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Feminspire | April 23, 2014

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12 Great Gifts for the Cat Lady in Your Life

12 Great Gifts for the Cat Lady in Your Life

Here at Feminspire, it’s no secret that we love our cats: the majority of our staff are self-proclaimed cat ladies, and I’m no exception. I love and spoil my dear Maven so much he has his own page on Tumblr. With the holidays around the corner, I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for that special Cat Lady in your life! Now, trust me, it was hard narrowing down this list, but I think I’ve covered everything for even your basic cat aficionado.

Note: all prices are USD.

Crafting with Cat Hair

This instructional book via FredFlare is a great gift for your cat lady with multiple furry friends; it offers insight to putting all that stray shedded fur to use in cute, maybe slightly creepy, ways! Price: $15.95.

Cats iPhone case

While Etsy and Amazon have plenty, this one via CafePress is adorable. The colors are understated, and it’s definitely a gift for the more refined cat lady (the one who still lint brushes her suit before going into the office). More cat iPhone cases available here. Price: $25.00.

The Cat Necklace

From a website called, this shop has jewelry for that special lady as well as treats for those she houses. All necklaces (like the one shown) are between $15 and $20!

Cat-Printed Tights

For the fashionable cat lady, FredFlare has these great cat-printed tights. The gray and black colors are great for any lady with a dark haired cat and a love for dresses. Price: $24

Cat Poems

Literature-loving cat ladies will love this one! A book of poems by cats, about all the things they love to do, including peeing on things, sitting on keyboards, and the all-too-familiar scratching of eyelids. This one is definitely going to my sister! Price: $13.95

Cat Duvet

For the comfy sleeper, preferably with a white cat, this gift is adorable. 2 kittens are presented on this duvet, available online only at UrbanOutfitters. Price: $59.00 (pillow case set of 2 also available for $39)

Cat Butt Soap

Catt Butt handsoap, available on ShopJeen, is a great semi-gag present or stocking stuffer! Don’t worry, it’s not actually cat butt scented. Instead, it is a refreshing green tea and aloe. Price: $9.79

Cat Bookends

Bookie modernists with a flair for interior design would go crazy over these Jonathan Adler bookends, available at Barnes and Noble. Cute and stylish, these would look good holding up all the cat coffee table books and kitty treat cookbooks! Price: $39.99

Cat Treat Kit

Speaking of cooking, this kit from FredFlare has some great, and easy, recipes for that cat lady in your life to spoil her feline with! Price: $14.95

Cat Apron

I love cooking, and this apron would make me a very happy cat lady. I’m sure it’d do the same for the kitchen savvy feline lover in your life! Available in Cotton and PVC, this apron is available at Ulster Weavers. Price: $21.82

Cat Lady Action Figure

To send a true message to someone who may be getting out of hand, this gift may get across to them, or is also just good for a laugh. Available on Amazon. Price: $10.00

Furry Cat iPhone case

Another one for the iPhone users, this phone case is one to catch some eyes, and I’m proud to say mine is already being shipped to me! It’s furry. It has cat ears. It has a tail. It’s a cat lovers dream to carry around a furry friend in their pocket without having to worry about pee and poop. Also available from Amazon, this case comes in tan, white, pink, and purple. Price: $14-$19.90

Written by Sahra Schukraft

Top image courtesy of Cat Versus Human