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I Am Not “Petite”; I Am a Woman

By Caitlin MacDougall On July 17, 2014

TRIGGER WARNING for detailed description of physical/sexual assault.  Recently, I was sexually assaulted on a bridge. I was walking home around 10:30 at night from a bar on a well-lit street with… Read More


How Marijuana Laws Are Criminalizing a Livable Life For Those With PTSD

By Lexi McPherson On July 15, 2014

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and mental illness. On October 22, 2013 I found myself on the side of a highway in South Carolina in handcuffs. Thirteen months to the day… Read More


I Thought I Met “The One” – Until I Found Out He Had a Girlfriend

By Diana Trinh On July 15, 2014

What does it mean to be the other woman? In our heads, we imagine someone who is selfish – someone who wants our relationship and would do anything to ruin it. After… Read More


Why Being a Muslim Woman Makes Me a Better Feminist

By Zara Bennett On July 11, 2014

For many, it seems that the words “Islam” and “feminism” cannot coexist. As Ramadan, the month of Islamic fasting, gets under way, questions about how Muslim women “cope” with their religion often re-emerge. The… Read More


My Disordered Eating Gave Me Wings – Until it Took Away the Sky

By Georgia Boonshoft On July 11, 2014

Trigger warning for discussion of eating disorders, addiction, suicidal thoughts. I never used to qualify my body as part of me, a God-given temple to house my soul. I looked at it as… Read More


My Mother Taught Me She Wasn’t Beautiful

By Lindsey Dennis On July 10, 2014

Trigger warning for mention of eating disorders. When I was a little girl, I believed that my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. I was convinced that it was… Read More


As a Trans Woman, I WANT People to Break the “Rule” About My Sex and Gender

By Daphne Shaed On July 7, 2014

I keep seeing posts, often with neat looking infographics, talking about what can be asked of a transperson. Most of these articles are directed toward cisgender people and discourage them from asking questions,… Read More


Why I’m Dating a Shorter Man

By Rebecca Pitzer On July 7, 2014

I’ve always been tall. I was constantly towering over my classmates in elementary school, I’m always the one shoved into the back of any sort of gathering so that I don’t block… Read More

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Achalasia: Why I Always Eat Alone

By Christina Rinnert On June 26, 2014

TW for discussion of weight and mention of eating disorders. I eat lunch alone. It’s not because I am antisocial or because I have no friends, but because I dislike eating in… Read More


How Atheism Liberated Me as a Woman and a Feminist

By Rebecca Pitzer On June 23, 2014

I want to start this article by first saying this: I am in no way trying to generalize religion, specifically Christianity. I understand that not all Christianity is like the situations I… Read More


How Magazines Convinced Teenage Me That My Sexuality Didn’t Exist

By Lindsey Dennis On June 17, 2014

For the last few days I’ve been grappling with the fact that I spend a lot of time thinking about dating and sex. In fact, I write and post a lot about… Read More


Why My Big Boobs Used to be Scary

By Lili Safon On June 4, 2014

I always knew I was bigger. If the training bra in third grade wasn’t enough of a hint, the ill-fitting shirts in eighth grade were blaring warning signs. And when I say… Read More