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5 Animes & Video Games That (Unexpectedly) Shaped My Ideas of Feminism

By Catherine Kyle On July 24, 2014

As a student of literature, an English teacher, and creative writer, I think a lot about the ways stories can affect our lives. My own life has been tremendously affected by stories,… Read More

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Cards Against Harassment: How One Girl is Educating Street Harassers

By Samantha Gabriele On July 24, 2014

Lindsey, a resident of Minneapolis, joins the ranks of movements like Hollaback! and Stop Telling Women to Smile by bringing awareness to street harassment — with a twist. Lindsey recently began a project… Read More


Why Other Women Should Stop Judging My Gaming (And Join In Instead)

By Ana Urena On July 23, 2014

I usually like to end  my days with pre-poo wash on my hair, a clay mask on my face, and a PlayStation remote in hand. When asked by my (female) co-workers what… Read More

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Is Instagram Deleting Women For Being Fat?

By Lili Safon On July 23, 2014

Recently, the social media app Instagram has been under major scrutiny. As the site attempts to maintain a comfortable environment for its users, it ends up deleting profiles it had no right… Read More


What I’ve Learned From the Media Coverage of Hillary Clinton

By Marley Davis On July 22, 2014

All eyes and ears are on Hillary Clinton as she decides if she wants to run for President of the United States. While she’s making her decision, the media has already begun… Read More


With More Latina Women Enrolling in College, What Barriers Do They Still Face?

By Regina Monge On July 22, 2014

As the rate at which Latinas enroll in college increases, it becomes increasingly important to address the barriers that exist for Latinas who are able to access college educations. As a Latina who has… Read More

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Miss World vs Miss World Muslimah: What’s the Difference, Anyway?

By Zara Bennett On July 21, 2014

Women have been competing with one another to be the most beautiful for centuries. Beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss World Muslimah have been established based on the notion that there is… Read More


5 Easy Ways to Be an Activist For Social Change

By Amber Logsdon On July 21, 2014

When the word “activism” comes to mind, one might immediately start envisioning grand rallies like Occupy Wall Street, and leading large, countrywide campaigns that incites social or economic change. While those dreams may… Read More

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Has “Feminist” Become a Bankrupt Term?

By Kathryn Dehler On July 21, 2014

This morning, I read a piece published by The Atlantic, called “Sex Tape: Silly, NSFW, and Totally Feminist.” The tagline identified the film in question, Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason… Read More

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Feminist Progress Report: Forced Bikinis, Transgender Policies, & the Jezebel ‘WTF?’

By Amber Logsdon On July 20, 2014

Welcome back for yet another dose of the constant roller coaster known as the Feminist Progress Report! This week brings us some really interesting moves forward, as well as giant leaps backward,… Read More


See How This Feminist Artist Brings Women’s Struggles to Life

By Rebecca Pitzer On July 19, 2014

Trigger warning for discussion/illustration of eating disorders & sexually abusive relationships. Here in Rhode Island we have many beautiful and interesting things. We have the mansions of Newport, the bustling city of Providence,… Read More

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Review: The Liner to Take You From Cat Eye Disaster to Eyeliner Master

By Amber Logsdon On July 18, 2014

If there’s one beauty look that I’ve come to know and love, it’s the retro cat-eye, which has surged in popularity over the past few years. However, as anyone who has tried… Read More