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Feminspire | July 11, 2014

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4 Items for Quick Beauty Fixes -- Never Leave Home Without 'Em!

4 Items for Quick Beauty Fixes — Never Leave Home Without ‘Em!

Beauty blunders happen, and they can morph into a tricky situation when you’re out and about. But have no fear! By stashing these four super tiny items in your bag, car or desk, you’ll have the power to MacGyver (sans mullet) your way out of sticky situations in a flash.


Behold, the mighty Q-Tip! This little cotton wonder is not just for cleaning ears anymore. But hey, you’re not actually supposed to use these nubbins for ear cleaning, since they compact wax further into your ear. Knowledge is power, my friends.

-When it rains, it pours. If you’re caught in a downpour or an old fashioned cry-fest, a Q-Tip can easily spot-clean your makeup. Simply roll the cotton swab over smudged mascara, eyeliner or shadow and bam, all fixed! No oily makeup remover necessary.
-Lipstick can be tricky. It’s pretty much impossible to deftly maneuver the tube and stay inside the lines. So if it looks like you applied lipstick while simultaneously competing in a trampoline-jumping competition, simply whip out your Q-Tip and clean up the edges of your mouth.
-Blemishes are tricky to cover up. They require a light touch to conceal, so thankfully, Q-Tips are just the right size. If you’re caught without a teeny-tiny concealing brush, take your Q-Tip and dip it in the cover-up magic potion of your choice, like a light foundation or concealer. Then gently dab and blend until the blemish is banished!

Baby Wipes

Don’t let the name scare you away. Baby wipes aren’t just for baby bottoms. These soft cloths are stealthy saviors when it comes to battling stench! Baby wipes are cheap and gentle. Be sure to grab the unscented/sensitive variety so you don’t have to deal with the astringent-inspired smell of typical wipes.

-In a jam after hitting the gym? No worries. A baby wipe can easily mop up sweat in one swipe. If you have to pack light for a trip, you can also use these wipes to remove your makeup and refresh that beautiful face of yours. Perfect for post-airplane trips, too.
-Oh no, the dreaded white deodorant mark. It’s just screaming, “Here I am, proving to everyone around you that you applied me today!” Use baby wipes to vanquish these obnoxious powdery marks.
-No time for a shower? No worries, it happens to the best of us. If it’s been a hot day, and you’ve been stuck on the subway, rocket ship or horse and carriage for basically forever, use a wipe to refresh your pits, hands or nether bits. Yes, nether bits!


Not just for scraped knees or “Look, Ma, I can totally skateboard!” aftermath anymore, these bandages have proven their worth. They’re super tiny and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns. Did someone say Hello Kitty? Aside from being the cool person who is always armed with a plethora of band-aids, there are lots of other uses for these super stickers.

-The dreaded hangnail. Seriously, where did it come from? What does it want? And how does it get stuck on everything you touch? So many questions! Wrap this sensitive area up with a band-aid so you can stop squawking in pain every time your finger gets caught on your knit sweater. Ouch!
-That pair of shoes is great. That pair of shoes was won in an epic Ebay battle. But that pair of shoes also hurts like heck. You know how some shoes rub on the back of your heels? Never fear! Either stick a band-aid on the back of your heel where it rubs against the shoe, or stick the band-aid directly on the shoe. Either way, you’re creating a barrier that will prevent the shoe from chaffing. What a shoe-in.
-There’s a reason they call ‘em tissue tees. If your shirt is a little more sheer or a little thinner than you anticipated, and you’re not rocking a bra, no worries. A band-aid easily transitions into a pastie. They’re already sticky, so all you have to do is decide between the crayon-shaped band-aid or the dinosaur print. Tough call.


Mmm, petroleum jelly. It just sounds so adventurous! Vaseline comes in tiny tubs, or you can always get a travel size jar and fill it with this gloppy goodness. This jelly is inexpensive, and it’s pretty much impossible to use up an entire tub. Honestly, has anyone ever finished a jar of this stuff? If so, you deserve an award. How about a trophy made of petroleum jelly?

-There’s nothing more uncomfortable than rocking chapped lips. Combat scaly lips with a dash of Vaseline. Not only will it soothe your dry lips, but it’ll also give you some added shine.
-Oh no, the dreaded lizard skin. It happens more often in the winter when it’s dry out, so apply a dab of Vaseline on the affected areas. Plus, you won’t have to worry about fragrances that could irritate your skin, like with scented creams. Score!
-Even your brows can have a bad hair day. If they’re getting unruly, take a small amount of Vaseline and smooth it over your tiny tresses. Be careful not to use too much because little goes a long way.

For life’s little mishaps, all four of these items prove their worth. From cleaning to concealing, stock up and get styling on the go with these secret superheroes.

What are your beauty blunder saviors? Share with us in the comments!

Written by Beth Musni
Follow her blog, EveryRoadARunway!

  • Bee

    I am so bad at putting anything of use in my bag so this is helpful. Tbh, wouldn’t have thought to carry any of these items (bar Vaseline) around because I’m useless. So glad we have a practical person writing for Feminspire ;D <3

  • Emma

    Hangnails are the WORST, I need to start carrying Bandaids.

  • JAB

    I actually use vaseline for lotion/moisturizer. (And have gone through a tub already. It took about a year, so I’m on my second one now =P)
    I’ve found that if you wait a little while, then apply some to your bikini line, it helps get rid of those annoying red bumps. (Being allergic to most bikini line bump creams makes you figure out what else can be used.)

  • Amanda Singleton

    My mom was actually told by the doctor to NOT use Vaseline for dry skin, because it traps moisture in… if your skin is dry, it doesn’t help anything.

    • Beth

      That could be true! It’s mostly a quick fix sorta dealio when you’re out and in a pinch.

      • Amanda Singleton

        Yeah I’m finding conflicting evidence online! I do like to use it for a quick glow!

    • Steff Robinson

      I always rub some water on the spot before rubbing vaseline on (same with chapped lips – dab some water on, then put on chapstick/etc)

  • Sydney

    I carry around a bottle of tea tree oil to calm nerves and it works as a spot treatment against acne and blemishes!

    • Beth

      Oo, yes. I’m a big fan of tea tree oil! I use it as a toner for my face.