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Feminspire | April 16, 2014

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Dress Up Your Hair for Halloween!

Dress Up Your Hair for Halloween!

| On 20, Oct 2012

It’s almost Halloween! Your costume is sewn to perfection and your camera is getting its charge on. But how should you spice up your hair? Whether you’re going as something sweet, sexy or scary, here are a few ideas that are easy and will not break the bank!

1. Change your color.

You don’t need an appointment for this as there are so many fast and temporary ways to do it. Use spray-in hair color, do some hair chalking, or add in mini or clip in hair extensions. I love the look and vibrancy of extension pieces, you can just clip them in and go. It adds a pop of color for ranges of costumes- Katy Perry, Little Red Riding Hood, or My Little Pony!

2. Create volume.

There are a lot of looks that require huge hair (or just larger than normal hair). My favorite tool for this is the Little Wonder by Spornette.

The unique way this brush is built makes teasing hair an absolute breeze! It’s got multiple rows of boar bristles to grab onto hair while back-combing, and a pointed end to section the hair easily. You could add a slight sixties bump to be Betty Draper or make your hair look truly electrifying as the Bride of Frankenstein.

3. Add accessories.

I think ribbons are so fun, and you can find a ton of colors and patterns at craft stores. Use them to create a headband, a choker necklace, bows, or weave them in with some braids. Speaking of braids- try mixing some fake ones with your real hair! There are awesome braided headbands and clip-ins available. These would be great to dress up as one of the women of Westeros.

4. Try a curling wand.

These are so fun and have really exploded onto the market in the last few years. The concept is simple- it’s a curling iron with no clamp, so you wrap your hair around the barrel. This is just a fun and different way to curl your hair. Make it as big and scary as you need it!

What is your costume this year? Here’s hoping your hair looks fantastic! Happy Halloween!

Written by Jamie Fraiser