I would be interested to see what you think of the movie now, after its release.

    Also I do not understand why some people seem to think that the show has deviated from the formula that Mrs. Faust set down. Each episode has the characters either confronting an issues that arises from their friendship or from an internal struggle with their personal situation. At no point during any of the episodes have I ever thought “Well, this seems like it is directed solely at girls.” I do think that it is directed at children, but that is the target demographic, so I can’t really fault them for that.

  • Anthony

    Actually it is pretty much the same in Equestria. The entire series up to the finale of s3 was setting up the fact that to take the mantle of responsibility and power that comes with being a important person, “princess” you must earn it. Each episode (at least the ones focused on Twilight) demonstrated that Twilight was willing to strive, learn and work towards being a better person, uhh pony. Remember that she did not start out wanting to be a princess. The movie is actually an extension of the show rather than a stand alone and cannot be taken as such, much like how a DBZ movie needs some of the episodes surrounding it to make any sense (so you can understand the characters).

    I think MLP has plenty of feminist ideas, it is just working with a much heavier stigma than say an “adventure time” is. Right off the bat the show is stigmatized by the subject material, trying to immediately reverse that stigma is almost impossible. Instead, I think, the show does a good job of subverting the stereotype of what being girly is by subtly challenging those stigmas, but not overtly smashing you in the face with the message. Instead offering a much gentler portrayal and variation on how being a girl is seen. It takes the framework of the industry, media, and works within it to try to change the way in which it can be perceived, instead of outright trying to fight it.

  • Ana T. Garcia

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  • Evelynn

    You’re making a big deal out of nothing.

  • dolan

    Just want to put out the fact that rainbow dash completely shatters the shows gender barrier. She’s not a tomboy or anything

  • pathetic

    This show is fucking pathetic. I hope it goes off the air. I dont know why you get mad that this faggot show is turning girls into girls (numerous scientific studies have shown that babies, and even MONKEYS will find their gender roles at a young age – guys playing with trucks, girls with dolls) but overlook the fact that this show turned half of the new generation of men into gay pussies.

  • Why

    I was excited about Equestria Girls when I first heard about it,especially about seeing the characters in human form. I was expecting..well…Humans…not some weird pony-people hybrids. I was sadly a bit disappointed, especially seeing that they all were exactly the same shape and size and all whore skirts/dresses. I mean really…have they never heard of pants? I’ve always pictured Pinky being a little soft shaped (Thick? Chubby? Plump?), Dash as athletic and lean, Rarity curvaceous and fem, Flutter small and delicate, Apple sturdy and strong, and Twilight slender and a little on the “average” size and shape. I also pictured them with all having very different and unique senses of style. Though, perhaps I was really just hoping for way too much. I don’t think the character design they chose is very ‘sexual’…I just don’t. I really believe that over sexualizing things like cartoon characters is something that adults push onto things they see, and frankly it’s a little weird and creepy. My little sister doesn’t look at Equestria girls, Monster high, or anything else and go “Wow, she’s sexy!”…. Yeah it’s nice to see different body shapes in cartoons, but at the same time, if your child can’t define between a fictional character and reality, that’s your fault as a parent. They’re not meant to look realistic because they’re animated creatures/people, or toys of them. If that were the case then don’t get me started on the anatomy of a MLP and that of an actual horse. Same should be said about humans.

  • Urabutbl

    Thanks for this, I found your blog after I went with my daughter to the toy shop to look at MLP-toys. My Little Pony is one of the few cartoons she’s allowed to watch as a) it has a great message of empowerment for girls and b) it’s actually quite good, meaning I won’t die from boredom watching it. Imagine my horror when all the dolls look NOTHING like their cartoon counterparts – even the ponies look like they’ve been sexed up for the runway, and all the accessories are the beautifying kind. And the Equestria girls…? Sigh.
    Needless to say, my daughter left with some Lego instead, and I went home to look on ebay for some proper MLP-toys for her birthday.