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If You Hate Fat People For Being Unhealthy, Do You Also Hate Yourself?

By Lindsey Weedston On August 27, 2014

I don’t think I have to do much to convince you that fat hatred, or fatphobia, is real. People actively hate fat people all the time. They comment on their bodies and… Read More


We Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Our Mental Health & Safety Every Time We Go Outside

By Rachel Kinnard On August 26, 2014

Trigger warning for sexual harassment.  As a young woman in the 21st century, street harassment is a regular part of my life. On any given day, I can expect to be catcalled,… Read More

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Dear Men: Complimenting Us on the Street is Scary, Please Don’t Do It

By Lindsey Weedston On August 25, 2014

I came across a post on Tumblr recently that was another variation of a somewhat common form of post I see often – one that tells men not to catcall, but to yell… Read More

is his life worth more than mine

What White People REALLY Mean When They Talk About Ferguson

By Keziyah Lewis On August 20, 2014

Every 28 hours a black person is killed by a police officer. Yet another unarmed black person, 18 year old Mike Brown, was killed by officer Darren Wilson on August 9th in… Read More


Why You Should Stop Telling People “You’ll Understand When You’re Older”

By Rebecca Pitzer On August 20, 2014

Yesterday while at work, I got into a deep conversation with a team member that I know very well and would even consider a friend. We talked about our pasts, our hardships, and our… Read More


My Black Body is Dangerous

By Sherronda Brown On August 19, 2014

I know you’ve heard the story of Mike Brown, the teenager who was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, MO. He was unarmed. So were Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Wendell Allen,… Read More

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Fighting the Urge to Press “Mute” When the World is Going to Hell

By Caitlin MacDougall On August 18, 2014

During what I’ve come to call The Worst Week Ever, I found myself pressing the mute button. At the gym, I look away from CNN. Instead of The Washington Post, I’m reading… Read More


Why is Our Society Shrinking Women?

By Rut Guðnadóttir On August 12, 2014

Based on what I hear from my peers, I think I am one of the few people who actually enjoyed school as a whole. Well, maybe not as a whole, but education-wise… Read More


Dear White People: “We’re Not All Like That” Isn’t a Valid Part of This Discussion

By Sherronda Brown On August 5, 2014

As we are anticipating the theatrical release of Dear White People, I thought that it would be nice to have some things fresh in our minds about the issues that will most likely be… Read More

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That Meme You Shared is Bringing Us Down

By Rebecca Pitzer On August 5, 2014

Since practically the beginning of social media time, people have been sharing memes. Some are funny, some are inspiring, and some simply make us smile. Though these memes are often meant as jokes,… Read More


Dear Hip Hop Dad: Your Concern About Nicki’s Booty is Misplaced

By Sherronda Brown On August 4, 2014

here, you’ll find an open letter penned to Nicki Minaj by Chuck Creekmur, owner of in the letter, he expresses his concern for the influence that Nicki’s “Anaconda” album art might… Read More


What My High School Reading List Taught Me About Women

By Natalie Howlett On August 2, 2014

When my sister received the list of books she could read over the summer for school, I noticed all but one of the books was narrated by a boy. I began to… Read More