What is Feminspire?

Feminspire is an online publication featuring a global collection of female voices. We are a platform for women to share their thoughts on social issues, feminism, politics, culture, beauty, fashion, and everything in between.

Feminspire came into existence from the realization that there is an enormous and disturbing amount of female negativity on the internet. With so many messages that range from demeaning to judgmental to exploitative, our mission is to create a media website that speaks directly to women and with them in mind. What makes Feminspire unique is that our content is driven exclusively by female contributors. We know our audience because we are our audience (seriously – not only do we write for Feminspire, but we enjoy reading it, too). Our goal is to give women a place in the media where they can speak up and have their voices heard.

A note about intersectionality: Feminspire was created by a white woman living in America, and many (although not all) of our staff members are white women and women who live in Western countries. We don’t claim to be able to represent all women within our content, but we strive to do the best we can. Inclusivity and intersectionality are two of our most important goals as a website, and it’s our hope that you’ll be able to find something here that resonates with you.

If you would like to have your perspective featured on Feminspire, our doors are wide open — you can find out more here.

Inquires may be sent to info (at) feminspire dot com.