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Inspirational Business Woman of the Week: J.K. Rowling

By Chanel Marie On June 29, 2015

Mondays are always difficult; the majority of people have to get back to work after a weekend that’s all too short. Motivation is so low, it seems almost impossible to grasp. That’s… Read More

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Tits Equals Tips: The Philosophy of the Service Industry

By Chanel Marie On June 26, 2015

As a young person working her way through school, it’s only natural I’ve found myself serving and bartending. Despite making a “server’s wage” (lower than minimum), I usually make more than minimum… Read More

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi pushing a stroller full of beer.

Can We Stop Acting Like Not Having Kids is a Controversial Decision?

By Sarah Willis On September 4, 2014

Childlessness is entering the mainstream. The Underwoods in House of Cards – the power couple du jour – are deliberately childless. A recent Open University study found that childless couples have more… Read More

Real Talk

3 Pieces of Career Advice That Women Should ALWAYS Ignore

By Sully Moreno On July 31, 2014

As a young professional a couple of years into my career, I am surrounded by well-intentioned career advice. However, I suspect that some of this career advice might only lead me to a… Read More


Women in Retail: How Much Sexism is Your Paycheck Worth?

By Melanie Stangl On July 14, 2014

As a part-time university student supporting myself, I’ve been working three jobs for the past five months, with two of those jobs lasting over a year. All of them are in retail.… Read More

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Real Talk

Experiencing the Pros & Cons of Feminism at Work

By Anonymous On May 5, 2014

Lately, I have been reading articles that claim that for women with presidential ambitions, the largest hurdle to overcome is presenting themselves as relatable to both men and women. A passage of… Read More


Keep Doing This, and You’ll Lose Your Job AND Your Sanity

By On February 18, 2014

Let’s talk job burnout. Specifically, how hard it can be to spot it in the first place, let alone make an effort to fix it. In a perfect world (ha), we’d all… Read More

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Real Talk

Why Our First Jobs Might Matter More Than We Think

By Sully Moreno On November 18, 2013

When my partner told me he accepted a job offer in Washington, I thought it may be the opportunity I had been waiting for as well. With only months to go before… Read More

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The Customer Isn’t Right When They’re Sexually Harassing You

By Laila Corbeau On June 28, 2013

“We can’t go out this way?” The first man wondered aloud to his friend, both of whom could not be much younger than my own father. “Not sure,” the second man responded,… Read More

Black and White Nude by Rick Crampton Photography

Why Nude Modeling Shouldn’t Ruin My Life

By Emily Hill On April 29, 2013

Last week, I did a photo shoot with a very talented photographer/stylist couple. I’ve worked with them many times before, and I trust them completely. After we were finished shooting for the… Read More

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How Many of Me Equals One Man?

By Sid On April 10, 2013

Is this thing on? I work for a game company. Of late, I’ve taken issue with some of the content we’re receiving, and I’ve been everything but quiet about it. I’ve written… Read More


Your Ambitions Are Nice and All, But When Are You Having Kids?

By Chelsea Leibow On April 9, 2013

There is a lot I want to accomplish in my short time on this planet. Owning and controlling my own pro-woman media conglomerate, procuring the elusive EGOT, and finally getting through all of Gone… Read More