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Feminspire | April 23, 2014

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Sexy Silver Getups for Kicking Ass in the Thunderdome

May 3, 2013 | Sara Luckey | 2 Comments

When I was a younger lass, I went to a wee festival called Burning Man. Burning Man was a magical time of being awesome, but most awesome of all was that some fellow festival goers had gotten there a few days … Read More

Rock an Animal Purse Like Quvenzhané Wallis!

March 2, 2013 | Nicole Woszczyna | 52 Comments

While the jury is still out on who was best dressed at Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, the prize for most adorable clearly went to Quvenzhané Wallis, the nine-year-old Best Actress nominee who had critics raving about her breakout performance in … Read More

Shorts With Tights: Cool College Style From a Real College Kid

January 17, 2013 | Alicia Perez | 43 Comments

One of the biggest fashion trends among college kids this season has been wearing tights with shorts. The average price for a good pair of jeans can run from $80-$150, and let’s be real, in this post-recession recession, $80 can … Read More

Get “Game Of Thrones” Inspired Fashion This Season

November 22, 2012 | Caroline Slavin | 35 Comments

You might have noticed that adoration for the popular series Game of Thrones has all but overtaken the internet. But will it overtake your wardrobe? Here’s how to achieve three looks from the show:

Fatshion for the Rest of Us: Whimsy

November 11, 2012 | Katie Oldaker | 63 Comments

Fatshion for the Rest of Us will help fat Feminspire femmes trying to channel a certain aesthetic with shopping resources for culling their clothing. If you’re sick of one-shouldered leopard print polyester numbers, look no further! We’ll try to mix … Read More

Get Your Garter On: Garter-Inspired Legwear

October 31, 2012 | Beth Musni | 54 Comments

Garters are usually reserved for behind-the-scenes kind of action. There’s something incredibly taboo about them; they carry around this sexual stigma. I remember being with a friend who was purchasing garters, and she immediately turned on stealth-speed-shopper-mode, as though she … Read More

Trend Watch: Camo Jackets Making a Comeback

October 10, 2012 | Sahra Schukraft | 309 Comments

The camo jacket is a perfect fall staple that’s been going viral on the fashion scene. It’s been seen on everyone from street style stars during NYFW to celeb fashionistas like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. Here’s your guide to … Read More

How To Dress Like The Crawley Sisters From Downton Abbey

September 30, 2012 | Caroline Slavin | 40 Comments

As Hannah told you, Downton Abbey is definitely a show you should be watching. However, even if you just can’t seem to get into the period drama drama, there might be one more aspect of the show that will suck … Read More

Get The Look: Androgynous Fashion

September 24, 2012 | Laura Kent | 46 Comments

Androgynous fashion has a certain shock factor. The incarnation periodically splashed across glossy fashion magazines is bold, daring, downright scary and bloody gorgeous. It’s a look that plenty of women are apprehensive about trying out. ‘It’s so different from what … Read More

Treat Yo’Self Thursday: Make Your Own Wire Bracelets!

September 20, 2012 | Jessica Knox | 319 Comments

Happy Thursday ladies, it’s time to TREAT YOSELF!

I have something a little different for you this week. I’ve been seeing these wire word bracelets around lately, and I decided to try my hand at making my own! Treat yourself … Read More

Velvet And (faux)Fur: Dressing Like Anna Karenina

September 13, 2012 | Phoebe Eccles | 53 Comments

It’s time to turn your household pet into a fur hat, as we’re heading to Russia! Not actually, because that would be expensive and I don’t know you well enough to travel with you. You may want … Read More

Get The Look: Nina Dobrev In The Vampire Diaries

August 26, 2012 | Caroline Slavin | 29 Comments

“The Vampire Diaries” is one of the most popular series to come out of the recent vampire and supernatural creatures craze, and with good reason. In addition to being insanely addictive, the costumes on the show are phenomenal! With so … Read More