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Why Other Women Should Stop Judging My Gaming (And Join In Instead)

By Ana Urena On July 23, 2014

I usually like to end  my days with pre-poo wash on my hair, a clay mask on my face, and a PlayStation remote in hand. When asked by my (female) co-workers what… Read More


Lifestyle Envy: What You NEED to Realize When You’re Feeling Jealous

By Jessica Johansen On July 14, 2014

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend quite a bit of time browsing amazing websites everyday, watching TV shows, or simply indulging in an occasional spot of people-watching. It can be… Read More


As a Trans Woman, I WANT People to Break the “Rule” About My Sex and Gender

By Daphne Shaed On July 7, 2014

I keep seeing posts, often with neat looking infographics, talking about what can be asked of a transperson. Most of these articles are directed toward cisgender people and discourage them from asking questions,… Read More


How Atheism Liberated Me as a Woman and a Feminist

By Rebecca Pitzer On June 23, 2014

I want to start this article by first saying this: I am in no way trying to generalize religion, specifically Christianity. I understand that not all Christianity is like the situations I… Read More

girl praying

Can I Ever Feel Comfortable as a Christian and a Feminist?

By Becca Costello-Thomas On June 15, 2014

I use many labels to describe myself: college graduate, reader, daughter, sister, aunt, dog-lover, vegetarian, messy, nerd. Most of the time my labels get along together nicely, and I enjoy the way… Read More


Why My Big Boobs Used to be Scary

By Lili Safon On June 4, 2014

I always knew I was bigger. If the training bra in third grade wasn’t enough of a hint, the ill-fitting shirts in eighth grade were blaring warning signs. And when I say… Read More


Trends Dudes HATE! (And Why We Don’t Give a Damn)

By Daniela Attia On May 29, 2014

Trends come and go, however male criticism of women’s clothing is here to stay. Yahoo Shine posted an article that listed various summer trends that “turn guys off”. Males commented on popular… Read More

Woman orgasming

Masturbation Month is Almost Finished, But You Don’t Have to Stop Cuming!

By Sherrie Silman On May 27, 2014

May is Masturbation Month. Yet, until the morning of May 22nd I had been remiss in my self-care. During a morning rush in which it felt as if the Imps of Morning… Read More

Body Image

The Fitness Industry Doesn’t Care About Your Health – Just How You Look in a Bikini

By Keziyah Lewis On May 13, 2014

Brooke Birmingham of the healthy living blog Brooke: Not on a Diet lost over 170 pounds and was recently approached to be featured in Shape Magazine. When the writer of the article asked… Read More


Why I Chose to Wear the Hijab, Knowing My Life Would Be Harder

By Dina El-Rifai On April 30, 2014

I am a 19-year-old Muslim-American woman living in the American South. I care deeply about people and seek to create harmony in the relationships I have with them. I was born in… Read More


Keep Doing This, and You’ll Lose Your Job AND Your Sanity

By On February 18, 2014

Let’s talk job burnout. Specifically, how hard it can be to spot it in the first place, let alone make an effort to fix it. In a perfect world (ha), we’d all… Read More

Putting Yourself First

Putting Yourself First: How Do You Get Over the Guilt Trip?

By Souyenne Dathorne On January 23, 2014

When does it become too much? When does responsibility become more of a chore and less of something I chose to do to help a friend/family member? Why do we feel obligated… Read More