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Feminspire | April 18, 2014

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Real Talk

Discussion and how-to guides for real life issues and topics relating to young women.

Using Masks to Survive a Lifetime of Abuse

April 7, 2014 | Eyn Ominous

Trigger warning for the discussion of sexual assault and abuse

Sometimes I question who I am and why I am the way I am. The practice is not new. In fact, it is foundational to any thorough education, which reveals … Read More

Stepping Out of the Shadows of Sexual Abuse in the Family

March 20, 2014 | Souyenne Dathorne

Trigger warning: Discussions of child sexual abuse, incest, and suicidal thoughts. 

Sexual Abuse isn’t something we are told or taught about in St.Lucia, or the wider Caribbean. Growing up, there are no mentions of people touching you inappropriately, of people’s … Read More

Exploring Sex As a Sexual Violence Survivor

March 14, 2014 | Souyenne Dathorne

Trigger warning for discussion of sexual violence

Exploration has been championed in many arenas. We are encouraged to find ourselves and true calling through the exploration of many fields and cultures in our lives. But issues seems to arise when … Read More

Have Erotic Novels Ruined Our Romantic Expectations?

February 25, 2014 | Souyenne Dathorne

Many of us have been caught up in the trend of reading “smut,” aka erotic romance. We sat on the edge of our beds, waiting for the release of the Fifty Shades books, the Crossfire books — and really the … Read More

No One But Me Gets To Judge How I Cope With My Sexual Assault

February 21, 2014 | Souyenne Dathorne | 4 Comments

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and sexual assault

If I were to ask a room full of people to voice what they understand about what a person goes through after they have been sexually assaulted, it would be so … Read More

What Does it Mean to be Pansexual in an LGBT World?

February 20, 2014 | Sherrie Silman | 5 Comments

I often find myself wondering why pansexuality is excluded from the popularized and legitimized queer discourse. I never see LGBTTQQIAP. (*lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual).

The length of LGBTTQQIA(P) is why most places still just … Read More

Keep Doing This, and You’ll Lose Your Job AND Your Sanity

February 18, 2014 |

Let’s talk job burnout.

Specifically, how hard it can be to spot it in the first place, let alone make an effort to fix it. In a perfect world (ha), we’d all be able to pick up and move on … Read More

I Wasn’t Taught to Love My Body

February 13, 2014 | Rachel Lewis | 3 Comments

I was nine years old when I went to my first birthday party. It was for a girl from my school named Kimberly; she was turning 10 years old. At the time, 10 seemed to be the glorious world of … Read More

Seeing Red: Why Aren’t We Paying Attention to Women’s Heart Health?

February 11, 2014 | Jillian Pagan | 2 Comments

Pop quiz: In the U.S. what is the leading cause of death amongst women?

Given the important work that various pink ribbon campaigns have done to raise awareness about breast cancer symptoms over the past couple decades, it’s understandable if … Read More

Why Lena Dunham’s Curves Make Me Feel Like Shit About My Own

February 7, 2014 | Chelsea Leibow | 2 Comments

It’s true: Lena Dunham’s very public, extremely naked, hotly discussed body has made me more self conscious of my own. As a woman who “sort of looks like that,” as a girl who was always “chunky” or “slightly overweight,” Lena’s … Read More

I Can Be a Christian AND a Feminist! …Can’t I?

February 6, 2014 | Danielle Aleman | 8 Comments

A few years ago, as I was eating lunch with a few classmates, a woman came around asking for signatures for a petition. My classmates had no hesitation and signed it while saying how great of a cause the petition … Read More

Putting Yourself First: How Do You Get Over the Guilt Trip?

January 23, 2014 | Souyenne Dathorne

When does it become too much? When does responsibility become more of a chore and less of something I chose to do to help a friend/family member? Why do we feel obligated to go above and beyond at our expense?

Read More