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Feminspire | April 20, 2014

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DimePiece: Urban Fashion Meets Social Commentary

DimePiece: Urban Fashion Meets Social Commentary

What’s more awesome than a hip LA-based clothing brand that makes amazing clothes? Obviously, one that makes amazing clothes while celebrating power and confidence in women!

dimepiece leopard hatDimePiece was created by designers and anti-establishment advocates Ashley Jones and Laura Fama in 2007, and over the last several years they have grown considerably, attracting fans like Chloe Sevigny, Cara Delevingne, Nicki Minaj and Rye Rye.

The term ‘DimePiece’ is used in a smart and rather sarcastic way. As Jones explains:

“How dense is our society that we rate women by a number scale? We mean for the term ‘DimePiece’ to be ironic and rule-breaking. We intend to turn the perception of a ‘DimePiece’ around so women would be able to use it proudly.”

Jones also gives her own definition of a modern DimePiece, which she describes as:

“…a woman who is unique unto herself and doesn’t place herself into any categories. She’s self-governing, opinionated and doesn’t rely on her appearance for sole-recognition. She is a positive representation of today’s young female and is essentially the perfect ten…all around.”

one pussy you cant fuck shirtInspired by the urban LA lifestyle, modern pop-art and independent women, the brand produces clothing and accessories adorned with Venus Symbols and cheeky expressions such as “Ain’t No Wifey” and “Love Don’t Pay The Bills.” They offer some subtle products too, but the more provocative ones –– especially the “(TR)EAT YOUR GIRL RIGHT” pins and stickers, which are a personal favorite –– also act as excellent conversation pieces and will get you loads of compliments.

By combining modern street-wear designs with playful yet serious social commentary, the brand is able to appeal to virtually all fashionable young women, while promoting positive self-image and confidence. Along with the DimePiece website, products are carried by several online retailers, including Karmaloop and Dolls Kill, and as of mid-January, Urban Outfitters.

What do you think of DimePiece — would you wear these unique designs? Share with us in the comments!

Written by Nicole Woszczyna