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The 10 Worst Analogies for Sexual Purity

By Becca Costello-Thomas On August 4, 2014

I heard my first misogynistic analogy of sexual purity as a very small child, watching the movie The King and I. My mom has passed down a love of musicals to me… Read More


Slam the Tampon on the Table – It’s Time to Stop Period Shaming!

By Rut Guðnadóttir On August 1, 2014

Before we get started, you should know that I am on my period. That is correct. I, a young female, am currently menstruating. Blood is pouring from my vagina as we speak. But, as… Read More

Real Talk

3 Pieces of Career Advice That Women Should ALWAYS Ignore

By Sully Moreno On July 31, 2014

As a young professional a couple of years into my career, I am surrounded by well-intentioned career advice. However, I suspect that some of this career advice might only lead me to a… Read More


How to Vanquish the Self-Defeating Devil on Your Shoulder

By Deanna de Bara On July 30, 2014

I am fortunate to know some pretty wonderful women. They are smart, funny, and successful. They run businesses, households, and marathons. They know how to rock a killer pair of heels, rock… Read More


Why I Don’t Care Why You Don’t Use Birth Control

By Jackie Klein On July 28, 2014

In a recent article on Buzzfeed, 24 women outline the reasons that they do not use birth control. It’s exactly the sort of thing that you would expect from Buzzfeed, in that it’s more… Read More


5 Non-Medicinal Anxiety Remedies That Actually Worked For Me

By Veronica Prince On July 25, 2014

I am a naturally anxious person and always have been. When I was a child I used to compulsively rip up napkins, pieces of paper, food wrappers, whatever was nearby, creating mountains… Read More


Why Other Women Should Stop Judging My Gaming (And Join In Instead)

By Ana Urena On July 23, 2014

I usually like to end  my days with pre-poo wash on my hair, a clay mask on my face, and a PlayStation remote in hand. When asked by my (female) co-workers what… Read More


With More Latina Women Enrolling in College, What Barriers Do They Still Face?

By Regina Monge On July 22, 2014

As the rate at which Latinas enroll in college increases, it becomes increasingly important to address the barriers that exist for Latinas who are able to access college educations. As a Latina who has… Read More


6 Reasons Why We Should Stop Telling Each Other it’s “OK” to Be Single

By Ana Urena On July 18, 2014

As someone currently living the quarter life, I have been single in the past and remember it as one of the greatest times of my life. Now that I am no longer… Read More


I Am Not “Petite”; I Am a Woman

By Caitlin MacDougall On July 17, 2014

TRIGGER WARNING for detailed description of physical/sexual assault.  Recently, I was sexually assaulted on a bridge. I was walking home around 10:30 at night from a bar on a well-lit street with… Read More


How Marijuana Laws Are Criminalizing a Livable Life For Those With PTSD

By Lexi McPherson On July 15, 2014

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and mental illness. On October 22, 2013 I found myself on the side of a highway in South Carolina in handcuffs. Thirteen months to the day… Read More


I Thought I Met “The One” – Until I Found Out He Had a Girlfriend

By Diana Trinh On July 15, 2014

What does it mean to be the other woman? In our heads, we imagine someone who is selfish – someone who wants our relationship and would do anything to ruin it. After… Read More