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Inspirational Beauty Trends From New York Fashion Week

By Sahra Schukraft On February 26, 2013

The dust is finally settling on New York’s Lincoln Center, home to the legendary New York Fashion Week. Trends were being noted and photographed, not only in fashion, but within the world… Read More


Valentine’s Day Nails: Be the Queen of Hearts

By Sully Moreno On February 12, 2013

Opinions on Valentine’s Day range from it being a holiday invented by the consumerist machine to the perfect opportunity to score some chocolates. Problematic connotations of the holiday aside, for me it’s… Read More

butter nail polish

Nail Friday: Making Butter

By Taylor Blakin On December 7, 2012

No, this isn’t about shaking a jar of cream and then spreading it on crackers so you can learn about…I don’t know…dairy? Did anyone else do this in 2nd grade? Anyway, I… Read More


Is Shellac Worth the Money?

By Jamie Frasier On December 7, 2012

Shellac nail polish is taking over in nail salons everywhere. It’s quick, immediately dry, and claims to last for over 2 weeks. With a large variety of colors and lots of similar… Read More

nail friday the dainty squid 1

Nail Friday: Inspired by The Dainty Squid

By Taylor Blakin On November 30, 2012

As I’ve been trying to tell you guys over and over again (and not very subtly, mind you), I’m running out of freaking ideas for what to paint on my nails. So… Read More

nail friday 1

Nail Friday: Black (Magic) Friday

By Taylor Blakin On November 23, 2012

I’m really honing in on the “black” in “Black Friday” for this tutorial because to be honest, witchcraft and ouija boards and incense are so much better than rabid throngs of middle-aged… Read More

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Nail Friday: Deep Blue Vs!

By Taylor Blakin On November 16, 2012

Full disclosure: This was my second attempt at these nails. First time around I used a shimmery navy and a regular navy and you couldn’t even tell the difference. Embarrassing. But I… Read More

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Nail Friday: Mean Green Seams!

By Taylor Blakin On November 9, 2012

Nothing’s more sexy than back-seam tights, am I right? When I found these thin, striping ribbons on eBay, all I could think about was recreating the sexiness of back-seam tights on my… Read More

nail friday 1

Nail Friday: Oshawott’s Up? (Pokémon Style)

By Taylor Blakin On November 2, 2012

Well, you guys asked for it, didn’t you? Lately, with the release of Black and White Version 2, I’ve been living and breathing Pokémon. Despite the fact that they look like a… Read More

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Get Easy Spiderweb Nail Art for Halloween!

By Jessica Barclay On October 30, 2012

These spiderweb nails may look complicated, but they’re so simple! This design would also look great with a black background and a white web, or an orange background with a black web.… Read More

halloween nail friday

Nail Friday: Halloween Fingers (With Video!)

By Taylor Blakin On October 26, 2012

Happy impending Halloween, Feminspire readers! To mark the occasion of Feminspire’s favorite holiday (besides my birthday – Pi Day everyone!) I bring you an extra-special, awkward-as-shit Nail Friday VIDEO TUTORIAL. In the… Read More

google eye nails header

Scary Nail Art: Get Monster Friends on Your Fingers!

By Jessica Barclay On October 21, 2012

I love being creative when it comes to nail art, and the great thing about this design is they’re monsters, so you can be as imaginative as you like! I’d like to… Read More